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Videos Show Police Aggression Against Protesters Across the Country. Here Are Two Ways To Help It Stop.

Plus: the return of the "outside agitator" narrative, Trump can't designate Antifa a terror group, and more...


As Americans emerged from quarantine to protest police brutality—and as protesters in many cities were joined by opportunistic vandals and looters—politicians have imposed rules that only exacerbate tensions between cops and communities.

Urban leaders across the U.S. imposed curfews last night. In Philadelphia, for instance, residents got little notice before being told a citywide curfew was going into effect from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. In D.C., the curfew went from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., with the National Guard called in to help with enforcement. In Tennessee, the governor issued a statewide curfew from just after 8 p.m. until 5 a.m.

Nonetheless, protests continued apace, producing yet more law enforcement horror stories. Here's a small sampling:

A lot more examples here and here. See also, from Reason:

While a lot of leaders take steps guaranteed to make tensions worse, a few legislators are getting to work on substantive ways to fix our criminal justice system so that cops can't kill with impunity.

Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) says he will be introducing legislation to end qualified immunity for police officers. "This week, I am introducing the Ending Qualified Immunity Act," Amash tweeted on Sunday, attaching a letter he was distributing to colleagues in the House of Representatives. Qualified immunity "was created by the Supreme Court in contravention of the text of the statute and the intent of Congress," he writes to them. "It is time for us to correct their mistake."

Amash's letter explains:

As part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, Congress allowed individuals to sue state and local officials, including police officers, who violate their rights. Starting in 1967, the Supreme Court began gutting that law by inventing the doctrine of qualified immunity. Under qualified immunity, police are immune from liability unless the person whose rights they violated can show that there is a previous case in the same jurisdiction, involving the exact same facts, in which a court deemed the actions to be a constitutional violation.

This rule has sharply narrowed the situations in which police can be held liable—even for truly heinous rights violations—and it creates a disincentive to bringing cases in the first place.

This is one of the big reasons police are often able to hurt people without consequence.

"The brutal killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police is merely the latest in a long line of incidents of egregious police misconduct," writes Amash. "This pattern continues because police are legally, politically, and culturally insulated from consequences for violating the rights of people whom they have sworn to serve."

(See also: "The Supreme Court Has a Chance To End Qualified Immunity and Prevent Cases Like George Floyd's.")

Meanwhile, Sen. Brian Schatz (D–Hawaii) says he'll introduce legislation to demilitarize the police:


• The rise and fall and rise again of the "outside agitator" narrative.

• Trump has no authority to designate Antifa a "domestic terrorist group" (and it's a bad idea anyway).

• Supreme Court update:

• "The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago," said Italian doctor Alberto Zangrillo, head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Italy's hardest-hit region.

• COVID-19 has been "slamming the consequences" of insitutional racism home "as we die at a significantly higher rate than whites, are the first to lose our jobs, and watch helplessly as Republicans try to keep us from voting," writes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Urban leaders across the U.S. imposed curfews last night.

    They didn’t do a very good job grooming the public for this sort of authoritarianism the past three months, I guess.

    1. The public is simply confused. The PTPB should say “temporary lockdown” or “stay-at-home order” instead of “curfew”.

      1. *TPTB*

        *** gets coffee ***

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      2. Note to self: Use less-subtle sarcasm.

    2. No, it just did not fit well with the other tribal narratives. Pandemic curfews endorse the people speaking out in favor of staying home. Protest curfews defy the people speaking out in favor of breaking shit.

    3. Institutional racism is totally a thing but the deep state is paranoid fiction.

      1. The “deep state” is totally real; I know because I was once a part of it. The “deep state” simply is the government bureaucracy, federal, state, or even local, and its cronies in business bureaucracies. I once worked for a state Welfare department, and saw it for myself.

    4. Hello.

      ‘Protestors.’ Sure. Whatever.

    5. The police SHOULD be scared of Americans if police are violating the constitution.

      Murdering people is against the constitution.

      With that being said, these “protesters” were not rioting the unconstitutional quarantine and stay at home orders by their Democrat politicians. They riot and loot and protest the death of an American in police custody (in a Democrat run city) but some still will vote Democrat.

      I think its funny that the Democrat Party is finished as a national political party. Finally!

      1. but some still will vote Democrat.

        Some? Please. Let’s be honest. Every single one of them will vote Democrat in November.

    6. What would have worked better is talking to the organizers of the protests about controlling their own protests so that opportunistic thugs and provocateurs can’t take them over. Tell them to police their own ranks so the official police won’t have to.

      The next step is to send the police departments of the ten biggest and Blackest cities on a month’s paid vacation. Let the citizens of those cities police and manage their own communities, and see how well they do — and how well they like it. After that we can start discussing how to reform the police departments.

  2. “This week, I am introducing the Ending Qualified Immunity Act,” Amash tweeted on Sunday…

    Guess I forgot he was a legislator.

    1. He has been in Congress for like ten years and never once did he introduce such legislation. I guess he didn’t know about qualified immunity until he read about it in the newspaper.

      What a useless swine.

      1. He’s a “Palestinian” so what did you expect? Those people are habitual liars and swindlers.

        1. How is this constructive in any way?

        2. Also swarthy. But not POCs. Just swarthy.

      2. Better late than never.

        1. True, but it’s likely too far gone at this point to do any actual good. It really shouldn’t have taken blue cities getting torched to bang on that drum, and now it’s just going to be background noise.

      3. He’s introducing legislation to end qualified immunity and all you can to is bitch that he didn’t do it sooner? Come on, dude.

        1. Better late than never. Does he plan on actually practicing some politics in order to get the bill out of committee? Or is the mere act of introducing the bill sufficient?

          We can give him a “At least you tried.” button.

          1. Amash has virtue signaling to do since he is lost.

          2. I’m sure every Libertarian in congress will support his legislation. Oh wait.

        2. What Gray Jay said. The fact that he has never said a word about this before now makes me very skeptical he will do anything to actual accomplish this. If he cared about it, he would have said something long before now.

          1. I think “where the fuck have you been on this for a decade” is a legtiimate question.

            Being member of the ostensibly “law and order” GOP until he got the boot is obviously the reason he’s been quiet on this til now. If he had done this when he was atill a viable GOP candidate, he would no longer have been a viable GOP candidate.

            1. I think “where the fuck have you been on this for a decade” is a legtiimate question.


              The legitimate question, to every single fucking legislator in Congress, is Where the fuck have you been on this for the last FIFTY years?

              I don’t give a rat’s ass who is introducing the legislation. This is the fundamental problem that needs solving, and it’s in the lap of the lawmakers because they’ve been fucking cowards for decades, preferring to fling political shit at each other rather than wrestle with real issues of law.

              1. “Seriously”

                Yes. He was in office during Ferguson, but maintaining his electablilty was more important to him then.

                “The legitimate question, to every single fucking legislator in Congress”

                cool story but we were talking about Amash specifically.

                So um, other than me being completely correct about Amash and you wanting to make it about everyone else, what are you bitching about?

                1. cool story but we were talking about Amash specifically.

                  I don’t know who you think “we” is, but I was talking about Qualified Immunity.

                  Amash is an asshat for a large number of reasons, but his action in this one instance is nevertheless positive. If an (R) had introduced this bill would you have been so cynical about it?

          2. I don’t think that is fair. Qualified immunity is in the spotlight right now with the Supremes looking at relevant cases and with people protesting police abuse. If anything this is a good time to introduce such legislation because, with everything going on, other politicians will look bad if they don’t get on the bandwagon. It’s an opportunity that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t in the news. So I see this as a good move.

            1. It’s a quixotic, ultimately meaningless move—which might be why you, as a Libertarian, feel positive towards it. If he actually wants it passed though, or hell, I’ll settle for getting it out of committee and to an up or down vote by the whole House, he’s going to need to practice politics. Build a coalition, compromise, horse-trade: do the things that actually enable bills to become law. Rand Paul has learned this lesson, but it seems to have skipped past many of his brethren.

