Capitol Riot

The Confusion Surrounding Brian Sicknick's Death Was a Failure of Government Transparency

Blame the media for running anonymous sources, but don't let government off the hook for its secrecy and misinformation.


The Washington Post reported Monday, more than three months after the death of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick following the January 6 Capitol riots, that Sicknick died of natural causes and did not have any external or internal injuries.

The findings of D.C.'s chief medical examiner end months of speculation surrounding Sicknick's death, and have led to questions about how the media could botch, yet again, such an important story.

For those who earn their bread complaining about the perfidy of the press, like Glenn Greenwald, this is just another instance of the hopelessly corrupt liberal media spinning a story to conform to its preferred narrative.

"This is what is so repulsive is they completely exploited this person, this young police officer, who they obviously didn't care anything about," Greenwald told Fox News host Tucker Carlson last night. "They saw him as a toy to exploit his death for purely political ends in ways that we now know were a complete and utter lie."

That's not the whole picture, though, or even a mildly accurate one. The medical examiner noted that "all that transpired played a role in [Sicknick's] condition."

In fact, the past few months are just as much a government transparency failure as a media failure. And placing the blame squarely on the media ignores law enforcement's long history of laundering misinformation when it suits its purposes.

It's not that reporters don't want the information. Fourteen news organizations are currently suing to unseal camera footage showing alleged assaults on Sicknick, which was played in the trial of one of the January 6 defendants. 

Because the Capitol Police are under the legislative branch, the department is exempt from the federal Freedom of Information Act. You can't put in a public records request for an incident report or the other sort of records that most every other police department in the U.S. is required by law to disclose when asked.

Likewise, autopsy reports are confidential in the District of Columbia. In some other states, these medical examiner reports are invaluable tools for journalists to report and fact-check police narratives. News outlets and press freedom groups, for instance, went to court to force the disclosure of autopsy reports from the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

With the Capitol Police conspicuously mum after putting out an initial statement that Sicknick died "due to injuries sustained while on-duty," and with limited access to primary records, the public was left with yammering pundits, anonymously sourced stories that were impossible to confirm, and misinformation from the highest levels of government.

On January 8, the Associated Press reported: "During the struggle at the Capitol, Sicknick, 42, was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, two law enforcement officials said. The officials could not discuss the ongoing investigation publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity."

That same day, the Justice Department released a statement from acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen that said Sicknick "succumbed last night to the injuries he suffered defending the U.S. Capitol, against the violent mob who stormed it on January 6th." (The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on why this erroneous information was released to the public.)

And here's how The New York Times reported on the confusion on January 15: "Law enforcement officials initially said Mr. Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, but weeks later, police sources and investigators were at odds over whether he was hit. Medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma, according to one law enforcement official."

In a vacuum of primary sources, bullshit will prevail. If you want faster, more accurate reporting, demand better public record laws and more transparency from officials.

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  1. There was no confusion. His family said he died of a stroke on Jan. 8th. Like all the other ‘mistakes’, this was deliberate. Without the murder of a police officer, the whole insurrection story really falls apart. No guns, no hit teams, and the ‘leaders’ seeming to be cozy with BLM & CNN.

    1. Exactly. This was repeating a lie over and over. I just read a comment on another site stating the autopsy is wrong/fake because it is only being reported on right-leaning news sites. Can’t make this shit up.

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    2. Correct. There was never any evidence, just a totally made up lie. The crazy thing is that this isn’t surprising any more. Just business as usual.

    3. “Without the murder of a police officer, the whole insurrection story really falls apart.”

      No, it doesn’t. Whether Sicknick was killed by the insurrectionists or not is orthogonal to whether an insurrection occurred.

      1. “orthogonal “

        Lol, worse than pathetic. Maybe this actually is Tulpa.

      2. You are right, calling it an insurrection was ridiculous whether or not it had anything to do with Sicknick’s death.

        1. That is a logically valid interpretation of what I just said about orthogonality of the two issues.

          Of course, you are being dismissive about the insurrection, but that’s more an error of your investment in right-wing partisanship, which is an emotional error on your part.

          1. I don’t think I’ve been called a right-wing partisan before. Nice change of pace, at least. But you are wrong.

            1. I apologize if I got it wrong. Most commenters here who take the position you have have advocated other clearly right-wing positions.

              1. No. You think anyone who calls you out on your leftist bullshit is right wing because you can’t counter their argument.

              2. Haha Dee just called Zeb a right-winger. Fucking moron.

              3. You being called out on your lies by pretty much everyone worth a damn here does not make them right wing.

                It makes you a dumb weasel

              4. Fvck off and die

              5. I would be happy if you just killed yourself.

          2. “…the insurrection,…”

            TDS-addled lefty asshole can’t spell “protest”.

