Bill Weld

Bill Weld: Mueller Shows How 'Trump Is Not Worthy of the Oval Office'

Scuffling GOP primary challenger, meanwhile, defends his assertion that the president would prefer an "Aryan nation"


Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) is not the only self-described libertarian Republican to conclude from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's two-volume report that President Donald Trump engaged in impeachable conduct.

Bill Weld, Mueller's former boss at the Department of Justice in the early 1990s, concluded upon the report's delivery that "It's time for Trump to resign," then told me in late April that "it's very obvious that the evidence goes well beyond what's required to charge the president with obstruction of justice. It goes well beyond anything President Richard Nixon ever did….If you read Volume Two, it's very clear that the president committed the offense of obstruction of justice."

Hours after Mueller's please-read-my-report press conference Wednesday, Weld, who is scuffling to gain traction in his primary challenge against the president, issued a press release again calling on Trump to resign.

"Today Bob Mueller reminded all Americans of why Donald Trump is not worthy of the Oval Office," Weld said. "When the subject of an authorized investigation obstructs it or lies in response to it, that strikes at the heart of the criminal evidence gathering process….Volume 2 of Mr. Mueller's report sets out approximately ten instances where there was evidence that Mr. Trump obstructed the investigation."

Weld is one of nearly 1,000 former federal prosecutors to sign onto a May 6 statement saying, in part, that "we recognize that prosecuting obstruction of justice cases is critical because unchecked obstruction — which allows intentional interference with criminal investigations to go unpunished — puts our whole system of justice at risk. We believe strongly that, but for the [Office of Legal Counsel] memo, the overwhelming weight of professional judgment would come down in favor of prosecution for the conduct outlined in the Mueller Report."

The divergent interpretations of the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) guidance on charging sitting presidents has emerged as a significant if hard-to-parse split between Mueller and his boss, Attorney General William Barr. Judge Andrew Napolitano walked through the OLC dispute on Fox News Wednesday:

(Listen to Napolitano's explanation for why he thinks Trump obstructed justice in this Reason Podcast from earlier this month.)

Weld, the Libertarian Party's 2016 vice-presidential nominee, has been juxtaposing his prosecutor-centric, rule-of-law objections to Trump with his conspicuously "social justice"–flavored advocacy for criminal justice reform since even before returning to the GOP in January. He told Reason in 2018 that the phrase "all lives matter" was "nothing but a dog whistle," claimed to The New Yorker in March that "white supremacists" heard Trump's "dog whistle loud and clear," and then ratcheted up the rhetoric still further last week.

"I celebrate that America has always been a melting pot," Weld declared at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute. "It seems he would prefer an Aryan nation. I know that sounds strong and tough but he's very interested in bloodlines and it has resonance."

Given an opportunity to defend his remarks on CNN this week, Weld did not back down an inch.

Weld also said in that interview, "I think a lot of people agree with me and Congressman Amash, whose statement I totally applaud, that the president committed obstruction of justice." This prompted the Libertarian Party's national Membership Manager Jess Mears to exult:

There are plenty of other libertarian-leaners, meanwhile, who look upon the same set of Trump/Russia facts and come to a drastically different conclusion. Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) characterized the Mueller report last week as "the antithesis of libertarianism," arguing that it amounted to "an abuse of intelligence power consistent with what libertarians have been complaining about for a long time."

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  1. Who cares what Bill Weld says.

    Bill Weld is not Libertarian, no matter how many times LINOs pick him to run in the LP.

    1. The LP must suck bad if somebody they want to run FOR them would rather run for a party that he feels is deeply racist

    2. Weld is far more libertarian than your Trump-tarded conservative ass.

      1. Poor child-diddler.

      2. What, precisely, are the libertarian policies Weld has ever passed or voted for?

        1. Palin’s has no use for informed debate. Begone!

        2. This is all you need to know about Weld: He pulled the lever for The Witch in 2016 over Trump….Is there any doubt that Trump, despite all his faults, has been much more Libertarian than The Witch would’ve ever been?

