Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Kills 3, Now in Custody

Three dead, 12 injured in biggest abortion-clinic attack in years.


Colorado Springs PD

A shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic yesterday left three people dead and 12 injured.

The accused shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, is in custody.

Among the dead is Garrett Swasey, a member of the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs police force.

President Barack Obama released a statement that reads in part:

"This is not normal. We can't let it become normal. If we truly care about this — if we're going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience — then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough.

On his Facebook page, The Blaze's Glenn Beck, who opposes abortion, posted an eloquent and heart-felt message that reads in part:

I don't understand the mind set of anyone who kills in the name of God. Be it Isis or someone who shoots at a planned parenthood facility.

I just saw the news and I know more will become clear as the hours pass but NOTHING JUSTIFIES THIS.

Darkness cannot bring light and only love will defeat hatred.
This shooter should be received with the same welcome that the right would welcome the Fort Hood killer.

The killer would say, "planned parenthood is murdering children." The killer has failed to understand he is murdering humans too.

All life matters!

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM), which operated the facility, issued this statement:

"The information regarding the gunman's motive remains unknown as does whether Planned Parenthood was targeted deliberately. PPRM's top priority will always be the safety of our patients and staff. We maintain strong security measures and always work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure our very strong safety record.

"We share the concerns of many Americans that the continued attacks against abortion providers and patients, as well as law enforcement officers, is creating a poisonous environment that breeds acts of violence. But, we will never back away from providing critical health care to millions of people who rely on and trust us every day.

For the whole statement, go here

According to statistics from the National Abortion Federation, the three deaths at PPRM are the first deaths since 2009 of people at an abortion clinic. Violence at clinics peaked in 2001, with 795 cases of various forms of attacks such as attempted murders, arson, bombings, vandalism, and the like. In 2014, the last year for which they provide numbers, there 99 such incidents, the overwhelming majority being vandalism. In 2013, there 299 cases.

Mother Jones says there has been an increase in attacks on abortion clinics since the release of anti-abortion videos from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) in July:

In the four months following the release of the videos, there have been at least four suspected arsons that targeted abortion clinics, compared with just one in all of 2014 and none in 2013. There have been at least five cases of vandalism since August. In comparison, there were 12 total cases of clinic vandalism in all of 2014 and just five cases in 2013, according to federation figures.

For Reason's coverage of the CMP videos, go here.

For Reason's coverage of abortion issues, go here. Given recent events, it's worth especially reading Matt Welch's "The Strange Convergence of Pro-Lifers and Gun Controllers."

Terroristic violence at abortion clinics inevitably brings up the topic of religion and the case of Eric Rudolph, the deadliest and most-prolific anti-abortion bomber in U.S. history. His confession and motiviation are hardly models of lucidity, but this 2005 USA Today story notes that he prefers "Nietzche to the Bible" and was annoyed by the "condescension" toward him displayed by supporters who assumed that he was Chrisitan.

By my guess, most libertarians are staunchly in favor abortion rights—I'd say 70 percent or so are in favor of abortion rights in all or most cases, with the rest against in all or some.  

In 2013, I moderated a discussion of abortion rights within a libertarian context featuring Reason's Ronald Bailey and Katherine Mangu-Ward and The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway. It's an intense, open, and honest discussion, I think. Watch below:

NEXT: "War Prayer 2015"

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  1. Three dead, 12 injured in biggest abortion-clinic in years.


    1. No fetuses are ever just injured in a abortion clinic.

      1. Nor warts in a dermatology office. But my question is: Was Robert Lewis Dear practicing the "free exercise" of religion? All I want is for the superstitious to come out and admit their faith, like Islam, justifies the murder of actual individuals already born (and hence protected by the 14th Amendment). Is that so hard? Have you not the courage that comes from integrity?

        1. Free exercise is only protected up until it violates someone else's rights. Having a religion that requires human sacrifice doesn't mean you can do it.

          That said, I think that most Christians will say that something like this is not justified or morally acceptable even if you believe that abortion is murder.

          1. The point, and this is not rocket science, is that a grown woman is definitely an individual clothed in full individual rights, and therefore mistress of her own self. Even the most fanatical of superstitious brainwashees will admit that prepubescent children do not have full adult rights--to enter into informed and binding contracts, for instance. Yet having been (past tense) born already do enjoy protection from aggression--even from aggressors acting on the instructions of invisible spirits. But when a grown woman walks into a clinic, that person (singular noun) is an individual and is protected by law under the 14th Amendment (All persons born...) The only people who believe abortion is murder also believe Jesus raised the dead back to life, and that ethics grows on trees, that an invisible tyrant created the world out of abracadabra or Fiat Lux, and that they own everyone else's bodies as to what we eat, drink, smoke or reproduce, and are willing to back up this infatuation with the initiation of deadly force. In a word, terrorists.

  2. "We need to disarm good people when bad people do bad things."


    1. He always goes there before the bodies are even cold.

      1. The absolute glee from the Progressives in my Facebook feed is a marvel to behold.

        1. I've laid waste to 3 posts so far. They took them down. I win.

          1. The ones I know would just de-friend and block me if I even pointed out that they've prematurely jumped to conclusions which just happen to satisfy their prejudices.

            1. and what is the downside to that? I mean that seriously, as someone who un-followed various people when their derpitude moves toward peak levels.

              1. We travel in art and music circles. This would be death for us personally and professionally.

                1. Yeah, having to maintain professional contacts with people you strongly disagree with is a pain...I have the same issue with many of my social media friends. On the plus side, it does force me to make a more tactful argument than I might have made otherwise...and that's rarely a bad thing.

        2. I don't have a Facebook account, but I assume they are also whooping and dancing while waving this kid's scalp in the air, I suppose?

          1. It looks like that train already left the station.

          2. That's news to me. But I also don't watch 13 year olds kids on Youtube.

            Old Man with Candy probably does, though.

            1. That's already getting a bit past my preferences. But thanks for keeping an eye out on my behalf.

          3. Haha, so a kid who was caught making a hoax a couple months ago is now "renouncing" conservatism. I'm sure it's legit!

            1. C'mon, he's a Youtube star. Of course it's legit.

          4. You're not going to win any friends with racist scalping references.

      2. I'm floored by the fact that Terry McAuliffe hasn't said anything about it yet.

  3. Yea, seems to be a syntax issue there. Or maybe its just that I haven't finished my coffee

    1. Everyone makes mistakes, and I don't hold that against anyone... unless that person also has a PhD in English literature.

      1. Why comes you gotta mess with his story? He writes English good.

        1. Ayy, just bustin his balls.

        2. And, yeah he writes some right purty words.

          1. He uses his mouth purtier than a 2 dollar whore.

  4. Ban crazy-eyed, bearded, white men.

    1. We can't do that. The comments section here would lose more than half of its commenters.

      1. I'm thinking 75% is a better guestimate.

        1. No beard here. In my 30's, and already going grey.

        2. No beard.

        3. Grey hair and lazy stubble. I don't think I have crazy eyes, though.

          1. I don't think I have crazy eyes, though.

            Nobody ever does

            1. I don't think I have crazy eyes, but a shitload of people tell me I do.

              1. Somebody told me that once while I was poisoning their dog.

            2. OK... nobody has ever told me I have crazy eyes. SATISFIED?!

            3. I have crazy eyes.

              A whole big bag of them in my freezer.

          2. It's everybody else that has them, right?

  5. If one more person on Facederp shares a picture saying "LOOK THEY DIDN'T KILL THE WHITE GUY WHEN THEY ARRESTED HIM!", I'm going to go on a shooting spree.

    1. A shooting spree where they won't kill you?

      1. I'm a white Jewish middle class libertarian. I have so much white privilege they'll probably buy me some dinner and send me home, amirite?

