Larry Hogan

Jeb Bush Conservatism Finds a #NeverTrump Outlet in 'Problem-Solving' Larry Hogan

Bush, Chris Christie, Bill Kristol, and a bunch of op-ed interventionists stoke 2020 speculation around the Republican governor of Democratic Maryland.


Jeb! ||| Joshua McKerrow/TNS/Newscom
Joshua McKerrow/TNS/Newscom

So far the #NeverTrump presidential pre-primary season has had precious little raw material to work with. Sure, John Kasich is out there "very seriously considering" a run while fundraising off his new paid CNN gig, but the former Ohio governor's dollar amounts have been lackluster so far. Former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake doesn't seem enthused about competing, Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah) has flatly ruled it out, and former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is mostly just a gleam in neoconservatives' eyes.

Pickins are so slim that The Bulwark, that post–Weekly Standard Bill Kristol publication and go-to source for 2020 GOP primary fanfic, has been reduced to writing open letters pleading for candidates to step "unto the breach." (Portentous sales pitch: "The time is now. The game is afoot. Follow your spirit, and upon this charge, who knows? Maybe when all is said and done you'll be 46.")

So it's no wonder that Larry Hogan is having a bit of a moment. The popular and recently re-elected Republican governor of Democratic Maryland delivered a second inaugural address Wednesday that was long enough on national/presidential themes that it spawned big articles in Politico and Buzfeed News, plus speculation in National Review, Vanity Fair, and (of course!) The Bulwark.

"Although Hogan doesn't have much of a national profile, it's less of a stretch than you might think," The Bulwark's Andrew Egger insisted. "Hogan's constituency isn't made up primarily of Trump fans….In other words, Hogan doesn't stand to lose much politically by taking on the president." He may be a relative unknown, but at least he doesn't have much of a future!

Hogan's potential run, like all pondered Republican challenges to Trump, is interesting in what it says about the values, attributes, and philosophies of an imagined post-Trump conservatism. Pushed by perennial politician-whisperer Bill Kristol as well as the ex-libertarian post-ideologues at the Niskanen Center, assisted at his second inaugural by Jeb Bush and former John McCain alter-ego Mark Salter, and boosted by Trump turncoat Chris Christie, Hogan's candidacy invites us to ask what these seemingly disparate strands of dissident Republicanism hold in common.

Judging by his big speech, the answer is a whole lot of "civility" and "moderation" and "bipartisan, commonsense solutions," and very little on the specific content of, or philosophical approach toward, actual policies.

As prepared for delivery, there are 11 combined paragraphs in Hogan's second inaugural dedicated to George H.W. Bush and John McCain ("As we look back on the lives of these leaders, it makes us yearn for something better and more noble than the politics of today"), seven understandably proud paragraphs about how his late father was the first GOP member of the House Judiciary Committee to call for Richard Nixon's impeachment ("'No man, not even the president of the United States, is above the law,'" he quoted Larry Hogan, Sr., as saying), and all of six terse sentences that mention any specific achievements. "We faced our fiscal challenges with steady resolve and eased the tax burden….We funded education at historic levels," etc.

The real gooey center of the speech, and presumably Hogan's national selling proposition, is just paragraph after paragraph of problem-solving centrist moderation. A slice:

Four years ago, I committed to usher in a new era of bipartisan cooperation and prosperity in Maryland, one filled with hope and optimism.

I pledged to govern with civility and moderation, to avoid attempts to drive us to the extremes of either political party, and to uphold the virtues that are the basis of Maryland's history as "a state of middle temperament."

I believe it's because we kept that promise to put problem-solving ahead of partisanship and compromise ahead of conflict that I'm standing here again today….

Let's repudiate the debilitating politics practiced elsewhere—including just down the road in Washington—where insults substitute for debate, recriminations for negotiation, and gridlock for compromise; where the heat, finger-pointing and rancor suffocates the light, and the only result is divisiveness and dysfunction.

Hogan ended with a call for a government "that tolerates contrary views among a diverse citizenry without making them into enemies or doubting their patriotism," that "can discuss and debate with as much civility as passion and with a view to persuade, not intimidate, to encourage, not demonize or defeat," and so forth.