              Introducing a bill without any of the above, is a meaningless gesture from a meaningless politician.

              1. I get your point. Time will tell.

              2. OK then, back to the rioting I guess.

                1. no no introduce more impotent legislation many years after it should have appeared

                  1. Nothing impotent if it passes.

                    1. No, it’s impotent.

                      States and cities give qualified immunity to their police, not the federal government.

                      This is the standard Amash ‘gesture’.

            2. SCOTUS would not have to be reviewing cases if politicians stopped government agents unconstitutional immunity and courts did their jobs to strike down all these unconstitutional laws.

              There are literally thousands of unconstitutional laws on the books that the courts could strike down sua sponte. Job security is the name of their game.

            3. Amash has tried to pass himself off as a libertarian for a while, not just recently. If he actually was one of us, he should have been aware of it, it’s kind of a major deal for us.

          3. Parties of one are traditionally remarkably ineffective at pushing legislation.

        3. its not a legitimate criticism?

          no, it is, so why are YOU bitching about it?

          god damn man, how low is your T.

        4. Strange, you don’t have a problem when that little chestnut is trotted out by Reason.

        5. ditto. Take the win.

          1. This is the problem with Amash suckers. You think impotent virtue signaling is a win.

            1. I don’t think there are any big Amash fans around here. 10/10 edgy cynicism though. You can give it a rest now.

  3. People asked to self-isolate will not be told name of informant amid fears of reprisals

    1. I would tell the cops or any government agents to fuck off trying to give orders like that. I live in the freest nation on Earth.

  4. Everyone has a right to riot.

    1. You should send Welchie Boy your resume, he would probably hire you instantly!

  5. The videos also show these people burning buildings and businesses and destroying people’s life’s work. And no the insurance companies will not make them good, as if that would make destroying property and looting okay. Business insurance policies generally do not cover for damage resulting from civil disturbance. So, all of those businesses you see that are destroyed, their owners are ruined and likely facing poverty.

    Who gives a shit about them. The real issues is the cops might have hurt someone trying to stop it. I guess the property rights reason is always claiming they care about so much only extend in so far as the leftist mob doesn’t need to burn everything you own down to fight the power. Then reason doesn’t give a shit about your property rights.

    1. Want to go to church? Cops will stop you. Want to burn one? OK.

      Want to open your business? Cops will stop you. Want to burn one? OK.

      People fearing for their physical safety elected Nixon and re-elected W even after the massive failure of not stopping 9/11 and the complaints about his election. When Karen wants skulls cracked to keep her safe, she votes GOP.

      1. When Karen wants skulls cracked to keep her safe, she votes GOP.

        Which is why the left should stop cheering this shit on.

        1. Karen never, ever votes GOP.

          1. are you retarded?

            1. No, but you’re a big poopy head, so nyah

          2. That will change when Karen’s daughter is out protesting with Jamal.

            1. Yup. The democrat party was unstoppable after FDR created his God legacy…that is until Boomers starting violently protesting and sleeping with Black guys. Most of those Democrats voted for Nixon to stop it.

              1. and then Reagan….

          3. Karen never, ever ADMITS to voting GOP.

      2. Not in my city. We didn’t have a stay at home order and the cops aren’t playing the arson game. Stop acting like these blue controlled cities are the entire country. We all know Dems allow chaos on purpose to further their agenda.

    2. Rioters burned a building with a kid inside and tried to keep the fire dept from putting it out.

      Eh, the kid probably has life insurance. Just think of it as a really late term abortion.

    3. Read the Twitter thread from NBA reporter Chris Palmer, who was ALL “burn it down”…until they got to his gated community. Then they were “Animals”.

      Reason is a lot like this, too. Rest assured if ENB’s house was in jeopardy, her writing would change

      1. What a shitbag. Got a link to the thread?

        1. Here you go

          Don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading it. It is just fucking awesome. And even better, the building that he shows burning down in his first tweet was an affordable housing project. That thread is proof God has a sense of humor.

      2. It doesn’t take a genius there’s some level of orchestration here.

        But it’s all narratives to ENB.

        No shit her stance would change.

        How one can even remotely support these violent and riotous degenerates is beyond me. It’s counter-productive.

        All she was missing was ‘itsokay inshirince will pay for it!’

        1. Welch and most of his minions here completely support them.

          It’s information warfare across the board.

      3. Yup.

      4. oh, I saw it. His entire twitter is just perfect, he has ZERO self-awareness, complete SJW dickbag “but I’m one of the good whities, guys!”

    4. “The real issues is the cops might have hurt someone trying to stop it.”

      No I think the real issue is that in many of those cases, the cops aren’t doing anything to stop it. Come on man, there is no reason to drive by a group of people flipping you off on the side of a road- no stores, just the side of the highway- and pepper spray them in the face.

      There was no reason for cops to march up to a guy bitching them out and pepper spray him, then shoot him in the face with a tear gas canister from point blank range. That device is designed to shoot a canister a hundred feet- and they walked up and shot it in this guy’s face. That is not protecting private property. That is saying, “Hey I know you are mad, but if you don’t grovel before me, you get a broken nose”.

      I get that Reason is giving too little attention to the bad actors like Antifa. But the fucking cops aren’t doing anything to help here in Blue cities. They are “giving people space” enough to loot, and only cracking down when people piss them off.

      1. You are right. The cops are not doing anything. But, that is likely because city leaders are telling them not to do anything. And even if it isn’t and this is the result of cops just deciding to hell with it, reason has no moral standing to complain about that since they would be bitching and moaning if the cops actually did anything. You are not stopping a riot by writing tickets and asking people to stop. It requires a level of violence that would be way beyond anything reason wouldn’t have a stroke over.

        1. There is a difference between police assaulting protesters who are aren’t bothering anyone (abusing their power), and cops using force in response to the destruction of property (doing their job).

          I’m sure Reason knows the difference, as do you. To say otherwise is being disingenuous. Just sayin’.

          1. Yeah because you have a protest at

          2. Yeah because you have a protest at 11 pm on a Saturday night. That is when MLK had the march on Washington right?

            There were not protesters. The protesters were there during the day and went home. They were rioters. And you know it.

            1. Oh, you’re in obtuse mode. Never mind.

        2. “And even if it isn’t and this is the result of cops just deciding to hell with it, reason has no moral standing to complain about that since they would be bitching and moaning if the cops actually did anything. You are not stopping a riot by writing tickets and asking people to stop. It requires a level of violence that would be way beyond anything reason wouldn’t have a stroke over.”

          This. We used to shoot rioters and looters in this country. Do it now, and Reason’s writers would be screaming their heads off about property not being worth someone’s life, or that the police weren’t discriminating enough when they shot. Or that the cops weren’t shooting a racially balanced mix of rioters.

          How fucking clueless do you have to be, to watch six days of riots, and make your headline about police brutality?

        3. I’ve been in riots back during the Rodney King days. These riots look strikingly similar, but I will admit that I have not observed them first hand.

          In the riots I observed, the police weren’t there to protect any property. They are there to contain people to one area so that they can be quickly dispersed and rounded up. The cops intentionally do NOT put themselves between protesters and stores. Instead they put themselves at the end of blocks. And if the stores inside there start getting busted up, some leader makes a decision about whether or not they will fire tear gas into the area and break it up, or move from one side in to force people off into the rest of the city (which BTW breaks containment and causes more looting on side streets).

          The dirty little secret that I am sure you know is that the Police aren’t there to protect YOU. They are there to protect the General Rule of Law. And if your store is burned down in the process, sorry to hear that.

          1. That is totally what happens. And the irony is that that is more racist than anything that ever happens that starts the riots. Basically, the attitude of American cities going back to the Watts riots in 1965 is to have the police cordon off the area and make sure the riot doesn’t spread to any nice neighborhoods or white neighborhoods and let them burn down the black part of town. It is never white people or rich people who are harmed in this riots. It is always poor and minorities.

