George Floyd

D.C. Cops Kept Herding Protesters Into Harm's Way

They still were a lot better-behaved than officers elsewhere.


As people around the country gathered Saturday to protest police brutality and racism—most recently evidenced by the murders of Minneapolis resident George Floyd and Louisville resident Breonna Taylor—the District of Columbia saw a day of passionate and peaceful demonstration. But by late Saturday night, a mass of militarized cops and a small group of destructive rioters transformed the streets around the White House to one of tense and often chaotic action, as cops and protesters took turns gaining ground and a few dudes with baseball bats smashed in nearby business windows.

When I got there around 10:30 p.m., protesters had recently begun moving back part of a barrier that law enforcement had erected close to 16th Street NW, a road that butts up against Lafayette Square—the public park just north of the White House—about a block up from where the barricade battle was playing out.

A few protesters would move a piece of the barricade forward, the rest of the group would come on up too, and then everyone would stand chanting—"I can't breathe," "No justice, no peace," "Black lives matter," or "Hands up, don't shoot"—until something spooked the line of baton-wielding, shield-carrying officers up the street into marching forward in a unison line and chanting "move back, move back, move back."

This went on for roughly 30 minutes in a fairly controlled manner. Under the neon lights of the AFL-CIO sign and backdropped by the Washington Monument, both sides breached and then retreated from the intersection of I and 16th St NW at least a couple of times. There was an occasional stream of pepper spray from the cops, or a stray object—mostly plastic bottles and other soft things, though at least one hubcap—flung from somewhere on the other side.

The fraught but symbiotic energy might have held for a while—but then the SUV caught on fire.

I don't know who torched the thing, which was parked not quite a block north of the contested intersection. But I watched the vehicle go from having little more than smoke pouring out its window to being engulfed in flames that reached up past the first story of the neighboring building—as cops inexplicably marched everyone toward the flaming vehicle.

At this point, there were police blocking off three out of four exits to the area and a rapidly growing fire near the fourth.

Protesters urged each other to stay away from the vehicle. A number of folks started making their way down the most open street—only to be told by the line of cops there that they had to turn around and exit the other way.

"This is some fucking bullshit, you're trying to box us in, really?" one woman shouted. A few other people tried to explain to the cops that their colleagues were also saying no exit at their ends and that there was a car on fire blocking the other exit.

The far line of cops seemed surprised to learn of the fire (which couldn't yet be seen from their vantage point) and began talking on their radios. It seemed promising, until their next move—starting a unified march forward. "Move back, move back, move back…"

For far from the last time that evening, the lines of cops were advancing on all sides of the crowd and not letting anyone out from any side. The effect was to force socially-distanced protesters in and make the crowd get closer and closer together (increasing the risk of COVID-19 spread, though a majority of protesters and cops—but far from all in either group—were wearing masks). It also meant ushering people toward, rather than away, from areas that had been rendered dangerous and difficult to breathe in by virtue of smoke, fires, pepper spray, tear gas, and flash-bangs.

Throughout the night, officers repeatedly refused requests from people just trying to leave the protest area, only stopping just short of forcing people to trample one another.

For all of that, D.C. law enforcement still seems to have behaved better than did police in many cities with protests yesterday. Footage from New York City and elsewhere shows cops acting in myriad ways with total disregard for protesters' safety or rights.

In D.C., the lines of local cops marched and drove vehicles backward from crowds on multiple occasions, retreating to avoid direct confrontation with advancing protesters. Police on the edges of their marching lines often talked politely with protesters who had questions and offered firm but non-threatening instructions to back up when necessary. And cops and protesters at the front of standoff lines repeatedly refrained from actual physical contact, despite getting perilously near. The one direct skirmish I did see between a few cops and a protester involved light pushing and then both sides backing down and moving on.

Several times, I saw officers talk hotheaded colleagues out of escalating a confrontation. In one instance, this involved an officer who got really mad that someone was "disrespecting the [U.S.] flag" by raising another flag on the pole. It had gotten sort of stuck and couldn't be read anyway at this point. But it took several cops to convince their buddy to let it go, with one eventually putting his arm around the aggro cop's shoulder and walking him away as the flag guy shouted "suck my fucking dick."

Much credit for the not-as-horrific vibe from D.C. cops must go to the protesters themselves. People were testing limits but, with very few exceptions, ultimately complying with orders from police and trying to keep things from getting out of control.

