George Floyd

Derek Chauvin Found Guilty of Murdering George Floyd

Jury convicts on all charges.


Jurors this afternoon found former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd in an encounter that led to widespread national protests, riots, and policing reforms.

After about 10 hours of deliberation, jurors found Chauvin guilty of second-degree unintentional murder (killing Floyd unintentionally as a result of assaulting him), guilty of third-degree murder (acting dangerously and without regard of human life), and guilty of second-degree manslaughter (culpable negligence that risks causing death or harm). Under Minnesota law, the most serious charge, second-degree unintentional murder, poses a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison, though sentencing guidelines show Chauvin likely facing around 12 years. Third-degree murder has a maximum sentence of 25 years. Second-degree manslaughter is punishable by a maximum sentence of 10 years.

In May 2020, Chauvin attempted to arrest Floyd for allegedly trying to purchase cigarettes at a local store with a counterfeit bill. During a confrontation that was captured on video by bystanders as well as police body cameras, a resistant, seemingly panicked but non-violent Floyd ended up on the pavement next to a police SUV, where Chauvin knelt on his neck, pinning him to the ground for more than seven minutes.

Floyd complained multiple times that he couldn't breathe and then lost consciousness. He stopped breathing, and paramedics were unable to revive him. Subsequent medical examination determined that his death was a homicide caused by cardiac arrest due to his subdual, but Floyd also had fentanyl in his system.

That Floyd was under the influence of fentanyl would be used (particularly by Chauvin's defense) to argue that the amount of force to make this arrest was justified, under a common and debunked claim by law enforcement officers that drug use confers "superhuman strength," thus calling for such heavily physical responses.

The seemingly casual way that Chauvin pinned Floyd to the ground as he died became an iconic image and a rallying cry for policing reform, particularly in the way officers interact with black people. Protests led to hundreds of proposed policing reforms across the country. Only a few dozen passed, some focusing on rules for use of force and bans on certain types of neck restraints that cut off circulation.

Chauvin was fired the very next day after Floyd's death, and several police chiefs and police unions decried his tactics and said the kneeling technique was an inappropriate use of force.

But whether Chauvin was criminally responsible for Floyd's death needed to be determined by a jury. The two-week trial ended today with a jury determining that Chauvin is criminally culpable for Floyd's death.

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  1. Looks like a pretty easy appeal.

    1. Yeah. I hope they name Maxine Waters in the order to overturn his conviction.

        1. This is why we need IQ tests for jurors. The idea that I, or a member of my family, or a friend, in any possible unfortunate event could result in a jury trial, is horrifying to know, that the jury pool is a gaggle of tards, emotional, unreasonable, illogical, who couldn't figure out how to get out of jury duty, and whom are the chosen few to make such a serious judgement. Horrifying. Totally horrifying.

          And I really don't see how that jury could come to the conclusions they did. Given we don't know how much Chauvin was a substantial causal factor (nobody does), a reasonable doubt exists. We don't know how much pressure Chauvin was exerting on Floyd. It may have been very little at all. Officers all over the country hold suspects on the ground, with hands, knees, and elbows, and they don't die. How is he guilty of 2nd or 3rd degree? What felony was he committing at the time to merit them? This entire ordeal appears to be an emotional response, not a logical one. Was Chauvin an ass? Did he "need" to apply force to his neck? Maybe not. Did he need to have the optics of putting his hands in his pockets while he did so? No. Did he need to kneel on him the entire time, including after he was unconscious? Most definitely not. But that doesn't mean he was any kind of substantial causal factor in Floyd's death.

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      1. Maxine Walter, New York Times veiled threats of doxxing, Judge refusing to sequester jurors, judge refusing to allow relocation to neutral jury pool. This is a slam dunk appeal case.

        1. Legal pointers from half-educated bigots are always a treat.

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          7. As are dumbass comments from uneducated reverends.

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            a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

          9. Almost as bad as logic from a reverend. Go hand out your basket.

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          10. Reverend,
            As the Lord said, “Go f** yourself.”

          11. It’s you half-educated bigots who made the statements that will get Chauvin’s conviction overturned.

        2. As far as the jury pool, you weren’t going to find a neutral jury for this trial anywhere in the country.

        3. It’s almost as though the judge, seeing no other way out for the cop, set the whole thing up for an overturn on appeal….

          Nah, couldn’t be.

          1. Where is the reversible error? Convictions are not reversed lightly.

            1. Lack of sequestration? Incredible amounts of negative publicity that biased the jury?

        4. Perhaps not. What Chauvin did was inherently wrong on multiple levels. Appeal is automatic in murder cases – so, moving on to the next phase. Jury nullification is more common than it is ever expected.

      2. I would love to see her called as a witness. Declaring her a hostile witness would be a slam dunk. Also submit the judge’s comments where he decried her comments, but then said they don’t matter because jurors were told “don’t watch the news”. Yeah, I’m sure the jurors were oblivious to anything going on in Minneapolis. I’m not a defense lawyer, but even I saw multiple court errors that make it reversible, and even the lefty judge acknowledged it.

        Hell, if I’d been stuck on that jury, I would have voted his ass guilty if nothing else than to save my own ass and those of my family. You know damn well that every one of those jurors has a file folder with everything that could ever be known about them, friends, family, job, real estate holdings, and had they voted any other direction, it would have required WITSEC level protection.

        1. No witnesses in the appellate courts.

          1. Not many judges willing to overturn, either. A. The judge would have to say the original judge made errors. B. Say the jury acted inappropriately somehow. C. Deal with the highly emotional response and political fallout. Unless some egregious breach of the law occurred that impacts all 3 counts of guilty and no one’s noticed it yet, Chauvin stands alone.

      3. At worst she’ll enable an appeal. But there was never any question as to whether he was guilty or not and there is nothing to suggest he is innocent, only that Maxine is a hot head who said out loud what most people were already thinking. She should not have said it, but then Chauvin shouldn’t have kneeled on Floyd’s neck until he was dead. Cops really shouldn’t be executing harmless handcuffed citizens. I know some people here disagree, but one of the things that makes America great is that bad cops are finally beginning to get what’s coming to them.

        1. Except reasonable doubt means something, and since there is next to no evidence that Floyd was choked DUE to a knee on the neck and that Chauvin had his knee mainly on the shoulders and back for that period of time. Chauvin was a scapegoat here, even if you think he should have gotten manslaughter, which let’s be clear the prosecution barely met the burden of proof for.

          It’s fun to watch Libertarians cheer on the state spending unlimited resources railroad someone who was following procedures, used less force than he was entitled to according to the proscution’s own witness, and would accept a 3rd degree murder plea because the plebes wanted their blood and circuses. So no. NO Libertarian should think that this prosecution was dirty as hell and reason would have cried to high heaven about it if it was against ANYONE other than Chauvin.

        2. Maxine is not in a position to comment. She’s never been arrested, she’s never been a police officer, she’s not a lawyer (undergrad degree in sociology), and has been a politician for way too long.

          As a member of Congress she has an obligation to keep her mouth shut about things she does not/is not willing to/cannot comprehend.

    2. Maxine Waters is a criminally, congenitally, serially stupid woman who gave the defense a gift-wrapped invitation to appeal this case, just so she could show her bovine face to another camera. She needs to be thoroughly censured by Congress for any further damage done to Minneapolis.

        1. The democrats are a domestic terror organization. They must be eliminated……. from the political stage.

      1. Ladyhawk, I strenuously object! You’re giving her far too much credit. She is a boil on the buttocks of humanity.

        1. Carter Mitchell, I strenuously object! You’re giving her far too much credit. She is a boil on the buttocks of a warthog.

      2. But but but, maxine!!!!!

        1. Yea gonna be awesome when shes the reason he gets acquitted LOL 😀

          1. But Maxine has a JD. Sullum checked.
            Where’s your JD. No opinions without it please!

            1. Yea, need an opinion permit. Man that would be nice huh? 😀

            2. Eh wheres your jd? can you like post a link?

      3. Unfortunately, pelosi’ has already stated that NOTHING will happen to waters. Her abhorrent behavior will not be chastised in any way.

        1. Which “her?”

        2. For a Progressive, being abhorrent isn’t aberrant.

      4. Appeal on murder cases is automatic. Dershowitz simply made an issue of it and was shut down for the outcry,

    3. when the handcuffed guy pleads he can’t breathe and the reaction of the sadistic cop is to apply even more pressure on the neck…he should be thrown in jail.

      Before the Rodney King incident, I have witnessed a group of 10 cops watch in a circle while in the center of the circle one of the other cops was punching and kicking sensles a young Hispanic until the kid collapsed and the cop kept on kicking him in the head and stomach to unconsiousness. I was sure he had killed him. They threw him in the car and after about fifteen minutes they opened the door and the kid staggered out, they let him go. Apparently they had nothing to charge him with. That night I lost all respect for the cops. They are nothing but cowardly sadistic bullies hiding behind a gun and a badge who delight in beating and shooting people, mostly blacks.

      1. If you had watched ALL of the video, you’d know that he was “pleading” that he couldn’t breathe even as they were trying to get him in the squad while he kicked them and knocked Chauvin down, knocking off his body cam and badge. He was foaming at the mouth and clearly still had enough drug-induced strength to be dangerous.

        This verdict came from pure emotion and/or fear, no facts required.

        1. Manslaughter was obvious. The higher charges, not really.

          1. How you get convicted of both murder and manslaughter over the death of one and the same person escapes me.

            1. Did you go to law school?

              1. I got my Juris Doctor from the University of CNN.

        2. fortunately no psychopaths like you on the jury

      2. Even the prosecution switched to saying pressure was on the shoulder blade. My God man. No wonder the mob exists. Idiots keep repeating lies.

        1. Again. No JD. He’s guilty. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Gnash your teeth, trashley.

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                2. There’s lots of crappy law schools out there; simply holding a juris doctorate from one of them does not make one an all-knowing sage. Supposing you even have your JD.
                  The average salary for attorneys is less than the average annual bonus of, say, a tech engineer. Kinda makes you wonder how much value the average JD brings the table.

              2. Yea, youre kinda up my alley i kinda have fun at work with you folks too 😀

          2. Is this Kirkland’s new sock, or chemleft’s?

            1. I’m the Juris Doctor checker. I learned all about it on Wikipedia and am now qualified to dismiss your opinion without it. When I sock as White Knight I’ll ask for a cite, but with this sock I demand a JD.

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    4. On what grounds?

    5. Do you think another jury would decide any different? ME ruled homicide and there’s multiple angle video with sound of the whole thing.

    6. Gotta ask: Why are all your panties in such as bunch about this? I don’t know either of these dudes, and what happened didn’t impact me or my family at all. I aint’ woke, and I don’t care.

