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Reminder: Watch 3 Libertarian Presidential Candidates Debate Each Other at 9 pm ET on FBN's #StosselForum (UPDATED)

Gary Johnson, John McAfee, and Austin Petersen slug it out on Fox Business Network's Stossel; Matt Welch and Kennedy provide commentary


Also, he really didn't kill that man. He says. ||| Fox Business Network
Fox Business Network

As previewed in this space yesterday, tonight on Fox Business Network's Stossel program you can watch a refreshing change of pace from the statist, Hillary vs. Bernie, Trump-Cruz-Kasich slog we've endured lo these past eight months. Three top candidates from the Libertarian Partythe third party in American politics at the moment—will be talking for a change about what the government can stop doing to you.

Who will you prefer between former 2012 LP presidential nominee Gary Johnson, software entrepreneur/man of action John McAfee, and cherubic liberty-movement vet Austin Petersen? Consider this an open thread to hash it out live; you can also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #StosselForum. At the tail end of the discussion (the first of two parts; the second airs April 8), Kennedy and I will provide spot commentary. Gentlemen, start your freedoms!

Read Stossel's preview here. UPDATE: He also gave an interview with TVNewser with some initial impressions. Excerpt from that:

Well, all three would be better than Donald or Hillary! Gary Johnson has an amazing record; he was a two-term governor, a Republican who got elected in a Democratic state. He balanced the budget and allowed for lots of job creation because he got government out of the way. He is an actual "do-er," but he doesn't always come across as passionate, or so far he hasn't. In the middle of the forum, I give him a hard time about being sleepy, as if he is high on weed. For him, it's a matter of presentation. He could be so good, but he sometimes comes across as a little slow in his speech. McAfee is an odd character with a checkered past, but he speaks very eloquently about liberty. Petersen, I give him a hard time by saying he acts like he's 12 years old. When he responds, he comes back at me with a long list of people like Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, who when they were young men accomplished great things for America.