Around 11:30 p.m., a firetruck finally came to deal with the flaming SUV, which was blocked by a line of cops. Protesters began making their way from Farragut Square (where the lines of cops had eventually driven the crowd on I St) toward the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB) next to the White House. An organizer encouraged people to follow her and keep their energy up.

As I straggled behind the crowd, I heard a few young men talking about breaking into a jewelry store. "You want something from Tiffany's?" one said to another, laughing.

In front of the EEOB, the woman who had been leading the crowd yelled for "white allies to the front," and people came forward to form a line behind which the rest of the crowd gathered. Facing police, who stood behind a gate, the crowd chanted: "I can't breathe."

After a while, I walked back toward Farragut Square and watched a group of about six people smash in the windows of the building where Twitter's D.C. office is located. It isn't marked as Twitter, and it's unclear if those smashing windows knew it; the signs on the ground floor advertised The Oval Room. On the windows, protesters painted an anarchy symbol, "Fuck 12," and "The rich are no longer safe."

The window-smashing gang was occasionally cheered on by a few passersby. But those leading the crowds and chants encouraged people to stay away from them, and for the most part, people did.

And as more of the crowd started making its way back from the EEOB, the window-smashers began to move north. Up the street, I saw one young man standing alone with a bat across from Farragut Square, smashing in the front window and door of a Subway shop. Another man approached him, they went inside, and came out with a few bags of potato chips.

By this point, however, alarms were going off all over the place. A few small fires had been set (by whom I'm not sure; I did see protesters trying to put them out). And lines of police started boxing the crowd in again.

At one end, D.C. cops threw flash-bangs and deployed tear gas into the crowd. At the other end, they refused to let people fleeing the chaos actually leave. People kept running with nowhere to go, as the whole area filled with an eye-stinging smog of tear gas and smoke that made breathing through masks difficult.

As two lines of cops marching from opposing sides got within about 10 feet of one another, they finally let protesters start escaping from the sides, then joined forces to start marching people further and further back.

By this point, around 12:30 a.m., the crowd near the White House was thinning out. Some protesters reportedly gathered and had a confrontation with cops by the Lincoln Memorial.

This was the second night in a row of protests in the D.C. area, joining protests across the country. D.C.'s police chief said Sunday that 17 people were arrested last night and one police officer had suffered a leg fracture.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said on Twitter that D.C. police "will always protect DC and all who are in it whether I agree with them (such as those exercising their First Amendment Right) or those I don't (namely, @realdonaldtrump)." Bowser added that she stands with "people peacefully exercising their First Amendment Right after the murder of #GeorgeFloyd & hundreds of years of institutional racism."

NEXT: Nation's Cops Seem Determined To Demonstrate Why People Are Protesting Them in the First Place

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  1. “White allies to the front”

    You know who else sent whites to the front?

    1. Richard Sharp ?

      1. Sorry Adam. I accidentally flagged your post Trying to get rid of all the pop-ups that pop up whenever I login to make a comment.

        1. It doesn’t look like they pay attention to the flags at all. All it does it block the post from showing up on your mobile device when you refresh the thread.

          I may start treating it as a personal ‘Ignore’ button.

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    2. Abraham Lincoln?

    3. Nicholas II?

    4. Kolchak and Wrangel?

    5. HFS….some bitch really yelled that…

      “White allies to the front”
      “BLM to the back of the queu, er marc, um..bus?”

  2. Welcome to 2020, the year of disaster. Up next, frog, rivers of blood, black outs, earth quakes? I’m going with a plague of starlings. Damn things are a bane on my garden.

    1. Locust cycle this year too.

      GOP election year economic disasters are not quite as cyclical.

      1. Reason jinxed it by using the word “erupt” as in the protests erupt.

        1. Sorry. Accidental flag

  3. They were not protesters. They are rioters. Protesters don’t set shit on fire and vandalize private property.

    It was a riot. It wasn’t a protest. What were they protesting? What the fuck do they want? The guy has been charged with murder. They don’t have a list of demands or any message. They are just down there to scream and tear things up.

    And is it too much to ask that Reason care anything about the property rights of the people whose property is destroyed by all of this? Does anyone other than rioters have any rights according to reason?

    1. The rioters are getting Trump reelected. Forget 1968 for now. W took office with the whole “hanging chad” thing over his head, and 9/11 was a major failure on his admin’s part. Yet he got reelected. Why? Because Karen trusts the GOP to crack skulls to keep her precious self safe more than she trusts the Democrats.

