Election 2020

Trump's Election Conspiracy Theory Requires Followers To Join Him in an Alternate Universe

Given the conspicuous lack of credible evidence, the president's charges can be accepted only as a matter of faith.


No matter how many times Bullwinkle J. Moose fails to pull a rabbit out of his hat, he remains optimistic. "This time for sure!" he exclaims, disregarding his sidekick's exasperated complaint that the trick "never works."

If President Donald Trump has any skeptical friends like Rocky the Flying Squirrel, he plainly does not listen to them. Otherwise he would not be demanding that all true patriots join him in an alternate universe where he won reelection.

Many of Trump's supporters seem to live there, notwithstanding a long series of disappointments for litigants trying to demonstrate that the presidential election was illegitimate, culminating in two unanimous rejections by the Supreme Court last week. According to a recent Fox News poll, 68 percent of Republicans and 77 percent of Trump voters believe "the presidential election was stolen."

Some of those Trump fans may simply be signaling their loyalties or giving the response they think will irk the president's enemies. But unless Trump supporters are perpetrating an elaborate gag nearly as sophisticated and complex as the baroque conspiracy he blames for denying him a second term, there are a lot of true believers out there.

Believing Trump requires accepting his claim that election officials across the country—possibly aided by a long list of co-conspirators that includes George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and several foreign governments—used fraud-facilitating voting machines to give Joe Biden an edge, then switched to manufacturing "hundreds of thousands" of phony paper ballots when the original plan fell short. It also requires believing that pro-Trump news outlets, Republican election officials, Republican members of Congress, Trump-nominated judges and justices, the Department of Homeland Security, and Trump's own attorney general helped conceal that conspiracy by casting doubt on the president's charges or obstructing his efforts to overturn the election.

The alternative to buying all that is to conclude that Trump has refused to admit defeat, whether for personal or political reasons, and has therefore resorted to increasingly desperate explanations for Biden's victory. That hypothesis is consistent with everything we know about Trump, including his disdain for the truth, his enormous yet fragile ego, and his allergy to accepting responsibility.

It is also consistent with the chasm between Trump's assertions and the claims his campaign has made in court. In a 46-minute Facebook rant earlier this month, Trump complained that "even judges so far have refused to accept" that he won the election—hardly a niggling detail, since courts are the forum where Trump had to support his charges with credible evidence.

Trump thinks the Supreme Court "chickened out" when it declined to hear Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in four battleground states. The justices simply "didn't want to rule on the merits of the case," the president avers.

Yet state and federal judges have ruled on the merits of Trump's legal arguments and rejected them, often in blistering terms. Equally telling, the Trump campaign's lawsuits have failed even to allege the sort of vast criminal conspiracy he describes in speeches and tweets—possibly "because there are legal consequences for lying to judges," as Sen. Ben Sasse (R–Neb.) suggested last month.

In his motion to join Paxton's lawsuit, Trump admitted that he can't back up his claims of systematic cheating. "It is not necessary for the Plaintiff in Intervention to prove that fraud occurred," said Trump's lawyer, John Eastman. The problem, he argued, was that the election procedures challenged by Paxton made any such scheme "undetectable."

That argument contradicted Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's claim that the purported conspiracy is "easily provable" and the president's assertion that "the evidence is overwhelming." By Eastman's account, the plot to steal the election cannot be documented, meaning its existence must be accepted as a matter of faith.

In other words, there is no rabbit. But like Bullwinkle, Trump may still unleash fearsome beasts, one of which already has devoured our shared sense of reality.

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364 responses to “Trump's Election Conspiracy Theory Requires Followers To Join Him in an Alternate Universe

  1. Why did they stop counting, Jacob?

    1. If it’s any consolation, your vote and mine will not count after the EC is jettisoned by 2024.

      1. “If it’s any consolation, your vote and mine will not count after the EC is jettisoned by 2024.”

        The fantasies of lefty shits…

        1. It’s not a fantasy – they are going to amend the constitution…no problem. ????????????

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    3. They stopped counting because, as was proven by the Venezuelan mathematicians who could not figure out how Chavez kept getting elected clear up until he ruined the country, that Dominion and the GEMS software system it uses comes handily packed with the ability to enter code that allows votes to be shifted using an algorithm that is the ONLY REASON the six states that Trump was winning at 3 a.m. he was losing at noon the next day. But you knew that. And so does Whoopi Sullum. He don’t mind cheating’ if his team won. 70% error rates in Michigan and Nevada, but CERTIFY THE ELECTION. Congrats, Xi Jinping and Soros and Zuckerberg. We have a senile President. Actually senile. He also lies. Like the story about when he went to apply to be a lifeguard at a Black swimming pool in 1960 and he saw two Black men kissing and his father said, “They are in love, son.” Yep. That for sure happened to Segregationist Joe and his dad who was born in 1919. Lots of Black men making out in the streets in 1960.

      1. Der TrumpfenFuhrer will FINALLY pull the rabbit out of the hat! He will Trump reality!

        How? By setting up a “USA Trumpian Government Almighty in Exile” in North Korea, where He can also pal around with His Good Buddy and Supporter, Kim Ill Dung-Breath! All True Trumpian Bleevers are encouraged to go and join Der TrumpfenFuhrer and the “USA Trumpian Government Almighty in Exile” in North Korea!!! VERY HIGH RANKS in this Guv-on-Exile are to be had, on the CHEAP!!! Contribute to Trump NOW!!!

        1. Man. . . The drugs it takes to invent such horseshit have to be expensive.

          1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

            So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

            Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

            Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

            Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

            At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

            Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to ReasonNeedsBrilliantlyPersuasiveWriters@Reason.com .

            Thank You! -Reason Staff

    4. They didn’t. You saw rumors on twitter that they did and believed them because you are a gullible idiot.

      1. There are articles from the likes of ABC and CNN about it from election night, target.

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    6. Also why were there so many votes ONLY for Biden and no other office?

      1. Joe Biden’s irresistible mesmerizing charisma brought out people who would never have considered voting before now. Blinded by his glory, they had eyes only for him.

        1. So that is the newspeak definition of low voter enthusiasm. Things are starting to make sense now, thank the Party.

      2. Because some people just wanted Trump gone and didn’t care about the rest of the ticket.

        People aren’t required to vote on everything in the ballot presented to them. In Florida, you can vote for “none of the above.”

        The simplest explanation is usually the right one.

        1. So… “…pro-Trump news outlets, Republican election officials, Republican members of Congress, Trump-nominated judges and justices, the Department of Homeland Security, and Trump’s own attorney general helped conceal that conspiracy…”

          Or if Trump concedes, people stop pouring millions of dollars into his personal defense fund?

          The simplest explanation is usually the right one.

        2. Inconsistent with Trump’s record increase in votes.

        3. Richard Prior’s version of “Brewster’s Millions” is vastly underrated.

    7. Sullum and the unreason staff have literally gone insane.

      The Commies at unreason reject clear legal arguments and supporting evidence that illustrates election official wrongdoing, incompetence, and voter fraud.

      Americans dont buy this form of Commie propaganda anymore where you call your opponents crazy just because you dont like that they have reason and the Constitution on their side.

      1. I’m genuinely worried about what you are going to do to yourself after Jan. 20 when your God-Emperor is no longer the president. Please make sure you know that you have family who love you, and stay away from sharp objects.

        1. If anyone is a God-Emporer it’s Biden. I mean he got the most votes in history. He got 10 million more than Obama! He is obviously the anointed one.

          1. He got more than Trump which is the important thing. Trump’s utter meltdown is just the hilarious cherry on top of his embarassing defeat. You hate to see it!

            1. >>the important thing

              impossible thing. you misspelled impossible.

          2. Trump gained votes from first-time voters in 2016 just as Biden has done in 2020. This is nothing new and should be no surprise given Trump’s populist messaging and social media presence. Nor should first-time voters for Biden in 2020 be much of a surprise given, again, Trump’s overwhelmingly negative public opinion among those not registered as Republican. People came out to vote for the first time just to fire Trump.

    8. Thus we enter an era when the Republican Party as a whole shifts its foundation to one of conspiracy. They get to believe whatever they want, regardless of facts, just because they want to. We knew the president was a bit conspiracy minded, because we was there at the start with the whole birth certificate shit (which was originally a Hillary campaign invention). Now he’s only one step away from declaring 9/11 to be an inside job and demanding that Stanley Kubrick reveal the set where the moon landings were faked.

      And the party is behind him 100%. Or at least 68%. Not just 68% who support him over a Democrat, but 68% who believe anything he says no matter how outrageous. 68% who are heck deep in the soup.

      How does a party go forward when it believes in its heart of heart that the entire universe is arrayed against it, that every state, every county, every judge, every institution is owned by the other side? What do they do when their bedrock faith tells them that cheating is the only way to win? Why, they cheat themselves. We’ve already seen this with the fake ballot boxes this year. We have a party that tried to cheat with ballot boxes point the finger at the other side for using legal ballot boxes.

      We’ll get over this somehow. We’ve had just as stupid shit in our past. We don’t have liberals or conservatives anymore, just vaguely right wing populists versus vaguely left wing populists.

      But what shakes me to my soul is how Christianity can handle this. There are huge swathes of evangelicals, fundamentalists, and even Catholics engaged in idolatry. Trump is their personal Lord and Savior. Not only do they believe this conspiracy theory, they believe in their very soul that Satan is directing it, and anything they can do to hasten the collapse will mean the faster the New Jerusalem will arrive for them.

      It’s the Millerites all over again, but increasingly desperate and militant Millerites.

      1. Trump didn’t piss in their faces. He didn’t sue nuns to force them to cover birth control.

        Perhaps that is why evangelicals support him over the party that openly hates them, applauds governors shutting down churches, and that sued nuns to make them cover birth control

        1. When you say “the party that openly hates [evangelicals]” you mean white evangelicals, right? Because Southern Baptists are evangelicals and a significant number of black Democrats are Southern Baptists. And Trump did “piss in their races” as he dog-whistled to the far-right racists groups that support him. Trump continues to have issues with his support of white nationalism that turns off people of color.

          And Obama didn’t force nuns to make them cover birth control. Any corporation with employees was required to provide minimum level of healthcare which included birth control. Churches were already exempted from that rule but church-run corporations like universities and charities were not. The ACA treated all employers the same.

          1. Huh. ???? you’re totally right.

      2. So they’re just like Democrats now.
        Obama’s birth certificate does prove his ineligibility because it shows his father was a foreigner.
        It only took about 50,000 votes in 4 blue cities to change the outcome of the election.

        1. You do not understand how US citizenship works.

      3. Well said, for the most part. What’s left of the party of Reagan – where character and principles mattered – died the day Trump got the nomination.

        But, the problem is that when the MSM so abandons any shred of objective, professional journalism in pursuit of a radical leftist sociopolitical agenda, and when Hollywood, athletics, and business not only do the same, but enter a McCarthy-esque era where opposing views are not tolerated, it gives Trumpist conspiracy theories – no matter how wacko they are – just a tiny shred of credibility.