            1. A protest with the goal of interfering with the peaceful transition of Presidential administrations. That’s more than a “protest”.

              1. No Nike stores were looted. And the only person that was killed was a peaceful protester.

              2. Just how would a bunch of unarmed fiery protesters go about delaying a transition of presidential power?

                Personally, I’m anticipating a reply to the effect that “they couldn’t, but they wanted to” which likewise applies to telekinesis and the healing power of prayer.

              3. “A protest with the goal of interfering with the peaceful transition of Presidential administrations…”

                And making pigs fly, too, you pathetic TDS-addled asshole.
                Anyone claiming a goal which is impossible to reach somehow affects the concern to which we grant a protest is:
                A. Stupid beyond belief,
                B. A TDS-addled asshole trying to push a narrative,
                C. Both.

          3. Hahahahaha, of course you went there.

            You’re no better than Tony or shriek.

          4. The incident on Jan 6 had no true hallmarks of an insurrection. It was a first amendment protest not unlike ones that have happened at the Capitol in the past. Then a protestor was shot dead by a capitol police officer. Your conclusion that it was an insurrection is indicative of an error in your investment in left-wing partisanship, which is an emotional error on your part.

            1. Officer Sicknick’s death was used to distract from the only killing that did occur on January 6th, because it was a completely wrongful use of deadly force.
              By turning the attention to a Capitol police officer’s death, virtually no scrutiny was directed at the real intentional killing of a peaceful protester. They – the media and the government – had to maintain the lie that it was a result of the incident at the Capitol.
              Could we imagine the reaction if a city cop had shot a protester, during any of the rioting that happened over the summer?
              Yet the murder of Ashli Babbitt got virtually no attention and has been buried behind the kind of police opacity that has been a focus of anti-police groups, for decades.

          5. “Of course, you are being dismissive about the insurrection”

            Describe what the scene in DC looks like, 8 pm, Jan 6, 2021, when the attempted insurrection, becomes the successful insurrection.

            See? Impossible to arrive at successful. That exposes the use of the word “insurrection” as the lie it is.

          6. Who was charged with insurrection again?

      3. Yet you clung to the narrative for months.

        1. Not really, but you always spin the truth.

          1. Lol. Not really? Jan 8th to April 20th isn’t months?

            Stupid even for you.

          2. The liar calls people telling the truth liars. Typical of your kind progtard.

    4. It was an intentional PsyOp, like Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Bountygate, Loser Soldiers, and every other anonymously sourced news item of the last 5 years

  2. O/T – There’s a verdict in on the Chauvin/Floyd case. Can’t be good for Chauvin that the jury returned that fast.

    1. Fear verdict. Jurors don’t wanna get murdered in their sleep.

        1. And did you see her title? Public Safety Editor.

          1. *Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Love, Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Truth… Public Safety Editor*

            I think they’re just fucking with us now.

        2. Yeah, that looks like enough information that almost all of them will be identified within a few days by combing public records.

      1. Libertarians are universally relieved that justice was served and this cop was convicted of the obvious murder we all saw on video. Of course, there are no libertarians in this comment section, so I expect to see a whole lot of butthurt.

        1. I’m going to hope/assume that justice was served. I can’t claim to know enough about the incident to be sure.

        2. You’ve never been a libertarian. Youre applauding a political conviction. You’ve ignored all actual evidence and cheer on feels. Sorry man. Not very libertarian.

          A libertarian would want a fair trial. It would have been far removed from the site of massive summer rioting that tainted the jury pool. Not one juror did not know or have a precondition belief.

          Youre applauding a lynch mob.

        3. I’m a libertarian, and I thought manslaughter was a more appropriate verdict. I’m not sure the evidence really supports murder.

        4. “Libertarians are universally relieved that justice was served and this cop was convicted of the obvious murder we all saw on video…”

          Was that the unarmed protester shot in the face, TDS-addled asshole?

        5. Libertarians are not “universally relieved”. Libertarians are not in universal agreement on just about any. I’m a libertarian and I have legitimate concerns that if I’m ever on trial, enough rioting, arson and murder and threats against the jury will all but insure that the prosecution gets a conviction regardless of the actual facts underlying my innocence or guilt. I’m concerned the standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is no longer a foundation of our justice system.

    2. Political prosecutions are the new normal.

      1. Maybe congress will proceed with impeachment hearings against Chauvin.


      I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s not normal for people to be concerned that a city is about to be burned down based on the verdict of a trial.

      The fact that this is being normalized is scarier than the trial itself.

