Another Reason to Give to Reason: We Let You Comment, You Mangy Sons of Bitches!



As noted earlier (and trust me, every few hours for the next week), this is Reason's annual Webathon, where we ask readers of Reason.com to support our award-winning (and, full disclosure, award-losing) journalism in print, online, and via video.

This year, we're hoping to raise $200,000 to help promote "Free Minds and Free Markets" in 2015. Go here for swag and giving levels and rest assured, you can give in Bitcoin and any payment method this side of Camel Bucks.

I outlined some  reasons to give here. Here's another: Unlike an increasing number of sites, we let you—the hoi polloi, the rabble, the masses—comment freely at Reason.com.

That's not simply because we're lazy or because we don't read the comments anyway (we do, and we cry, just like real humanoids!). When we started Reason.com and, later, our staff blog Hit and Run, it was central to our conception that we would allow immediate and unfiltered feedback from our readers as much as possible. Commenters can be brutal—I've been called everything from a "gay Elvis impersonator" to an "apologist for stupefaction" and worse (and will almost certainly be in the comments section of this post).

But one of the great things about classical liberalism, capitalism, the internet—indeed, one of the things we celebrate generally in all of our work—is the way that new technologies have in general leveled long-standing hierarchies. Hell, that picture above of me is an example of the ease with which all of us can speak more freely. Thank you, poopdogcomedy of The Daily Kos, for helping to prove my point (I know I'm living in a glass house on this, poop, but investment in a spell-check app, why don't ya?). You may be a mangy left-wing cur, but this much we can agree on: Speaking up and speaking out and speaking back has never been easier.

Keeping the conversation open like we do at Reason.com is an increasingly endangered sensibility, especially among folks who don't like having to mix with the, er, wrong sorts of people. Consider this recent column by The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, which was forwarded to me by Reason columnist and Mercatus Center economist Veronique de Rugy. "The elites," she notes, "are being annoyed that the common man can call them out on their brain farts."

RESOLVED: Comments Sections Need to Go

…Reuters recently got rid of comments on articles….Vox, the site run by former WaPo-er Ezra Klein, doesn't have comments at all.  The New York Times heavily curates its comments sections….

In the early days of [Cillizza's blog at the Post] the Fix, a group of regular commenters -- some who liked my work, some who didn't -- banded together to keep the guy typing IN ALL CAPS ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL POST from overrunning the site.  It worked -- for a while. But, as we added more writers and the traffic numbers grew, the ability of a small-ish number of commenters to police an increasingly large number of "loudest guys on the block" was reduced significantly….

The best solution? Not to get rid of comments entirely. Instead, deploy an army of comment curators who harvest the best of the best for each article so that scrolling to the bottom of the page is rewarded. Unfortunately, given the amount of content that any news site produces in a given day, you would need hundreds of people to curate the comments….

Rather than use resources on people who try to make comments sections smarter…[h]ire more content creators who can widen our community in ways that make more and more people want to be a part of it. That seems to me to be the way to be the best steward of our growing online city.  And the bigger the city grows, the harder it is to hear the loud guy screaming nonsensically down the block.  Win-win.

Whole thing here.

As a matter of basic logic, that's not win-win. It's Cillizza wins, commenters lose.

Invest in Reason.com and claim your right to comment like it's 1999. And get some cool swag and a tax deduction too. Details here.

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    1. I'm trying to find the article about that lawsuit happy guy and the comments that were "disappeared". Isn't that when people were forced to register to comment here?

      What ever happened with that?

      1. HAHA! Found it you sneaky bastards!


        You thought we all forgot about how we ruined things for ourselves, didn't you!

        1. It was all Warty's fault.

          I am still completely puzzled how any lawsuit like that is not just laughed out of court.

          1. wasn't it? And let's not assign all the blame. I remember some undignified hypothetical scenarios I also suggested.

            1. Essentially it was, but they still had to hire lawyers and stuff, I think. It's just absurd that anyone subjected to such a frivolous complaint has to be even mildly inconvenienced by it.

              Warty seems to take much of the blame on himself, so he can have it. I think I might have made some potentially libelous speculations about [name redacted] sheep-fucking proclivity too.

              1. "Editor's Note: We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason.com or Reason Foundation. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. Report abuses."

                Has this existed since then?

              2. "Editor's Note: We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason.com or Reason Foundation. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. Report abuses."

                Has this existed since then?

                1. The squirrels certainly have

    2. For the past six months, I have had my Amazon Smile account pointed to Reason Foundation. Over that time, I have made around $2,200 in eligible purchases (New bar in the basement and hunting trip FTW!) which should have netted Reason north of $100 in donations. If you aren't into donating, it is an easy way to give lucre to the Reason peeps while doing something you were going to do anyway. As an avid Amazon Prime member who lives in the boonies, I will probably go through about $7 - $8000 in a year, so it is a no brainer way for me to contribute.

      1. Shit, I keep forgetting to do that. I did it for The Agitator for a while.

        1. The hard bit for me is remembering to go to smile.amazon rather than amazon in general. When I reviewed my orders over the last 6 months, there was probably another $1500 that didn't get ordered through Smile. Sorry Reason. I'll catch ya next year.

  1. Hey, at least no one has accused you of being Steve Smith


  2. Well, he's no Virginia Postrel.

    1. The rumor is Postrel hates us. If Postrel were still in charge, we would have all been sent to moderated oblivion by now.