        The whole ironic thing about Trump’s loss is that had he just kept his mouth shut, stayed the F off of Twitter, not made everything about him, and at least tried to act presidential, he would have won in a landslide and would have been able to keep up the (mostly good) policy work.

        I wish I shared your optimism, but as long as the cancer of social media prevails (where people are not forced to confront opposing views, but are instead “informed” and placated by retreating to their political safe spaces), and as long as the establishments mentioned above continue their destructive work, I only see things getting worse. There is actually serious talk about secession. Our only hope is the rise of new political parties to replace the two hopelessly broken ones we currently have, and for people to wise up and get the F off social media.

      4. “Thus we enter an era when the Republican Party as a whole shifts its foundation to one of conspiracy.”

        You mean, the Republicans are threatening to tread into spaces the Democrats have long since resigned themselves to.

      5. On one side, QAnon nutjobs; on the other, BLM cultists. Reality is unfashionable.

    9. “Why did they stop counting, Jacob?”

      Jacob cannot hear or see you. He has blinded and deafened himself to the boat loads of evidence that contradicks his preferred narrative. It’s an art.

      1. it’s childish.

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  2. Trumpbots explain that squirrel is a rabbit. In 3 -2 -1

    1. Did you eat either one and did it taste like chicken.

      1. A brain eating amoeba he picked up from some bad squirrel meat would explain a lot.

      2. I’ve eaten them both recently actually. Squirrel doesn’t, rabbit does. I’m more redneck then most of you mfers.

        1. Watchout for KillAllRednecks then!

        2. You’re far more stupid.

          1. Agreed. Hipster wannabe-hunter chic does not a redneck make.

        3. The amount of meat on a squirrel hardly warrants skinning it, IMO.

      3. Not a surprise to an American who only thinks there are three types of meat – but yes I’ve eaten both. Neither tastes like chicken. Rabbit tastes like a cross between squirrel and leafy veggies. Squirrel tastes like a cross between rabbits and acorns.

        Chicken tastes like – well – a bag of flour. And of course a bag of flour tastes like burlap with a hint of chicken.

  3. This is your daily reminder that Jacob Sullum is obviously nothing more than a yellow hack practicing brown envelope journalism at this point.

    Hey Jacob, you’ve now written a whopping 27 articles screaming about this very topic in just one fucking month.
    How many articles did you, or Reason as a whole, ever write about the Uighur holocaust? Literal honest-to-goodness fucking slaves are making Disney toys and NBA jerseys? Was there even one Reason article dedicated to the subject?

    Or pay for play, the Biden laptop, and the China connection?

    Or the Obama spy scandal? Even Nixon never used the FBI, CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and members of the Justice Department and the State Department to gather dirt on the opposition political party.

    Or the the 126 congressmen who supported the Texas lawsuit?

    Or the Abraham Accords + Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan? Peace between the Jews and Arabs got how many articles?

    Or the Serbia-Kosovo deal?
    Was it 27?

    How many articles did Reason publish on the First Step Act? Prison reform is incredibly important to libertarians. It got a handful of mentions, but nowhere near 27.

    Or the obvious superiority of the USMCA over NAFTA? Or even about the USMCA?

    Or about North Korean rapprochement?

    Did Reason write 27 articles about the Taliban peace agreement? The end of a 20 year war. 15? 10? 5? 1? or maybe fucking zero?

    There were shitloads of articles about Trump’s tarriffs, but how many about the massive deregulation that just took place?

    You and your pals have made it obvious, Jacob, as to what you really are, and it’s disgusting.

    1. Trump may still unleash fearsome beasts, one of which already has devoured our shared sense of reality.

      The stench of Sullum’s hypocrisy just pours out of this article.
      He’s ignored and lied about the lawsuits, and at this point is so obviously politically comprised he’d make Goebbels blush. Almost an article a day for a month with this gaslighting, but he has the guts to talk about reality.

    2. “Too local” is the answer to all of your questions.

    3. It is embarrassing at this point. The rag that bought into Mueller, impeachment, and nothing there hunter narrative.

      They can’t even write an article that says biden won but we should audit to verify for future election integrity. Yesterday sullum claimed everyone needs to proclaim biden as president out loud. Basically fealty. This is ridiculous for a self described libertarian magazine.

    4. I say keep them coming. Aside from the meltdowns in the comments being consistently hilarious, it is a healthy reminder of the terrifying number of low IQ people out there that can be conned into believing anything

      1. “I say keep them coming…”

        Of course you do; TDS-infected lefty shits never get tired of some other TDS-infected lefty shit screaming ORANGEMANBAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Pot, kettle, black.

      3. What I wonder is, were all the Trump Cultists in the comments here always this crazy, or did their love of Trump push them into their current insanity? A fascinating scientific question.

        1. No one likes Trump we just hate commies.

          1. So you were always this crazy then. Thanks for clearing that up!

            1. Kill a Commie for Mommy.

              40+ years later, still makes more sense than anything in this article.

    5. Exactly. Its not about promoting libertarianism, but about screaming ORANGE MAN BAD.

      1. Well, ORANGE MAN is, in fact BAD but also definitely not a libertarian.

    6. These articles get lots of clicks and comments. That is Jacob’s job.

    7. An explanation for all of this can be found in Chappelles “Unforgiven” sketch, the three card monty bit. “They was all in on it. They were friends…”. Here’s evidence again. Huge amounts of money were sent to certain “Hilliary” districts for “Safe and Secure” and “Get out The Vote” programs. Unprecedented grants went to election boards. Everybody was employed in the vote business. 99% of the well-meaning and legal money went to bring in Biden votes. Big city political machines ran this scam out of saloons, at one time.

    8. Amen, sack the lazy fucker already. One well-researched article takes more effort than this mountain of utterly worthless drivel.

  4. Will Jacob admit that Joe Biden participated in a literal conspiracy to falsify evidence as cause to surveillance the Trump campaign and politically persecute members of his administration?

        1. People in a cult can never tell that they are, but it is obvious to everyone else.


          1. Do you think Nardz is this odious in real life or does the internet just bring out the worst in him?

            1. It’s like Larry David playing himself. Sure, he is probably neurotic and selfish, but not to the extent he is on Curb your Enthusiasm.

          2. What do you call 80 million people who voted for a senile old man who can’t put two sentences together and spent the entire campaign in his basement not answering any questions?

            1. The majority of US voters in 2020.

              1. What do you call 70 million people who voted for a senile old man who comes from a family known for supporting the KKK, bragged about “grabbing women,” paid a porn star for sex while his wife was pregnant, and appointed his oligarch friends to the agencies that had made their lives difficult?

                1. Cultists.

  5. Not sure why anyone suspects the voting machines. The count can be checked, and is accurate.

    If fraud occurred, it happened on the front end, before the ballots got in the door. Lax standards (or no standards) for signature matching and envelope retention make every recount moot. Mail-in ballots for all facilitated record turnout, and high turnout always helps the Dems. A more established ballot harvesting machinery made it a cakewalk this year.

    Trump and his team had the past few weeks to prove fraud and came up empty. Time to go home.

      1. Wow, if only Trump’s lawyers had brought that list of 3 hour YouTube videos where random people claim the election was stolen. Is it too late to get Rudy on the phone?

    1. PHAKE SKANDULLLLl!!!!!!! as ever, eh shreeky?

    2. The country actually can’t be checked. See the antrim audit. What happened is the machines rejected an absurdly high number if ballots causing the blots to be adjudicated where a new ballot is created to replace the original. The logs for these adjudication are missing even though we have the logs from 2018, 2016. 2014. The logs generally state who adjudicated the ballots and the reason for it. The percentage of ballots adjudicated this year was absurdly high. The antrim forensic audit has now given multiple states, including arizona, the impetus to do their own audits.

      So no, we can’t even do a valid recount.

      1. So the Antrim voting machines kicked out all those ballots for adjudication so the Republican County Clerk, Sheryl Guy, could switch out the Trump votes for Biden votes? That makes sense.

        1. like climate deinailism…. it does not have to make sense…. their goal is not to prove anything, it is just to cast some hint of doubt so they can ignore reality.

          1. A theory, even if widely accepted, is not reality. But labeling those who don’t share one’s views ‘deniers’ is the mark of a cultish obsession, a quasi-religious attachment to the belief.

            1. Yeah, the knowledge gained from swaths of scientist, satellite data, polar research stations, etc. is totally the same as some guy on youtube having an opinion.

              Notice how the comfortable lies that trumpies prefer always involves some global conspiracy of unlikely bedfellows who have but one thing in common: a hatred of real, red blooded americans. It’s silly. It’s laughable.

            2. fire is hot, the world is round, gravity exists, getting shot isn’t good for you…… at some point, the “it is just a theory” argument is completely absurd….. this is shit that is plainly true and proven, and you have a bunch of morons throwing out half baked crap they don’t even understand to pretend otherwise.

        2. No they were sent overseas to be changed and sent back.

    3. As Mark Twain once said about a California election – “they stole it fair and square.” Of course Biden will be sworn in, and he should be.
      A media willing to spend four years chasing a Russia collusion theory should be able to look at the numerous election oddities in heavily Democrat cities for at least a few months. Statistical evidence – rejection rate of mail-in ballots over signature comparisons differences between 2018 and 2020 – makes a lot of what Republicans claim happened look possible.

      1. The problem with the “Russia Collusion” theory is that there was proven Russian interference in the election in favor of Trump. The only thing being debated was whether Trump participated (the “collusion” part.) After a deep investigation, the answer was muddied by the fact that Trump successfully prevented discovery. Mueller didn’t exonerate him and made a big point to let everyone know that there were facts in the report that could result in impeachment. So there was smoke and fire but “collusion” itself wasn’t proven.

        The thing about statistics is that a highly probably outcome isn’t the same thing as a certain outcome and that means statistics aren’t evidence. Nor can one say that the differences in voting between 2018 and 2020 indicate much more than states modified their election systems as a result of lessons learned in the prior election just as Florida did after 2000.

        None of this makes what Republicans claim look possible or even plausible. Republicans are claiming at least 10 million instances of fraud carried out on a massive scale by thousands of people–some of whom are Trump-supporting Republicans–of which none can produce evidence of fraud or conspiracy or “collusion” that had any significant impact on this election. A month after the election, with millions spent on recounts and investigations, there is no evidence. Not only that, the court cases filed don’t even allege what Republicans are claiming happened on their social media accounts. Now why would a Republican claim fraud and then file a court case alleging something less and even then provide no evidence to prove it? (because “Stop The Steal” is raking in free money for a guy about to lose his job.)

        1. “Proven.”

          $3,000 worth of facebook ads. . . Yeah, that is exactly how billionaires do things.

          Do you even listen to the diarrhea you spout?

  6. I had always been astonished as to how Hitler was able to mentally manipulate his supporters but during and after 2016 it is pretty clear how it happened.