          1. Yes anyone who supported the pig witch in 2016 needs to either fall on their knees and beg for forgiveness or die.

            1. +1,000

      3. He sure did not sound very Libertarian in 2016 debates….Heck him & Johnson sounded like Prog-Tard Lite!

    3. Bill Weld continues to prove he is no more than a standard establishment politician. He was death to Gary Johnson’s campaign for libertarians from the get go and then finished him by backing Hilary while they were still running. Now the tired old race card.
      Good riddance to this phony.

      1. Actually, Trump has done way more for blacks in 2.5 years than Obummy did in 8 years…Prison Reform, more school choice including building up trade school choices!

        I’d like to ask Weld this: Trump is by far the most Pro-Life prez since Roe v. Wade….Since legalized abortion disproportionately effects blacks way more than whites, if Trump was trying to make America a white nation why would he be so Pro-Life?

    4. Yes, clearly inferior to the “take the guns first” Libertarian Trump.

      1. Trump and Pence both were wrong on this because of the abuse this kind of legislation is bound to generate. What I find funny is that Reason is obviously supporting progressives in it’s shameless softball reporting on many of the Socialist candidates occupying the Democrat field. Yet I have yet to see more than 1 or 2 articles on just how dangerous they all are when it comes to the 2nd amendment. They huff and puff about how Trump is trying to destroy the press when most of actions have been nothing more than bluster whereas Obama actually did try to intimidate the free press using the Justice department. The only thing Reason seems to care about is Legalization of Pot…. which is one drug the staff seems to ingesting on a regular basis which explains their silly move towards progressive politics. Reason is really failing the Libertarian cause.

    5. Weld is a disgrace who did terrible damage to both the LP and the RP brands. Some one needs to tell to STFU. Instead Reason can’t wait to write another insipid article about this turd. Welch lamely tries to appease real Libertarians by mentioning concerns expressed by many in his turn to Paul in the last sentence. Seriously is this the best Reason can do?

  2. Not worthy?

    Delicate Toddler POO Shielded from Mean Warship

    The White House asked Navy officials to obscure the USS John S. McCain while President Trump was visiting Japan, Pentagon and White House officials said Wednesday night. A senior Navy official confirmed he was aware that someone at the White House sent a message to service officials in the Pacific requesting that the USS John McCain be kept out of the picture while the president was there. That led to photographs taken Friday of a tarp obscuring the McCain name.

    A senior White House official also confirmed that they did not want the destroyer with the McCain name seen in photographs. The request was made to keep Trump from being upset during the visit.

    Sailors on the USS John S. McCain expressed relief that there would be no POO* on their decks during the Memorial Day weekend.

    *President Orange Obstruction

    1. More “anonymous sources” to support a claim that is also denied by White House and DoD officials.

      Hmmm… who are we to believe? The officials denying the claim without evidence of a false event or the officials claiming an event took place without evidence?

      1. “Annonymous” like Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan? Your spin is really subpar, almost subhuman.

        In Jakarta, Indonesia, on Thursday morning, Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters, “When I read about it this morning, it was the first I heard about it.” He later told reporters traveling with him to a security conference in Singapore that he would ask his chief of staff to look into the reports.

        So the anonymous Acting U.S. Defense Secretary has instructed his chief of staff to investigate something that never happened. Again, you really are inadequate, but I’m stating the obvious.

        1. Hahaha. The military tells journalists all sorts of lies to get them to go away.

          Your trolling resume obviously does not include working for the government.

        2. Which part of “When I read about it this morning, it was the first I heard about it” was hard to understand?

          IOW, he has instructed his chief of staff to verify that it didn’t happen.

          Thanks for destroying your own argument.

          1. It would make sense that the media does not even know that the ship was not named after John Sidney McCain III, the Senator. It was named after John S. McCain, Sr., and John S. McCain, Jr., both admirals.

            USS John S. McCain (DDG-56)

            The media is so stupid.

        3. “So the anonymous Acting U.S. Defense Secretary has instructed his chief of staff to investigate something that never happened. Again, you really are inadequate, but I’m stating the obvious.”