You can see the attraction of pragmatic, non-divisive civility in an American political nerve system rubbed almost intolerably raw by the incivil passions stirred up by both President Donald Trump and his fiercest critics. I for one would prefer a president who wasn't (in the recent words of George Will) "incessantly splentic," "almost inexpressibly sad," and a "fountain of self-refuting boasts."

||| Reason

But there's more to the presidency than personal comportment, and more questions about the future of conservatism than whether it will be nice or mean. George H.W. Bush seemed like an affable fellow, and he managed the end of the Cold War with prudence, but he approved a tax increase without commensurate spending cuts and led the country into an ill-thought war. John McCain served his country with honor and taught us important lessons about torture, but he was the single biggest military interventionist on Capitol Hill.

One key area where Donald Trump sometimes challenges Republican orthodoxy—and drives the #NeverTrump right into apoplexy—is on foreign wars, occupations, and deployments. Where does Hogan stand on this critical, presidentially latitudinous issue? He isn't really saying yet, nor are his interventionist op-ed boosters, such as The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin and The New York Times' Bret Stephens. But Hogan's ally Jeb Bush, for one, was making the playground argument as recently as 2016 that, "The next president of the United States is gonna have to get the United States back in the game, and if a preemptive strike is necessary to keep us safe, then we should do it."

If post-Trump conversativism doesn't grapple with its own pre-Trump mistakes, then it's hard to see what the value proposition is for those of us who wouldn't be on the hiring shortlist for the Hogan administration. I presume that he, like his boosters, would be more traditionally pro-trade, and that he wouldn't base as much of politics and policy on the negative collective demonization of disfavored groups based on their immutable characteristics. But even there, I would hesitate before pronouncing Hogan & Co. significantly better on immigration. As I pointed out last month, while the Maryland governor is "a critic of Trump's family-separation policy and talks like a comprehensive immigration reformer…he has also bashed sanctuary policies and balked at Syrian refugees." His fan club ain't Trump, but funny things happen to even the most immigration-friendly of Republicans when they have to face GOP primary voters—Jeb Bush starts playing the "anchor baby" card, Chris Christie proposes treating legal immigrants like FedEx packages, John McCain suddenly wants to complete the danged fence.

Trump rocketed to popularity in part because he convinced grassroots conservatives that he, unlike the GOP establishment, actually meant what he said about doing whatever it takes to restrict both legal and illegal immigration. Regardless of who steps unto the breach, I'm waiting to hear more self-reflection from those who made a living for so long pandering insincerely to a base they not-so-secretly loathe.

Will Trump's challengers be as aggressive as he in slowing the growth of regulation? Hogan did brag in his 120-word section on tangible accomplishments about "clear[ing] away the tangle of regulatory undergrowth," so maybe, but the last time the #NeverTrump crowd had sway in a Republican administration, they contributed to the biggest regulatory ramp-up since Richard Nixon.

And will our tanned, rested, and ready GOP dissidents come back to power with as much heretofore unseen enthusiasm for criminal justice reform? Recall that the leading Senate opponent to the First Step Act, the odious Tom Cotton, was not so long ago a protégé of Bill Kristol.

I sincerely look forward to some vigorous political competition for 2020, whether inside the GOP, among independents, or in third parties. It is entirely possible that, given the rancor and dysfunction in Washington, there's at least some market for common-sense, bipartisan problem-solving featuring candidates who come across as functioning adults instead of outer-borough towel-snappers. But this would not be the first time we were sold the fiction that do-something politics is somehow non-ideological. The longer Larry Hogan's slate remains blank, the more we should treat it with skepticism.

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  1. So, Jeb Bush “conservatism” is not conservativeat all.

    I couldve told you that.

  2. From the perspective of us Koch / Reason libertarians, literally any brand of conservatism is preferable to Drumpf’s alt-right white nationalism. Orange Hitler campaigned on opposing our fundamental, non-negotiable policy preference ? unlimited, unrestricted immigration into the US. Of course like any serious libertarian I’ll be voting Democrat in 2020. But a Jeb Bush conservative as the GOP nominee would be a sign of a healthier political system.


    1. Nothing says “Libertarian” like voting Socialist.

      1. I realize some might find it counterintuitive. After all, socialists criticize economic inequality, while we libertarians oppose raising the minimum wage and raising taxes on billionaires.