            1. Bingo. It’s not about protecting the General Rule of Law. It’s about protecting the right people.

              This is what your nihilism gets you, Reason. I think it worked out nicely, don’t you?

            2. yep. Police stopped moving in to smash up riots after the civil rights movement when all of America got to see on their TVs what that sort of violence entailed (not to mention in many cases at the expense of legit protesters, not rioters). Nowadays, with a phone in every hand, no one wants to be the person who sends in the troops, because the level of violence that would be needed to break up a riot, instead of just keeping it contained, would shock all the Karens and average Joes who want a quiet life without knowing how the sausage gets made.

        4. “But, that is likely because city leaders are telling them not to do anything.”

          So why is this either or? I cannot do anything about Antifa right now, but the entire fucking country is ready to do something about Police brutality.

          And yet, this is EXACTLY what Antifa has prevented. They have drawn lines that the right and left have dutifully stepped behind. The right should be HAPPY to stand up with Black Activists and say, “Yeah you are right, the only thing to do here is to end Union backed arbitration during discipline.” BOOM.

          Instead, Antifa is shaping this conversation to be, “If you point out police brutality, you are ignoring the looters and rule of law.” It’s like when you and a guy have a disagreement at the bar, and you are like, “Hey man let’s have a beer and calm down.” And then his Girl Friend gets in there crazy and starting shit up, and before you know it you two are wailing on each other. Antifa is the crazy bitch wife. We can ignore her, and get something done, or play into her mind games.

          Whether you like it or not, we are not going to get these blue cities to change over night. They aren’t going to elect GOP members. But you might just get activists to see that you have more solutions than just holding them all accountable for the worst actors.

          1. Yes, Antifa by making it a choice between backing the cops no matter what or embracing lawlessness, are pretty much ensuring that nothing is ever done to deal with police brutality. And that is by design. Antifa benefits from police brutality. They use it as a political weapon. So, the last they want is for it to stop. They want it to get worse.

            1. From a distance it would appear that they don’t realize that their actions are antithetical to their stated goal. Everything actually makes a lot of sense when you realize their actual goal is just to burn and break things without an actual endgame.

              1. Bingo, acting out. Children.

              2. There is an endgame, the same endgame all communists have: State Totalitarianism

                1. I really don’t think these guys are so good at this that they will actually get their way. The state will gain power and influence over everyone, but I honestly doubt almost any of these people will be the actual beneficiaries.

          2. Let’s be clear here- Antifa isn’t putting a brick into each protestor’s hand, holding a gun to their head, and saying “throw or die”. Nor are there white supremacist with impeccable fashion sense handing out Gucci gift bags to passing marchers, unaware. Nor any of the other rationalizations given for how these morally upstanding people have been tempted and baited beyond all self-control to beat and maim people attempting to protect their businesses.

            It is highly instructional to see this demand for accountability from the police without holding up the mirror to themselves as well.

            Per the rhetoric on the left; the resistance journalism, the by any means necessary mantra, the occupation under Trump; no aspect of this is designed to even bother with overtures to the right, or that any proposal will ever be good enough to satisfy whatever goals of the mob.

            This is the drama that use to be contained to college campuses now given moral weight and a stick of dynamite to help the black community by burning their neighborhoods to the ground.

            Good to know who your friends are.

      2. And that’s exactly what Reason wants. All of this rioting is understandable and justified, because reasons.

      3. That is not protecting private property. That is saying, “Hey I know you are mad, but if you don’t grovel before me, you get a broken nose”.

        Exactly – I haven’t heard a single anecdote of violence done in the name of protecting any people or property – just vengeance for disrespecting the police.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing a little chin-stroking, though, over what the riots are for? The officer who killed Floyd was charged with murder, the rednecks from Georgia are being charged with murder, and the dog-lady from Central Park has been fired from her job and publicly shamed.

        The Rodney King riots started when the officers who beat him up were acquitted.

        Have the protesters actually issued any demands?

        1. They didn’t say so specifically, but it could be that unemployment is 14.7%, up from 4.4% the month before.

          Nobody really knows why that happened though.

        2. We can look forward to more riots when Chauvin is acquitted, which is likely now that Keith Ellison has taken over the role as prosecutor

        3. Both the dog lady and the guys in Georgia are more complicated then hurr hurr, racism. The guy in the Central park case made a comment to her prior to the vide starting up (which he admitted happened) something along the lines of “if you do what you want, then I’m going to do what I want, and you’re not gonna like it.” I’d say that constitutes a threat. Not to say that she isn’t a bad person. But as far as I’m concerned, he’s just as bad, they’re 2 Karens who had a fight. The guys in Georgia apparently had been asked by the cops to help their neighbors due to their prior experience (and their contact info was passed out), if any incidents happened because there had been multiple incidents, and the cops figured they’d have a better response time. They didn’t just decide to kill a black guy one day, they were on the lookout for a thief. Doesn’t mean I agree the cops made the right idea deputizing these guys, anytime you have plainclothes cops, you raise the risk of violence because people don’t always realize they’re dealing with cops, and jump to the other conclusion – they’re getting mugged.

          With Floyd… guy shouldn’t have died. I’m really interested to know how well the cop knew Floyd, since they used to work together, and if there was a personal element to it.

          1. Both the dog lady and the guys in Georgia are more complicated then hurr hurr, racism.

            All three of them are. The coverage of all three incidents has been the usual “insert into narrative, letting any facts that don’t fit fall by the wayside.”

            I’m not even going there – I’m assuming the rioters believe the narratives they’ve been fed and are looking for racial justice.

            But what more justice are they demanding than that the perpetrators be punished? Which so far they are?

            1. It’s unjust that other people can have a 65 inch TV, and they can’t.

              (Which incidentally, is the size of the TV that our jogging Mr. Arbery tried to steal from Walmart a few years before his demise)

            2. Just to be clear I wasn’t trying to imply you were person going hurr hurr, my apologies if it came off that way.

              And they aren’t arguing for anything. They just know that they’re angry… and want… stuff! And things! most definitely things!

              1. And they aren’t arguing for anything. They just know that they’re angry… and want… stuff! And things! most definitely things!

                Yeah – that’s kinda the impression I get from the videos I’ve seen.

    5. Property owners are just the first line of oppressors against the African-American worker. A night of broken glass for the oppressive white businessmen of this country pales in comparison to the suffering of the African-American workers for the last four centuries!

      1. Why, the glass is pretty as crystal…

    6. Rights are flexible, John. Now if an abortion clinic had been burned you can bet that the Uterus would have been calling for military intervention. Some rights are just more important than others, like the right to kill people you don’t want. It says so right, um, in the thing. You know, the thing!

    7. there was a man on Sacramento news this morning who had just restocked hid store to reopen and now it was looted last night. many only had enough to survive the lock down and reopen now where is the extra money to come from. is it coincidental that teh rioting and looting started when people were reopening?

      Another take. Would there be this much rioting if people had to go to work in the morning. most past protest last Friday through Saturday with minimal turnout on Sunday night

      1. Celebrities and politicians could help with donations…
        Oh, nevermind – those are all tied up to bail out rioters

      2. is it coincidental that teh rioting and looting started when people were reopening?

        I think so, yes. But my money says the months of lockdown were no small contributor to the general tension and readiness-to-boil-over, to the ill-will toward the police, and to the general sense of “what the fuck better do I have to do? I’ll get to go outside, even.”

    8. Seems like most “journalists” or writers nowadays are some combination of rode hard coke head lefty dirt bags that have Bank of Dad’s trust fund pay for private security, in their building, or within their investments.

      You’re correct that insurance does not cover civil unrest. All of those small business’s and the families that took generations to build are gone.

    In an email leaked to the Politiken newspaper, Per Okkel, the top civil servant at the health ministry, told Søren Bostrøm, the head of the Danish Health Authority to suspend his sense of professional “proportionality” as a public servant, and instead adopt a “extreme precautionary principle” when giving political advice.