          He never heard of it but would look into it.

          Not sure how that means it happened.

          1. It is impossible that “it” happened.

            The USS John McCain is NOT named after John Sidney McCain III, the Senator.

            So Trump would have to want a ship bearing the name of navy admirals John S. McCain, Sr and John S. McCain Jr to be hidden, which the media never said that Trump hates all the dead admiral McCains.

            1. OK morons:

              “Now, somebody did it because they thought I didn’t like him, OK? And they were well-meaning, I will say,” Trump added, while insisting he was kept in the dark.

              That’s POO this morning, on tape, answering a reporter’s question about the McCain email: “USS John McCain needs to be out of sight,” obtained by the Journal and whose existence was confirmed to the AP by the officials.

              Now tell me how this tape isn’t really POO. Go ahead. Make us all laugh harder.

              1. Trump is assuming the press report is accurate, which is a mistake in and of itself. And if he did not ask for it — how is this a story at all?

              2. The video you cited, Trump didnt say that.

                Lie harder dipshit.

                He said that someone who thought he wanted that done had the sign covered. Trump said that he would not have done that and he knew nothing about it.

                You refuse to believe anything Trump says unless it backs up some Lefty Narrative. Then you believe… every… last… word.

                1. The video you cited, Trump didnt say that.

                  “Now, somebody did it because they thought I didn’t like him, OK? And they were well-meaning, I will say.”

                  Right there in the video @ 0:33

                  I think you might be deranged. Get some help.

                  1. The event never happened dummy. On top of it you link to trump saying he never ordered it even Katy tur is calling you stupid.

                    1. Bigoted, half-educated, Trump-fellating, right-wing malcontents are my favorite faux libertarians.

                      Watching better Americans stomp them in the culture was has been and will continue to be enjoyable.

                  2. “USS John McCain needs to be out of sight,”

                    Trump never said that and you video provides no such evidence.

                    You really are a bad troll. Most trolls dont blow their script budget on links that are not spam.

            2. On 11 July 2018, at a rededication ceremony, Senator John McCain was added as a namesake, along with his father and grandfather.


              Well, its named after all three now.

              1. Thanks. I stand corrected.

                The ship was re-dedicated to add John S. McCain III to its namesake.

                I still bet that the media didn’t know the ship was originally commissioned to honor John McCain Sr and Jr. and NOT Senator McCain.

                Moot point now but just shows how the media Narratives start and have a life of their own for two weeks.

            3. I say who cares? The article is about the wonderfully inane and duplicitous impostor Bill (I have no integrity) Weld. What difference does it make if someone in the military office requested that the Ship cover up the name in order to avoid a photo blooper? McCain deserves respect for his service and sacrifice but he was a horrible Senator in many ways. Petty, lacking in principle and self admitted progressive, he did great damage to the Republican party. I think Trump is equally petty but at least he isn’t trying to turn this country into a 3rd world crap hole like the last 2 presidents. So I couldn’t care less what he tweets or his spats with dirt ball politicians like Pelosi or feckless bureaucrats like Mueller.

        4. Holy shit what a dumb post. Your evidence is the sec def saying he was unaware of the issue? This is beyond stupid. Approaching Jeff level idiocy.

    2. The White House asked Navy officials to obscure the USS John S. McCain while President Trump was visiting

      Too bad it’s not true.

      I think he should have instructed the Navy to rename the ship.

      McCain was an a–hole, politically, professionally, and personally. That’s why people like you love him, of course.

      1. My understanding, the ship’s name was originally sold on the McCain family’s naval heritage.

        Multiple John McCain’s in the family as technically the Senator was named John Sidney McCain III.


        Right there on tape this morning. POO says it happened but he had nothing to do with it. Would you like to retract your blunder now?

        1. So, sounds like Trump isn’t a ‘delicate toddler’ then. Would you like to retract your pointless insult now?

        2. There is new news on the incident. The picture was from the day before trump was there. It never happened dummy.

    3. Blowhard Woodchip
      May.30.2019 at 9:23 am
      “Not worthy?
      Delicate Toddler POO Shielded from Mean Warship…”

      Do you post here to showcase the horrible effects of TDS, or are you just an idiot with an infantile intelligence?