      During the 2004 presidential campaign, pundits started talking about the security mom, a successor to 2000’s soccer mom and in theory a powerful voting bloc. Security moms were supposed to be concerned primarily with issues such as the war in Iraq, domestic terrorism, and the security of their children.

      1. All Biden needs to do to win in a landslide is to keep pointing out three things – the UE rate, the Trump corruption with all the convicted felons by name, and Trump incompetence on Corona.

        I think he can remember three things. Maybe.

        1. Don’t forget Biden’s running mate. Please be Kamala Harris!

          1. Well, it won’t be Amy Klobuchar.

            And, Kamala Harris may be all it takes for Trump to get another 5-10% of the male black vote.

        2. Bullshit!!!

          There is no way Senile Creepy Joe Biden can get elected. The man has not uttered a coherent sentence for months.

          As for your points:

          !) Almost no one is holding Trump responsible for unemployment and market losses caused by the lockdown.

          2) Examination of the conduct of the Obama Justice Department will continue to call into question the legitimacy of any convictions and will draw voters’ attention towards the manifest corruption of Biden, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Machine in general.

          3) I defy you to produce an itemized list of actions or policies the donkeys would have taken to mitigate the WuFlu.

          And, finally, the last time rioting like this happened was 1968 and it pretty much guaranteed Nixon’s winning the election.

        3. No one is blaming trump for the unemployment rate. And the US has the same death rate from corona as the European Union. Biden is on record opposing specific things within the power of the presidency that reduced impact of corona.

          1. If anything, the US death rate is lower than most places in Europe.

            As of today, the US appears to have had 104K deaths:

            Adjusted for population the UK at 38.6K deaths and one fifth the population has had a population adjusted 193K deaths.

            This is using John Hopkins ( number as of today.

            Other European countries return similar results with only a few exceptions.

            In closing, I will concede that numbers do depend on how honestly or accurately countries are reporting. I will not at this time comment on who I think is under or over reporting their numbers.

    2. While it is unfortunate that some white people have had their property destroyed, can you really blame the protestors? They have been ignored and marginalized for years since Drumpf took office. When the oppressed become voiceless, violence is the only option. #BlackLivesMatter

      1. These things have been going on far longer than before Trump was in office.
        And they are happening in large metropolitan areas that have been controlled/ruled by Democrats for decades.
        you’re selective outrage about Trump seems very fastidious to me.

      2. Rabbi:

        You stupid, racist MF!

        It’s O.K. to destroy the property of “whitey” because you know, the man been keeping them down.

        One can only hope that the next automobile they light up is yours………

    3. I like them acting like this is new. Cops did the exact same thing in Charlottesville.

    4. Did you even bother to read the article? Yes, some people set fires and vandalized property. Those people committed crimes. The majority of others marching, however, did none of those things. Guilt by Association is not a recognized legal principle under US law.

      As for what they were protesting – really? You’ve been living under a rock for the past decade? Cops killed a guy in cold blood and on video. Granted, one cop was charged and a couple others fired but even that was only after the protests started. And while there is a murder charge pending, there is scant chance of it sticking given the history of abuses under the principle of “qualified immunity”. Even the firings are unlikely to stick once the police union starts its challenges.

      You may not think that protests are the best way to make change in our society. I would even agree with you. But your abject dismissal of their concerns and your callous disregard for the difference between the peaceful protestors and the minority of violent offenders mixed in is going to make it worse, not better.

  4. “As people around the country gathered Saturday to protest police brutality and racism—most recently evidenced by the murders of Minneapolis resident George Floyd and Louisville resident Breonna Taylor”

    Police brutality definitely. But Houston and other examples show that police can kill whites too. So if you want to show that a similarly-situated white person would have been handled with kid gloves, which is a sane person’s definition of racism, you’re going to have to prove it.

    It’s not that killing someone from generic abusiveness makes it better than if it was done from racism.

    1. No one will remember these protests in three months. They are as worthless as Occupy Wall Street turned out to be.

      Lots of people bitching about something no one really cares about.

      1. The data from prior riots shows there will be shift toward law and order supporting candidates. No one cares about it? Support for the violence (Biden and the progressive mayors in the cities where it is occurring) vs opposition to the violence will likely be the the number one issue.

