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Treating Lin Wood's Wild Conspiracy Theories As a Psychiatric Symptom Invites Him to Play Free Speech Martyr

The State Bar of Georgia is demanding that the pro-Trump lawyer undergo a mental health evaluation.


The State Bar of Georgia has asked pro-Trump lawyer L. Lin Wood to undergo a psychiatric examination in response to complaints stemming from his role in promoting bizarre conspiracy theories about the presidential election. Wood is refusing, which may result in the suspension of his license to practice law.

By focusing on Wood's mental state rather than his conduct, the state bar invites him to portray himself as a First Amendment martyr. A psychiatric evaluation "will violate my First Amendment right to free speech," Wood told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "And if they do that and this harms me, then I will strongly consider suing them, and it will be a significant lawsuit."

Millions of Americans, including former President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, believe (or at least claim to believe) that the election was stolen through an elaborate scheme involving tricky voting machines and massive paper-ballot fraud. That extraordinary popular delusion can be understood as a political phenomenon driven by familiar human frailties such as tribalism and confirmation bias. But it is not in any meaningful sense a medical issue.

Psychiatry routinely treats weird things people say as evidence of mental illness. But if believing wild claims about election fraud were enough to qualify for a psychiatric label, most Republicans would be diagnosable. That premise is not just condescending and pseudoscientific but morally misleading, since it lets people off the hook for endorsing grave allegations with no basis in fact, whether sincerely or cynically.

If Trump's election fantasy is caused by a mental disorder beyond his control, it would be manifestly unjust to hold him legally accountable for recklessly promoting it, as his impeachment aims to do. Likewise with Giuliani, who last week was hit with a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit for repeatedly making false claims about the involvement of Dominion Voting Systems in the imaginary plot that supposedly denied Trump a second term. Ditto former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell, whom Dominion sued on January 8.

"Sidney Powell is a crazy person," the New York Post declared in a December 27 editorial urging Trump to "stop the insanity." The Post was speaking figuratively. But if its description of Powell is taken literally, meaning that her conspiracy mongering is a product of mental illness, shouldn't her behavior elicit sympathy and "treatment" rather than anger and lawsuits?

Maybe Wood is a special case. Even in the company of florid fabulists such as Trump, Giuliani, and Powell, he stands out as a purveyor of outlandish allegations. While Trump called Chief Justice John Roberts (along with the rest of the Supreme Court) cowardly and incompetent for turning away lawsuits challenging the election results in battleground states, he did not join Wood in trying to implicate Roberts in murder and pedophilia. And while Trump castigated Vice President Mike Pence for failing to block congressional affirmation of the election results (a power the vice president does not actually have), Wood suggested that Pence should be executed for treason. "Get the firing squads ready," Wood said in a January 7 Parler post. "Pence goes FIRST."

Around the same time, Wood was permanently banned from Twitter. His online comments recently prompted one of his best-known clients, Nicholas Sandmann, to terminate their relationship. A Delaware judge this month barred Wood from representing former Trump adviser Carter Page.

"The conduct of Mr. Wood, albeit not in my jurisdiction, exhibited a toxic stew of mendacity, prevarication, and surprising incompetence," Judge Craig Karsnitz wrote. He called an election lawsuit that Wood filed in Georgia "textbook frivolous litigation" and said a complaint that Wood filed in Michigan "would not survive a law school civil procedure class."

Karsnitz also noted Wood's threat against Pence and his claims about Roberts, which the judge called "too disgusting and outrageous to repeat." More generally, he said Wood's promotion of baseless election-fraud claims had helped incite the Capitol riot—the same charge that Trump will face when the Senate takes up his impeachment this week.

Such behavior could be cause for disciplinary action, including disbarment. Among other things, the Georgia state bar's rules prohibit "professional conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation." But it's not clear why a psychiatrist's opinion is relevant in determining whether Wood violated the bar's code of professional conduct. Paula Frederick, the state bar's general counsel, says the demand that Wood be evaluated by a psychiatrist is based on the concern that he "may be impaired or incapacitated." That concern, in turn, is based on the odd, inflammatory stuff Wood has said.

Wood described his comments about Pence as "rhetorical hyperbole." But like Trump's incendiary pre-riot speech, which did not legally qualify as incitement but nevertheless led to his impeachment, Wood's talk of executing Pence was, at best, grossly irresponsible given the political context. And his defamatory charges against Roberts, which he claimed were based on "information from [a] reliable source," clearly did not qualify as mere rhetoric. Crazy tweets aside, Wood's conduct in post-election litigation is obviously relevant in evaluating his professional behavior to the extent that it involved "dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation."

By making an issue of Wood's mental health, the state bar allows him to complain that it is using psychiatry to punish dissent. "I have done nothing wrong," he said in a Telegram post last week. "I have only exercised my right of free speech. I will not allow the State Bar to persecute me for doing so and thereby violate my Constitutional rights."

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  1. What does that make the socialist? Mentally ill or just plain evil. I’d say their a much greater threat then this guy. Although, after listening to her, AOC is f’ing nuts .

    1. Do you see no difference between
      1. Climate change is real/false
      2. J. Epstein is dead/alive

      It’s the difference between ‘I think the Gold Standard was a terrible thing’ and ‘I think Elvis is alive.’

      1. If you’ve cobbled together some believable reasons as to why Elvis may have faked his death, then there’s nothing crazy about thinking he’s alive.

        Now if a genetic male, with a penis and working testicles believed he was actually a woman and had expensive castration surgery, saline implants and took hormone blockers to try and look like one; then that would be crazy.

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      2. There’s also the fact that you can reasonably believe climate change is being horrifically exaggerated, to the point that the methods to fight it are going to do far more damage than they help.

        Similarly, you can believe that there has been an endemic problem with election fraud, that there were suspicious things about this current election, and the fact that all possible investigations were shut down at every turn is worst of all, while still believing that there’s no evidence strong enough to consider overturning things.

        These aren’t boolean beliefs

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    2. How Many House Republicans Believe the Jews Attacked California With a Space Laser?
      We asked party leaders about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s theory.

      You can read her Facebook post, uncovered by Media Matters reporter Eric Hananoki, here. In it, Greene postulates that the “Vice Chairman of Rothschild Inc, international investment banking firm” may have used “space solar generators … beaming the sun[’]s energy back to Earth” to fire a “laser beam or light beam coming down to Earth” to “cause” the 2018 Camp Fire in California in order to manipulate the stock market and line the pockets of “Rothschild Inc,” “Solaren,” and Sen. Dianne “Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum.”

      1. So?

        Still less weird than anything AOC, Talib, Pelosi, Waters, Omar and Warren say on any given day, and I haven’t seen you rushing to condemn them.

        1. Bullshit. I condemn them all the time.

          Diane Reynolds (Paul.)
          January.28.2021 at 2:11 pm
          But mostly it just goes to show the limits of Warren’s technocratic brand of populism.

          Warren is not a populist. If she were a populist, she’d let this continue and watch with glee as the Biden-supporting Wall Street hedge fund managers lost their shirts. She’s the exact opposite of a populist. She’s a DC insider with strong connections to Wall Street elites.

          Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
          January.28.2021 at 2:16 pm
          She is the worst kind of populist – a finger-in-the-wind ambulance chaser type.

          She went all anti-trade protectionist Trump style on Obama in 2015 in preparation for her future run.

          She is fucking awful.

          1. Bullshit. You lie all the time, turd.

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        2. Less weird than the jewish banker secret space laser thing?

          Would you please list some of the more weird things said?

          Since the more weird things are said on any given day, just list a few of the most recent ones.

          Maybe also through in your definition of “weird”.

          1. Would you please list some of the more weird things said?

            AOC just proclaimed 2 days ago that Ted Cruz attempted to murder her.

            1. The Constitutionality of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is’ Clear.The Constitution says “the President , Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States,CRed shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors..…..MORE READ

          2. Also shreek, it’s “throw”, not “through”. We know you’re fucking retarded, you don’t need to go out of your way to prove it for us with a basic inability to spell.

          3. too many people on one side of Guam and it will tip over. Actual words of a democrat. “NY city will be under water by 2020” another democrat. need i go further

          4. Trump watched as hookers peed on a bed.
            The Russians helped Trump win.
            “I have evidence of Russian collusion.”
            Trump is Putin’s but boy.

      2. Slate? Media Matters. I tune out when I hear anything related to these organizations. For obvious reasons. Also, when an unrepentant pedophile, socialist shill like Buttplug quotes or links them, I become even less interested.

        Fucking child molester.

        1. A Reuben Flagg reference!

          That Howard Chaykin was one big pinko, back when I made his acquaintance. I usually enjoyed his comics and book covers, but his politics….? Not so much.

          blockquote…. I am a child of liberal parents. I’m proud of my distinctly left liberal place on the planet. I have been called a left wing faggot on the Internet too often to accept otherwise. I am not a bleeding heart—I’m a Cold War liberal, a classic socialist Jew…… – Howard Chaykin, interviewed by the recently late Bob Andelman, 8 June 2006 on his blog .

          1. That

            blockquote tag

            didn’t work too well, did it?

      3. The difference is that solar space arrays beaming power to Earth are a real concept, still theoretical, but seriously proposed. One of the main drawbacks is that any malfunction would cause fires. The idea that a prototype might exist, be kept secret to prevent industrial espionage, and malfunctioned is far-fetched, but not absurd like this pretends that it is.

        1. Not a concept or theory. Patented, already been in use for years technology. Look up DARPA and HAARP. After all of you have learned about it, then comment on it. Life doesn’t have to make sense or fit in neat little intellectual boxes.

      4. Sounds like lefty conspiracy theory; Ya know, exactly how they will tell everyone solar power is going to supply the whole world with power. Wonder why Marjorie didn’t say it was “proven science”..

        No, MOST likely it’s a left-psycho ‘smear’ campaign because Marjorie is against socialists and just filed to impeach Biden. People should know by know that the left is nothing but a bully-gang.

        1. Leftists have a very long history of antisemitism.

          1. Tell us more about Soros and his cabal of pedophiles.

            1. Did you see the latest on the never Trump Lincoln project? The gay pedophile that used coercion for sexual favors of teen boys and then attempted to justify it by saying they wanted it? That is who opposed President Trump and talked about his morals and ethics?

      5. may have used “space solar generators … beaming the sun[’]s energy back to Earth” to fire a “laser beam or light beam coming down to Earth” to “cause” the fire”

        I’ve done this before I used teh sun as a space solar generator to power my magnifying glass to create a light beam started lots of fires this way as child just like a million other kids did

      6. Her post looked more like confirming a strange connection between Democrats and their wealthy sycophants and PG&E. If I was a Democrat or their ally the fake news I would blare out the conspiracy theory to effectively distract from the actual message. It is working quite well. Especially the involving anti-Semitism which is a long reach. It is a lot like the election where they quietly blocked every attempt to see behind the curtains in the contested counties that gave Biden the win. It is now sedition and even racist to question it in any way. Strangely while Sen. Cruz was giving a convincing proposal to audit certain counties the Capitol was attacked shutting it down. If asked any Trump supporter or President Trump himself would say the worst possible action was what happened. It very effectively shut down any questions of audits and made it exceedingly unpopular to suggest the election was rigged. Strange how it is now an attempt to overturn the election even though it stopped the only thing that may have.

        1. The vast left wing conspiracy…HRC misspoke.

      7. I know ‘m late here but:

        Trayon White, Sr., a 33-year-old Democrat who began serving on the D.C. Council last year [2017], posted a short video on his Facebook page narrating from his car as snow falls on the streets.

        “Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation,” he says. “And D.C. keep talking about, ‘We a resilient city.’ And that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful.”

  2. He should do it. It would be funny if the psychiatrist checked into the local mental hospital after the interview.

  3. I had been under the impression that Lin Wood was the Republican version of Michael Avenatti, but now I’m starting to wonder if he’s actually onto something.

    1. What is strange is Lin Wood and Powell were well thought of attorneys that had never displayed questionable behavior or thoughts until they looked at the evidence of fraud during the election. Is it appropriate to say they are crazy or just convinced? It does seem anyone that sided with President Trump against the left became crazy or a criminal. Maybe they are building up for the Clinton method of eliminating threats. The poor people are so crazy the took their own lives. Where is Hillary and Bill?

  4. This is obvious political posturing by the Georgia Bar Association, and they must think everyone is retarded.
    Believing in wrongthink doesn’t mean you’re crazy, just in the worst case, wrong.

    If the establishment didn’t fraud the election, they need to stop behaving like a third-world junta who just frauded an election.

    Banning discussion from the internet, calling the least violent DC protest in a year an insurrection, filling the capitol with troops and trying to have lawyers challenging the results certified as insane, looks really, really fucking bad. Even if the win was legitimate.

    1. Maybe It is similar to Obama refusing to release his birth certificate. It keeps the opposition focused on something other than opposing your policy.

      1. Nah, you don’t act like you’re inaugurating the advent of totalitarianism as a mere distraction. That’d be incredibly self defeating.

    2. ^THIS-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      “If the establishment didn’t fraud the election, they need to stop behaving like a third-world junta who just fraud-ed an election.”

      CANCEL culture justice should replace the ACTUAL process of justice.

    3. what the left is claiming and doing about the election is so much like Putin but to date just short of poisoning anyone, at least as far as we know.

  5. None of this is any way worse than the demonetization of average Republicans we’ve seen both in the media and on these pages. They’re purging civil society of everyone who publicly disagrees with them.

    They used to throw people in mental institutions in the USSR for political dissent.

    “During the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, psychiatry was used to disable and remove from society political opponents (“dissidents”) who openly expressed beliefs that contradicted the official dogma.[4][5]

    70% of Republicans believe that the election wasn’t free and fair. They do this in public to try to intimidate average people into silence, and to the extent that we give their disgusting intimidation tactics a reasonable response, we are carrying water for them.