      I am pretty hard on Nick but this is one time he has a point.

      1. Were you the author of the "apologist for stupefaction" crack? Because that's pretty good.

        1. I wish I could take credit for that one, but it wasn't me.

      2. It isn't a rumor, John. While I am too lazy to look for it, I believe she said something like "I hate those guys" when referencing our group of wonderful ladies and gentlemen.

        1. I have heard that. I assume it is true and screw her. I like her writing but if this board offends her delicate sensibilities that much, she needs to grow up and get the stick out of her ass.

        2. There's women in this commentariat?

      3. It is no rumor. She hates us. She said she can't even read the articles because she knows 'they' are down there.

        That is some real thin skin.

        1. That is really funny. What a nut.

          1. From her twit feed:

            I hope no @reason commenters go on the cruise, because I don't want to meet these jerks.

            Wear it proudly my fellows!

            1. What exactly was done to offend her so?

              1. I simpler question would be what didn't.

              2. What exactly was done to offend her so?

                The bestiality? The rape? The microaggressions? The list is long and illustrious.

            2. That makes me want to get a Twitter feed and call it "Reason's most notorious comenter" or something and start following Postrel with it.

            3. That really lowers my opinion of her. I thought that shit was mostly a joke.

            4. Just for that I think we should all go on the next cruise. What a cosmotarian wench.

              1. maybe that's what she wants! maybe it's reverse psychology to drive up ticket sales!

            5. *adds an item to the "When I Hit the Powerball List"*: Buy out an entire Reason cruise and invite a bunch of H&R commenters, so that Postrel at sea for a week with nothing but us for company.

        2. Yeah, that's kind of pathetic.

          I can understand why decent people might be a bit shocked at some of the stuff here, but I haven't encountered any other public commenting forum with anything like the kind of intelligent discussion and commentary you get here. Of course it is all mixed up with weird inside jokes, pop culture references, ridiculous hyperbole and just plain offensive and obnoxious stuff, but how hard is it to ignore (or learn to love) all that?

          1. This place would be so fucking boring without all that stuff you mentioned, and the disagreements. There's nothing more useless than a bunch of people who agree on everything and constantly kiss each other's ass.(for proof, see Sean Hannity's radio show)

          2. I haven't encountered any other public commenting forum with anything like the kind of intelligent discussion and commentary you get here.

            Preach it. When I was active on Salon's Table Talk, the other commenters could write well, although the logic was for the most part putrescent. Here, people can write well and reason well.

            1. Once in a while I will comment on Althouse or PJ Media and I am reminded that conservatives can be as dumb as liberals sometimes. Never quite as evil and rarely as crazy but as dumb.

              1. I occasionally venture into the comments at Hot Air to remind myself how conservatives can be just as dumb and myopic as liberals.

          3. Fourthed. While I'm a somewhat infrequent commenter here, I never comment elsewhere because the signal-to-noise ratio is dismal.

            That reason alone is enough to get me to donate again.

            1. I guess we need more noise...

          4. First, I think Reason comments have slipped overall the past couple of years, but remains one of the smartest of news/politics sites.

            Second, I go back to read "The Future and it's Enemies" every year or two. The further into the future we get (16 years!), the more prescient it seems. Plus she gave away one of her kidneys! I can't not love her.

      4. She'd allow comments, but they'd have to be glamorous.

  3. You vacillating airheaded cow-like up-chuck-inspiring butt-licking prick !!

    There is a surprising lack of decent insult generators on the internet.

    1. Here's a good one, but it's from a SJW-mockery perspective.

    2. Shut your festering gob, you tit! Your type really makes me puke, you vacuous, coffee-nosed, maloderous, pervert!!!

      1. I prefer the classics.

        You mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!

      2. Ok, this insult includes "tit" and "coffee", two of the best things on Earth so I disqualify it.

    1. OTOH, you did finally put 24/7 out of its misery. What'd that save, $4.99?

    2. oh, h/t Fist, btw

    3. To repost from earlier today in a similar vein:

      I'd like to ask the Reason Foundation to set aside a special donation bucket to take whatever donations are necessary for Reason to publish something like "No, fuck you, cut spending" as a part-time motto until spending is, in fact, cut. With fusion-powered laser chainsaw (by the way, do Jedi gardeners have light saber chainsaws?). I'm okay with "fuck" being converted to "screw," "fuck you" being changed to "piss off," etc. The message is more important than the fucking.

      This is not to say that I think spending is the only problem this government has. This government parasite sucking our precious economic fluids away.

      I should note for the record that Auric objects to me allowing for the replacement of the word, "fuck." He's young and randy, so he resists any restrictions on fornication, whether real or virtual.

      1. Hopefully this alumni happy hour tonight goes well.

        1. Will there be any gingers present?

          1. Hopefully. I'll have to find out.

      2. I'd donate at least $100 if it came with a fuck you cut spending bumper sticker.

        1. It would be the best bumper sticker by far.

  4. Alright. I donated. You identified the real value, to me, of H & R. The unruly mob, periodically provoked by articles.

