Mark Sanford

Former S.C. Congressman Mark Sanford Launches Longshot Primary Bid One Day After GOP Cancels S.C. Primary

In Sunday morning announcement, Sanford says Trump is the "king of debt," and promises to champion fiscal issues.


Mark Sanford, a former governor and former congressman from South Carolina known for his fiscally conservative views, will challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

Sanford announced his primary bid on Sunday morning during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday." He told host Chris Wallace that Republicans have "lost our way" during the Trump years, and said he hoped his entry into the race would help spark "a real conversation on debt and deficits and government spending." He joins former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld and former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh in trying to unseat Trump.

"I am compelled to enter the Presidential Primary as a Republican for several reasons—the most important of which is to further and foster a national debate on our nation's debt, deficits, and spending," Sanford wrote on Twitter shortly after his announcement. "We, as a country, are more financially vulnerable than we have ever been since our Nation's start and the Civil War. We are on a collision course with financial reality. We need to act now."

Though it seems unlikely that Sanford will prevail against Trump—more on that in a moment—the entry of a candidate who wants to discuss the growing national debt and annual budget deficits should be welcomed. The national debt has ballooned from $19 trillion to more than $22 trillion under Trump's watch, and the Congressional Budget Office says current policies have put the country on track for record-high levels of debt by the 2040s.

Sanford voted against the 2018 budget deal that passed a Republican-controlled Congress and was signed by Trump. He was no longer a member of Congress when another budget-busting spending plan was approved with bipartisan support and signed by Trump in July of this year.

In announcing his candidacy on Sunday, Sanford called Trump "king of debt"—repurposing a phrase Trump has used in the past to describe himself, positively, during his time as a real estate developer.

Politically, Sanford's effort—like Weld's and Walsh's—is almost certainly doomed to fail. Despite Trump's general unpopularity (just 39 percent approve of his handling of the job in the latest Gallup poll, while 57 percent disapprove), the current president is viewed favorably by more than 90 percent of self-identifying Republicans. In the few surveys that have included Trump's Republican primary opponents, Sanford has so far not polled above 4 percent and Weld has rarely broken into double-digits.

The GOP has become the party of Trump, and the sitting president seems to have little to fear from Sanford or other "Never Trump" Republicans. He seems to know it, too:

Still, that only makes some recent decisions by Republican officials even more cowardly.

Republican parties in Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and South Carolina are expected to cancel their 2020 primary elections, Politico reported earlier this week, in an attempt to limit the viability of the longshot anti-Trump efforts. Republican party officials and the Trump re-election campaign appear worried about an outcome along the lines of what happened in 1992, when upstart candidate Pat Buchanan scored 37 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary against incumbent President George H.W. Bush. Though Bush prevailed in the primary, the New Hampshire result changed the public perception of Bush and may have played a role in his eventual general election loss—the last time an incumbent president failed to win re-election.

The loss of the South Carolina primary—state party officials confirmed on Saturday that it would be scrapped—is a particular blow to Sanford, who may have been able to build some momentum against Trump with a good showing in his home state's election, which would have come early in the primary schedule.

But Sanford seems realistic about the limitations of his primary campaign. "I don't think anybody is going to beat Donald Trump," he told Fox News in July. When pressed by Wallace to assess his chances on Sunday, Sanford offered a slightly more optimistic view. "I'm saying you never know," he said.

Ironically, Trump's takeover of the GOP blunted what would have once been a disqualifying detail from Sanford's bio. He infamously disappeared for six days in July 2009—supposedly to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail. In fact, he was having an extramarital affair with an Argentine woman, María Belén Chapur. Though he finished his term as governor, the incident changed the course of his political career.

Prior to La Affaire Argentine, Sanford was regarded as a possible White House contender. Following Ron Paul's 2008 dark horse presidential run, he and then-governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson (along with, of course, Rand Paul) were often identified as the heirs apparent to the libertarian wing of the GOP.

"I wear it as a badge of honor, because I do love, believe in, and want to support liberty," Sanford said in 2009 when he was labeled a "libertarian" by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.).