        1. That Dave Chapelle skit comes to mind.

        2. I'd say you're a super-minority since Jewish libertarians seem to be as common as leprechauns. Since my wife is a Jew and my son is a Jew, I think that makes me Jew-ish right?

          1. Jewish libertarians seem to be as common as leprechauns.


            If anything, just based on this board, I'd say they're statistically over-represented...much less among libertarian thought-leaders: Rand, Friedman, Rothbard, Block, von Mises, Peikoff, Branden, Nozick... And that's just off the top of my head.

            1. Do you know who else thought Jews were statistically over-represented?

              1. 1920's Ivy League university administrators?

                1. US Immigration officials during the Holocaust?

              2. Hezbollah?

            2. Me stand correcteded.
              /hangs head in shame

            3. Wow, that is some shitty statistics knowledge, HM.

              1. Are you kidding? Eight people is like half the entire American libertarian population.

          2. My wife and kids are Jewish, and they go to an orthodox JCC.

            The congregants there seem VERY liberty oriented.

        3. JEWS ARE NOT WHITE!

          Beige maybe but NOT WHITE!

          1. We're white or not depending on the point the writer is trying to prove. Nowadays we're mostly white.

            1. Depends. I'm half Mizrahi, so an Ashekenazi would consider me non-white.

              1. As the Chosen People (and therefore master race I 'spose) why would you want to be white? Isn't that cultural appropriation anyway?

            2. Off white?


              /wipes sweat from eyebrow.

            3. When some reporter said Jesus was white Jews became brown. When doing crime statistics Jews are white.

              1. "When doing crime statistics Jews are white."

                Just the collar...

          2. You're not white either, you filthy WOP!

            1. I believe eugenicists had us/them as brown back in the day (amusingly never distinguishing between Northern and Southern wops). Now we're white.

              Just our luck. Being white is soooo passe these days.

              1. So you see, way back then, uh, Sicilians were like, uh, wops from Northern Italy. Ah, they all had blonde hair and blue eyes, but, uh, well, then the Moors moved in there, and uh, well, they changed the whole country. They did so much fuckin' with Sicilian women, huh? That they changed the whole bloodline forever.

          3. 100% of them in my neighborhood, and there's a lot of them, are as white as you can get, so they obviously do not know this rule.

          4. These boys is not white!

            Hell, they ain't even old timey!

        4. I don't understand Jews (what makes a beer kosher?) and almost no one understands libertarians, so you may be one mysterious dude. I guess if I see a guy walking around in all black with a black hat with a gadsen flag on it, I'll know it's you. I mean assuming you're a dude, because if you aren't, you have to be somewhere in the top 99.9999999 percentile of rarest critters on earth.

          1. I'd look for a My Little Pony yarmulke.

          2. what makes a beer kosher?

            Well, as alcohol, to be kosher, it has to be confirmed that it wasn't part of a batch in which it was consecrated to an idol by pouring a libation to it before bottling. However, as a fermented grain product, it is not "kosher for Passover".

            And now you know.

            1. I remember a wine that I wasn't allowed to touch at my BIL's house. I totally touched it when they weren't looking.

              1. I hope you had been handling prosciutto first and dropped a quick prayer to Zeus.

            2. Well, I suppose that makes pretty much all beers kosher. I mean, I'm assuming that most brewers are not consecrating their beer to an idol.

              1. The Talmud regards capabilities, not intentions. So... no, not all beers are kosher.

  6. According to statistics from the National Abortion Federation, the three deaths at PPRM are the first deaths since 2009 of people at an abortion clinic.

    Oh now you're just trolling pro-lifers.

    And how has this guy not shot up some place before now? It's like he was destined to go on a crazy rampage.

    1. Well, other than the.... you know...

    2. Oh now you're just trolling pro-lifers.

      Or just describing the world as he sees it. Are we obliged to assume the conclusions of those we disagree with when discussing contentious issues?

  7. "most libertarians are staunchly in favor abortion rights"
    No libertarian supports tax founded organisations.

    1. If the commentariat here is even close to representative of libertarians that statement is less than accurate.

      1. There certainly a lot of pro-lifers here. But they tend to be a lot more vocal on the abortion discussions than the pro-legal-abortion people. So it's hard to say how prevalent it is.

    2. Most libertarians are minarchists, not anarchists, so I don't know how that could possibly be true,

      1. What's the corollary of Hume's Law?

        1. Well they ought to be anarchists, to be sure, if maximizing liberty is their thing. But most of them are too ignorant about what anarchy is, and about what government is or they're too cognitively dissonant to discard statism entirely and basically want to stop thinking any harder.

          1. if maximizing liberty is their thing


            Your liberty will certainly be maximized when another nation state decides it wants your shit.

            But that's the place anarchists aren't allowed to look.

                1. Dammit, that was the prologue, this is the cont.

              1. Warlords? Nation states.

                Because, in the history of man...no nation state has EVER conquered another.

                He completely glosses over/dismisses public good at the end of this.

                So let me get this straight...Socialism doesn't work because people aren't incentivised to work hard, but people are going to voluntarily pay an insurance company to protect their city when they can sit back and let others pay? Yeppers.

                Please, show me the country that can deter a full up attack by the US, let alone an insurance company that can afford to do so.

                1. And when did George Costanza become an expert on anarchy?

            1. Yawn.

              I know you get pissy in these debates between minarchy and anarchy and it looks like today you got pissy before the debate even started.

              Your liberty will certainly be maximized when another nation state decides it wants your shit.

              That's an indictment of statism, not an indictment of non-statism.

              So let me get this straight...Socialism doesn't work because people aren't incentivised to work hard, but people are going to voluntarily pay an insurance company to protect their city when they can sit back and let others pay?

              So in a polycentric legal order, how exactly do you "Sit back an let others pay"? Presumably, you mean taxation. So let me get this straight, the bedrock of a free society is a legal monopoly of extortion?

              Please, show me the country that can deter a full up attack by the US, let alone an insurance company that can afford to do so.

              So the metric for determining the efficacy of a market provided security is whether or not it can defeat the most powerful military the world has ever known? Shit, on that standard all but one state that has ever existed could be said to be entirely unable to defend itself.

              Your arguments are utterly juvenile but luckily for you the Dunning-Kruger effect acts strongly upon you. You fit very well into the rather disdainful third category of statist I spelled out.

              1. Anarchy requires the same of mankind as socialism: perfection.

                There may be a world out there in the multiverse where all of humanity has moved past petty shit like wanting to rule over others, but it's not this one.

          2. I consider myself an anarchist. But to me it is more of an orientation than an ideology. I don't think that there is any meaningful chance of anarchy becoming the real political situation absent some catastrophe. The point to me is that governments are just another kind of group of people willing to use violence to get their way and have no more moral justification than a gang running a protection racket.

    3. The Center for Disease control in Atlanta, the one you run crying to when fanatics infect you with Ebola or Anthrax, is tax supported. Overpopulation is shown to be just as deadly in any college textbook on population biology. (Spoiler alert! These books require math, not creationism or faith in prophets.) Once superstition has gone the way of cannibalism and condom and morning-after pill prohibition, Planned Parenthood will be easy to support with fees and donations. I recall when communism being unchristian "justified" kidnapping youths to die for Jesus in Vietnam, 13th Amendment be damned! Now that we have an LP, change is arriving more quickly.

      1. Anyone got a translation here?

        1. Yes, but I gouged out no my eyes when I saw what he actually meant.

          1. I recommend a review of the history of Easter Island for one factual example among many of how superstition or mysticism and overpopulation outstripping resources result in war, genocide, mass death. I'm still waiting for an argument that Ayn Rand was wrong when she postulated altruism is driven by worship of death. It's been 58 years...

