Election 2020

'Stop the Insanity,' the New York Post Urges Trump. 'It Is Time To End This Dark Charade.'

The Trump-friendly paper says the president should stop "cheering for an undemocratic coup" and focus on the GOP's political interests.


The New York Post, along with Fox News, is one of the Trump-friendly news outlets that has been questioning the president's claims of massive election fraud since he started making them. In an editorial yesterday, the paper urged the president to cut it out already. "Mr. President…Stop the Insanity," the front-page headline says. "You lost the election—here's how to save your legacy."

It may be too late for that, and it is hard to see how Trump could abruptly reverse himself and admit that the massive criminal conspiracy he has been describing for nearly two months did not actually happen after all. But it is encouraging to see further evidence that Trump supporters are willing to separate their partisan and policy preferences from their understanding of reality.

"It is time to end this dark charade," the Post says. Citing Trump's vain hope that Congress will stop Biden from taking office by rejecting electoral votes from swing states when it officially tallies the results on January 6, the paper charges him with "cheering for an undemocratic coup."

While "you had every right to investigate the election," the editorial says, "those efforts have found nothing." As examples, it notes the recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan, which confirmed Joe Biden's victories in those states. "These ballots were counted by hand," the Post notes, "which alone debunks the claims of a Venezuelan vote-manipulating Kraken conspiracy."

The paper does not mince words. Sidney Powell, the former Trump campaign lawyer who has been promoting a wild conspiracy theory involving deceased Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, Dominion Voting Systems, George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and "communist money" from Cuba and China, "is a crazy person," the Post says. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's suggestion that Trump could use the military to force new elections in battleground states was "shameful" and "tantamount to treason." The paper describes Trump himself as "the King Lear of Mar-a-Lago, ranting about the corruption of the world."

The Post sweetens its appeal by praising Trump and invoking practical politics. Instead of focusing on a doomed effort to overturn electoral votes, the editorial says, Trump should be worrying about the January 5 runoffs in Georgia that will decide which party controls the Senate when Biden takes office.

"You came out of nowhere to win the presidency," the Post says. "Not an elected official, not a lawyer, not beholden to any particular faction of the swamp. You took on the elites and the media who had long lost touch with average working people. You changed politics, which is something few in American history can say. If Georgia falls, all that is threatened."

That outcome, the paper warns, will "leave your party out of power," make it "less likely to listen to what you have to say or to capitalize on your successes," and threaten "a future return" by Trump. "If you insist on spending your final days in office threatening to burn it all down," the Post says, "that will be how you are remembered. Not as a revolutionary, but as the anarchist holding the match."

The editorial is a powerful and sensible admonition, and I agree that Republican control of the Senate is important as a check on Biden's power. But I do not share the Post's hope that the GOP will continue to listen to Trump, let alone that a sudden shift from deranged pettiness to sober magnanimity—which, let's be honest, is impossible to imagine—would "set the stage for a future return."

If Sidney Powell is "a crazy person" and Michael Flynn's advice is "shameful" and treasonous, what should we make of a president who relies on their counsel while ranting like King Lear? Whatever your position on the substantive issues where the Post and Trump agree, is this the sort of person you want to be leading the Republican Party or running the federal government? For Trump, the personal and the political are inseparable. It is long past time for Republicans to consider the implications of that fusion.

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  1. Just wait until the SleepyJoe regime starts. Talk about insanity!

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        1. “The paper does not mince words. Sidney Powell, the former Trump campaign lawyer who has been promoting a wild conspiracy theory involving deceased Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, Dominion Voting Systems, George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and “communist money” from Cuba and China…”

          You mean the truth? I can find you ten links from the Wall Street Journal, PR Newswire, and other sources that have been discussing Clinton, Dominion, and George Soros cheating in elections for a decade. But let’s start with this one from 2010: https://bradblog.com/?p=7906
          Dominion has been lying for a looooooong time, and Soros decided to buy Dominion for some reason in 2018. Stop lying, Sullum. You know that.

          1. You link to someone’s blog as evidence? Fuck off.

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            2. You fuck off. It’s a blog written by an expert in election machine companies who is the mentor of the moron currently defending the election machine companies for the Democrats now that the cheating worked in their favor.

              As opposed to what? Linking to the New York Times? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

              They sure got that Russia story right in only four long years of never doing any investigation.

              Oh, and fuck off. You don’t know shit about fuck.

              1. Trump colluded with Russia. Fact.

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                2. Any proof for that “fact”?

                  1. Senate investigation report

                    1. That one has completely cleared him. Mueller also hasn’t found any proof of that slander. You should be ashamed of yourself for propagating that lie.

                    2. Bullshit.

              2. Argument from authority fallacy.

                1. There is no argument from authority (“argumentum ad verecundiam”) fallacy here. You came up with the claim that Trump was the Russian agent. The onus of proof is on you. FYI, senate report didn’t find any proof for that and Mueller didn’t find enough proof to recommend indictment. Your conviction doesn’t constitute a proof.

                  1. I wasn’t even replying to you here, moron, nor was I talking about Russia in that post.

  2. You one horse dog faced pony soldier.

    1. One horse pony for short.

  3. Hand counting counterfeit ballots will get the same result as machine counting counterfeit ballots. Invalidating counterfeit ballots will yield a different result.

    1. For some reason, not a single court found the ballots counterfeit.

      1. Proof is hard to find once the envelopes with the signatures are removed from the ballots. Statistics make for some interesting observations – not legal proof of any sort. In the Georgia Democrat primary about 5% of the mail-in ballots failed the signature comparison. That fell to less than 1% in the election.
        Just like the Lois Lerner IRS decisions, statistically improbable results do not constitute proof.
        Makes one wonder though.

        1. As you noted statistical results don’t constitute proof because they are not proof. It could easily be that people were educated between the primary and the election to check their signatures and make sure they were present and similar to that used on their drivers license.

          1. Cool story bro.

          2. Or it could be that they know how to cover their tracks, as noted in that far right rag Salon in 2019:


            PS Vince Smith, here’s a link that’s not to a blog. It’s to Salon. But sadly it just proves that the potential for election fraud is hard baked into the machines. So fuck off.

        2. 2016: 580 ballots rejected for “missing or inaccurate oath information” out of 246,621 total absentee by mail ballots. Rejection rate of 0.24%
          2018: 454 rejections for that reason out of 284,393 total absentee by mail ballots. Rejection rate of 0.15%
          2020 Primary: 3266 rejections for missing or invalid signatures out of 1,151,371 absentee by mail ballots cast. Rejection rate of 0.28%
          2020 General: 2011 rejections for missing or invalid signatures out of 1,322,529 absentee by mail ballots cast. Rejection rate of 0.15%. The number of rejections probably went down from the primary because both parties had teams of people finding people who needed to cure their absentee ballots in the general but not the primary.
          So, the number of absentee ballot rejections for signature issues increased about 350% from 2018, which is basically the exact same amount that the total number of absentee ballots increased from 2018.
          The rejection numbers for signatures from 2016 and 2018 are from the attached lawsuit filed by Democrats earlier this year. This is not total number of all rejections. Largest number is usually ballots that arrive late. Takeaway is that rejection rate from 2018 to 2020 is exact same even after ballots with signature issued were cured. So, the idea that some settlement agreement that we entered into changed how counties were doing this is basically nonsense.

