Tonight on The Independents: Let's Try That Ferguson Show Again, Featuring Deroy Murdock, Basil Smikle, Eric Guster, Mollie Hemingway, and More



Well, last night got a bit pear-shaped, but tonight, knock on wood, we'll be back with a fresh new episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later), where we'll have a chunk of the same topic (Ferguson!) and two of our same scheduled guests: Fox News contributor/National Review writer Deroy Murdock, and Democratic political strategist Basil Smikle. In addition, legal analyst Eric Guster will talk about what can/should/might happen in the legal case next.

Did you read Mollie Hemingway's "20 Ways Media Completely Misread Congress' Weak-Sauce Benghazi Report"? Go check it out now if you haven't; she'll be on to discuss. Other scheduled topics include Bill Cosby, Jonathan Gruber's upcoming congressional testimony, and the dunderheaded new food-labeling rules.

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NEXT: Polling Finds a Stark Racial Divide in Perceptions of Law Enforcement

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  1. hey, what's the over-under this episode isn't pre-empted with fresh violence in Ferguson?

    1. This is a good question. Ima go with 70% chance of violrnce, mixed with bottle rockets.

  2. Alt Text: Douchebag much?

    1. Has there ever been a 'Friday the 13th'-style slasher movie where the murderer wears a Guy Fawkes mask? If they haven't, I think it would work.

      1. I thought "v for vendetta" was a slasher movie.

        1. Hey UnCivil Servant, I just got the ebook of Shadowboy for my son based on your posts here. I'll let you know how he likes it.

          C dot Anacreon at gmail dot com

      2. M R James had a ghost story about the vengeful spirit of an unjust judge whose spectral face looks like a "fifth of november mask" -


        1. "Then a bird (perhaps) rustled in the box-bush on her left, and she turned and started at seeing what at first she took to be a Fifth of November mask peeping out among the branches. She looked closer.

          "It was not a mask. It was a face ? large, smooth, and pink. She remembers the minute drops of perspiration which were starting from its forehead: she remembers how the jaws were clean-shaven and the eyes shut. She remembers also, and with an accuracy which makes the thought intolerable to her, how the mouth was open and a single tooth appeared below the upper lip."

    2. Sez the creature who carves nixon on tombs.

      1. You carve Nixon or tape spindles, you carve Lincoln on tombs.

  3. Pope Francis shits all over Europe, calls it selfish, 'aging and haggard.'

    Do you think progressives will stop heaping adoration on Francis now that he's besmirched the noble name of the Ubermensch in Europe?

    1. Given Europe's apathy about religion I think Francis comes off a bit 'jilted lover'

    2. Pope Francis shits all over Europe, calls it selfish, 'aging and haggard.'

      With that description, you'd think he was talking about his wife.

      1. With that description, you'd think he was talking about his wife a boy in his early teens.

        1. +1 playdohfile

          1. +1 Peter File

        2. At some point you do have to surmise that things aren't necesarily on par. And this is a probable point in the vector.

          1. The law twirls upon a point. The compass swings around it, until it bangs into a ruler or a straightedge of some sort. A sane man claps the graphite from his trousers. His wife won't let him sit on the upholstery until he does. Common Core is bad because Violet is a fake color invented by the CIA

    3. How can Europe be selfish when all of it's citizens are living in blissful harmony without the slightest worry of anything, all provided by the wonder of social democracy?

      1. They're not giving away everything their forebearers have built to the third world and living in filth and poverty.

        1. They're making a start at that, though!

          1. A start in the vacuumo of internally cubed nonsense... clearly reality erases all in this inverse squared mesh in the papaya SooFoo head. The exclamation here you so avidly input seems vanquished upon vast monitors. no pain no gain SooFoo

            1. The Obama years have proven that nonsense is externally cubed, and that the inverse square mash is bad for potatoes but good for America.

      2. "all provided by the wonder of social democracy?"

        And the US defense budget.