        Look a little closer, though, and you’ll find democratic socialists and Koch / Reason libertarians have a surprising amount of overlap. Most importantly, we both want to #AbolishICE. In addition, democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders support legal access to abortion care throughout all nine months of pregnancy, which all true libertarians support as well.

        1. NO true libertarian supports abortion throughout the 9 months. That’s as nuts as banning abortion at conception.

          We’re for individual liberty, which means the free exercise of “natural” (inherent) rights. Those rights are unalienable — cannot be denied or disparaged for ANY reason — all of them.

          That means the fetal child’s right to Life is precisely equal to the woman’s right to Liberty. NEITHER can be denied or disparaged. By definition,

          Authoritarians, by definition, seek to use government force to impose their preferred values on everyone. Authoritarian Lifers seek power to deny the woman’s right to Liberty. Authoritarian Choicers seek to deny the fetal child’s right to Life.

          Libertarians would do neither. Not to deny that a large number faux libertarians CLAIM to be defending liberty, the Constitution, individual rights and any other excuse to “justify” their diktats.

          1. Hihn: first of all, you *do* know you’re debating a parody account, don’t you? Maybe you could write “DO NOT DEBATE OBL” on your monitor to get you through your next fade-out. Go ahead and use bold — you know you want to.

            Also, you lost your libertarian cred with your gun grabbing and Supreme Court worship.

            Add me to your enemies list?

            1. Not addressed to me, but brainwashed bullies be FUN to ridicule.

              There is no enemies list, you brainwashed fucking retard
              Your mind controller fucked up, posted a link (which I’ve added here) which made a total public fool of himself.
              You’re an even bigger fool … so eagerly and easily brainwashed by the alt-right Thought Police.

              (I cannot comment on your libertarian cred bullshit, but probably more drooling from your Authoritarian Right masters you raging thug.)


              1. Didn’t understand anything of that weirdness, other than you refuse to reconcile your gun grabbing and Supreme Court worship with your supposed libertarianism. So yeah, there’s that.

                Also I guess you aren’t going to add me to your enemies list. Sad.

              2. Speaking of your recent bold-face, ass-jamming gun-grabbing Supreme Court worshipping thread-crapping nuttiness, there’s nothing remotely similar on Hihn’s site. I wonder if the Reason conspiracy theorists are right and you’re just impersonating Hihn.

                Are you actually Mary Stack??? /mind blown.

                1. The link itself proves you full of shit.
                  So now you punish me for proving you a liar.

                  I don’t “worship” the Supreme Court if I correct your ignorance of their constitutional role

                  If you’re such a poor loser, just stop launching unprovoked assaults.
                  When you’re so proud of being a jerk. (snort)

                  1. LOL, wut? What’s that link supposed to prove?

                    You’re not Hihn. The real Hihn was never a gun grabber and didn’t treat Supreme Court opinions like they were handed down from God. (The proof is in the site you insist on linking to.) I think you’re Mary Stack.

                    Of course you could easily prove you’re actually Hihn (only with…”evolved” libertarian positions) if you added me to your enemies list…

                    1. (boldface in defense of multiple unprovoked assaults … by a bellowing bully)

                      LOL, wut? What’s that link supposed to prove?

                      That you’re a full-of-shit psycho with rage issues. There is no enemies list. ANOTHER goober screwed up by linking to it, as I said.

                      (I cannot comment on your libertarian cred bullshit, but probably more drooling from your Authoritarian Right masters you raging thug.)

                      YOUR turn to prove your other fucking lies about me personally.

                      We’d already seen that you don’t know what a debate is.
                      And that you’re probably stoopid on unalienable rights.

                      Now see see you’re a vengeful bully

                      If you’re such a poor loser, just stop launching unprovoked assaults.
                      HOW DO I “WORSHIP” THE SUPREME COURT?
                      PROVE I’M A GUN GRABBER.

                      Be a MAN for once. PUT UP OR SHUT UP


                      BE A MAN. PUT UP OR SHUT UP

        2. You’re slipping OBL, your Poe is showing

      2. Nothing says “Libertarian” like voting Socialist.

        Except when it’s crackers to slip a rozzer, the dropsy in snide. Context must be considered

    2. I used to think White Nationalists were evil and fringe. The Democrats are making me change my mind.

      Racism is bad and so are white people – The New Democrats.