          1. Baloney. You can’t assess this year’s rejection rate because they essentially rejected no ballots. Here’s some facts, although I realize y’all prefer statistics because they are easier to lie with:
            Ballot rejections have thus far been lower across the United States this year than expected, with battleground states posting strikingly lower numbers relative to both the historical average and more recent elections.
            In Georgia, for instance — a state in which Democrat Joe Biden has eked out a surprise lead of fewer than 20,000 votes over Donald Trump — the rejection rate in 2016 was indeed 6.4%.
            The rate of mail-in ballots rejected for errors, such as a missed deadline or use of an incorrect return envelope, plummeted from 6.4% in 2016 to 3.1% in 2018 to 0.6% in this year’s Nov. 3 election, according to state records.
            Georgia election officials said changes in their election laws since 2018 account for the lower rate of discarded ballots.
            LOLOLOL “Chnages in their election laws” means: They’ll take anything with a Biden dot filled in.

      2. Seriously though how could one tell? The ballots don’t have anyone’s name on them do they? I think the only way any fraud could have been found is to take the lists of who voted, contact those who allegedly voted, and ask them if they did, in fact, vote.
        If enough say “I never voted” then that may be enough to invalidate the election and call for a re-vote. Otherwise, the vote stands and Biden was the luckiest s.o.b. ever to have run against a polarizing figure such as Trump.

        1. America needs to go back to paper ballots and in-person voting verified with ID like the rest of the first world.
          And just because your officials are a little nutty, your ballots should have counterfeit protection measures. Raised Ink, watermarks, color shifting, security threads, UV images, the works.

          America spends a whole year telling people that their votes are the most important thing ever, and then treats their ballots like used toilet paper.

          1. There is no other democratic country that relies on all mail voting, like it was done this year. I am not a lawyer and I don’t have evidence but the Atlanta video convinced me that the elections were stolen at least in GA, probably in PA, MI, AZ, NE and WI as well. Now, that’s not the end of the world, we’ve had stolen elections before. Hayes vs. Tilden in 1876 was the 1st one, but I don’t consider a corrupt old oligarch to be a legitimate president. He is not my president and I will do everything in my power to resist him. Hypocrisy of the left with their “resist” outcry in the beginning of 2016 and now talking about “unity” is staggering.
            However, I am by no means Trump supporter, despite the fact that I voted for him. His willingness to print money and increase public debt is something that I can’t forgive to a conservative. Failure to reform the intelligence services, FBI and ATF is also something that is very hard to forgive. Nepotism and bringing half of his family to the White House also didn’t sit well with me. However, stealing elections is no way to change the president. What Trump is doing is by no means a “dark charade”, it is simply showing the American people that they were not given the right to elect the next president. And that is a dark charade.

            1. Many other democratic countries allow mail-in voting. These include:
              New Zealand
              United Kingdom

              Other countries like France are more restrictive but have allowed more in 2020 because of the pandemic.

              1. To mail-in vote in Canada, you have to have a legitimate reason why you can not present yourself at a polling station, as well as submitting proof that you are the person who filled out the ballot.

                1. Wait, you’re saying that M4E is full of shit? Why I never.

                2. Checked the rules. Canada says anyone can vote by mail. You need a special ballot (their equivalent of the absentee).

                  1. Absentee (requesting. Ballot) 8s far different from just sending out ballots to everyone rather they requested them or not.

                    1. Right but most states required that absentee ballots be requested. Wisconsin certainly did. It was also possible to monitor your ballot through and app to see when it was requested. when it was mailed to you and when it was received by the clerk’s office.

                    2. Not all states, several mailed them out to anyone registered rather they requested them or not. And some of those states are the ones disputed. I requested mail in ballots is wrong. And rife for possible fraud

                  2. “Canada says anyone can vote by mail. You need a special ballot (their equivalent of the absentee).”

                    Are you retarded?
                    I wrote “To mail-in vote in Canada, you have to have a legitimate reason why you can not present yourself at a polling station”.
                    They don’t limit it to Puerto Rican Jews, but YOU HAVE TO HAVE A VALID REASON WHY YOU ARE VOTING AS AN ABSENTEE.

                    1. And I googled the Canadian election rules and there is no such requirement. Canada says anyone can vote by mail and makes no mention of having a reason for doing so.

                      No I am not mentally challenged. The word you used is very offensive, especially to people who have loved ones who are mentally challenged. So why not join the 21th century and learn to be civil.

                3. He’s intentionally conflating the provision to allow mail ballots under rare circumstances with “allowing mail voting”. US has had elections where it wasn’t possible to cast the ballot in person. It was all mail voting, a very dangerous experiment which resulted in untrustworthy elections. I consider these elections stolen. I’ve read about 1876 and hoped that I will never see that in person. Unfortunately, it looks that USA is changing in front of our eyes, and not for the better.

              2. To these countries also call people who expect voters to have IDs “white supremacists”? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You can’t cross the street in Luxembourg without an ID. Same with the rest of them.
                Then there’s the Democrat party: They want illegal immigrants and dead people to have a vote.

              3. You are not reading carefully. I wrote “all mail voting”. US also allows mail voting – in the rare exceptions. The fact is that no other democratic country allows ALL MAIL voting, meaning “by mail only”. There are good reasons for that: mail services are not trustworthy anywhere in the world. Soldiers and diplomats can vote by mail. However, everywhere else 99% of the voters have to show up personally on the polling place and cast their vote on some kind of a voting machine. So, technically speaking, your statement is misleading.

                1. Postal voting in Switzerland is on the order of 80%.

                  1. Switzerland is a confederation with a vastly different political system from the US. The central government doesn’t have nearly as much power in Switzerland as in the US. Swiss president was famously riding a bike to the office.
                    The problem with the all-mail voting is the fact that for a significant amount of time, votes are in custody of unionized federal employees who may or may not have the same interests as the average voter. Also, it is hard to establish the identity of the voter if the vote comes by mail. This stolen election should forever serve as a warning as to what happens when voting is through mail. In my opinion, the Atlanta tape alone and shenanigans in PA are enough to disqualify the vote. As the time progresses, vote manipulations are revealed in MI, WI, NE and AZ. Each of those states had a significant percentage of fraudulent votes. There are also various statistical anomalies that cast very strange light on the whole election process as it was conducted this year.
                    Long story short, I don’t consider Biden to be a legitimate president and will do my best to ignore anything he says or advises.

        2. Biden was the luckiest s.o.b. ever to have run against a polarizing figure such as Trump.

          God damn, Biden stole that from Trump too.

