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Whose Foreign Policy Is Really Dumb; the Elephant Man Theory of Beauty Pageants, and 'Some Idiot Wrote This'—Introducing The Fifth Column Podcast

Matt Welch, Kmele Foster and Michael Moynihan talk smack about culture and current events


What has six arms, six legs, too many clashing libertarian opinions, and one pair of hilariously expensive shoes? A new weekly podcast called The Fifth Column, featuring Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan and myself, dishing "analysis, commentary, sedition," plus weird guests. (And no, timing of the release has nothing to do with the journalistic re-emergence of Andrew Sullivan in a new decadent enclave.) You can subscribe to The Fif' on iTunes, download our debut episode at this link, and also listen to it right here:

Among the topics in Episode 1: Are we outraged at the right terrorist attacks? How much dukey is the FBI full of on the Apple encryption case? Is Donald Trump's dumb foreign policy really worse than the status-quo hawks? What can we learn from the "Biblical parable of the Elephant Man theory of beauty pageants" (it's worth it, trust me!), and which two pieces deserved this week's prize of "Some Idiot Wrote This" (hint: one of them can be found at this link).

Feedback and suggestions welcome in the comments and at the podcast's Twitter feed (@wethefifth). If history is any guide, some insults may be read out loud….