    1. Why am I not surprised that Vox doesn't allow comments?

      1. That would entail more sockpuppetry than an old-school Glenn Greenwald column.

      2. It makes sense though, I mean the articles are basically just a compilation of various progtard comments anyway.

        1. Vox is a platform built and designed to promote E. Klein, a pundit who rose to prog stardom thanks to his...COMMENTS. If Vox allowed comments, some radical young Turk might emerge & eclipse the rapidly aging, 2008-hope-and-change-era 'wunderkind.'

    2. I'm holding out for un-nested comments and the restoration of thousands of our comments, WHO DIED FOR NOTHING.

      1. And the reopening of the Santorum thread. Viking Moose is still trapped there.

        1. poor bastard.

          1. We tried to reach him, but he's in a nested, threaded comment loop. Buried alive. Buried alive.




              1. Highnumber went in after him, but his bike got stolen, so he had to give up the search.

  5. If you REALLY wanted my money, you'd threaten me with imprisonment or worse if I didn't give you any.

  6. Hey, that gay Elvis impersonator is right!

    1. Wait, are you talking about that apologist for stupefaction guy?

    2. I think a gay Elvis impersonator sounds pretty cool. I would pay to see that show in Vegas.

      1. Don't google Extreme Elvis.

        1. Rule 34 in action. I like it.

        2. I would pay to see it in Vegas, not Amsterdam.

      2. Google it, John. I'm sure its out there.

      3. Ever been to Vegas? There's an Elvis impersonator on every corner. I'm sure some of them are gay.

        1. I mean like Episiarch gay not secretly listens to Judy Garland gay.

          1. So you've never been to Vegas then.

          2. Remember, John, I am gayest monster since gay came to Gaytown gay.

            1. You're Willie Nelson?

              1. Yeah, do you have my mail?

      4. How about a gay, Mexican Elvis impersonator?

        He's an acquaintance of mine and actually a really nice, funny guy.

        1. Is butt sex involved?

          The perfect libertarian?

          1. Needs Moar pot!!

  7. Looser than what?

    1. Your mom.

  8. I'll give you idiots money, but not until you've squirmed to my satisfaction. SQUIRM, FONZIE WITH AIDS, SQUIRM!

    1. Wouldn't "syphilitic Fonzie" be better? Come on, man, what's wrong, steroids make you uncreative?

      1. Nick makes sure the interns are screened for syphilis, you moron. You think it's an accident that John Stagliano is involved with this dump?

  9. But why would I donate money when I need it to buy these?

    Seriously, women... Why?

    1. Huh. Didn't know I had that kink.

    2. At $180, those are a steal! Hell, I'm ordering myself a pair!

      Wait, did I just say that out loud?

      1. THIS^^^ does not surprise me.

    3. Women dress totally to impress and intimidate other women. Men are totally incidental. Shoes are proof of this. No straight man ever cared what shoes a woman was wearing. But women obsess over shoes, because they dress for each other not men.

      One of the best ways to chat up a woman is compliment her on her shoes. Women love shoes and put a lot of thought into which ones they wear but no straight man ever notices. When a straight guy does, they love it.

      1. Speak for yourself. Slutty heels and fuck-me boots are great achievements of Western civilization.

        1. Now that the Ugg/fluffy boot plague has been put down, I am a happy man this winter.

          1. the Ugg/fluffy boot plague has been put down

            Yeah, but it's given way to the
            Han Solo look
            . Marginal improvement at best.

            1. Say baby, you want some Wookie?

              1. You should have said "I did it all for the Wookie," but there's probably a Web site for that and, no, I'm not searching for it.

            2. I don't know, the vests haven't made it South and there's absolutely nothing wrong with skinny jeans and riding boots on a woman.

        2. You don't often appreciate slutty heels if you're a man of only 5'7''.

        3. fuck-me boots

          Well, that's just redundant.

          What other kinds of boots are there?

          1. Uggs with sweatpants. Which pretty much scream, "Don't look at me, I'm only here because I have to be!"

            1. Fair point.

              How do you feel about tall boots with yoga pants?

              Yeah, I said it: yoga pants.

              1. (perks up)

                Did someone say yoga pants?

                1. It's like the Epi signal.

                  I love wearing yoga pants to the gym. No one else in the weight section gets anything done.

                  Boots and yoga pants, yea or nay?

                  1. I'm totally fine with boots and yoga pants. It's like Reese's peanut butter cups; two great tastes that go great together.

                    Now I just hope Reese's doesn't sue me for that.

                  2. I love wearing yoga pants to the gym.

                    You're not real. You're some kind of evil robot that's reading data directly out of the sex center of my brain.

                    1. Haha! I bet you say that to all the female libertarians.

                    2. Actually he says that to everyone.

                    3. Actually he says that to everyone who ends up locked in his basement...

                    4. Well, the sex center of my brain is pretty easy to access. Just like your mom. ZING

                    5. Riven|12.2.14 @ 1:40PM|#

                      Haha! I bet you say that to all the female libertarians.

                      But, I have been assured on these very boards that there are no female libertarians!

                    6. There aren't. I don't really count.

                  3. Ok, I had vowed to not mention this here because Warty will find me and break me like a twig but the best thing about joining CrossFit is all the women in yoga pants.

                    I get there late to secure a spot in the back of the class. Heaven.

                    1. Crossfit makes chicks into hot chicks, dudes into chicks, and orthopedic surgeons rich.

                    2. CrossFit is what got me started lifting, fun fact for those of you keeping track.

                    3. Crossfit is simultaneously the best thing that's ever happened to the iron game, a spectacular producer of hot chicks, and incredibly stupid.