      1. You should. If the justice system can be abused for political purposes, even with a national spotlight, it augers poorly for all of us.

    7. Damikesc, this would have been a fairer verdict had the jury NOT been tainted by maxine waters, the blasphemer!! The Judge was foolish if he thought that the jurors had zero knowledge of what mad maxine did!! If they were on their computers or cell phones in any way they would know of her incitement to rioting looting violence shooting. They did not need to watch the news or CD even read a newspaper. Hopefully, this will be appealed for jury tampering by mad maxine waters.

      1. Where is the evidence that the jury were exposed to the offending comments? Jurors are presumed to follow the trial court’s instructions.

    8. Where is the reversible error?

    9. The jury delivered guilty on all counts so they wouldn’t get their homes torched and Minneapolis wouldn’t burn to the ground.

      The manslaughter charge was legit, though.

    10. I’m guessing the Venn diagram of people who think this is a slam-dunk appeal, and people who thought he’d never get convicted in the first place, is a circle.

      Long shot at best.

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  2. Not that I am sympathetic to LEO having charges stacked on them, but how does this work? Does he actually get three separate punishments for the same killing?

    That seems … counterintuitive.

    1. Triple jeopardy?

      We’ll just convict him of everything and let the judge sort it out?

      Did they misunderstand the jury instructions? Were the instructions confusing?

      Were they taking their cues from the media?

      Lots of question arising from that alone.

      1. When you have a thousand rioters standing at the ready to tear your city apart and their political allies (and enablers in the media) are poised to release your personal details to the public, the jury will return with whatever verdict they need to in order to placate the mob and ensure their safety.

        This is the world in which we now live. So be it. Make it as horrible as possible. This country needs to collapse and slide into the gutters of history on a thick river of blood. It is inevitable. Then, and only then, will we learn why we had laws and a Constitution in the first place.

        1. They all seem to be grounds for an appeal if not a new trial.

          If Chauvin is retried six months from now, you might get a different verdict. If he were retried in a different city, you might get a different verdict. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he gets a new trial–based on what the jury says about the verdicts and their understanding of the instructions.

          1. Don’t count on any of that. We do not live in a country of laws. Not anymore.

            1. Things were so much better in the Good Ol’ Days… We had *laws*, dammit, and right was right and wrong was wrong, and the good guys wore white hats and the bad black, and cats liked dogs… Man, kids these days, they’ve got it so bad.

              1. Equivocating, refuge of the clueless and witless who are never any help on anything!

              2. “good guys wore white hats and the bad black”

                Obviously you never ran into Hopalong Cassidy.

              3. That being the case. A decision must be made as to how to deal with our democrats. They have become completely unworkable.

                Some form of mass pest control is in order.

          2. Where’d you get your JD?

            1. Your mother’s decrepit twat.

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            2. More to the point, where’d you get your JD?

              1. I got my Juris Doctor from the University of CNN.

                1. I got my JD on a comment board of a political fringe website where opinions really, really matter.

                  1. I got my JD in Modern Dance and Gender Studies

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          3. The only way Chauvin gets a different verdict is if the video is suppressed or he draws a jury of cops.

        2. The riots have been postponed until after the sentencing. Then there will be more after the appeal is won. This is far from over.

          1. The riots will continue until the correct verdict.

        3. Fuck yeah. Violent resistance against a white trash police force. When will you neo-confederates learn?

          1. LOL go burn some more buildings in Portland fuckface and maybe grab a buncha nikes 😀

            1. I already did that smartass.

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              2. Chapeau

      2. The jurors just want to survive the process.

    2. My boss was just asking that.

    3. No, they only sentence for the highest charge. The other two charges fall away.

      1. Is that right? Do the other charges actually fall away or do the sentences just run concurrently?

        I imagine that he’ll only do time for the biggest charge, but I don’t know if he technically remains guilty of all three charges.

        It does sound weird to have three different guilty verdicts for the same crime.

        1. Are you LDS?

          1. I’m LDS (maybe), and I have a JD.

      2. How them nuts taste, blind squirrel?

        You got one right.

    4. I thought it was not too unusual to have “lesser included charges” or whatever you call it.

      1. Yes, but those are usually there for the purposes of giving the jury something to fall back on when they can’t find guilt on the higher charge. You don’t want a jury having to make a call between guilty on an overreach charge or innocent. If not first degree, then second. If not first or second, then manslaughter and so on down the list.

        How does one get 3 homicide convictions from 1 homicide? Conviction on all 3 sounds like the jury just said, ‘fuck it, nobody is gonna hang my ass out in the wind’. Under no circumstance is that ever just cause for a verdict, yet it seems undeniable that is what happened.

        1. Book deals.

    5. They charged the cop in Chicago with 16 counts, one for every time he shot the knife wielding thug on Angel Dust.

      1. Seriously?

        1. Absolutely. Kimm Foxx. Look her up. She is is real piece of work. Showtime made a documentary called……..”16 shots”.

    6. It may be crazy but that’s how police and prosecutors work when they charge the rest of us. Throw everything at the wall, then see what sticks. Judges are left to decide (somewhat unilaterally and often arbitrarily) whether to run the sentences consecutively or concurrently.

    7. no, they only sentence for the highest charge. i think they rule on all three in case there is a successful appeal….. he won’t walk for proving it was “only” 3rd degree murder.

    8. The doctrine of merger would apply, and he will be sentenced on only the most serious charge.

  3. Will there still be riots anyway?

    1. It will be a peaceful demonstration, instead.

      1. You mean like the mostly peaceful demonstrations that plagued Portland for months on end and resulted in dozens of arsons?

        1. You neo confederates are big angry today. It’s fucking awesome. Kill yourself?

          1. Would rather kill you first, I reckon.

            1. Ooooo, looks like I hit a nerve.

              1. LOL the drugtard still got fucked last summer, permanently, and the appeals courts gonna fuck him again. Get over it, pissy pants 😀

                1. Yeah. I’m sure you little inbreds think that. Dude’s going to jail and it’s not gonna be a good time. **Nelson laugh*

                  1. LOL that gay nelson laugh i dont even know what you fuckface think that means or something 😀 Man, civil war over dead drug thug, i am stoked. Gonna have fun with all the guns around biatch 😀

                    1. Fucking wow. You’re that guy. Trailer full of porn and guns.

                    2. Better than a public housing unit apartment full of ballots, aliases for stimulus checks and maps where Confederate statues still stand.

                    3. All my porn is classy queer stuff so fuck you.

                    4. Yea I bet your porn is all morally superior, sterile pansy stuff for guys below 150 lbs body weight and < 150 ng/dL blood testosterone. Anyways, I kinda don't need that much porn, but who's takin you seriously at this point anyways?

              2. Your reckoning is well on its way.

          2. Sarcasmics new sock is terrible.

            1. Must find it real boring at glibs today.

          3. YOU should die. I suggest suicide. You have no value anyway.

            Best thing for you really, your comments are going nowhere.

            1. Why not kill yourself? You’re the one who’s upset. I’m entertained by you people.

              1. I’m so entertained I’ve been masturbating the entire time. I can’t do this on the glibs board.

              2. See the premise here is that the courts are filled with kangaroos, and i get that that upsets many in here. But like, i I can’t help but giggle about how butthurt all the snowflakes are about a random drug addict that died while resisting the police lol 😀 Keep looting and stuff, gun ownerships already up. This country is getting really exciting.

      2. MOSTLY peaceful.

        1. Mostly peaceful but fiery!

    2. Why wouldn’t they riot? Now they can point to the conviction as ‘proof’ that police are murderers.

      1. Sure, but it is likely they will have to travel a little farther to find a NIKE store they need to teach a lesson. All the close in ones have already been sacrificed for the common good.

        1. The looting of a Michael Kors store was strange. In the context of “mostly peaceful protests are about justice.”

      2. It reminds me of the line in “Braveheart”. “Well, we didn’t get dressed up for nothing”. Sharpton isn’t back in New York yet, Jessie Jackson is probably crouching in a nearby sewer. They live for this stuff. Imagine that.

    3. Yes. Leftists riot and rage no matter what. They get even angrier when they get their way. Best to dispose of them sooner than later.

      1. “Leftists?”

        Has Reason/libertarianism become some sort of rightwing shithole now? Jeezus fucking christ, is there nowhere I can go to actually see reasoning, thinking human beings?

        1. If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day…

          1. You’re probably hanging out on the reason comment board aka the daily stormer lite

            1. Nuh, just gotta hang out on twitter or CNN to get an idea of that


        2. Your moniker should be “Inside the box” judging from the level of thinking you are showing………

          I do not think you have the capacity to identify reasoning, thinking human beings as you cannot tell the right from the middle.

        3. Lol. You think leftists don’t exist. Wow.

        4. It’s been downhill ever since Trump.

          99% of the commenters here are just far-authright fascists that like pot. That does not a libertarian make.

          1. Something (right wingers who want to smoke pot) which has been stated by leftists who know nothing of libertarianism. It’s been going on for decades now and was as wrong then as it is now and only shows the ignorance of the writer.

            1. Apologies for missing ending italics.

    4. they want a live hanging nothing less and while they are at it they just may beat up some more bystanders.

  4. I was just asking that.

  5. Quite a LIE here:

    “under a common and debunked claim by law enforcement officers that drug use confers “superhuman strength,” thus calling for such heavily physical responses.”

    SIX of us tried to hold one man at a party who was on PCP. Couldnt do it. He got loose, fell down a flight of stairs and got up, laughing, and walked away.

    Hang Chauvin. It was deliberate murder

    1. PCP has the same effect as meth and fentanyl? Color me surprised

    2. What is the evidence for deliberate murder?

      1. What you think has never mattered.

        1. Sure. The only people whose opinion mattered was the prosecutor’s and juorors’. Doesn’t stop me from being curious. Best I can tell, the prosecutor essentially ignored intent in all arguments.

        2. Your life has never mattered lol

          1. And yet, here you are, following me around.

            1. You’re still following me, right. The glibs ignored me and I really need the attention.

            2. Eh pansy, I think the really dependent party is you in here, you kinda visit this board to see people being upset or whatever the fuck. Like, when someone follows a roach to give them some bug spray, does that mean the roach matters a lot or what? Go loot yourself a talking plush animal at target, that’s gonna give you some positive attention you defeated little attention-dependent victim snowflake LOL 😀

          2. What kind of fucking bigot are you… You dehumanize someone then get all pissy when people do the same to you?

            Get Fucked.