      1. I like Karlyn. She does go off the deep end sometimes.

    4. Guilty on all charges – let the looting and the burning begin.

  3. Cop gets outed if they shoot anyone who’s not white.

  4. Confusion? The government and media essentially lied by covering the real cause of death up, letting rumors set the narrative that Jan 6th was an insurrection and not a protest that got out of hand.

    Which was then used to try to eliminate all dissent, and all dissent in the future.

    1. The impeachment trial used the narrative that Sicknick was beaten to death even after it was a questionable story. We live in an age, as President Biden so pithily put, it where “We believe in Truth, not just facts.”

      1. “we must choose truth over facts”

        1. I liked it better in its original Russian.

      2. “The impeachment trial used the narrative that Sicknick was beaten to death even after it was a questionable story.”

        Oh, it was a lot worse than merely “questionable” at that point. Be sure the impeachment managers would have had access to the truth, even if it wasn’t yet being shared with the public.

  5. It was a failure of media including reason. It was a failure of d.c. monoculture secondly.

  6. Let’s just consider this thread a place of silent reflection.

    1. They didn’t reflect at all in the article. The blame sought. It wasn’t Reasons fault, they were just useful idiots. Ignore their actions. Their chosen narrative pushing. It wasn’t their fault.

      1. Yep, it’s just Johnson and this damned war.

    2. A minute of silence…

      OK, now, what was I saying?

    3. At Reason? It’s a place of constant projection.

  7. And, of course, there were no comments allowed on the WAPO article about officer Sicknick’s real cause of death, although they’d been allowed on the “killed with a fire extinguisher“, and “killed with bear spray” stories.

  8. In a vacuum of primary sources, bullshit will prevail. If you want faster, more accurate reporting, demand better public record laws and more transparency from officials.

    Otherwise reporters will just run with whatever’s in their heads!

    1. Of that was reasons real concern their stories could have been about the lack of information. They weren’t.

    2. Given all the jokes about “Florida man” (largely because FL has very impressive sunlight laws), I doubt many pursue this.

    3. My sister was just eaten by a bear.

      Well, I tried calling her on her cell phone and didn’t get an answer so I can only presume she was eaten by a bear. In the absence of a primary source, I’m just going with the bullshit. Don’t blame me, blame the lack of accurate information.

      1. Well, that’s a lot more evidence than is needed for a NYT story, so my condolences.

      2. What a grizzly set circumstances. Guess you have to grin and bear it. The polar opposite or what you’d like.

        1. Unfortunately that’s on brand. Everything Reason reported about Jan 6 from the day of until only recently, has been in service of a narrative that the incident was the akin to the Battle of Gettysburg and Trump definitively caused it.

          Reason chose to obscure Trump’s call for peaceful action on that day and imply that a call to act peacefully was far too ambiguous to disprove their notion that Trump wanted to start a coup. They chose to join the lie that Sicknick was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher.

          Looking at Jan 6 in hindsight, without emotion, it was a rowdy protest not uncommon at the Capitol. The only unnatural injuries that day were the result of police instigating violence, up to an including shooting an unarmed woman who was just standing too close to a broken window. The injuries sustained by officers over the course of 3 hours are about what you would see within a matter of minutes at a BLM “mostly peaceful protest” in any blue city within the past year. The first acts of aggression came from cops pepper spraying and pushing back at demonstrators getting too close to their perimeter (a perimeter established to bar the public from entering a public building to petition their elected officials in a manner consistent with their 1A rights). Only after first aggressing upon demonstrators on Jan 6 did those demonstrators begin to fight back and cause the ensuing injuries to cops.

          All that said, Reason is still too chickenshit to admit they’ve been grossly exaggerating the Jan 6 incident, including by repeating blatantly false and uncorroborated stories about cops being beaten to death with fire extinguishers. I don’t expect a mea culpa.

  9. By the way, on Jan 8th ProPublica reported from the family that he had died of a stroke. Reason instead went with the NYT/CNN narrative because it fit the narrative reason was pushing at the time. See the 30 articles from Sullum as an example. Reason didnt give a fuck about the actual truth.

    This article is not a mea culpa. It is excuse making to claim it wasn’t their fault. So fuck reason for not admitting they failed here. You had a narrative and you fucking pushed it.

    Fourteen news organizations are currently suing to unseal camera footage showing alleged assaults on Sicknick,

    Said footage is not for the truth but to further push narratives. Again. Reason was as bad. They wanted the jan 6th riot narrative to include his death. They pushed a dozen articles claiming the riots took 5 lives.

    Reason and its editors are being dishonest here.

    1. “By the way, on Jan 8th ProPublica reported from the family that he had died of a stroke.”

      That has been repeated many, many times. But what you never repeated is that dying from stroke was consistent with the theory that the bear spray triggered the stroke.