                    4. I can agree with that. You'll notice I say it got me started. CF has done more to put barbells in the hands of regular folks than anything else has in recent history.

                      I stopped going because the price is just exorbitant, and the atmosphere was too culty.

                    5. I investigated a "box" a few years ago when it had a Groupon that made it cost a reasonable amount. It's an interesting dynamic. You take rank beginners, put them in a supportive environment, and encourage them to work hard. Of course they see improvement, they've never worked hard before and hard work is at least 80% of success. Then you randomly vary workouts so they're not bored and put attractive and minimally-clothed members of the opposite sex around and it's not surprising that people stick around. They'll never progress beyond their initial gains because the random variation makes that impossible, but that's not the point. It's no surprise that Greg Glassman is filthy stinking rich.

                    6. That sounds about right. Some of the better boxes will put a strength portion before the WOD (workout of the day) that people are meant to continually build on, but that's usually the exception, from what I've seen.

                      I figure I can get more done on my own in a gym in an hour than I can at a CrossFit, so that's what I do.

                    7. Yes. The complete lack of standardization means that some of the boxes do intelligent programming for their members and others just follow the main site shit-thrown-on-a-wall workout. Crossfit Football is legitimately intelligently programmed as well, but that's only tangentially related to Crossfit.

                      I figure I can get more done on my own in a gym in an hour than I can at a CrossFit, so that's what I do.

                      Exactly. Doing something sensible like a Bill Starr heavy-light-medium approach takes no more than 3-4 hours a week and will make you strong as hell and look great in short order.

                    8. I followed this programming for a while, and I really liked the emphasis on lifting heavy weights at low reps.

                      But then I realized I had gotten all squishy during the summer, decided I wanted to cut for a while, and that program is designed for hypertrophy.

                      So I switched to this program in the interest of not being so damn chubby.

                    9. It is culty and I don't care for that aspect of it but the introduction to all the bar work has been a lot of fun.

                    10. Agreed. All the bar work is fun. I always liked the WODs that were more bar work than body weight.

                    11. Squatting and pulling is fun. When you get to the point where everyone stops to watch you, it's really fun.

                    12. I've only been going for a few weeks but my favorite WODs include a lot of bar work. It's a whole new world of working out that I am quickly becoming obsessed with.

                    13. After you get run down from the constant HIIT work, send me an email and I'll show you how to get strong.

                    14. I can vouch for every part of that statement.

              2. It depends. If she can pass for a yoga instructor -- definitely. If it looks like she's more acquainted with tubs of frozen yogurt -- not so much.

              3. You had me at yoga pants. After that I don't give a shit if she's wearing clogs.

              4. How do you feel about tall boots with yoga pants?

                I'll be right back. Go on without me.

            2. I have no problem with Uggs. There, I said it. I'm more of a face guy anyway. The outfit is nice, but no one fucks outfits.

              1. I don't really care either. I'm more of a fully naked sort of guy. I don't really give a crap about underwear or lingerie either.

                1. Underwear has its place, such as when doing household chores. Pretty much all other forms of lingerie are useless, and the world would be a better place if we were more accepting of public nudity.

                  1. Household chores? But that's what maid outfits are for.

                2. You and me are cut from the same cloth Zeb.

              2. but no one fucks outfits

                Hey, that got me thrown out of JC Penny's.

          2. While Wellington style rubber boots wouldn't turn me off, they don't exactly scream "fuck me".

            1. Yeah, depends on the boots.

              Wear these with your yoga pants, and you'll be inundated with a wide range of proposals, ideas, suggestions, etc.


            2. While Wellington style rubber boots....

              Knee-high Wellingtons with thick socks pulled up past the boot are the new thing. They'll be as ubiquitous as Uggs by next season.

              Learn to love the Wellies.

              1. I assume they won't be covered in shit, though, which really spoils the authenticity.

                Problem with Wellies as fashion is that your feet are going to be disgusting.

              2. Are they worn with short skirts? Because that's essentially the old Goth Girl look updated to rain boots.

                1. They're worn mostly by affluent teenage girls and their mothers, so they won't be covered in shit. 😉 They're worn with riding or yoga pants or leggings mostly. It's a very equestrian - just mucked out the horse stall - look minus the actual work or shit.

                  I'm a trousers or pencil skirt girl myself, not that anyone asked. 😛

                  1. Ugh. No. That might as well be 80s aerobic leggings and leg warmers, who, unless you're Sarah Conner or Jane Fonda, just no.

                  2. But I do like the pencil skirt. Especially with strappy heels.

                    1. I'm fond of strappy heels with very pointed toes. All the better to kick and leave a puncture wound.

                      Some one up thread (John, possibly?) mentioned that women love to be asked about their shoes. This person was correct.

                      The best line a guy can say to a women is "Hey, great shoes, where'd you get them?" Provided of course the shoes are actually nice. No women on earth who cares about her shoes will refuse to converse about shoes.

                    2. It was me Lady Bartrum. And thanks for the confirmation. I knew I liked you for a good reason.

                    3. Compliments on shoes never fails to start a conversation with a woman.

        4. Boots are proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. But, they are great because of what they do above the feet. The shoe part is incidental.