          1. Trump wasn’t a particularly good president but was very far from a “polarizing figure”. Trump, for instance, hasn’t sided with the senator who filibustered the civil rights legislation and hasn’t expressed the desire for his children to not grow in “the racial jungle”.
            Trump has skyrocketed the public debt. Trump has weakened NATO and started dispute with EU and Canada who we have to have on our side in order to win the dispute with China. Trump has failed to weaken the teachers union or do anything worth mentioning with the education. Trump has increased the farm subsidies. Trump was waging war with some of the largest US companies like Apple, Google and Amazon and started the process of regulating them by the federal government, so giving the federal government even more power than the ridiculous amount it already has. Trump has forced the FED to start printing money, thus decreasing the value of my savings. There are many things that I dislike with Trump. However, the idea of packing the courts and having a corrupt oligarch whose family has made a fortune by influence peddling sounds much worse than Trump.

        3. Interesting idea. Would it not be the case that Trump voters would want to answer that they had not voted as this would under your scenario force a re-vote. I see this as a short coming of the idea.

          Here is simpler idea. Try to image the amount of people and the logistics necessary to commit the size fraud necessary to change the election results. Then image how you would hide all this. There is no way to commit massive fraud necessary to change the election.

          1. Funny, you people said the exact opposite about the 2016 election.

            1. Not me.

          2. The easiest way to hide would be, I don’t know, to stop the count and then restart it hours later with no one watching? In the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping? When the count magically goes to a single candidate at around a 95% – 99% clip? To adjudicate a large number of ballots manually as they are counted? Magically, again, adjudicated in the direction of a single candidate? Like that kind of effort?

            1. People were watching. Remember Trump’s lawyers said there were a non-zero number of observers present. So keep trying to work out a way to create a fraud of several thousand votes.

              1. No, people that were allowed by one party. However, the law requires that both parties be allowed their poll watchers. It is a legitimate grievance that certain areas forbid Trump appointed poll watchers, or as in Philadelphia, (which a court actually riled in Trump’s favor) hindered his poll watchers from actually viewing the counting.

                1. You are correct that in Philadelphia poll watchers were allowed to move in closer. There is no case were Republican poll watchers were not allowed. If you have a case please bring it up. But please limit it to cases were poll watchers were not allowed. Not cases were they were limited in number, were they were not allowed to act badly (this happened in Milwaukee), or cases where people stared at them or where people wore BLM tee shirts.

            2. And don’t forget to use a patented algorithm you have been using on machines in Venezuela and other countries for over a decade! https://bradblog.com/?p=7906

          3. And let’s not forget the Zuckerberg foundation dumping $500Mil to help with ‘Election’ expenses in GA. Nope. Nothing to see there. No conflict of interest.

            1. The sad thing here is that private citizens have to pay for extra polling stations. We claim to be a great country and local governments can not even come up with enough polling places and staff to conduct an election. Zuckerberg, Schwarzenegger and others had to pay for the election sites because Senator McConnell would not come up with the necessary funds. You don’t want private groups paying for polling sites then have Congress pony up the money necessary.

              1. The federal government isn’t supposed to fund state polling places, that is up to the state. Blaming McConnell for lack of polling cites shows a complete lack of understanding how our civics work.

              2. That’s a lie. Congress allocated $500 million for COVID polling issues, and then Zuckerberg came up with the exact same amount….only he used his to buy Democrat votes. Did you not get your gift card?

          4. And it wasn’t hidden. It was done right in front of our eyes. With mail voting, it is unclear who is voting, does the person who is voting have the right to do so or have the ballots been tampered with. Atlanta video tells you everything you need to know. GOP observers were prevented from observing in Philly, Detroit and Milwaukee as well

        4. One is reminded of an election in the state of Sonora, Mexico in the 1980s. Following the announcement that the PRI candidate for mayor had won, the PAN supporters held a post-election rally in the town square. Someone noticed that there were a lot of people at the rally and had them walk past a point and be counted.
          Turns out about 70% of the town had voted for the loser. Federales had to be called in to protect the new mayor, who ended up under siege in the police station. An interim mayor was appointed by the state – PRI – governor while the election irregularities were looked into. That person, PRI, served the whole term.

          1. Trump was just voted America’s Most Admired Man. How could it not have been BIDEN? Lol.


      3. To be fair, not a single court actually looked at them.

      4. the courts haven’t even looked at the ballots

      5. False. The corrupt, cowardly courts have not looked at the evidence at all, hiding by tossing cases on procedural grounds. Only the Only Red China enslavement of blind Trump Derangement Syndrome bigotry like Unreason’s and NY Post’s pretends there wasn’t irrefutably proven massive fraud of millions of illegal votes. It’s physically and mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for Biden to have won, e.g. going from a Trump lead of 100s of 1000s one second to a Biden lead the next second. Among many other places like The Epoch Times and American Thinker, see Hereistheevidence dot com where they still have brains. Those who lie about Biden winning belong in jail, or an insane asylum for their fools.

        1. Trump has lost the elections because of the trade war with China, the 3rd Reich of the 21st Century. Many people stand to make a great deal of Money by trading with China. I cannot forget Mark Cuban’s interview about that. Cuban is not the only one. There are also heavyweights like Apple, Google, Facebook, Disney, AT&T, GM and Ford, all of them having several orders of magnitude more money and political clout than Mark Cuban. People are forgetting their history. Henry Ford was also trading with the original 3rd Reich and was given the highest civilian medal that nazi Germany had. However, Henry Ford and his friends didn’t have the amount of political power that Microsoft, Apple and Google have. And that is what has won the elections for Biden.

          1. Soros buying Dominion in 2018 is what “won” the election for Biden.

            Soon, everyone will know that there were more votes than actual voters, and then let’s see what Americans think of that Democrat operation.

            1. Soros alone couldn’t have done much. Rigging the elections is too expensive even for the richest among the billionaires. Soros was helped by Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, AT&T (CNN) and many other corporate giants. Soros, rich as he is, has but a pocket change if compared to Google or Apple. Blaming everything on a single person would be an oversimplification.

      6. The courts never tried to look at ballots, and they couldn’t have if they wanted to because common voting processes simply aren’t meaningfully auditable and the chain of custody was broken multiple times.

        Yes, the legal challenges are over because the courts don’t want to hear them. No, courts never established the absence of fraud.

        1. Proving a negative is always a tough thing. The interesting thing is that Trump’s lawyer never established fraud and in fact said that in court. In court they said no fraud occurred. So are you saying Trump’s lawyers are wrong?

      7. Since no court even LOOKED at the ballots, they couldn’t find anything.

  4. The GOP has an obligation to accept the will of the people – we want communism and we want it right now, goddammit. Except for that half of the country that doesn’t want communism and who the hell cares what they want?

    1. Should the kulaks and white folks be liquidated too?

      1. It’s 2020 Rabbi!
        The Kulaks and wreckers were supposed to be gone 90 years ago. No more! If you wish to live exactly as you please, the Angkar will put aside a small plot of land for you. 2’x6′ will be plenty.

    2. Communism…if we do not discount the elections and have new elections we will have communism.

      Where have I heard this before?

      1. Communism…if we do not discount the elections

        Whether we had meaningful elections is what we are discussing.

        Where have I heard this before?

        “It’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the votes.”