      1. “…But what you never repeated is that dying from stroke was consistent with the theory that the bear spray triggered the stroke…”

        It is also consistent with smoking, diabetes and many other conditions, but those were never mentioned by this TDS-addled idiot asshole.
        How many straws can you grasp with those tiny hands?

      2. You dodny switch to bear spray until March, 3 weeks after cnn retracted the fire extinguisher claims.

        Nobody ever presented evidence he had a reaction to bear spray, full stop.

        The link you provided said the stroke was from an onset of sudden allergic reaction, not a reaction a day later. This was pointed out to you at the time.

        Youre still clinging to the fact that facts were never on your side.

        1. So one of the insurrectionists might have followed him home and pepper sprayed him there. With a pepper spray canister that looked like an assault fire extinguisher.

      3. the bear spray triggered the stroke.”

        ME ruled that out

      4. Actual the medical examiner did not say the stroke was the result of an allergic reaction to bear spray. No findings of blunt force or allergens as a cause of death.

        The examiner’s conclusion is in fact, not “consistent with the theory that the bear spray triggered the stroke.”

        At best you could say he didn’t rule one way or the other on if bear spray contributed to Sicknick’s death, but typically a medical examiner will say if an action had a contributing effect on a death and in this case, the examiner made no such assessment. Similarly the examiner didn’t assess that Sicknick drowned in the ocean or was hit by a car, meaning it’s probably best to conclude only the factors deliberately stated had a causal relation to Sicknick’s death. Bear spray or allergic reactions are not listed in the examiners report.

        1. The ME explicitly ruled out all external factors, including irritants and sprays, in determining the COD was natural, not homicide.

          The only criminal death related to 1/6 was from a plainclothes Capital Officer killing Babbit.

          1. This

      5. “But what you never repeated is that dying from stroke was consistent with the theory that the bear spray triggered the stroke.”

        I’m interested in the science that can be so twisted, to support such a statement.

  10. What else did the media get wrong about the Jan 6 riots? Asking for a friend.

    1. Yes

    2. They were pretty accurate on the date…

    3. Probably a lot. It was a chaotic event involving hundreds of people.

      1. You’ve gotten nothing right at all.

    4. They lied about people being armed. They lied about plans to kidnap members of congress. They lied about what Trump said to people and when he said it. They promoted AOC’s lie about being inches from having her office breached by rioters. They lied about shots being fired by people (other than the officer who shot Ashli Vanity) at the Capitol. They lied about whether BLM/Antifa agitators were present. They let Pelosi slip on the fact that she refused additional law enforcement support leading up to Jan 6. They lied about militias coordinating with Republican lawmakers. They lied when they said the plan was to overturn an election, rather than simply challenge certification on meritorious grounds (challenging an election through an established legal process is not the same as “overturning” an election). They lied about plans to overthrow government.

      Essentially the media version of Jan 6 was an armed, well-coordinated coup by extremely capable and committed plotters who were simultaneously so prepared, yet also acting in the spur of the moment from Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric.

      In reality, Jan 6 was a disorganized unguided tour of the Capitol by a group of unarmed and frankly impotent actors, some of whom broke into the building and others walking through the doors opened to them by capitol police. The group had no solid or coordinate plan and no clear objective and some of them did what dozens of other lawful first amendment demonstrators have done on federal grounds (essentially look like a jackass and make a bunch of noise) while others committed small acts of vandalism and roughed up cops who stood in their way.

  11. >>Blame the media … but don’t let government off the hook

    totes same-team there dude.

    1. CJ , like many in the JV Media, pretends he’s “Fifth Estate-adjacent” and not just another low level lackey of Leviathan from the dregs of the Fourth.

      1. “those government jerks kept the truth from us so we couldn’t accurately report.”

        1. “Instead we had no choice but to pump Democrat -journolists narrative!”

        2. The government withheld the truth so we were left with no choice but to print their lies.

  12. Also note how the DC coroner waited until the Chavin trial went to the jury before releasing this, ensuring that it’d be pushed off the front page quickly.

    1. Pure conspiratorial conjecture on your part.

      1. Fife extinguisher. Bear spray.

          1. HO2

      2. It’s conjecture but it’s also not utterly baseless. Sicknick was cremated within days of his death, which means the ME had to do the autopsy before then. So why are the results only coming out 3 and a half months later?

        When you sit on conclusions of the type that might prove exculpatory to accused defendants, up to and including a former president being impeached, and the prosecutors are using the lie that Sicknick was murdered, which you know to be false, you have some responsibility to come forward with the truth. Choosing not to do so isn’t definitive proof that you acted maliciously, but it does serve as evidence in establishing that accusation.

    2. Sicknick’s body was cremated weeks ago. Authorities don’t allow that until the investigation is complete. They held up the report until a good time to push it out without too much press notice.