        5. Like you wouldn't fuck the same woman if she were wearing sandals.

          1. Exactly anti-socialist.

          2. Of course I would. I'm just saying I like ogling broads too and I enjoy clothes that improve the ogling.

      2. Uh, some of us like shoes, especially high heels and the like. It's just another part of the outfit. Do you like miniskirts? I know I do. So why wouldn't you like shoes too?

        1. I like miniskirts but I like them because of the legs not the shoes. Would you like a women less if she were wearing flats rather than heels? I wouldn't.

          I like boots, but only because of how they look covering the calf. The shoe part is incidental.

          1. You fool. Heels make the ass stick out, make the legs look better, and act as hobbles so they can't run away. There's nothing about them that's not great.

            1. Yes, what Warty said though I know no amount of agreeing with him will forgive me of the sin I confessed to above.

          2. I like a woman less if she's wearing Uggs or flip-flops, especially if she tells me they're "dress flip-flops," whatever the fuck those are supposed to be.

            1. I am not a fan of Uggs. But I have never seen footwear of any kind no matter how ugly that in any way detract from a nice ass or a good pair of tits. But that is just me perhaps.

              1. Has to be some really awful footwear to detract from a nice set of tits.

                1. And worn around her neck.

              2. If we're just mirin', I don't really care.

                But if I'm trying to feel a female out for future potential, the clothing choices she makes matter a great deal.

                1. "Mirin'"? Is this some secret thing that women do? Better be careful with your phrasing or some folks here are going to have a crisis.

                  1. Mirin' is meat head lifter jargon for admiring. Jeeze, you guys. I have to teach you everything! 😛

                    1. They just jelly brah.

                    2. Ah, like ad-mirin'. I kept pronouncing it like Helen Mirren in my mind.

              3. My new GF was wearing Uggs with furry tops, and it looked great on her.

                Course, almost anything would look great on her. Or, preferably, scattered on the floor in her vicinity.

                1. My new GF was wearing Uggs with furry tops, and it looked great on her.

                  Pics or GTFO

            2. I've just decided that the next woman I spend a lot of time with has to look sexy in ski boots.

              1. The ski boot test is a damn good one. Also, fuzzy jackets and preferably nothing else.

            3. Thank you. Dress flip flops say "I have no dress sense and can easily be duped out of $30."

              1. cheap easy chicks are my favorite...unfortunately i married an expensive smart chick.

            4. I prefer semi-casual flipflops myself.

          3. Yeah, heels do make legs look better in many cases. But they are terrible in every other way. Why would you do that to yourself?

            I'm not the person to ask. I'm pretty purely about function when it comes to shoes and clothes these days. I can dress nicely when appropriate, but everything I do seems to involve getting dirty.

            1. everything I do seems to involve getting dirty

              Go on...

              1. You will almost certainly be disappointed.

        2. The rest of us would like miniskirts a whole lot better if you took the time to shave your legs when you wore them, Epi.

          1. Don't tell me you don't like how the leg hair looks poking through my fishnets, Hugh. I know you do. I've seen you looking.

    4. TIWTANFL. Wait, what?

    5. I'm a rich robber baron so I can donate to reason and afford all the Irregular Choice/Miss L Fire/Miz Mooz/Fly Loondon/Fluevogs I want!

        1. Derp.

          The rest of that's supposed to say, "Let's join forces!"

          1. Wonder shooz power, activate!

            1. TIWTANML

            2. Is this the shoes thread now? Can y'all tell me where I can get affordable custom made boots?

                1. Of course Warty has the answer.

                  1. Warty contains multitudes.

                2. That is some incredible web design. Are those people good? I'm good on cowgirl boots, but I'm having a hard time finding good lace up or riding boots that are comfortable.

                  1. I have no idea, I just searched for internet custom boot places. I'm planning to try out one of the custom jean places next time I need new pants, but I have no experience with any custom foreign clothes yet.

  10. I wonder if we can hack Steven Hawking's new FOSS Speech System to issue random, Herc-like H&R memes. "So, you can see in the graph of the third derivative that -- Fuck you! Cut spending! -- even a super-massive body compressed to a point would radiate."

  11. Website idea: comment threads for websites that don't allow comments. Go to commentanyway.com/vox, click on the link for the specific article, and sound off.

  12. Nick, you should consider it a great honor to be called a libertarian asshole on the pages of The Daily Kos, I know I would. I would print that shit out, frame it and hang it on my living room wall.

    Yes, I will be giving and continuing to comment. Being able to do so freely and without censorship makes Reason head and shoulders above any other site that I am aware of. The commenters analyses and criticisms are head and shoulders above any others I have seen. Not infrequently they are superior to the articles. The comments here make the site more worth reading. If they disappear, so do I.

  13. Becuase it needs to be said.

    You know who else fucked sheep.

  14. Sorry, Nick, but that's the worst pitch I've ever heard. If I promise not to donate this time, will you consider moderating or possibly instituting some kind of upvoting system?

    The problem with the internet isn't a lack of ways to make yourself heard, it's that the signal to noise ratio is too high and it takes energy to manage your sources.

    I have no idea how people even glance at the comments here without reasonable. There are some brilliant people posting, but every
    time I pull this up on my phone, I can't wade through all the angry ranters, obsessive trolls, and banalities.

