On The Independents: Rep. Thomas Massie on the House Leadership Fight, Peter Suderman on the Gas Tax, Huckabee 2016, #BlackBrunchMatters, NYPD Blue, Harshing Sleds, the Bullet Train to Madera, and After-show


The last time show-fave Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) was on The Independents, well, it was pretty funny; watch here. Tonight the libertarian-leaning Republican is on to talk about the GOP backbench's semi-annual fit of petulance against House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), who Massie has called "undemocratic" and "irresponsible."

Speaking of libertarian dreamboats, beloved Senior Editor Peter Suderman will be on to speak of the fresh hell that is some members of the new GOP majority talking about raising gas taxes.

The Party Panel tonight (Ellis Henican of Newsday, Ellison Barber of the Washington Free Beacon) will talk about how the nation survived the horror of yesterday's #BlackBrunch protests, plus the latest NYPD revolt against the mayor, the eternal return of Mike Huckabee, and a little Harvardfreude.

Other topics on the show include regulations against sledding, California's groundbreaking of the $68 billion high-speed train from Fresno to Madera, and of course whatever nonsense bubbles up on the online-only aftershow, at foxbusiness.com/independents.

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