    4. Nice of the pope to resort to calling large swaths of people names. If only there were some names to label the pope with...hmmm

      1. We need Mike Rowe here.

    5. Europe, in contrast ? beset by financial crises, soaring unemployment in some countries and the unraveling of the welfare state in others ? appears to be in something of a funk.

      Has nothing to do with the socialism he so adores.

      1. Yep! I wonder if he'll ever make the connections between the policies he advocates and the state of the economy in wide swaths of Europe.

        1. To be fair, I'd say it has more to do with EU monetary policy, but the countries suffering most are hardly the best managers of the welfare state.

          1. To be fair, I'd say it has more to do with EU monetary policy, but the countries suffering most are hardly the best managers of the welfare state.

            Unemployment rates in Europe range from 2.5 in Switzerland to the mid-20's in Greece and Spain. If the issue was monetary policy, I don't know why you'd see that kind of a spread.

            It also deserves to be noted that the countries in the best shape (Germany, Britain, Switzerland) are all countries with less generous welfare states and more free market economies. I hardly think that's a coincidence.

            1. I'm not saying it is the only factor, but it is undoubtedly very important. Britain and Switzerland are not members of the Eurozone. Countries like Greece likely need to devalue, but cannot since they are members of the Eurozone and have relinquished their monetary sovereignty.

            2. Switzerland is part of neither the EU nor the Eurozone so it is not affected by EU monetary policy. You are correct insofar as it does practice a much more prudent monetary policy than most of the EU countries (only Germany and the Scandinavian countries are close).

              Actually, "EU monetary policy" is a misnomer. All of the Eurozone countries practice their own monetary policy; it's one of the Euro's basic flaws.

              1. Ah, you're right. And Britain isn't part of the EU either.

                The Euro was a tremendously stupid idea, wasn't it? "Hey, let's bind some of the richest countries on Earth, like Germany and Norway, to a bunch of Mediterranean second world nations with bloated welfare states and no economic growth. What could go wrong?"

                1. Actually, the UK is part of the EU. It is not in the Eurozone.

                  Norway, OTOH, is in neither the EU nor the Eurozone but it is in NATO.

              2. The national central banks of Germany, Greece, etc. are more akin to the regional Federal Reserve banks than they are to an independent central bank. The ECB has the real power.

          2. Notthat I'm poor by anymeans but can the offspring of the rich be capable of riding the streams flowin from the blackholes o liberty cuz the universe is a fuckin trillions mile wide playground for fucks that can't play it.

            1. A trillion miles, and I've yet to to discern the color of a hole. If I've fallen into one, I see I'm stuck. What refractions happen don't get me out.

        2. You wonder if he will make the connection? Like all true commies, yes he makes the connection. That is why they take the positions they do.

    6. Spoken like a true commie.

      I disagreed with John Paul on many things (me being an atheist), but I respected him because he seemed to be a genuinely honorable man and we often landed on the same conclusions just by different paths.

      Then they got a nazi pope. Worse, now they have a commie pope.


      1. Libertarian pope is next, maybe?

      2. Uh, how could you respect St. JP II if one his chief advisors (the future BXVI) was a National Socialist?

        1. The whole 'being Polish and shitting on the Nazis pretty hard in his books' thing?

  4. After Michael Brown verdict, MSNBC analyst decides that the word 'charging' is a racial dog whistle which should be avoided by right-thinkers.

    1. It's totally a racial whistle, because we know black people buy stuff on credit more.

    2. San Diego NFL fans will have a difficult decision to make.

      1. The Chargers are totally harmless in the playoffs, so no big deal.

    3. So that means all calls in the NBA will be blocking?

      1. There are charging/blocking fouls in the NBA?

        1. You might say there is a lot acting around some contact - kinda like Dancing With The Stars.

    4. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Charging. Char

      1. Macro, or the old fashioned way?

    5. Is 'waistband' next?

      1. No, USB.

  5. Please give the Benghazi Conspiracy Theories up. It was never more than a wingnut witchhunt. Even the Beckerhead has moved on.