    None of this should be dignified with much more of a response than to point out that these kinds of intimidation tactics are disgusting and say, “Go fuck yourself”.

    1. This is right out of the old Soviet playbook, and anyone over forty would recognize it as such.

      I can’t understand how they can think that they’re fooling anyone.

      1. I’m not sure they’re trying to fool us.

        This is like Putin using plutonium to assassinate a political enemy.

        The reason Putin does that with plutonium is because he wants everyone to know that he’s the one that ordered the assassination. Intimidation doesn’t work unless the victim knows what’s happening and why, and the intended victims of this intimidation is people like you and me. They want us to be afraid to speak out against the Biden administration, the Democrats, and the media narrative. They’re not trying to hide it. They want us all to know what they’re doing and why.

        1. polonium, plutonium, to-may-to, to-mah-to, potato, po-tah-to, let’s call the whole thing off.

        2. Good point. I remember now this quote from Theodore Dalrymple with a similar sentiment:

          “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.

          When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity.
          To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.

          A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”

          Maybe this is the real point to all the cheesy gaslighting of the last five years.

          1. That’s an awesome quote.

            I don’t know about the purpose over the past four years, but humiliating potential dissenters into silence is definitely the point now.

            The big difference with the communists was that the media today, who are supposed to be the guardians against this kind of intimidation in a free society, are actually enthusiastically leading the charge in humiliating the dissenters. They’re doing the job of the government under Soviet communism with enthusiasm.

            When the wind changes direction, arguments for a free press as the guardians of civil society will be a hard sell in the future–when instead of defending the unpopular, they were the ones initiating the intimidation of everyday average people with their antics.

            Trump was right about the press being the enemy of the American people.

          2. I’m quite certain that this is the main reason behind the masks.

            1. Reinforced by the fact that the edicts are not being modified to exempt those who have been vaccinated, or who have recovered from the plague.
              “the science” says they cannot get or transmit, but the fascists say they damn well better keep on the “cloth face covering” and not go to work or school, or church, or bars or anything except buying lottery tickets.

              1. You now need a negative test to get on an airplane to fly into the US. But you still need an old tee shirt strapped to your face to fly. Everyone on the plane is negative, but no matter.

                1. excellent point if everyone is negative why the mask?

              2. Do you have a link showing that vaccinated people cannot transmit?

                I don’t that has been established one way or the other.

                1. I’ve heard that point for sure. It hasn’t yet been proven that vaccinated people don’t contract or transmit in the future. It’s only that they don’t show symptoms in the future.

                  But, wouldn’t it follow that if they’re not showing symptoms, they’re not spreading the virus?

                  1. No it would not.

                    1. Are there any other vaccines that leave their recipients open to being spreaders (after the vaccine has taken effect)? Only tetanus seems to need boosters.

                  2. It’s impossible to prove a negative. What would need to be proven is that vaccinated people _can_ transmit the mostly harmless virus. They’re not going to bother, though–they’ll just insist that they can without bothering to prove it, just as they do with asymptomatic spread.

        3. You still think that was Putin and not Berezovsky? Do you also believe Novichok is the deadliest nerve agent ever despite its dismal record?

    2. Well Said! — Nothing but “intimidation tactics”…

  6. Meanwhile, your buddy Sleepy Joe (you know, the actual president and the guy you voted for) is signing executive orders at a breakneck record pace.

    1. Executive orders aren’t inherently good or bad. If they’re being signed by a President who was supported by billionaires, Wall Street, and Reason staffers, I say the more the merrier.


      PS — Does Weigel really have a cock ring? I don’t know much about him except that he’s yet another Reason contributor who eventually became a pretty standard media Democrat.

      1. Apparently several.
        They’re the equivalent of a Pulitzer but for Brown-Envelope journalism.

      2. Jimmy Dore doesn’t think much of Dave Weigel.

    2. Furthermore, you have Pelosi calling the other side “the enemy” further increasing the temperature of the moment.

  7. Treating Lin Wood’s Wild Conspiracy Theories As a Psychiatric Symptom Invites Him to Play Free Speech Martyr

    That’s one way of looking at it. Sure.

    “Ordering everyone who supports Trump to be summarily executed allows them to play the human rights martyr!”

    1. “Crushing conservatives, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women allows them to play the human rights martyr!”

    2. Where the hell’s the upvote button on this thing?

    3. The sound you hear is your point rushing over Sullum’s head.

    4. Nothing makes it easier to ‘play’ a free speech martyr than being martyred for your speech.

  8. “Mad as a hatter” gained a new meaning with the creation and wearing of Trump’s MAGA hats.

    1. As it does every time you post, TDS-addled shit.

    2. New conspiracy; Put the MAGA hats in the museum, and wear Eagles hats (the band, not the political action committee masquerading as a football team).
      Dog whistle to the lyrics in Get Over It, “the more I think about it, ol’ Billy was right . . .” (you know the rest; I wouldn’t want to promote violence and become a seditionist))

  9. Based on the data, this analysis has several findings, which are discussed at greater length later in this assessment. First, white supremacists and other like-minded extremists conducted 67 percent of terrorist plots and attacks in the United States in 2020. They used vehicles, explosives, and firearms as their predominant weapons and targeted demonstrators and other individuals because of their racial, ethnic, religious, or political makeup—such as African Americans, immigrants, Muslims, and Jews. Second, there was a rise in the number of anarchist, anti-fascist, and other like-minded attacks and plots in 2020 compared to previous years, which comprised 20 percent of terrorist incidents (an increase from 8 percent in 2019).

    (includes map of all 2020 domestic terrorist acts)

    1. Yeah, that’s the demonization and crazy lies that they’re using to kick off their pogroms.

      Congratulations on your upcoming murderous “reprisals”, Buttplug. Hope Kristallnacht 2021 is as fun for you as it was for your predecessors in 1938.

      1. The fascists all reside in the GOP, idiot. All the anti-Semites, Neo-Nazi types, racists, Stormfronters, and the like self identify as Republicans.

        Of course all the Marxists pollute the left side of the spectrum. Why am I the only honest one on this topic? Oh, its because I disavow both Republicans and Democrats.

        Gridlock Forever!

        1. You don’t actually understand what fascism is, huh. You think that it’s people you disagree with, right?

          “Sure the Democrats are corporatist and have race-based policies.
          And sure Trump’s family is Jewish and he supports Israel while over a dozen prominent Democratic politicians have called for death to the Jews (pls ask me for a cite, pls, pls).
          And sure Richard Spencer and David Duke supported Biden, but the GOP are the fascists.”

          You’re so retardedly ignorant, Buttplug.

          1. I know exactly what fascism is – you do not.

            Fascism is a political movement that exalts nationalism, ethnic superiority, national religion, a cultish leader, authoritarianism, militarism, a disdain for the press, a hatred of liberalism, and is anti-democratic.

            Trumpism is a perfect fit.

            1. “Definition of fascism
              1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”

              While neither Obo or Trump was racist, the rest fit Obo to a “T”.