      2. I don’t think deliberation need be proven for second or third degree murder.

    3. Very few have had that experience. Those of us that have are a minority.

      1. In the world of the almost all Americans, PCP is not a party favor.

      2. I saw 6 cops trying but failing to control one punk on PCP. Several of them were thrown off several times despite repeated uses of the nightstick. It took a bubba animal control guy with a brass knob on the end of a neck loop handle hitting and pulverizing the guy’s shin before they were able to wrap him up. And he was still trying to walk on it despite it flopping around. No pain, and apparently adrenalin coursing through him on epic levels.

        1. Floyd wasn’t on PCP, so this has nothing to do with the Chauvin trial. Are you trying to mislead people, or such an idiot that you don’t know different drugs have different effects?

    4. Irregardless of the fact that Floyd was filled with fentanyl and meth.
      By the time he was stopped, he already had one foot in the grave and was holding the lid.
      If he had not been stopped, most likely he would have died soon.
      The fact that Floyd had a long history of criminal activity and drug use has been largely overlooked by the MSM.
      Having health problems such as he had was another problem.

      1. They couldn’t find exculpatory evidence for the same reason a thief can’t find a cop.

      2. Remember having 90% heart blockage and on that much fentanal is more healthy for you… According to the procecution

      3. I can’t walk into a hospice center, kill them all, then claim “eh, they were all about to die anyway”

        Not how it works. Even if I kill them in a way that wouldn’t have killed a healthy person. Also not how the law works.

    5. First, no one at the scene (specifically including all the police) thought that PCP was involved.

      Second, PCP actually wasn’t involved.

      Third, despite the horror stories, PCP does not confer “superhuman strength”. PCP mimics some of the effects of adrenaline – so greater than normal but still entirely human strength. What PCP really does, though, is make you not feel pain. So you can work your muscles to the point that you’re hurting yourself and not notice it.

      That clearly was not the case here because there was ample evidence that Floyd was in pain and that Chauvin knew it. Specifically, the fact that he used what are called “pain control” techniques – manipulations of hands and fingers – to control Floyd.

      1. “What PCP really does, though, is make you not feel pain.”

        Sort of. It’s a dissociative anesthetic. So you do feel the pain, you just view it as if it was happening to someone else.

        1. Yeah, that’s a better description. Thanks.

      2. I was given Fentanyl in an ambulance. I had multiple fractures of the hip and ribs. When I heard the EMT say, “Fentanyl” I was alarmed. Scared is a better word. Within seconds, I was relaxed. Totally at ease. The exact opposite of George Floyd. They hit me again when we reached the hospital. I was floating on air and utterly compliant. I felt love for everyone that was caring for me.
        I’m guessing that mixing it with other drugs produces a different type of reaction. Especially when you are guessing at the doses.

        1. Exactly.

          All these dumbasses going on about how Floyd was extremely agitated and combative, but also so high on fentanyl it was an OD that actually killed him.

          It’s absurd on its face. Also, calling him an addict then acting like the blood level was conclusive… long term addicts have tolerance.

  6. Kudos to the jury for getting it right (as juries in America do most of the time), and I believe they would have gotten it right even without all the unnecessary and uncalled for outside pressure from the mentally deranged far left lunatics.

    1. You don’t think that the amount of drugs in Floyd’s system should lead to a reasonable doubt about the cause of death? There was no trauma to the neck in the coroner’s report.

      1. It should have… He had enough drugs in his system to kill a horse.

        What I think was the most decisive point in this verdict is a sitting congressperson advocating for violence against a jury if they did not vote in what she considered the “correct way”.

        1. But did she tweet it?

          1. She did a live interview with rioters, advocating for violence if they get the wrong vote.

            1. Not only that. She requested that a protection detail travel with her on the taxpayer’s dime. She knew exactly what she was going to do.

      2. According to coroner’s report and toxicology, there was enough fentanyl in his system to probably kill three people.
        He was already on his way out.
        If all this never happened, he would have become just another statistic along with all the others who O.D. on this shit.

        1. Did you completely ignore the testimony during the trial? According to the actual report, there was about as much fentanyl in his system as one prescription dose. It was at the far low end of the lethal dosages. Given that repetitive use leads to tolerance, there is no evidence supporting the hypothesis that the amount of fentanyl in his system would have killed him.

          1. Wow. Youre just straight up fucking lying here. The coroner’s report is in the public. Youre just straight lying.

            1. Depends on which report you’re reading. Didn’t George Floyd’s family get an independent coroner’s report?

            2. Go read the prosecution testimony of David Isenschmid. Martin Tobin and at least two other medical experts who testified for the prosecution disagree with you.

              1. I retract part of what I said above. I was confusing the report of his fentanyl dosage with the report of his meth dosage. That does not, however, change the conclusion – the jury found the prosecution’s medical experts more credible and they did not consider Floyd’s drug use to be the proximate cause of his death.

          2. The report is he had 11 ng/ml.

            This medical journal article describes orthopedic patients being given a total of 200 mcg of fentanyl intravenously over the course of approximately two hours and then showing blood levels of just under 2 ng/ml.


            1. Figure 1. on this page


              Shows blood levels after a single oral 400 mcg dose – with a peak level of just over 0.8 ng/ml

              He ate a shit ton of fentanyl, not a “single prescription dose.”

        2. His arterial blockage one was enough to cast reasonable doubt per the medical examiner.

          The prosecution switched to 3 different explanations of his death alone. First blood choke, then trachea, and then finally pressure on his back leading to lack of oxygen… despite their own witness testifying his 02 level was at 98% on the blood.

          Yet idiots here are saying this case was beyond a reasonable doubt. Chipper called this a libertarian outcome. A bunch of crazed abd emotional people putting politics above justice.

          1. Haha. Eat shit, jesse.

              1. Sorry I forgot. Last weekend was a blast.

          2. The jury decided, JesseAZ; Chauvin is guilty. That reasonable doubt question has now been answered by the jury.

            Chauvin is off the force, and off the streets for the time being. I don’t see a huge groundswell of support for rioting on behalf of Chauvin. So I am hopeful we won’t see rabble in the streets rioting and looting. There is still a matter of his punishment to be addressed. Chauvin isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

            Longer term…If Chauvin has the funds, he can appeal. He might well have legitimate grounds. There is no question the intent (and perhaps the effect) of Maxine Waters’ public diatribe was to influence and/or intimidate the jury into delivering a specific verdict (guilty). She was specifically called out by the judge for doing that. It sure looked that way to me, too. There is no possible interpretation (verbal, or non-verbal) of Congresswoman Waters comments and actions that would lead one to believe she was looking for a verdict of ‘Not guilty’.

            1. Where is the evidence that the jury were exposed to the offending comments? Jurors are presumed to follow the court’s instructions.

          3. Issues of reasonable doubt and witness credibility have been resolved in the state’s favor. That is why we have juries.

          4. Of course for Jesse, ‘libertarian’ and the far top right corner of the authoritarian right quadrant are the same thing.

      3. When Chauvin was notified that Floyd no longer had a pulse, there is no excuse for remaining on his neck for another 2 minutes. That, and the fact that he violated department policy, made this an obvious conviction. I think the 2nd degree murder charge was over-the-top, but the 3rd degree charge and manslaughter make sense.

        1. That’s pretty much my view as well.

          What I do not understand is why all the cops present were not charged with manslaughter. Chauvin was not acting alone in any meaningful sense of the word.

          Had they left him passed out in the car and simply called for EMTs they might have been off the hook, but once he was in custody the bar was raised.

        2. that was also my feeling. all the strained plausible deniability arguments go right out the window when you are told there is no pulse….. and you continue to apply force, while preventing others from rendering aid…..

        3. I think it’s far more likely that the department brass perjured themselves about the policy than that two cops sat there and watched Chauvin violate policy for nine minutes.

      4. No.

        People seem confused about how the law works. “A healthier person would have lived.” is not a defense to murder.

        The only possibility is claiming Chauvin’s acts didn’t contribute at all, that he would have died right at the moment Chauvin was on his neck anyway, and the restraint was just a coincidence.

        That’s not a ‘reasonable’ doubt. Reasonable doubt isn’t 1 in a million chance.

    2. At least some of this gets kicked on appeal. The whole process was tainted. Progs just can’t help themselves.

      1. Prolly not. But no one here is a legal expert so ….

        1. Except me, I’ve got two JDs so I’m allowed to talk about legal stuff, but not you.

      2. Where is the reversible error?

      3. Where is the reversible error? Convictions are not set aside lightly.

  7. We the jury find the defendant whatever-will-keep-us-from-getting-killed

    1. If he’d been acquitted, the feds would have come after him for violating Floyd’s civil rights or something similar–which is what they did in the Rodney King case, too.

      “Three months after a state jury acquitted four Los Angeles police officers on nearly all charges in the beating of Rodney G. King, a verdict that set off deadly riots, a Federal grand jury here has indicted the same four men on Federal charges of violating Mr. King’s civil rights.”

      —-New York Times, August 6, 1992

      That always seemed like double jeopardy to me, too. If you’re going after them for the same act twice, you’re going after them for the same thing twice.

      1. That’s because it is double jepordy.

      2. Somehow you can be found innocent of criminally taking a man’s life but yet be guilty of violating his civil rights by killing him.

        This makes as much sense as being found innocent of rape but guilty of trespassing on a woman’s body.

  8. 14th

  9. And the douchebags will riot anyway. Chauvin was a dirtbag, but so was Floyd. Either way, the Justice System got a kick to the nuts because they will overturn on Appeal due to the shitbag Judge and the obvious duress of the jury.

  10. Hahaha! Chauvin was found guilty. Take all that you racist fascists!


    Fuck all the people like coward red rocks and racist Jesse screaming “he died of an OD!”

    You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!

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          1. Are you crying that your pal Chauvin was found guilty Jesse?

            You’re a bigoted traitor.

            America hating fascists like you make me sick.

            1. Who let the 7th graders back on the computer?

              1. Where have you been? Toddlers have tablets these days.

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            3. No one here likes Chauvin. The trial was shit though. And you’re too stupid to understand that he set up to win on appeal.

              You should really kill yourself. Right after you convert to Mormonism.

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      2. He’s in excited delirium and has superhuman stupidity.

        1. Oh, you trash people. Always trying to be wise guys.

          1. Sounds like you got some insider knowledge on that

      3. As an American loving patriot I feel the need to call out the fascist traitors on here.

    2. I suspect you’re the same kind of guy who liked a good lynching back in the day.

      You can go back to your masturbating now.

      1. I was against a white cop getting away with killing a black man yet you think I’d be for lynching?

        That makes no sense

        1. Lynching is when you support punishment whenever it flatters your own biases.

          1. No it’s extralegal punishment

        2. You realize the word lynching has nothing to do with skin color? No, of course you don’t.

          1. Yes I know, but in this country it’s mostly associated with blacks being killed.

        3. Wow. The racist thinks no white person was ever lynched.

          1. I didn’t say that!

            Goddamn you fascists lie a lot.