    1. You must have missed the reign of Black Jesus.

      1. Oh, now I remember the proposed amendment to drop Presidential term limits.

      2. I didn’t miss Trump calling him a foreign monkey for eight years. Or all Republicans calling him a foreign monkey for eight years.

        There is a difference, and that difference is that you are all terrible assholes. You know who else were terrible assholes?

        1. You know who else were terrible assholes?

          Every guy you buttfucked in the bathroom of Tulsa’s finest 7-11?

          1. Tony’s a top?

            1. You know what a “top” is in this context?

        2. Liar.

        3. At least you are completely dishonest. Trump did no such thing for 8 years. Nor did all Republicans, and not for 8 years. You have a career in politics or journalism.

          1. I hear NewsMax is hiring…

        4. You and all the other bottoms?

    2. The irony is it is the leftists like yourself blindly parroting the medias narrative that are the manipulated ones.

      1. The real irony is you parrots calling us parrots when you are parroting what Trump is parroting from his gaggle of gaseous lawyers.

        1. The SS thought they were the righteous ones too sweetie. When was the last original thought you had that vox didn’t tell you to take?

        2. I meant think about this. We have independent journalists like Taibbi, greenwald, pool, and others all questioning election integrity as well as the media narrative. We have independent pollsters decrying how the election failed every bellwether metric. We have statisticians showing extremely off nominal batches of votes that all happened late at night. We have destroyed audit trails of abnormally high adjudicated ballots. We have known vote switching of 5000 votes in Antrim. We have a terrible forensic audit report in the one county a judge allowed an audit (more to come such as in arizona). We have the Voter Integrity Projrct who did a statistical analysis and registered a high percentage of recorded voters who stated they never actually voted. You have multiple nursing homes such as in Beaver County that had hundreds of ballots requested, filled, and returned in a single day even though the mail in application process took multiple days to process.

          And you have… a media with open biases (CNN tapes) that was wrong on virtually every story the last 4 years (Mueller, hunter, impeachment, vaccine ready this year, etc), with government officials who are refusing even statistical audits. You are a child of acceptance. You accept what the government and the media tell you. Prior to Snowden the IC never spied on Americans right?

          1. You have no fucking clue what I believe in, dipwad.

            I grew up in a household that attended militia meetings that were in support of Bo Gritz for President in 1992. I grew up in a household that was sure that the election of Bill Clinton was going to bring about the end times and martial law and we need a single AK-47 for protection. I grew up in a household that voted for Ross Perot because big scary globalism and the NWO was going to ruin democracy. I grew up in a household that attended John Birch Society meetings. I grew up in a household that saw one of my best friends disappear into the mountains of Montana with his family to live off grid because of the bullshit that the militia movement fed them. I grew up in a household that believed that we were going to be tattooed with the mark of the devil.

            And all of that horseshit has evolved into what you and the conservative party is today. A bunch of hypocritical cucks who drink every fucking word Donald Trump says as the truth and nothing but the truth.


            Do I believe everything the mainstream media says? No. I think for myself. I evaluate things on my own. But I don’t give into horseshit from people like you, trying to tell me I believe in something that I don’t.

            So stop trying to shove the narrative that I am some fucking retarded brainwashed liberal down my throat. You can go fuck yourself for all I care. You’re a giant piece of shit.

          2. I am beginning to see the connections between the people who are crying fraud and the fucking ignorant neanderthals I went to high school with.

            You guys felt so shamed with the fact that you could barely graduate high school and now you have someone in Donald Trump that makes you feel like you really are special and smart.

            Just parrot whatever he says and man, do you really have the opportunity to really show those smart kids from high school that you got the goods to compete with them.

          3. And before you go spouting off that I am intentionally ignoring any debate about the claims you just made about fraud, give it up.

            You keep rehashing the same fraud conspiracies in every single Sullum article. And I have refuted them numerous times with evidence and links. You are boring me.

          4. And now you know where my username comes from.

            And yes, I wholeheartedly believe that you are a fucking idiot, and that I am superior to you in all ways. Just ask your wife.

            1. Oh, boy! A brand new pile of stinking shit!

            2. Judging by the clear mania in your posts, your desire to project said mania on others, and the upbringing you described, its clear your username should be “daddy issues”.

              1. Deep thoughts by Jack Handy, the professional psychologist.

            3. You are superior to no one, and you are, based on your self-told history, a lefty. The arrogance and condescension is part of the package, generally speaking, for folks from that side of the sociopolitical spectrum. You are nothing special, just another angry anti-Trump drive-by here to troll.

              1. I was being facetious, moron. Good lord.

                Not a drive by troll, either. I have refuted many of the claims presented on here, and its amazing to me that when I post evidence that directly contradicts their claims, not a fucking peep. The conservative cucks on here only respond to defamatory responses, because they themselves are trolls. Thats all they have – wild claims and trolling.

                And no, not a lefty. Voting for Biden was literally the first time I had ever voted for a Democrat. Locally I vote Republican. I voted Johnson in 2012 and 2016. So go stick your head up your ass, you’ll find better shit than the stuff you’re trying to throw at me.

          5. Here, Jesse, how about this one?


            I wonder how many other GOP groups have been paying people to “sniff out fraud” / aka harass everyday normal citizens.

          6. 60 courtroom losses, and not just losses, but embarrassments. That’s what you have.

          7. Voter Integrity Project — never heard of it. Went and had a look. On their “about” page they refer to “Washington” (DC, I presume?) as “Mordor.” They define themselves as a spin-off from the Tea Party. And, amusingly, they spend a lot of time saying they aren’t the “Voter Integrity Fund” and wish the media would get it right. It’s extremely unprofessional, emotional, and unlikely to be the source of any sort of reliable statistical analysis–and that’s assuming they actually have access to a good data source.

            And you disparage CNN for having “open biases” but think the Voter Integrity Project is worth citing as proof?

    3. “I had always been astonished as to how Hitler was able to mentally manipulate his supporters but during and after 2016 it is pretty clear how it happened.”

      Yeah, that hag had a whole bunch of people fooled, didn’t she?

  7. I wonder what Sullum’s next article will be about? Maybe the effects of windmills on migrating birds?

    1. “Migrating birds are being killed by Windmills due to Trump’s Green New Deal energy policy”

      1. “Migrating birds are being killed by Windmills due to Trump’s refusal to implement the Green New Deal energy policy”
        Both bases covered now…

    1. Yes, I totally believe a white supremacist news editor who claimed that Obama didn’t believe in climate change because he bought a house on Martha’s Vineyard.

      Wow. So. Um. How do we actually go about verifying this moron’s claims? He presents no actual hard evidence besides his written word.


  8. Yay Sullum thinks we’re in an alter verse where every libertarian value is expressed. Except no reality hits you in the face every second.

  9. It’s a done deal. Let’s move on to making fun of the Biden presidency already.

    1. Roll out the fainting couches for when Biden does anything slightly indecorous.

      1. How those Russian collusion indictments coming, Tony? Any day now, right?

        1. I dunno about the collusion indictments but the tax fraud case is moving along rather well.

          Do you think Trump will pre-emptively pardon his family for “any and all crimes” prior to leaving? Himself?

          Well, if so, won’t stop state crimes from going to trial.

    2. Unfortunately for Lefties, the Constitution gives us SCOTUS review still pending and Jan 6, for Joint Session challenges to EC votes.

      Plus, the 12th Amendment is a great solution to Democrat’s massive election fraud scheme.

      1. SCOTUS hasn’t been as cooperative as people assumed. Even the three Trump appointees voted against him. (Too bad he can’t fire them, amirite?!)

        Oh, I’ll see your 12th Amendment and raise you to the 14th Amendment (section 3 to be exact.)
        “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

        There are legal arguments that meritless joint session challenges intended to subvert the public vote and electoral college would run afoul of this section. That could change the balance of the Senate.

  10. I was late for this…
    tRumpian meltdown in 3….2….1…


      He capitalized the R instead of the T!! Get it!! RUMP!! DONALD RUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      Shreek, have you ever considered a career in professional comedy? HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU ARE FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Did you break your keyboard pounding your meat to your stepmom on Pornhub?

        1. That’s it. You didn’t have daddy issues, you had STEP daddy issues.

          1. Why are you following me around? You’re fucking creepy.

      2. Good god man, maybe its time to step away from the computer for a little bit.

    2. poor unreason.

      Staff have gone insane because they know what is coming.

  11. “So far we’ve scanned 113,000 ballots, 106,000 of those we’ve adjudicated”


    This a SHOCKING admission from the Fulton County
    GA Elections Director.

    They adjudicated 94% of ballots. A voter panel then determines “voter intent”, meaning they can CHANGE the votes.

    Forensic analysis now shows there is NO audit trail for the adjudication process.

    1. Nardz you’ve fucked the chicken until there is no more chicken to fuck.

      1. It’s Mueller time, amirite Tony?

      2. Tony doesn’t know what the word adjudication means.

      3. It’s all the more ironic since the real conspiracy is how Florida manipulated COVID-19 deaths to help Trump win the election: https://news.yahoo.com/mysterious-gap-covid-19-deaths-024700180.html

        Why did they “stop the count,” so to speak, of COVID deaths leading up to the election? The only answer must be to help Trump win a big swing state.

        That’s the real collusion conspiracy.

        1. This is how you troll, folks.

        2. Not reporting deaths is exactly how Trump earned his reputation among some for having a pacifist foreign policy.

          Even though they voted for him after campaigning on killing terrorist families.

    2. Yup…but when we pointed that out BEFORE the election the courts said we had to shut our mouths because no election had taken place yet.

    3. Georgia election officials in certain counties are bragging about the electronic voting machines with paper copy backups.

      The big lie is that less than 50% of the voting in Georgia was done via this method. The rest of the voting was done via paper ballots just like they use to.

      Instead of hand counting each ballots and two observers standing over each ballot being counted, they scanned those paper ballots and whatever the machine said was “official”.

      Plus, the took military ballots via email and put the selections on a paper ballot without supervision.

      Stalin himself would have given his left nut to be able to manipulate election results like this.

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  13. Personally I don’t believe Trump won the election but there’s a lot of gaslighting going on in the reporting of it. The claim that it would take Soros and a national conspiracy to put Biden over the top is bananas. For the past four years, the major news outlets didn’t have to all get together and agree to go nuts with their overtly biased coverage of the Trump administration. They each came to that decision independently and acted on it. Likewise. hyper-partisan local officials in large county election centers, who are already well-versed in gaming the systems they oversee, would obviously separately come to the same conclusion, that a second term for Trump would be untenable. Adding hastily put-together mail-in balloting procedures would be the grease to help that along.

    No proof? Of course there isn’t. The only people with any incentive to uncover it have no allies and are grossly incompetent at this area of politics anyway. And it’s probable that the election tampering was not material to the outcome and ultimately irrelevant, but the reporting just assumes it and allows no possibility because journalists can’t allow for that possibility. That’s what a lot of people are reacting to. And it’s not like after the now conveniently forgotten Russiagate that our institutions have gained a lot of credibility in the past four years.