        2. I think he's mad at religion. But I can't be sure because there are a lot of ways that people are superstitious but not necessarily religious. People can also be religious but not necessarily superstitious (there are more atheist theologians than you might think, for example).

          1. Demanding belief in nonfactual assertions devoid of evidence is religion, superstition, mysticism, and that demand is made effective by threat of deadly force. These are synonyms for unreason. Surely the example of Germany ought to suffice, but the same thing has been happening all over Europe for millennia, and right now in the Middle East and Colorado Springs. That's where a radar center was nuclear-hardened against another bunch of fanatical altruists no less superstitious, mystical and religious--albeit for bureaucracy instead of invisible ghosts. Try laying off the televangelist channel. The head will clear and lessons of history gradually swim back into focus.

      2. Well, I never did care for condoms.

    4. I'm in favor of having a military, police, and courts, even if I don't always agree with the decisions they make.

      I think you want to revise that to "No anarchist supports tax founded organizations"...and, as an-caps are fond of pointing out, they're not libertarians.

  8. Pro Lifers are one of the least violent demographic groups in this country. Can't let that wreck the narrative, though. War on Women!!!!!

    1. Maybe he glimpsed a view of a confederate flag.

    2. "Least violent demographic", maybe if you don't count their violent triggering dogwhistling rape culture rhetoric. Gosh. #easilyoffendedlivesmatter

      1. If they're not waging the war on women, who is?!

    3. Is this from the same statistics where the least-curves fit proves Armageddon and The Rapture arrive in 2044?

  9. "The information regarding the gunman's motive remains unknown as does whether Planned Parenthood was targeted deliberately....

    But allow us to wave this bloody flag accompanied by our shrill ululations anyway.

    1. Not to be confused with shrill ovulations.

      1. Or uvulas.

    2. ^This.

      I havent gotten a solid story on this yet. Lots of insinuations but nothing solid.

      The proggies just want it so bad they can't help themselves. Our own prog troll shreek has already pronounced the guy a christfag wingnut antiabortionist without a hint of doubt despite having the same info we do.

      This morning on the news I heard that none of the fatalities were PP personnel. Some reports are saying that he was at a shopping mall that had a PP clinic in it and he went in there for cover after he started shooting. I am just not getting any solid info yet. Of course that wont stop the proggie spin.

      Maybe the guy was after his ex-wife? Random targets? We just don't know yet.

      1. Now I am hearing it was possibly a bank robbery attempt gone bad?

        1. There was a Chase bank involved somehow.

          1. People from PP ran to the Chase bank after he started shooting, figuring there would be an armed guard there. All the shooting took place in the PP building. The nearest other business is "Colorado Hand Center PC" which is across a driveway to the east. There is some other unlabeled building to the north. The Chase bank is some distance to the south, with the King Soopers shopping plaza even further south.


            It's not impossible that he just randomly wound up in PP, but pretty unlikely given the distances involved. The PP clinic only gets 3.7/5 stars on Google, so maybe he was a disgruntled customer.

            1. "They killed my baby. 1 star"

            2. PP doesn't have an armed guard? You're fucking crazy. That PP has been described as a fortress.

              1. Congress has been described as a democratically elected governing body. I'll take facts over descriptions or hearsay anyday.

              2. If they did, he wasn't very good at his job.

    3. ululations
      A nice word, Any language with such a word is a good language:)

    4. Ullulations, gunfire and glossolalia come from the side that insists on deadly aggression to coerce women and doctors. The assailant lives in a Unabomber shanty decorated with one of those instruments of torture and death so popular among the victims of mystical conditioning--a crucifix. If anyone were to sell a drug that caused undamaged people to look on an individual woman seeking personal medical attention protected by the constitution, by repeated high court challenges, and by added legislation--and hallucinate instead a murder conspiracy--that drug would instantly become a felony offense. But fanaticism feeds on the idea that "free exercise" means gunning people down.
      Reason has gradually raised us from the barbarism of burning crosses and lynch mobs which prevailed when religious prohibition of alcohol was the blue law of the land. Mystical conservatism is the doctrine that wants to restore that status quo, and unprovoked gunfire and bombings are its preferred instruments, here as in Syria. Robert Dear is only the latest in a long list of what happens when fools are gulled by those fantasies.

  10. President Barack Obama released a statement that reads in part:

    "This is not normal.

    Kind of defeats the purpose of the rest of your statement, half-wit.

    1. Obama: This is not normal.
      Rufus: You're not normal.

      1. Obama after Paris: there's not much we can do but get used to this kind of attack, but we must realize these attacks are really rare.

        Obama after this: Why haven't we taken away everyone's guns yet?!! It will totally solve this problem. (Except for the people from the first statement)

        1. Those situations are totally different and you know it!!!!

          ***Angry stare at JWW***

        2. Well, France has already taken everyone's guns, so there is nothing else to be done.

    2. When some prohibitionist narc murders a few teenagers, what does El Presidente say about those guns?

  11. But Christianity is a religion of peace. Right?

    1. I don't think you're grasping the tone here.

    2. Everyone he killed was pressured into disarmament by the likes of Democratic Party collectivists and is now peaceful, just like dark people in the Christian Kristallnacht countries.

  12. This never would have happened if those nasty Republicans hadn't said mean things about Planned Parenthood.

    1. Some truth to that. Politicians do like to stampede morons. Unlike the Unabomber, this True Believer has a Cross of Jesus on his obligatory-shack-in-the-woods. I doubt any concept-forming females would set foot in such a place even on a dare.

      1. Now, if anyone had said anything about Republican prohibitionist appointees and lawn care equipment in the same paragraph, you can bet your gag order there'd've been duct tape and straightjackets flown to the scene pronto.

  13. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076804/

    Obama was hoping he'd cook off a few days earlier so that the CMP sale of 1911A1 to the public could be vetoed.

    1. Calling everyone where you live a racist is surely going to make that little girl's life easier.

      1. Calling everyone where you live a racist is surely going to make that little girl's life easier.

        The thing is, if what she said were true, then why doesn't she, you know, move?

        1. More than likely it is mostly in her head. Probably does exist to some degree but not to the extent she claims. Most normal people really don't give a shit.

          Pre-Obumbles and SJW fever I remember polls showing that young people were increasingly not only tolerant of other races but in many cases almost unaware of the issue. Now, not so much.

          Again, I thank everyone who voted for Obumbles to usher in our post-racial America.

          1. Even to the very limited degree that racism does exist in everyday interaction, these racialists are blowing it far out of proportion and constructing narrative claiming that Jim Crow lives on in the hearts of white people everywhere. As a I white, I find it particularly offensive to peddle this crap.

            1. As a I white,

              Jesus Tap Dancing Christ

            2. SJW's have set back race relations by a couple decades at least, in just the last year. It is an impressive accomplishment.

              1. While the welfare state is working around the clock to set them back a few rungs on the social ladder while they're at it. All supported and promoted by the same SJWs.

      2. She never says who are the racist ?

        Black only ? White only ?

        Or both?

        1. All racists fit inside the Collectivist circle on a Venn Diagram. Small wonder there are so many ku-kluxers for Khrist in that circle.

        2. As a white guy, the only grief I ever got for dating a black or hispanic woman was from black and hispanics. Most white people I knew just congratulated me for getting someone out of my league.

    2. I don't see the tragedy. Except for the dude in the costume. That's just sad.

    3. More times than not when I am around a mixed couple I notice them being a little nervous, half expecting me to object. I couldn't care less.

      Two or maybe three(?) times the subject has come up.

      "My step mommy, who is 7 years younger than I am, is black."