    3. Asshole flag

    4. Floyd had enough drugs in his system to kill a horse.

      1. Opiate tolerances vary widely between addicts. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

        Someone ODing on fentanyl wouldn’t be screaming “I can’t breathe.”

        1. He was on 3 other drugs. Cops were called because those in the car woth floydd couldn’t wake him up.

          Youre full of shit as usual.

        2. He was claiming “I can’t breathe” LONG before they put him on the ground… “Boy cried wolf” is a little to obvious here.

          1. Or with all his medical problems, he was barely managing to draw in enough oxygen _before_ the cops arrived. Then they treated a panic attack and struggling to breathe as “resisting” and piled on, making it more difficult to breathe – and continued this for two minutes after he died.

            But there’s a problem with this narrative: the ME measured a pretty good blood oxygen level. I think that shows that he was breathing sufficiently until his heart stopped _first_, disproving the prosecution’s theorys of death by asphyxiation. At the least, it’s reasonable doubt.

            Can a fentanyl OD directly stop the heart? I thought opioid OD’s work differently, paralyzing the CNS and stopping breathing first, while the heart (with its own timer independent of the CNS) would keep on ticking until the oxygen dropped too low. So the most likely cause of death is a heart attack from a pre-existing condition plus the stress of the arrest and his struggles – but no cause of death was proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

      2. No he didn’t. An experienced opiate user can tolerate a lot of dope that would kill a sober person. That’s why junkies who clean up then go back to using OD when they use the same amount of dope they used when they were on it all the time. The prosecution showed in a bar chart the amount of dope that would be fatal and the amount Floyd had in his system and he was well below the fatal level.

        1. The question is reasonable doubt.

          As I linked numerous times in comments, the concentration in Floyd’s system was higher than that of some people who die of an overdose and lower than that of other people who die of an overdose.

          I argued that the jury was most likely to convict Chauvin of the second degree manslaughter charge because of the reasonable doubt. Suffice it to say that if a fat chunk of the people who overdose on fentanyl have lower concentrations than George Floyd, it would be unreasonable to argue that there was no doubt.

          1. The jury decided there was no reasonable doubt. Eat shit, ken. You don’t have a JD, you’re not a criminal lawyer. you’re a half educated bigot angrily trying to play lawyer on a fringe website’s comment board. What you think literally doesn’t matter.

            1. Wk has a new sock and is venting after being abused lol.

              1. This sounds more like a cross between Rev kirk and kar

            2. George Floyd had a higher concentration of fentanyl in his system than plenty of other people who die of an overdose of fentanyl–regardless of whether my thoughts matter.

              1. Opiate tolerances vary widely between addicts. That doesn’t mean shit.

                You could do 5$ and die and an addict could do 40$ and die and another addict do a quarter ounce and not get high.

                Your argument has been repeated over and over by you far right kooks and it’s bullshit.

                1. “Opiate tolerances vary widely between addicts. That doesn’t mean shit.”

                  Having a higher concentration than the median of people who died in various NIH studies might mean reasonable doubt in the murder charges–and in criminal cases, reasonable doubt is much more important than shit.

                  1. His tolerance would also be tempered by his known and significant underlying health conditions.

            3. >what you think literally doesn’t matter.

              1. Yeah, there’s a tu quoque to avoid there, but the concentration of fentanyl in George Floyd’s bloodstream doesn’t depend on whether my opinion is important, and neither does the median concentration of fentanyl in the bloodstreams of fentanyl overdose deaths in various NIH studies either.

                They all say the same thing whether my opinion matters or not.

                1. We don’t know how big Floyd’s habit was, his last dose, or the amount he did.

                  Just because others have been killed by similar levels means jackshit.

                  It’s a right wing lie to cover the fact they like it when cops kill blacks.

                  1. We know what the concentration in his system was at the time of death.

                    And we don’t need to know anything with metaphysical certitude. There just needs to be reasonable doubt.

                    Having a concentration of fentanyl in your system that is higher than the median of other people who have died of fentanyl overdoses is what reasonable doubt should look like to more than one out of 12 jurors–at least in regards to the murder charges and mens rea.

                    On the manslaughter charge, that’s more like beyond a reasonable doubt.

          2. Here is a link to the facts:

            1) The autopsy report showing that the amount of fentanyl in George Floyd’s system was 11 ng/mL.

            2) A study of fentanyl overdoses by the National Institute of Health showing that the concentration of fentanyl in the system of people who die of an overdose of fentanyl is often much lower than that.


            If you have some other authoritative source of information that contradicts this, I’d be happy to see it, but the fact is that plenty of people with lower concentrations of fentanyl in their systems than George Floyd die of suffocation during an overdose.

            It is not necessary for the defendant to prove that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose. All that is required is reasonable doubt for the defendant to be acquitted of that charge. Using that criteria, it appears to me that Chauvin is only guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the manslaughter charge.

            A reckless driver who killed a drunk that was jay-walking during an illegal drag race is guilty of manslaughter. We can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he ran over the victim on purpose. If he’d swerved to run over the drunk on the sidewalk, that would be one thing. That may not be what happened. If the drunk hadn’t jaywalked into the street, there is some reasonable doubt about whether this would have happened at all. I’m not saying that the reckless driver isn’t guilty of anything, but there isn’t necessarily any mens rea there for murder. That’s why they charge people in that situation with manslaughter.

            1. See above. He’s guilty. You’re not a lawyer. Reality sucks for you, but it is still reality.

              1. Fenty Floydys dead and youre butthurt LOL 😀

                1. Derek is the one about to be butthurt. Haha, you fucking retard.

                  1. Hahaha gonna get acquitted and kangaroo courts are exposed bit time. Go lose some weight so you can get hobbies off the keyboard 😀

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              2. The fact that George Floyd had a higher concentration of fentanyl in his system than plenty of other people who die of an overdose of fentanyl remains the same regardless of whether I’m a lawyer, too.

                In fact, there isn’t anything you can say about me that will change the fact that George Floyd had a higher concentration of fentanyl in his system than plenty of other people who die of an overdose of fentanyl.

                You seem to have very strong opinions for someone who doesn’t have anything relevant to say. Do you have anything relevant to say about the fact that George Floyd had a higher concentration of fentanyl in his system than plenty of other people who die of an overdose of fentanyl?

                1. The trial is over. You’re not a lawyer. What you’re saying is not relevant, because you’re just some dumbass half educated bigot on – a place you can go where you don’t immediately get relegated to the margins of conversation.

                  1. People who can’t be persuaded by facts and logic, that’s a pretty good definition of an idiot.

                    Are you pleading guilty?

                    1. People who take ken seriously….all four of them, that is…..

                    2. And you don’t have a JD like me Ken, so shut up!

                      It means Juris Doctor and you have to watch all the CNN coverage and read a wikipedia article on manslaughter to earn it.

                    3. “And you don’t have a JD like me Ken, so shut up!”

                      When you were in law school, didn’t they teach you anything about the appeal to authority fallacy?

                      “Insisting that a claim is true simply because a valid authority or expert on the issue said it was true, without any other supporting evidence offered.”


                      Your comments strongly suggest you’re an uneducated idiot.

            2. “I’m not saying that the reckless driver isn’t guilty of anything, but there isn’t necessarily any mens rea there for murder.”

              In general I agree that it’s manslaughter.

              But I’m not clear that the MN murder statute requires such mens rea anyway. Can’t find it right now, but there was a link in Robby’s article to a legal analysis of the charges and that lawyer seemed to be saying that murder in MN isn’t like murder most anywhere else.

              1. Probably not their new tourism slogan: Murder in MN isn’t like murder elsewhere!

          3. Being extremely aggressive and screaming are inconsistent with a fentanyl OD. I’ve seen people OD before, not a chance they’re fighting off cops then dead seconds later.

            Along with the timing. His adrenaline is spiking in a struggle, then somehow, right while he’s being restrained, he still manages to fall out and die from an OD?

            That’s what gets rid of reasonable doubt. It’s not plausible.

            1. No one is disputing that the officer kneeled on the Floyd’s neck.

              The question is whether a potentially lethal overdose of fentanyl was a contributing factor–and how much of one it might have been.

              Like I keep saying, if Floyd had been a drunk asleep in the middle of the street, and Chauvin ran him over while driving recklessly, no one should dispute that running over him caused his death. The question is whether it’s murder or manslaughter, and the correct answer can only be seen through the lens of reasonable doubt.

      3. No, he didn’t. This was extensively covered by expert testimony during the trial. He had approximately the same amount of fentanyl in his system as one prescription dose (yes, it’s sometimes used as a medicine). While that dosage can be lethal, it is at the very low end of the lethality spectrum. Given that he was a repeat user and that repeat users build up a tolerance, his drug use was not enough to have caused his death. It might have been a contributing factor but only incrementally.

        1. Yep. Here’s a link to the toxicologist testimony:

          If not for Chauvin’s knee George Floyd is still alive.

          1. When a reckless driver runs over a drunk asleep in the street, the question isn’t whether the drunk died because he was run over. The question is whether it was murder, manslaughter, or something else.

            If people with lower concentrations of fentanyl in their system than George Floyd had often die of an overdose, it may be unreasonable to assume that there isn’t any doubt but that Floyd would have suffocated even if he hadn’t had a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl in his system. After all, when people die of a fentanyl overdose, it’s because they have trouble breathing.

            The manslaughter charge, on the other hand, doesn’t really have that problem. You don’t need to clear such a large hurdle on a manslaughter charge. You were driving recklessly, your ran over somebody in the street, and so you’re guilty of manslaughter.

        2. I didn’t see this until I’d posted it, but the autopsy showed 11 ng/mL in Floyd’s system at the time.

          Meanwhile, this study of fentanyl overdoses by the NIH (link below) shows two studies–one of 56 cases of fentanyl overdose deaths with a median concentration of 9 ng/mL and another labeled “Large series of fentanyl fatalities in Florida (USA)”, in which the median concentration of 9.7 ng/mL.

          Thus, the median concentration for people who die of fentanyl overdoses are lower than what was found in George Floyd’s system–in at least two studies cited by the National Institute of Health.

          And facts don’t change because of what juries or prosecutors say.


            Look at the facts yourself.

            They’ll say the same thing when you read them that they say when I read them. That’s one of the things that makes them facts rather than opinions–they don’t change depending on how you look at them.

            1. Still doesn’t matter what you think, trashley.

              1. This is third time I’ve had to point out the same thing–that the facts remain the same regardless of whether my opinion is important.

                Do you not understand what that means?