      1. They’re both bad. And most Americans reject loyalty to both.

  3. We got: John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Larry Hogan, Mitt Romney, Jim Mattis, and Jeff Flake.

    All these people would never win against Trump. In fact John Kasich only got 161 delegates, won only 1 state (home state), and had a popular vote of 4,290,448. Jeb Bush dropped out because he only got 286,634 votes.

    Trump won 1,725 delegates, 41 states, and a popular vote of 14,015,993. Then Trump went on beat Queen cunt 304 electoral votes to 227. Winning 30 states plus Maine to 20 states for Hillary.

    That was all before Trump has ANY government experience under his belt. Now he has numerous accomplishments like rolling back government, lowering taxes, nominating Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, pulling out of Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan….

    1. I could not agree more. If we want to make America great again we need a president who will double down on Keynesian deficit spending, excite the minds of collectivist patriots, shun civil liberties for those who reject the Constitution and demonstrate their unworth, bolster domestic surveillance to make America safe again, and implement ironclad autarky that ensures subversive foreign influences will remain safely outside our walls. (And it will be a great wall!) Trump is this president. The Republicans would be foolish to challenge such a strong leader that has the potential to guarantee American liberties for generations to come.

      1. What we need to be doing is fighting racism And on that issue Democrats are most excellent.

        Racism is bad and so are white people – The New Democrats.

      2. What we need to be doing is fighting racism. There is no better party for that than the Democrats.

        Racism is bad and so are white people – The New Democrats.

      3. Poor troll. Hates Libertarianism and America.

        1. And you don’t?

      4. You’re really raping that poor strawman aren’t you. Bet his strawhole really hurts from all your big, turgid wit.

      5. lovestatism1789 — your ironic satire is WAY over the heads of all the many puppets dancing on a string here.
        Keep ridiculing them!

        Your trophy is in the mail.

    2. You SUCK at math. Trump’s 39% of the primary vote would fail — bigly — without so many others splitting the 61% majority.
      And the way you buried Trump’s HUMILIATING popular vote is downright shameful.

  4. You really need to make sure you’re not being swept along with whatever media narrative you’re getting plugged into, Mr. Welch. It seems like the news media is so quick to jump on any story that might somehow suggest that Trump will be gone soon–and now you’re serving up nothing burgers of your own? Not Flake, not Romney, but maybe some jackass from Maryland no one’s ever heard of will rescue us?

    There is no reason to take any challenge to Trump’s nomination seriously. It’s so absurd, there’s hardly enough cause to make fun of it. Impeaching Trump is likely, and it’s even more likely to galvanize his support. Trump’s win in 2016 was precipitated by a huge drop in the American people’s trust in the media to present the news fairly, and I can’t imagine how the chances of Trump not being reelected will improve if the media can’t bring themselves to cover Trump sans their delusional obsessions with Trump’s early exit.

    1. This goes along with the lie pushed a month or two back that any incumbent president who has a primary opponent loses. Just ignore that w, bill, and Obama all had primary opponents (they dodnt do much).

    2. anyone supported by that list of “conservatives” will lose against Trump and Trump is hardly conservative but we are tired of RINOs

      1. Trump is the only one with the BALLS to stay the course … even to risk being personally crushed in 2020. THAT is dedication to principle, to defy ANY risk or cost to himself. My hero.

        He doesn’t seem very religious, so sainthood is probably out.

    3. 43% of Republicans want another choice in 2020.

      1. Nobody always beats somebody, but nobody is never on the ballot.

        1. Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa …. WRONG ….. THINK …. 43% of Republicans want anybody BUT Trump!

          Trumptards be the VERY best in all the Universe ….. At inventing LAME excuses!!

  5. I remember back during the Bulldozer, Rose, Orange and revolutions in eastern Europe, people would go out into the street in front of their homes and bang pots and pans during the state news agency broadcasts to show that they weren’t alone in knowing that the state news media was full of shit. I didn’t think we’d ever get to that point in the U.S., but then I’ve never seen American journalism collectively go so far astray.

    Watching standard journalists talk about Trump these days is like watching Baghdad Bob during the Iraq War–except Baghdad Bob presumably knew that he was lying! American journalists today are spouting these absurd lies like they’re Baghdad Bob–but they’re Baghdad Bobs who genuinely believe their lies are the truth (or at least that their lies are justified by good intentions).