        Reality is terrifying for POO-sniffers.

        1. Blowhard Woodchip
          May.30.2019 at 12:15 pm
          “…Reality is terrifying for POO-sniffers.”

          So a random infantile idiot with a case of TDS.
          You could have saved all of us some time if you’d have simply told us first.
          Fuck off, you pathetic piece of shit.

      2. Sevo, never forget the miraculous power of the word “and”.

    4. Hmm…intriguing.

      The story is false.

      The name wasn’t covered up for his trip. The picture of the name covered was from Friday, before Trump was there.

      So, the incident did not happen. It cannot be proven that no staffer asked for it, but there is zero evidence that Trump did and the name was not covered when he was there,

    5. You know this story was already debunked right? Including by notorious trump acolyte Katy Tur. Even the WSJ contributor who started it finally admitted the picture was from a day before trumps visit.

      So much ignorance by the left and anti trumpers here.

      1. Here’s what the link Chipper put up said.

        “”The Journal, citing photos it reviewed, reported that a tarp was placed over the USS John S. McCain’s name before Trump’s arrival and that sailors were instructed to remove any coverings from the ship that included its name.

        Asked if the tarp was meant to block Trump’s view of the ship, the officials said the tarp had been placed on the ship for maintenance and removed for the visit. Navy Cdr. Clay Doss, spokesman for U.S. 7th Fleet, told the AP that the tarp was on the ship on Friday but was removed by Saturday morning, the day Trump arrived in Japan.

        “All ships remained in normal configuration during the President’s visit,” he said.””

        His own link proves him wrong.

  3. I’m about done with this site.

    1. [crosses fingers, has seen these threats before]

      1. More troll socks would appear to keep web traffic up.

    2. I’m just here for the comments. The last article I read and fact checked was such laughably false propaganda, I knew never to trust another word (except Stossel).

    3. you throw up alternate links sometimes.

  4. Bill Clinton obstructed justice, and he actually raped people. By committing perjury. Which is a felony. And these people didn’t care.

    This pearl clutching over obstruction of investigations into democrat pee-pee fetishes and conspiracy theories got boring long ago.

    1. Impeached by republicans, saved by democrat senators. The republicans where punished at the polls for their actions, the were dems rewarded.

      Pelosi is right to be concerned about impeachment.

  5. Weld is one of the few remaining decent, patriotic Republicans. I especially appreciated that he basically endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 while running as the Libertarian VP candidate.


    1. Thanks; another thing to not like about him.

    2. “”#StillWithHer””

      Now that’s someone looking to avoid a mysterious death.

    3. But, Weld is supposed to be a Libertarian, not a GOPer…Or did you forget that?

  6. If there is one thing that could tamp down Reason’s enthusiasm for the Mueller report, it is Weld’s whole-hearted support of its worst interpretations.

    After at least three articles of prominent “Libertarian Leaning” figures condemning Trump, they finally see fit to mention that another darling, Rand Paul, disagrees.

    I get that Trump is just, you know, the worst, but it used to be Reason that argued defending people’s rights often means defending the rights of despicable people.

    Mueller’s report specifically said it couldn’t find evidence to support a conspiracy, or collusion with Russia. And despite all the allegations coming from their interviews with other people, they never say “Had a non-president performed these acts, they’d be charged with obstruction.” If they really DID believe these were crimes in a non-presidential context, why do they imply it but never say it? Instead, we get this mealy-mouthed “We can’t say for sure there was NOT a crime committed?” Proving a negative is *always* a sign of bad-faith argument- again, something I would expect Reason to at least comment on.

    1. reason has gotten so bad that it really is — whatever reason is for or supports, you should do/support the exact opposite.

      1. Then why do you read it?

        1. For the few Libertarian commenters still here.

          Also to see what Lefty writers are up to.