                It means the things you’re saying are stupid, and the fact that you keep saying the same stupid thing would seem to indicate that you’re stupid.

                Are you smart enough to learn from your mistakes?

                Here’s a hint about this one: People with lower concentrations of fentanyl in their system than George Floyd often die of an overdose–and regardless of whether I’m a lawyer, whether my opinions matter, or whether you’re stupid, that fact remains the same.

                1. Stop typing all that stuff. What you think doesn’t matter. It hasn’t before. It doesn’t now, and it never will.

                  1. You still haven’t learned a thing!

                    1. Less is more, Ken.

                    2. I learned that you don’t have a JD, so opinion dismissed!

                  2. LOL butthurt SJW is mad he cant censor 😉

                2. Ken, he/she is trolling you.

                  1. He/she is making himself/herself look like an idiot.

        3. “He had approximately the same amount of fentanyl in his system as one prescription dose ”

          Sure, if that dose was approximately 3-4 milligrams (ie. 3000 to 4000 micrograms.)

          We use a single milligram IV – infused over a few hours to perform heart surgery.

    5. What’s racist about noticing that George Floyd had a potentially lethal dose of drugs in his system? You’re treating the trial like it was a sporting match.

      1. Opiate tolerances vary widely between addicts. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

        Someone ODing on fentanyl wouldn’t be screaming “I can’t breathe.”

        1. People who can breathe are the only people capable of screaming.

      2. A criminal trial IS a sporting match.

      3. You’re arguing with someone who doesn’t care whether he’s right or wrong.

        1. I know. No matter what you’ll repeat the same BS. “People have died from lower levels of fentanyl.”

          That argument is bullshit.

          1. Citation missing.

          2. My Mom can handle twice that.

  11. So the overwhelmingly obvious outcome came to pass, despite what some of our resident contrarian douches insisted for the past 3 weeks

    1. Weird. You didn’t even need to wait for the evidence. Lol. Way to go statist. You and Chelsea handler are of like minds.

      1. **nelson laugh**

        1. lol fucking nerd whats this nelson laugh mean? 😀

          1. Did you not have a childhood? No TVs in your trailer park growing up? Jesus christ.

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              We’d laugh and laugh, I was his Bartman.

            2. Yea i get it, the show where everyone is chinese. BTW, i didnt make that parody account, but they’re pretty good.

      2. Yeah, the video was all I needed to see to know that pig needed to get skewered on a spit. There’s a ton of “libertarians” here who are hopelessly lost sucking cop dick and hero worshipping a bunch of power hungry losers. Privatize the police so we can fire these
        kinds of worthless assholess before they kill through incompetence.

        1. “Yeah, the video was all I needed to see to know that pig needed to get skewered on a spit.”

          This comment is like an admission of stupidity.

          Did the video show the details of the charges and whether they fit the aspects of the crimes as they’re defined in law?

          Would you have convicted Chauvin of rape based on the video?

          If you would have railroaded him on any charge based on the fact that you hate this cop, that’s pretty embarrassing–or at least it should be!

          Did someone teach you to deny justice to people you hate, or did you learn that all by yourself?

          Did the video show the concentration of fentanyl in George Floyd’s system?

          1. Ken. You’re a half educated bigot who gets no respect IRL so you come here to feel big. Know your fucking place.

            1. I haven’t, but glibertarians is helping me.

  12. Everyone cheer for political prosecutions.

    The fact the jury wasn’t sequestered during riots, that floyd was so public, that the city settled during selection, that the prosecution had the judge discuss a mistrial due to rebuttal, etc…

    This was never going to be a fair trial.

    1. The closest we’ve come to something like To Kill a Mockingbird these days is Richard Jewell.

      I’m not sure people can really get their heads around a white cop as the victim of a politically motivated trial or as a victim of prejudice–at least not with most of America.

      Sheriff Andy Griffith of Mayberry is now the stock bad guy from central casting.

      1. Ignorant award goes to Ken the racist! You can keep that name out of your mouth, filth.

    2. Eat shit. Haha. You neo confeds Are having a tough time with this one. I can’t stop giggling when I see your angry comments. This is great.

      1. Lol, and they ignorantly try to use Andy Griffith for their violence.

        1. I know. You can only use brutal violence and racist language if you’re one of us, because we’re on the right side of history.

    3. I would have no trouble with a jury verdict if it could be reasonable stated that it was a verdict at the end of a fair trial. I don’t have all the evidence and avoid making statements of fact regarding innocent or guilt. What I object to is a kangaroo court being run by a government that is vested in the outcome, won’t protect witnesses and jurors, makes no attempt to control the aftermath, and actually stirs up the crowd with the pitchforks.

      The best that could be said here is that they weren’t going to let a fair trial risk the outcome they wanted.

      1. This is a textbook case of a trial that should have had a venue change from the start.

        1. Where’d you study law?

          1. You can’t comment here unless you have a JD. No other law degree counts… because I haven’t looked them up yet.

        2. Cry racist

          1. Tears of joy. Watching this happen.

            1. Tears of joy over the kangaroo courts being exposed all over the country this is gonna be great, go push further progtard fatsos 😀

              1. Derek is gonna get raped in jail. No one is gonna feel sorry for him. **Nelson laugh**

                1. Gleefully advocating for rape?!?!

                  1. Prison rape is my fetish and Chauvin is too cute.

                    1. Man, I really thought this was the same guy, but this parody account is great. Like, I really thought he has a sense of humor so he can laugh at himself, but nope. Yea, exposes him even more as a butthurt little shitter lol

                    2. So you dream of also going to jail so Derek can be chauvin himself into you?

  13. LOL

    Congratulations, yall got the lynching you wanted.

    Guess blmantifa can go home now…

    1. Funny… They still need new shoes and new tv’s… So cities gotta burn.

      1. They’ll probably wait until the sentencing to riot. The sentence will certainly be seen as insufficient by the mob. Mohammed Noor got 12 1/2 years—I anticipate a similar sentence for Chauvin.

      2. Are there any Nike store left to loot and burn?

        1. The mob might have to move to other neighborhoods.

          1. Maybe the prosecution can advocate for a change in venue for the sentencing.

            1. Who cares what venue they use… It’s gonna be broadcast live, internationally…

              Soon as Chauvin doesn’t get “Burning at the Steak” Stores will burn.

    2. Sorry you project your violence on others. Go home, stop being violent

      1. Are you kidding? Where have you been the last 4 years?

        1. It’s not wrong when we do it, asshole.

    3. Well he’s gotten two different grounds on appeals just based on things that have happened this week.

      I’ve thought since I first saw this that Chauvin was guilty of something, so it’s not a surprise to see a guilty verdict. Probably over-convicted, since the biggest problem is his failure to render aid rather than any type of assault. The legal tactic of charging felony murder by way of assault does not seem sound, either.

      We’ll see what happens with the appeals over the next couple of years.

  14. I won’t claim to know better, so I hope they got it right.

    1. Narrator: “they di…. fuckit. Burn shit down”

  15. 1. It will be thrown out on appeal.
    2. Shackford’s summary of the case is about as error strewn as you can get.

    1. SS only sucks federal dick, fuck those lowborn locals

    2. Where’d you get your JD?

      1. Nothing says libertarian quite like appeals to authority.


        1. Cute. Yeah, why listen to experts. Jesus.

          1. “why listen to experts. ”

            Why have jury trials?

            You do know that attorneys are usually excluded from jury participation, don’t you?

            1. With expert witnesses.

              1. Yea, I bet these expert witnesses all have a JD

          2. (It’s not so much that you are reflexively oppositional, it’s so much that you so much are an idiot.)

            1. Trying too hard. Less is more.

              1. I love Juris Doctors because the far right assholes here don’t have them and also they’re the only degree I looked up.

              2. LOL who’s the tryhard here?

  16. BS, Appeal!

    Not guilty. Floyd was the problem Officer Chauvin was the hero who legally took him out. Let this man go home to his family.

    NO MORE Racial Bullshit.

    1. Sorry. Boomer. Reality is that he’s guilty and you’re still that uncle at Thanksgiving

      1. Unlike my Uncle Billy who gave me weed and booze when I was 12 and was a really good kisser. He hated you righties.

      2. Chauvins gonna get acquitted on appeal and I just realized how immensely butthurt and one-dimensional you are 😀

    2. “Floyd was the problem Officer Chauvin was the hero who legally took him out.”

      Apparently your standard for justifying the killing of someone during an arrest is that they aren’t being fully cooperative and that the officer might be afraid of the suspect’s size or the possibility that he might resist in some potentially dangerous way. Chauvin is a “hero” for being afraid of the big, scary, Black man that he had handcuffed and pinned on the ground who was pleading for his life. Floyd was so dangerous that he needed to be taken “out”. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

  17. Guilty if being stupid and not recognizing what your heavy handed policing looks like in front of an audience, guilty of being a power hunger authoritarian but that wasn’t a murder.

  18. And not even a trial for ashli babbitt. Justice is no longer blind.

    1. Well, the officer was just doing his job protecting those fantastic bastions of freedom sequestered in the capitol. Didn’t you see how scared AOC looked?

    2. Did she have fentanyl in her system?

  19. I wonder how much of that Guilty Verdict was fear of retaliation from Maxine Waters and her government sanctioned goon squads?

    1. The white trash gnashing of teeth here really makes my day. I love it when trash gets smited. Human garbage usually gets what it deserves.

      1. Racist.

        1. Zing? Good shot, cletus. Fucking worthless white trash.

          1. Fucking base canaille, we need to bring back the ancient régime… but no churches. I hate the masses so much. Thank Gaia for my trust fund.

  20. Jury was threatened they obviously valued their own lives.

    The race haters on the left rejoice of course.

    1. Citation missing.

      1. Not our fault you don’t keep up on political news… Look up Maxine Waters threatening jury.
        If that doesn’t make you think, then your brain is turned off.

        1. Still missing.

          1. Now I’m demanding cites! Am I WK? am I sarcasmic? am I KAR?
            Maybe we’re all the same guy…

  21. good

  22. Chauvin was rightly convicted. The “blue wall of silence” didn’t remain silent, his peers said he did wrong.

    To those of you who think Maxine Waters comments will allow for an appeal, no more nor less than Trump’s comments saying “we have to fight like hell…” Waters made that after final arguments have been made and appeals do NOT turn on out-of-court facts unless the defendant can prove he could not get a fair trial in this jurisdiction. HIs counsel didn’t make that request or claim. They can appeal, as can anyone, but he will lose that appeal.

    As for political prosecution, no, wrong. What it wasn’t was it wasn’t a political acquittal as has happened all too often.