      "I am not qualified to tell other people who they should spend their life with and no one else is qualified to tell me."

      Saying those two things shuts that shit down pretty quickly and they relax.

      1. More times than not when I am around a mixed couple I notice them being a little nervous, half expecting me to object.

        Seriously? When my wife and I are out on the town, I have never given it a second thought. Of course, that presupposes that I care what other people think about the subject, which I don't.

        1. The only static I ever experienced going out with my ex was visiting her family in San Antonio.

        2. Well Heroic, your aren't representative of normal. Most blockheads really do care what others think of them for some reason that completely escapes me. I guess they are just herd animals.

          Yes, seriously, but I did say more times than not, meaning there are 'not' times too.

          1. I don't know. I must have grown up in some Pollyann-ish Uuopian bubble while growing up. The most overt racism I had ever experienced growing up was the one time a crazy old woman clerk harassed my friend and I in the Jazz section of the music thinking we were shoplifting punks, while the trenchcoat mafia a few aisles down was robbing her blind. I never once recall kids not wanting to play with me on the schoolyard in, then 98 percent White NH. I don't recall anyone seriously using a racial slur toward me. If anything, I experienced more Antisemitism than racism, and even that was mild and born out of ignorance as opposed to hate. I have never experienced anything negative directed at my wife and I in both Thailand and here.

            Perhaps my experience wasn't typical, but I have a hard time believing that in 2015 America we're just one step away from apartheid-era South Africa.

            1. "Perhaps my experience wasn't typical, but I have a hard time believing that in 2015 America we're just one step away from apartheid-era South Africa."

              Me too. But I haven't set foot on a college campus in a decade and a half.

              My SIL is in her last year of Yale Medical School, and she has some stories. Antisemitism is alive and well on college campuses.

      2. More times than not when I am around a mixed couple I notice them being a little nervous, half expecting me to object. I couldn't care less.

        Given the frequency with which a white person's every mundane action is taken as some sort of racist injustice on their part, it has to be the case that the racialists are just sitting there next to you like predators just waiting to pounce. They already know what they'll say in their press release.

    4. Crazy white woman needs your sympathy. Does Chris say anything in this story? I only see Karen talking about how awful things are for her black husband. The poor woman!

      The reason white kids don't want to play with your mulatto kid is because, like all mixed kids, she's way cuter than them.

      1. You expect CNN to pay for a Nigerian translator?

        C'mon, son!

    5. "I didn't think kids at that age really thought about other kids being different," Garsee says.

      Bullshit. They zero in on that like chocolate frosting. If there are no kids of a different race around, it would be religion, or what type of jeans they wear or how they tie their shoes. Kids are monsters.

  14. "Mother Jones says there has been an increase in attacks on abortion clinics since the release of anti-abortion videos from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) in July:"

    So if violence is committed against an organization that was the target of an expose on their lack of ethics then the expose should not have been done? I do not understand the point attempted to be made here.

    1. It's the inevitable conclusion of their hate speech = violence approach.

    2. Yes you do. You summed it up nicely.

    3. To be fair, that argument seems to work for the police.

    4. My question is, why does Reason cite Mother Jones as though they're a reliable source for anything except far-left talking points and screwy statistics?


      2. Yeah, I remember their derptastic reporting on how an armed public doesn't stop mass shootings. "Hey guys! None of these shootings in malls and crowded areas where an armed civvie stopped the shooter had more than 4 people get shot! That means armed civvies don't stop mass shootings, because under 4 people getting shot isn't a mass shooting!" Never mind the fact that if a CCW holder puts down a crazed shooter after their first shot (or even better, right after they draw their weapon but before they shot anyone), they did just stop a potential mass shooting.

  15. I guess we're not going to let the fact that this was a failed bank robbery get in the way of the reactionary Legt Wing narrative?

    1. Legt wing?

      Foghorn Leghorn popped in my head when I read that.

    2. Do we know that? As far as I can tell it is still pretty unclear.

  16. A heartfelt, reasonable comment from Glenn Beck? Am I living in an alternate universe?

    1. Beck has always been sincere. He really does believe what he says.

    2. A universe in which a policeman leaps into harm's way in defense of individual rights is pretty different from what I'm used to seeing. We should decorate officer Garrett Swasey for courage in the line of duty just as we condemn cowardly cops murdering for asset forfeiture and prohibition (both of which, incidentally, spring from the so-called ethics of altruism whereby politicians and mystics justify the initiation of deadly force).

      1. ...mystics justify the initiation of deadly force

        And which mystics are you referring to? Maybe you meant self-ordained preachers and imams. Mystics are the victims of violence not the preachers of it.

        I get that you hate religion and everyone associated with it, but you might want to brush on it a bit before painting with such a broad brush. It makes you look proud of your ignorance.

    1. He's an improved you. He likes em so young that they're not even born yet.

      1. Wasn't that the basis for the South Park version of The Aristocrats?

    2. Sorry, but this ringer ain't dead yet. Maybe officer Swasey's colleagues can correct the oversight. Isn't that pretty close to where that televangelist Powerhouse Temple of the Blinding Light is located? where the bouncers hassled Richard Dawkins?

      1. Do you mean the Powerhouse Church of the Presumptuous Assumption of the Blinding Light?

        1. Yes, with Organ Leroy at his organ again. (That Leroy!)
          But I could make folding money betting against the mystical conservative infiltrators here. Probability is not their strong point. Just as I'd bet and win (if it were legal) there are mohammedan editorials critical of leaping to conclusions about whether the guy who flew plane X into mountain Y or building Z was "really" for Mo, so the prohibitionists for Jesus and YAF infiltrators here will wonder if Dear was "really" a Jesus feak. Values are what people seek, and when they seek deaths in crowds, it's long odds they're mystics. It's hard to fake, and induction reinforces the inferential value.

  17. According to statistics from the National Abortion Federation, the three deaths at PPRM are the first deaths since 2009 of people at an abortion clinic. Violence at clinics peaked in 2001, with 795 cases of various forms of attacks such as attempted murders, arson, bombings, vandalism, and the like. In 2014, the last year for which they provide numbers, there 99 such incidents, the overwhelming majority being vandalism. In 2013, there 299 cases.

    Mother Jones says there has been an increase in attacks on abortion clinics since the release of anti-abortion videos from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) in July:

    In the four months following the release of the videos, there have been at least four suspected arsons that targeted abortion clinics, compared with just one in all of 2014 and none in 2013. There have been at least five cases of vandalism since August. In comparison, there were 12 total cases of clinic vandalism in all of 2014 and just five cases in 2013, according to federation figures.

    Oh, I suppose there were no government statistics available based on actual convictions, right?

    1. This is what burns me. Is Nick gonna use the SPLC's data on hate groups now and let their accusation that any militia group or even Tea party organizations be tagged hate groups?

      Nick, you're a fucking retarded asshole this morning. I suggest going back to bed until you can put a cogent thought together not riddles with partisan "statistics" and conjecture.

    2. I was smoking dope with a judge a few days ago (seriously) and got into one of those all night conversations. He was very much opposed to the idea of presumption of innocence outside the courtroom, but was vociferously supportive of it inside the courtroom. The dichotomy is fascinating to me.

      1. It's not a dichotomy at all. Coercive punishment should require more proof of guilt than non-coercive disdain or refusal of association.

        1. It was interesting that a judge would hold those beliefs, especially since they make a big noise about not having prejudicial (though true) facts out if they think it could possibly affect a potential juror.

          1. I should also mention that it was gratifying for me that at least one criminal judge really took presumption of innocence with total sincerity.

    3. According to statistics from the former Soviet Union, Kulaks and wreckers were responsible for 90% of the negative financial issues that plagued the nation. Natural,disasters were responsible for the other 10%.