    2. Maybe you and all the other malcontents could threaten to leave if you don’t get your way, and then, having not gotten it, storm off to create your very own echo chamber and personality cult.

      1. Maybe you and all the other malcontents could threaten to leave if you don’t get your way, and then, having not gotten it, storm off to create your very own echo chamber and personality cult.

        Daily Beast
        reason staff room

        1. Still here? A person of integrity who was not emotionally crippled would have left by now.

          1. That’s what you progressives do: anything critical of you, you invade and you try to take over and destroy.

            It’s the same crap you pulled on formerly decent news organizations and a host of other institutions of American life.

            People need to speak out against you and tell you to GFY.

          2. In your world people with integrity run away? You’re probably right… your kind tends to do that.

    3. And BTW: If Reason is really ready to throw out principles in order to pin Trump to the wall, they should just throw away all thought of ever seeing a Libertarian-leaning politician wielding any sort of power or making any meaningful change in the growth vector of our government.

      We are seeing the institution of a formal office of witch hunting in our federal government. A lifetime federal employee- with a record of severe prosecutorial misconduct- can spend two years; staff their efforts with avowed political enemies; drag all of your colleagues into the room under threat of federal jail time; collect selective out-takes of their ramblings; publish them in a report that will never be tested in an impartial court; assert that failure to prove there is *no* crime is anything *but* complete vindication.

      Really? If you don’t think they have built a weapon and written a playbook for targeting the first Liberty-adjacent politician who credibly threatens the Leviathan, then you are batshit crazy. God forbid Amash or Paul accomplish anything more than their regional success. EVERYONE has skeletons in the closet. Everyone has colleagues who- under the threat of federal prison- will make or support accusations for a report that is not testable in court.

      1. What I find baffling is themwilling to risk their reputation over this idiotic story.

        Obstruction? Really?

      2. It’s OK – the Democrats will give them immigration and abortion. Nothing else really matters.

      3. “they should just throw away all thought of ever seeing a Libertarian-leaning politician wielding any sort of power or making any meaningful change in the growth vector of our government.”

        What, people still think they might see that, especially the latter?

        We’re why we can’t have nice things. Giant nanny-states are popular. Minimal government and personal agency … aren’t.

        (I check in here a lot less often than I used to, and refuse to turn off adblock while Reason remains what it’s become.

        No love, guys.)

        1. But not every single thing about giant nanny states is popular. We can at least put our weight on the side of the scale on issues like those, where it might otherwise be nearly balanced.

      4. Yes, and it bothers me that now some people are sampling from Reason and getting the idea that libertarians as a class are on this witch hunting bandwagon.

        Sure, I’ve heard of ideologic drift as occurring when a tendency develops political power, and specifically of its happening with those that start out libertarian, like Fidesz or like the liberal political parties that rolled logs with the farmers or the slave holders or whatnot…but when there’s no political power developed? Reason used to be where skeptics of movement libertarians used to be able to stand and criticize the follies of CATO, LP, etc. But now it’s trying to suck in…who? I’m baffled, and shocked to see analysts I used to trust spouting such crap.

      5. +1,000,000

      6. Well said.

        1. That was for Overt.

    4. What we’ve learned is that “libertarians” care more about open borders than any other policy out there.

      1. The naive idealistic ones sure. They are the same type as believe communism can still work. As long as you ignore reality and human nature.. anything is possible.

    5. But they gave a small update added to an LP article where the person currently polling in first for the LP agreed it is a witchhunt. They dont deserve a full article apparently.

  7. For those of you out there who may be wondering what a real, honest-to-goodness civil libertarian looks like, it’s professor Alan Dershowitz nails it in this concise but dead-on piece here:

    Welchie Boy on the other hand is no moderate, independent, civil libertarian, or any sort of libertarian in any way, shape, or form. He is a rabid hyper-partisan. A virulent hater. A personal and professional liar. A charlatan. A con man. A fake. A fraud. A fugazi. A bad play actor. Etc etc etc.

    1. Thanks, I was going to comment on the Mass authoritarian faux “libertarian” but I believe you’ve covered it.

    2. man i miss fugazi.