    For those of you who are hear to say you are libertarians and support Chauvin’s acquittal, you are not libertarian. You believe in the police state, where a police(man) can prevent someone from getting enough air to stay alive, and because he was a minority member and/or a drug-abuser, it’s fine. That’s NOT libertarian at all, it’s the antithesis.

    1. Penigma, you do not understand what a libertarian is if you think they believe in a police state. Chavin may have done manslaughter but not murder, and yes the defense has every right to appeal and has grounds for it.

      1. Where’d you get your JD? Prolly should just shut your cunt mouth.

        1. Look out everyone, we’ve got a badass over here. Level 75 neckbearded mouthbreather.

          1. Whoah. Cletus tried to make a zing. Cute little cunt, he is.

            1. And I got my JD from the University of CNN, so fuck you all!

    2. Actually, defense counsel did make that claim in their motion for a mistrial. The judge turned it down.

      I agree that they will appeal. I give their odds of success … maybe 50/50? The judge did make some questionable rulings. On the other hand, the defense witnesses had real credibility problems.

  23. Does this mean Law Enforcement Officers are obligated to resuscitate dying criminals?

    1. Lol. Suck it, trashley. Huge victory over the trash people today! I like how angry this makes human garbage

      1. human garbage like BLM? I hear it’s for “Burn Loot Murder”. Got sources anyone in here is mad? 😀

        1. Here’s another one now. This one’s foaming at the mouth.

          1. He might get so mad that he will loot a Walgreens under the auspice of peaceful protesting. Agree. He should have an eye kept on him.

          2. yea totally foaming. I actually think it’s quite funny how I started respecting you a bit because I thought you and the parody account were the same guy. I am pretty amused at the moment, to be honest. 🙂

          3. Speaking of a foaming mouth, like, didn’t fenty floydy have foam on his mouth or something? Drugs are a hell of a drug 😀

    2. “Does this mean Law Enforcement Officers are obligated to resuscitate dying criminals?”

      Yes, law enforcement should be, and is, obligated to attempt to keep criminals alive as much as possible. Duh?

      1. What if the criminal had just mentioned that he was Covid positive and that they suspected him of ingesting Fentanyl orally, minutes before? Would you want to render mouth to mouth to a known hard drug user without a one way mask? They already called the EMTs, they were on the way.

        1. First responders are not required to render aid if they know or reasonably believe that doing so will put them in significant danger. Mere speculation, however, does not rise to the level of “know or reasonably believe”.

          So to your hypothetical, if a criminal says “I have covid” right before collapsing, you could reasonably refuse to perform mouth-to-mouth. You could not, however, reasonably refuse to use a resuscitation bag (assuming you had one available). Nor could you reasonably refuse to apply non-respiratory CPR.

          Note that “you” as a professional first responder in this hypothetical are held to a higher legal standard than a non-professional providing first aid. Non-professionals can refuse to volunteer for any reason or none. The only requirement on a non-professional is that once you start to provide aid (that is appropriate to your level of training), you can’t simply change your mind and stop.

  24. I agree with the verdict. Nevertheless Chauvin will be remembered as a hero. His casual cruelty reflected back to us what the left was doing to the country: oppressing us with tyrannical restrictions, slowly starving the economy, bankrupting businesses, enslaving us to more debt and abandoning people to sit at home alone for months. After Floyd’s death, millions of people poured outside. We could breath again. I’m not saying Chauvin did it consciously. But it wasn’t entirely unintentional either.

    Of course many will respond, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. My state never had any lockdowns. Chauvin was a monster!” But that only shows how out of touch you are.

    1. Haha. Sorry, trashley. Your side lost. The garbage has been taken out properly. Eat shit.

      1. Nope. Libertarians will win. No true American wants to wreck the country for the sake of street thugs.

        1. Haha. This is a great day. Watching you inbred retards fume is fucking awesome.

          1. It’s actually a day you will rue. Because Floyd got justice and now there’s nothing left. “Careful what you wish for.”

            1. Haha. God you’re fucking retarded.

              1. LOL your ape messiah is dead and america is getting aware of the kangaroo courts. Everyone got an AR last year, its gonna be fun fatty 😀

                1. Ape messiah? Do I even ask what that means? Good luck with your inbreeding and guns.

                  1. I don’t have to worry about inbreeding where I stick it BTW… or where they stick it… yiff, yiff.

                  2. LMAO this guy is so deluded. Being as offensive as possible on an unmoderated website and then he is whiny if someone shows him the mirror

                    Pathetic whiny SJW is butthurt 😀

          2. It was… In 2016. Funny, why did you cry? Oh, yeah… You were with the inbred losers.

  25. Can someone explain whether it is possible to inadvertently kill someone in Minnesota without second degree murder automatically being an appropriate charge? This verdict seems to indicate that there are essentially no meaningful manslaughter or murder charges below that anymore.

    1. That’s an interesting observation. I wonder how Minnesoda homicide law compares with the laws in other states? Achieving justice is hard enough without having vague “bright line” differences between types of criminal acts.

      1. In this case the state’s argument was:

        *Second degree murder applies if you kill someone, even if accidentally, while committing a felony.
        *Third degree assault applies if you inflict serious bodily harm on someone, even unintentionally.
        *Death is serious bodily harm.
        *Third Degree Assault is a felony.

        Essentially, prosecution’s argument was that if you accidentally kill someone, you’ve committed both third degree assault and, since that’s a felony and you killed someone, it’s second degree murder.

    2. Yeah I don’t get it either. Don’t you have to prove intent for a murder charge?

      1. There’s mens rea.

        Even in negligence cases, you should need to prove to the jury that the defendant willfully disregarded the safety of others.

        Manslaughter is different. If you were driving drunk and you ran over and killed another drunk who wandered into the street, you should be found guilty of manslaughter because you willfully decided to drive drunk–even if you didn’t run over the guy on purpose.

        1. So you think Chauvin didn’t willfully keep his knee on Floyd’s neck after he was informed that Floyd didn’t have a pulse?
          That doesn’t make any sense.

    3. only first degree murder requires intent. second degree is malice. third degree is “eminently dangerous act”….. only premeditated requires intent, legally.

      1. So if Chauvin had been looting a store, anf in the act, carelessly stomped over Floyd and Floyd had died it probably would have been 3rd degree. Unless the looting rose to a felony.

      2. That is generally true but each jurisdiction has very specific definitions for what constitutes a particular crime (or level of crime) under their law. Minnesota law doesn’t quite line up to your description.

        1. i’m speaking in broad terms. the point is that intent is not part of the definition of murder, only 1st degree murder.

  26. OK, Confederate Boomers. So sorry!

    1. Right! It’s so fun to watch them fume. “But but but maxime waters!!!” Hahaha

      1. While it is fun to watch them fume, especially when they were doing mental gymnastics to cover for a piece of shit cop on video, you sound like a retarded faggot in basically every comment. To the point you actually seem like a parody account.

        1. LOL principle kills troll, kill me too 😀

        2. BTW i think this is gonna get appealed hard and you’re gonna be whining like you have under trump lol

        3. Whoah. Dirk don’t like me. But he’s name is still fucking dirk so no one cares. Dumb little cunt.

          1. I hate cunts too, I like assholes though.

  27. My twin brother served 3 years on the Santa Barbara PD and then 30 years as a Security Forces commander in the USAF retiring as a colonel. During that time he had contact with civilian police here, in Europe and in Asia. He repeatedly stated that fully one-third of all civilian police officers had no business being in a position of authority, let alone being armed. This guy was one of them.

    1. He’s about to feel the long dick of the law in prison….

      1. Manslaughter, I can understand. Negligence? Definitely. But the murder charge?

        We just witnessed a classic case of overcharging coupled with mob rule and intimidation. Chauvin wasn’t blameless, for sure, but I don’t feel this trial was “fair” in any sense of the word. I’m struggling to find the libertarian defense here.

        1. Are you a lawyer? Do you even have a JD?

          1. Does any member of the jury have their JD?

            1. Are you a jury member?

              1. Are you a jury member?

                1. I’m not playing Monday morning attorney, you fucking retard.

                  1. LOL look how the fat SJW got mad LMAO 😀 😀

                    1. You ok, trashley?

                    2. highly amused right now, thank you snowflake. 🙂


                      Cocksucker… mmm.

          2. “Are you a lawyer? Do you even have a JD?”

            Remind the class, where did you get your JD?

            1. When I’m not pretending to be a legal expert online, it doesn’t matter if I have a JD, does it? God you people are fucking dumb.

              1. I’m only forbidding opinions without them.
                Jeez it’s like you hillbillies have never heard of the ‘top men’ doctrine.

                Don’t you all realize that credentials are more important than education.

      2. Didn’t you just say others were applauding the violence above?

        God damn you fifty centers are awful.

        1. Violence against you would be funny. Happened at school a lot to you for that reason.

      3. You need help.

    2. Armed with a knee?

  28. April.20.2021 at 5:53 pm
    Manslaughter, I can understand. Negligence? Definitely. But the murder charge?

    We just witnessed a classic case of overcharging coupled with mob rule and intimidation. Chauvin wasn’t blameless, for sure, but I don’t feel this trial was “fair” in any sense of the word. I’m struggling to find the libertarian defense here.

  29. My condolences to the fascist media.

  30. It is revealing to see Reason/leftists going full statist, and cheering the conditions they’ve created that will lead to their deaths.

    1. Yawn dude. You’re the one most likely to catch a bullet from a FBI agent.

      1. Ah the violent leftist rears his head again and farts out something.

        1. Thanksgiving must be awkward when you start talking.

          1. I’m too busy ‘gobbling’ a 65 year old turkey neck to talk politics at my table. Plus mom disowned me.

    2. Holding a police officer accountable for their actions is statist? Dude you’ve got a fucked up perspective of libertarianism. I want an infinitesimally small state, but part of that would obviously be holding criminals accountable for their actions, or else we citizens would do it for them.

      1. You really don’t understand what just happened?

      2. Even in a stateless society we want criminals accountable for their actions, so, yeah, agreed.

      3. “Holding a police officer accountable for their actions is statist?”

        LOL. You do know that he was doing exactly what he was trained to do? Not that that excuses him, just tell me how this verdict is going to translate over to everyone UP his chain of command?

        No, far too many people are celebrating precisely because he’s largely a scapegoat – so none of the real culprits will ever bear any responsibility.

        Pawns are like that.

        1. The chief of police testified under oath that Chauvin did not behave in a manner consistent with department policy. Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

          1. Which is more likely?

            1) Two other cops just watched while Chauvin violated department policy for NINE MINUTES.

            2) The police chief lied on the stand, as police officers often do.

  31. How can you be guilty of killing one man three times? clearly the jurors heard the Lynch mob and went along

  32. So… you can always get what you want if you threaten to throw a massive tantrum and burn all your shit, is that the lesson here?