  7. I channel-surfed the riots like I was watching an afternoon slate of football games. The Vikings’ defense was virtually non-existent against the Raiders in the 1st half, but they dialed-up some effective blitz packages after regrouping at halftime. The Giants/Jets game was a battle in the trenches, and fans protested the announcers in Atlanta

    1. How was the food?

      1. Couldn’t have any delivered, “due to the protests”.

      2. Burnt, but free.

      3. Gerald Ford: Say, Echo, do you like riots?
        Echo: Do I ever!
        Gerald Ford: Do you like nachos?
        Echo: Yes, Mr. Ford.
        Gerald Ford: Well, why don’t you come over and watch the riots and we’ll have nachos, and then some beer.

    2. My Washington Redskins performed as expected, and came nowhere close to covering the spread.

  8. Periodic reminder that millennials are now the largest voting-age generation in the USA and have the power to vote them all out.

    They’re entitled to have those politicians to voted out for them.

    1. No they don’t. They can replace bad ones from Team A with bad ones from Team B, but that’s it. And that won’t matter because the permanent bureaucracy makes all the important decisions anyway.

      1. No, in most of these deep Blue urban paradises, the pols all come from one party brand. But the primaries are often a true free-for-all with dozens of factions at play.

  9. No action from #SCOTUS on any of the qualified immunity or gun case petitions, meaning those will be considered again at a later conference.

    Laziest branch of the government.

    1. I blame them as much as anyone for this current mess. They invented QI out of thin air, and it made people largely helpless police abuses. Yes legislations could have overruled it with explicit liability laws, but they shouldn’t have to and (until maybe now) no politian can successfully stand against the police.

      1. (until maybe now) no politian can successfully stand against the police.

        Excellent point

  10. “The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago,” said Italian doctor Alberto Zangrillo…

    Have the Eye-talians tried rioting?

    “Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, told CNBC on Monday the U.S. government should provide $14 trillion of reparations for slavery to help reduce racial inequality. “Now is the time to go big” to keep America from dividing into two separate and unequal societies, Johnson said.”
    For comparison, the U.S. stock market is currently valued somewhere around $35 trillion. So he’s only asking for about 40% of it.

    1. We should pay every freed slave a cool million.

    2. How about 40 acres and a mule?

      1. there is probably enough land to do that but it is desert land.

    3. Robert Johnson wants to make a deal with the devil? I am shocked.

      1. Nice

        Would you say we’re at a…crossroads in America’s treatment of African-Americans?

    4. Never pay the Danegeld

    5. “We and Antifa burned our cities to the ground, now give us the money to rebuild them.”

      I think it’s pretty clear now that, even with legitimate police reform, having a relatively color-blind society is near impossible now. There was a very brief moment in the late 90s when the window opened, but Peggy McIntosh’s poisonous creed was making its way through academia at the time and ended up influencing too many people that are now in the media and making public policy.

    6. Fuck him. Here is my offer, Mr. Johnson: Nothing. You get nothing, and what’s more, you can kiss most of HHS goodbye. (I guess we’ll still have to keep Medicare.)

      SNAP, AFDC, housing vouchers, ObamaPhones, racial preferences in hiring, government contracts, and education: Gone, if I had my way. All of that money since LBJ certainly hasn’t bought gratitude, or contributed in any way towards assimilating African-Americans into larger American society. Every metric for assessing the health of a population is at best for AAs, the same as it was under Johnson, and many are worse. So stop spending. What’s the worst that’ll happen? The inner cities will riot?

      It’ll never, ever happen of course.

  12. Holy shit the NYPD just attacked the protesters for no reason. Oh my god.

    “Oh, very well. The protesters were not properly social distancing.”

    1. Oh thank god someone was there to worry about their safety!

    One surely unintended consequence of this week’s violence: When the National Guard is patrolling the streets because huge armed police forces can’t keep criminals from turning cities into war zones, America’s gun control debate is *finished* for at least a generation. Over. Done.

    1. “America’s National Conversation About Race”, however, is just beginning (again).

      1. “conversations” aren’t what they used to be

        1. Yep. If you don’t do Twitter your voice is not heard.

      2. “America’s National Conversation Lecture About Race”

  14. …and watch helplessly as Republicans try to keep us from voting,” writes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Los Angeles Times.

    As long as the Democrats keep voting in your stead it all evens out.

    1. What were the polls open for last night?

      1. Favorite loot.

    2. When I think of oppressed black men, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the first person that pops to mind.

      1. He’s out there busting his buns every night! You go drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes!

        1. I’m sorry you must have him confused with someone else. His name is Roger Murdock.

          1. What are his feelings on gladiator movies?

    3. I read that as Karen Abdul jabbar

      1. He really is Jabbaring away, isn’t he?

        1. Anyone who watched his NBA career during the 80s knows that whining about every slight is his default condition.

          The amount of “home cooking” the Lakers got from the refs back then was astounding to behold.


    Here’s some free advice for BLM: Protest anywhere except the street. And learn to take yes for an answer. The whole country was on your side a few days ago. That opening has been lost. You have Antifa, looters, and terrible strategy to blame.

    1. I can’t find his other tweet, but he remarked that “right wing militias” are….kinda quiet right now.

      1. The last thing America needs is a Donald Drumpf Schutzstaffel walking down the streets of our Democrat controlled cities!

      2. the right wing militias are cleaning guns and preparing ammo for when the riots hit their street or business.
        My father lives in Sacramento, my gas tank is full and my magazines are loaded and I’m prepared to intervene if needed. If the freeways or roads are blocked with people I won’t stop I’ve got four wheel drive.

        1. yep. They’re buttoned up and waiting anyone dumb enough to come to their neck of the woods. I have half a mind to drive down to my parents since they don’t have anything to protect themselves with, something I’ve been harping on them for months about.

          1. Do they know how to use whatever you’ll bring them? Better yet, do they know enough how to use it that they won’t hurt themselves or wrongfully hurt someone else? Because that will go well for you.

            “Papa Darkflame, who gave you this rifle that you used to blast the meter reader?”
            “Why, my son did.”

            OTOH, my mother and I had a chat a few days ago on the phone, where she told me she loved shooting a Smith with a Crimson Trace on but couldn’t scratch up the 1,000 plus she thought one would cost. Enter me introducing her to arms list, and finding a guy selling a Wiley Clapp SP101 for half that.

            1. Nice, glad to hear you were able to help your mom out. My parents have both shot before (my dad grew up shooting out in New Mexico, and I believe my mom learned from him and gramps), but it has been a long while since they did it consistently. That being said, my mom knows how to use a revolver, and my dad grew up on a M-1 carbine, although I think he’d prefer a Mossberg Shockwave, he saw mine and liked it. Both my brother and I are gun nuts, and we’ll make sure they know what they’re doing before we leave them alone. No worries on the safety front

    2. The worst thing out of all this is that the country was already coming around several years ago. Turning this into Race is what derailed things. As I said on the other thread, you can stop the Drug War. You can ban Stop and Frisk. You can outlaw No Knock Warrants and Asset Forfeiture. You can make cops wear body cameras. You cannot outlaw “systemic racism”.

      As soon as everyone made this about “systemic racism” it made it impossible to target the real things that harm communities. See, because we actually need the ability to stop and frisk people randomly. Just hire a diversity panel to make sure it isn’t done in a racist way. Right?

      Go talk to the people who are getting violent, or even giving air cover for the violent. Most of them only want to talk about the inherent racism of Capitalism, Reparations, and other nonsense. They want to talk about Trump’s tweets. None of them actually want to talk about limiting the power the state has over them.

      1. That is what leftism does Overt; hijacks legitimate grievances and injustices and uses them as a means to take power. Understand they never have and never will care about the actual people they claim to defend. Those people are just a means. In most cases, they hate the people they claim to defend. Leftists want power to create Utopia. Anytime a leftist gets involved in any cause no matter how legitimate, that will subvert that cause into a weapon to advance leftist politics.