  13. How about some transparency on who shot Ashli Babbitt?

    1. Officer Chauvin did

  14. The media did not botch the reports.
    They were used exactly as desired, to accomplish a specific goal.

    1. They botched by doing no independent fact checking of the story. They just took the government’s word for it. Because the media wanted it to be true.

      1. Thus not really botched.

      2. That’s only a “botched” job if their goal was to report the truth and/or accurately inform the public.

      3. Choosing not to vet poorly sourced, sketchy information is not a bitch, it’s malpractice. Your job as a journalist is to listen to what sources are saying and find out to the greatest extent possible what the truth actually is. If you’re just repeating the uncorroborated claims of a government official who won’t even speak on the record, you’re not a journalist, you’re a puppet who willingly excepted the hand up your ass. That’s not a “bitch” job, that’s a fundamental lack of understanding about the role of a journalist.

        1. “botch”*

  15. The medical examiner noted that “all that transpired played a role in [Sicknick’s] condition.”

    This is why the M.E. pulls down the big bucks.

  16. This is what we call blame shifting. Reason has an apology to make for claiming that rioters killed a police officer on January 6th and not doing an ounce of due diligence. Reason abandoned all of us principles in this story in some fucked up tds fueled revenge trip, and they need to seriously consider how far they’ve fallen.

  17. Does this mean we’ll be getting a post from Reason about Ashli Babbitt anytime soon?

      1. Ms. Babbitt was a member of the Jan 6 riot who got shot by police.

        1. Apparently she deserved it for being a political protester or something. Always obey a government employee with a gun, is the ‘libertarian’ message we received in the comments of this morning’s Roundup.

          1. Wow, disingenuous. If you had any interest in honest debate, you would at least state the opposing view accurately.

            1. “…If you had any interest in honest debate, you would at least state the opposing view accurately…”

              According to all your posts, he did, TDS-addled asshole.

            2. Fire extinguisher. Bear spray.

            3. Fuck off Dee.

            4. “you would at least state the opposing view accurately

              I just did, shill.

            5. Fvck off and die, Proggy POS

  18. There was never any confusion.

    There was deliberate lying to pus a narrative.

    Hence ‘fire extinguisher’ managed to have traction for so long. And then when that was shown to not be true – fairly soon afterwards and because the government grudgingly reported it – the narrative changed to ‘well, they must have done *something*’. And all you guys jumped on that because it was what you wanted to believe.

    The fault isn’t lack of government transparency – its your blind faith in media reporting, CJ.

    We all have our prejudices and we all jump to conclusions from partial (and often deliberately misleading) information if it confirms those prejudices.

    Maybe you should ask why your prejudices lead you to believe in the ‘capitol *riot*’ and how ‘rioters’ bludgeoned a man to death – when it didn’t happen.

    1. I think it’s more a hatred of Trump supporters. The Media and Government believes of the worst of them. that they are literal, actual Nazis. Worse than Nazis.

    2. “Maybe you should ask why your prejudices lead you to believe in the ‘capitol *riot*’”

      Are you joking? Because of numerous videos I have seen of rioting.

      1. Mayabe it’s possible for this TDS-addled asshole to learn to spell “protesting”, but then he wouldn’t be the TDS-addled assho0le he is.

      2. You’ve literally been wrong about everything. Maybe take a step back.

      3. And yet the only people who were injured or died were injured or killed by the cops or their own latent illnesses.

        Now, do the BLM ‘protests’.

  19. P.S. The jury has reached a verdict in the Chauvin trial, and it will be read this afternoon in Minneapolis.

    It seems to me that a quickly reached verdict is likely to be a harsh one. It probably takes a lot longer to make a jury agree on a compromise verdict than it does if they all agree that he’s guilty of the worst crime using the worst possible interpretation.

    Oh, and even if he’s convicted, there are plenty of grounds for an appeal and a new trial. And even if he’s acquitted, chances are the feds will come after him with in federal court for other charges.

    1. Verdict will be read between 4:30 and 5:00 pm PST.

    2. >>there are plenty of grounds for an appeal

      someone on the jury said this out loud

      1. Judge said that.

        1. yes. it was likely carried into deliberations and re-stated. it’s their out.

      2. The judge said this. It was in the Morning Roundup this morning.

        1. yes. it was likely carried into deliberations and re-stated. it’s their out.

    3. Guilty on all charges. Apparently he killed Floyd 3 times.

      1. Apparently the third time was a charm since Floyd didn’t come back after it.

  20. There was no disarray. His family said he passed on of a stroke on Jan. eighth. Like the wide range of various ‘botches’, this was intentional. Without the homicide of a cop, the entire revolt story truly self-destructs. No firearms, no hit groups, and the ‘pioneers’ appearing to be comfortable with BLM and CNN.