    1. For the past four years, the major news outlets didn’t have to all get together and agree to go nuts with their overtly biased coverage of the Trump administration.

      They didn’t have to, but they still did.

      Journolist never happened either, I’m sure. It’s very important to ignore anything you must in order maintain a BOTH SIDES narrative.

    2. Came here to say much the same thing. Sullum has obviously gone around the bend with the TDS, but you don’t have to believe all of Trump’s whacky conspiracy-theory crap – hell, you don’t even have to listen to it – to know there were a lot of odd things going on in this election and all the oddities seemed to bend in Biden’s favor. It stinks of cheating but the cheating didn’t need to be coordinated for the cumulative effect to hand Biden a victory he didn’t earn.

      From the lack of enthusiasm we saw for Biden, his lack of campaigning, the fact that he’s a feeble old joke of a candidate, the increased turn-out for Trump, his gains among minority voters, the Democrats changing the rules on voting, especially the ballot curing, the questions about verifying the votes, the transparency of the whole process – they all add up. And when you add in this “methinks the lady doth protest too much” push that nobody is allowed to question this most honest election ever in American history, it stinks on ice.

      1. Let’s be clear, almost nobody voted for Biden–but a LOT of people voted against Trump. Those people would have voted “for” my cat if he ran on a major party ticket and wasn’t Trump, so lack of enthusiasm for Biden is hardly a factor.

        It’s like Nickelback. As mocked and criticized as they are, if Nickelback came and played a show in your town, a bunch of people would come out to the show and display immense enthusiasm–perhaps many of them driven to greater heights of Nickelmania by the derision they face as Nickelback fans. And if you threw a “Nickelback sucks” rally down the street, pretty much no one would show up. That doesn’t mean the vast majority of people love Nickelback; it just means it’s easier to get people to show up when they are enthusiastic about something than to bring them out in unity over their dislike for something.

        1. Regurgitate that talking point, comrade!

    3. “The claim that it would take Soros and a national conspiracy to put Biden over the top is bananas. ”

      that is one of the claims being pushed by trump and his lawyers…… this isn’t gas lighting, they have been saying this.

      “The only people with any incentive to uncover it have no allies and are grossly incompetent at this area of politics anyway.”

      i know of more than a couple state party chairs that have been filing lawsuits on behalf of trump…. so i think they would qualify as “allies.” and those state party chairs have access to all the information it would take to prove fraud…… none of which has made it into any of the lawsuits….. (because, well…… there actually was no fraud to find evidence of.)

    4. I love it when FOX is ignored as a “major news outlet” or as part of the “mainstream media.”

      Remember how those same media, all including FOX, went bananas over Hillary’s nothingburger of an email scandal? They drove that story all the way to Trump’s inauguration.

      The problem with your “there was no collusion” story is that you’re still talking about 10 million instances of fraud that had to happen in a manner that no one can find evidence for. And your version of the Great Fraud story relies on people all acting independently which only increases the complexity, methods, and chances of getting caught. According to your story, all 10 million instances of fraud were carried out by people who were all so expert that an army of GOP-led state and local officials with equal experience backed by a pack of lawyers and a bottomless pit of “Stop the Steal” money couldn’t find a single shred of evidence that would stand up in court.

      Here’s the test you should apply to your own story: describe a method that would prove you wrong. In your mind, which portions of your story are you able to falsify (find evidence against if it exists) and then look to see if the evidence exists. If you discover that your story cannot be proven wrong because it relies on assumptions that aren’t open to evidence, you are dealing with a conspiracy theory.

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  15. In an alternate universe, there is a publication called Reason that writes libertarian oriented articles.

    1. Biden is already the most libertarian president ever.

      1. He was democratically elect. Like Hussein, Il, Xinping, Putin, Chavez… the important thing, as far as libertarians are concerned, is that democratic elections appear just, fair, and unassailable.

        1. lol “Il” and “Xinping”?

          Do you mean Kim and Xi?

          1. Do you mean Kim and Xi?

            Lemme guess, you would’ve preferred Grand Leader or Emperor.

            1. I would have preferred a little more savvy about the fact that Korean names are always last name first. Kim Jong Il’s family name is “Kim” not “Il.”

        2. The important thing for libertarians is to abandon libertarian principles the instant they do or say anything that might even be the slightest bit helpful to the left.

          In short, they need to stop being libertarians and start being full blown conservatives. Otherwise the left wins and America is fucked.

          1. Libertarians are, largely, “full blown conservatives.” I haven’t seen much any elected libertarian to distinguish the two. Rand Paul is as conservative as they come only he just has a few more grains of principle when it comes to hating government spending. But all the other libertarian stuff social freedom? He’s solidly social conservative which aint “libertarian” by any measure.

            1. I’ve never met an actual honest to God socially conservative libertarian. Every one of them loved porn, loved weed, and would fly into hysterics anytime I’d suggest there were drawbacks to letting dudes marry.

              But yes go on with your bullshit about how “conservative” modern day classical liberals are

  16. And with this article we have Jacob Sullum’s Great Beclownment.

    1. Why this one? What about yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that . . . .

      1. Yeah, you’re right. I was just itching to use the word “beclownment” since those geniuses misused it in a headline from yesterday, lol.

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  18. My faith has grown with 100’s of election workers claiming printer-perfect unfolded mail-in ballots, cases pulled from covered tables on video, election night news showing Trump actual total counts getting subtracted, actual affirmed stories of Trump vote’s getting switched to Biden, Election officials telling re-counters to ignore their recount and keep the original even though whole cases of new ballots were found and …..

    We’ll frankly just the far-fetched *faith* it takes to believe in-person people of the EXACT same county would vote in 90% contrast to what mail-in votes reflect.

    1. you do realize that the claim you are making has already been proven false, don’t you? the thing about those security cameras, is that they were running for more than 90 seconds….. and the earlier footage shows those bins being filled with mail in ballots IN FRONT OF THE OBSERVERS, after the signatures were verified on the envelope.

      1. your citation fell off.

      2. And we can see that “earlier footage” where? Let’s just pretend you’re right; Election Law’s of GA were still CLEARLY violated.

        What’s interesting to see is little ‘twit’ excuses like these pretending to be ‘debunking’ the swath of election fraud evidence by mass-media.

        “Oh, Miss Daisy stubbed her toe and the suitcases fell under the tables”, Debunk! /s
        “Oh look the courts said the suit was filed in the wrong courts”, Debunk! /s

        My hand wasn’t in the cookie jar! The Cookie jar swallowed my hand! lol…

        1. there is plenty of evidence available that the claim is BS, including from republican sources….. i have not seen the actual footage released on the internet, but i have seen statements from people who have reviewed the footage and would presumably be fans of Trump. (unless we are to believe that every republican election official in the entire country is not really a republican.)

  19. Just like the Russian collusion hoax of 2016 through 2020. It had no proof no evidence but lots of followers including reason Koch editors.

    Hey now that trump was impeached and not elected through nefarious schemes I wonder why col Vindman (ret) isn’t the toast of the town. Oh that’s right because it was a fucking setup designed to destroy and he played his role perfectly. Shuffle him off. Meanwhile felony serial liars like Brennan and clapper get cushy jobs.


  20. I used to think that liberals were reactionary and emotional while conservatives tended to use their brains a little more. Trump’s followers have proven that to be completely wrong.

    1. Very true.

      1. Except for the part where it’s the Democrats who literally went fullblown murder-in-the-streets Communist terrorist because they can’t cope with the fact that Hillary Clinton is such a failure she couldn’t even win an election she rigged.

    2. Trump voters aren’t conservatives, they are populists. It is disingenuous to conflate the two.

      1. Then where did the conservatives go? Seems to me they turned into zombie populists, shuffling around moaning “Fraauuuudd! Fraauuudd!”

      2. citations always fall off.

        1. He keeps them stuffed up his ass because it reminds him of childhood.

        2. What part of the opinion expressed above do you even think would warrant a citation?

          You are not smart, and you are making it obvious. Stop.

    3. It’s because liberal reaction and emotion has brought them success. Conservatives keep losing grown when they try to be “rational”.

      What you’re basically complaining about is that conservatives don’t invite the savages trying to burn down everything that’s good to sit down to a nice cup of tea and politely talk over their differences.

      There’s a war going on, and politics is just an expression of it. A war between civilization and savagery.

      Left = Savage

      Right = Civilization

      For libertarians to think there’s the slightest equivalence between the two goes to show how intellectually bankrupt the liberty movement has become. You’re here complaining about “trump sed meen tings bout brown peoplez wah wah wah” while meanwhile the left is actively and openly and proudly engineering a totalitarian state.

      You want freedom? Vote Republican even when they say nasty things about immigrants and pot.

      You want freedom? Never vote Democrat. Never allow anyone you know to vote Democrat. Be ready for violence against Democrats if it needs be.

      Anyone who doesn’t vote Republican in today’s political climate is literally a thought criminal and non-American.

      1. You should change your handle to “Joseph McCarthy”.

        1. Just what is wrong with trying to get suspected Communists out of the halls of power?

          You’re either a moron or a traitor if you think that’s any kind of an insult.

          1. Just because you frame all of your comments as insults doesn’t mean everyone else does the same thing.

            1. The difference is my insults are just simple truths. Yours are feeble attempts to get under my skin.

            2. What you talkin’ about, Willis? You’ve been around here for more than a day, and know that this is not true; many if not most comments are framed as or simply insults.

        2. sarc, maybe people would stop calling you a Commir cockslurp if you weren’t such a Commie cockslurp, ya Commie cockslurp.

          1. Seriously. I mean, he actually thought comparing me to McCarthy was an insult.

            It was one of the most flattering things a leftist has ever said to me.

            1. It wouldn’t be, if you understood anything at all.

              1. If you understood anything at all you’d have cheered McCarthy on.

                If he had been hunting Nazi’s you wouldn’t be wringing your hands and crying about witch hunts, like they’re somehow automatically a bad thing regardless of circumstances.

                1. Tell me which communists McCarthy actually prevented from harming America.

                  It’s like you are completely ignorant to the term “McCarthyism”. It means to make accusations, especially of treason, without evidence.

                  1. Having radical left wing opinions is pretty damning evidence

                    1. You did not answer my question.

                    2. Because it’s an irrelevant question. Paranoia about Communists in power is far preferable to complacency.

      2. There’s more to it, I suspect, than simply the success of using grievance culture to win. I think that society itself may be changing, via popular culture, education, media, which means that the younger conservatives are more likely to be emotive versus rational. Then, I could be wrong. Maybe we are all going crazy, frogs in a slowly heating pot of water.

        1. If society is changing it’s entirely because of leftist intellectuals and cultural wonks.

          Younger conservatives are just frustrated. They see everything turning to shit around them and can’t understand why it’s happening. I barely can myself. How can this country, in the space of just a few short years, that smoking pot is a-ok for you, that man to man poophole sex is perfectly fine, and that low IQ savages from shithole corners of the world are in no way shape or form any threat to native born Americans?