  5. Now, if you’re in a genuinely peaceful protest and some violent people butt in, using your protest as cover, what to do?

    I haven’t given detailed consideration to this, and I don’t want to advocate a heckler’s veto which anyone can activate by joining a peaceful protest to be violent, but the fact is they’re using a supposedly peaceful crowd as cover for crimes.

    What exactly can be done other than “oh, those people aren’t with us”? Is there a lawful way to catch the violent people and hand them over to the cops?

    1. See Eddy, your problem is that you see nuance. If you can just start painting every thing that happens in the entire nation with the broadest brush possible, you’ll start to see everything so much more clearly.

    2. Seems to be fairly well defined as a sunset problem.
      Protestors with a message that is not mayhem, arson, and violence all disperse by sunset. legitimate protest leaders stick rigorously with the message of non-violence just as the last actually effective leader, MLK, did. Then tell the police, the public, and the thugs that anyone left after dark is not part of the non-violent movement.

      But for now it seems that peaceful demonstrators harboring violent extremists among themselves is a feature, not a bug.

    3. The organizers of the VA Lobby Day took great pains to identify potential troublemakers, and beforehand liased with the Virginia State Police to help ensure the protest would go smoothly. It can be done. It takes a lot of organization work beforehand.

      At this point, you have to know that any protest against Floyd’s wrongful death is going to be used by shitheads as an excuse to riot. I’m sure this has not gone unnoticed by organizers of these protests. I about fell out of my chair when news hit here of ‘Houston leaders of the black community’ urged calm and for people to not engage in protesting, given the danger. Guess the checks from the Board of Supervisors cleared.

      1. Ironic, considering Houston has a recent police murder of their own to consider.
        Oh, but… wrong colors.
        Can’t f up the narrative by letting reality in

    4. Yes there is a lawful way to catch the violent people. You march ENB down to the station to look at a lineup. She admitted to witnessing several crimes being commited.

    5. Well, in the sixties, we grabbed those starting violence and marched them to the back of the crowd and threw them at the nearest cop.
      Of course, that was anti-war protests, in the daytime, and the cops knew to be at the back to get a few free arrests so they looked good.

    6. Once the fire was lit, they were no longer “protesters” but “rioters”.

      It’s that simple, no matter who among them did it.

      Either rise up against those who do it or, walk away. Continuing on makes you an accomplice at that point.

      While it would have been righteous and admirable if the three officers not kneeling on Floyd’s neck had physically stopped Chauvin from killing him, just the act of getting off of Floyd themselves in the first place when they realized what was going on and moving back could have prevented his death. Continuing to help hold him down made them accomplices in deed and action.

    7. Don’t do what this SF transplant (from NY no less! – you’d think he had some street smarts) did. I guess he thought it was going to be all Kumbaya and rainbows or something.


      I tried to keep George Floyd protest nonviolent but …

      By Matthew Fanciullo

      Although many of us wanted to keep the protests in the Bay Area nonviolent, here is what happened to me: On Saturday, I had the opportunity to exercise my First Amendment rights, find a community of like-minded humans (while never hearing their names or seeing their faces), and engage in nonviolent protest over an issue I feel strongly about. It had all the trappings of a meaningful and idyllic day in San Francisco (a city I moved to because of the progressive integrity it always seemed to emanate).

      However, when the sun went down the situation turned on those of us who wanted the protest to remain nonviolent.

      The first instance of violence I saw was as we were walking down Market Street approaching Sixth Street. I was in the front of the crowd as we approached the CVS store. A man with a crowbar who was not among the protesters was waiting for the crowd to pass him, seemingly so that he could have the anonymity of the passing march to break into the store.

      Of several hundred people, the vast majority pulled their phones out and watched the looting that ensued.

      I’ve spent a significant amount of time with the disenfranchised who often hang around Sixth and Market. My immediate feelings were frustration with the protesters for standing around and watching, but compassion and sadness for the looters.

      Most people are hurting right now, especially the “urban outdoorsmen” who sleep outside in tents every night across the city. However, standing around and watching acts that are undeniably unjust is precisely why: (1) protesters are marching in the first place and (2) three Minneapolis cops were (rightfully) fired when they did nothing to save George Floyd from death.

      When the crowd lost interest, we made our way down Market to the Octavia Street freeway entrance/exit. I think blocking the freeway was drawing on the idea that the bigger the media attention, the more success the demonstration would have in signifying the people’s unrest.