    1. I was one of the people here that long said the GOP slant on Benghazi was a strange one for libertarians to adopt (if only we had more security in place in this hostile, foreign land! if only our awesome military had been unleashed into a urban center in a country in the middle of civil strife, we could have saved those brave Americans!).

      Having said that, there is still a problem here that is totally 'on' Obama: this weird covert mission of his, sending these Americans into that area, was an incredibly stupid idea and as a result they were horribly killed. So I wouldn't make much whoop about the more 'out there' charges failing to be substantiated.

      1. and don;t forget...WDATPDIM

      2. How is a foreign embassy a "mission"?

        1. You know it was a mission to look into American arms that had gotten 'lost' over there.

          1. The CIA role was part of a program to acquire (and in theory, destroy) arms that were either taken from the Libyan arsenal post Gaddafi, and/or buyback US weapons that had been provided to rebels.

            Hilary testified to this in January of 2013

            That these same weapons ended up on boats to Turkey to be later delivered to Syrian rebels, is a complete coincidence.

            However, the House report does confirm that the CIA annex was 'tracking' this movement. No note on what 'tracking' means.

            1. UPS or Fedex can help you with that.

        2. Benghazi was not an embassy.

        3. No, Obama's admin wasn't involved in 'questionable' arms shipments from Libya to Syrian rebels - nothing to see here, move along. Even a plug can't hold back that much shit - you're going to end up shot half way 'cross the Atlantic.

        4. There are quite a few anonymous sources that asserted that the "embassy" was engaged in, or at least covering for, a weapons smuggling operation. So that would easily qualify as a mission. But let's not address Bo's point, let's instead quibble over wording.

            1. PB, Seymour Hersh is not exactly a wingnut, is he?


              1. The House Intelligence Committee debunked that. They are hardly Obama supporters.

                1. "The House Intelligence Committee debunked that. They are hardly Obama supporters."

                  And also unable to discuss classified operations in an unclassified report.

                2. "Palin's Buttplug|11.25.14 @ 8:00PM|#

                  The House Intelligence Committee debunked that.

                  No, the house report claims that "No weapons were stored at the annex"

                  The house report confirms that the CIA annex was involved with 'tracking' weapons shipments out of Benghazi.

                  See page 16

                  They do not address what interests they had in these shipments or who was sourcing the weapons. nevermind Hilary's own testimony in January, that the main purpose of State and CIA in the region was to secure MANPADS

                  1. A wonderful explainer in Hersch's piece which clarifies how the house was able to weasel out of admitting the obvious =

                    "The operation had not been disclosed at the time it was set up to the congressional intelligence committees and the congressional leadership, as required by law since the 1970s. The involvement of MI6 enabled the CIA to evade the law by classifying the mission as a liaison operation. The former intelligence official explained that for years there has been a recognised exception in the law that permits the CIA not to report liaison activity to Congress, which would otherwise be owed a finding. (All proposed CIA covert operations must be described in a written document, known as a 'finding', submitted to the senior leadership of Congress for approval.) Distribution of the annex was limited to the staff aides who wrote the report and to the eight ranking members of Congress ? the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate, and the Democratic and Republicans leaders on the House and Senate intelligence committees. This hardly constituted a genuine attempt at oversight: the eight leaders are not known to gather together to raise questions or discuss the secret information they receive."

                    IOW, the 'finding' that the CIA was "only 'monitoring' the transfer of weapons by foreign intelligence agencies'" makes a shitload more sense now. They shared office space w/ MI6 and (most likely) Saudi/Egyptian assets.

                3. Two words: Mike Rogers. Or you might know him as Feinstein's Buttplug.

                4. If you are not an Obumble fellator, you are a wing nut?

                  Good God Turdpolisher, you are a pathetic piece of shit. What a sniveling little bootlicking sycophant.

                  Please go drink a pint of Drano. Just hold your nose and slug it down in one go.