          Isn’t it just possible that certain ideas are being promoted by certain “experts” not because they are true or beneficial, but because they serve the right interests?

          1. You do a good job of spoofing an ultra right winger. Thing is, nobody really believes the crap you say. Have fun though! Just don’t expect me to respond.

            1. Disbelief in my so-called “crap” is precisely why we’re getting a totalitarian people’s republic in the next few years, thanks to sleepy Joe.

              People like you pushing the idea that Republicans are icky and no one should ever vote for them are certainly doing their part, though.

      3. What a round about way of demonstrating that sarcasmic was exactly right.

        You failed to make any point or provide any example. I especially love the part where you break down who are the good guys and who are the bad guys using equal signs and labels.

        Stunning work. I mean really, who could argue with equal signs?

        1. Poe’s law strikes again.

        2. If you need me to draw you a picture complete with captions and diagrams to explain simply reality to you, you’re a moron.

          Or, alternatively, you hate America so much, you simply don’t want to see it succeed and prosper. In which case it’s your duty to mock and ridicule the opinions of those who do.

          Either way, I’m not exactly losing sleep over someone like you deciding I have a “faulty” argument.

          1. No I think I’ve got the totality of your worldview. It’s about as simple as they come, so no worries there.

            1. Simplicity is a virtue, especially in a world where leftists like to use all sorts of semantic tricks and weaselly logical maxims to make their utter garbage ideas sound good.

      4. The Left: let’s have healthcare for all Americans!
        The Right: TOTALITARIAN!!!!

        Trump: Let’s try to get 10 million votes thrown out, but just the democratic votes, so I can still be president in 2021 despite losing both the popular vote and electoral vote.
        The Right: Totally NOT TOTALITARIAN!!!

        In today’s alternate reality, trying to steal an election by trashing the votes of your opponent using technicalities and post-election judicial maneuvering is the correct way to run a democracy and not at all like the sorts of things Maduro and Putin get up to.

        1. Fuck you, Marxist.

    4. Hey, sarc. I hear Biden’s having orgies with eight year olds in his basement while AntiFa shoots at random drivers on public streets.

      Sounds like your cup of tea.

      1. Sounds like you watch OAN and Newmax.

    5. “I used to think that liberals were reactionary and emotional while conservatives tended to use their brains a little more. Trump’s followers have proven that to be completely wrong.”

      While I agree with your sentiment, in my opinion, many, if not most, of “Trump’s follower’s” only THINK they are conservative. When I was younger, we called such folks “reactionaries.” From my view, Trump himself is not “conservative” either, but rather, a populist reactionary.

      1. Doesn’t really matter what you call him, it matters what he is. A good thing for this country, and totally worth pulling any and every stop to keep him in office.

        1. “We had to burn the village to save it.”

          1. If the alternative is the village going Marxist, then yeah, burning it down is saving it.

            1. And your evidence that a Biden win means Marxism?
              I’m sure it is totally not going to be a bunch of tinfoil hat nonsense, right?

              Meanwhile, in nearby “Marxist” countries like Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Germany France, etc., citizens are enjoying living wages and healthcare that doesn’t come with a side of bankruptcy.

              1. The woke crowd voted for Biden. They sure as shit aren’t voting for Trump. So what does that tell you?

                Anytime the woke crowd wins a vote, that brings us closer to Marxism. Fact, not opinion.

    6. Yup.

      They built an entire safe space fantasy world to live in, and refuse to come out.

  21. “Given the conspicuous lack of credible evidence…”

    I’d be happier about this if any unbiased sources had actually looked at evidence to see if it was credible, instead of branding any allegations false or unfounded.

    It took almost four years for the allegations about Trump and Russia to be found baseless, but these – a minute.

    1. Trump’s Election Conspiracy Theory Requires Followers To Join Him in an Alternate Universe


    2. Sorry, that wasn’t meant in reply.

      My reply to your comment would’ve been something more like: Some things take more time to investigate than others. Like when someone asserts that a SCOTUS nominee assaulted them 30 yrs. ago or when a Presidential candidate says the sitting administration is spying on their campaign, you can just can just know if they’re true or false out of hand.

    3. The evidence doesn’t exist. Can you find any on Google, YouTube, Twitter, NYT, CNN? Didn’t think so.

    4. In fairness, the Russia lie was found to be baseless very early. It’s just that politics and idiots kept the theatre and narrative going.

      As for evidence….


      1. “It’s just that politics and idiots kept the theatre and narrative going. ”

        oh, the irony…… do you really think this is any different?

        1. He quite clearly indicated no… I suspect the difference here is the same as a very small percentage of the 2016 ‘complaints,’ if there were possible issues with voter fraud, they should be independently investigated at the state level, without the partisan/media circus, and the issue fixed. The same is true of foreign state, corporation interference in election or governance. That said, the people who believe this may be a small percentage, we won’t know how many as the media and some here, ahem, paint all questions as conspiracy theory. This is where, I think the Russia collusion theory differed, it had the full backing of the media, and academe, and entertainment, and the left side of the sociopolitical spectrum, generally speaking. And to some degree, still does.

    5. The allegations about Russia interfering in the election on behalf of Trump weren’t found baseless. And the conspiracy charge wasn’t proven but neither was Trump exonerated. Trump was quite successful at avoiding discovery and protecting witnesses.

      If by “unbiased sources” you mean Trump appointed judges and Republican secretaries of state and officials? Yeah, lots of them reviewed the evidence that was presented and laughed them out of court 59 out of 60 tries. (and the 1 “win” was on a minor technicality.) The other main issue, as pointed out in the OP, is that the lawsuits filed were not actually alleging the same things Trump and his lawyers were saying publicly. There is a reason for this: lawyers can lose their license to practice for misconduct and lying in court would do that. But even still, every shred of evidence available and presented to the judges, three of which are Supreme Court Justices appointed by Trump himself, was reviewed and rejected as insufficient. Four weeks of that is not “a minute,” either. 59 lost cases. 59 court rooms. 59 opportunities before a judge, many of the GOP-appointed, and all lost.

  22. I asked this in another one of Jacob’s topics, but what has happened to Reason? You’d think an alleged libertarian magazine would be a little more open to investigating claims of election fraud (in fairness, I do believe Trump was cheated, and history will likely prove this as correct). Instead, Reason is happy to join the litany of MSM outlets who continue to gaslight everyone who refuses to accept that Biden “won”, no questions asked.

    Either Jacob is knee deep in TDS, or he’s indicative of what passes for “journalism” in this day and age. Neither is especially flattering.

    1. The burden of proof is on those alleging fraud, not on those who accept the results of the election. And so far those alleging fraud haven’t come up with anything credible to an objective person.

      1. Please. Kavanaugh was “credibly accused, “according to the media, of sexual assault by someone who couldn’t remember the date, time nor location to the alleged assault, and couldn’t name a single corroborating witness. OTOH, Trump has thousands of affidavits from people willing to testify to the fraud, and statistical analyses showing that Biden’s “win” was statistically improbable, if not downright impossible, though the media screams “no proof”.

        Trump’s “problem” isn’t that he doesn’t have proof; it’s that he doesn’t have proof which the courts will accept. What used to be, for lack of a better word, an honorable aspect of our judicial system is being used to stone wall Trump.

        The courts won’t accept anything less than a perpetrator on video saying “I’m committing fraud”, and even then the courts might not even consider that proof of “widespread fraud”.

        Ask yourself why the media, Democrats and the establishment GOP have resorted to gaslighting, calling anyone who even questions the election results as conspiracy theorists, instead of making a good faith effort to investigate the claims. We all know the answer.

        1. Like I said, those alleging fraud haven’t come up with anything credible to an objective person. And it’s funny you and others are using the term “gaslighting.”

          Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment.

          Seems like those alleging fraud are the ones sowing seeds of doubt, not the media.

          1. Name one example of evidence that you would accept.

            You never address any of the hundreds of examples of evidence that have been pointed out to you over and over with new evidence every day, my suspicion is because you came to your conclusion early on November and now you just revel in smug ignorance and repeat the same crap over and over.

            But if I’m wrong…prove it. Name one hypothetical example of evidence that you would accept.

            1. The evidence would have to be pretty overwhelming and include enough votes to sway the EC. So far what I’m seeing is “anomalies” and numbers that wouldn’t change the outcome. In short: weak sause.

              1. *sauce* (head off the pedants at the pass)

              2. Wow, that answer is worse than I predicted.

                You said “Like I said, those alleging fraud haven’t come up with anything credible to an objective person”

                Then you said the evidence needs to be “Overwhelming”

                Someone who exclusively speaks in generalities and moves goalposts from one comment to the next can not claim to be objective. Like I thought, you have no idea what the evidence is. You don’t even care to learn.

                1. Literally everyone except Trump and his diehards are dismissing the allegations that the election was “stolen.” Unless there’s some grand conspiracy throughout the entire world against Trump and his faithful, the evidence is weak. Sorry dude.

                2. 60 judges have found the “evidence” not actually existing.

                  How about this, why don’t you and the rest of the cult explain why Trump alleges massive fraud in front of his craven and imbecilic supporters, but will not do so in front of a judge?

                  The answer is: there are consequences for lying to a judge, but not for lying to imbeciles.

                  There is no evidence that exists that a rational, objective person would accept. As evidenced by the cumulative outcome of 60 lawsuits.

            2. Possible evidence: a significant number of voters who died before early voting started.

              Why “significant number?” Because shit happens and mistakes are made. One “dead voter” case Trump-supporters lept on turned out to be the widow of a dead man who voted as “Mrs John Deadguy” only they dropped the “Mrs” and claimed the dead guy voted. And even if a single dead guy did vote, it doesn’t prove the type of fraud alleged by Trump and his cohort. Trump is claiming widespread voter fraud that resulted in 10 million more votes for Biden. So I expect to see evidence of large numbers of dead people. It’s easy to prove, too. You run voter polls against death records and see bunches of voting zombies, right?

              Find me a case where a significant number of dead people voted. The evidence would be cross-referenced voter rolls. The source would be official like a secretary of state or other official with something to lose for lying.

          2. Okay, so who do you consider “objective”? Someone like Chris Wallace? Eric Erickson? The #nevertrumpers? CNN? Is anyone who thinks the election results don’t pass the proverbial smell test not objective? What is the standard you’re using to define objectivity?

            Again, I ask you, why has the media, Democrats and the establishment GOP resorted to gaslighting, calling anyone who even questions the election results as conspiracy theorists, instead of making a good faith effort to investigate the claims? The answer; because they don’t want the results to be investigated (despite having no reservations investigating RussiaRussiaRussia). They want them to be assumed as fact.

            1. Okay, so who do you consider “objective”?

              Someone who isn’t emotionally invested in the outcome.

              1. Who isn’t emotionally invested in the US Presidential election?

                As to your second point, I want the evidence considered, the claims investigated and the vote audited. If Biden is determined to be the lawful winner, fine. I won’t be happy, but I’ll accept it.