In the age of Trump, adultery is hardly political suicide anymore. But is there room in the Republican party for a fiscal conservative who opposes bailouts, loves Atlas Shrugged, and disdains political tribalism?

Probably not. When Sanford was defeated by a Trump-backed primary challenger in June 2018, the president openly celebrated the then-congressman's second political demise with a tweet suggesting Sanford "would be better off in Argentina."

That the thrice-married Trump, who has had at least one extra-marital affair with a porn star, has shown no reservations about attacking Sanford for his own infidelities provides a pretty good illustration of the current state of the GOP's collective moral compass.

That Sanford is likely heading for an electoral pasting—one that he will receive while trying to talk substantively about the importance of the debt crisis facing America, while the current figurehead of the Republican Party retweets memes—provides an equally useful illustration about the health of his party.

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  1. I think more than anything Weld, Walsh and Sanford will put a check on President Trump arguing that he is the most fiscally responsible candidate. It will also remind Republicans what their party once believed.

    1. It will also remind Republicans what their party once believed.

      Adjust your calendar That went out the window in January 1961 when Eisenhower left. There hasn’t been a fiscal conservative R since.

      1. Absolutely. Unfortunately they are correct to ignore fiscal responsibility. It is a loser at election time. The nation is voting itself into indentured servitude to the prior generation’s debt and the current generation is so detached from reality they think socialism is the answer.

      2. Republicans still believe in fiscal responsibility. Too many of the assholes who are in a position to get elected do not.

      3. True, but until Trump, they promised fiscal responsibility then consistently failed to deliver.

        1. LOL!!!! You mean Shrub #2 kept those fiscally responsible promises????

          This is not a party thing, BOTH SIDES have contributed to it & it gets worse & worse as we go along!

      4. Sorry, it went down the tubes when Calvin Coolidge left!!!

    2. It will also remind Republicans what their party once believed.

      I once tried parody here. My advice is that there’s already people here doing it and they sound like fucking assholes. You shouldn’t start, ok?

      1. Mary Stack’s the worst.

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      2. Pretty sure this is still parody. At least for your sake.

  2. Boehm, Boehm, boehm, Boehm. cue the Dragnet music. Walls closing in.

  3. In the age of Trump, adultery is hardly political suicide anymore. Did you sleep through the 90s or weren’t you born yet?

  4. Former S.C. Congressman Mark Sanford Launches Longshot Primary Bid One Day After GOP Cancels S.C. Primary

    “Longshot.” HAHAHAHAHA

    1. It’s a shot to infinity and beyond. If that’s not long, what is?

  5. There is no room in the Republican Party for fiscal sanity or any other kind of sanity.

    It’s been said repeatedly that the Democrats moved far left and the Republicans captured the middle. That stuff came out of the south end of north bound bull. The Republicans moved left and shoved the Democrats into the far, far left. Bush made Obama possible and Trump made Ocasio-Cortez the new soul of the Democrat Party.

    Sanford was an exceptionally good governor fiscally. Rated straight A’s from Cato. Unfortunately, like too many libertarians, his speeches could anesthetize a charging rhinoceros. He’ll go nowhere but not because he’s wrong about spending. He’s the fiscal Cassandra, cursed to speak the truth but never be believed.

    1. Liked the Cassandra reference. Might be a bit too scholarly for the average Trump voter.

    2. You gotta stop giving AOC credit for that. She’s just the cartoon character on the Justice Democrats cereal box.

      1. AOC has read the first three words of the 14th Amendment and does not want men with guns to threaten doctors over birth control or plant leaves. That is consistent with the Libertarian Platform of 1972–and therefore she draws the boiling wrath of God’s Own Prohibitionists. What else is new?

        1. Goddamn, I love me some Hank Phillips.

          1. You love anything that has been tortured and twisted far beyond fact to serve as anti-R or anti-conservative propaganda?

        2. No one has threatened anyone over birth control.

        3. AOC has read nothing. But at least you’re on good drugs.

        4. That’s a highly selective and dishonest take on AOC. You think you’ve “owned a conservatard” or something? Do you even read my posts? You and Chipper Morning Marx are smug, dishonest, arrogant, and frequently post something inane like that convinced that you’re oh so clever.