      Partisan statistics are partisan. I'd expect Nick,to be a little smarter in sourcing material and use, gee I don't know, actual convictions.

      1. It's almost like he's on their side, or something.

    4. Yes there are. According to prosecutors all police shootings of unarmed blacks, browns, hippies and mexicans were justified. If by some indestructible evidence charges were filed, those'll show up in statistics for the year 2525, aling with the stats you want. In the instant case, a team of pro bono Christian lawyers will doubtless press for an insanity defense (as in the child-killer mom in Houston). If men with guls would let me I'd fade bets on this one dragging out for at least another few years with forensics analyzing the "voices" that "told him" those pregnant women were plotting against the Lebensborn movement, or the Jesus Reich itself.

  18. Well, while this was boiling over on social media last night I had pork shoulder simmering in the crock pot. Now they're eating bitter tears and I'm tearing into pulled pork sandwiches.

    1. Pork Butt! Yum

      1. Pork Butt should always be coarsely ground then mixed with copious amounts of cajun spice* and put into sausage casings. The only civilized alternative it to add in thyme and rice for boudin, then put into sausage casings.

        In both cases they should then be smoked.

        *cayenne, garlic, salt and white pepper, green onion or chives.

    2. (I don't know if this is common knowledge, but apparently pork butt is not the rump of a pig. It's the shoulder. The rump is where we get ham. The shoulder gets its name from the size of barrel used in colonial-era Boston to pack shoulder cuts. TMYK)

      1. It's a trick to throw people off.

      2. Yeap, on the cow the shoulder is called the chuck and makes the tastiest beef roasts. One of the best things I ever made though was traditional pork carnitas. Pork butt cut into 3 inch cubes slow braised in lard with a little bit of water over several hours. Near the end the water evaporates and the outside of the cubes get crispy from frying in the lard. The inside remains juicy and tender. Pull apart, serve with corn tortillas, cheese, and honemade guac. Omg.

        1. Here you go.


            1. Anytime:)

        2. I did Jose Garces' recipe for carnitas once. Disgusting. It had sweetened condensed milk in it. Never again.

          Just slow cook overnight until the liquid evaporates and it renders in its own lard. It's that simple.

        3. Beef briskets are always more tender when they are the left brisket and not the right brisket.

          Most cows are right handed and lay down on their right side making the meat tougher.

          So says a BBQ fanatic friend and some people believe him and others do not but aren't really sure..

          1. You're not going to find a left brisket in the store.

    3. Next up: Carnitas. All you need is a shoulder, garlic, onion, lemon, and beer (optional).

      1. I picked up eight pounds for ten bucks, sounds like a good plan for the other half.

      2. All you need is shoulder, lard and salt. That's the grand total of ingredients for carnitas.

        1. We'll just have to agree that you're wrong.

          Seriously, though. Cumin, lime, oregano, and chile are all optional.

          But I consider lemon to be mandatory after the pork is shredded and it's time to crisp it.

          1. Don't limes exist in your world? They're far superior to lemons for carnitas.

            1. Lemons = carnitas
              Lime, sour orange, and pineapple = all other latin pork

              Jesus, it's like you've never worked in a Puerto Rican restaurant.

  19. By my guess, most libertarians are staunchly in favor abortion rights?I'd say 70 percent or so are in favor of abortion rights in all or most cases, with the rest against in all or some.

    Nick left out the rest of that paragraph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDii69YCh_Q

    1. Nick considers anyone against open borders to be unlibertarian, which goes a long way to purging the pro-lifers out of the libertarian ranks.

      1. Cosmos do not have a vote on the matter.

      2. Isn't a uterine wall a border? What does he have against fetal immigrants?

        1. Worse than that, children are immigrants from the past looking to steal our jobs in twenty years.

          1. Fucking goobacks turk ur jerbs!

            1. goobacks

              That is very good.

              1. Flagrantly stolen from South Park in case you're not familiar with the ref. I am many things but no plagiarist.

      3. Good riddance. That's possibly the best argument yet for not caging or shooting at immigrants. Were it not for laws exported by Republican prohibitionists to transform their sleepy republics into murdering dictatorships, we'd be emigrating there!

      4. What do open borders (which Nick does not favor, by the way) have to do with abortion?

        Open borders, while some might reasonably argue they are practically undesirable, are most definitely the libertarian position.
        Abortion, on the other hand, is a trickier moral question dealing with the competing rights of control over one's own body and the right of a proto-human to not be killed.

        1. There is nothing tricky about it. A woman is an individual, and has individual rights even if pregnant. Warts, moles, sperm... thing not born are interesting to professional brainwashers who cannot fool grownups. Pandering to these mystical creeps is like encouraging pederasts. To them it's probably easier to entice a child out of his or her clothes than to deal with grownups who can spot a con. And any cultures boasting a millenium of war and torture over what some translator assures them an illiterate prophet said centuries ago are hardly offering their customers value. Murdering people to kidnap and brainwash kids into a Ponzi chain of murdering kidnappers is simply unappealing to me. Call me biased, but I generally leave a card table ahead of the game, and I do understand the definition of individual rights.

    2. Nick left out the rest of that paragraph


      I haven't been "staunchly in favor of abortion rights" since college when I was a liberal and it was de rigeur. Now, I leave it to those folks who are in the baby-makin' business to have an opinion on the matter.

  20. Crazy man gies on rampage. Partisans attempt to ascribe political motive to insane person. Rinse. Repeat.

  21. The first federal gun control regulation we need is to have federal LEOs not leave their guns laying around waiting to be stolen.

    Police: Gun Used To Kill Oakland Muralist Was Stolen From ICE Agent

    A few months before, another murder was committed in Oakland with a gun stolen from a BLM agent.

    1. a gun stolen from a BLM agent

      They have agents now?!

  22. I'm confused. I have read that 11 people were shot and that 3 people are dead. And the whole thing started at a bank. I have also read that no one at the PP clinic was shot. I have also read that the only fatalities were cops. Yet the headline states that 3 people were killed at PP and this article does not mention the bank.

    So wtf actually happened? Who was shot/killed and where?

    1. Nobody knows what actually happened. That's why they're all jumping to conclusions that fit their preconceived notions.

      1. If you already understand that gun rights are the problem and so are religious people, then you don't really need to know the facts.

        You already know the facts.

        Everything else is lies, damn lies, and statistics.

        1. ...hearsay, and photographs or the perp and his Unabomber shack...* But maybe you're right. Heck, for that matter maybe I was quick to conclude the Unabomber was a whacko... maybe both their motives were noble and altruistic and I'm just too blind to see it. Maybe CNN hallucinated that the guy was babbling about baby parts. As soon as Dear is released with an apology from the prosecutor, I'm gonna apologize and stand Ken and Marco Rubio to a pint of stout each.

          * The shack crucifix and baby parts ululalia, like Trump's OK of medical weed and 21st Amendment marijuana federalism wasn't shown by Reason. But it was on the news.

          1. Does anybody understand what this is supposed to mean?

      2. Or betting on probabilities by induction. Plane deliberately flown into building/mountain: mohammedan every time ever observed, leads Isis to a blank conclusion. Murdering rampage at abortion clinic: pathetic Jesus freak every time ever observed, leads Jesus freaks to a blank conclusion. They know already that Jesus raises the dead, all men aren't mortal so nobody can know anything (except their whispering invisible friend). Go ahead and apologize for these monsters, then act all surprised when Mother Jones frames YOU in the mug shot with them as "right wing extremists".

    2. According to the police, the shootings all happened at PP. Some of the wounded were picked up at Chase Bank because they had fled there during the attack.