                How is that gaslighting or the equivalent of hand waving away any and all concerns as “conspiracy theories”?

                1. Who isn’t emotionally invested in the US Presidential election?

                  Me for one. And I imagine others who also didn’t vote aren’t emotionally invested.

                  If Biden is determined to be the lawful winner, fine. I won’t be happy, but I’ll accept it.

                  That puts you in a minority amongst Trump supporters.

            2. You still didn’t address the fact that the gaslighting isn’t being done by the media. No, the ones casting doubt, the gaslighters, are you and others who are questioning the election.

            3. How many times though? 75? 85? 105? Repeatedly asking to consider the same bullshit over and over is not the same as “unwillingness to consider evidence.” Either admit that you believe that all courts, all other Republicans, all local officials, SCOTUS, are all in on a massive scam, or just accept that enough people are tired of Trump’s shit.

              Furthermore…who do you guys really think Biden voters are? Literally all a bunch of Communist spies? I get up every morning and do normal shit. But for these theories to work, I would have to wake up, drink infant blood that I got from Hillary, log into my Soros phone to get my instructions for the day, and set to work trying to enslave all Trump voters…right?

              Or I could just be a normal dude that is fucking tired of the daily bullshit and voted to try someone else.

              Literally every goddamn day is the same…wake up and it’s Trump time. Why would you want more of this? We are frozen. Stagnant. Not even pretending to have a functioning president any more.

          3. Cool story dumbass. By this logic cops don’t do anything wrong when courts toss cases against them due to qualified immunity but I don’t see you demanding we accept their enlightened judgement no questions asked and move on.

            1. I don’t know where you learned logic, but you should demand your money back.

              1. Most cases have been tossed due to lack of standing, which has the same relevance to evidence as qualified immunity.

                1. None of these cases thrown out are on the merits of fraud per se.

                  Lotsa technicalities from what I’ve read. Doesn’t meant there wasn’t fraud.

                  But again. I don’t think this was his aim anyway.

                  Of course there was fraud. Hello. To dismiss it outright is comical.

                  1. I don’t think people are dismissing fraud outright. Of course there will be dribs and drabs here and there. The question is if there was enough to change the results of the election.

              2. You’re the one demanding it get into court to be credible, so same standard would toss complaints against egregious police action under qualified immuntiyy. You’re the one with a standard you change on the fly.

                Show me how a candidate with no voter enthusiasm in a party with lagging voter enrollment and a defecting base is simultaneously the most popular candidate ever that doesn’t require “the greatest vote fraud machine in US history”.

                1. You do realize there is a difference between voting for someone and voting against someone, right? That’s why I stopped voting. Got tired of voting against the one I perceived to be the lesser of two evils. I’ll vote again when there’s someone on there I can vote for. In the case of Trump, people got out to vote against him. Coincidentally those votes counted as for Biden. That’s how Trump lost.

                  1. Against the greater of two evils. Whatever, ding me on semantics, you know what I meant.

                    1. I think it was Mae West who said “in choosing between two evils I always pick the one I never tried before”

                  2. People have disliked candidates before so Biden hitting average voter turnout amounts would be explainable but not the irrationally large turnout for somebody nobody wanted to vote for and couldn’t fill a campaign stop held in a phone booth.

                    But sure, you believe whatever lie the authoritarian left tells you without question because they’ve never been proven liars before, they say so.

                    1. People didn’t turn out to vote for Biden. They turned out to vote against Trump. It’s really that simple.

                    2. Except the record increase in Trump’s vote.

                2. Because Trump really is that much of an asshole that people are just fucking sick of it. It really is that goddamn simple.

                  Joe Biden does not inspire me. I will never buy a Joe Biden flag. HINT: I will never buy/fly a flag (other than a US flag, which is as much mine as yours) for ANY politician because NONE of them inspire me to fall down speaking in fucking tongues. These theories built around “how could Trump lose, I saw so many Trump flags” are so fucking dumb. Maybe it’s as simple as Joe Biden isn’t some fucking deity to me, he’s just a dude that’s less openly fucking caustic and nonsensical than Donald Trump. So I voted for Biden. But either a) you can’t believe that or b) my vote doesn’t count and I’m “not a real American.”

              3. Trump U.

        2. “Trump’s “problem” isn’t that he doesn’t have proof; it’s that he doesn’t have proof which the courts will accept. ‘

          they won’t accept it because it isn’t proof….. it is garbage masquerading as a dog turd. (also, his lawyers won’t even offer it as evidence in any of the cases because they don’t want to be disbarred.)

        3. Even if we grant for argument‘s sake that Kavanaugh’s accuser was a total fraud and a liar. Even if we assume that certain Dems helped her do it. Neither of those comes close to the assertion that 50 courts, scotus, Bill Barr, multiple republican governors, and literally every Biden voter is in on a coordinated scam and that the remedy for it is overturning an election. What a terrible analogy.

    2. I too believe Trump was cheated but was it enough to change the election I don’t know but even if it wouldn’t change the outcome it still needs to be investigated otherwise the cheating will just get worse and even more open. Denying the ability to investigate only brings about more conspiracies.

  23. Are we talking alternate universe or Trump University 2.0. I think the later. I hope that all the commenters here are doing more than just complaining about the election. They need to be helping Donald Trump and sending money, lots of money. What more important your kids Christmas Presents or this injustice to Donald Trump? You know the answer and you can buy the kids present next year when President Trump has saved the country.
    Keep sending because after that $400M debt is covered every dollar will be going to litigation to fight the election fraud of 2020.

    1. I agree. The loyalists should put the money where the mouth is. Also gear up on freeze dried food and ammo.

      In the meantime the Trump family is now free to get back to work. Thanks to the Trump vaccines investors are hungry for new opportunities. More branded hotels and resorts. Ivanka can go back to her fashion design studios. Donald could launch his own media empire. The possibilities are endless.

      1. “Are we talking alternate universe or Trump University 2.0.”

        ^ I think we have our answer, folks.

  24. The Gallup poll from September 30, 2020 shows that when it comes to trust in the media, 89% of Republicans and 64% of Independents have “very little” or “none at all”.


    That polling is consistent with polling I’ve seen lately saying that 70% of Republicans believe the election results were fraudulent.

    Over the course of the last two election cycles, the American media has driven their credibility into the ground. And it isn’t just the traditional left bias that buried the story of Hunter Biden’s influence peddling and refused to use the word “riot” to describe looting and arson. Newsmax and OANN downloads have exploded since the election because so many Republicans are upset with Fox News.

    If anybody’s living in an alternate universe of delusion, it’s journalists who imagine they enjoy any kind of credibility with half the American people. Before we see average Americans come to accept the validity of Biden’s victory, we’ll probably need to see the news media reestablish its credibility again . . .

    And for those of you who are vulnerable to forgetting everything you used to know about how markets work–when Trump steps into the picture–one doesn’t simply dictate terms to the market. The market dictates terms to you. Market forces are people making choices, and contemptuously dismissing the market’s concerns is no way to influence people or get what you want. You’re just pointlessly alienating them.

    Why not shift your coverage to criticism of Biden and his policies? You’re not planning to support Biden’s policies, are you? Biden’s policies are almost as authoritarian and socialist as the day is long. Libertarian capitalists have no business supporting Biden or carrying water for the Democrats. For your own benefit, why not shift to coverage of Biden’s policies and regain some credibility?

    Is the goal to alienate libertarianism from people in the only major party that isn’t fundamentally hostile to capitalism? Or are you just completely oblivious to how you’re coming across to average people? If you’re trying to be compelling and persuasive, it’s not working. If you’re trying to come across as dismissive and contemptuous of average people, you’re right on the mark.

    1. Ken, you’re pretty spot on, but if you follow libertarian logic (“President bad, government bad, anyone with power is a bad person”), it does kind of make sense to me why Reason would carry water for Biden.

      It’s quite simple. Reason has made a career out of assuming every President that ever held office is a threat to liberty values. Why then, with his trade policies and his immigration policies (since libertarians love brown savages and Chinese slave labor), should they treat Trump any different?

      Add to that a feeling among libertarian donors *coughcough* Koch* that backing the Republican party hasn’t produced any real gains for liberty, and of course you have libertarian organizations trying to cozy up to the Democrats in order to frighten Republicans into backing crazy ass libertarian notions like “weed is good for you” and other nonsense.

      It won’t work, of course, because Republicans by and large have more sense.

      I have no doubt Reason will shift it’s coverage to knocking Biden once they consider the Trump issue safely resolved (remember, President bad, government bad! Rothbard says so!), but that’s an indicator of their empty headed and reflexive nature, not of any “principle”.

      What I don’t understand is how you can call yourself a libertarian after most of the libertarians that I know were sticking up for BLM because ya know “Policeman bad”.

    2. “Is the goal to alienate libertarianism from people in the only major party that isn’t fundamentally hostile to capitalism? “

      Your goal seems to be to alienate libertarians and turn them into Trump republicans.

      1. Worthy goal if you have any shred of loyalty or love for America.

      2. Supporting a president for doing things like negotiating a full withdrawal deal with the Taliban doesn’t alienate libertarians.

        People who refuse to support a full withdrawal from Afghanistan if it means voting for President Trump are phony libertarians.

        People who refuse to oppose the Green New Deal if it means voting for President Trump are phony libertarians.

        People who refuse to oppose Medicare for All if it means voting for President Trump are phony libertarians.

        1. And people who insist you should vote for one of the major parties over the libertarian candidate are phoney libertarians.

          Don’t mistake me, I’m fully onboard with stopping Biden by hook or by crook. And you’re also right that M4A and GND are counter to libertarian values. But libertarianism encourages this mania about government and public figures that drills into their head that if they want or desire something, and make policy towards those desires, why, it must be authoritarian because Rothbard says everything government does is bad for individual liberty. It’s a kind of anarchism that closes it’s eyes and pretend Bad Things won’t fill the void that their hated Authority leaves behind.

          Libertarianism is just watered down Marxism. One of the dirty little secrets of political history is that Marxism (and socialism in general) was spawned by classical liberals who felt that classical liberalism did not go far enough to promote liberty. Libertarianism is essentially classical liberalism modified for the modern era, but it still has the structural flaws that make it completely ineffective at combating the left *at best*.

        2. You calling me a phony libertarian Ken?

          Careful here.

        3. Ken, all of that is meaningless compared to:

          People who want elections to be subordinate to the will of the president are phony Americans.

    3. The goal is to elect a president who’s “wrong within normal parameters”.

      The bar hasn’t been lowered, it’s been taken down and thrown in the landfill.

    4. “If anybody’s living in an alternate universe of delusion,”….
      It’s these people.


