Justin Amash

McCain Conservatives Are Rallying Behind Justin Amash

What a time to be alive


On Wednesday, as Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.) was voting with the nearly-unanimous House Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump, a group of former Republican campaign strategists for the likes of former Sen. John McCain and former Gov. John Kasich announced the formation of a new Super PAC to support Amash's effort to retain his swing-district congressional seat as an independent.

"While we don't agree with him, or each other for that matter, on every issue, we think Washington needs more Justin Amashes," wrote Country Above Party Super PAC co-founders Rick Wilson, John Weaver, and Jeff Timmer in a joint Michigan Live op-ed yesterday. "Whether Amash is successful or not in his re-election bid as an independent will have consequences beyond his district's boundaries or even Michigan's borders. Allowing him to be swept aside in favor of a craven Trump apparatchik will further coarsen our politics and threaten the rule of law."

Wilson, author of the 2018 bestseller Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever, previously worked on campaigns for George H.W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Evan McMullin, and was appointed to a Defense Department job by Dick Cheney. Timmer, an Amash constituent and former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, announced last month that he "will support any Democrat—even a yellow dog—against any Republican who supports Trump." Weaver, a key strategist in both McCain presidential runs (though he was canned from the second when it was floundering in 2007), headed up the quixotic presidential bids of Jon Huntsman in 2012 and Kasich in 2016, and has been drawing a $10,000 monthly fee from the pro-Kasich Super PAC New Day for America ever since.

Wilson and Weaver on Tuesday joined former McCain advisor Steve Schmidt and the interestingly married legal analyst George T. Conway III in announcing the formation of a parallel national Super PAC, the Lincoln Project, dedicated "to defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to elect those patriots who will hold the line."

On the surface, it may seem odd for a bunch of McCainites to be rallying behind a man who came to Congress heralded as the next Ron Paul. After all, it was only six-plus years ago that the curmudgeonly maverick lumped Amash with Ron Paul's senator son and Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) as "wacko birds." ("Bravo, Senator. You got us," Amash clapped back.)

But one of the features of our political moment is that anti-Trump activity on the right tends to emanate from two main camps: Libertarians (Amash, Judge Andrew Napolitano, etc.), and neoconservative-style interventionists (Bill Kristol, David Frum), with the second group being considerably larger. A third category, Mormons, is dispersed liberally within the other two.

So it was only a matter of time before the strange bedfellows collaborated more directly. And while it's tempting to concoct theories for what these disparate groupings have in common that Trump's base does not, the grim reality for all is that they have been driven to the outer margins of the modern Republican Party.

Mark Sanford, a former governor and representative of South Carolina, tried to run at Trump with an old-fashioned fiscally conservative campaign, and got crushed in nine short weeks. Former Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee Bill Weld is trying fiscal conservatism plus character/legal issues, and is polling at 3 percent nationally since Sanford dropped out, more than 85 percentage points behind the president. Joe Walsh is running purely on character, and lagging behind Weld. Debt, divisiveness, and decorum ain't what they used to be, issue-wise.

While the Lincoln Project in particular sounds like one of those old-timey Weekly Standard-style calls to stir men's souls—"Patriotism and the survival of our nation in the face of the crimes, corruption and corrosive nature of Donald Trump are a higher calling than mere politics," goes the first line in their New York Times op-ed—the likeliest scenario on the national stage is that such exertions will amount to little more than a vehicle for spending the money of the anti-Trump conservative rich.

You can see the fatalism beginning to sink in about the Trumpification of the GOP, even among people who only recently held out hope. After Sanford entered the race in early September, Executive Editor Jonathan V. Last at the #NeverTrump outlet The Bulwark enthused, "Three Horsemen Are Coming for Trump." This week, even with Super PACs springing up all around him, Last concluded: "Trump Is Forever."

But Amash isn't running against Donald Trump, at least as of now. His re-election race, which is being contested by both parties in vigorous primaries, is widely rated a toss-up. In rattling the cup for what they optimistically project could be as much as $5 million for Congress's lonely libertarian, the Country Over Partiers are appealing luridly to the way the whole country is fixated on the president.

"In the 1987 film The Untouchables, Robert De Niro's Al Capone circles a table where his lieutenants are seated. He stops behind one guy and pounds his head to a pulp with a baseball bat—savagely sacrificing one as a warning to keep the rest in line," Wilson, Weaver, and Timmer wrote. "Donald Trump and the Republican Party are acting out the political equivalent of that movie scene."

"The impenetrable partisan divide on display throughout the impeachment proceedings in the House and the non-existent prospects of conviction in the Senate underscores the effectiveness of Trump's Untouchables strategy. Many Republicans serving in Washington agree with Amash and think Trump has committed impeachable acts. However, they're watching their political backs and see Trump and the party apparatus aiming at Amash. None are willing to speak up or also risk being 'that guy' at Trump's Capone table. They fear they'll attract Trump's wrath the way Amash already has—and will continue to receive right through to November."

Bonus link: Read my August 2018 interview with Rick Wilson here.

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220 responses to “McCain Conservatives Are Rallying Behind Justin Amash

  1. Sorry to see Amash has fallen in with the bad crowd.

    1. All Reason cover-boys and jackalopes do.

    2. Just because some neocons are siding with Amash does not imply that Amash is somehow a neocon. That's like arguing that because David Duke support Trump, it means Trump is a fan of the KKK.

