Watch Kennedy's Brand-New Show on Fox Business Tonight at 10 P.M. ET


Kennedy's new eponymous show on Fox Business debuts tonight at 10 P.M. Eastern Time. It'll be on five nights a week at that time.

Here's how she describes it to Cosmopolitan:

It's a quirky political talk show where I get to keep an eye on people who are inhibiting others' freedom and talk with interesting people about subjects that we find mutually fascinating, like music, parenting, economic liberty — the kind of stuff that you talk about with your good friends.

And here is how she describes her libertarianism to the mag:

Mostly I think people should just get the hell out of the way. We don't need any more regulation from government. You don't need overarching moralism to tell you how to live because human beings actually have a pretty well-developed moral center. The more government intrudes on the basic decisions you make, the further away you get from your natural morality….I'm consistently pro-freedom. No matter where I go, whether it's Fox or when I'm walking around the block or going to the dog park, I will agree with people on pretty much half of everything. Freedom is something I believe in across the board, and I will fight for that.

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