              1. Trump is a Aryan Nationalist MAGA cult leader, you idiot. Every Nazi in America loves him.

                1. Narrator: “But ironically it was Buttplug himself who advocated Nazi social and economic policies.

                  1. I am a Hayek liberal idiot. Like Hayek I don’t like conservatives. Conservatism is based on lies, tradition, and religion.

                    1. “and religion”

                      Tell me Buttplug, what was the official Nazi party line on Judaism and Christianity.

                    2. “I am a Hayek liberal idiot…”

                      You’re a fucking lying piece of lefty shit who has been claiming otherwise (lying about it) for as long as I’ve been here.

                  2. “Trump is a Aryan Nationalist MAGA cult leader, you idiot. Every Nazi in America loves him.

                    Assertions by fucking lefty ignoramuses =/= evidence, fucking lefty ignoramus.
                    They = blathering from fucking lefty ignoramuses, fucking lefty ignoramus.

                2. Wow. You must know a lot of nazis.

                  1. Leftists talk about Nazis. White Supremacists, and the QAnon conspiracy all the time. This makes it seem to them that they’re ever.

                    People who do not tune into the same news sources don’t think about them at all.

                    1. *that they’re everywhere.

            2. Sounds like everything the DNC has been doing over the last year to me, Bumplug.

            3. Huh. Now compare your definition to Franco.

        2. The Marxists are fascists. That’s the *point* of Marxism.

          We are for the withering away of the state, and at the same time we stand for the strengthening of the dictatorship, which represents the most powerful and mighty of all forms of the state which have existed up to the present day. The highest development of the power of the state, with the object of preparing the conditions of the withering away of the state: that is the Marxist formula. Is it “contradictory”? Yes, it is “contradictory.” But this contradiction is a living thing and wholly reflects the Marxist dialectic.[4]

          Address to the 16th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (1930) Quoted in: Alfred B. Evans, Soviet Marxism-Leninism: The Decline of an Ideology p. 39

          They’re just the ones that are too stupid to realize it.

          1. Absurd.

            The point of Marxism is “for each according to their needs and from each according to their ability”. It is vile and evil but does not put one race over another and genocide is not very “equal”.

            Fascism is a right wing sickness. Marxism is a left wing sickness.

            an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

            1. Your a pedophile too stupid to think for yourself.

              1. *you’re

                Fn autocorrect

            2. There are many definitions; Meriam-Webster avoids claims or right or left, since that’s often in the eye of the beholder.
              turd, being a lying lefty ignoramus, of course chooses one which claims “right wing”.
              Get that from Vox, turd?

            3. The point of Marxism is “for each according to their needs and from each according to their ability”. It is vile and evil but does not put one race over another and genocide is not very “equal”.

              Yes. That is fascism.

              Genocide and racial discrimination are not unique to fascism.

              Let’s stipulate that Marxism is not fascism – Marxists still perpetuated genocide alongside racial discrimination policies.

              So . . . If they’re doing the same things and have the same goals – how are fascists not ducks?

            4. ….And National Socialism = “right-wing” according to many lefty-written articles. Yet today the only “wing” lobbying for National Socialism is the LEFT!

              Stamping contradictory labels on things is the very deception of the left. From Anti-Fascist burning books, censoring speech, etc, etc, etc… If you cannot ‘see’ the reality; you’re by definition IGNORANT.

            5. “The point of Marxism is “for each according to their needs and from each according to their ability”.”

              In the same sense the point of a Ponzi scam is to make investors money, sure. Or the point of selling the Brooklyn Bridge is to deliver a valid deed.

              Marxism is a scam. the people running Marxist orgs are con men preying on the marks who believe in the scam, and everyone else if they can find enough marks.

              1. Switch class for race and/or nation and there’s not much difference, functionally, between Hitlerism and Stalinism. “Dialectical materialism” and Nazi race theories are both piles of mystical hooey used to justify grabbing power and abusing it. I know this analysis isn’t knew to long-time libertarians, but some of the n00b trolls might want to look into it.

                1. /k/w/e/w/ new.

                  Butt ewe gnu that. 🙂

        3. “…All the anti-Semites, Neo-Nazi types, racists, Stormfronters, and the like self identify as Republicans…”

          Pulled that right out of your ass, didn’t you turd? You should try pulling your head out once in a while.

        4. Honest? Ok, let’s talk about your enthusiasm for child reorganized that you Ave previously showcased here (and were banned for it).

    2. turd, you should read what you post; you would come across as the fucking lefty ignoramus that you are:

      “…In addition, this analysis does not focus on protests, looting, and broader civil disturbances. While these incidents are important to analyze—particularly in light of the events in 2020 following the death of George Floyd—most are not terrorism…”

      Define away occupying and Seattle Portland and, poof!

    3. A bit definitional isn’t it? I mean look at the massive attacks on parts of America..wasn’t that terror? And honestly let’s look at at a longer time line say 2010-2020 and include unwarranted attacks on people of all “tribes.” That would be very interesting..

      1. 2010-2019 numbers show about 160 right wing terrorist murders vs 1 from the left. Those years included Dylan Roof, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, and the El Paso shooters among others.

        Not close.

        I can link it.

        1. Go ahead and link it, turd; you’ve been called on that lie many times, just like you have been called on this one.

        2. But we’re going to ignore the Corpus Christi attack? The Curtis Calwell Center attack? The Garland Texas attack?

          Or are Muslims ‘far right white supremicists’ now?

          1. Islamo-fascists ARE far-right.

            They want Islamic rule instead of Aryan rule.


            Arab Nazis are what they are.

            1. What about the cops killed by the false “Ferguson” narrative? Man the Obama admin was pushing the racism narrative..should they be blamed for the cops shot in NYC and Dallas? Did you include that?

            2. Islamo fascists, are just that, fascists. Which is a leftist construct and another form of socialism. They are certainly collectivists.

              Nope, they’re leftist. Period.

              Case closed.

            3. “Islamo-fascists ARE far-right.”

              Assertions from fucking lefty ignoramuses =/= evidence, turd.

              1. Apparently they’re white supremacists too! Who knew?

                1. Non-white Muslims often complain about the racism of Arab ones. Arabs are Semites, like Jews, and as the National Lampoon once wrote in their “Ivory Magazine” parody, white people.


            4. But the Democrats support these ‘far-right’ groups and nations.

            5. Ok…
              Lets say we put all the fascists of all stripes in one room together (whether Islamic, White, Christian, or Indian).
              Would they all kill eachother and we wouldn’t have anymore fascists?

              You can’t really say that two groups which hate each other are on the same side.

        3. Please link your horseshit “study” where they even called the Fort Hood shooter a conservative.

          1. Tim McVeigh was a Turner Diaries reading far-right terrorist who wanted a race war. He would have been a perfect MAGA Trump-Tard. He killed 300 or so people.

            1. Pretty sure everyone fomenting race war has a (D) after their name. The last eight months of rioting and burning down cities was proof of that.

              Also, explain to me why all the cities with racist authoritarian cops have been Democratic run for at least a half century.

            2. McVeigh’s bomb in Okla. City killed 168 people. He was apparently incited by A.G. Janet Reno’s murderous actions against the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX.