      1. Ahahahahah look at you run from your neoneocon fuck buddy ahahahahahaj

      2. It would be especially hard to make the argument that people trying to ally with Amash implies what Amash's own political views are, considering he currently has both Democrats and "McCain Conservatives" trying to ally with him.

        1. He has democrats trying to use him, not ally with him, because he is a tool to claim bipartisanship. Amash is stupid enough to fall for it too. The only people trying to work with Amash hate trump. It isnt a good look. He has given up his facade of libertarianism on pursuit of unseating someone he hates. He refused to even vote on amendments yesterday that demonstrated violations to the agreed to rules by Nadler and Schiff. Amash didnt say one word on Schiff issuing a warrant (despite the law requiring releases only for criminal cases) for phone records on journalists. Amash is the new Flake, an idiot who thinks he has principles when in reality is just a prideful nobody.

          1. You nailed that, he is the new Jeff Flake... He thinks he's waaaaay more important than he is.. he's just an easily ego stroked and swayed tool.. (Amash).. the neo cons are just power hungry fucking statist thieves.

            1. Power hungry fucking statist thieves v. half-educated bigots and superstitious slack-jaws . . . the struggle for control of the Republican Party.

              Or, "How To Lose The Culture War To Your Betters."

              1. Explain England fuckhead.

              2. You're winning just like the Japanese claimed to be winning in Spring of 1945.

              3. Arty, it’s gonna end real fucking bad for you.

          2. "He has democrats trying to use him, not ally with him"

            ...and Amash, like all the other "Principled Republicans", fails to realize that the devils break their tools when they're finished with them.

            1. I agree, people are using Amish, and Amish is trying to get attention, and he's getting some from the people using him. Of course the liberal MSM noticed and gave him attention when he jumped the GOP ship. I think he made a mistake, and the road to libertarian policies is really only through the GOP, given the record of the Libertarians running for national office. People will vote for a libertarian leaning Republican, but few will vote for Libertarians (full disclosure - I've voted for the L presidential nominee for the past 40 years). They'll give him attention, but they won't help him get re-elected or help promote libertarian policies. They just like him around as an anti-Trump guy.

      3. Or the KKK leader backing hillary. Weird which example you chose.

      4. I am just saying his new friends are not nice people.

      5. "Neocon"? Those are RINOs. So, the liberal wing of the GOP is siding with a liberal who pretends to be a libertarian, and Reason is there to lap it up like a cheap meth whore at a bukkake party.

    3. But one of the features of our political moment is that anti-Trump activity on the right tends to emanate from two main camps:

      United in their hate.

      Happy Christmas, haters.

      1. They're only in two camps "on the right" if you don't understand that Left and Right has largely realigned along the globalist vs nationalist divide.

        How many globalists "on the right" support Trump?
        How many nationalists on the right don't support Trump?

        Amash and the Neocons are the globalist "right". You might say that they were the Right_2000.

        The Left_2020 is Globalist.
        The Right_2020 is Nationalist.

        1. Thats fairly spot on.

    4. McCain "Conservatives"? McCain is the reason ObamaCare still exists...a hawk, certainly, but not a conservative. Neither is Amash. Good riddance.

      1. McCain could have been elected President in 2008 if he had opposed TARP. Instead he stopped campaigning and flew back to DC to help it pass. Spending an extra 800 billion the USA doesn't have to bail out banks for being too big to fail is sort of the opposite of being a conservative.

      2. McCain was a great soldier, an incredible American, and absolute garbage as a politician.

      3. Amen, brother! A Conservative McCain was not. Too many misuse the term. Good call!

    5. It doesn't seem that surprising, McCain bought into the dossier hook line and sinker, Amash came out for impeachment and left the party when the Mueller report came out. Despite Amash's civil libertarian creds I have not seen any statements from him on FISA abuse and spying against Page, Pappadopolos, Flynn etc, detailed in the IG report. If he is that principled, and not just butthurt, you would think he would reiterate his abhorance about domestic spying, even though Trump was the victim. Crickets.

      People that were calling for Trumps impeachment before the Ukraine kerfluffle are don't inspire any confidence about their judgement now.

      1. "McCain bought into the dossier hook line and sinker"

        I sincerely doubt McCain was that gullible. He just saw the dossier as a handy weapon, and didn't give a damn if there was any truth in it. McCain hated who he hated, and anyone he hated, he tried to destroy. Learning he was dying didn't mellow him, it just let him express his hatred without fear of consequences.

        Amash is starting to look like a worthy successor, but probably won't have the same staying power.

        1. McCain was in on the planning of the dossier.
          Neither he nor Brennan ever thought it was legitimate. They may not have known the particulars ahead of time, but they knew there would be particulars

    6. Reason readers appear to agree with the editorial stance of Reason about 5% of the time. This is a progressive site with Libertarian window dressing. They could hide it while Obama was President, but Trump has caused the mask to slip. Trump is incredibly effective at making progressives lose their minds.