          1. LOL. You call Chipper- a committed, free-trade, libertarian capitalist- a marxist because he laughed [agreeably] at a Hank post endorsing the 72 LIBERTARIAN PLATFORM, but HE’S smug and dishonest? Haha! Yeah, ’cause agreeing with the little bitch on abortion, birth control, and pot means you MUST support her stupid economic policies, right? OF COURSE! Agreeing with a Dem on ANYTHING means you agree with them on EVERYTHING! Wow, hot take!

            And actually, no, it’s NOT a dishonest take. Abortion IS the animating principle of most cons and most socially conservative Trumpists, and that applies even to little Ms. Cortez from my experience [people I know], despite the wealth of socialist bullshit she spews on a daily basis. Yeah, that’s what comes up. I know, right?!

            Same goes for most of the original “tea party”, too. Other than gutting Obamacare [which they WERE right on] that was their sole obsession: anti-abortion bills. Sorry, man, but that’s the way it is. Fiscal issues and small government are just window dressing, as Jerry spelled out pretty clearly.

            But hey, whatever, dude. Keep on trucking with that whole No True Scotsman thing you got going. Fuck knows there’s already not enough of that horseshit in the libertarian ecosystem…

            1. Nope. He has routinely attempted to argue in bad faith against people who he sees as being conservative and therefore not as clever as him. He, like you (whoever’s sock you are) is happy for any massive goalpost shift, like Hank’s nonsense about AOC and the 14th Amendment because he is not interested in an honest argument. He’s already made up his mind that most the rest of us are stupid and routinely assumes things in bad faith. He’s smug. Hank is just as bad. He’s not interested in an honest conversation, although I’m sure we agree on a great many things, those two and others are far more interested in “owning the trumpistas” than any honest debate in good faith. He routinely fails to back up his lies, and spind when called out. He may well be “pro-free market” and “capitalist” but it’s not about that at all. He’s an arrogant prick.

              1. Ps – fuck off, Hihn!

                1. Pps – his provo-prop extends to arguing in favor of publically-funded grope sessions for transvestites in which children are sexualized and fondled by perverts in the name of “normalizing” such behaviour and “acceptance”.

                  1. Who is, Chip or Hank? Not that it matters since neither of them have EVER said anything even remotely like that but I’d like to know at least WHO you’re lying about, LOL.

                    1. I’ve lost count of the number of times CMW has responded to something as if he hasn’t actually read it, making a snarky, arrogant, bad faith assumption about what was supposedly said or why it was said. He’s not so much interested in honest discussion as he is in convincing himself he’s cleverer than us stupid “conservative” rubes, but never directly addresses in good faith any argument, just lies about what was said and assumed the worst. He does it on purpose. I don’t know if he’s genuinely nasty or is on some sort of spectrum. Either way him and Hank manage to completely ignore or miss any ground on which them and the supposedly “wrong” posters might agree because he’s too busy pretending he’s the cleverest.

                  2. I’ve never argued for publicly funded anything. As for Hank, I find his weirdness delightfu.

                2. No, YOU’RE Hihn, damnit! You and Tulpa. You’re both just fragments of his long-broken psyche. I also think he has a personality that’s a 17 year old girl, but I could be wrong…

            2. “When life begins is a scientific, not a philosophic or theological, question: Life begins when the chromosomes of the sperm fuse with those of the ovum, forming a distinctive DNA complex that controls the new organism’s growth. This growth process continues unless a natural accident interrupts it or it is ended by the sort of deliberate violence Planned Parenthood sells.”
              -George Will, Conservative Pundit & Atheist

              I’m against the Govt.-sanctioned & Govt. subsidized murder of human life like him & all those who voted for Trump!

          2. Hank is a crazy weirdo. You aren’t meant to take it seriously.

      2. Who coined the phrase “Green New Deal”?

        Don’t underestimate the power of human stupidity and the stupid in AOC appears to be contagious.

        1. I don’t see any evidence that she isn’t just following instrucions, carrying out the agenda of the PAC that put her into office.

      3. I wish she was the missing kid on the milk carton

        1. Yeah, but we haven’t found Seven yet! HE’S STILL MISSING!!! 🙁

    3. Bob Meyer

      Sanford will go nowhere in terms of elections. He knows that.