    1. His story was absorbed into the media fed moral panic around the Capitol riot.

      Last I heard, the kids that perpetrated the Columbine shooting weren’t in the “trench coat mafia”, and it had nothing to do with them wanting to lash out at jocks. But once the moral panic latched its hook in the media, the facts didn’t really matter anymore.

      Anyone who questioned the media narrative surrounding the Capitol riot was a nut job conspiracy theorist, and they still are in plenty of people’s minds–even when fact after fact turns up against it.

      Probably the biggest fact that the media narrative refuses to acknowledge right now is the extent to which average Americans have lost their faith in the news media to report the news fairly and accurately. According to this Gallup poll from just before the election in November of 2020, 89% of Republicans, 64% of Independents, and 27% of Democrats have little or no trust in the media to report the news fairly and accurately.

      The reason they don’t take the news media’s word for anything is because they’re smart.

      1. “According to this Gallup poll from just before the election in November of 2020, 89% of Republicans, 64% of Independents, and 27% of Democrats have little or no trust in the media to report the news fairly and accurately.”

        I don’t know where the numbers are right now, but the media hasn’t done anything I’ve seen that should improve their reputation since November of 2020. If anything, it’s probably worse now than it used to be.

  21. Wow.
    Ciaramella is seriously PO’d at Greenwald for calling the hacks out on their hackery and shilling for the DNC.

    “C.J. Ciaramella… was previously a politics editor at BuzzFeed… has also appeared in Vanity Fair, Vice… Salon… The Washington Post, The Daily Beast…”

    Oh, makes sense.

    1. was previously a politics editor at BuzzFeed

      I did not know that.

      Unfortunately CJ, that is a taint that will not leave you for a long time.

      1. I’d Salon bylines are a worse taint but all of these outlets are not exactly endearing the idea that CJ is anywhere near a sane, relational, dare I say reason™able authority on this article.

        1. Harsanyi became unwelcome here.

          But Ciaramella is just fine.

          Free minds and free markets my ass.

  22. Chauvin found guilty on all charges, which I believe is the indisputably correct outcome in this case.

    Hopefully everyone will remain calm now, and hopefully the verdicts don’t get thrown out because of the loony left politicians and their big stupid mouths.

    1. Does this mean the riot is cancelled, or will there be rioting anyway?

      1. He wasn’t ultra-double-convicted which is indicative of institutional super-racism, so at least two gas stations and a Target are slated for leveling.

      2. How many riots were canceled in Detroit when the Bulls won NBA championships?

      3. We froze these water bottles for nuttin’?

      4. The mostly peaceful looting will be celebratory rather than angry, but yes there will be looting.

      5. Of course there’ll be rioting anyway. You can’t stop a scheduled riot on a dime.

    2. We the jury find the defendant whatever-will-keep-us-from-getting-killed.

      1. I think that this conviction sends a valuable message that jury intimidation works and is a valuable tool.

    3. How was it murder? I can understand the manslaughter charge. However, murder makes absolutely no sense to me. There seems to be no motive for Officer Chauvin to want Mr. Floyd dead and the method chosen appears quite inefficient given that Officer Chauvin had a gun, and, really, he was going to try to murder the guy after tangling with him for 17 minutes and after backup and a crowd showed up? Everything seems consistent with the idea that Officer Chauvin did not want Mr. Floyd dead. Per prosecutor’s witnesses, it was just a predictable outcome due to overly aggressive use of force. That doesn’t sound like murder.

      1. All those people wanted was to not be murdered by the mob.

      2. Murder 2 is felony murder. So if they got murder 3 they satiated murder 2 for the most part. A freebie. Then again it required Chauvin to have been the direct cause. Which was nowhere close to beyond a reasonable doubt.

        3rd required depraved mind or gross negligence which seemed to be offset by calling for EMTs early.

        Or just need a tainted jury from a city that rooted for nearly a year before jury selection and have the city pay 20 million dollars to the family during selection.

      3. I tend to agree, but keep in mind that it wasn’t a first-degree murder charge, so you’d have to look in detail what the definition of “second-degree unintentional murder (killing Floyd unintentionally as a result of assaulting him), guilty of third-degree murder (acting dangerously and without regard of human life)” are in Minnesota, and whether they require motive.

        1. Here’s the second-degree murder statute:

          1. It’s a long statute, but it doesn’t seem to fit the Chauvin/Floyd case.

            1. I literally told you which subsection applied, felony murder. God damn man. Murder in commission of a felony. Basically a freebie on Minnesota.

        2. And here’s the third-degree murder statute:

          1. Note that it says “without intent to effect the death of any person”, but it does require proof that the murderer perpetrated an act “evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life”.