              1. Interesting point.
                Since that was D-administration directed, of course it can’t be included in lefty terrorism, right?

            3. “Tim McVeigh was a Turner Diaries reading far-right terrorist who wanted a race war. He would have been a perfect MAGA Trump-Tard. He killed 300 or so people.”

              Need help with those goal posts, you steaming pile of lefty shit? Or are you hoping no one notices you’re too stupid to understand when you’re lying?

        4. Right wingers just have better aim.

    4. First, white supremacists and other like-minded extremists conducted 67 percent of terrorist plots and attacks in the United States in 2020

      And where have the Muslim supremists been conducting their terrorist plots?

      1. Check the map; CSIS includes at least one faction under “right wing”.
        A lot of “defining” going on to come up with those numbers.

        1. Yeah, its amazing how the right wing keeps oppressing the right wing so they lash out against the right wing.

          1. +10000000 LMAO….. Well said.
            Left-Wing is openly lobbying for “National Socialism” (i.e. the synonym for Nazism) but Nazism is suppose to be Right-Wing.

            Up is Down, Left is Right – Lefties like to wear shoes on their heads.

    5. That 67% stat has to be bullshit. Or they defined “terrorist plots and attacks” to exclude all of the BLM and Antifa violence from this summer. Which makes it meaningless.

      I mean, if I get injured or burned out by political violence, I don’t give a shit about the politics of the asshole who did it.

      1. From turd’s link – yes, the ‘defined’ those acts of terrorism right out of consideration, and I’m sure if they were forced to include them, they’d call all 6 months of pitched battle as 1 (one) ‘incident’:

        “…In addition, this analysis does not focus on protests, looting, and broader civil disturbances. While these incidents are important to analyze—particularly in light of the events in 2020 following the death of George Floyd—most are not terrorism…”

    6. I skimmed the article. A few points of contention.
      1. “Here’s their definition of terrorism: Terrorism is the deliberate use—or threat—of violence by non-state actors in order to achieve political goals and create a broad psychological impact.”

      2. In one of the few fatal ‘acts of terrorism’: “On July 25, Daniel Perry shot and killed [Garrett Foster] in Austin, Texas.”
      The astute reader may remember this is the incident in which Sgt. Perry was in his car surrounded by protesters. Mr. Foster was holding a rifle against his shoulder, and Perry shot Foster when he appeared to be raising his rifle to fire at him. This is hardly something you would call terrorism. Most would call it self-defense. But it seems they’re calling it an act of a far-right extremist.
      3. Some things you’ve misconstrued that are in the article.
      “The primary threat from religious terrorists in the United States comes from Salafi-jihadists inspired by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.”
      “Terms such as far-right and far-left terrorism do not correspond to mainstream political parties in the United States, such as the Republican and Democratic parties, which eschew terrorism. ”
      4. I think they’ve done some selective data inclusion in their study. Wouldn’t you think 100 nights of Portland protests would list on this as acts of terrorism? Their definition of far-left extremism: “Far-left terrorism involves the use or threat of violence by subnational or non-state entities that oppose capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism; advocate black nationalism; pursue environmental or animal rights issues; espouse pro-communist or pro-socialist beliefs; or support a decentralized social and political system such as anarchism.” They even list antifa as a far left organization.

      So… not a solid study, but you seem to have selectively read it, and drawn broader conclusions about Republicans being responsible for most domestic terrorism.

  10. It’s not only the Bar which opposes wrong-think. Your tax dollars at work, providing propaganda to the kids:

    “S.F. high school students get a lesson in subtle white privilege”
    “Three weeks ago I processed the Capitol insurrection with my high school students. Rallying our inquiry skills, we analyzed the images of that historic day, images of white men storming through the Capitol, fearless and with no forces to stop them. “This,” I said, “is white supremacy, this is white privilege. It can be hard to pinpoint, but when we see, it, we know it.”
    Across our Zoom screen, they affirmed, with nods, thumbs-ups, and emojis of anger and frustration. Fast-forward two weeks as we analyzed images from the inauguration, asking again, “What do we see?” We saw diversity, creativity and humanity, and a nation embracing all of this and more. On the day of the inauguration, Bernie Sanders was barely on our radar. The next day, he was everywhere…”

    1. Did you look at the attack on the Madison Statehouse a few years ago? ha ha

      Just remember kids you are a member of the “wrong” tribe you need to shut up and allow yourself to be marginalized..your natural rights taken away and it is for your own good. Sorry cultural marxism is not on the can wrap it up in “diversity, so called creativity” as much as you want but its the same crap. Equal outcomes unless your tribe is dominating than there is nothing wrong. And don’t get me wrong the folks entering the capital should have been shot….as should those entering the State House in Madison.

    2. How do they see diversity at an inauguration where everyone was banned from attending and held behind 12 foot tall walls with guards?

      1. Lots of diversity;
        Some were .40 cal, some 9mm, some 10mm, some .223, some .308, etc
        Some walls were temporary, some will become permanent, etc.
        Some were socialists, some were fascists. a few were communists.

        1. And the VP, if you squinted just right, was “black”.
          The teacher, OTOH, was a raging lefty asshole.

    3. Based on my lived experience of zoomed HS classes, I’d say the one teacher’s pet typed a response indicating support while the rest had no idea the discussion was even happening since they were either asleep or chatting with friends on their phone.

  11. You’d have to be crazy not to embrace single party control of the government. And if the tech giants have their way, single party control of all media as well.

    What the fuck happened?

    1. The Democrats.

      1. Then let’s get rid,of,the democrats. They have become an existential threat to the rest of us.

        1. They’ve been a threat to America from the Indian Removal Act, to the Civil War, to the Segregation of the Civil Service, to the Japanese Internment, to the Solid South, to the BLM riots.

          1. Vietnam, General. Don’t forget Vietnam.

            U.S. involvement escalated under President John F. Kennedy (D) through the MAAG program from just under a thousand military advisors in 1959 to 16,000 in 1963

            Johnson (D) ordered the deployment of combat units for the first time and increased troop levels to 184,000
            (That’s Lyndon “I stole that election fair and square” Johnson (D))

            In 1969, following the election of U.S. President Richard Nixon (R), a policy of “Vietnamization” began, which saw the conflict fought by an expanded ARVN, with U.S. forces sidelined . . .
            U.S. ground forces had largely withdrawn by early 1972

  12. Jesus Christ, this is scary. We’re now ordering people to undergo psychiatric evaluations because we don’t agree with what they say? How long before we start locking them up, how long before we start executing them?

    “Oh, don’t be so dramatic, we’re just going to destroy somebody’s life if they speak forbidden words, we’re not actually going to kill them, you’re being silly.”

    I suppose if Joe Biden talks about “unity” as they drag you off to the camps, that’s fine? We are so fucking fucked. This shit didn’t happen when Hitler was President, did it? No, it’s only now that we’ve got the anti-Hitler in office that the purges and the show trials and the struggle sessions and the Terror comes. Isn’t it funny how that works?