      I like people like him.

    4. There’s no room in ANY major party for fiscal sanity, if you’re talking at the federal level.

      Once borrowing money to buy votes is on the table, any politician who refuses to do it gets outbid, and loses the election. At that point, fiscal sanity is restricted to those who aren’t in power, and you can’t do ANYTHING in politics if you’re not in office.

      So everybody abandons trying to balance budgets, just gives up on it, and concentrates on other things that might still be politically viable.

      It’s just the way democracy works once you permit borrowing for current expenses.

      1. It is the way it works when you The Global $ Printing Press, but sooner or later the $hit is gonna hit that fan hard!!!!

    5. It’s been said repeatedly that the Democrats moved far left and the Republicans captured the middle.

      That stuff came out of the south end of north bound bull.

      It did?

      The Republicans moved left and shoved the Democrats into the far, far left.

      Then why’d you paraphrase it? Because you do realize that’s what you’ve done, right? To ‘capture the middle’ the Republicans would have to move left.

    6. Unfortunately, like too many libertarians, his speeches could anesthetize a charging rhinoceros. He’ll go nowhere but not because he’s wrong about spending . . .

      But because we’re wondering how long he would be in office before running off to have an affair in Argentina?

  6. .” He told host Chris Wallace that Republicans have “lost our way” during the Trump years, and said he hoped his entry into the race would help spark “a real conversation on debt and deficits and government spending.”

    During the Trump years? The Republicans lost their way briefly during the Reagan years but they got right back on track with his successor, George Herbert. They’ve always championed real conversations about debt and deficits and smaller government, they’ve talked for years and years and years about them. There’s all kinds of shit they love to talk about. You’re an idiot if you actually expect them to do anything but talk.

    1. Dammit, I swear I closed the tag, must be a loose latch. Can we get somebody to fix that thing?

      1. I just read your entire post with emphasis. It was very emphatic.

        1. Thank you for emphasizing that.

          1. You are welcome. No; you are welcome.

      2. I’ll fix it. $60/hr, 2 hr minimum, plus parts, and time to go get parts, plus 20% markup of parts.

        1. I know a flat rate guy that will do it all in for $25 p/h no minimum + quality OE parts

        2. I’m sorry, but you’re not an Reason Authorized Reason Comment Repair Shop.

    2. George Holy War Death-Sentence-For-Marijuana Bush? Sounds as rational as Hoovervilles and Hoovercarts to me.

      1. You should give him at least 2 more middle names. It would make it all clearer.

      2. So what you are saying is,

        “Republicans bad! They will never be able to move beyond the drug war! Always judge them on that! Democrats hands are clean! No drug warriors there!”

        You dishonest creep.

        1. LOL. Where the fuck did he defend Democrats? Jerry’s the one who brought up Bush [sarcastically] and Hank’s just having a go at him. He’s right to; Bush DID say all that shit and it’s one of the worst things about the guy, so it definitely bears mentioning. What, he SHOULDN’T bring that up? Or should he do it only if he balances it out with a Dem? You know, kinda like a reverse Robbie or whatever.

          Hank frequently attacks Dems for their marxist rantings. He sees Reps as irredeemable fascists and Dems as irredeemable communists, more or less. It’s a bit harsh, yeah, and you can agree or disagree with any [or all] parts of it [I have no problem with it], but that’s hardly flattering to the blue team. You seem to conveniently ignore THAT bit, though, and only focus on his attacks against the red team. Typical.

          He also has a strong dislike for Islam and thinks that Europe is committing cultural genocide by importing millions of unvetted Muslim migrants while completely failing to even assimilate the ones they already got.

          He’s right, by the way: that’s exactly what they’re doing. Why don’t you address THAT? Oh, that’s right, because it falls COMPLETELY outside the whole “ra ra blue team” narrative you’ve made up, doesn’t it? Of course if you’re who I think you are then you’ve got a problem with THAT too, don’t you Mr Accomodationist? 😉

          BTW, and to that point, are you Just’ Say’n? You got the same vibe as that guy and the same “No True Scotsman” complex so I thought I’d ask…

          1. Wall of Hihnmania that makes far more assumptions about me than I might ever have made about the resident fucking clowns. Honestly read Hank’s post about AOC. Smirking with delight over how Republicans are supposedly “boiling with wrath” which I can’t see has anything to do with me simply pointing out that she’s just the face on the cereal box? She’s the rep in Congress not for whichever district she came out of but for the PAC that put her there. Hank comes right in from left field gleefully smirking about how angry the Republicans supposedly are about his darling AOC.