  8. This whole tiresome fabricated empty drama banana republic Russia bull shit is so fucken retarded.

    Weld and Johnson: Hillary was a great public servant.

    1. Hilary is a normally corrupt and incompetent politician, one of Them, so she gets the benefit of the doubt. Trump is abnrmal, an outsider, he gets no consideration.

      1. Hilary is a normally corrupt and incompetent politician

        Hillary was quite competent at playing politics, at getting money, and at getting her will.

        What Hillary was incompetent at was actually governing, but that’s hardly a necessary qualification for politicians.

        1. The fallout from the latest common core studies are going to be momentous to watch. Scores and education decreasing across the board, even in high performing states like Massachusetts. And they cant blame Republicans because teachers were fully on board. Common core is just plain bad.

  9. I can’t stand Donald Trump. In a way, it would be funny to see him impeached just to watch that arrogant prick get taken down a few notches.

    That said, to say that what Trump did here “goes well beyond anything President Richard Nixon ever did” is laughably stupid. All of these politicians say shit like this – it’s no wonder they have virtually zero credibility with anyone with any sense.

  10. Bill Weld: Mueller Shows How ‘Trump Is Not Worthy of the Oval Office’

    Watch “libertarian” Bill Weld idolize and worship the state and its offices.

    And apparently Mr. Weld has forgotten the long string of losers, sex addicts, and criminals that have held that office. It’s pretty much impossible to be “unworthy of the Oval Office”.

    1. I don’t think Weld’s much of a “libertarian”.

      But remember that “libertarian” doesn’t mean only “Rothbardian anarchist or Minarchist”.

      Hayek was undeniably a libertarian, and by no means a “small government in all things!!!” type.

      (“Keep the State from wrecking civil liberties and out of trying to run the economy” is libertarian.

      Hell, viz. Mises, just “keep it from trying to run the economy” makes you a libertarian.)

  11. Funny how many old-time Republicans are far more comfortable attacking Republicans than Democrats.

  12. Bill Weld is a total tool. I was foolish enough to support he and Johnson. Never again you ass hole. Go lick Hillary’s ass.

    1. Johnson would have been a decent President and the odds are Weld would have never ascended to President.

      Johnson would certainly have been better than Hillary as Trump is better.

      I don’t regret voting for GayJay. Trump was still an unknown as to what he would actually do in office. My state also went for Trump.

      I will 99% be voting for Trump in 2020 since he has proven to be the best Libertarian-ish President in over 80 years.

  13. Bill Weld should be running as a Democrat.

    After all, he campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    For a trip down memory lane, here’s Kennedy in 2016 kicking Weld’s ass on live television for being a phony:

  14. >>>between Mueller and his boss, Attorney General William Barr

    Mueller quit yesterday. Now he’s just Bob.

  15. Volume 2 of Mr. Mueller’s report sets out approximately ten instances where there was evidence that Mr. Trump obstructed the investigation.

    Tweetstorms do not constitute obstruction.

    1. What about the other nine instances?

      1. Blowhard Woodchip
        May.30.2019 at 12:20 pm
        “What about the other nine instances?

        Exactly; crickets are deserved when nothing is there.
        You lost, loser. Go whine someplace where they give a shit about losers like you.

      2. What about the other nine instances?

        Yes, what about them? Nowhere do I see an actual accusation that would stand up to legal scrutiny.

        1. C’mon, trump ordered his lawyer to say he didn’t use the term “fired.” That has to be obstruction! Or he didnt use the term and wanted clarity… but obstruction!

          1. Questions. At any time did Trump actually stop the Mueller investigation. At any time did Trump ever refuse to hand over any documentation to Mueller. At any time did Trump refuse to allow any of his staff to testify.
            Just because Trump expressed a desire to end the investigation numerous times this does not constitute obstruction in any way unless he actually acts upon his desire.
            Therefore there was NO OBSTRUCTION. It’s as simple as that

      3. Based on muellers wide belief in obstruction, trump saying no collusion on television is obstruction. Defend that, please.