    1. The original sin was threading. I'd double my donation if they'd just get rid of it.

      1. I've made that offer before--no dice. Fucking threads. Only P Brooks remains strong.

      2. Threaded comments are fine.

        I'll double my donation if P Brooks gets shocked through his keyboard every time he bucks the threaded comments.

      3. Threading changed the entire flow of commenting and allowed a lot more of the "noise" that people complain about. It also allowed for a lot more commenting, though, which I'm sure reason appreciates for the ad revenue.

        1. Threading would be much better if it included some obvious features (without the need for an add on), for example indicating new posts since you can't just go to the bottom and more indents before you hit the wall. Once they have already made everyone register its stupid not to have these (and edit button).

          1. Getting notified for direct replies would be nice.

            1. This; how else are you supposed to find out John declared war on you!?!

              1. Just roll a d20. If your number comes up...

                1. What, what's the THAC0 of a level 5 commenter?

              2. I could set up a Google alert for "transvestite rights," maybe?

                1. Then you'd just be reading io9 all of the time.

                  1. Gods, no.

          2. No edit button. If you make a mistake you can amend it. Edit buttons allow the trolls to deny their own words by changing them after the fact.

            1. It's trivially simple to come up with the idea of an edited tag, or edit time limit.

            2. Edit buttons allow the trolls to deny their own words by changing them after the fact.

              This. We'd all have to take screen grabs of the horrible, ignorant, racist bullshit before they were edited. I'd rather have a few typos here and there than allow trolls to backtrack and move goalposts more easily than they try to do now.

          3. Also, more HTML freedom and the ability to post inline gifs.

            1. Don't forget blink tags.

              1. If blink tags were allowed again, Postrel might actually murder us.

                1. She wasn't here for the Day of the Commenters, which was about 30 minutes away from wholesale porn before they shut everything down.

              2. Part of that HTML freedom. I'd also like to have some formatting ability. Used to be able to do bullets, underlining, all sorts of special characters, etc. here. NO MORE.

    2. "....consider moderating or possibly instituting some kind of upvoting system?"


      "...every time I pull this up on my phone"

      I think I know what the problem is and what it is not.

      1. It's not a regular practice, but I do it every few months when I'm at a frustrating government office without my laptop, and am always astonished at how unreadable it is.

        1. It's surprisingly better with the update. It's not as jumpy and hard to read. It could still use some tweaks, but I'm happy to be able to actually use the mobile site.

  15. Commenters can be brutal?I've been called everything from a "gay Elvis impersonator"

    Are you sure this wasn't a complement? Because I don't see anything insulting about it.

    1. A complement to Nick being a gay Elvis impersonator would be Matt being a lesbian Aretha Franklin impersonator.

  16. The commetariat helps me stay sane. The whole western liberal (liberal in the traditional sense) experiment and gains from the Enlightenment are imploding before our very eyes in agonizing slow motion. The social contract of the Constitution is being breached buy the very government it was meant to reign in. You reprobates and rabble help to understand that it isn't me that's crazy, it is them. The "them" being a list too long and ubiquitous.

    And please..... no more of those stupid fucking articles about how things are getting better. That I can live longer and post 24/7 in a open air police state is not fucking progress. Fuck you.

  17. Back in the first W administration H&R comments were The Market, but now they're raw sewage. Blame David Weigel, blame threaded comments, or just time. It seems to me Cillizza has responded better than Reason. The jerks have made this a place interesting people don't want to be part of.

    1. Wow.

      Regular commenters here include physicians, medical researchers, lawyers, PhDs in a variety of fields, tailors, engineers, auctioneers, farmers, waiters, professors, lobbyists, bureaucrats of various stripes, young people, old people, married people, single people, people on the right, on the left, pinkos, anarchists......

      They offer expertise and excellent criticism sometimes, and sometimes show that even very educated people can be completely full of shit.

      Holy crap Warren, what exactly do you consider an 'interesting' person?

      1. Oh yeah, I forgot, at least one nuclear physicist.

        And people from all over the world.

        I could go on.

      2. You can't deny that the SNR has gotten worse. My personal observation is that over the years, the average quality of my commenting experiences has declined, and I'm now more likely to get some spleen venter insulting me or missing my point than get some new insight. I used to have a great time here, and it kills me that I can't count on that anymore.


        1. There's always been chaff here. We had a serious troll problem long before the more recent problems. The whole Urkobold business was an anti-troll measure to begin with (you shall have no other trolls but him), and that dates back to 2006/2007.

          Honestly, while there may be a little more snark and insults going on today than in the early days, I think part of the problem is that some of the old commenters were left-leaning and were uncomfortable with the left-bashing that came when the Democrats took power.

          To be fair, I was pretty friendly with some commenters who have left, and I do think most of those just wanted more civil discourse and are true-blue libertarians. Truth be told, that's more my comfort zone in real life, too, but I'm okay with some incivility here, to some extent.

        2. This place will never be what it was in the Golden Age. Most of that is just an increase in traffic, unfortunately.

          1. Yeah, that's part of it, too. More obscurity provided for a more dedicated and erudite (for the most part) commentariat.

            Another thing to keep in mind is that libertarianism wasn't much talked about except by libertarians back in the day. Now it's a real bogeyman of sorts that gets mentioned all of the time. That attracts a shitload of trolls, given Reason's prominence as a libertarian publication.