            1. I’m not sure how you can detect smirking in text.

              Hank’s point of view is a little skewed, I’d say, when it comes to certain issues. But he’s hardly a lover of Democrats if you’ve paid any attention to his long history of commenting and being amusingly weird.

  7. Who cares about the national debt? Can’t we go back to talking about important things like who is allowed in what bathrooms and whether its the illegal aliems or the robots that are stealing our jobs?

    1. Not to mention the illegal alien robots from Talos IV who are stealing psychic energy from Marianne Williamson.

      1. I’d give her some of my energy.

        1. So would I. She’s pretty cute and she’s got a real slutty vibe to her, too. I bet she owns lots of sex toys.

  8. Sanford must be reading old Tea Party memes from 2009. What ever happened to those folks?

    1. ” What ever happened to those folks?”

      They went hiking on the Appalachian Trail, lost their way and ended up in bed with a cutie in Argentina.

    2. they got old and wanted people to keep their hands offa muh Social Security.

      1. Yup, you nailed it, LOL.

  9. After Georgie Junior’s faith-based asset forfeiture minions wrecked the economy–like Daddy and Uncle Bert Hoover and Uncle Tricky before him–the Whites-Only signs the Dixiecrats-Prohibitionist coalition had posted on the Executive Mansion were torn down. The Don has wisely resisted doctor-killer urgings to send men with guns after physicians, but the reason I am searching for idiots willing to bet money he will lose is the Dem-CPUSA-Econazi coalition screeching that thermometers are deniers and sobbing over the Great Disappointments their doom prophesying has netted. Anti-energy bigots handed the GOP the election and will do so again with no help from libertarian spoiler votes.

    1. New theory: Hank is actually a sock puppet of Agile Cyborg.

      1. No, AC’s stylings were far more diverse in content and quite lyrical. Hank’s a one-note parrot.

      2. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if AC died of a drug overdose and that’s why he hasn’t posted here in such a long time. He’d almost always show up pretty late at night, drop a few bon mots, and that would be it for the thread.

  10. “John”, the GOP bootlick that has been posting here nearly as long as I have, once avidly supported Mark Sanford for the GOP nomination.

    I am sure he doesn’t now.

    1. And he never supported posting kiddie porn links, which puts him a league beyond you, you stupid hicklib pederast.

    2. It’s the Trump super hypnosis powers. After years of decrying “Teams uber alles”, they’ve joined the Trump team, even if it means giving up all they once believed, in the name of victory.

      1. Says the pedo sock.

        1. Fuck off, Tulpa.

  11. Memes won Donald Trump the election.

    It would be nice if the stuffed shirts who actually have responsible answers to our Republic’s problems would learn to meme. Perhaps they could then defeat the Democrat which will replace Trump after either this election or the next. Sadly, the “libertarians” here at Reason and in the Libertarian party are just like leftists, totally incapable of memeing.

    That makes two things in which the De Jure libertarians in our political environment are indistinguishable from the leftists bent on our Republic’s destruction.

    1. You’re right about the memes. Memes are VERY powerful. People ignore that shit to their peril, no doubt about it.

  12. Better question: how many more articles about Bill Fckng Weld will these self-righteous and, likely, kinda-broke challengers generate?

  13. Its safe to say that there will be far more democrats voting in the republican primaries than republicans in order to stick it to Orange Man. This will still hold true even if 99% of democrats vote only in the democrat primary because of record turnout and many Trump fans not even realizing that he is being challenged. It could turn out to be hugely embarrassing for Trump, which is why, I suspect, these states have decided to cancel their primaries.

    1. If I remember correctly – that happened in 1996 in the Dem primary. Where the ‘challenger’ was Lyndon LaRouche and his cult followers came out and nearly won a few states.