      Are these your “average people?” Yes, I admit, I AM contemptuous of people who fucking fall down speaking in tongues over President Trump while MyPillow ads play on their “let’s murder our Democrat neighbors for God” telecast. I am contemptuious of people that think GOd sent Donald Trump to stop a fantastical “consipracy” involving drinking infant blood in pizza shops sent by Soros or whatever the fuck you idiots believe. I am under no obligation whatsoever to entertain your fucking “theories” and endless repetition of debunked “evidence.” I expect a President of the United States to be able to finish a goddamn sentence without lying constantly and sounding like an idiot, asshole, or both. I expect people that spent 4-5 decades serving our country like Mattis to e listened to over someone who thinks avoiding STD’s is “like Vietnam.” etc. etc.

      Maybe ten years ago we could dismiss this shit as the fringe and take seriously tripe like Ken’s fake “serious analysis” bullshit. Now these nuts are literally Congresspeople. It’s serious now and needs to be mocked.

      Shut the fuck up, you’re boring and so easy to see right through.

      1. If you think people speaking in tongues over President Trump is in some way indicative of average Americans, then, in addition to being contemptuous of average Americans, you may have TDS.

        1. TDS

          I checked the DSM – 5. There is no such thing.

          Once again you are easy to see through Ken.

        2. There are some pretty “serious” people at these rallies, Ken. There are 105 Congressmen willing to sign up for this shit, Ken. I now have a cousin and an uncle that said they will no longer associate with me because I “refuse to listen” about how Hillary is still controlling everything with the help of Soros and Hugo Chavez, or how Bill Gates is putting microchips in the upcoming vaccine, Ken. This shit needs to fucking stop.

          You know what Ken? I am under no obligation to take seriously the claims of people who literally say that:

          Ted Cruz’s uncle murdered JFK
          Injecting bleach will cure COVID
          George Soros controls me
          The governor of GA should be locked up
          Barack Obama is a Kenyan Muslim
          The Sharpie incident
          etc. etc.

          You don’t get to claim shit like that then ask to be taken seriously about something this serious. And furthermore, if you’re gonna write some 8 page post about “taking Trump seriously but not literally” or vice versa, fucking save it.

          If he is to be taken literally, he is certifiably insane based on his own voluntarily said/tweeted statements. If he is to be taken seriously, he might want to use his power of the Presidency to do serious things and stop wasting everyone’s time with what I guess you would then have to argue is just “trolling.” Either way fuck him. Joe Biden is not a god or a deity or anything to me, he is not “inspiring” or a “savior”, he is simply less fucking batshit crazy and less irredeemably cruel and stupid as Trump. It’s really that simple, case closed, no further analysis necessary.

          1. And pre-fuck your upcoming “nuanced analysis” where you try to sell me on how it’s just about the platform. You are an enabler of the Nardz’s of the world.

            1. Good. We need more Nardz and less people like you.

              1. Your (as usual) complete lack of willingness to directly confront any of these, shall we say, “gaffes,” is noted.

    5. “Why not shift your coverage to criticism of Biden and his policies? ”

      There’s only one president at a time, and Biden’s not him.

    6. Well, an analyst writing in Household And Personal Products Industry thinks (Hopes?) the Biden administration will renew an Obama administration initiative against skin cancer, resulting in FDA’s finally adopting a rule allowing the marketing of sunscreen products with anti-cancer claims, and thereby allowing them to use certain ingredients that’ve been allowed in other countries for years.

  25. You could not be more wrong. More fraud shows up everyday.

    1. just look at all the unicorns!!!!

      1. So weird how the evidence doesn’t go away just because you piss yourself


        So weird how your “conclusive proof” of Russians magically hacking paper ballots in 2016 was and remains, “Hillary rigged the election herself, so the only way Trump could have beat her is by CHEATING!”.

        1. i found someone with a degree in something to write some complete BS……… it is so totally evidence!!!!!!! who cares if the guy did not actually have access to the machines or ballots he claims he is “auditing?”

  26. As with literally everything you write, Jacob, tl; wr

    1. Don’t let the length fool you; it’s also complete bullshit.

      1. He’s my new Dalmia. I see his name and just go straight to the comments, figuring I am not missing much.

  27. Is there a point to this article?

    The only point that could possibly be is clickbait. The Trump articles generate the most comments and presumably traffic. And all of y’all fell for it. Now I have too.

    Shame on Reason for this terrible inflammatory crap.

    1. Shame on you for alleging there wasn’t enough fraud to sway the election. And you call yourself a conservative.

      Get the fuck out of here with that intellectually dishonest shit.


        1. One cannot go too far in saving America from totalitarian barbarism.

          That’s your problem. You don’t think the ends (saving America from people who would destroy it) justifies the means. Typical libertarian empty head.

        2. A thousand apologies, I misread your comment. You’re all right, ThatSkepticGuy

    2. it is fun to watch the orange worshiping butt monkeys make fools of themselves.

    3. Imagine how unreason is gonna pump out these propaganda pieces during Trump’s second term 2021-2025.

      1. There will be no Trump second term. Get over it.

  28. The philosophy goes something like this:
    1) Believe that only a vote for Trump could possibly be legitimate, reject the idea that’s it’s possible for anyone to vote for Biden
    2)Demand that only legitimate votes (aka votes for Trump) be counted
    3) plan to jail and/or murder anyone that disagrees

    1. If you don’t think the ends justify the means when it comes to keeping traitors, morons, and leftists out of power, that says more about you then it says anything about Trump.

      1. Yeah, it says I don’t think you should plan to murder your neighbors based on unfounded conspiracy theories that defy all rational thought.

        1. It’s a good thing then I’m not promoting an unfounded conspiracy theory at all. I’m promoting fact.

          “Rational thought” in this instance means, “uncritically accepting the media narrative.”

    2. Poor Lefties. Always gaslighting their strawmen.

    3. Change that to “Biden” or “Hillary”, and it actually becomes literal truth.

  29. Reads more like projection from a professional Hackjob who has written five conspiracy theory articles a day for the past month and a half about how the Constitution is unconstitutional, and how election tampering has never occurred anywhere in human history.

  30. “There’s no evidence.”
    “I have gone out of my way to avoid looking at the evidence.”
    “I have gone out of my way to avoid looking at the evidence because I don’t want there to be any evidence.”
    “I don’t want there to be any evidence, because that would completely disrupt my beliefs and force me to take action, and I’d rather remain ignorant, comfortable and smug.”

  31. In my opinion, Trump voters do live in an alternate universe. I recently lost a couple friends because of Trump. These are two guys I’ve know for over 30 years and we’ve spend endless hours busting each other’s balls over the years and we always laugh about it. And both know that I voted for Jorgensen and they know I’m no Biden fan. I talked to each one on the phone recently. As usual it started of with talking then a little ball busting. But the the conversation turned to Trump’s election loss. Both of them almost immediately started getting mad at me. Both calls ended badly and I think one of them would have wanted to fight if we were talking in person. Keep in mind we’ve always made fun of every president from Regan to Obama and it’s always been a fun thing. But I guess Trump is different. He’s definitely taken two of my good friends to an alternate universe.

    So I have a question for everyone here. Trump voters, Biden voters, Jorgensen and any other voters here. Have you lost any friendships with friends, family members or co-workers since the recent election? I’d like to know because I’ve never seen anything like this before.

    1. Well, you do seem like a cunt.

      1. Don’t let that fool you, he’s also a total cock.

        1. You and damikesc must be the guys who slap their wives if they mention the name Biden. We’ll just leave it at that.

          1. Oh, by the way. Did you two know that Trump lost the election, BIGLY?

    2. Have you lost any friendships with friends, family members or co-workers since the recent election? I’d like to know because I’ve never seen anything like this before.

      This is nothing new.

      I have not lost any friends, but I also don’t talk politics where I live. Because I’m surrounded by the most dense pack of bluer-than-blue-found-in-nature-blue people who have virtue signaling yard signs, all of which start out with “in this house we believe in shit that makes us better than you” yard signs.

      Also, in my town, there’s a very good chance that if you publicly aired any view that differed from the acceptable norms, your car would be keyed, your house firebombed etc. So if you voted for Trump (which I did in 2020, but didn’t in 2016) you keep your head down and your mouth shut, and just smile when everyone talks about how Harris is so stunning and brave.

      1. I have long hair, do yoga, like the farmers market. Friends and neighbors think I’m a lefty and have no compunction spouting hate. I won’t take sides , but do point to issues that make sense and highlight hypocrisy.
        The response is typically, “ yeah, well… something has to change”!
        COVID did the trick.

      2. Oh, you have ANTIFA for neighbors?

        Fuck off with your fake baloney.

      3. “Also, in my town, there’s a very good chance that if you publicly aired any view that differed from the acceptable norms, your car would be keyed, your house firebombed etc. So if you voted for Trump (which I did in 2020, but didn’t in 2016) you keep your head down and your mouth shut, and just smile when everyone talks about how Harris is so stunning and brave.”

        Load of crap.

        None of that really happened to you. Did it?

      4. I agree. I don’t talk about politics these days to any of my clients, most family and most friends. But the two guys who are mad at me, I thought were different. We always give each other crap about this and that and we have a great time doing it. But this time was different. It’s almost like Trump has reached into the souls of certain people and taken their soul. I can’t quite put my finger on it. We’ve laughed and joked about every president so far. But this particular one has really touched a nerve on some people. It’s just very cult like if you ask me.

    3. “In my opinion, anyone not sharing my solipsistic hallucinations that directly collide with reality and therein illicit violent reaction from myself is living in an alternate reality.”


      1. Oh cool, so you didn’t vote for Trump then!

    4. No loss yet. My daughter begged me to vote for Biden as she hates Trump (Marin county, CA gal). But I explained that my vote didn’t count and my principles dictated a vote for Jorgensen. My son had Biden signs on his lawn. Sigh.
      The lesser evil keeps getting bigger and bigger. Huge, in fact.

      1. Well, at least it’s good to hear you voted for Jorgensen. I did the same. I guess those here who voted for Trump are actually Republicans.

        1. No, we’re just patriots trying to save this country. You can’t say the same for Jorgensen voters.

          1. Oh Patriots.

            They are playing the Dolphins this Sunday. Lot depends on that game.

            What do you know. Tell me.

            “Some folks are born made to wave the flag
            They’re red, white and blue
            And when the band plays “Hail to the Chief”
            They point the cannon at you, Lord
            It ain’t me, it ain’t me
            I ain’t no senator’s son, son
            It ain’t me, it ain’t me
            I ain’t no fortunate one
            Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
            Lord, don’t they help themselves, yeah
            But when the taxman comes to the door
            The house look a like a rummage sale
            It ain’t me, it ain’t me
            I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no, no
            It ain’t me, it ain’t me
            I ain’t no fortunate one”

            An American wrote those words.

            Donald Trump paid $780 in taxes last year. He has done more to destroy American faith in the democracy and election process than Xi, Kim, Erdogon, Putin, put together could possibly do.

            Chutzpah. You telling an American how to vote. I went to the polling station at the church. I inked in my choices. Now tell me something.