          2. The Golden Age happened because we 1) were not well known enough, and the swell of libertarian hate from both TEAMs hadn't started in earnest, so we were not innundated with shitheads, trolls, and sockpuppets yet, though we had our classics like LoneDipshit and Underzog; 2) there were no threaded comments, so disruptions were harder to cause and threads tended to stay to one or two topics and they ran slower, so it was easier to make more elaborate and thought out comments without falling way behind; and 3) things weren't nearly as shitty as they are now (thought they were starting) and people were generally a little lighter and more jovial.

            It's never going to happen again, so just cherish the memories.

            1. I was around for all of that and don't see much difference to now. We bitch about Shreek and Tony, but Lonewacko was ten times the pain in the ass they are. Lonewacko was just pathetic.

              The only real difference to now is that there were some let leaning people like Jennifer and Gaius Marius who were actually intelligent and worth reading. Now, we don't have that at all. The leftists are all sock puppets and trolls. I don't know how you fix that to be honest.

              And lets not forget, the "golden age" included Joe from Lowell who was the most mendacious prick ever to comment on this board. Him being gone is a pretty big upside for the current state of things.

              1. Like I said, we had chaff and trolls all along. They just were very known quantities. And even some of the leftists weren't too bad to begin with.

                I swear Lonewacko wasn't as overtly nuts when he was first commenting here, but maybe I'm remembering things wrong.

                1. "I swear Lonewacko wasn't as overtly nuts when he was first commenting here,"

                  No, he wasnt. he spoke in actual coherent sentences. Then he launched 'OPERATION: ENDMEXICANIMMIGRATIONTOGETPOLITICALPOWER'

                  I think Matt knows more about his story but never shared the details. I think LW trolled his fantasy-baseball world or something.

              2. "there were some let leaning people like Jennifer and Gaius Marius who were actually intelligent and worth reading."

                This is true. Not that i think either of those two are the best case studies (jen writes for the Guardian now, FWIW, and still uses the same picture of herself from back then*) but you're totally right that there was a cohort of left-leaning people who could go toe-to-toe on any given issue and make legitimately decent cases for things.

                I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that it was the Bush admin, and the lefties felt that there was far more 'in common' with the reasonoids in our more-salient criticisms than the frothing "BOOOSH!! BLOOD OIL!!" that you found elsewhere. Now, they're too invested in the status quo to dare engage in self-criticism.

                *note: I also still use a picture of myself from 2004 in my own never-updated profiles, so more power to Feral Genius Jen

                1. Good post

              3. I found LoneWacko to be funny because he was monomaniacal about his ImmigrationIssue and IllegalAliens. joe was a total fuckwad but for a while he was fun to fuck with, and at least he wasn't a sockpuppet. And when he got really bad we ran him off. The sockpuppets now are vastly more boring and uninteresting because even though, say, joe was eristic and obnoxious, he actually was kind of earnest. Sockpuppets have no purpose other than to get a rise out of you and to get you to respond. They're essentially pointless.

                And yeah, losing any intelligent left-leaners was a loss too. From Mister Nice Guy/MNG's descent into total trolldom to whoever else left, the rise of Obama had a very damaging effect on the ability of any leftist commenters to stay intellectually honest. But I guess that's what being a partisan and tribal gets you.

                Anyway, it's not going to come again, but that's life. Change is inevitable and often good.

                1. Here is how you tell the sock puppets from the actual lefties. If you ever notice Tony and Shreek never comment on any of the threads that are not partisan like the cop threads or the pop culture threads. They only show up when showing up is necessary to suck Obama's cock or defend the Democrats.

                  As annoying as someone like Joe was, Joe commented on everything even when doing so didn't have a partisan angle. The sock puppets don't do that. They are here for one purpose, to shit on every thread that might make the Democrats look bad to the casual observer.

            2. Eric Dondero just called and told me you're wrong about everything and not even a real libertarian.


                God I miss doing that.

                1. It wasn't until years after he left that I knew what the "Orangeline" reference meant. I always thought "Orangeline Special" was the title of some obscure country song or something.

      3. This comment section also has a winged unicorn, a dragon, and a Warty. How many political websites offer the views of mythological creatures on the various issues of the day?

    2. The jerks have made this a place interesting people don't want to be part of.

      So is this you self identifying as boring?

      1. Nobody comes here anymore, it's too crowded.

    3. The jerks have made this a place interesting people don't want to be part of.

      I agree and disagree. I scroll right on past a Bo pedant competition or a shreek troll-off, but the vast majority of comments are either good or random. I can handle random. I cant do pedantry or trolling... It just makes me want to do a point by point refutation.

      1. I think the important thing is that you get out of the comments what you put in. I have seen well reasoned, good faith discussions in Reason threads. I have also seen a bunch of troll-driven swill where people can't get their heads out of their asses long enough to look each other in the eye (metaphorically).

        If you want threads to be more constructive, post a question. Post it without snark, be the first to have a thick skin and not jump to namecalling. I have even had decent discussions with Tony. And I know a lot of people piss and moan about Bo, but he at least gives a decent argument that is usually absent of invective. Creating a constructive place to disagree even with asshats is a great way to learn how to debate with people outside reason in good faith.

  18. It's odd that Vox doesn't allow comments when their SBN commenting software is the best out there, bar none. I say Reason uses our donations to initiate a hostile takeover of Vox Media just to get the rights to their commenting software.