    1. Cute. Another angry trashley.

      1. Not just cute, sexy.

  33. Well, thank goodness all of that business is settled.

  34. Yeah well it was not unexpected but of course we live in a violent age of leftism run amok. They got their sacrifice and lynching.

  35. In MMA, the guillotine choke can be either air blockage or blood flow, but once your opponent taps out, you have to let go, or you could be found guilty of murder or manslaughter.

    This restraint was not like that, but when a person says, “I can’t breathe” that is equivalent to tapping out. So the jury figured that Chauvin kept going beyond what was needed for restraint. It was not just the victim, but when you have a medic testify that she is pleading, “This guy is in danger of losing his life, please let me help him,” that carries a lot of weight with a jury.

    1. So does he have to forfeit the title?

  36. Goody. Now Minneapolis can be burned down in celebration instead of anger.

  37. Roughly one week after Floyd died, about 40 black teens (-to-adults) were slaughtered by fellow blacks in Chicago. Thugs being thugs, violence in perpetuity.

    That’s a microcosm of the real plague upon the black community contra police racism and brutality.

    Chauvin may have gotten what he deserved, but the calculated celebration ( yea, you, Maxine) of it today is fool’s gold and a kind of Pyrrhic victory.

    The hood still burns, while men fiddle.

    1. Boomer trash is big angry.

      1. LOL are your drugs wearing off already keyboard fatty? 😀

        1. Was that supposed to be a zing again?

          1. LOL whats zing you nerd? 😀

            1. A zing is like when you meet a nice guy and spend the weekend together dancing with molly and it’s really comfortable, but then you meet an asshole at the gas station, and you spend the next weekend snorting coke and doing it raw and it’s so much more spicy. That’s zing.

  38. Here’s my question

    Would he have died if Chauvin had not had his knee on his neck?

    Impossible to tell. Those of you who rant on about Floyd’s character or level of inebriation as a defence for Chauvin’s actions miss a basic point. If the cops can do it to minorities they can do it to you, white boy. Like if you did not vote the right way or stepped on an endangered flower.

    the police are powerless to stop groups of people from doing what they want to, however disagreeable. They are effective most of the time in stopping individuals from doing what they want. So we need to consider whether or not we put up with our present style of ‘national conversation” on race, etc., or just enable people to mow down those who take it to the streets. My preference is to let them destroy cities, I don’t live there and I don’t care.

    And for you law and order types – America was born of revolution, it is sanctified and reinforced in every meme and every classroom and underlies every discussion on what needs to change in America. I don’t like that way it is happening now and I don’t particularly like the causes espoused by the people involved, and I doubt that I would like the commie Marxist pukes who are operating the left. But that does not mean that a simple low-IQ drug addict, irrespective of his skin color, should die under the knee of a policeman because he had a fake 20 in his hand. After the Fed prints fake 20’s all the time.

    1. You’re so blind by your racial blinders that you haven’t been watching the rest of the news. What about the kid in Michigan who is shot three times in the back when the cop pulled him over because he flashed his highbeams at the cop who clearly had miss aimed headlights. what about the white guy in Arizona who was murdered in cold blood as he lay on his stomach and was shot! Sitting on somebody’s neck leaves a Reasonable Doubt, but shooting them in the back there’s no doubt how they died. No charges were even filed in either case, no mob seeking justice, and no media at least not nationwide promoting the injustice.

      1. Not blind at all, just forgot to bring it up, so apologies. If anything your comments reinforce my case, so thanks.

      2. “what about the white guy in Arizona who was murdered in cold blood as he lay on his stomach and was shot! ”

        You’re wrong. The officer who killed Daniel Shaver went to trial and was acquitted.

        There’s no reasonable doubt that Chauvin should had no business kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 2 minutes after he was informed Floyd had no pulse. It’s also hard to claim reasonable doubt when the police chief testifies under oath that Chauvin did not follow department policies.

    2. I agree with you overall, but it’s actually worse: “They are effective most of the time in stopping individuals from doing what they want.”

      Not at all. Cops rarely if ever *stop* someone from committing a crime, all they do is cage and kidnap them afterwards. It’s not even in their training or instruction to try to *stop* crimes directly.

    3. @daBoss


  39. All I can say is that hopefully this will prove to the good citizens of Minneapolis that they need to stop voting for those damn Republicans and their white supremacist Gestapo goons.

    1. As if it matters if its republocrats or demopublicans running the fucking State: it’s still the *STATE*, it’s gonna initiate violence because the entire concept of the State is that it is ok for one minority set of people to have a monopoly on the initiation of violence, when *NO INITIATION OF VIOLENCE* should ever be condoned.

      1. Scrolling around this thread, seeing the comments, it’s clear some people need to have a lot of violence initiated against them.

        1. LOL see how angry the little turd is. 😀 Ready for violence, fuckface? Well, just keep in mind: Mommy says “no looting after 8 pm” lmao

          1. Mom disowned me, so there.

  40. And that’s the reason that maxine waters intimidated and bullied the jury

    Maxine waters just basically threatened every jurist that if that didn’t give an guilty verdict

    then their lives will drastically change forever, and jurors don’t like those kinds of threats

    and maxine waters has committed multi threatening crimes, threatening innocent jurors lives

    and they had absolutely no choice to grant their unlawful verdict against Derrick Chauvin

    Not good, not good at all

    1. That’s good double spacing, but you have to watch your margins.

  41. I’m always surprised and saddened how quickly so many so called “libertarians” reveal their affinity for an abusive and intrusive police state when the rubber hits the road.

    1. That’s because you don’t understand the logical connection between liberty and fascism.

      When achieving your personal liberty is your first priority, the liberty of others must be sacrificed.

      1. Can you cite any sources on this connection or are you just talking out your ass like every other authoritarian

        1. Refute the logic if you can.

          The fact that you can’t says it all.

          1. You haven’t presented any logic.

            1. You believe that and still can’t refute it.
              How does that make you feel?

              1. It makes me feel like I need a Dairy Queen Blizzard. 😐

              2. Can’t refute “logic” that doesn’t exist? Makes me feel sane. Try it sometime.

                1. You wouldn’t know it but refuting that which isn’t logic is pretty simple.

                  Like I just did.

      2. I’m assuming you are saying this to zing libertarians, but I’ll tell you what: I’m a libertarian, and I agree with your statement.

        Unfortunately, yours is a strawman characterization of libertarianism, though unfortunately some self-describe “libertarians” actually think that that is what it is.

        1. I spoke of liberty and fascism. You certainly haven’t refuted the logic.

          Libertarianism is your straw man.

          1. You’re using the Lebensraum argument.

            1. No, I’m not a Zionist.

    2. ^THIS^

      From the time people are kids, we are inundated with the idea that police are heroes. Even Sesame Street used to paint LEO’s as good guys. And for the most part they are. With this trial it was hard for a lot of people to accept that police officers can be pieces of shit. If you remember a lot of the threads leading up to today, people desperately clung to the “he had fentanyl in his system!!!!” line in the hopes that Chauvin would be acquitted.

      1. if you read this thread, there are still people desperately clinging to the fentanyll argument.

        1. I read this thread and I agree with that.

        2. Many are sharing facts about it in regard to the first charge.

    3. The State won, dumbass

  42. I do love all the statist libertarians here inferring juries are never wrong. Time to get rid of appeals courts hu

    1. God damn. This really upsets you and it’s so fucking fun to watch you little retards fume.

      1. You’re a hilarious little hobgoblin.

        Do mommy and daddy know you’re on their computer?

        1. Zing? I see what you did there. Clever little trashley.

      2. LOL fatso aint got no hobbies so he goes watch people “fume” on the internet. Maaan, i love the recent gun ownership surges, shows some people have more productive hobbies than you huh? 😀

        1. **Makes fun of people for being on a comment board on a comment board. Misses irony. **

          Classic. God damn, you people are entertainingly stupid.

          1. LMAO youre such a fat little nerd, see I don’t get half of your weird jargon or anything because i have hobbies, but you are such a keyboard existence, it’s painfully obvious

            1. Ok. Cool story.

              1. I know right im kinda specialized on story telling cuz thats how you gotta talk to the mental 5 year olds, also gotta be very slow and stuff

                1. Billy madison moment.

                  1. You mean the treason? Or the bribing? Have we hit your metier?

                    1. Shut up.

      3. Do you have any substantive contribution?

  43. Anyone who watched the videos knows this cop was toast.

    I hate to break it to the “woke”, but if there’d been video of OJ Simpson killing 2 people that night, he’d have been convicted, too. Without video, I doubt this case would have even seen the inside of a courtroom.

    We live in a new world. The age-old advice to always conduct yourself as if your actions will be on the 6:00 news tonight has some real validity these days!

    1. I disagree—OJ would have been acquitted even if there was video.

      1. Perhaps, but Johnny Cochran & Associates would have had to work a LOT harder. And I meant to say “videos” of OJ, not video. In this case we had several angles and lots of footage. I would not have wanted to be on the defense team on this one.

        1. There is nothing the prosecution in the OJ case could have done to get a conviction. The Black jurors minds were made up before the trial started.

          1. You can’t prove that. The OJ trial was a purely circumstantial case; you can get a conviction with that, but when the physical evidence is all you have, a shaky chain of evidence will destroy your case. If the cops had just done their jobs properly, there would have been no reasonable doubt about the validity of the evidence, but cop screwups let the defense cast doubt.

            I blame underfunding of the public defenders. If they’d been losing several cases a year because the PD had time to dig into the case and find flaws in their handling of evidence, they’d have improved their procedures until there was nothing for even a $10 million dollar defense lawyer to find. PD’s are the QA (quality assurance) team of the criminal justice system, and nobody likes QA – but it’s fatal to skimp on it.

    2. “Anyone who watched the videos knows this cop was toast.”

      You must be new around here. Go back and read the threads of past articles on this. A huge chunk of people thought he’d be acquitted.

      1. Astute observation, Jacob. I AM new around here. And I am sure that what you say is true, that “a huge chunk of people thought he’d be acquitted.”

        I have observed that given ANY set of circumstances, there are nearly an INFINITY of conclusions that can be reached. In fact, the only limit appears to be the number of individuals pontificating on the event.

        That has been particularly observable this past year with the advent of Covid, Floyd, CHOP, Trump, Biden and, of course, Big Tech. Any one event from any of this list, interpreted in such diverse ways that it’s truly amusing.

        In my humble opinion, God screwed up when he sent Moses down from the Mount with the 10 commandments. He forgot what surely should have been the 11th:

        “Thou shalt not take thyself too seriously.” Most people posting on social media would do well to heed the 11th.

        Thanks for your comment on my post. I enjoyed it.