    1. The Democrats always accuse everyone else of their own plans.
      Look at everything they warned Trump was going to do, because that will give you a preview of the next four years.

      I hope all of you are using VPNs and didn’t register here with a traceable email address.

      1. Funny thing about a VPN. The provider know who you are – – – – – – – –

        1. Yeah, but Reason won’t. And given their behavior since 2013…

          1. They held off Preet as long as they legally could, and warned the users whose info was being subpoenaed. I have my disagreements with Reason, but they seem pretty solid vis a vi user privacy and free speech.

      2. Lol. I’ve been registered for years with a gmail account. That’s secure right?

    2. It’s not funny. It is wholly unsurprising and entirely expected. They’ve told us a million ways what they intend one in power.

      What is funny is Sullum and his ilk pretending to not notice.

      Narrative keepers gotta keep to the narrative.

  13. Not “we”.

    It is the State Bar of Georgia. They can decide who gets to stay in their club or not.

    1. “Fuck the first amendment!” – t. Buttplug

      1. “The State Bar of Georgia is the governing body of the legal profession in the State of Georgia, operating under the supervision of the Supreme Court of Georgia. Membership is a condition of admission to practice law in Georgia.”

        It’s essentially a government entity.

    2. Yes, but they could also do it privately and without humiliating the guy. But no.

      1. Wood took this public. The State Bar just followed the rules as written.

        1. “…The State Bar just followed the rules as written.”

          Got a cite for that?

          1. They are after someone who likes Trump.
            How can they be anything but honest?

          2. The cites are all over the article. Just click on them.

    3. Their little club that exists solely because of its ties to the state willing to use violence to ensure theirs is the only club in town.

    4. “It is the State Bar of Georgia. They can decide who gets to stay in their club or not…”

      See above turd; called on one more lie.

  14. The judge might have an issue with people of the other “tribe”..this is becoming like Vienna 1920 or Munich or hell Ukraine 1930…

    1. Psychiatrists have to eat too, you know.

      1. SQRLSY could provide consulting services in this area, and expand their dining options in a …………. new direction.

      2. And trolls have to troll.
        Get an extra click on your blog this week, scumbag?

        1. Sevo has to eat, too. Are you being paid for your contributions to the Reason comments, or is there something else motivating you?

          1. Calling lame trolls on bullshit is motivation enough.

            1. Are you paid to comment here?

  15. This could be an act of the greatest compassion. This man could indeed be suffering from delusions, and an examination would confirm it if he were. Paranoid schizophrenia is the usual diagnosis, symptoms include imagined relations with charismatic people, delusions of persecution etc. This may be the first step on the road to recovery for the guy, or at least a bracing course of medical treatment consisting of drugs, electroshock and the like.

    1. You mean like the folks pushing the Ferguson narrative or that French kid Jussie Smolet who was attacked by MAGA racists getting a subway tuna sub at 2am in -20 degrees Chicago? I do like Subway tuna subs but too cold and too late to eat…ha ha

      1. “You mean like the folks pushing….”

        Who knows? But if the subject is truly delusional, a psychiatrist should be able to find out. Though, on the defensive, paranoid schizophrenics can be very skillful at hiding their condition.

        1. “…But if the subject is truly delusional, a psychiatrist should be able to find out…”

          Note the reliance on the authorities regarding a subject which has never yet been shown to deliver objective, measurable results. trueman is full of shit.

          1. Yet there are people who are nuts and there are people who make their living out of identifying and dealing with them.

            1. And there are lame trolls who presume that means something.

            2. Yet there are witches and there are people who make their living out of identifying and dealing with them.

    2. Think there was electoral fraud in 2016? Peeing hookers and $150k worth of Russian Facebook ads? Let’s investigate for four years and spend hundreds of millions.

      Think there was electoral fraud in 2020? Let’s kick you off the internet, stick you into reeducation camps and force you to have a bracing course of “medical treatment”, drugs, electroshock and the like.

      1. Sorry, both sides is a rhetorical tactic that only goes one way.

        It’s in the Reason stylebook.

        1. Double standards are the best standards, because then Reason gets twice as many as less principled publications.

          1. Its math!

        2. My copy says that’s only valid if you throw in a “to be sure”.

      2. “Let’s investigate for four years and spend hundreds of millions.”

        Perhaps if psychiatrists were investigating instead of lawyers, the whole thing could have been completed in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.

        1. That’s a cheap evasion around the despotic implications of psychiatric abuse for political motives.

          1. That’s a troll’s effort to appear relevant.

          2. What, you’re not impressed by trueman’s nonpareil wit and intellect ? Just wait til he talks about cruise ships or Russian history, you’ll be blown away.

            1. “What, you’re not impressed by trueman’s nonpareil wit and intellect…”
              If trueman offered any, I’d be happy to look at it for any evidence of same.

          3. How has Lin Wood been abused by psychiatrists? The article doesn’t provide any evidence.

    3. trueman is a troll, hoping that at least one person clicks on the name this week and thereby doubles the traffic on his blog.
      If you have read history, you will understand *any* of his historical claims are pretty much ‘informed’ by “Parade” magazine or perhaps summarized from the top of a Wiki page. His claims regarding economics/politics are similar.
      When called on his constant bullshit, he obfuscates in the hopes someone will confuse that with profundity. It’s not.

      1. “His claims regarding economics/politics are similar.”

        Similar to what?

        1. Similarly “‘informed’ by “Parade” magazine or perhaps summarized from the top of a Wiki page.”

          C’mon trueman, basic reading comprehension shouldn’t be this hard for a galaxy brain like yourself. I think all that shuffleboard and eating at the captain’s table has made you lose your edge. :/

          1. trueman proved his/her lack of value quite a few years ago when s/he claimed that Ukrainians were the most Nazi collaborationist in WWII.
            There are many feet of bookshelf devoted to WWII in my library; none of those books support that claim; when asked for a cite, trueman said ‘I don’t cite’; IOWs, trueman has no evidence to back any claim trueman has ever made. None. Not one bit of support; buy trueman’s bullshit at face value or assume s/he’s full of shit: trueman is full of shit.
            Further, s/he is bereft of any actual knowledge and further bereft of the ability to think. Wiki/Parade-level bullshit is the best you’ll get.

            1. Dude he’s a living breathing almanac, his mind is the only citation needed. I hope he gets the chance to explain Stalin or the Russian revolution again soon, I’ve never seen someone with such command of the subject.

              1. Ask him/her for a single cite to either (polar opposites) Pipes or Figes regarding the commie revolution.
                Like maybe a quote from a page number?

        2. Similar to this:
          “If you have read history, you will understand *any* of his historical claims are pretty much ‘informed’ by “Parade” magazine or perhaps summarized from the top of a Wiki page.”
          Perhaps it you learned to read you wouldn’t be called on your bullshit so often.
          Or you could make the world a better place: Fuck off and die.