      One man yelled, “What are we doing? Let’s go to Union Square and f-k s-t up!” Caught up in everything, I yelled back, “No!

      We’re not f-king looting!” Additional expletives were shouted at me and 60 seconds later he came back at me with what I later determined was a 42-inch orange traffic delineator – the tall orange dividers on the highway that serve the purpose of cones but weigh 30 pounds.

      The man approached me while screaming that I disrespected him. I said nothing, flashed a peace sign – then didn’t move a muscle until he knocked me to the ground with the delineator. A few people jumped in to stop him. He hit one of them with the delineator and punched another guy in the face (who started bleeding from his eye a little bit, which I had never seen until Saturday night) before running off into the crowd.

      Within a minute or two the crowd stopped toeing the line of peace-and-unrest. Some found metal barricades to block traffic, others broke into a car that was nearby, and a Roman candle firework was lit off into the trapped cars on the freeway. Suddenly even those who wanted to remain peaceful seemed like a violent mob.

      That is when I left. Someone who clearly had medical training approached me, asked about pain in my kidneys and helped me walk a few blocks away so I could call an Uber (thank you, anonymous masked stranger).

      On Sunday, Mayor London Breed imposed a curfew. Without experiencing what happened Saturday night for myself I would have been vehemently opposed to a curfew. I probably would have gone so far as to call it un-American. But today, I understand the mayor’s action. Matthew Fanciullo is a compliance associate at a financial technology company in San Francisco. He moved to the Bay Area two years ago from New York.

  6. Where can I get a T-shirt that says, “I don’t care about racism!”?

    1. How about one that says “Anti-racism is still racism.”

      1. “I don’t care what color or for what reason the person is getting the shit kicked out of them.”

      2. Same place you get a mask that says “ineffective but required”; on the web.

  7. If you’re going out to protest knowing that there’s violence between police and extremist groups in the streets, you’re putting yourself in harms way. I don’t see how that’s difficult. Also, can someone please explain to me how anyone protesting in the streets think anything is going to come out of this? Please clearly state for me what their goal is and how these protests in cities where this didn’t happen achieves that goal.

    1. Dismantling systemic racism. Seriously. That seems to be what the sincere ones think they’re doing.

      1. Well it makes about as much sense as mashing cement and toothpicks together to make a chocolate cake. One of the most frustrating things about the left is their insistence on the solution to every problem being either completely empty symbolic gestures or endorsing that everything becomes a government monopoly without detailing how any of it ACTUALLY works.

    2. You’re also voluntarily providing cover for the “bad apples” you claim don’t represent you…

  8. Newly released call transcripts show that Michael Flynn told Russian officials to lay low on the Obama sanctions and Trump would let them off the hook.

    Flynn is a total traitor. He needs to swing by the neck.

    1. Then Flynn should run for the Senate from Massachusetts. He’s using Ted Kennedy’s old playbook.

    2. Saying “Don’t escalate” is CLEARLY treason.

    3. Actually Flynn did not discuss the sanctions in Obama’s executive order at all. They did discuss the expulsion of Russian diplomats and Flynn urged Kislyak not to escalate the situation. The expulsions were not amongst the sanctions listed in the EO they were a separate issue. And at no point did he make any promises on behalf of the incoming administration.

    4. The mini-thread above started by SPB shows why the internet is a useless place to get real facts.

  9. If you are over the age of forty, the current black riots seem like another bad remake of a bad movie from your youth. You can appreciate how the young and stupid may be fascinated by it, but you know it is just pointless destruction by people who are over indulged and terminally ungrateful. The whites involved, and there are plenty, are just ridiculous people playing make believe. They are reenactors dressing up to play a role they read about in their grievance studies classes.

    Further, you know what comes of it. There will be lectures from the servants of the ruling class about white privilege and the legitimacy of black rage. The so-called conservatives will grovel and plead. There will be some candlelight vigils tossed in so the politicians can perform their public acts of piety. It is the same old story remade by decreasingly plausible actors. Meanwhile, normal white people just see their tax for being white go up yet again. It is so tiresome.

    The Price Of Cotton

    1. This Michael Z. Williamson’s blog?

      I read your earlier cite to it, and while I agree with some of what he had to say, statements like ‘whites and blacks can’t live together’ are absolutely abhorrent. The problem is with ghetto culture and its encouragement by the media and mass culture, not with the color of its practitioners’ skins.