        That is, democracies often end with fraudulent elections. The CIA itself has frequently engineered such fraud. That’s why people need to question election results and not blindly accept official counts.

        Prove that the election results can be trusted!

    3. If the majority of Americans want communism, I will happily accept that our country has gone irredeemably insane and I’ll shut up about the election challenges. But I think a majority of Americans DO NOT WANT TO BE RULED BY THE CCP. That’s why the election in certain swing states had no fucking transparency and have tons of evidence of fraud.

      This election was like this whole year. Elites trying to convince us that everything needs to change and that it’s what it’s everyone wants, when everyone with half a brain is like um, no…you assholes…it’s what YOU want and I AM going to believe my lying eyes. Thank you very much.

  5. No more insanity.

    Oops, misplaced a comma.

    No, more insanity!

  6. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/georgia-judge-sister-top-democrat-orders-end-voter-roll-clean

    District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner – sister of former Democrat gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams – also founded ‘Fair Fight’, an advocacy group fighting against voter suppression…

    1. Why is voter suppression not a problem to you?

      1. He never made that statement. He just explained who she was.

        1. Are we supposed to refuse every judge with a tie to a political interest in this election? Tough since most are appointed by politicians, many by the very president challenging the election. We could recuse all of those but they don’t seem to be ruling in his favor anyway.

          1. Civil servants (including judges) should be prohibited from engaging in political activities, period.

            1. I’m not sure that’s even possible in principle let alone in a country with a first amendment.

            2. Tell that to the conservatives on the Wisconsin Supreme Court please.

            3. I am surprised but I have to agree with Tony. It would violate the 1A.

              1. Many people, especially government employees, are prohibited from engaging in political activities without a 1A concern.

                1. No, they are prohibited from using their office but are allowed to on their own time. That is a huge difference. I work for a federal agency and served 10 years in the Army, in both cases as long as I don’t identify myself as a federal employee, or use office time/resources, or wear government apparel (i.e. uniforms, or something with the USDA logo on it) I can campaign for whomever I want. I am only forbidden from doing it in an official government role. People misunderstand how the regulations works, and you obviously did as well.

                  1. In fact on my Facebook page I don’t list my employer and my introduction specifically stated any opinions I post are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer.

      2. *raises hand* because if numerous handicapped minorities were floundering about in the gutters, too incompetent to make it to a computer or DMV to get an ID, then they’re also probably not social distancing or wearing masks. Therefore they would have been thrown in jail by the COVID gestapo by this summer at the latest. Which means they wouldn’t be eligible to vote anyway.

      3. Voter suppression would be a problem if it existed; there is no evidence that it does.

        “Voter suppression” instead is a smokescreen used by Democrats to rig elections and commit fraud.

        1. Republicans don’t even hide their motives anymore when you ask them.

          It is embarrassing to me personally how much of a partisan toad you are. Gerrymandering, closing polling sites in black neighborhoods, onerous voter ID poll taxes… nothing to see here.

          But Democrats are totally getting dead people to vote, and it doesn’t matter that I have no evidence whatsoever, I feel it to be true!

          1. Onerous voter ID taxes? In every single case we’re states tried to implement voter ID they also offered free IDs for those who couldn’t afford them. Yeah, free is onerous. Also, the Democrats also gerrymander to hell in the states they control and also close polling sites (or attempt to) in areas that would benefit their opponents. Please, stop with blaming the Republicans when your side does just as much of what you blame Republicans for.

            1. But they don’t do it just as much by a long shot and they aren’t the ones trying to disenfranchise people.

              1. Uhm, just because your preferred news sites don’t report on it doesn’t actually mean they don’t do it as often. Conservative news sites have just as many stories of Democrats pulling tricks to close or eliminate voters in conservative areas. You unfortunately are such a partisan jack you can’t ever admit evil in your party. Also, I notice you couldn’t explain how requiring voter ID is onerous, whole providing it forfree of charge to those who can’t afford it, is onerous? And if it is racist to require ID, that must mean laws requiring ID to buy beer, cigarettes and to practice your Constitutional right to bear arms must also be just as racist. So, is that what you are saying? Providing free ID is onerous, and requiring ID to vote is racist but requiring it to buy a gun isn’t racist? Or are you okay with racism as long as it only impacts parts of society you disagree with?

                1. Conservative news lies. They lie. Sorry.

                  Democrats do gerrymander, but they would also immediately support making gerrymandering illegal, since like with all election screwing shenanigans, Republicans turned it into a science. They do it far more and benefit from it more.

                  Do those conservative websites that cherry pick everything to prove a point that isn’t true ever mention to you that “two wrongs make a right” is the logic of a fallacious toddler? Because that’s pretty much what Republicans and their defenders are reduced to these days. Just throw a little dirt in the other guy’s face and suddenly their authoritarianism and even their fucking coup attempt are all neutralized, in the minds of the gullible.

          2. ” Gerrymandering, closing polling sites in black neighborhoods, onerous voter ID poll taxes… “
            Except that none of that happens.
            Well, it actually does, but by the LieCheatSteal party – yours.

      4. Why do you believe that blacks are so stupid that they are unable to show ID to vote, thus are “suppressed” if asked to do so?

        1. Because Tony, much like Biden, is a giant racist.

          1. But they are Noble Racists, looking out for the best interests of the darkies (and their votes).

  7. https://twitter.com/DrewHLive/status/1343984183694114817?s=19

    Multiple hotels have shut down and canceled reservations ahead of Trump’s big protest on January 6th in DC

    BLM and other communist organizations have been pressuring hotels in the area to shut down accusing them of housing White Supremacists

    Welcome to communism

  8. https://twitter.com/TheRightMelissa/status/1343988516208967680?s=19

    Many Republicans are selling out to the deep state system because they have been promised a seat at the table.

    All you need to do is Read history & you will find out the first ones they will come after are the traitors that helped them get into power.

    You really have to be so blind & short sighted to not understand the gravity of what is happening to this nation. All you Republicans who are selling out your fellow countrymen for 30 pieces of silver from China are gonna weep in regret if China & the far left pull this off.

    & all u libs who think u r part of the power structure.. u r not
    U are a poor pleb in this new “Great Reset” “Build back Better” China centric world they are trying to usher in.
    U r selling out your own children b/c media taught u to hate Trump more than you love ur own freedom

    1. The Bill Kristol wing of the GOPe think themselves masters of the universe… with their shitty little magazines and affected mid-Atlantic accents that made them sound like Frasier Crane’s gay uncle, perpetually explaining the subtle parallels between George W. Bush and Seneca.
      But in reality they’re just sad little empty suits who gave up any sense of obligation to honest debate a long time ago.

      Grappling with the actual problems on the table takes effort, and gets in the way of stoking the unearned sense of superiority to which they’re addicted.

    2. You have to support the coup or else you hate freedom!!!

      1. …said every government apparatchik from 2016 to 2020.

        1. I fucking love Republican propaganda bullshit.

          “It’s okay when we do it, because you did it too!”

          “But we didn’t do it.”


          1. “But we didn’t do it.”