            2. The official reports, such as the one from the Accountability Review Board and the Senate Homeland Security Committee report:
              "In December 2011, the Under Secretary for Management approved a one-year continuation of the U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi, which was never a consulate and never formally notified to the Libyan government." (ARB)

              --Wingnut News Outlet Washington Post

                1. In fact, only seven of the 30 Americans evacuated from Benghazi had any connection to the State Department; the rest were affiliated with the CIA.

                  - Accountability Review Board and the Senate Homeland Security Committee report

                2. If this is a diplomatic mission, where is the ambassador? *Crushes buttplugs throat*

        5. "Palin's Buttplug|11.25.14 @ 7:40PM|#

          How is a foreign embassy a "mission"?

          Benghazi was not an embassy. It wasn't even a consulate. Diane Feinstein explains helpfully for low-information people like you

          It was a temporary facility that had no diplomatic function aside from its connection to the CIA activity in the region.

          The report helpfully clarifies this, if you would read it. The report also confirms the CIA's connection to movement of weapons out of Benghazi (although it claims none were kept at the annex), and that the delay of security officials was not 'ordered by the annex' - but they don't deny it *happened anyway*

          which is basically saying, 'someone else made the order'

          1. You mean the CIA does spy type secret shit?????????

            IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!!

            1. Your debunking has been debunked

              1. So how was this supposed to be a 2012 election issue? No one gives a shit except for you TEAM RED partisans.

                1. "Palin's Buttplug|11.25.14 @ 8:26PM|#

                  So how was this supposed to be a 2012 election issue? "

                  because having a covert gun-smuggling mission blow up in your face during an election season is generally considered 'less than professional'?

                  I do enjoy watching you as your lies collapse around and you are forced into new lines of rhetorical evasion.

                  Dance, monkey.

            2. Wondering who Obama's Ollie North is.

                1. Ah, dead men tell no tales [to Congress].

              1. Holder

    2. So it was about the video?

      1. That is what the GOP House investigation concluded - that the video provided cause in part.

        1. Funny how you completely overlook that this was the Intelligence Committee, chaired by Mike Rogers (may he rot in retirement) making sure that not too much attention got drawn to the company his wife works for.

        2. Umm..no. Quoting from the House Armed Services Committee's report (Feb 2014 update):

          Terrorist attack discerned at outset

          General Ham and others also reported to the committee that they readily believed the events in Benghazi to be an attack, not a protest against a YouTube video that had spun out of control. "It became pretty apparent to me, and I think to most at Africa command pretty shortly after this attack began, that this was an attack," General Ham said, although he also suggested that in his meeting with Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey there was some "peripheral" consideration about the underlying cause.

          "[I]initially it was somewhat uncertain to me," he said. "But as the events unfolded," and he learned from those on the ground about the enemy use of "rocket-propelled grenade[s]" and "pretty well aimed small arms fire" he said "it started to become pretty clear that this was certainly a terrorist attack and not just?not something sporadic."

          He said he conveyed this assessment to Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey.

          1. (cont)

            U.S. Marine Colonel George H. Bristol, who was the commander of Joint Special Operations Task Force?Trans Sahara in September 2012 and thus in communication with U.S. military personnel at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli, also briefed the committee. When he was asked, "did anyone in the military or anyone surrounding this event ever call [the events in Benghazi]
            anything but an attack?" he replied, "[n]ot that I remember." To the specific question, in "any of the informal discussion[s] that you were a part of or had the ability to hear about, did anyone call this a demonstration that got out of control?" he answered "No."

            In light of the prevalence, certainty, and immediacy of assessments within DOD about the nature of the attack and the fact that the military did not condition its response on the assumptions that it had been sparked by a protest, it seems clear that contrasting descriptions did not originate with Defense officials most familiar with the events in Benghazi. Majority members believe it is essential that precise, accurate information is conveyed to every level of command in the event of emergencies such as this. Furthermore, subject to appropriate classification restrictions, these same standards must be reflected in the information released to the public.