      Amash is like a kicked puppy. He fears and resets the president, and that is his sole principle at this point. He read the transcripts of the Trump/Zelinski call— so he could see for himself that there’s nothing there— and instead he chose to abdicate his mind to the elite liberal professors who insisted that there is something very, very serious there, we’re just all too stupid to see it. They can’t point to it, but they can tell us it’s there, it’s very serious, and we should trust them. To which Kicked Puppy Amash said “OK.”

      Weld is not a serious person.

      Reason is such a disappointment. I really wish it was a libertarian site, not a Leftist Trojan Horse.

      1. Reason is a libertarian site, with writers who want to go to cocktail parties with DC liberals. They oppose Trump because it isn't cool to support him. The readers used to be mostly libertarians, but many seem to have fallen in line behind Trump just because he tweaks the establishment and isn't quite as bad as the Democrats. He's far from libertarian.

  2. WTF is a John McCain conservative? Maybe Welch doesn't realize it but one of his fellow reason staffers an entire book about how big of an asshole warmonger John McCain was. Has that gone down the memory hole?

    And McCain's last political act was to run for re-election promising to repeal Obamacare only to then be the deciding vote against it. He was real principled like that.

    Does Welch just hate Amash? If he doesn't, why is he writing an entire article associating him with one of the worst politicians of the last 50 years?

    1. Welch wrote the asshole/warmonger McCain bio.

      1. For some reason I thought it was Daugherty. WTF is wrong with these people?

        1. First, it is Doherty. You have been on this site close to 20 years, and you can't even spell the name of one of the main writers. Second, Doherty is the closest of them to being an ancap and the least likely to devote much time to a neocon like McCain.

          1. Sorry I made you cry. It is the Christmas season. I shouldn't do that.

            1. He really got upset about that didn't he?

              1. So much so it was weird.

                1. Maybe it's not Shikha's retarded cousin from Houston?

                2. Almost like he took it personally.

                  Maybe they are just close friends...

                3. I always took the comments that trolls were staff with a grain of salt. This definitely supports it.

                  1. That’s it exactly.
                    If they were true Libertarian scholars, they wouldn’t need to troll their own articles.

            2. Really? I tend to go full on Scrooge (1st act) with these guys at the holidays. I can only hope attrition sets in.

          2. jon mispels shitt evry da

            1. Good point, haha. I hope he spell checks his briefs. If he spent half as much time on his job in his cubicle as he spends on here unhoisting himself from his own petards, he could be running the place by now.

              1. Calm down, who gives a shit about a hack like Daugherty.

                1. Chip does! That’s who!

          3. Do you always resort to minimalist nitpicking to form arguments because you know you have no actual arguments?

            1. Eunuch gonna eunuch

    2. "WTF is a John McCain conservative?"

      a neo-con that is thirsty for more bloodshed overseas so we can sell guns and force democracy on people who don't want it

      1. So a Biden/Clinton democrat. Makes total sense why Reason has written in favor of IC abuse and FISA abuse to fight for the old corrupt guard in government.

        1. And Bush. I wouldn't say they're in favor of it but they're purposely obtuse about who is abused and who is the abuser in order to "orange man bad" all of it

      2. NeoCon = Globalist who likes America
        Democrat = Globalist who hates America

    3. McCain is the bad kind of conservative: the war mongering, baby killing, big spending, philandering, moral, authoritarian kind.

      1. I hate those dudes

        1. That's what Trump is. Y'all hate Trump but don't know it. What I mean by that is that you're very confused and I think you've fallen into a cult. You can always come home. You need to know that.

          1. Do you know what actual cult like behavior is? Seeing every news outlet use the term cults with Trump and repeat it yourself ad nauseam.

          2. Examples?

          3. you’ve fallen into a cult

            That's rich coming from a raging prog like Pod.

          4. I despised McCain when he ran for president for just these reasons. Ditto with Hillary.

            I didn’t even mention Trump yet you accuse me of being part of a cult. You’re insane.

          5. "Cult45" was the NPC talking point a couple of week ago.

            Consult Pelosi for the latest talking point. CNN will do. You're supposed to be pretending to be sad that the Democrats impeached Trump.

            1. I thought he got his marching orders from Media Matters.

    4. McCain was a progressive Republican (as was Bush).
      Not the same as conservative, a position intrinsically opposed to progressivism

    5. Welch wrote that book, so I think he realizes that someone on the Reason staff wrote it.

    6. BINGO!!!! McLame The Insane was way more progressive/Liberal than a conservative!!!....Just like he was way more a traitor than a war hero:


      1. McCain had several incidents before he was shot down that any other aviator (who's daddy and granddaddy weren't admirals) would have been relieved of flight duty for.

        1. Yes, he really was a shitsack of an aviator.

          1. Fun fact: a female aviator is correctly referred to as an aviatrix.

    7. McCain was ultimately a traitor. He proved that all the way back in 2007 when he pushed that amnesty bill. He only got worse since.

      John McCain is in no way a conservative.

  3. McCain Conservatives Are Rallying Behind Justin Amash

    That's... not a ringing endorsement.

    1. Look Paul, we are talking about literally dozens of people here. I mean dozens. It is a nationwide sensation.

      1. they have their own myspace group and everything!

        1. Get with the times. They have a hashtag.

          1. And a Facebook page

      2. We have dozens of people!

    1. So... is that guy what you think passes for an individual worth listening to? He has some points, but he also seems like a ranting lunatic.