    2. First reply:

      Received on minute ago from our (CA’s) progressive governor:

      What on earth could go wrong?

      Millions of people are lifting their voices in anger — rightfully outraged at the systemic racism that persists in America.
      The Black community is not responsible for what’s happening in this country right now. Our institutions are responsible — and we are accountable to this moment. People have lost patience because they haven’t seen progress. We’re seeing that frustration manifest in the streets right now.
      If we’re going to rise to this moment, we need to take collective action. It takes change at every level.
      Which is why today, I’m asking you to support a few organizations, which are working to end racial injustice:
      • The Marshall Project
      • NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
      • Advancement Project
      If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:
      Our state and nation must build from this moment — united and more resolved than ever — to address the reality of racism and its root causes.
      Thank you.

    3. ENB must be young. She couldn’t have been around in 1968. Nothing good came of any of it. And it set many of the poorest communities back years in gaining any economic improvements.

  10. plastic bottles and other soft things. Good grief ENB. In past altercations those bottles have been filled with piss or gasoline. Why are you trying to make the rioters out to be docile in front heavily armed police, who need all the military gear they can get during these times or would you rather they defend your home in flipflops and beach cloths

    1. Filling a plastic container with gasoline sounds rather Darwinian for the wielder.

      As far as I’m concerned, having a Molotov cocktail in your hand is an immediate threat of deadly force.

  11. “D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said on Twitter that D.C. police “will always protect DC and all who are in it whether I agree with them (such as those exercising their First Amendment Right) or those I don’t (namely, @realdonaldtrump).” ”

    So is the mayor suggesting that people she does not agree with do not have “first amendment right” that they are exercising?

    1. No, I think she’s saying she’ll protect the White House *even though* Orange Man is definitely Bad.

      1. It’s hard to unscramble her verbiage, but I think that’s what she’s getting at.

  12. In front of the EEOB, the woman who had been leading the crowd yelled for “white allies to the front,”

    Darwin effect waiting to happen.

    1. My understanding is you get a furlough from the front to go looting.

  13. “There was an occasional stream of pepper spray from the cops, or a stray object—mostly plastic bottles and other soft things, though at least one hubcap—flung from somewhere on the other side.”

    Antifa has in its darkweb tactics materials how to fill those bottles with gravel or cement. Same with aluminum soda cans.

    And there are plenty of videos on twitter of rioters throwing fist sized rocks. Also you can see that some of the protest signs are affixed to 2x4s and iron pipes, another anitfa tactic

  14. “The effect was to force socially-distanced protesters in and make the crowd get closer and closer together (increasing the risk of COVID-19 spread”


  15. “[B]ut then the SUV caught on fire.” How about the more accurate, “But then some completely worthless catamite asshole torched an SUV.”

    Fuck each and every one of these pig reamers. Curfew starts at 11:00 tonight in my hometown of DC. Two warnings via microphone, then tear gas, then stick time.

  16. “Hands up don’t shoot”? Really Ms. Brown..repeating a clear lie? The problem here is having a senior Reason editor living the bolshevik HQ…Washington DC. Why would any libertarian (if you really are one) live in a den of statism and and corruption?

    Reason really needs to move from the cosmo woke writers and give some other folks a chance…perhaps some ethnic libertarians..not blue bloods..some Irish or Italian….Catholic? Instead its the same old country club types…who care more about abortion than the Fed or wars..what’s next hiring Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot or hell bring back Cathy Young? Really..let Dave Smith or (should I mention his name)..Tom Woods a can come at Ms. Brown’s expense…she seems to be more comfortable at the Nation or the Atlantic or heck..Slate.

  17. 63 people have been murdered in D.C. so far this year. Most of the were black. Nationwide, 31 blacks have been killed by police so far this year. Could it be that people are protesting the wrong thing?

    1. Interesting….but not the proper narrative when you brainwashed millions for decades why we have societal problems..and avoid the really tough questions..

  18. The past few months I keep thinking about that photo from Yalta in 1945 of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, the three most powerful guys in the world. 30 years later, the British Empire was gone, and 50 years later, the Soviet Union ceases to exist. Maybe it’s finally our turn.
    Interestingly, Roosevelt believed that the “four policemen” would keep the world peaceful. The fourth “policeman” was China.

    1. So, MacArthur was right?

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