            It’s Tony, folks. Reality be damned.

          2. So we didn’t have a three year long investigation into Russian conspiracy? And Rachel Maddie didn’t nightly guarantee us that the election was stolen? And Schiff didn’t spend three years assuring us that he had evidence (which he never produced) proving Trump and Putin stole the election together? Okay gee everyone else in the country must have been living in a different reality than you.

            1. “ everyone else in the country must have been living in a different reality than you”

              That is not completely out of the question when it comes to Tony

            2. No, but you would know what we did find if you had bothered to read the Mueller report or the Wikipedia summary of it.

              1. No they didn’t find any evidence of collusion. And you cited Wikipedia. It did state Russia did try to interfere, but that there was no evidence it was successful and they could find no evidence of collusion with any American Citizen, especially any tied to the Trump campaign. Maybe you should reread it and take off your partisan glasses. You ridicule Nardz ey all for believing in voter fraud, yet you continue to try and insist that there was collusion despite the report specifically stating that there was no evidence of collusion.

                1. I specifically don’t use the word collusion because I choose not to buy into the Republicans propaganda effort wherein they simply say “collusion” just the one word and all of a sudden Trump is absolved of everything. Never mind they collusion isn’t the name of any crime and nobody ever said it was.

                  “The Mueller report does not say Trump ever ogled a teenager, so he obviously didn’t do anything wrong.”

                  The report says the Trump campaign welcomed Russian interference and expected to benefit from it. Trump was surrounded by people with Russian ties.

                  To the extent that people weren’t charged with crimes (and many were), it was because of successful obstruction of justice or because one was president and they felt you can’t prosecute the president, until he’s out of office at least.

                  You’re dismissing a huge amount of damage done to the United States because of the (R) after these people’s names. Maybe you’re the danger.

  9. https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/1343976909315649542?s=19

    To me the wildest story of 2020 is still that the most widespread and destructive riots in at least 50 years occurred and it basically got covered up

    1. Really? I can barely open the internet without some rightwing asshole screeching about cities burned to the ground by the blacks.

      How sad for you that an actual crisis got in the way of your cynical racist narrative.

      1. Really? I can barely open the internet without some rightwing asshole screeching about cities burned to the ground by the blacks.

        “The blacks” aren’t burning down cities, BLM is. BLM mostly consists of ignorant, privileged white people, like youreself.

        1. No cities were burned down.

          By contrast, Trump presided over the largest period of civic destruction since the civil war. And to this day he seems to care more about preserving confederate statues than fixing the pandemic.

          Your priorities are fucked up and you need to deprogram yourself from the alt-right matrix your jacked into. They laugh at you as they monetize your paranoia. Laugh and laugh.

          1. And calling everybody to your right racists and homophones and transphobic etc for 30+ years didn’t contribute to this at all? You totally lack self awareness if you think this was all Trump’s doing. Trump is. Symptom not the disease. Your hatred of anyone who disagrees with you (and those on the right that do the same thing) is the disease. Buy a fucking clue.

          2. Also, your criticism of those complaining about the elections would hold a lot more weight if you didn’t spend the last four years crying the Russians stole the 2016 election. Worry about your plank in your eye before commenting on the speck in your neighbors eye. Rather or not you are Christian it is damn good advice.

          3. “No cities were burned down.”

            True. Only PARTS of cities were burned down. And they don’t matter, because everyone has insurance, right?

            And if some Fascist Auntie breaks open your skull with a baseball bat, there is injury only to PART of your body. And that doesn’t matter, because everyone has insurance, right?

            1. Nobody thinks burning things down is good. It’s just not something anyone in politics is supporting.

              Now let’s talk about the pandemic response.

              1. Yes, let’s talk about ineffectual, tyrannical lockdowns that have still resulted in California having the fastest growth in infections of the nation, while stated that have no lockdowns spiked in November but now have decreasing infection positive rates, hospitalizations and deaths, while full lockdown California continues to increase in every one of those categories. Yes let’s talk about that if you want to change the subject because your gotcha point was easily countered.

              2. “Nobody thinks burning things down is good.”

                Where have you been at all year? There were mobs of CRAZED BIDEN SUPPORTERS roaming the streets of America’s liberal hell holes setting things on fire and looting simply because they got bored during lockdown.

                THEY clearly thought burning things down was good.

                1. And Trump supporters rioted in support of stealing the presidential election. Talk about arson.

                  1. And which major city is going to make small business owners pay their property taxes in advance before giving them building permits to rebuild after the Trump election riots?

              3. There’s different levels of “not supporting” though. Do you mean “not supporting” as in “not prosecuting the arsonists” or as in “actively posting bail for them”?

          4. “Trump presided over the largest period of civic destruction since the civil war.”
            What the fuck are you talking about, imbecile?

            1. You. You are the problem. Everything you believe is a lie, you are working for America’s enemies, and you’re too stupid to know it.

              Have a nice day.

          5. “No cities were burned down.”

            Don’t lie Tony, I observed it with my own two eyes: mobs of crazed Biden supporters setting things on fire, they were everywhere.

            “Trump presided over the largest period of civic destruction since the civil war.”
            No, Trump EXPOSED the largest period of civic destruction, perpetrated by you sick fucks. He dragged you ass eating swamp creatures out into the open, and now half the nation is disgusted and outraged by the incoming Democrat president; the sleepiest president in the nation’s history.

          6. Except Minneapolis.

  10. https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/1343992814535757824?s=19

    5 years ago when I said the left wants you in gulags, people called me extreme.

    Hold on tight.

    It’s going to get worse.

  11. https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1343788567860932608?s=19

    Biden is going to make it legal to knowingly spread HIV to other people without their consent.

    1. So, in that same vein of thought, should we make it a criminal act to knowingly infect others with Covid?

      1. Of course, same as with any other disease; you need to prove knowledge, intent, and harm, of course. Harm in particular may be difficult for COVID.

    2. Also, if you think HIV infected persons should have a big sign hung around their neck (paraphrasing here), you surely would be ok with requiring the Covid passport, right?

    3. So exactly what you believe with respect to covid, a much deadlier disease than AIDS.

      1. KungFlu is not dangerous to all but a tiny minority of people who contract it. AIDS is incurable and will end up killing anyone who contracts it, without lifelong treatment. So these are not comparable things.

        Care to try again?

        1. Well more than 300,000 Americans died in a year from Covid, compared to about 14,000 from AIDS. So two years of Covid is equal to the entire number of AIDS deaths since AIDS was discovered. So would you care to try again?

          1. The way GRIDS and the Chinaflu are transmitted are completely different.
            15 minutes of close contact, masked or unmasked, versus anal or intravenous injection? No comparison.

          2. You’re full of shit.
            From the LA Times: HIV/AIDS has killed more than 700,000 people in the U.S. since 1981.

      2. Now I’ve heard some stupid shit before, but holy crap this takes the cake!

        1. Just imagine if Trump and fellow Republicans had been as reckless with AIDS as they have been with Covid. I realize there’s be a lot more butt fucking at White House garden parties than might be normally expected in such a scenario, but in principle what’s the difference? Except for the fact that Covid is deadlier?