    1. Two House committee chairs announced that they were launching investigations into the BuzzFeed report stating that Trump had instructed a subordinate to lie to a grand jury. Mueller apparently thought that story was so far off the rails, he felt it necessary to tell the world that the news reports were wrong. That was last Friday. If the media hasn’t walked that story back yet, they probably never will.

      If no legitimate challenger to Trump has emerged in the Republican Party, the news media deserves a big share of the blame. By making everything that happens–or might have happened–all about how Trump is about to be driven from office, the media has made keeping Trump in office the single most important “issue” for Republicans. The idea that the Republicans themselves are going to replace him in defiance of that pressure is absurd.

      1. Mueller apparently thought that story was so far off the rails,

        MOAR crazy bullshit from Shultz.
        1) Mueller did nothing himself.
        2) The letter said “not accurate” — but I understand YOUR confusion with “wrong.”
        3) Mueller’s aid has refused to specify what was inaccurate.

        I score you another massive loss.

    2. The media has nothing on Trump, so their plan is to propagandize him out of office.

      Trump’s popular. He’s not falling for their political tricks. Trump is rolling back the Lefty bureaucratic machine that helps them control politicians. Trump has the GOP leadership in line, so even RINOs cannot sabotage his strategies.


        Lying through our teeth … about everything … for the Greater Good (our Orange God, the long-awaited Second Coming of Jesus Christ!)

        Hallelujah! … Praise Donald!

        1. Are you trying to convince Republicans or egg them on?

          1. Not all Republicans, just the ones with cajones. No pussies. United we stand, divided we crawl.

        2. Are you trying to convince Republicans or egg them on?

          1. New troll same as the old trolls.

        3. Whose sock is this?
          That Hanksomething guy? I don’t think it’s Hihn.

          1. You can always tell when they’ve lost BIG.
            They start WHINING about socks. ANY excuse will do, to heal their shame

          2. You can always tell when they’ve lost BIG.
            They start WHINING about socks. ANY excuse will do, to heal their shame

          3. Its hihn alternating socks throughout the thread.

            He’s really “upped” his game

      2. National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazis)

        1. Trumpland Uber Alles!

      3. The thing is, Trump is popular among Republicans. Popular enough to avoid any serious primary challenge.

        But, their plan to propagandize him out of office isn’t hopeless, they’ve really suppressed his popularity outside The Republican base. And a Republican can’t be elected President with just the Republican base supporting him.

        Seriously, having the media basically united against you takes its toll on your popularity, even if the media are bleeding credibility.

        1. I disagree. Trump won the 2016 outside the Republican base.

          Trump did have weird media support during the 2016 election because the media thought Hillary was guaranteed a win but Trump was the ratings star. That will be completely different in 2020.

          I do agree with you that propaganda works to some degree. The problem for the MSM is the internet allows Americans to circumvent their “wall of propaganda” (great band name).

          1. Hillary won the popular vote. Nearly 10 million voted against Trump. Trump had the highest number of “anti” votes — people who voted against the opponent, not FOR Trump.

            And he won the electoral vote by a teeny-tiny number of voters, 38,000 — which would have needed only a sneeze by Russia, Comey and Wikileaks combined.

            I am a supporter of Trump, mostly his agenda, but he must start acting like a President (or even an adult) or we’ll get another Obama with an all-Dem Congress. We’re losing on health care, as of today.


        2. 43% of Republicans want another choice in 2020. 48% do not.
          Since Trump has no GOP challengers yet, that means 43% want ANYBODY BUT TRUMP. duh

          I support Trump’s policies, and hope and pray his crazy ass does not leave us with a loser nominee … or a victory for the far-left progressive who will obviously lead the blue team. At this time, the greatest threat to liberty is sitting in the Oval Office (watching some clown on Fox). For now, he’s on course to leave a bigger wreckage than Dubya did. Plus already more new debt than Obama created … after his 8 years.

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  9. They would do anything to bring back the establishment uniparty, the strong bipartisan consensus on endless foreign wars, open borders, and self-destructive trade policy insanity.

    Since 3rd world immigrants to America mostly vote for socialism, anyone favoring open borders is a socialist in practice.