        1. Everything is everything. The “Green New Deal” called for single payer healthcare, as if that impacts CO2 in the atmosphere.

          1. Single payer would probably result in a smaller population, so yeah.

        2. You mean like morning links.

      2. The sense I get from my albeit limited interactions is this isn’t even so much a protest, but a prelude to civil war.

        No sense in limiting the power of the state when you wish to replace the state.

  16. Trump has no authority to designate Antifa a “domestic terrorist group”

    But his Neo-Nazi supporters are “fine people” and definitely never violent.

    1. of course you’d believe a poorly constructed lie, it’s literally all you ever post

      1. Turd has yet to make the acquaintance of either truth or facts.

    2. Of course, he did not designate then “a domestic terrorist group”.
      Dear God, can Reason not actually go to Twitter and read the tweet?

    3. Oh; Is that who’s terrorizing the cities – the “Neo-Nazi’s”??? Huh, you really do live in fantasy land.

  17. Trump has no authority to designate Antifa a “domestic terrorist group”

    Dealing with interstate organization of violent crime is one of the few things the Feds do that actually qualifies as a Federal matter.

    If Antifa gets so much as $1 from overseas, and that is guaranteed, it is now international organization of violent crime.

    ENB, let me put it in terms you can understand. A woman can’t get an abortion if there is a riot between her and the clinic. Does that help?

    1. If Barr means what he says, they can roll up Antifa in very quick order.

      1. They got sloppy with all the local Dem governments turning a blind eye to their activities.

        BTW, to anyone who says Communism isn’t Socialism, Antifa got its name and logo from German communists, and are allowed to roam free in Dem controlled cities. Communism = Socialism = Progressiveism.

        You don’t think the violence we’ve seen shows people who are capable of rounding up a few million people and putting them in camps?

        1. Probably some program plans and even blueprints in the FDR Library.

        2. The only thing that keeps them from engaging in real mass mob violence is the second amendment. You never see an Antifa rally in Wichita or out in some little town in Pennsylvania. Funny that they never seem to go take on the evil white deplorables who are oppressing the masses. That is because even those retards know it would be signing their own death warrants. But if they ever managed to disarm the public, their calculus would change real quick.

          1. Yep. They’re idea of a fair fight is 3:1, from behind, with bike locks. And that’s in portland where they have the mayor and police willing to disarm any moderate or conservative protestors (who know they’re gonna be attacked), and who will step in if anyone starts fighting back effectively. When these fucks go 1:1 in a straight fight, they lose.

        3. Democratic Socialism = Political Libertarianism! Everyone should have a voice and everyone should have a vote!

          1. WRONG! Everyone should have equal rights that aren’t left up to “everyone-else’s” vote.

        4. Why should they round them up? They can make them build their own camps and stay in them; they just call the camps “home”.

    2. yeah, all of the “Trump can’t do that” is full of wishcasting and runs counter to any real legal analysis.

    3. I think for ENB a better explanation would be that prostitutes can’t walk the streets wo th h all this rioting going on.

  18. One of the main purposes of black blocs is to antagonize the police into striking out in front of the cameras. That ENB would give these videos credence is telling.

    People in front of the crowd approach the officers face to face with their hands in the air to show they’re unarmed, while people in the back hurl bricks and such at the police to antagonize them.

    If the police succumb to striking the protesters directly in front of them in those cases, it’s indicative of nothing but that anti-fa and the black blocs are effective at generating propaganda.

    Intellectually honest people are not required to take this propaganda at face value and treat it as if it were indicative of anything meaningful or systemic.

    No, because someone caught a drunk driver kill a pedestrian on video is not a good reason to ban alcohol. It’s a good reason to do nothing different in policy than we’ve done before. Because someone caught an armed robber on video is not good evidence showing that assault weapons should be banned.

    1. What amazes me about Elizabeth is that if the cops were not there to keep this in check, it would be a few hours before the mobs were in her neighborhood burning her home down and likely doing even worse to her. Like so many before her, she thinks being loyal to the cause is going to save her if the mob or the knock at the door ever comes. It never has saved anyone and it never will.

      1. Like the mob would even know who she is.

        1. Just another cute white girl.

          1. No we were talking about ENB, who looks like the Crypt Keeper

      2. As we approach November, the pull of TDS becomes stronger, and as Trump becomes increasingly associated with opposition to riots, she probably feels pulled towards defending the rioters.

        Also, she thinks we’re stupid.

      3. Read up on how the Soviets treated the German communists as the Red Army pushed to Berlin. Like modern intersectionality, they were communists, but they were also Germans.

        1. The Red Army treated pretty much everyone, even their own auxiliaries, really badly. Beevor’s ‘The Fall of Berlin’ goes into decent detail, and is depressing as hell to read.

        2. I seem to recall it was something along the lines of
          Ivan: “If you were REAL communists, you would have joined the German communist resistance groups!”
          Fritz: “But comrade, there were no communist resistance groups!”
          Ivan: “Thus proving that you’re not real communists!” *BANG*

      4. They would undoubtedly free her nipples = …before the mobs were in her neighborhood burning her home down and likely doing even worse to her.

        Personally, my take is to bottle up the rioters in one area, and let them go wilding all they want. The blue states that enable it can then pay for the clean-up and the rebuilding.

    2. I didn’t see any of that in the videos she posted. Saw a cop shoot a guy point blank in the face with a tear gas canister though. Not saying it doesn’t happen nor that the videos are representative but I did see cops create mayhem which doesn’t lead to good outcomes.

      1. “I didn’t see any of that in the videos she posted”

        you don’t say.

      2. Next time, tell the ‘guy’ to get his face out of the way of the canister.

  19. I was only lost in thought, holding that rock trying to decide whether if was sedimentary or metamorphic. The light was bad, only coming from that burning car, so when I gave up I tossed the rock away. I didn’t see the window there until I heard it break. I was inside the store to recover the rock. See – it’s in the bag.

  20. The way to stop the violence that is going on today and have been with for many decades is to replace every white person that is in a position of political power and replace them with a person of color. Start with the office of POTUS, move to congress, then the federal courts then on down the line to governors and and state legislators. But not only political leaders replace every white person in police and law enforcement leadership. Then give these new leaders the commission to root out every vestige of white racism and hate. To aid in this rooting out of hatred it would not be necessary to prove in a court of law that it is hate only a charge by one or more person of hate. With in a very short time racism would be gone. But if it is not then anyone white person accused of racial hate would be quarantined to special compounds built just for them to hate while isolated from the rest of sane society. All needs that these people would need would be supplied to them so there would never be a reason for them to get to leave it.

    1. Yes this sounds like the South African model. It sounds doable.

    2. Poe’s Law in action.

    3. What’s funny is how your completely blind to the fact that it’s the Antifa that is racist.

      White man dies from medical condition while being arrest – Oh, well; not a peep from Antifa and anyone else.

      Black man with a violent history of crime dies from medical complications and the whole mob goes on a rampage.

      They’re not correcting racism – they are making and perfecting it and going entirely UN-noticed by P.C. stigma’s (Cool-Aid Propaganda) based on some silly 1700’s history story about slavery ownership of which their own political party affiliation is entire responsible for.

  21. If this is going to be our new national sport, we need better broadcasting and color commentary.

    1. Yeah, this black-and-white coverage is getting old.

      1. #HeHateMe

        1. A player so far ahead of his time

    BREAKING: Specialized Investigations Division detectives & SWAT officers moments ago arrested Wesley Somers, 25, on charges of felony arson, vandalism, & disorderly conduct for setting fire to Nashville’s Historic Courthouse Saturday night.

    1. good, glad they caught the little shit. I live in Nashville, I hope they throw the book at him. Heard they were discussing federal charges earlier.

  23. more attempted murder by the LAPD. again, tell me the difference between this and charlottesville?

    For starters, that cop probably won’t get charged with anything. The worse they’re likely to get is a 2 week paid vacation.

    1. If you are going to foolishly use your body to block a right of way for a vehicle, you do not get to complain when you get run over.