          1. Are you saying the AIDS epidemic was handled properly? It was the same idiot Fauci .

            1. He was wrong then because Tony could blame it on Reagan and Bush but 8s right now because it helped Biden. That is all we need to know.

      3. So exactly what you believe with respect to covid, a much deadlier disease than AIDS.

        COVID is not “deadlier than AIDS”. But more importantly, AIDS imposes massive morbidity, costs, and loss of quality life.

        In any case, issues like this should be decided on a case-by-case basis: if you know you are a disease carrier and you demonstrably infect someone else, and that person suffers harm as a consequence, you should be held responsible, whether it’s COVID or HIV.

        1. Okay let’s haul all the idiot Trumpers to court. But not before Trump himself, who lied about the magnitude of the problem in order to deliberately get people infected as part of a misguided herd mentality theory.

          Put him on trial. At The Hague.

          1. On what charges? And why the Hague? Because his actions didn’t hurt most other countries which were already having outbreaks as bad, if not worse as in many European countries, at the same time. Maybe, if masks are actually effective we should put Fauci up on the same charges because he states he purposely lied bout masks because he didn’t want people stockpiling them. God, you can’t make a coherent argument can you?

          2. Trump only repeated what Fauci was saying at the time.
            Just because he was president, doesn’t mean he had independent knowledge of the severity of the disease. He was stating what experts were telling him.

            1. He said to Bob Woodward on tape (so you lying fucks can’t deny it) that he knew how dangerous it was in like March, and what has he been doing since then? Infecting himself, most of government, and having zero plan for the country? Yep.

  12. Whether you agree with RICO laws or no, they were established for one basic reason…some known crimes are just impossible to prove or to bring the actual perpetrator(s) to justice. All of the crimes committed by Al Capone are well documented, yet the only crime we could convict him on was tax invasion. Knowing that a crime has been committed and being able to prove it are sometimes noncompatible. There was undoubtedly massive fraud during the 2020 elections. Enough fraud to change the outcome? I doubt anyone will ever know. Just because you are unable to prove a crime happened, does not mean the crime did not occur.

    1. “There was undoubtedly massive fraud during the 2020 elections… Just because you are unable to prove a crime happened, does not mean the crime did not occur.”

      Just let that sink in for a bit. This is what listening to Hannity does to your brain.

      “Just because there’s no proof doesn’t mean she’s not a witch!”

      1. The stupid is strong within you.

      2. “Just because there’s no proof doesn’t mean she’s not a witch!”

        But there is proof, she weighs the same as a duck.

        1. And she turned me into a newt

          1. A newt?!

            1. But he got better.

      3. And 40% of murders go unsolved. It doesn’t mean the victims aren’t dead.

    2. There is a handful of documented cases of voter fraud, almost all of them Trump voters.

      There may well have been cheating, but all circumstantial evidences points to Trump being the more likely cheater, not least because he is a known big fat lying cheater.

      Fortunately there’s no need to overturn an election where the cheater lost anyway.

      1. Everything you just said, and probably everything you’ve ever said is idiotic bullshit. You really are a mindless drone for your party.

        1. I sure hope to see the look on his face when they put him up against the wall.

        2. Other than he is correct. Today I have seen one case of voter fraud. A Pennsylvania man who cast votes for Trump as his dead mother and dead mother-in-law. I have seen no cases of Democrats doing similar things. Although that may change. But as Tony noted one or two votes this way or that will not change the results.

          1. I’ve seen several stories of people charged before the election with false registration, and at least one Democratic election official who has been charged with falsifying voter registration rolls.

            1. I noted one individual in Philadelphia. What is the election official you mentioned. I see no record of this happening. Can you reference?

              1. A poll watchers was charged in early fall in Atlanta. A democratic canvasser was charged in September for turning in false registrations. If you are using Google you may need to dig to find these stories, because if you try with the word Democrat or progressive the only bring up stories about Republican malfeasance.

          2. Like Tony, you suffer from the fallacy that because you haven’t seen it, must mean it didn’t happen. Because you dismiss so many news sources, you don’t see the stories that more left wing news media doesn’t cover. So you see the world through a filter. However, several commenters have posted links over the past several months of numerous cases of Democrats, and left wing advocates who were charged this year with falsifying registrations, falsifying voter rolls etc. Since they were caught it would be better to argue that the system works. Buy instead you choose to argue that it is only the Republicans doing it when several commenters have posted numerous examples on Reason for four months straight of news stories on Democrats and Left wing advocate groups getting busted for voter fraud.

            1. There have been Biden voters, who have submitted affidavits that claim voter fraud by fellow LieCheatSteal party members.

            2. I am not looking at the news for stories. I am looking to see if charges were brought or a court ruling found evidence of fraud. That an individual make charges is one thing, it is another for those charges to be validated by legal action or a court ruling. In the case of the Philadelphia man charges were filed.

              1. And how are you searching? Charges have been filed or they plead out and paid a fine.

        3. Tony is NOT a drone.

          He is just ringing the cash register, 50 cents at a time. He is one of Reason’s resident wumao.

      2. Votes were counted in secret. Other places observers were kept too far away to verify.

        If there was no fraud this election, there will be next.

        When Mayberry reports 30 million votes for Sheriff Andy, will you still claim there is no fraud?

        1. There was fraud. There always is. I read about several documented cases, all of them Trump voters, which isn’t all that unsurprising considering the crap they’ve been fed. But they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Elections are not to be fucked with.

          That goes especially for election losers trying to do a coup.

          It’s fascinating watching the Republican propaganda machine at work on vulnerable brains. “Election fraud” all of a sudden means only Democrats should be investigated. As if there isn’t a million times more reason to suspect Republicans of cheating.

          1. >>all of them Trump voters

            never change, dude.

            1. Does it surprise you that pickle-brained simpleton Trump voters might try to vote twice given the bullshit they’ve been fed?

              1. not at all I just love your “all of them” part.

  13. “Republican control of the Senate is important as a check on Biden’s power”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Republican Party was no more during and after 2016! The Republicans number one show pony losing the election is a “check” on how the Republican Party has become total douchebags and the possibility of the two nimrods losing in Georgia will be the nail in the coffin confirming that they are not only douchebags but bat bat shit crazy douchebags. Check, check and double check!

    1. How are Joe and Doctor Biden supposed to unify the country, bring in an era of bi-partisan good fellowship, etc. when people like you refer to Ossoff and Warnock, in Georgia, as being “douchebags” and “nimrods?”

    2. Sorry about you neocons losing your home and all.
      Maybe Uncle Joe can attack Armenia or something, to make you feel more welcome.

    3. I look forward to 4-8 years of people like you and Tony being pro war again.

      Not that I’m pro war mind you, it’s just hilarious to me that you’ll all try to pretend you’re not.

  14. https://twitter.com/KanekoaTheGreat/status/1343946901020798978?s=19

    BREAKING: According to CDC data, COVID-19 has cured the flu!