      1. Difference being – none of these pols now can inspire a crowd to hand out flowers and harangue passengers at airports.

        1. Ya know. Couple times. That pretty girl with the Krishna flower in the airport was the highlight of something. Not sure what.

          Hairy fishnuts.

          1. Aaah. The good old days before govt made going to airports a real PITA.

  14. It seems like the people who are talking the most about the dangers of the debt are the ones with least power to fix the problem.

    This, I think, will persist until and unless the debt actually leads to a real, unavoidable, obvious crisis, in which case who knows what “solution” they’ll come up with?

    1. Two dozen trillion dollar coins, obviously.

    2. It’s inherent in the problem: If you actually try to do anything about it, somebody who’s willing to borrow that money wins the election instead of you. It’s a built in weakness of democracy.

      Once a government starts borrowing money in peacetime, the eventual crash is baked in, the only question is how long it takes.

  15. Nothing is “doomed to fail”. Walsh is a joke, but Weld and Sanford are serious candidates and not big spending buffoons like Trump. They won’t embarrass the Republican Party or the USA. If the Trump backers weren’t afraid of them, they wouldn’t be trying to cancel all the primaries.

    1. Bill Weld is a fucking joke. Sanford is just a regular joke.

      1. A joke they all are.

        A rabbi, a libertarian and a goat walk into a bar.

        Bartender says “hey we don’t serve your kind here”

        Goat says “I’ll have a scotch and soda. I hardly know these guys”

        Bada boom

        Help me out fellas.

      2. We are comparing people to Trump, yes?

        1. I actually laughed a little. That one was free.

      3. And? Trump was the joke candidate and he got elected.

        I’m ready for a new age of politics where everything’s a joke. If they can’t get it right, at least they can be funny. Trump is the funniest thing that has ever happened in real life.

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  17. Start your home business right now. Spend more time with your family and

  18. I can’t wait for the debates. There’s gonna be three weirdos and then an empty podium for Trump.

    1. A debate which he’s not invited to, or informed of in advance, so they can all point and signal loudly about how he was too “chicken”/rude to show up.

  19. My memory is a little fuzzy, but wasn’t this the guy who screamed about fiscal responsibility and family values then racked up tons of bills (payed for by the taxpayer) for his travel first class to the hamptons and argentina to fuck various women over his political career?

    Didn’t he have to pay back close to 100 grand to avoid further ethics inquiries?

  20. I think you should stop using “fiscally conservative” to mean someone who wants less spending.

    Conservatives want more spending, and it’s been like that for a long time.

  21. Fair to say that Trump is no fiscal conservative, but what will happen to spending if the Democrats win? Heh, they’ll make us nostalgic for the Trump years.

  22. Sanford was an interesting up and coming politician years ago. Then he went missing without notice with his mistress showing a complete lack of trust and accountability to his job. He’ll never get past that stupidity.

  23. Nothing more hypocritical but humorous than a proven porn star and Playmate philander, Epstein buddy, fake Trump U student cheat and fake Trump charity donor cheat and self admitted puss grabber like the manically insecure world record Presidential serial liar Dirty Donny, making morality judgements. But Congressional Republicans, Evangelicals, and Trumpster’s can ignore, excuse, even accept the new Republican/Trump family values morality bottomless low bar without hesitation or embarrassment.

    1. Given the alternative it’s not too surprising. Even an unrepentant sinner like Trump looks good next to a Socialist. Besides, his competitors are hardly paragons of morality.

    2. Trump was never buddies with Epstein. No matter how many times you repeat that lie it will never be true.

      And whatever Trump did before he came in office stopped being relevant the day he won the election. What matters now is how he has acted in office. And last I looked he hasn’t committed adultery much less gotten a blowjob in the oval office from an intern.

      So go fuck yourself.

      1. John, you’re wasting your time. He’s a follower, and he has been ordered to believe and regurgitate that bullshit. It is the way of the progtard.

    3. So Russ, did you come up with that shit in your own, or was all of it talking points form Media Matters?

      Unoriginal douchebag hack progtard.