      1. Is that the one where the guy tried to go around the group of people blocking his car, then someone jumped directly in front of it, then he reversed all the way back down the street to avoid running anyone else over?
        Yea, I have no sympathy for the asshole that got hit there

        1. I guarantee you all the truckers out there are thinking of what happened to Reginald Denny from the Rodney King riots.

          1. And yet, didn’t that idiot in MSP with the tanker truck actually stop for the mob?

            Absolutely amazing. I’d still be driving if I were him.

  24. Ending drug prohibition would solve most of the problem.

    1. One suspects that legalizing and taxing drugs may be — dare I say it — an essential revenue generator, given the multi-pronged destruction of the economy.

    2. Yep and we should literally tear down all these prisons and if people have to be imprisoned it should be done in a place that in which they can live like human beings.

      1. The main problem with the prisons is overcrowding.

    3. Absolutely.

      But that’s only step one.

      George was not murdered over drugs. Breonna was not murdered over drugs. They were murdered because the police have the attitude that people, especially Black people, are criminals who must be lorded over. It’s the attitude that must go.

      The drugs certainly helped create that attitude among a lot of cops, but that attitude was around for most of a century before the Harrison Act. It’s the attitude of “respect my authority”, the attitude of keeping people in their places. It’s most often displayed towards Blacks but hardly limited to them.

      And it’s certainly not all cops. But it does slowly infect all cops over time to some degree.

      The answer is to end the drug prohibition, to end all victimless crimes, to put the cops on a firm leash of laws that limits their power and asserts that individual cops are liable for their own actions.

      1. Ending the drug war would help but it wouldn’t solve the problem. Even if you ended the drug war, there would still be a million laws that are nothing but an excuse and a means for the police to fuck with people for no reason. This guy wasn’t killed over drugs, the guy they strangled in NYC was selling cigarettes.

        The very same people who think cops are all racist and claim to be so concerned about this are the ones who are the biggest supporters of the very sort of nanny state laws that empower those cops to fuck with poor people and minorities. So, good luck in ever fixing it.

      2. “George was not murdered over drugs. Breonna was not murdered over drugs”

        I realize you’re a race baiting fucktard, but without the war on drugs and the associated erosion of rights, the interactions would not have been possible in the first place.

        Stixk to playing amateur censor you retard.

      3. This is stupid. End the damn welfare state. Just because progressatarians can only think about their next hit doesn’t mean it’s the proximate cause of everything.

        The best predictor of poverty? Birth out of wedlock. The biggest enabler of that? The welfare state. The war on drugs started in the 40’s (20’s with alcohol). It didn’t cause the destruction of the black on increasingly white family. It took the special compassion of progressives like ENB to enable this kind of societal devastation. The kind that only “free” gummint money can create.

  25. Ending qualified immunity and stopping the transfer of military weapons are both good things to do. But they won’t make much of a difference, since cities already can punish misbehaving police and voluntarily not acquire weapons. Big city police departments operate the way they do because of local politics and local social conditions.

    All these articles presume that the protesters actually even represent the voters. Where does that certainty come from? Voters keep voting for the politicians, DAs, and police commissioners in those cities. And police violence mostly occurs in connection with other crimes, so they are not of much concern to average citizens.

    1. Getting rid of government employee unions would help too.

    2. Yeah the military weapons thing is small change.

      That said, I would definitely start with ending QI. Sure, we cannot stop Unions from giving these people jobs. But if a cop is sued into oblivion personally, then it doesn’t matter if he has a job.

  26. So, it turns out that the cop knew the Floyd. They both worked security at the same bar. There is no way they didn’t know each other. Cops and bouncers all know each other and bouncers at the same bar all know each other because they have to depend upon each other to back them up.

    So, it is highly unlikely that this whole thing had anything to do with Floyd being black. If the cop knows and works with a guy, he doesn’t show up and drag him out of the car on some bullshit bust for passing a counterfeit bill. That is not how cops work. It pays to know cops for that reason.

    So why did he do it? They almost certainly had some kind of beef going on. Maybe Floyd owed him money or was banging was banging his wife or ratted him out to his wife for running around on her. Could be any number of things. And the tell that it was a personal beef and not just him dragging some random black guy out of his car is that the other cops stood there and let him strangle the guy for 8 minutes. Even if you grant the other cops didn’t give a shit, they would have stepped in out of boredom if nothing else. “Hey, let’s go man, we can beat this guy in the car”. The only way they stand around for that long and let the video be taken is because they knew the cop had some personal beef he was settling with the guy and they didn’t want to get involved in it. It was them turning their backs and letting him settle whatever score he had with the guy.

    That had to be what happened. Now that doesn’t make the cop any less accountable for the death. But this incident likely has nothing to do with race. It was just scumbag cop settling a beef with some other scumbag.

    God forbid the media ever point that out. We wouldn’t want the facts to get in the way of the narrative.

    1. It was just scumbag cop settling a beef with some other scumbag. God forbid the media ever point that out. We wouldn’t want the facts to get in the way of the narrative.

      No problem: “If the other scumbag had been white, this never would have happened.”

    2. More accountable, if anything. Makes an intent to kill prong a lot easier to prove. They probably knew each other—it was a big Latin dance club, with multiple security shifts, so maybe it wasn’t a certainty they knew each other, but fairly unlikely.

      Give immunity to the first one of the three accomplices that runs his yap, and get him to testify about what the beef was. After that, they can roll with various degrees of Murder for all three of the non-cooperative.

      I was wondering in another thread why they didn’t simply drag Floyd into the back of a cruiser, and scoot to the ER for a few hours of OT, once Floyd started in with the ‘I can’t breathe’. Covers their asses and they get paid to flirt with nurses in air conditioning. Sounds like a win-win.

      1. They didn’t just drag him back because there was something personal between the cop and Floyd. Even if they were just out to beat up and arrest a black guy, they would have done what you are saying not what happened. It was something personal.

        1. Sure looks that way, and if it was personal, it’s much easier to try to prove to a jury that the officer had the intent to kill. Also much easier to stick the rest with Murder 3. I’d try working on the officer that brought up ‘excited delirium’ on the video. He’s probably sweating about the giant pool of shit he just got dunked into.

    3. I have read that there were something like 20 bouncers at that night club and they did not know each other (this is possible due to shifts. I have been at jobs where I didn’t know the person who sat in the same desk as me because we were in different shifts).

      I have always argued that this is less about race, but a deep pathological problem in our police forces. But at this point, it really doesn’t matter.

      In another city people filming these cops would have gotten him to back off. Or would have gotten one of the other 4 cops to come in and intervene. Or they would have at least had the decency to try and get the camera operators to shut off the phones. But these cops sat there, staring at the people filming this and just made them sit and watch while they killed a man. That is a level of psychopathic that transcends bad blood between two guys. It is a level of “Fuck you that’s why” that should disturb any parent who wants to see their kids grow up.

      1. It is too much of a coincidence for them to have not known each other. And yes, there is a license to screw with people and that is a problem. But this is likely more about something personal.

      2. not necessarily. There was that poor schizo kid out in Cali who was killed by the cops a few years ago. Didn’t do anything to anyone, no one called him in, 2 cops walked up to him and started beating/tasing him in the middle of a crowded street, full of bystanders filming it and telling them to stop. Guy was screaming for his dad, died on the way to the hospital. His dad turned out to be a sheriff down in Arizona if I remember correctly. Cops only got fired, and last I heard they were trying to get back on the force with backpay.

        1. Kelly Thomas. Tragic what happened to him.

          It wasn’t proven, but I’d be surprised if the cops involved didn’t have any dealings with Thomas before. That beating had the sound of a, “I thought we told you to stay the fuck out of here?!” kind of tune up that, obviously, got way out of hand.
          Or it could just have been a bad day that the officers were having. The risk you run when you piss off a wild animal, which is exactly how I treat an encounter with law enforcement: no sudden moves, don’t look them in the eye, don’t run. I recommend avoiding trying to scare them away with loud noises though. Try to get out of the encounter breaking even, other than lost time.