      1. Source?

        Last I read, PP said all of their employees and patients were safe and accounted for. And police cruisers in front of Chase bank have Windows shot out.

        1. Briefing by the Colo Sprs PD yesterday afternoon said all the shooting took place in PP building.

        2. And if it were a botched bank robbery, the PD wouldn't be saying they don't know the motive of the shooting.

        3. As best I can tell everyone shot was outside the abortion mill but the shooter used the building to shoot from.

    3. I think they are being deliberately vague until they can finish hammering a version that fits their narrative into people's heads.

      After that the facts won't matter, it will forever and always be their version.

      Lying liars lie.

  23. Somebody should pipe up about how important it is to respect people's religious rights.

    I was having a conversation the other day with someone who thought he was too educated to support the government respecting people's religious rights. He had a special place in his heart for forcing churches to pay taxes. Despite what John (and others) might say, the primary purpose of the church tax exemption isn't a trade off to churches for not engaging in political speech and not endorsing specific candidates. The primary purpose of the tax exemption for churches is because, historically, those religious people who are already close to the edge of sanity anyway tend to go over the edge when they can't support their churches with the fruit of their labor without also supporting things that the government is doing that violate their religious convictions.

    Non-religious people are touchy about being forced by the government to finance other people's religious convictions, and, yeah, religious people are probably even more touchy about their establishment rights than atheists. It's important to remember that people's First Amendment religious (or free speech) rights don't disappear just because what people believe is dangerous, crazy, or stupid.

    1. The primary purpose of the tax exemption for churches is because, historically, those religious people who are already close to the edge of sanity anyway tend to go over the edge when they can't support their churches with the fruit of their labor without also supporting things that the government is doing that violate their religious convictions.

      1. How 'bout the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War?

        Where do you think establishment and free exercise came from? Because that's what we're talking about. Forcing churches to fund government no matter whether government policy violates any point of religious belief.

        Madison credited Martin Luther with showing him the way.

        Did you think he just made it up himself?

        1. You're assuming the conclusion I asked you to prove.

          The reason we have the second amendment is because without the second amendment all you crazy gun nuts will go crazy and kill everyone. My evidence, that there's a second amendment so it must exist for a reason. Makes as much sense.

          1. Now I have evidence that you might be Tulpa.

          2. P.S. Both the English Civil War and the Thirty Years War contain excellent examples of people going over the edge over the government violating people's establishment and free exercise rights.

            Avoiding those mistakes was the purpose of our First Amendment establishment and free exercise rights.

            If you're not Tulpa, then you and Tulpa should go bowling. You could compare notes on how to be willfully obtuse.

        2. Thirty Years War? If it was about religion, why did Catholic France enter the war on the side of the Protestants? English Civil War was more about the actions of the Stuarts than their religion.

          1. Enough a part of it that if you knew anything about it and didn't conclude that our political leaders shouldn't choose our religion for us (freedom from establishment) and that people should be free to practice their own religion despite the religion of their political leaders (free exercise), then it's fair to assume you're a complete fucking idiot.

            It wasn't only about religion, but religion was certainly a big part of it. That religious controversies and orthodoxies were insufficient to stop various political, dynastic, etc. interests from throwing their weight behind whatever faction furthered their own interests only reinforces the point. Yeah, kings and queens and barons and the rest somehow supported whatever served their political interests. So what? That means that people didn't go apeshit during the Thirty Years War because their religious rights were violated?

            And the Thirty Years War is certainly an example of people going off the deep end when their establishment and free exercise rights were violated. Ditto the English Civil War. If you don't think the framers looked at the English Civil War and concluded that both Puritans and Anglicans should be free to practice their faith and that the rest of England should be free to choose their own religion regardless of whom is in power, then you must think the framers were profoundly stupid.

            1. This should be about as controversial as suggesting that water is wet. If anything, you might argue that freedom of religion, as we have it in the First Amendment, is an anti-Catholic and pro-Protestant construction--especially given that the author of the First Amendment credited Luther with showing us the way between establishment and free exercise. But to argue that the Thirty Years War had nothing to do with government and religious rights isn't even an argument. It's a contradiction.


    2. I prefer to respect people's rights, period. Religious rights aren't a special type of rights. They are just a part of the right to do what you will as long as you aren't harming anyone else.

    3. I apologize to all religious people for my hostility against the Yellow Fever mosquito their taxes are combatting. Then again, every single politician in the Congress and Senate claims to be religious, and they vote to taxes me to pay for deadly force in support of policies only their untaxed churches are pushing. I am beginning to wonder if by "the free exercise thereof" means that they get to kill and jail people "at someone else's expense" rather than "without resort to the coercion, aggression and violence." Bombing the Middle East, having police murder brown people and teenagers over cigarettes, men with guns seeking asset forfeiture--all of these are policies that Christian fanatics force me to pay for. These are violent acts of coercion in violation of the rights of individuals, much like shooting people at a medical clinic.

      1. If some Christians wrongly use government to violate your rights, that doesn't justify you using the government to violate theirs.

        And I would point out that if protecting our rights is the legitimate use of government, then the government financing a military to protect our rights from foreign threats may be just as legitimate from a libertarian perspective as the government taxing us to finance a police force to protect our rights from criminals or a criminal justice system to protect our rights from the police.

        I am not an anarchist, but I will concede that the income tax is coercive, and should be replaced with sales taxes. Sales taxes are much, much less coercive in that everyone can calculate the cost as well as the ethical implications of paying them every time they decide whether to buy something. If the federal government relied primarily on sales taxes for revenue and we exempted necessities like food and shelter from federal sales taxes, then wouldn't that be the most voluntary form of tax possible?

        You certainly wouldn't be forced to pay for wars against your will, and if you chose to pay federal taxes despite your moral objections to an ongoing war, well that would be on you. The downside is that you wouldn't be able to use the government violating your rights through taxation as a bullshit excuse to support violating the rights of Christians (or anyone else). Come to think of it, that isn't really much of a downside.

    4. So a woman's individual rights aren't what matter. What matters is that some pedophile of the mind scrambled these idiots' brains to the point they are justified in killing people, and it's all Planned Parenthood's fault. Please give that speech when you run for office.
      Observe that nonsuperstitious people do not wear suicide vests or fire live ammo into clinics. If that makes us unethical by the standards of Revealed Faith, so be it.

      1. "So a woman's individual rights aren't what matter. What matters is that some pedophile of the mind scrambled these idiots' brains to the point they are justified in killing people, and it's all Planned Parenthood's fault."

        That isn't what I said.

        That's the voices in your head.

        I never said any such thing.

        Do you ever argue with yourself in the mirror?

  24. We should expect to see more of this as the government continues to violate people's free exercise rights, establishment rights, and all their other rights, too. I'm not big on social contract theory, but the idea that some people don't feel compelled to respect the laws of a government that violates their most cherished rights isn't a theory. It's an historical fact. I don't have to agree with the evil retards that turn to violence to understand how that works. Yeah, it's the nuts and evil retards that go over the edge first, and if you don't want to unnecessarily push them over the edge by violating their rights, there's a way to avoid that.

    Obama could start by calling off using the government to violate people's religious rights.

    1. Ken, most of th epolls I have seen (yeah, I know, polls) are overwhelming against bringing hordes of Syrian refugees into the country, some by 70+ percent. What does Obumbles do? He doubles down on bringing them here.

      Over and over he has been wrong, hell, about everything. The more people point that out the more he doubles down.

      He is right, everyone else is wrong. Do you really think he will call off using govt to violate people's rights?

      1. Questioning Captain Hubris, and his ill concieved prerogatives makes you an unrepentant racist..

    2. Obama? Congress--100% mystical faith believers--writes the laws. The Constitution sez the prez is supposed to see they are faithfully executed. Don't be blaming the poor Kenyan for that!