        1. Let me give you a bit more context. Back when the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin thing was going on (2011?), 99% of the commenters on here felt that Zimmerman was in the wrong. THere was really only one guy (John) who sort of represented the Zimmerman camp.

          If you read those threads and the threads in this case or the Ahmaud Arbery case, you would swear that it was a different site.

          1. No way was it 99%. I was here saying Martin was killed in self-defense. There were others.

  44. Not disagreeing with the verdict, but what will happen next to the urban trustafarians who’ve been going to all the BLM protests once the police pull back from cities? Their mommies and daddies won’t want them living in a place where they may well get mugged or worse.

    1. They won’t get mugged. They are woke. Supreme beings walking the land to be cherished and listened to by all.

  45. a rallying cry for policing reform, particularly in the way officers interact with black people

    So, for racist purposes. Shouldn’t this be simply about people of all types? If a group has suffered previously, they will get more benefit by the change. Isn’t that enough?

    We live in a racist country, but the racists are largely progressives who think blacks are inferior people needing special help.

    1. I would kill myself if I said shit that stupid.

      1. You say stupid shit all the time. Yet you are still here.

        1. NO YOU ASSHOLE!!!

  46. I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this.

    Would you accept a 1950s conviction about a black man in the South when the jury knew that a “not-guilty” would mean a burning cross in their yard?

    The evidence is what the evidence is, but the jury knew their identities would be revealed, and their lives were explicitly threatened. Nearly 30 people have already died due to these riots, and that was before there were 12 people who could be directly blamed for letting the guy off. At best, they would become social outcasts and pariahs, possibly losing their jobs and bank accounts. At worst, they would be found dead.

    Because of these threats, we cannot trust this verdict. It’s almost textbook jury tampering.

  47. Wow… it did not take long for Team GOP to pollute the message boards here about how hard cops have it and Maxine Waters. Is this a libertarian site where the commenters are into some good ol’ police brutality and torture? That’s fucking weird.

    1. Nope this is a libertarian site where the state is cheered on to employ all its strength to punish a man for doing the job they trained and hired him to do. Where charges can be loaded up on a perp and where expensive lawyers can be retained for the prosecution and there’s not a peep from the Koch crowd. That libertarians cheered on the powerful state is a colossal joke.

      Anyway go fuck yourself you shitstained asshole.

      1. “they trained and hired him to do. ”
        Weird, the police chief of Chauvin’s department testified under oath that he *didn’t* perform his job in a manner consistent with his training.

        You should quit fondling little boys and actually think. And probably find a site more aligned with your line of reasoning, like Free Republic or Townhall.

      2. You fucking dumb cunt. It’s hilarious that you think that. God damn this is such great news to watch you fucking white trash types digest.

        1. The peasants!

      3. The police, including this murderer, are the STATE; worse they are the state goon squad.

    2. ” it did not take long for Team GOP to pollute the message boards”

      You’re new around here. It’s been that way for about 5 years.

    3. the comments are completely un-moderated….. the people who get blocked from every other message board love it here.

      the articles are libertarian….. many of the comments, not so much.

    4. The majority of commenters are in the top right corner of the auth-right quadrant with perhaps a single position that might line up with libertarianism.

  48. Wow, media matters really let loose the NPCs on this one.
    Not a sign of confidence…

    1. How often are you called an uncle Tom or House n?
      Do you have any black friends? If yes are they stupid fascist traitors like you?

      Will you not respond because I’m right? You do get called that and only have fascist traitor friends or no black friends?

  49. Clearly the real victims here are the rioters who were counting on getting a pair of shoes and a wide screen TV out of this.

    1. The April “stimulus” check wasn’t issued.

  50. The verdict is absolutely correct. See the below-linked two parts of an excellent, unbiased article that addresses the issues of medicine, forensics, pharmacology, statistics, and even physics, and all the pertinent matters of law and shows why Chauvin and two or three of his cohorts were guilty of 2nd degree murder, 3rd degree murder, and felony assault (and the other involved police guilty of “abetting” murder and felony assault):

    George Floyd WAS murdered, by Derek Chauvin and His Cohorts — Part One, leonardrjaffee dot substack dot com/p/george-floyd-was-murdered-by-derek-250


    George Floyd WAS murdered, by Derek Chauvin and His Cohorts — Part Two, leonardrjaffee dot substack dot com/p/george-floyd-was-murdered-by-derek

  51. This clearly deserved and just conviction is better than the government’s typical protecting of its guards and goons no matter their crimes against and abuses of citizens; but as long as police abuses continue to be framed as racism instead of statism they will continue and be defended, even supported as you can see right in this comment section.

    Jack Yantis was the local rancher that the cops called when they were unable to handle livestock problems. They called him for help in putting down an injured and enraged bull. In short, when on arriving the cranky old man told them off for making everything worse by wildly shooting at the bull, they murdered the old man for his temerity to insult to their authority. Those cops got off free and easy for Jack’s murder, because this issue is framed as racism not statism.

    Grace Denk was a helicopter ground crew person home on leave from a troubled sandy country, along with her leave she was just promoted in both rank and responsibility becoming the Crewchief for her bird. Any of those three deserved a celebration, and with all three no one denies that her celebration was rowdy. Grace was unarmed and had no criminal history, but the cops responding to her well earned rowdy celebration murdered Grace just the same. Those cops got off free and easy for Grace’s murder, because this issue is framed as racism not statism.

    1. Excellent post!

      I hadn’t heard about Grace Denk previously.

      You should also look up the cases of Chris Roupe and David Hook. Enough to make your blood boil.

      1. I know of and agree about what they did to David Hook – an utter outrage by police that was all but ignored.

      2. I just looked up Chris Roupe. Just a kid playing a video game was enough for cops to kill him – insane.

        Pilots tend to be very protective of their Crewchiefs, like their lives depend on it, I got Grace’s story from an after airshow “aviation is a small world” gossip session.

      3. “It’s very simple: You do not kill a child that comes to the door with a toy in his hand.”

        Georgia Cop Won’t Be Charged in Shooting Death of Teen

  52. If the black man had knelt on the neck of the victim for minutes after there was no pulse, I’d still think charges 2 and 3 would likely be “guilty” verdicts.

    I agree the garbage in the public forum was bad.

  53. It was entertaining reading the notes of you folks screaming at each other. I had to ask myself if I could have survived being tied up like a pullet and held down by my neck.

    I am a retired surgeon so my opinion might mean something. However I am not a lawyer and won’t pretend I am. Floyd was tied with his hands BEHIND his back, which hyperextended his chest and did not allow normal expansion and contraction during breathing. This is also the case during crucifixion.

    It is not just a matter of oxygen intake, but more importantly, CO2 exhalation. CO2 is toxic at relatively low levels. Most people believe lack of oxygen kills. Mostly it is retained CO2.

    Lying on his side and not being permitted to breathe normally contributed as much or more to his death than the knee on his neck.

    It is unlikely you heard this from anyone. Especially the people who write here screaming at each other.

    I won’t comment on the verdict, except to say it was not in the least surprising.

    Parenthetically, I don’t give a shit if all of the Democrat cities are burned down.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
    Retired surgeon

    1. “I won’t comment on the verdict, except to say it was not in the least surprising.”

      Agreed. As I said earlier – race baiters notwithstanding – if there had been multiple videos from various angles of OJ Simpson killing 2 people that night, I’m pretty sure he would have been convicted, too.

      “Parenthetically, I don’t give a shit if all of the Democrat cities are burned down.”

      I understand that sentiment! But I fear they will learn nothing from the experience and simply move to Texas, Wyoming, Montana, etc and keep voting Democrat. As a Texan, I prefer they stay among their own kind in California and New York.

    2. But the blood oxygen was reported as 98%. Unless you can find a misrepresentation or large error in that measurement, Floyd wasn’t really having trouble breathing until his heart stopped and breathing didn’t matter. He may have been experiencing symptoms that he thought was trouble breathing, causing him to panic and struggle, which combined with pre-existing conditions caused a heart attack – but that’s just speculation. As far as I can tell, so is any other theory of the cause of death more specific than “his heart stopped”. (Which is true of every death.)

      Now, two cops sitting on his back for two minutes after the heart stopped and ignoring the EMT that happened to be present doesn’t look good, but it’s not murder.

  54. I am so tired of trial by the Jerry Springer show. Everything these days is prosecuted in the gutless lying “if it bleeds it leads” mainstream slaughterhouse of the monopolized media forum, not the judicial forum. Sick produced puppets projecting their mental distemper on the nation via, as Frank Zappa said; ” the slime oozin’ out from your TV set”

    There needs to be a media blackout and the so-called “representatives of the people”, LOL!, need to shut the fuck up in these politically motivated tabloid trials.

    The jurors definiitely needed to be sequestered along with the so-called news. Furthermore, the clown show that proclaims to be journalism should restrain themselves from slobbering at the Pavlov bell of insistent drama. There will be plenty to report on after the trial is over. And, based on the blood lust hype from et al, there can never be a fair trial, election, policy or just about anything else. That is reality of our poltroon society, culture and just-us system.

  55. Floyd overdosed on fentanyl. Because he did it in front of the cops does not make it murder. I strongly suspect the jury was more worried about riots and threats to them than they were about sending an innocent cop to prison.

    1. May he have died later that night? Maybe.

      Does it matter? No.

      He was killed by Chauvin. Blood is on his hands. He is not innocent.

      The fact you think otherwise is very telling.

  56. Murderer goes to prison. Justice.

    Also, all the same bigoted POSs here acting as if he didn’t murder a man in cold blood.

    1. You have a very limited understanding of the law. The question is not if Chauvin is guilty, he is, the question is what is he guilty of? Even the DA changed the charge, from 1st degree murder (murder in cold blood you mention) to 2nd degree. You just show your ignorance with your post.
      Even Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat, big time liberal civil rights lawyer, personal friend of the Clintons and Obamas said while the verdict may be deserved, the process was unfair. Lack of due process, overcharging and jury tampering are all present here.
      If you really believe mob rule should be the norm, you are truly insane.

  57. I have maintained all along that the jurors in the Derek Chauvin case were extorted, intimidated, nobbled, coerced, frightened, and tampered with. This verdict cannot stand, and it was obtained in a textbook “Dr. Sam Sheppard” atmosphere. There are others who agree:

    So what if Chauvin *is* guilty of a homicide? Then let’s give him a fair trial, not a public circus star chamber, or something like that tyranny in BRAVEHEART, or a stalinist show trial!

    Then along come two old blabby-mouths, Maxine Waters and Joe Biden, and frighten and tamper with the jurors even more. Something is desperately wrong with our system of justice if some wise judges, who understand and cherish checks and balances, do not intervene.

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