          1. Yep, that’s the poor bastard. Those cops should have gotten the chair.

    4. At which point this is now a much stronger 1st degree murder case (or 2nd degree, didn’t plan to kill him that day but saw an opportunity and took it), and all the other cops are actually accessories.

      I didn’t think the other cops had done anything criminal, they deserved to be fired but that’s it. If they knew what was going on they’re criminally culpable as well.

    5. many people privately have been saying this already but the media won’t because thats counter to their vision of all cops racist and the harm it can inflict on Trump and the deplorables

  27. Cuck.
    Marco Rubio challenged to list the domestic terror groups on the right he says are ‘committing acts of violence & looting’

    1. “Marco Rubio challenged ”

      boy is he ever

  28. So how are police able to do this? Because voters like you keep electing councilmen and mayors that prop them up!

    Police aren’t under Trump’s personal direction, they’re local. They aren’t under the Governor’s direction, they’re local. Hell, they’re not even county, those dudes are sheriffs. Cops are local. So look to your local city council and the mayor. That’s where the buck stops.

    It’s why protests help. Protests tell the politicans that they’re jobs are on the line, that they’ll get booted out. But riots do NOT help, because riots just bring out the “law and order” instincts from the voters.

    1. What do you want the cops to do about the riots? How do you plan to stop the riots without using tear gas and batons and arresting a lot of people?

      1. MA-2 ?

      2. First off, you stick to just the riots. You don’t fire tear gas into crowds who are peacefully protesting.

        Yes, it can be a very thin line at times. But restraint is the key word here. Restraint is something the police have shown to not have fully grasped.

        The best defense against riots of this sort is to cease with the kind of policing that pisses off the country. Stop killing the Blacks trying to sell a cigarette. Stop killing the Blacks trying to go to work. Stop killing Blacks who are subdued and in custody. Fuck it, just stop targeting the Blacks. When was the last time a White dude was choked to death by a cop?

        1. Tony Timpa took about five seconds to find.

          Fairly sure it’s happened to some fat and/or intoxicated white guy since then. Daniel Shaver just got shot after an invigorating game of Simon Says. (He lost.)

          It’s not a racial thing. It’s a modern policing thing. Black cops are more likely to shoot a black guy than white cops are. Go see the 2016 study from Lott and Moody.

          And in Floyd’s case, it’s looking like it was a personal thing between Floyd and Officer Chauvin.

          1. Yea, but it’s best to make it racial to avoid taking any productive steps in response.
            Progress uber alles

        2. To be fair, it’s not like local elections don’t mirror nationals as far as picking the lesser of two evils. The only time I’ve seen a third party on the ballot was the Christian Constitution Party. Not likely to see much reform from them.

    2. “It’s why protests help. Protests tell the politicans that they’re jobs are on the line, that they’ll get booted out. But riots do NOT help, because riots just bring out the “law and order” instincts from the voters.”

      This. And Antifa knows this- which is why they are turning things into riots. The last thing these marxist revolutionaries want is for the populace to speak, and politicians listen. They want the rabble breaking windows and the law and order types treating them like toddlers.

      There was a protest in my town. The organizers found out that a nearby city had organized earlier in the day, and that Antifa was planning to go to each protest. So the organizers moved ours earlier so that Antifa couldn’t get here. And the protesters met with the mayor and the police chief and screamed. And went home.

  29. I know what I’m about to say is controversial. It’s probably the most controversial thing I’ve ever said. I’ve been swarmed here before for making other arguments, but what I’m about to say is probably even more likely to disturb the hive than anything I’ve said before. Please understand, I really believe this. It isn’t something I’m saying lightly but . . .

    I think we should stop making fun of Karens.

    I’m not saying that because I think the term is racist or misogynistic, even though it’s probably both. I’m saying it because I think there are a lot of Karens out there looking for a safe harbor right now–and while Karen may not vote for President Trump in November, Karen staying home in November may be the difference between Trump winning and Trump losing.

    This revelation came to me last night, while I was watching a gaggle of Karens being eviscerated online for opposing the looting and burning of the stores where Karens like to shop. I saw hoards of people piling on the Karens for being self-entitled racists for thinking that the stores where they shop are more important than the lives of black people.

    If Biden wins in November, the social justice warriors we see in the streets will be the ones driving the public policy bus, and if all we need to do to make sure President Trump is reelected is to oppose arson and riots, like the Karen, tell Karen that it’s okay to care about the impact of riots and arson on their lives, and stop making fun of Karen, then that’s what we should do.

    I’m just sayin’.

    1. You are right Ken.

    2. What about sheila?

      1. I’ve been trying to think of the Italian-American version of Karen. It’s mostly Danielle or Gina, but I’m open to other suggestions.

    3. “I’ve been swarmed here before for making other arguments”

      oh my fucking god you pathetic whiner, play the victim harder

    4. *** meekly raises hand ***

      What if Karen then feels, um, patronized?

      1. Tell her to make you breakfast…

      2. tell her to take it up with the manager.

    5. It seems like the Democratic mayors and city councils are all in the pockets of the police unions. So people’s voting behavior may need some explanation.

    6. May I humbly suggest we switch the term to “Nancy”?

    7. Those same hand-wringing Karens are also law and order types. They see chaos in their cities and they want it to stop. So they will elect those “tough on crime” Democrats who support violent cops. And a few will even switch over to Trump if he promises them law and order.

      The whole schtick with Karen is that the world doesn’t operate the way they want. That’s what drives them.

    8. I dont care if you’re right, Ken, you are not taking the Karen meme away from me!

    1. Watching the Minneapolis Police Department abandon its precinct to the torch and crowbar-wielding peaceful protesters in that Democrat-run state and city, my first thought was that I should disarm. After all, I have been reliably informed by our smart and competent elite betters that I don’t need firearms because the police will protect me, and I am sure that even though they can’t defend their own police station they will absolutely defend me, my family, and our pet unicorn Chet.

      1. The Chinese coronavirus fiasco, the shocking killing of George Floyd, and the riots resulting from Democrat failure have taught the American people several things. One is that a surprising and sad number of law enforcement officers are willing to follow cheesy, stupid, and unconstitutional orders. A quick tour of social media will horrify you with the damage done to that support by video of stupid cops hassling civilians for going outside or trying to attend church. The people who long backed the blue feel stabbed in the back, and LEOs are going to have to work to earn back the support they lost because a lot of their comrades sided with Democrat bullies against the people.

        Similarly, we have learned that the police are not necessarily going to be there for us. From that gooey tub of cowardice in Florida who let kids be murdered while he stood with a weapon outside the school – I can’t even type those words without sputtering in rage – to the MPD running away and letting criminals burn their building, do you feel comfortable putting your lives in the hands of such government employees? The one inspirational sight during the riots was a bunch of black Americans with modern rifles defending their businesses. That’s so American that it couldn’t be more American if there were eagles, a 1964 Mustang, and a Ted Nugent soundtrack cranking.

        1. we have learned that the police are not necessarily going to be there for us

          That is a lie that needed to be put to bed, anyway. A lot of people have no idea about QI or the court rulings that have said cops have no duty to perform. Those follow up stories don’t make headlines.

          1. Even without all that, you can’t have a cop on every corner. If someone means you harm, the police will not get there in time to save you. Police deter crime by punishing criminals. They can’t stop crime as it happens or save you from it in nearly all instances.

      2. Watching the Minneapolis Police Department abandon its precinct to the torch and crowbar-wielding peaceful protesters in that Democrat-run state and city

        That, by way, was done solely for the sympathy it would gain with the voters. Law enforcement offices, since McVeigh showed them they were vulnerable where they gather, are fortresses with bullet proof glass, reinforced exteriors, and bullet proof interior drywall. That includes local precincts. I have seen the specs on the materials. They could have defended that building from anything smaller than a tank.