      1. Congress didn't decide to force Catholic nuns to pay for birth control by executive order--Obama did.

  25. Jesse, please pick up the courtesy phone, gay rugby is a thing.

    1. I know a guy who's on a gay rugby team. According to him, it's pretty heavy on the drinking and orgy-ing and occasionally they actually play rugby.

      1. Look at me, not refreshing ever.

    2. Yes, yes it is.

      I have a hard time defining a "type" I'm interested in but "rugby-built" is a good starting point. A lot of people join them just for the practices/workouts and drinking and socializing afterward.

      1. A lot of people join them just for the practices/workouts and drinking and socializing afterward.

        So... like every other non-professional team sport. Okay, maybe not the orgying with each other.

        1. "socializing"


    3. You mean women's rugby?

  26. I wonder if the Obama administration assumes a certain number of casualties when they make some of these decisions.

    For instance, when the Obama administration decides to force nuns to pay for birth control procedures, do they ask the FBI for a threat level assessment, look at the likely casualty rate, and say, "well that's acceptable"?

    1. I'm sure there's some serious rationalization that goes on.

      Remember Maddie Albright's comment that 500,000 dead Iraqi kids was "worth it"?

  27. Disappointed in the Reason Editor's debate points. Libertarianism is about principle, the basis of principle is consistency. She was all over the board with her arguments. I was surprised to see (2) two of the libertarians using emotion or feeling as an argument. The debate should be about whether life begins at conception. If life does begin at that time then taking that life is not an option and violates the aggression principle.

    If viability is the encompassing argument, which I find absurd, then abortion will eventually be outlawed altogether as medical technology improves.

    I believe that life begins at conception, science dictates that, and it therefore should be protected as you would any other human being.

    1. ""Disappointed in the Reason Editor's debate points.""

      I don't see why there are 'debate points' at all.

      I'm not sure why 'crazy white dude be shooting' necessitates debate because he happened to do it in a govt subsidized baby-nuking facility.

      1. I think Locke is talking about the old video at the end of the post.

      2. This comment will inevitably bring accusations of yokelism but I can't help but think that if this guy had been a Muslim or immigrant Nick would be warning us not to jump to conclusions politically.

        1. I'm sure, as I type this, Richman is penning an article which compares the plight of Planed Parenthood to that of the Palestinians.

          1. Planned Parenthood is being occupied by Jews?

            1. Since 1947

    2. Life began at germs and viruses, and if the Garden of Eden dupes could force us at gunpoint to again ban condoms or alcohol, I'm sure they would. The question for libertarians is whether women have individual rights. There are relevant sources. What the Bible and Constitution say:
      a. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. (Psalm 137:9)
      b. ...the free exercise thereof; (1st Amendment)--free means not coerced and not murdered
      c. Section 1. All persons born or naturalized... (14th Amendment)
      d. ...of a free state (2nd Amendment)--again, --free means not coerced and not murdered
      Rebut away, but the NAP was written by pro-choice Ayn Rand in 1947 during "The Exploiters and the Exploited" chapter of Atlas Shrugged.

      1. When were condoms banned?

        1. For the better part of fifty years in These States. Try turning off the teevee, closing the Holy Bauble, and conducting a search on Margaret Sanger. She is really famous in prohibitionist and initiation-of-force circles.

      2. This a verse about revenge, you intellectually lazy dupe (to use your own pejorative). It is not a commandment, as you claim in an earlier post. Check out the preceding verse.

        Daughter Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is the one who repays you according to what you have done to us. --Psalm 137:8

        The first rule about reading scripture (or any text, for that matter) is to read it by the book. You cannot get an understanding of a text by reading cherry-picked sentence fragments. You have to sit down and read an entire psalm--at least--to understand. Then you need to know the context it was written under, etc..

        I swear, some atheists are worse than lazy, literalist Christians who think they understand something because they read a few lines on a page or a web site.

    3. Law: "all persons born" is different from "every sperm is sacred"
      Biology: pregnant woman = one (01) individual (as in individual rights)
      Ethics: Individual rights are a prerequisite for intelligent life (as opposed to superstitious existence)

      1. In 1884, meridian time personnel met

        in Washington to change Earth time.

        First words said was that only 1 day

        could be used on Earth to not change

        the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1

        day and ignored the other 3 days.

        The bible time was wrong then and it

        proved wrong today. This a major lie

        has so much evil feed from it's wrong.

        No man on Earth has no belly-button,

        it proves every believer on Earth a liar.


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      2. Well, I am not sure who you think is arguing "every sperm is sacred", so wail away on that straw man.

    4. Life is present before conception. You are shooting at the wrong target. The issue isnt life or viability. The issue is consciousness, i.e. is there a person present. Of course there is no sharp dividing line between person/ no person so this debate will always devolve into a fight and will never be resolved.

    5. "The debate should be about whether life begins at conception"

      The debate should be about whether the government should protect people from the consequences of the voluntary choices they make.

      The real crux of the matter is about the difference between ethical obligations and legal obligations. There isn't an ethical system that doesn't require some kind of respect for the consent of those who will be directly impacted by our choices.

      Whether that ethical obligation to protect the lives of fetuses should translate into a legal obligation to carry a fetus to term is the question.

      The great thing about being a libertarian is that you don't have to pretend that moral obligations and legal obligations are the same thing. Even if I accept that elective abortion is morally wrong because the mother willingly engaged in behavior that might create fetus, that doesn't still doesn't mean that the government should force women to carry a fetus to term.

      And I don't see the NAP as being especially helpful. If the government enforces a contract in court because the violating party signed of her own free will, is that really an example of government coercion?

  28. When will this pattern of workplace violence stop?

    1. $15 minimun wage ought to do it...

  29. "By my guess, most libertarians are staunchly in favor abortion rights?I'd say 70 percent or so are in favor of abortion rights in all or most cases, with the rest against in all or some. "

    Am i being told here that the Great Year of Reason-Polling never quite got around to asking questions about teh Abortions? at all?

    I can't even no way.

    Surely they had some question sets on mexicans and ass-sex. Did they learn *nothing*??

    1. Leaving aside the quibble that "in favor in most cases" is the also "against in some cases".

    2. LP.org was polling on superstition last week. Our largest block is people who have no invisible playmates and are not ordered to kill by gods and devils.

      1. lol, no seriously, i was talking about "Real People" not libertarian party members.

        1. I always wondered what the Patent Examiners dress uniform looked like.

        2. I didn't realize Peter Schwartz was one of the republican infiltrators here. How're things at NAMBLA?

    3. Reason staff is doubtless looking for a way to blame the antibortionist murder rampage on Donald Trump while at the same time protecting Marco Rubio from accusations of having "created a poisonous atmosphere" in stirring up armed mobs to coerce pregnant women, undocumented mexicanos and potheads.
      Trump has been the target of lynchings in Reason since he said he liked libertarians, okayed medical pot and 21st Amendment weed. If he dares to come out in favor of individual rights for pregnant women I will fear for the candidate's life!

  30. Also = how can we be 100% sure this wasn't motivated by Climate Change?

    1. My god.. you're right! Well, I'm convinced now. Thanks for bringing that to the forefront. Global warming is more insidious.. more diabolical, than even the Koch brothers.. It fits perfectly..

    2. Duh, because the shooting occurred in the snow !

  31. "we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough."

    As he and others cheer the MRAP driving, machinegun toting, armor clad paramilitary on from the sideliness, willfully blind to the body count they rack up on a weekly basis.. Shut up, blowhard..