    1. I like /.'s commenting system myself.


    2. You mean reddit?

      1. Have you used SBN's? I go through Z button withdraw every time I switch off of it.

        1. Oops, this was supposed to go to papaya's comment about a "shadow" commenting site.

  19. Get a job, you panhandling cosmotarian losers!

  20. I'll double my donation if P Brooks gets shocked through his keyboard every time he bucks the threaded comments.

    Fuck off, slaver.

    Color outside the lines once in a while, and see how good it feels.

    1. I get shocked every time I thread comments, but that's only because I have it wired up to an Arduino on my electrostim box.

  21. I once called Nick a "wannabe-Belgian from Cleveland." I'm sorry, Nick, you didn't deserve that. You're not from Cleveland.

  22. Did we just change the style sheet?

    1. Yeah, I have the same question. It even affects Reasonable's sidebar.

    2. You should change your sheets at least once per week.

      This font and lack of breaks is unnerving.

    3. My href went away.

    4. It's not just you. So someone did, apparently.

  23. Donate now, or this is what HnR will look like, henceforth!


      why does every reformat of a website give me a headache for a week while i get used to the changes? I just got used to YouTube, I've still not gotten used to Foreign Policy (disaster!) and this.... well, it isnt bad. Anything that reduces the script browser-buggery would be a good thing. I'm not sure i like how...WIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE the text field is. I have to move my neck. NICK YOU BASTARD, MY NECK!! WHIPLASH?! LAWSUIT!! WHY AM I YELLING?

  24. Two places left I can comment freely: Reason and PubPeer.

    1. Shut the fuck up, Donny

      1. That just leaves PubPeer then.

  25. Most of the commenters here do a better job of promoting freedom than the Reason staff. And we're doing it for free.

    1. But we're such jerks!!!!!11!!ERMAGERDELEVNTY!!!

    2. Speak for yourself = i bill the Koch bros by the post

      True, i've not yet been paid, but they're on the hook for *years* of labor now

    3. Not sure we're actually promoting freedom. Who reads these threads who isn't already into freedom, other than a few trolls and leftists who aren't going to be swayed by logic?

      Me, I'm just here to amuse myself.

      1. I've learned a lot about freedom by reading the comments. Typically the article is worth a skim and the comments are worth closer study.

        1. I do wish they would improve the threading a smidge. I'd like to collapse an entire thread when I start to see it devolving into pop-culture references (NTTAWWT). But by and large, the reasonable plugin for chrome makes comments my favorite break of the day. And I take a shit ton of breaks.

          1. It wouldn't be too hard for somebody to develop an add-on that made reasonable look like shit. I'm not a Web developer, and I had a decent grease monkey script in about 5 hours.

            Something that allowed multi-factor filtering (from:Shreek AND contains:Boooosh), collapsible threads, real-time preview, a memory preservation mode that didn't load the social media plug-ins, and a few other features would be worth $1.99 in the app store.

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    ????? http://www.netjob70.com

    So many commenters tell Reason how to make money and they refuse to even try.


  27. I do wish we had comment upvoting and downvoting. A "Report as spam" button. An edit function (with a limit of a few minutes) would be nice.

    1. Or like the Yelp buttons (Useful, Funny, Cool) except Funny, Informative, Derp.

      1. Need one for slaver.

        1. I just want to be able to sort long threads by quality.

    2. It could go the yahoo route and automatically collapse any comment with enough negative reviews.

  28. I think part of the problem is that some of the old commenters were left-leaning and were uncomfortable with the left-bashing that came when the Democrats took power.

    It's all fun and games as long as you're bashing BOOOOSH.

    1. And you will see the same happen when the GOP returns to power. I lean conservative, and I definitely have disagreements with libertarians on things like abortion and the role of social morals (not coercion), so I will be much more antagonistic when all the articles are condemning conservative efforts.

  29. Why should I contribute to H&R when I *am* that for which people are paying?

  30. This sounds good, but make one or two dozen comments about certain individuals perhaps, maybe, liking to fornicate with goats and we get shut down.

    1. Only a goat-fucker would say something like that.

      1. That much is *plane* to see.

  31. There is a special ring in hell reserved for commenters who don't know the difference between loose and lose.

    (and is it just me, or is there an increasing number of people confusing exclamation points with question marks?)

    1. and is it just me, or is there an increasing number of people confusing exclamation points with question marks?

      That would be weird. I've never noticed it. People do misuse exclamation points a lot, but it's better than all caps.

    2. If there is a hell for malapropism, I have my own wing.

  32. .banded together to keep the guy typing IN ALL CAPS ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL POST

    I for one, used to Hercule's posts, but I'm not sure that it wasn't one of Mary's saner sock-puppets.

    White Indian started out as fun... but not for very long.

    1. used to 'ENJOY' Herc...

      /Poor Man's edit

    2. I don't think so. I believe Herc was the pure and real thing.

  33. I just paid up. Down on your knees bitches!

  34. Why would anyone impersonate Gay Elvis?

    He's not canon anyway.

    1. Apropos of nothing, I voted for the Vegas Elvis stamp.

    2. What about Nick's Cannon?

  35. That makes a lot of sen edude.


  36. If you got rid of comments, I would never visit the site. Not out of spite, but out of lack of interest.

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