        We don’t need militarized police. We need armed citizens with no ‘duty to retreat’ bullshit laws. That would shut this right down.

        When I was down south, I noticed the malls in Monterey, Mexico have private security armed with SMGs. Why does America need so many schleps with qualified immunity on the public tit? Privatize the bulk of security and end the protection racket deals the cops make with the mayors and city councils.

        1. Send the police back to dealing with murders and real crimes and acting as peace officers whose job is to maintain general order rather than be tax collectors for the state like they are now.

          1. Tax collection offenses are often strict liability. Malum in se laws require some form of mens rea to prove, which is usually tougher. Cops are lazy. Pressure from upstairs to pursue crimes that fill the coffers, rather than crimes that don’t, and make the city look bad on CompStat to boot, if the officer makes it easy for the victim to file a complaint—all puts their finger on the justice scales too.

  30. Any one left who can say with a straight face “no one needs a high capacity magazine”?

    1. How are ammo supplies in stores nowadays? I’m low.

      1. Get thee to or ammodepot, my good man. 77 gr SMK OTM IMI for 88 cents a round. 147 gr HST in the 50 rd packs for not much. Fast and reliable.

        1. Not “cheaper than dirt”?

          1. Take a look and see. I thought both of those guys were cheap enough, and were good about actually shipping me what I ordered, that I didn’t try further comparison shopping. One way to find out…

        2. no deliveries when there are riots

          1. A smart man has all the ammo he’d ever need BEFORE shit hits the fan.

    2. If only magazines in general weren’t so expensive. On the plus side, the body armor I ordered 10 weeks ago should be here sometime next week.

  31. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks a virus has racist intent, and that Trump has the magical power to direct the virus to specific groups?
    And I should listen to this madness why?

    1. He believes in fairy tales, why would I take his analysis seriously? Fuck that fundie moron.

    2. When mass hysteria sets in, people don’t think straight. That’s what leads to otherwise intelligent people like Kareem thinking that Trump has the god-like ability to direct a virus to primarily target fat, diabetic black people.

  32. Thank goodness the media and Trump are both so effective in deescalating tensions and urging harmony

    1. Yeh because Obama was a model of harmony during Ferguson and the Martin case.

      Can we cut it out with the fetish for hoping Presidents be some sort of father figure?

      How about you, you know, don’t act like a bunch of assholes?

      1. someone’s snark meter needs calibrating

    2. I think Reason justifying the rioting turned out well, don’t you?

  33. Here’s a conundrum for you: When the the daughter of the Mayor of New York City is demonstrating, what is she demonstrating against?

    “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested Saturday night during demonstrations in Manhattan.

    Chiara de Blasio, 25, was arrested Saturday evening near 12th Street and Broadway after police declared an unlawful assembly in the area, according to the New York Post. The younger de Blasio has since been released.

    A source told the outlet the mayor’s daughter was blocking traffic on Broadway and refused to move when asked to by police.

    “That was a real hot spot. Police cars were getting burned there. People were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops.””

    My understanding is that the New York City Police Commissioner is appointed by the mayor, and they mayor can fire the Commissioner whenever the mayor wants.

    Does she know her father is in charge of the police department?

    Does she oppose the way her father runs the police department?

    What is she protesting exactly?

    How does the mayor feel about this daughter protesting against . . . the city, the NYPD, or . . . the mayor?

    1. I doubt she thought things through. He father doesn’t seem to so why should she? Like father, like daughter.

      Socialist morons.

      1. Does she think the government of New York City is racist?

        1. Yes, which is why they need more people like her father in charge.

    2. daddy. issues.

  34. It was Mayor Richard J Daley who said “The policeman isn’t there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”

    Guys – he just mis-spoke. You don’t need to take that seriously.

    1. Why would I take seriously anything said by anyone in government, ever?

  35. Here Are Two Ways to Help It Stop.

    1. Stop voting for Democrats.
    2. Stop voting for Republicans.

  36. at least the coronavirus nonsense is over.

    1. You think? I still see spill over retard.

      1. all weekend CNN took down the purple border w/DEATH TOTALS, PEOPLE! … figured that was the end.

    1. They usually have tighter control over their narrative than that.

    2. I heard Minnesota doesn’t have a bail system?

  37. German authorities are cracking down on ‘climate change dissent’

    Is there anyone that truly believes that this was not an organized event? How much do you think it would cost for communications and travel and manpower for an event like this. Who’s money is behind it?

    Ok, Charles, you want a legal debate. Cool.

    If you (3rd Party) write an op-ed in NYT & it’s defamatory, NYT can be sued.

    If you post identical defamatory op-ed on Twitter or FB, they can’t be sued—that’s sec 230.

    Congress did that bc they were “neutral.” Now, they censor.

      Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), in a letter Friday to the Justice and Treasury departments, is calling for a criminal investigation of Twitter over allegations the company is violating U.S. sanctions against Iran:

  40. I will be introducing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to discontinue the program that transfers military weaponry to local police departments.

    Too little too late, asshole

    1. with all the cop cars destroyed in teh rioting they will have to start using up armoured humvies. now thats militarization.

      1. I bet those things are still flammable.

  41. When liberals learn what “government” looks like the hard way. Oh well. Want to be an asshole out burning down businesses and attacking people? Gonna get treated like an asshole out burning down businesses and attacking people.

  42. Why would I want it to stop? For fuck’s sake, issue the cops flame throwers already.

    1. I am just waiting for someone with nothing left to lose to light up a police line with a semi-auto. I’m not saying it’s GOING to happen, but it would not surprise me at all when I see these videos

    2. Now there’s a friggin mental image.

  43. Not verified yet, but supposedly 147 (one hundred and forty seven) Walgreens are closed due to arson, looting, or just generally being trashed. Kind of a surprising indicator of how widespread this is, that I don’t seem to get from the mainstream news. Sure, out of 9277 Walgreens in the country, but still. It’s not just a dozen blocks here and there.

  44. So apparently the cops caught some people bring “bags of guns” into Charleston. Would really like to know who these people were and what the hell they were doing.

    1. Don’t be shocked if those were actually feds. Have you seen the video of the guy who ran up to an Antifa dork holding an AR-15, snatch it right out of his hand, shove him to one of his buddies, and then proceed to clear the weapon? Guarantee that was a federal agent; they’re seeded throughout these things to make sure people don’t go on full-on killing sprees.

      1. Cops said they had arrested them though, if it was the feds it wouldn’t have even made the news

  45. I will be introducing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to discontinue the program that transfers military weaponry to local police departments.

    During the lockdowns would have been a good time to do that.

  46. Protesters can usually avoid police violence by not protesting in the middle of a riot or other mass criminal activity. If your “peaceful protest” erupts into riot go the fuck home. Now if you want to riot just be aware of the consequences and protest away. Think of it as an “insurrection” if you will, and stop your God damn complaining when you get hit with tear gas, pepper spray, “non-lethal”projectiles, tasers and police-issue impact weapons. Leave your SJW snowflakism at home. If you’re there to cosplay the Paris Commune you might want to refresh your historical knowledge of what the stakes were and how that turned out for the Communards.

  47. The outside agitator rise fall and rise again. St. Paul official stated everyone arrested one night was from out of state. That sounds like outside agitators but Reason knows the truth. I’m a hard right guy and I agree with some of the leftist comments like where has congress been on the issue of qualified immunity for the past 50 years. The video of Mr. Floyd being killed is beyond words. The killer has been arrested. This is an opportunity to alter the laws that have protected abusive cops in the past.

    I’m kind of wondering what exactly is being protested. The fact that there are local businesses that haven’t been burned and looted? This is a political attack by ANTIFA d-bags and they need to be put down hard. Violence to obtain a political goal is terrorism. They operate in blue cities where the local officials allow it. They think civil unrest will hurt Trump at the polls. The cost to citizens is obviously not among their concerns.

  48. If Lefties cannot destroy the US economy with Kungflu hysteria then riots created from democrat police state thugs will destroy the economy.

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