            My understanding is that the prosecutors didn’t spend any time trying to prove Chauvin’s state of mind, so they probably didn’t prove the “depraved mind” part.

            1. “My understanding…”

              Full stop. You have none

      4. The charge does not require intent to kill. It requires third degree assault.

        The judge instructed the jury on the unintentional second degree murder charge.

        “It is not necessary for the state to prove that the defendant intended to inflict substantial bodily harm, or knew that his actions would inflict substantial bodily harm, only that the defendant intended to commit the assault, and George Floyd sustained substantial bodily harm,”

        1. Yeah, people hear he was convicted of murder and assume that the legal standard is the same as in other places. It is not.

          I still think, even under MN law, that charge was a stretch, but manslaughter does seem appropriate. It’s not certain Floyd would have lived even if the cops behaved otherwise, it’s quite reasonable to conclude that he would still be dead.

          But the main reason we do not know the answer to that question is because they never tried to do anything positive even after he had lost a pulse.

      5. Don’t know man. Probably the gun held to the head of the city.

        Yeah, 2nd degree manslaughter sounds about right – murder though?

  23. Chauvin convicted on all 3 counts.

  24. The government deserves blame for all sorts of reasons. The media, including Reason, lying to everyone (again) isn’t one of them.

    1. A more honest you: Wanting the government and media to stop blatantly lying to people makes you a right wing Trump supporter.

      Question for you. If Chauvin had been found not guilty, would you be more permissive or less of the government lying about Brian Sicknicks death? Im trying to understand your take here beyond blatant political will regardless of things like principals of honesty and responsible governance.

      1. Meant to reply to Foo_dd.

      2. the point was that the people who obsessed over the possibility that sicknick’s death was not a result of the capital riot tended to be the same people obsessed with pretending Chauvin did not murder that guy….. and that tendency is largely fueled by their rabid trump worshiping partisanship.

        they hate cops and authority when it is their “team” under attack, and love cops if they perceive it is the other “team.”

        1. It’s not a possibility Sicknick didn’t dies as a result of rooter’s actions, it’s an established fact now, just like it’s an established fact that the media lied about it for months.

          An opinion about the facts surrounding a legal case and how those facts will affect a jury that could decide one way or the other, is different from promoting proven lies. One is a debate about how to interpret facts, and the other is a matter of choosing to discard outright lies or continuing to hold up those lies because they support a narrative.

          Your last graf is interesting: “They hate cops and authority when it is their “team” under attack, and love cops if they perceive it is the other “team.”

          So do you hate the anonymous police/authorities who lied to the media about Sicknick’s death or do you support that behavior since it’s on your “team”? Do you hate the cop who shot an unarmed woman at the Capitol on Jan 6 or was she on the wrong “team”?

  25. “The medical examiner noted that “all that transpired played a role in [Sicknick’s] condition.”

    What does that even mean? BTW a half way honest press would have been demanding an autopsy months ago instead of parroting a lie that suited their agenda.

    1. It frankly means nothing.

      Eating a diet high in cholesterol, or not exercising enough might also have “played a role.”

      If the ME can point to evidence of Sicknick’s physiology being negatively affected throughout the day as a direct chronological link to the events at the Capitol, he should do so. Otherwise he’s basically saying “any number of factors can contribute to this health condition” which is the medical equivalent of the I don’t know shrug.

  26. good news for the bigoted trump worshipers……. they really needed a win after the murdering cop they adore was found guilty….

    1. Cites missing.

    2. Poor sarcasmic. So butthurt.

  27. The government has too much secrecy?

    Blaming the victim again.

  28. When media is embedded with and dependent upon the political industrial complex, it’s reasonable to presume collusion on a narrative.

  29. Someone needed to die in the defense of Fort Pelosi.

  30. A writer at a libertarian rag blaming the government because he trusted them.

    Yeah, sure Ciaramella. You worthless politics hack.

  31. “Thee past few months are just as much a government transparency failure as a media failure. And placing the blame squarely on the media ignores law enforcement’s long history of laundering misinformation when it suits its purposes.”

    1) I don’t think any critics of the media think they are the singular bad guys in this.

    2) It’s long past fair to say the media has been a willing mouthpiece to promote government deception. It’s instinctive and fair for libertarians to defend media freedom and free speech, but it’s also fair to point out in the media realm, we have a disturbing merger of the state and corporate world. Even though media outlets aren’t stare run (with the exception of the reliably left PBS and NPR propagandists), government actors have sold access have outsourced the “free” press to repeat their corrupt talking points because the media is frankly biased towards the state and especially the political party (parties) and candidates that favor a larger and more imposing state. Free press is a libertarian principal, but so too is calling out the corrupt merger of the state and corporate realm. This author’s instinctive desire to excuse the media here is entirely too permissive to the state’s growing technique of outsourcing propaganda, political pressure and policy to their corporate partners (who often transit freely between the state and corporate realms and who when not in public office still have the ear of the state).