  32. "795 cases of various forms of attacks such as attempted murders, arson, bombings, vandalism, and the like. In 2014, the last year for which they provide numbers, there 99 such incidents, the overwhelming majority being vandalism"

    So we're going to group "vandalism and the like" with "attempted murder"?

    Please, my dear Reason staff, don't recycle these talking points, the choicers are not your friends.

    1. Please, in the five years alone, over 200 cases of strongly worded letters or murders have been attributed to Quakers. Stop Quaker terrorism now!

  33. "then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them."

    Do bombs count as weapons of war? Then why was Bill Ayers allowed to get them?

    1. I thought he made his own. Or was it one of his Weatherman buddies?

  34. Religious superstition and mysticism dislodge reason and leave no alternative but violence. This anti-life whacko is exactly the same as the mohammedan antilife altruists, and for exactly the same reasons. If banning is the answer, and the Constitution is a "that was then" mistake, then it is religious conspiracies and televangelism that ought to be banned first, before we ever discuss the matter of guns. An alternative would be to withdraw the protection of law from those who reject the "All persons born..." 14th Amendment. Posses could then hunt them down ? la Lysander Spooner.
    Either religious brainwashing and bearing arms are both protected, or neither is protected. The language is clear to anyone who can read and doesn't take bribes. We are lucky to have such courageous health services providers, especially given the cowardice of their detractors.

    1. I liked you better when your name was Michael Hihn.

    2. And yet, I know many church going doctors and lawyers (I'm Asian, so I'm surrounded by these people) who subscribe to logic and reason and pose to threat no anyone whatsoever. My sister is a pharmacist who works with DEVOUT Muslim women who wear the hijab. No reason to fear them at all.

      "Religion" isn't the problem, radical Islam is. In modern times Buddhism and the other Abrahamic faith do not have sects that urge its followers to kill non believers. We don't have to be wary of synagogues or televangelism to balance out our suspicion of radicalized mosques that actively urge violence. We certainly don't have to "ban" any of them. You're playing equivalency games in your head.

      1. So... mysticism is OK as long as it is artificial hypocrisy? devoid of integrity? faked?

  35. Going for dim sum.

    Smell you all later.

    1. Lucky. I got roped into some pork shoulder.

  36. There seems to be a growing sickness in this country where people look for ways to be offended. I think the root cause is Progressivism.

    1. My theory is that these SJW types have fantasies about their names being in a history book next to Martin Luther King Jr. and Susan B. Anthony. Of course, they have trouble finding some grand social cause to focus on, so they just pick something and MAKE it offensive so that they can jerk off their protest-boner.

      Naturally, there are plenty of perfectly legitimate causes they could choose from: the economic injustice doled out by regulations, the ineffectiveness and destructiveness of most "social welfare" programs, the protectionist nature of government licensing, etc. But they've been brainwashed into believing that those causes only help "big corporations" - even though big corporations love regulation and licensing - so they won't touch those causes.

      And that's why we see Occupy Wall Street and the campus rape hysterics movement.

  37. Michigan sucks. Ohio is ass-fucking them up and down their own field.

  38. I wonder how many of Obama's (middle eastern) allies roll their eyes every time he speaks. The guy just does NOT know when not to talk or insert nuance.

    99% of the world's leaders would have said something like "let's wait until the facts are known" after Turkey shot down the Russian airplane. NATO officials suggested the Russian Jets should have been escorted out. But nnnoooo, Obama has to take Turkey's side, asserting the nation's sovereignty (gasp). So now he stoked the flames of future regional conflict.

    Obama's fans should just stop pretending their hero isn't a partisan demagogue. His response to the two terrorist attacks in France was boilerplate and cookie cutter. Some whacko shoots 3 people at a progressive institute, and suddenly he's a warrior. "We gotta stop this! Something has to be done!" I've never heard him once say "let's stop radical Islam".

  39. Priest: He is not one of us.

    He is from out of town.


    1. Try this link for the priest: http://www.usnews.com/news/us/.....lewis-dear

  40. What do we know about the Dear? He shot a dog.


    1. John Hood said Dear once recommended that Hood put a metal roof on his home so the U.S. government couldn't spy on him.

      1. Uh oh. Sounds like a libertarian.

  41. From what I've read, this guy seems like a schizophrenic or something with a history of violence (toward humans and animals) and fairly obviously mentally deranged. No one has yet found (or heard) anything from this guy that relates even remotely to Planned Parenthood or abortion. It's possible he targeted them, but I would expect a zealous anti-abortion terrorist would leave behind some hint of actually being anti-abortion. Apparently the guy also started shooting people in a parking lot and then holed up in the nearby planned parenthood.

    Right now it looks like this may genuinely have nothing to do with abortion or Planned Parenthood, other than being the victim of very bad luck.

    1. The Pro-life Position.

      Kinda sounds like a "Moderate Muslim" writing off ISIS as mere criminals and not Islamic-Terrorists.

      1. No, the factual position. I didn't imply this guy was an extremist pro-lifer and distinguished him from the moderate pro-lifers who all clearly condone terrorism in secret. I was questioning whether it had anything to do with abortion at all.

        We conclude bombers or shooters are Muslim (with good reason) because they shout Allahu Akbar or because they leave behind a trail of involvement in extremist Muslim circles and whatnot. This guy left behind no such trail of any interest in either abortion or Planned parenthood. So yeah, it's entirely probable his choice of venue for his spree had nothing to do his opinions on abortion. It could be random, it could be that that Planned parenthood is where is old lady went to get her abortion and he's pissed about it, could be whatever. But the fact remains, in almost every case, an ideological extremist terrorist tends to leave behind some evidence of his actual ideology. All this guy left behind is that he's crazy and violent. Maybe tomorrow they'll find out he was a fanatical Christian, but as of yet,no such thing has been found. But assume what you want I guess.

      2. The cross on the shack was a plant, and a ventriloquist made the "baby parts" remarks CNN is pushing. Izzat the story?

    2. Well duh? Mentally deranged is good for "not guilty by reason of insanity," so christianofascists can point to "no convictions" for statistics. That proves nothing really happened. Mental derangement is the whole point of organized superstition!

  42. Only 3 dead,... Not a mass shooting, move along, move along, nothing to see here.

  43. So some dope-crazed hippie schizo moves from Asheville, NC out to the reefer-paradise of Colorado where he can get whacked out of his dope-scrambled mind on "wax", "shatter" and assorted THC-poisoned baked goods, all paid for by his SSI-crazy checks and then murders 2 peaceful Christian pro-life activists and a heroic Christian first-responder, using an abortion mill as his "shield" and , yet somehow, these baby killers are the victims?

    /practice Turing test

    1. What band are you Turing with?

    2. The victim is Marco Rubio. This primitive display of faith will draw all of the St. Sarah Palin, Mormon Mitt and Captain Napalm McCain supporters into his camp, hopefully with the usual outcome.
      BUT WAIT! Now that Trump has flipped into the repeal camp, maybe we should blame it on the Killer Weed.

  44. Where was the United States Army. Are they not supposed to protect our country?

  45. Robert Dear would make the perfect Republican primary candidate. He's a pro-life gun owner. What not to like?

    1. You probably thought that was poignant and incisive, didn't you?

    2. Still not crazy or sadistic enough to be in the Democratic primary

    3. Ayn Rand was pro-life. It's the opposite of antiabortion, which means stripping women of individual rights and forcing them to squeeze out pups. But beggars can't be choosers...
      Maybe he's "soft on" immigrants or marijuana, and they'll keep Marco.

  46. Did they ever say what kind of weapon was used. Initial report was "AK-47 STYLE" but nothing since. Makes me think it must have been something else.

  47. Did they ever say what kind of weapon was used. Initial report was "AK-47 STYLE" but nothing since. Makes me think it must have been something else.

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