      1. Yes. And if you don’t share his anger at McCain there is something wrong with your moral compass.

      2. Guy is HOT about what he is talking about. Rightly so. McCain was a shitty politician.

  4. dudes your headlines are literally lolz. i click "latest" i see "McCain Conservatives..." and lol. literally. gracias.

  5. "...we think Washington needs more Justin Amashes," wrote County Above Party Super PAC co-founders Rick Wilson, John Weaver, and Jeff Timmer, in a joint Michigan Live op-ed yesterday.

    They may, but I'm not sure his district needs someone who makes himself a virtual non-entity in Congress. And call me old-fashioned, but I think there's something obscenely provincial about putting one's county above their party.

    1. If there is a bigger douche bag in politics than Rick Wilson, I am at a loss to think of them.

      1. Ana Navarro is pretty high up there, as is Schmidt...but Wilson is the drizzling shits.

  6. But one of the features of our political moment is that anti-Trump activity on the right tends to emanate from two main camps: Libertarians (Amash, Judge Andrew Napolitano,Reason etc.), and neoconservative-style interventionists (Bill Kristol, David Frum), with the second group being considerably larger. A third category, Mormons, is dispersed liberally within the other two.

    1. Antichoice mystical bigot girl-bullying republican prohibitionists are are alluva sudden libertarians? Really?

      1. Do you have a coherent point in that gobblygook, ad hominem filled rant?

        1. We will never know.

    2. Old enough to remember when Reason hated Neocons.

      Pretty much any time before Trump announced his candidacy.

    3. A third category, Mormons, is dispersed liberally within the other two.

      The Mormons I know - who were very heavily involved in precinct level R stuff in 2008 - were not neocon interventionists at all. They were either libertarian-leaning (they understand religious oppression in their bones - it's why they are in Utah) or country-clubber establishment types (like Romney).

      Maybe things are different inside Utah or places where they are a majority. Maybe there the theocratic socon type stuff comes out. But in CO where they were then a significant minority among the precinct level activists, there was no love lost at all between them and the fundamentalist Nicene Creed type socons who are the loudest socon element in the R's.

      1. And personally I think the term 'neocon interventionists' is utter bullshit. Walter Russell Mead wrote about what I think is a far more accurate categorization of the different approaches to 'foreign policy' or 'intervention' among the American people. He described the four approaches as:
        Wilsonian - where the pursuit of ideals is the motivating objective
        Hamiltonian - where the pursuit of business interests is the objective
        Jacksonian - which isn't about the objective but about honor, the means, etc
        Jeffersonian - which is non-interventionism and even resistance to involvement

        The 'neocons' would be Wilsonian in that.

  7. Libertarians use the intelligence community to attempt to unseat a president they don't like?

    I learn so much here

    1. #LibertariansForTheDeepState

  8. The same McCain conservatives that pushed the dossier? If we're being honest, the only evidence that McCain ever had a brain to begin with was the cancer .....

    1. ^with regards to the whole dossier business, wouldn't that imply that Mccain Democrats would be a better name for them? Just calling it as I see it.

  9. On one side is Amash, who quit the red team over Trump and on the other side is Gabbard whose party wishes she would quit the blue team because she doesn't have TDS.

    1. oh, she has TDS. She just isn't terminally ill with it.

      1. So anyone who isn’t a fan of Trump has TDS?

        1. Cry more.

    2. Gabbard is the Old Left who still believed in government of, by, and for the People, didn't #HateAmericaFirst or wypipo, but believes in bad economics.

      She is to the Left what Neocons are to the Right. In step on economics, out of step on Globalism.

      1. It's the version of the left that is great pointing out the problem but has terrible solutions. It's the people libertarians should hold a truce with until beltway progressivism is eliminated

  10. Well that tells your all about Amash you need to know. McCain was utterly deplorable and incompetent.

  11. Let me see if I got this.

    Libertarians are happy that they FINALLY...got the fucking JOHN MCCAIN WING OF THE REPUBLICANS ON THEIR SIDE?

    So, no more "Well, wars aren't good" article anymore...

    1. No, libertarians aren't happy. The people who maintain this website and pretend to be libertarians because it's the edgy thing to do are happy.

      1. The people who maintain this website and pretend to be libertarians because it’s the edgy thing to do only way they'll get hired by the Washington Post or The Atlantic are happy.

        Libertarians proudly aligning with John McCain's allies. What will this magazine come up with next?

        1. Endorsing Biden next year.

          1. Someone needs to make a futile gesture, and it might as well be them.

          2. It'll be Warren
            Unless she completely tanks, which she's working on

            1. Andrew Wilkow last week advanced a theory that impeachment is a precursor to Hillary making a late entry into the Democrat primary. I wouldn’t rule it out.

    2. Libertarians have been allies with Social Conservatives, Neo-Cons, and other dregs of the right for years. What’s new here?

      1. Poor eric.

      2. Point on the dolly where the SoCons touched you, Eric. Was it the peepee? It was the peepee, wasn't it.

        1. That’s preposterous! Eric HAS NO PEE PEE!

  12. What's a McCain conservative? An asshole in person who's a neocon in politics?

    1. ... Needs more insulting language, and a reference to his fat daughter.