    1. This.

      Never Trumpers are the right wing of the Deep State Globalist Uniparty, doing their best to bring down the Republican Party as long as they don’t run it.

  10. They would do anything to bring back the establishment uniparty, the strong bipartisan consensus on endless foreign wars, open borders, and self-destructive trade policy insanity.

    Since 3rd world immigrants to America mostly vote for socialism, anyone favoring open borders is a socialist in practice.

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  12. FAIL

    Trump’s base may not be Trump’s base, but a Republican base. Only one poll so far, but a nuclear bomb. 80-90% of Republicans support Trump …. but 43% want another option for the 2020 nomination (48% do not). South Carolina is so scared they may cancel the 2020 primary.

    FAIL (anti-gummint bias)

    but (Bush1) he approved a tax increase without commensurate spending cuts

    Didn’t need any! He got Dems to agree to NO increased “safety net” (unemployment, etc). No easing or eligibility or higher benefits per person; any higher spending could come only from more beneficiaries. The results were ASTOUNDING. And humiliating to the fiscal right.

    a) One of the shortest recessions EVER (8 months)

    b) The longest recovery EVER (120 months) (since the 1850s) Clinton took office in the 22nd month of a recovery (the longest until Trump got over 6 YEARS from Obama). The recovery ran throughout Clinton’s two terms until Dubya’s second month.
    Why did you learn that from me?

    We also allow progressive to LIE here (also) on Clinton’s economic record. And on the great recession, and so much more. Liberty undefended.

    Here’s the PROOF — just to guarantee a bunch of “Fuck offs” by from our enraged Thought Police on the Authoritarian Right. (lol).

    1. Republicans abandoned Bush 1 because he didn’t keep his promise. Doesn’t matter if the results were better.

      Trump has that to concern him.

      Which is why he is sticking to his wall/fence.

      1. GH Bush was a RINO and did little for America except get us involved in CIA operations in Latin Countries. That is why he lost.

        Trump has done a bunch for America, even for Lefties.

      2. Even I know you missed his point entirely.

        Twisting the truth enough creates a plausible excuse. For failure.
        Large majorities of Americans oppose his entire package of immigration crap.

        He’s failing by targeting ONLY his base — which is less than 30% at the core.
        Every time he tries something sensible, to unite Americans and expand his base, he caves in to Hannity, Coulter et al.
        He’s boxed himself in. His base now owns him, through Hannity, Coulter et al.
        The reason he;’s flailing so much is … desperation.

        I’m a supporter, of his agenda, but he’s failing here for the same reason he failed as a businessman. It’s all about HIM, which is not how to build a team, so he has no team. The Presidency is not a one-man business.

        I hope he wises up, but the odds look slim right now.

  13. I don’t understand. If all these critters are so pro immigration why do you have to be an American citizen to be President or to be employed at the Federal level? Why restrict ourself to only 330 million lightly educated Americans when the word is our oyster (well educated Americans exist but they prefer venues where you can get stock options). It is not rational.
    A quick word about bi partisanship. Bipartisanship means a motion, a decision or a law that satisfies the donors of the right (cheap labor) and the base of the left (free stuff) or the military/neo cons (then nobody cares because there is no draft).
    What’s left (no pun) for the taxpaying bloke in the middle? Nothing, zilch, nada. If you don’t believe me, you’ve not been tuned to the economy since bi partisanship emerged under the Clinton administration.

  14. #NeverTrumpers exist to weaken the Right as long as it is no longer under the thumb of the #DeepState Globalist Uniparty.

    1. (lol) CHILL the hysteria!
      That’s almost as bonkers as your massive blunder today, here!

  15. LOL

    Trump ran against a bunch of proper heavy weight Rs last time around… Anybody who thinks he won’t just completely stomp anybody who dares primary him is a moron. I don’t know if anybody will even have the balls to try honestly. In a sane world nobody would even bother, knowing it is sure defeat… But many of the NeverTrumpers are so deluded they might decide to do it just to troll Trump and make him waste his time having to beat them.

    1. And these people are SCUM, BTW. Say what you like about some of Trump’s policies, but he’s 1000x better than the previous GOP Neo-Con establishment on basically every single issue. Plus, he at least tries to get done what he promises. That’s a huge step up from politicians in either party.

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  17. I believe that will be completely different in 2020.

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