          1. I’m not making any historical claims. I’m saying that Lin Wood may indeed be suffering from a psychiatric condition.

            1. Try learning to read; you might not come across as the fucking lefty ignoramus you are.

              1. Enough about this ‘Lin Wood’ nut bar. Let’s talk about me.

    4. Then you’ll have no problem being required to get a mental health evaluation to continue working?

      1. Not something I’m worried about.

        1. Because you don’t have a job?

          1. Does ‘Lin Wood’ have a job?

            1. Well, yes. He’s an attorney. That’s a job.

              1. “He’s an attorney.”

                Not for long. His esteemed colleagues are gunning for his license.

                1. Or possibly they won’t pursue it and consider it a warning shot.

      2. Lots of jobs require that if the issue comes up. I would have to. Or a drug test or medical evaluation.

  16. Sullum’s TDS is terminal.

    1. Maybe the cartoonist’s union could require a mental examination?

    2. Based. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten himself banned from social media yet.

  17. Hey turd?
    You were gonna link to another one of your bullshit claims and after it was pointed out that you’ve been called on your lies, you somehow never go around to posting the link:

    Ken Shultz
    January 10 at 11.14AM
    “…We often think Tony, Shrike, and ChemJeff are being dishonest–especially when they don’t seem to learn anything from having their arguments shredded and smeared in their faces everyday for years. But the fact that they don’t seem to learn anything–knowledge wise or in terms of critical thinking–may be consistent with the hypothesis that they’re just not that bright.”

    Turd, vying with Tony for the lamest of the lot, can’t seem to even respond when called on bullshit. You are not even capable of understanding that there is an objective reality.

  18. Is this the same writer at reason that wrote that article about how the left needed to do reacting to conservative speakers on campus with violence because it was only legitimizing the right’s claims that the left was anti free speech? Because even if he’s not, he should go read that article and seriously ask himself about his assumptions that the left doesn’t hate free speech.

    1. Turns out the article i was thinking of was from Robby:

  19. Communist style media censorship of the sitting president of the United States and anyone questioning the validity of the election did nothing to assuage the perception of conspiracy.

    Rightfully, there needs to be a public inquiry conducted by representatives of both polarized parties.

    1. I’m sure they’ll get right on that. Especially the party that cheated their way into power- I’m confident they look forward to a full and honest examination of the election.

      1. This article threw gasoline on the fire which is the tension between people over the concerns of a rigged election.

        Many of the comments here do the same.

        I thought my comment should be a suggestion of what would ease that tension in a logical and transparent way.

        “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

  20. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact

  21. Reason has become satire.

  22. I see Sullum is not over his TDS.

  23. Psychiatry routinely treats weird things people say as evidence of mental illness.

    Yes. But I’m surprised that the State Bar of Georgia has rules that can do so. Do other states have similar rules? Perhaps this will trigger a discussion of what the proper role of psychiatry is, and is not. But probably not.

    1. “Psychiatry routinely treats weird things people say as evidence of mental illness.”


      Let’s have them clearly explain the criteria for the speech of a healthy mind as well and apply that logically to those who want to censor speech.

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    1. Jesus, Helenaa, go to and find an auto poster that will at least change numbers and text from a database so that your not auto posting the same shit. Reason doesn’t filter, but your shit gets flagged by the filters of any decently censored site immediately, I’m sure. If you want to be a spammer, go for it, but I hate poor craftsmanship, and you’re just amateur hour.

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  28. It’s alarming that the author is not alarmed.

    Treating political differences as mental illness is standard procedure in dictatorships. The next step is “re-education.” If you can pathologize political opinion, then you can involuntarily commit your rivals to mental institutions. This means a one-party state, and speaking out against it can get you hospitalized.

    This is a seriously dangerous trend. This is actually something that was done by Hitler. Literally. And Communist China.

    Maybe this guy is unhinged, and if the bar association wants to take action, fine. But labeling it a mental illness is opening a door that we should all want to keep locked.

    1. “ This is actually something that was done by Hitler. Literally. And Communist China.”

      What are you going to do about it?

  29. That extraordinary popular delusion”

    Telling people they are delusional when there is real concern over actions that are implicit to fraud does not help move a discusion along. It doesn’t help and in the end makes things worse since zero prove of there being no fraud has been presented and just saying there is no fraud is not proof of no fraud.

    1. Prove that there are no lizard people.

      Thing is in an actual delusion there is no point in arguing with the person it is counterproductive actually.

      I would not call this a delusion. It is a fixed belief in something that could theoretically occur.

  30. “If Trump’s election fantasy is caused by a mental disorder beyond his control, it would be manifestly unjust to hold him legally accountable for recklessly promoting it, as his impeachment aims to do.”

    No. Impeachment only removes from office (which is done already in Trump’s case) and disqualifies someone from future office. If the guy is nuts, you want him disqualified.

    Same thing happens when someone gets off on an insanity plea in a criminal case. True, they are not guilty by reason of insanity, and cannot be punished. But they are generally locked away for their own and society’s good.

    1. If I did as well for the country and people as Trump did and gained 12 million more votes then the first election, had a sure win on election night disappear the days after by Democrats using questionable and illegal methods which were mostly obvious and had whistle blowers who worked in the elections swear affidavits confirming fraud that the Democrats were able to keep out of court it would drive me nuts also. The Republicans in Arizona found enough evidence they are forcing a forensic audit in Maricopa county AZ. Most likely they have had time to erase or alter the machines but it still may be interesing.

  31. If the experts think saying “weird” things indicates mental illness, what does the desire to censor, stop people from communicating at all, indicate?

  32. Anyone who used “conspiracy theorist” to deride someone is either an idiot or a liar. Anyone who calls someone a “wild conspiracy theorist” is both. Why is this CIA-asset propagandist allowed to work for REASON??

  33. Hell, half the Trump cultists in these very comments believe everything Lin Wood says about the election.

    All this analysis is overdone. The vast majority of Trump cultists who believe he was cheated are nothing more than sore losers. It’s not unique to Republicans, the same thing has been true for the Democrats in 2000 (might have a point though, that butterfly ballot almost certainly cost Gore Florida), 2004, and 2016. It will be true for every close election in the foreseeable future. The difference is that never before has the presidential candidate himself adapted the sore loser pose. Trump is special.

    1. I am sure nothing happened during the election and if all these Trump cultist had forensic audits done it would prove it. I wonder why Democrats have spent millions on high powered lawyers to prevent the audits? Think of how stupid it would make Trump and all these cultist look. All the smart lefties should write their Representative and demand they audit just to make them all look bad.

      1. “I wonder why Democrats have spent millions on high powered lawyers to prevent the audits? ”

        They’re just as crazy as the other guys?

        1. Or more likely they have something to hide that is worth it?

      2. Once a belief is fixed no amount of evidence will change it.

        “Shape changing lizards are controlling the government and major corporations”

        “Ok what would you like for dinner? We have meatloaf or chicken.”

  34. In an insane world the sane man must be considered insane.

    1. As of Jan. 20, the world is now on sane mode.

      1. You’re insane.

  35. The Democrats had a choice after the election. Allow audits or risk the anger of millions of Americans. They chose using the military to protect them and thumbed their nose at the people. Has anyone noticed the similarity of our militarized Capitol and Myanmar? It takes the military to install a government against the will of the people.