      1. Fat ANNOYING daughter.

    2. McCain conservatives are the old-school, law-and-order, military-caste type Republicans. They’re willing to reach across the isle and believe in compromise when necessary. They’ve been hunted almost to extinction and can now only be found in certain high level positions in the Pentagon or other national security related departments of the state.

      1. Bullshit. McCain never met a principle he wasn't willing to betray if it enhanced his image as a "Maverick".

        1. Name a modern politician willing to die on the sword of principles? The closest in recent memory is Amash. But you and your cabal of team red apologists don’t care because he betrayed Dear Leader.

          1. Amash didnt die on the sword for his principles. The sword already killed him so he is trying to get revenge. His regional polling had him in the low 30s. Everything he has done since is petty revenge on his part. In fact he gave up his principles for revenge on basically ignoring the vast IC and Fisa abuse.

          2. I don't like him becasd he doesn't seem to support the concept of innocent until proven guilty, nor the right to a fair trial, nor does he oppose what has been revealed to have been mistake ridden, possibly illegal use of FISA warrants, as long as all those things are aimed at someone he doesn't like politically. There is nothing libertarian about any of the shit he has supported to get Trump. I judge a man by his actions, not what he claims to believe in. Some of us believe in principles not principals. And this had nothing to do with team red. If they had pulled the same shit on Obama I would have called it out to.

            1. Because unlike Amash I actually believe the Constitution provides protections to everyone, not just the people I agree with politically.

          3. I'll note you named no Democrats.

            At any point.

            You named two "Republicans"

      2. McCain "Conservatives" are the Deep State Invade Them All, Invite Them All Globalists.

    3. McCain's legacy is defined by his decisions to put a personal feud with Trump over all else.

      1. He should have apologized for snubbing Trump at his funeral.

        1. Oh for fuck sake. Trump would have been damned if he went to the funeral too. In fact it would have been tank hypocrisy for Trump to go to a funeral of someone he had such a public feud with. That is only play decorum and it is false as hell when a politician obviously despises someone but then attends their funeral as if they actually liked the person. Fuck, don't you understand people are sick of that kind of false shit?

          1. "Trump would have been damned if he went to the funeral too."

            Tough titty trump.

            1. You really are a worthless wretch, aren’t you? Perhaps you should spend some time in reflection during the holidays.

              One can only hope you come to the correct conclusion, and give us all a big Christmas gift, and drink a big jug of Drano.

        2. He should have ran as someone who would vote against overturning Obamacare, because he did. Instead he ran on voting to overturning Obamacare, which he didn’t do.

          And I think there’s a good chance he voted that way because he hated Trump. Before his funeral.

          So, in summary, your post is bullshit.

          1. "Before his funeral. "

            McCain should have apologized after his funeral. I suspect Trump would have forgiven him for being such a mean corpse.

            1. You've gotten so bad at this

              1. Weren't you the moron lecturing me the other day about 'province?'

        3. McCain should have resigned when he was diagnosed. Instead he was selfish, arrogant, and dishonest to the very end.

      2. His entire legacy consists of putting personal feuds over everything else.

        There's a story that circulates in 2nd amendment activist circles: A pro-gun group ran an ad attacking McCain's opponent. McCain called the head of the group to his office, and ordered him to pull the ad. The guy refused, stating that thanks to the 1st amendment, McCain didn't have the power to issue that order.

        That was when McCain became a campaign censorship obsessive. He spent the rest of his life trying to prove that he DID have the power to issue that order.

        1. "His entire legacy consists of putting personal feuds over everything else."

          Remember when he hugged Bug? I guess not.

  13. "Wilson, author of the 2018 bestseller Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever,"

    Good call.
    Aging really well.
    Someone that should totes be listened to.

    1. He is a political genius. Wilson might be the biggest grifter of them all. I can't believe anyone paid that clown to help run their campaign.

  14. "Many Republicans serving in Washington agree with Amash and think Trump has committed impeachable acts."
    They (including my congressman) admitted Obama had done so too during the Obama vs. Tea Partiers days, but recognized the political damage it would do to them (and the country) if the first mixed race president were to be impeached for "abusing his powers." Republicans seem much more cautious with the levers of power, and that's probably why there is a one way ratchet that erodes our individual liberties.

    1. If so many Republicans agree, how many voted for impeachment? That tells you all you need to know.

    2. "but recognized the political damage it would do to them (and the country) if the first mixed race president were to be impeached for “abusing his powers."

      Affirmative action for government corruption too.

    1. Broken link?

  15. Well if Amash is known for anything, it's his success and getting things done...


  16. Wilson, author of the 2018 bestseller Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever

    This sounds like a rational person who has formed his opinions objectively. I'm certain he's not given to hyperbole or making outlandish claims. I'm going to respect his opinions.

  17. "a group of former Republican campaign strategists for the likes of former Sen. John McCain and former Gov. John Kasich announced the formation of a new Super PAC to support Amash's effort to retain his swing-district congressional seat as an independent."

    Sounds like a bunch of real libertarians, there. But now I'm engaging in the No True Scotsman fallacy. /sarc.