    1. Did they say that? Or are you putting words in their mouth?

      Data is data. People assign meaning to data – whether its correct or not.

      1. Protip: Nardz generally posts the link AND the text of the tweet. So he’s. It saying anything, he’s just posting the tweet here.

  15. Is this the same Post that was locked out of Twitter for saying the wrong thing about Hunter Biden?

    1. Yes.
      They’re making their amends.

      1. So NewsMax issuing an on air correction (as well as Lou Dobbs) about unverified claims of fraud is them making amends, too?

        Is the deep state’s pockets that deep?

        1. You’ve got to stop listening to the voices in your head.
          You’re just embarrassing yourself.

        2. Ya I think it was Dobbs embarrassing interview of the Trump supporter wackjob drunk Michigan lady that put him over the edge.

          Watching that cringey interview on air was rough. You can see, even him, in real time realizing that this lady has absolutely nothing, is making the entire thing up, and her “hard evidence” is on par with the rest of the evidence revealed so far…nothingburger at best, but probably just fabricated fanciful thoughts of a crazed, low IQ, upset electorate that they lost.

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  17. *That outcome, the paper warns, will “leave your party out of power,”*

    This assumes that the GOP is Trump’s party and not the Democratic Party, which the big-government anti-capitalist huckster always was a part of in the first place.

    1. I remember a lot of concern trolling before the election that Trump was going to doom the entire Republican party to defeat, and if they didn’t throw Trump under the bus that Joe Biden was going to sweep a Democrat supermajority into power on his coattails.

      How did that turn out?

      1. Joe Biden was going to sweep a Democrat supermajority into power on his coattails.

        That didn’t happen. But it won’t matter.

  18. This is probably the fastest a newspaper has ever gone from Jacob Sullum’s shit list to “Most Trusted Paper in America” status.

  19. I predicted in 2017 that Trump’s legacy would be the Democrats he gets elected in 2020.

    1. Republicans had about average losses for the party of an incumbent President in the House in 2018, and gained seats in the Senate. In 2020, Democrats managed to gain one seat in the Senate (pending results of the runoffs) and got massacred in the House.

      Remember all of the crap we’ve been hearing about the ‘blue wave’? 2022 is going to look like the elevator full of blood scene in ‘The Shining’.

      1. The lost 9 seats. Thats not a massacre. They still hold a majority.

        It’s funny to me that you make this claim about the Blue Wave, but at the same time every conservative was talking about Trump winning and bringing a red wave in the Senate and House. Yeah, that didn’t happen either.

        1. There you go, listening to the voices in your head, again.
          In every competitive race, the LieCheatSteal party lost.
          That “majority” is the slimmest in history. If more than a couple of your party’s reps are absent, it is gone.

    2. It’s not called “getting them elected” when they do it by fraud. But you’ll not be learning that lesson until a few years from now, when Republicans hoist you by your own fraudulent petard.

      (you sick fucks DID legalize voter fraud, which means Republicans will do it too going forward)

  20. You’re the one who is delusional, Mr. Sullum. The big media have been gaslighting the public since 2008, not just once in a while but continuously, and have forfeited our trust. There is no mainstream any longer.

    And the steal did happen. And Fox has defected to the bad guys. And you’re hard at work to make Reason do the same thing.

  21. Pennsylvania’s electoral votes should not be accepted by Congress on January 6, 2021 because Pennsylvania’s election included approx. 2.6 million votes cast in a manner not permitted by the state’s constitution, namely mail-in ballots.

    In their suits at the state and federal levels, remedies requested by aggrieved parties Rep. Mike Kelly, the Trump campaign, and others, were to throw out all mail-in ballots, or to throw out all ballots and have the legislature pick the electors. These remedies were just too big of a pill for the state Supreme court and the 3rd federal circuit court to swallow.

    The correct remedy would be to hold a “do-over” election conducted in compliance with the state constitution, that being in-person and absentee balloting only, no mail-in balloting. For the presidential race, the results of the do-over election would determine the fate of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. It is immaterial if they go to Biden or Trump, the value of the exercise would be in the affirmation of the Rule of Law and “getting it right.”

    1. Or we could line you against a wall and shoot you for fomenting a coup.

      You don’t get to have do-over elections when you lose. Sorry. Try running someone more competent and less insane next time.

      1. Thank you for that thoroughly unhinged rant.

        Care to post a reply discussing the facts?

        1. Facts in this context are whatever the legal process say they are. The fact is the courts found Pennsylvania’s measures to be OK and are not included to steal the votes of millions of people for no good reason.

          Stop trying to steal people’s votes. Stealing is a crime.

          1. Voter fraud is also a crime. Each fraudulent vote nullifies a legitimate voter’s vote. That seems like stealing too.

          2. So is confiscation Tony yet you advocated for the government to steal from people.

            You are a fucking tool, and you know it because you keep coming back here for abuse.

          3. Tony: “The fact is the courts found Pennsylvania’s measures to be OK….”

            The fact is that the PA Supremes never ruled on whether the law in question (Act 77 of 2019) was, or was not, constitutional. The idiotic remedies requested by the petitioners (Kelly, Trump campaign, et al) allowed them to take the easy way out and toss the suit on some vague concept called “laches” and the Catch-22 unconstitutional provision in the unconstitutional Act 77 that said challenges to this law have to be made within 180 days.

            It is also a fact that PA SB 413 (printer’s #1653) exists. What’s that, you ask? It’s the joint resolution that (if passed twice and approved by voters) eventually amends the PA constitution to pave the way for mail-in balloting. Hmmm, if mail-in balloting is already constitutional in PA (remember, about 2.6 million ballots were cast via mail-in at the Nov. 2020 election), why does the legislature think it needs to pass a constitutional amendment to allow something that is already happening?

            1. You’re not talking about a relevant legal principle. No court is going to steal the good faith votes of millions of people on a technicality, and you shouldn’t want it to unless you hate democracy and want to seize power by force, in which case I get to shoot you.

              1. The problem is if the law is not valid the election was joy held in good faith, and many of the voters felt that by not following the law, that they couldn’t be sure the votes were made in good faith. This is exactly what the courts should decide. It isn’t a technicality if the law wasn’t valid. And the votes therefore were not cast or counted in a manner consistent with the law. It means that election laws are completely arbitrary, which means no one can have faith in election results.

              2. Not asking any court to steal anything. Given the choice of letting an unconstitutional election stand, or throwing out people’s votes, both of which are sucky choices for obvious reasons, I’d go for the do-over: All eligible voters cast their ballots in accordance with current law.

                How do you get “hate democracy” [whatever that means] or “seize power by force” from a legitimate election?

                1. Explain how this election was any less legitimate than any other, or else I’m gonna believe you want a coup. Election do-over. Of course Trump wants that. Like any spoiled toddler.

                  1. In every contested state, and many others, there were changes in election laws that did not meet the requirements of the US Constitution – AKA the Supreme Law of the Land.
                    THAT’S how this election was any less legitimate than any other.
                    The coup was what was tried to be done to the Trump presidency, for four years.
                    This is merely asking that the laws be followed.