    1. Typical. You have no actual evidence, the best you can do is allude to a massive conspiracy. When we asked to see this evidence of massive voter fraud before and during the court challenges we were told “a good lawyer never shows his cards”. Now that all the lawyering is done and we’ve still seen absolutely zero evidence, you’ve changed your tune to demanding audits based on this zero evidence.

      You’re just a sore loser and Trump cultist. You were told to think that Trump was cheated so that’s what you believe. You can’t provide any evidence for you beliefs, that’s why I label you a cultists.

      1. Good grief — Desired ignorance knows no boundaries… There’s probably 100-links to “evidence” of massive voter fraud but you CANCEL culture justice warriors IGNORANCE-CARD is the only thing on the counter-balance table.

        We could talk about 90% favor (practically impossible), or the many “whoopsie-daisies” resulting tin Trump votes being recorded as Biden votes, or the independent audits done that came to the conclusion some 50,000 votes never were authentic, or hundreds of affidavits by election workers ranging from supervisor FRAUD to perfectly printed ballots ——-

        But; NONE of that endless list of evidence will ever mean anything to lefty cheerleaders UNTIL (which will probably never happen because Republicans are Crooks) such ridiculous evidence is seen when electing a Republican to the Presidency…..

        No, no, no; At that point having a dozen people in Russia running political ads on Facebook is suddenly “massive voter fraud”…

      2. “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.”

      3. Like 50% of Americans including 20% of Democrats my suspicions were aroused when Democrats refused audits and spent millions to fight to keep it out of court.
        The fact Democrats fought against audits is not a conspiracy theory. There greatest success was having Sen. Cruz interrupted while proposing reasonable way to audit the contested elections to restore confidence. It immediately became sedition and even racist to suggest it. The attack on the Capitol could not have come at a better time if they had planned it. They should be praising them considering they denied President Trump his last and best chance to show fraud and insured a Biden win.
        What I believe is open, transparent and honest elections are necessary to the confidence of the people in our institutions of government. If that is being part of a Trump cult so be it but I have felt this way for decades.
        Anyone that is not afraid to look can see the evidence including hundreds of sworn affidavits of poll worker whistleblowers and the cases before the Supreme Court still waiting to be decided.
        Why do you think wanting open, transparent and honest elections is a Trump cult thing and you disagree? Do you have a theory why Democrats worked hard and spent money on lawyers to prevent audits of elections? Does the end justify the means?

    2. “It takes the military to install a government against the will of the people.”

      You should have told Donald Trump’s little redneck army that before they tried to have a coup without one.

      1. Gosh Tony; It’s almost like you’re chasing your own tail.

        Here you try and emotionally distain “Trump’s little redneck army” of unarmed protestors when all this time you’ve been running around claiming insurrection and domestic terrorism.

        Oh look, the tail swung around again – quick Tony, byte, byte!
        lmao… Your gang-color loyalty makes you stupider by the day.

      2. If entering the Capitol is a coup I guess when it was invaded during the Kavanaugh hearing and members of Congress where cornered in elevators and hallways and threatened that was also a coup? Strange that Pelosi and Schumer and their ally the fake news claimed it was the “peoples house and they had every right” just as they kneeled to protestors that rioted, looted and burned and attempted to burn down federal courthouses after blocking the entrances with workers still inside. Double standards?

        1. No. All criminals should be punished.

          But only one set of criminals actively tried to destroy the United States constitution, so….

          1. And they now have the presidency and both houses.

  36. Ironically, the only thing that can bow save Western Civilization is a massive solar flare. Take out the internets, and buh-by leftist power, and all the money of ABC, Amazon, etc.

    1. Thank god for the commies who run Eastern civilization.

    2. To save Western Civilization, you have to kill Western Civilization.

    3. Or a secret solar satellite funded by the Rothschilds, Diane Feinstein, and others to take out the internet using power from the sun. I heard there is one which started the California fires.

  37. Millions of Americans looked at Donald Trump and saw a handsome, athletic genius whose uncle went to MIT where normal humans saw a fat, grotesque caricature of a televangelist. Televangelists are already caricatures of themselves.

    A man so saturated with mental illness you could see it in his hairstyle, if the toddler-esque emotional situation and vocabulary weren’t a clue. Truly the ugliest of Americans. A stain on every history book that makes Jefferson Davis look like the statesmen Trump’s inbred cultists think he is.

    The death throes of white dominance weren’t ever going to be a dignified thing, were they? Death throes rarely are, I guess.

    1. Pelosi old white woman. Schumer old white man. Biden old white man. Yeah you libs really killed white dominance.

      1. … All the while lobbying for the most “dominance” the Gov-Guns could provide.

        If the USA is to survive; people are going to have to learn how to fix STUPID.

        Insisting the Power to Steal is a crime and Productive work to add-value is equivalent to wealth (a concepts that should be a no-brainier) is a good start. Cancelling monopolized “indoctrination camps” for Practical Education by Individual Choice is also a really good starting point.

        1. Education is the greatest invention of humankind.

          Capitalism, eh, top 10.

          You think small. You also apparently don’t think disabled people should be able to eat.

    2. Meanwhile Biden replaced the black Surgeon General with a white……………man/woman?

  38. According to Reason anyone that questions election integrity has “Psychiatric Symptoms” and needs treatment. Reason is now just left of CNN.

    1. It is a bit deeper than questioning election integrity. If you look at it he does seem to have gone off the rails.

      A successful and experienced attorney, in the his filings have now become erratic, poorly written, and incompetent. wild allegations in about a secret conspiracy from a cabal from Russia, China, and others working together without a shred of evidence to back it up. That is a legal mistake even a freshman would not make.

      He has accused justice Roberts of being a pedophile, called for elected officials to be locked up. You just don’t do things like that if you are a sane and sober lawyer. He is making legal mistakes all over the place.

      He has a lawsuit against him from several years ago from his former partners with taped evidence of explosive behavior, claiming he is the second coming of Jesus and he attacked one of them in an elevator.

      I don’t know if he is just a pissed off jerk but there are reasons to question his ability to practice law at this point. A psych evaluation does not need to establish mental illness but can provide insight into a state of mind.

      This is not just you or me on Twitter. The state bar is involved because he is acting in his capacity as an attorney filing legal cases.

  39. “That extraordinary popular delusion can be understood as a political phenomenon driven by familiar human frailties such as tribalism and confirmation bias.”

    Guess what else it can be understood as? Personal experience.

    If you want me to believe that the 3 instances of voting fraud I’ve personally witnessed prior to 2020 were a “popular delusion”, you are actively insulting your readers, Sullum. Furthermore, if you now want me to believe that there is no universe in which results from black box voting machines and a no-chain-of-custody mail-in ballot free-for-all could have been manipulated on top of the previously existing fraud, you leave me wondering why I continue to support this “news” outlet financially.

    Just fucking STOP judging things you cannot know anything about. I understand that writing without bias is hard. But you aren’t even fucking trying.

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