            1. Bruce the lifelong Democrat. Stirling role model you picked there.

              I mean, ffs, read the lyrics of this song. You’d have to be wilfully blind not to see it for the Marxist “eat the rich” screed that it is.

              Trump didn’t destroy anything. That faith you speak of was erased when Obama got a second term and Democrats started salivating over the ascendancy of Her Future Majesty Hillary Clinton.

              If you had any shred of American values you would have voted Republican. You didn’t. That’s all the proof I need that you’re legal status as an American is completely meaningless.

              1. That was John Cameron Fogerty. Credence Clearwater Revival. You might want to understand American music culture if you want to have a discussion about it.

                My legal status is not up to you. Nor are my “American values”. You landed on the wrong website. I have the right to vote for anyone on the ballot.

                1. Fun fact.

                  It was one of the most popular songs among American servicemen in Vietnam.

                  It was played at a Trump rally and Fogerty objected. He had sold the rights but I do not think Trump rallys used the song after. Oddly Trump is the very sort of millionaires son who avoided the draft that the song is about.

                  Fogerty was drafted but sidestepped by signing up for the reserves and ended up as a supply clerk stateside. He wrote the song he says in “20 minutes” when he got his draft notice. It was released in 1969.

                  The drum part is a simple backbeat which I like. Doug Clifford just hanging back there not getting in the way of John’s vocal and guitar work.

                  Don’t know why I am bothering other than I love classical rock.

                  A few other songs popular among servicemen back then.

                  Chain of fools – Aretha Franklin. Because Aretha

                  Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix. Cant argue with that.

                  The Letter – Joe Cocker. captured something there. Mail call. My parents had those small reel tape things and sent them back and forth.

                  Sittiin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding. A respite from the madness. Reminiscent of home.

                  We Gotta Get Out of This Place – The Animals. Well yeah. 1965. Chris Chandler on bass. Smokey and hard edged like a Tennessee whiskey.

        2. ” I guess those here who voted for Trump are actually Republicans.”

          ding ding ding….

    5. No. I find it pretty easy to have a rational, productive argument in person. Or at least have enough rational responses to all their bullshit that they actually bring political topics up in the future because they want my take, and don’t seem to resent me for it.

      The only person I can’t convince is my mother, but she is full on “Bill Gates is gonna chip us” level.

    6. Have not lost anybody. I give courtesy and grace to people who might disagree.

      In fact we closed on a house today in another state. Family is the most important thing. Moving. Wont say too much but LC gonna hate me.

      I voted for Jo Jorgensen. My choice. My vote. My right.

      1. People don’t have a right to help America turn into a totalitarian shithole.

        1. You get to determine voting rights now.

          1. Ah yes, the classical liberal notion that all people have the right to vote cuz they can breathe.

            Nevermind that they might be ignorant, disloyal, short sighted morons who consistently only vote for things that are toxic to the greater good.

            Universal suffrage is part of what created this dumpster fire. If given the power I could create the ultimate libertarian paradise you guys claim to want but instead you would prefer to whine about “rights” like they matter when savages are coming to your door to steal your shit and throw you in a prison.

    7. i have not lost any friends….. but i have seen some close ones who i know are not inherently stupid re-posting the misinformation memes all over facebook. i have never seen anything like this either. it seems to have gone beyond simple tribalism, and has almost become religious for some of them. attacking the misconceptions they have been fed is taken personally.

  32. Sullum badly needs to be put on leave for a few weeks.

    1. Do you pay him?

  33. There may have been some legitimacy to the recent unelection of Trump, but there was also fraud. Enough to throw the election? Only the throwers know for sure. . . And 70% of Republicans.

  34. Jesus fucking Christ!

    How many times are we going to beat a dead cat?

    Reason is the new MSNBC/CNN.

    What a bunch of fucking jerkoffs. Trump lost the election. Get something new to report on you fucking morons.

    1. He didn’t lose the election, you fucking moron. He won it in a landslide.

      Get the fuck out of here with your intellectually dishonest bullshit.

      1. Trump lost Bigly. It was a landslide.

  35. The fake libertarian Obama mommas of Reason only have five short weeks left to wail the shit out of this Joe Palooka doll.

    It’s basically like their last wild bender before they hit rock bottom and drag themselves to that first A.A. meeting.

  36. While there are now far more threats to freedom and liberty (i.e. totalitarian lockdowns, mask mandates, covid porn, BLM and Antifa violence and riots, hyper partisan censorship and lies by news media and Big Tech, election fiascos in many swing states), it appears that Jacob Sullum TDS is in an alternative universe.

  37. No matter how many times Jacob Sullum fails to write a column that will convince the Trump-worshipping ditto-heads who constitute a good third of “Reason’s” readership that Donald Trump is a massive tool, he remains optimistic. “This time for sure!” he exclaims, disregarding his sidekick’s exasperated complaint that the truth “never works with our readers because a third of them are racists.”

    Keep the faith, Jake! And get one of them advanced bullet-proof vests! You know, the kind with extra Kevlar! Cause you’re going to need it, pal!

  38. That voice! Where have I heard that voice? – Rocky, on meeting the First Lady.

  39. And the left keeps screaming ever louder that there is no election fraud.
    Since there is supposedly no possibility that Trump gets 270 Elector votes on the 6th, why keep saying it over and over?
    I’m not making any predictions, but it is not over until the 6th, and even then if there is dissent in both chambers it may continue for days.
    I’ll be hoping for a Trump victory, because it is literally still possible.
    But by all means, its a free country so you are entitled to keep screaming “it’s over” if that makes you feel better

    1. “Since there is supposedly no possibility that Trump gets 270 Elector votes on the 6th, why keep saying it over and over?”

      because of all the fucktards, including the president, who keep pretending there is a possibility…… as they flagrantly try to disregard the legal result of the election….. if you are hoping for a trump victory, then you are hoping for a dictatorship unanswerable to the will of the people…… you are hoping to destroy everything America stands for…..

      1. Exactly! I’m all for investigating the claim of election fraud. And if the Republicans were interested in that, they would be showing more good faith effort to find the truth. Instead, it feels like they’re just throwing lawsuits at the wall and seeing what sticks.

        Sometimes things get dismissed because of how you present them to the judge. For example, it can be obvious a person killed someone, but they get off because the prosecutor wanted 1st degree murder when they couldn’t meet the burden of proof. A wise prosecutor would go for what they can prove.

        And if the Republicans were really serious about exposing election fraud, they too would work off what they can prove, instead of trying to get Trump elected, which is viewed as bad faith.

      2. As far as I know America represents a giant electoral fraud and a lot of blindness as to what the Deep State produces around the world. This includes, but is not limited to, creating false flags to invade countries with the excuse of weapons of mass destruction and seize natural resources aka oil.

  40. its so sad the party of Eisenhower has returned to their founding as the Know Nothings,,the game show host came to power on a lie and will leave office on a lie,,,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Know_Nothing

  41. POWER breeds corruption and many on the left even acknowledge that when the GOP controls the POWER. What’s seriously two-faced about Democrats and RINO’S is there ability to pretend President Trumps De-Regulation and generally Constitutional measures weren’t CUTS to the POWER while pretending massive tax-increases, commie-money, commie-market bill, commie-land, commie-environment and commie-wealth ISN’T a major GROWTH OF THAT POWER….

    1. Lots of growth of power on the right, too, if you ask me.
      1. Meddling in private industry such as NFL players’ kneeling, Goodyear’s dress code, companies’ decisions to close unproductive plants.
      2. Increased tariffs.
      3. Access denied to potential financial conflicts of interest of the president.
      4. Freedom of the Press–inspiring death threats against unfriendly press.
      5. Freedom of religion for Muslims.
      6. Blind eye to right wing terrorists.
      7. Demanding more funny money from the Fed.
      8. Etc.

  42. With all the crazy claims about election fraud, two facts stand out.
    1. Under questioning in court, Rudy and other Trump lawyers always admitted that they did not allege fraud.
    2. Trump never fired them for saying that.

    Obviously, the only fraud was the public whining about fraud.

  43. If Trump supporters and Republicans in general were demonstrating good faith in their efforts to learn the truth (regardless of what it is then I would be more in support for them moving forward with lawsuits and so would the courts. But they’re not. The lawsuits as presented to the courts are more concerned about pulling a rabbit out of the hat to get Trump elected.

    Sometimes, in the name of finding the truth, you have to take the not so glamorous road of carefully investigating, collecting evidence and building your case. In this case, it seems Trump is just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing if it sticks.

  44. I was disappointed to read this article in Reason. Trump was the most libertarian candidate this election cycle, including Jo Jorgensen. He brought the troops home, has brought the central bank to heel, cut through bureaucratic red tape, and has made some good court appointments. For Trump to not respond to (and fight!) the blatant and abject voter fraud would be an egregious act capable of transforming our nation into Venezuela, if good people continued to do nothing. We are at a crossroads. Is the future ofAmerica a one party socialist technocracy? Can we still fight for and get what we want? We should know in around one month.

    1. Trump republicans should not hide behind a libertarian blanket.

      1. who carries the mantle?

  45. your lack of skepticism and curiosity is sad.

  46. Perhaps…but it will be 1,000 times better than anything the Democrats and commies cook up. They have Hell and Hate all sown up.

  47. What price does the author pay if he is wrong?

  48. JAKE the FAKE is not a libertarian. Libertarians are not that hateful. JAKE the FAKE is a leftist. JAKE the FAKE is like a crack whore with Trump-hating being his crack pipe. He just can’t put it down. I count eighteen anti-Trump 2020 election articles on the first page of articles listed under JAKE the FAKE’s bio page, and I’m not even including the several on crazy-ass Sidney Powell. Jesus, Jake, we get it: you hate your president and you don’t care that the 2020 election was rigged and now half the country rightfully has no confidence in our electoral system, because the end justifies the means and now the bad orange man is on his way out. But that is all a done deal now. Move the fuck on to banging some other predictable leftist drum already, you dumb cunt. JAKE the FAKE.

    1. This is the most intelligent and wise comment I’ve read on this board. Well done.

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  50. “…used fraud-facilitating voting machines…”

    But muh Dominion!

    “…It also requires believing that pro-Trump news outlets, Republican election officials, Republican members of Congress, Trump-nominated judges and justices, the Department of Homeland Security, and Trump’s own attorney general helped conceal that conspiracy…”

    But muh deep state!

  51. “ Nevermind that they might be ignorant, disloyal, short sighted morons who consistently only vote for things that are toxic to the greater good.”

    Yup they get to vote.

    “If given the power I could create the ultimate libertarian paradise you guys claim to want but instead you would prefer to whine about “rights” like they matter when savages are coming to your door to steal your shit and throw you in a prison.“

    You do not have that power. You are not taking anything from me.

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  55. In the universe of 1984, evidence and truth become conspiracy theory and lies become truth. Pathetic article of a real scoundrel.

    And of course, in this new world Biden receives (after they stop counting votes) 300,000 votes in a row. What in this wonderful world of DemonRats is a well-known mathematical law.

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