                    1. Then I’m sure there’s a court that will say so.

                      If an unconstitutional law isn’t struck down, is it really unconstitutional?

                  2. This was the first election that had legalized voter fraud.

                    And it is very suspicious that Dominion uses closed source software that nobody can inspect. If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding their code?

                    1. How do I know you people aren’t simply too emotionally immature for democracy?

      2. You have the nerve to bitch and moan like that when it was YOU sick fucks that legalized voter fraud in the first place!

        No matter the outcome of the election, Trump has dragged you ass eating swamp creatures out in the open and now virtually every one of our institutions has been thoroughly discredited and your evils exposed to the entire country.

        1. Do you even know what you’re talking about? Do you people have concepts,’or is it just the words?

    2. So you want to disenfranchise 2.6 million voters for following the rules, because the rules shouldn’t have been the rules?

      There are plenty of reasons to suspect fraud in Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t mean you just throw the whole thing out because you can’t prove the fraud.

  22. Sullum is an obviously paid tool of the left. He’s written article after article about how the election was held with absolutely no fraud and that anyone challenging it is wanting to stamp out democracy. The truth is, there were a substantial number of issues appearing to be willful fraud in swing states that magically flipped for Biden and Trump’s challenge of the election is actually good for Democracy, if it exposes this fraud. Of course, Sullum and the vast majority of the media want to quickly “move on” and sweep it all under the rug. Trump needs to appoint a special counsel to investigate this fraud before leaving office.

  23. >>an undemocratic coup

    good lord you are a stupid, stupid man … or just a leftist asshole at the wrong webzine … idk

  24. Maybe instead of Quixotically tilting at windmills trying to prove voter fraud (which is nearly impossible) and finding some way to keep Trump President (not going to happen) we should focus on making election laws better to make fraud harder? Just a thought and one hi have voiced since November. .
    I am sure someone will be along shortly to tell me why we should continue an unwinnable fight rather than focusing on how we can make things better.

    1. I think you are right on the money. The election is over. I would very much like to focus on making future elections better. I don’t think there was any significant fraud, but I would consider ways to make people more comfortable with the results. I believe that mail in voting is here to stay and I support making it better.

      1. Mail in voting would be fine if it wasn’t that every state that has implemented it has become more one party, which makes the process rife for conspiracy thinking and questions of legitimacy of the outcomes. And if they didn’t keep discovering uncounted votes days weeks aft the elections. And this isn’t unique to this election, it also happened several times in the past.

        1. Implemented it solely e.g. Washington and Oregon etc.

        2. What you said is true but correlation does not equal causation. Most of the all mail-in states are Democratic but one is Utah. What I do think is that mail-in voting is much more convenient and more to the liking of young active people. I was impressed by the large turn outs in 2020 and I think the ease of mail in voting helped get these numbers up. I think that young people will embrace mail-in voting and it will become the most common method.

          All that being said the focus should be on helping people accept mail-in votes. Currently verification relies on signature. A quaint old technique that is almost never used today (when you last write a check?). I suggest replacing signature with a pin number.

          1. I write checks all the time, the last one was when I bought feed two weeks ago. And when I pay rent, pay my city utility bills, etc. And pin numbers still don’t address how since 2006, every election there is a story of a box of votes being found days or weeks after the election. And almost every single case it happens in are close elections, and I’m 90% of the ones I know about, they favor the Democratic nominee.
            Correlation doesn’t equal causation, however, correlation is usually considered justification to do further testing to see if it is in fact causation.
            Convenience should not be the factor deciding on using. System that bout 50% of the country has no support of. And it isn’t the goverments job to have us accept it. In fact, if we tell them we don’t want it, their job is supposed to be to listen to us not do it anyhow. Just because young people like it ( and not all of them, maybe a slim majority) isn’t an argument in favor of implementation. The Constitution says nothing about making voting convenient. That is the worse argument possible to make as a reason to change to what is conceivably a less secure system than in person voting. If you want people to accept the results it must be as transparently secure as possible. And the best way to do that is in person voting with ID required.

            1. Lots to unpack here.

              1. Glad your still supporting the check printers of America. Ever had a check returned because they did not like the signature? I am guessing not. Most signature checks are “is it there” or “not”. Not a good system, PIN usage better.

              2. 50% of the country did not oppose mail-in voting before Trump decided it was wrong. Like a number of things over the last four years, people did not even know their opinion on things until Trump told them what their opinion was.

              3. Mail-in voting is here to stay. Figure out what you need to be comfortable with the method.

              1. “Mail-in voting is here to stay.”

                There’s a reason this crap was BANNED in most of the western world since the 1970’s: because of massive, proven fraud (especially in France). If we preserve this legalized fraud, then Republicans will just start cheating too.

                1. Many countries allow mail-in voting. In this country it dates back to the Civil War. While there are many claims of fraud few have been proven. If the Republicans want to give it a try, let them. I think it is a lot harder to do than you think.

                  1. That is actually incorrect. The rules this year were very different from past absentee voting due to Covid. Additionally, the use of closed source, unverifiable, foreign developed software is also a recent addition to American elections, becoming much more common over the last decade.

                    1. What is incorrect.

                      Look earlier in the comments I listed over ten countries that use mail in voting. Switzerland has high rates of mail-in voting.

                      I voted in Wisconsin and nothing essentially changed for me or many others. You can vote mail-in by requesting and absentee ballot, you can early vote at designated locations, you can vote in person at the polls.

  25. ‘Stop the Insanity,’ the New York Post Urges Trump. ‘It Is Time To End This Dark Charade.’

    Wow! I didn’t know than Susan Powter was a political pundit as well as a Nineties exercise maven.

    1. “End the dark charade “!
      Get ready for the dark winter!

  26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdTctOgwAHU&feature=youtu.be

    Just so you know what we are getting to take his place.

  27. Well, I for one welcome our new SJW overlords.

  28. “The Reeds At Runnymede” by Rudyard Kipling read by Farnham Town Crier


    That our realistic choices were poor and that Obama was very bad as the bad seed that Trump, who is worse, fertilized and that Biden is too weak to pull this noxious weed of an authoritarian cult; are not reasons to surrender our right to choose to Trump’s crazy clown coup. They are reasons to fight for better choices – maybe why we are all here on this libertarian site.

    1. Yes if only the LP actually offered a realistic option. However, we celebrate 1% of the popular vote and 3© last time around. And we have no elected LP Congressional Representatives or Senators. The only LP Representative was elected as a Republican and only changed his party after he decided to run for the LP nomination and not seek reelection.

    2. “That our realistic choices were poor and that Obama was very bad as the bad seed that Trump, who is worse, fertilized and that Biden is too weak to pull this noxious weed of an authoritarian cult; are not reasons to surrender our right to choose to Trump’s crazy clown coup.”
      True. They are reason to point out that TDS-infected shits should be recognized as TDS-infiected shits, TDS-infected shit.

  29. Trump becoming a sage elder statesman doesn’t seem likely, nor does a return to power.

    But 4 years of Biden/Harris might make people long for the good old days of 2017-2019.

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