  24. Sanford’s a libertarian in the same way that the reason editors are, in name only. The guy’s trash, and the sooner everyone forgets he exists, the better.

  25. Regarding cancelling a primary (and thus presumably all the state convention). It bugged me all weekend and then it struck me. In my state it would be illegal to cancel the primary.

    My state is California (ugh) and both the Democrat and Republican primaries are mandated by law. It’s a byproduct of the original progressive era, ostensibly to prevent the kind of political machines that were prevalent on the East Coast. I don’t think it should be the law, the political parties should be private and run their own internal affairs privately. But it is the law and I had assumed it was mostly the same everywhere. A party can’t just cancel its primary and convention just because some back room boys don’t want one.

    Which makes the whole Trump era Republican Party so strange. They are creating a national Tammany Hall, a nationwide political machine run by back room insiders. Ostensibly to support a president who campaigned on the idea that he was not a party insider.

    What makes Trump supporters so deathly scared of Sanford and Weld that they have to cancel primaries lest those two might manage round up a delegate or two?

    1. I’m not exactly sure what Sanford and Weld bring to the table over Trump, other than being long-time party apparatchiks that the Kristol/Bush neocons would support.

      They’re laser-focused on an issue–government spending–that no one is even paying lip service towards anymore, and the public largely ignores because the media has their own doomsday cult in climate change to push. Their platform essentially stopped being relevant after 9/11.

    2. Nothing. Sandford and Weld are jokes, and some states don’t want to waste the time on them.

      1. The three stooges.

      2. Kansas’ isn’t even about Sanford and Weld. The Republican Party there always cancels their presidential primary when there’s an incumbent Republican. They’re treating Trump no differently than any other Republican president.

    3. In my state it would be illegal to cancel the primary…It’s a byproduct of the original progressive era, ostensibly to prevent the kind of political machines that were prevalent on the East Coast.

      There are alternatives. CO instituted a change also during the progressive era – but in our case, it required opening up the caucus to all registered voters of that party. Before that, I’m not sure voters were even registered to a party – but the caucuses themselves were certainly closed. The traditional ‘smoke-filled room’. IOW – in exchange for the state providing a significant benefit to the parties (identifying voters as ‘interested’ so that those parties can market to them), the parties in turn had to open themselves up and be transparent. Over time, the caucuses also had their ‘presidential vote’ every four year – though I’m not sure there was ever anything formally legal/binding about that. At any rate, that prez vote is what attracted voters every four years – and both forced the parties to be ‘responsive’ and in all likelihood also put third parties at a disadvantage (they didn’t have the size to run caucuses).

      That all worked pretty well until some ignorant rich fucker from CA (Kent Thiry CEO of DaVita) moved his co hq here and decided that he wanted moderate/independents to have a ‘role’ in deciding Prez candidates of those two parties. And like all CA who relocate elsewhere, he decided that the crappy CA system was the sort to emulate. Most states had gotten rid of their caucuses over the decades and replaced them with state-run primaries – so there’s 2-3 generations of voters who don’t know any different. All it took was a 2016 primary where both parties faced ‘establishment challenge’ with many ‘new attendees’, a few million dollars for last minute ballot initiatives, and a ton of newly-relocated voters who also brought their ignorance with them and hey presto our caucuses were eliminated and we now have state-run primaries.

      This country is in need of some serious political reform. Unfortunately we as a people are simply too lazy, ignorant, and manipulated to even know how to do that now.

    4. I think they’re scared of some similar to Hillary and Bernie 2016, where what should be an easy win becomes drawn out and damages Trump in the general election. And make no mistake, that’s what this is about, damaging Trump. Those guys are never-trumpers who just want some payback, and while I don’t like the fact the GOP is canceling primaries, Trump really has no incentive at the moment to actually engage these guys.

  26. that’s the idiot taking photo-space on drudge yesterday? dude don’t go away mad …

  27. The Kansas GOP has cancelled their primary every time there’s been an incumbent Republican since Lincoln. There’s a reason for that…the people running against the incumbent are generally not worth the time, effort, and money to indulge.

  28. Of course Sanford is welcome in the Republican party. Republicans just don’t believe that replacing Trump with Sanford is the best way to keep an open socialist out of the White House.

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