  32. Confusion my ass. The goddamned mass media lied about his death, the USGov lied about it as well, including several sitting members of Congress in their zeal to pin his death on Donald Trump. The fact is the man’s family said it was bullshit that he died from injuries in the Capitol and not one fucking MSM outlet, other than Tucker Carlson at Fox News, reported it. Fuck. All. Of. Them.

    1. Kind of a minor infraction considering the circumstances. The only other team on the field was the one storming the capitol and trying to overthrow the government of the United States in the name of its former president. I think your emotions about these matters are poorly calibrated.

      1. Not a minor infraction. They were wrong about the fire extinguisher, then said “well he could have been pepper sprayed to death” and that was also proven false. When you’re already proven wrong once, that’s a good time to admit you were wrong and not double down with a second lie.

        Also the lies persisted months beyond the chaotic “circumstances” of that day and authorities have stonewalled media requests for transparency on this. It’s one thing to be wrong in the heat of the moment. It’s another to continue to be wrong and use what you know is a lie, to promote other false narratives for months. The theory of Sicknick’s death by fire extinguisher was proven false before the Senate impeachment trial began and yet impeachment managers went with the story. The media outlets that followed suit did so out of political malice, not mistake.

        You yourself are adding to this lie by claiming people were trying to overthrow the government. There is no evidence of that. There are differences in each category between a protest, a riot, and a coup. Jan 6 was definitely a protest and for some it was a riot, but for no one was there a serious effort to overthrow the government. And no, challenging electoral ballots is not a coup. There is a legal profess for doing it and it has been done.

  33. Any reporter who gets incorrect information from an anonymous source should expose that source. They don’t deserve the protection of anonymity.

    1. And when they do not identify that source then it is safe to conclude that the source is as fictional as the ‘information.’

      You burn liars to not become identified as a liar.

  34. The medical examiner noted that “all that transpired played a role in [Sicknick’s] condition.”

    Drugs played a role in Floyd’s death, but seems to firmly believe Chauvin still murdered Floyd.

    1. Both can be true. Let us say you are on blood thinners and someone hits you in the head with a baseball bat resulting in a fatal head bleed. That can still be murder.

      That said the medical examiner should have issued the report of cause of death in this case much sooner.

  35. “When you get major stories radically wrong, it’s not enough to just issue some self-justifying rationale why you didn’t do anything wrong in getting wrong. you have to apologize, explain how it went so wrong, and say what you’ll change in the future.”

    – Glenn Fucking Greenwald

    The embarrassment among the writers here should be eternal.

    1. Instead the writers here never apologize for being wrong but blame Glenn for being too mean in (pretty indirectly) calling them out.

  36. If a criminal violently assaults you, and you die the next day of a heart attack, it is reasonable to conclude that the violent assault caused the heart attack which caused the death. In US law, the perpetrator takes the victim as he finds him. If a person has a physical weakness that makes him more vulnerable to injury upon being attacked, that does not relieve the assailant of responsibility for the death.

    1. A great story.

      But also fiction given no actual evidence of a attack. You think a cop would have at least made his own report of such an attack happening while on duty. Called it in over the radio at the very least.

      Instead we got nothing.

  37. It was just another made up lie to hurt Trump. Just like Russia collusion, just like find the fraud, just like omitting “peacefully and patriotically, just like bounty on US soldier, just like……..

  38. Being too lazy to do the research myself, I think this means there is only one death DIRECTLY related to the riot, the lady who was shot while climbing through the window. The others were all caused by things like heart attacks or suicides, correct?

  39. There was no “insurrection”, only the woke crowd and Twitter retards actually believed in that nonsense. If you actually believed that was an insurrection, then you are a moron and should not be taken seriously. Because by your own retarded standard, every BLM protester is the next Ashley Babbitt.

    An insurrection is when armed anti government insurgents create their own autonomous zones and then firing on American citizens who trespassed on their territory. Of course the victim was black. Surprise, the media didn’t make an issue out of it! Surprise!

    “Dur that didn’t happen at the capital though” If you said this, then you are once a fucking moron.

    Your country is ran by retards who see nation ending insurrection out of bunch maga hotheads walking around an empty capitol, but heartily endorse a society without jail and police not being able to shoot girls trying to stab each other. Save your money, crap hasn’t hit the fan yet. There is no real economic rebound, people are spending gazillions of dollars that they don’t have.

  40. Yet you clung to the narrative for months.

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