    "a higher calling than mere politics"

    If a group named after Abraham Lincoln thinks it's transcended mere politics, it accomplished more than Lincoln so much as claimed on his own behalf. So congratulations.

    A cynic, of course, would say that anyone denouncing "mere politics" is probably a politician trying to pull something.

    1. They appear to be really successful campaign managers too. I mean we all look fondly back on the McCain and Kasich Presidencies, don't we?

    2. "A Higher Treason"

  18. So RINOs are backing a former RINO. Got it.

    1. RINOs gonna RINO

  19. I've been saying all along the country would be better off if the GOP could return to its early 2000s neocon ways. The alt-right white nationalist takeover of the party has been nothing short of disastrous.

    As proof, we only need to compare the Presidencies of George W. Bush and Donald Drumpf. In terms of the economy, or foreign policy, or any other issue, the Drumpf regime has been a thousand times worse than the Bush years.


    1. Bush was a stone cold loser, and not just in foreign policy. Imagine a world where there had been no Iraq war, just for one.

      1. The Iraq War was probably a mistake. But Drumpf's war on immigration is much worse.

    2. #LibertariansForTheDeepState

      1. I'm starting to think that's what Reason here is all about. I'm really getting tired of the rediculous anti-trump propaganda they peddle, cleverly disguised as a "libertarian" perspective.

        1. According to Nick, libertarian = Invasion USA.

          Nick declares @Reason’s “core value” as Open Borders:
          In the 21st century, libertarians are going to have make common cause with the globalists of all parties, with the people whose core value is the right of individuals to move freely around the planet.
          Watching The Brink made me think that for all the other differences Reason has with the socialist magazine Jacobin, it may matter far more that we share a belief in open borders.


  20. Amash may be a libertarian, but he's declared the most libertarian president of our times as his enemy.

    We need better libertarians, just like we need better Republicans.

    1. What libertarian qualities does Trump possess?

      1. Deregulation, anti tax, anti war (no new conflicts), originalist judges..

        1. But he says mean things about journalist.

          1. What "journalist" would that be?

            There are only about half a dozen left in the country.

        2. He accidentally made one of the best Supreme Court picks of all time in Gorsuch but deliberately went back to the GOP scrap heap with Kavanaugh.

          He ran on a trade platform that made Bernie look like a capitalist.

          We're still mired down in the middle east. No new wars does not cut it.

          Trump is hilarious and it's fun watching the TDS breakdowns in the media and from liberals but he sucks.

          1. Nobody can make Bernie look like a capitalist. That's literally impossible.

            True, Trump is by no means the perfect example of an ambassedor of free-markets and civil liberties, but which President of past 50 years has been? Arguably, Trump is better in libertarian terms than Reagan, and certainly better than the last two. Of course, this says more about our record of president selection than about Trump, but comparatively speaking Trump has some things going for him. I think his biggest flaw is his total complacency with spending trillions of dollars with absolutely no regard for the ever-expanding national debt.

            1. What Globalists call free trade is a set of foreign trade, tax, and immigration policies that benefit foreigners and US corporate ownership over US labor.
              Why should domestic *labor* be taxed when purchased, but not foreign goods?
              Cui bono?
              The international ruling class and foreigners.

              Adam Smith is on Trump's side, favoring tariffs to offset local taxes on production.
              Wealth of Nations, pg. 356

              "It will generally be advantageous to lay some burden upon foreign industry for the encouragement of domestic industry, when some tax is imposed at home upon the produce of the latter. In this case, it seems reasonable that an equal tax should be imposed upon the like produce of the former. This would not give the monopoly of the borne market to domestic industry, nor turn towards a particular employment a greater share of the stock and labour of the country, than what would naturally go to it. It would only hinder any part of what would naturally go to it from being turned away by the tax into a less natural direction, and would leave the competition between foreign and domestic industry, after the tax, as nearly as possible upon the same footing as before it."

    2. Most Libertarian president of our times? That bar isn't very high.

      1. True. A low bar. But the American people do not want a real libertarian. So I'll take Trumps "accidental" libertarianism over the alternatives.

        1. "So I’ll take Trumps “accidental” libertarianism over the alternatives."

          But will you bend over backwards defending his every move? That's the bar you'll have to face if you want to join the Trump stooges on this comment board.

          1. The only stooge on this stage is you sophistic bullshit. You try to act high minded but you rarely ever offer a cognitive or original argument. But you love to parrot tired talking points and act as if you have presented some great insight.

            1. "The only stooge on this stage is you sophistic bullshit."

              I demand a recount, rube.

              1. We've just done so; you are the sole peddler of sophistry and you approach some of the other lefties in outright lies.
                Fuck off, you pathetic piece of shit.

                1. "you are the sole peddler of sophistry "

                  You should try a little sophistry yourself sometime. It's lonely at the top, and anything you do will be an improvement over your usual drivel.

    3. Campaign finance "reform" killed the LP's chances, (Slim as they were.) of political success, and all the serious people went off to do other things. The LP is now the province of lunatics and grifters.

      Sad to say that, it was my first political home.

  21. It's funny how you think these unholy alliances of bad and worse are somehow good. It would be like cheering on Hindenburg for appointing Hitler chancellor. I'll give you a hint on who is leading who; McCainites (and the shitstain otherwise known as Rick Wilson) are not suddenly Libertarian or Independent. They just hate how Trump dunked on their guy.