  16. Well Bill, as you like to point out, we live in a democracy. And so a lot of people have decided Trump is worthy of the Oval Office.

    And that you are not.

  17. It is unclear whether the author aims to denigrate the LP by highlighting Weld’s canned hot garbage, or denigrate the GOP by virtue of Weld’s superficial association therewith. Nothing that comes out of the guy’s mouth is interesting, thought-provoking, novel, or productive. At least Gary Johnson seemed to take his candidacy seriously; Weld is the only person in on his own joke.


    “…If Mueller’s charge was to investigate “Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election…[including] investigating any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign,” why didn’t he look into the possibility that the false information fed by alleged Russian insiders to an agent of the Clinton campaign was a disinformation effort by the Russian government, meant to interfere in the 2016 presidential election–an effort in which the Clinton campaign colluded?

    There is strong circumstantial evidence that the Steele dossier was exactly that, while there never was any evidence at all that the Trump campaign colluded in any way with Russians. So why was Mueller’s investigation confined to the wrong campaign?

    The question answers itself. Mueller’s mission was the same as Christopher Steele’s mission, and Glenn Simpson’s, and Perkins Coie’s, and Hillary Clinton’s: to destroy Donald Trump, by hook or by crook. That is the only explanation for Mueller’s seeming myopia about his own failure to look for collusion where, in all likelihood, it actually existed.”

    1. +10000

  19. Trump might not be worthy for the presidency. Voters will get a chance to make that decision again in 2020.

    Trump is not likable. He says dumb things. He phrase things like an adolescent. He has thin skin. He can also be funny. He annoys all the right people. As of now, Trump has my vote

    I could not care less what a political opponent thinks or says.

    1. I too am actions over speech. Trump has done a lot of things i agree with. Most importantly the USSC and regulations. If he can stop the tyranny of district courts that would be huge too.

    2. He has thin skin.

      This is a stupid criticism and an example of how leftists constantly change the meaning of words to suit them at any given time. Defending oneself is not ‘thin skin’. Thin skin is not being able to emotionally handle words/criticism/etc.

      1. Exactly. Trump is constantly fighting back against Lefties.

        Thin skin is what Lefties have when they need “safe spaces”.

  20. “It seems he would prefer an Aryan nation.”

    So Trump is Hitler? That’s the final fallback position of the desperate, there’s nothing left after using the Nazi Card. Weld knows he’s full of shit and he’s run out of arguments.

    1. Yet this is who reason is now highlighting.

  21. WTF hapeened to Rand Paul?

    Has he fallen victim to those over reaching survielance powers or does he just see DT as a path to somehow getting to where he was ta to be?

  22. For those who think Trump is guilty, should he receive the same punishment as the last president impeached for obstruction?

  23. You do not get to be President of the USA because you are worthy. You become President because it is the will of the people. In other words you win the election. If Trump should not be President, he will be defeated in the upcoming election.

  24. Is he still stumping for Hillary? Give it a rest, man!

  25. The president who would prefer an Aryan nation didn’t object to his daughter marrying a Jew and later converting to Judaism.

    It’s this kind of leftist smear tactic that will undercut legit criticism of Trump. Diversity or “melting pot” society is a product of personal freedom, not the other way around. Diversity advocated by the liberals is the antithesis of libertarianism, but it inevitably involves government control.

    Trump is a populist conservative, meaning his policy intersected with a few libertarian agendas. We were this close to withdrawing from Syria, and then both sides shrieked no. That’s more than you’ll ever get from democrats or someone like Kasich.

    I voted for some libertarians in local elections, whose stated agendas on the booklet are things I can stand behind. It astounds me that the LP cannot find and groom candidates presentable for the general population. They seem to gravitate towards cranks and border line antisemites.

  26. Bill Weld supports Hillary, eminent domain, Patriot Act and gun control. He is not libertarian leaning. Stop covering this clown.

  27. Why oh why is what Bill Weld thinks about anything news?

  28. […] Bill Weld: Mueller Shows How ‘Trump Is Not Worthy of the Oval Office’ […]

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