  22. A "McCain conservative" is much like an absent father.

    1. It is worse than that. It is like the father who always says he is coming over then never shows.

    2. A McCain conservative is a Republican but.

      You know, like "I'm not a racist, but....." or "I'm all in favor of free speech, but...." or "I strongly support the Second Amendment, but...." - you know whatever follows the "but" is going to disprove whatever preceded it.

  23. Eric Marie Remarque's suggestion the congressmen, archbishops and field marshals go to the arena with their gripes makes more and more sense. First there was The Don in the Kingsmen Church of Fake News video. Then came the John Wick vids, with the Capo dei Capi showing CNN and Antifa a thing or three about coercion by men with guns. If those are any indication, it's looking like a pretty even match. Definitely a grotesque gulp Dr Pepper and bushel of popcorn extravaganza.

    1. Next time try English.

  24. Justin Amash is going to lose. Trump will still be running and will likely win thanks to Democrat failures. Amash is in a district carried by Trump, and will again next year. This is an easy win for anyone pro Trump. In fact the Democrats may very well lose the House with so many districts pro Trump but who have Democrat reps.

    Yes this is a good time to be alive. To watch the Democratic party completely destroy their chances of winning in 2020 when it should have been easy for them. Their last final hope is a major recession, which is looking less and less likely now.

    1. #McGovern2020

  25. Two names that to me are synonymous with the word hypocrisy are McCain and Kasich. So a super pac that invokes those two names is one that I am instantly opposed to.

    McCain, of course, insulted Trump first, before Trump made the statement about POWs. McCain acknowledged that Trump was within his rights, but the media have an interesting habit of only reporting what suits their agenda.

    And I am from Ohio, and am VERY familiar with what a transparent phony Kasich is.

    It takes very little to lead me away from the party line, of either party. But Reason has completely struck out with the absurd notion that Trump is a failure, and that their preferred list of wannabes is a better choice than Trump.

  26. Why are RINO's who virtually never fight against the progressives held up as saviors against the Orange Man. He, at least, is making an effort against the Swamp. That is why the Swamp creatures want to be rid of him.

    1. Exactly. Calling them "conservatives" does not mean they are supported by conservatives or adhere to such principles. These are guys who are heavily criticized by the right as dem-light because when pushed on principle and anything major they defect.

  27. i’m surprised that traitorous, attention-whoring slimebag Weld is getting even 3%. His blatant Hillary shilling in 2016 while purporting to be a Libertarian showed who he really is. Dying a lingering, pain-filled death would be too good for this excrement-eating parasite.

    1. 'Weld Republicans'

  28. Yet none of these who are opposing the reelection of President Trump has done half as much good as Trump has. Almost every promise he has made to the voters he has fulfilled. His policies and tax and regulation modification has given the US one of the best if not the best economies it has ever had and better than any other modern western nation. His policies have raised workers wages not by government but by providing an economy where the companies pay more to get and keep the employees they need. The lowest unemployment stats for all national and racial categories ever, more people employed, higher wages, best stock market etc. And yes he is helping to correct some if the injustices that have been done to minorities and poor people which no democrat nor republican has done before.

  29. Deep down its really gotta hurt Welch that this sort of event is a cause for celebration.


    1. It's nothing more than various factions of globalists putting aside their differences in the service of the broader objective. Ultimately, the only real issue that the mainstream libertarians have with the neocons is their Middle East warmongering. Everywhere else, they're pretty tightly aligned.

      1. Globalists gonna Globalist

        Welch and Reason have yet to update their Left/Right political axis to Globalist/Nationalist.

      2. It's not even that high minded. These are fundraisers and advisors - ie. bagmen and grifters - who have only proved adept at losing campaigns while lining their own pockets.

        If these people had thrown in with someone like Ted Cruz (unpossible, because he would never had them) they would not be getting new found respect from the likes of Matt Welch.

  30. "it's tempting to concoct theories for what these disparate groupings have in common that Trump's base does not"

    It's a little thing called Trump derangement syndrome.

    1. So true. They're infected by TDS at least as bad as Dems, without a shred of evidence for the asinine assertions, just the mindless, infantile hate of incompetent sore losers vainly pretending to have a case, of whom really responsible Americans grow weary. As a devout Christian I'm a sort of Never Trumper because of his several wives; as Harry Truman said, if I can't trust you with your wife, what can I trust you with, so I can never vote for him for that reason (In God alone I trust, all else pay cash!) but I'm hardly such a lunatic or infantile sore loser as to pretend there's a shred of legitimate evidence of anything impeachable in Trump.

  31. Q: Do you hope Amash is reelected?
    A: Absolutely.
    Q: Would you take Trump over McCain or Cheney?
    A: Absolutely.

    1. There's an acronym Welch needs to learn when discussing anything on the right. RINO is how you would more accurately describe McCain and these other anti-Trump GOPers. That isn't to say that Trump is conservative, but these types are actively against any conservative outcomes and consistently impede them the moment it looks like they might pass. While Trump isn't conservative, much of what he has supported and done aligns with conservative and libertarian goals. That these people would support an explicitly socialist democrat party against anyone favoring Trump shows they aren't conservative or really even Republican. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck then maybe you shouldn't pretend it's an eagle.

      1. Globalism is what ties Reason, Amash, and the Neocons together in bonds of love.

        1. And the Ds.
          Progressives all

      2. Yes at least tax and regulation cuts and most of his judicial nominees support a more Libertarian philosophy, wish he hadn't backed of his plan to withdraw from Afghanistan. This Libertarian purist BS is nice academic discussion but it is a loser an will never advance Libertarian philosophy in reality. More important to get more like Rand Paul, or Thomas Massie elected to the House and Senate.

      3. Welch knows they aren't conservatives. He also knows that calling them McCain Republicans wouldn't carry the desired rhetorical freight. Might even tend to make him look silly.

        But if Welch wants to stick with the term then perhaps he can explain exactly which positions they hold that make them oh so staunchly conservative.

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  33. How mindlessly absurd can deranged Trump haters be/get, hopelessly infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome as badly as dufus Dems, constantly babbling about the lunatic fantasy of non-existent impeachable offenses when all he's really done is make the little babies mad and they're too infantile and incompetent to admit he's won and they're just sore losers for whom real adults who rather actually work for a living and have adult responsibilities have no use. The choice is simple, cooperate with Trump and save the GOP from Dem and deep-state corruption or be crushed by real Americans who are tired of the spineless RINO establishment continuously failing to stop evil Dems, unlike Trump who's beating them at their own game. I frankly am a sort of never Trumper for a very different reason: as a Christian I, like Harry Truman, must say, if I can't trust you with your wife, what can I trust you with, as in Trump's 3 or 4 wives that disqualify him from getting my vote that my Lord Jesus controls. Not many decades ago such a position revering the sanctity of true marriage versus today's deranged, insane counterfeits was the norm without a hint of controversy, unlike today.

    1. You would have rejected Saul of Tarsus from playing any leadership role in Christianity, because of his sinful past, same as you now reject Trump.

      You would have deprived us of St. Paul, same as you now would deprive us of President Trump. Trump is exactly the president we need right now, yet you would deprive us of that because you despise his sinful past. Not very Christian of you.

      1. Trump has never been as bad as Saul was. But you are wasting your time, he's not being remotely honest.

  34. Amash gave up Libertarian ideals to support the impeachment with no crime, now he joins the never Trump wing of the republican party.
    So sad.

  35. Populist nationalism is sweeping out the dust of the elites in both parties who have ruled us for so long. Thank you for conveniently listing the names of the vipers in the nest.

  36. These wretched politicians are a dime a dozen...so corrupt, anti-American, and totally self-serving first and foremost. Sure, the Marxists don't want Trump or any Republican for anything. The Republicans would give Trump the boot if his popularity was down the drain. Both Dems and Repubs are mostly career politicians who only want one of their own stooges running the show. The DC Swamp hates that Trump is not a dog in the dirt Swamp thing.

  37. I s "McCain conservative" like "Jumbo shrimp"?

  38. They can make Amash more like Johnny the Human napalm Torch by dousing him Hong-Kong style and tossing in a lit match. McCain was the suicidal equivalent of anyone in today's Dem lineup, and his disoriented supporters are welcome to wrap their suckered tentacles about Amash and pull him down with them.

  39. You won’t find many subversive libertarian types here.

    US politics is now divided into two parties.


    Not Trump.

    Most here in the former.

    1. Did you have a point?

    2. You are confused. Libertarianism is not about being "subversive." You're thinking of leftists. Libertarianism is about liberty (freedom). And the anti-Trump forces -- Democrats and "Republicans" like John McCain -- are anti-freedom.

      1. Yeah Ed I am the one confused.

  40. "Mccain Conservatives". Why read the rest of the article? Here's a quiz. How many of The Keating Five were Republican? John McCain was pedaling influence since he got the Presidential Suite at the Hanoi Hilton.

  41. Or is Matt using the phrase like my parent used 'Eisenhower Republicans' or 'Rockefeller Republicans', oxymoronically?

  42. So the Swampers and Amashup both hate Trump for different reasons. Why is this a big deal? If Mashy had any principles he would disavow support from the influence peddlers.

  43. New home for war-mongers?

  44. Well, McCain "conservatives" have already shown themselves to be easily fooled, so I guess they ARE a good market for Amash to fund-raise from!

  45. they get one more McCain conservative, and they can play a game of bridge.

  46. So the people who supported the bribe-taking RINO McCain found their new hero, eh? I'm sure that Bill Kristol will have a wonderful write up about it in the Weekly Standard.

  47. today we learned that john mccain was a "conservative". i always thought of him as a tireless statist that never saw a war he wasn't all for. now i know i was wrong

  48. They couldn't care less about McCain or his supporters. He's dead as is his development, it's only a lot of furious, rank air originating from his windbag little girl. The individuals in the Michigan third locale are solid Republican, solid President Trump supporters. President Trump even had a convention there not long ago. Have a relative who lives in the area and visit there frequently. Amash will electorally be thrown out of office next November, guaranteed. People there can't wait to do it. online dissertation help-dissertation writer

  49. TMZ has more intelligent reader posts than Reason does. The feedback section is an embarrassment to the publication.

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