        3. The ultimate report of the House Intelligence committee stated that the administration did not engage in deliberate wrongdoing in attributing causation to the video, but rather relied on conflicting intelligence at the time. The reasonable question would then become why the administration jumped right to the video theme if there was conflicting information.

      2. So it was about the video?

        Nope. The report concedes that was a lie. Erh... "inaccurate"

    3. There is no conspiracy theory.

      He simply lied about a video for 10 days so his foreign policy would not be discredited right before an election.

      There is no disputing this well documented fact.

      1. "There is no disputing this well documented fact."

        Turd and facts are not remotely acquainted.

      2. I Invoke Occam's Razor.

      3. He fucking killed OBL and got out of Iraq! Don't be a fucking idiot.

        1. Yep, pulled the trigger himself.

          1. Obama invaded Pakistan when Bush and McCain would not.

        2. We're out of Iraq?? Coulda fooled me

            1. I know slick, I was on the last plane out of a certain air base. Point being, we seem to be back in...

              1. How many good soldiers did Bush waste in Iraq for nothing? 4500?

                And now?

                1. Palin's Buttplug|11.25.14 @ 9:04PM|#

                  Surprised, anyone?
                  Hey turd! It's BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

                  1. He's just trying a new line of distraction to erase the memory of the worse-than-usual ass-kicking he got upthread about Benghazi.

                2. How many is your boy willing to waste since he's falling into the same trap?

          1. In, out, in , out ... and we all get f'd

          2. "Coulda fooled me"

            Did fool turd.

    4. If you read the report... really read the report, it contradicts itself strongly, and it's essentially the CIA claiming that the CIA, after investigating itself had no intelligence failures, when all throughout the report it explains, in detail, dozens of intelligence failures which resulted in Ambassador Stevens' death.

      You lose Shrike. And you loooooose BIG on this one. Like SuperNova big.

  6. More r/badhistory fun, this time, Reason Magazine Holocaust denial/Pro-Apartheid Stuff, brought to you by Mark Ames!

    ".... I might well hurt myself in a rush to disavow it.
    Instead, Reason's editor penned a response saying Reason has been "spuriously attacked by an anti-libertarian conspiracy theorist" and compiled a list of articles in which Reason was critical of apartheid without ever disavowing the articles in question. I mean, I'm glad Reason printed more anti-apartheid stuff than pro-apartheid stuff, and I'm glad they only seemed to have one regular contributor who was a pro-apartheid whackjob, but....
    Really? That's your response? Even if the writer overstated the degree to which Reason was supportive of apartheid -- and I think it's fair to say that he did -- indignantly shouting "we only had one apartheid shill on staff!" is just a weird, weird response to the revelation that you printed some super racist stuff in the 70s and 80s"

    1. Was anyone here--or on the Reason staff--engaged in Reason activities in the 70s and 80s? Or is this all about the sins of someone's father?

      1. "Are you now, or have you ever been..."

      2. Pretty much the latter, but branding matters. I'll note that 'Reason Magazine Holocaust Denial' is now one of the google searches that pops up when you type the name in.

        1. Yeah, but the theoretical curious Googler have to read past the Koch Brothers and the ebola stuff to get to that, and by then I'm pretty sure their opinion will be solidified.

      3. Here's the response from earlier this year. Seems Ames is starting a word from here and a word from there:

        "Reason Spuriously Accused by Conspiracy Theorist of Institutionally Supporting Apartheid in the 1970s and '80s"

    2. You will be butthurt by my mighty exposure goddamyou! /Ames

    3. Of course the New Republic, The Nation and New York Times spent most of the '20s and '30s painting fascism and Communism as fucking peachy. The Nation engaged in Stalin apologia until they got their new marching orders from the KGB and continued to be pro-Soviet for years afterward.

      Serious question, has The Nation ever formally disavowed Communism?

      So really, on the scale of evil, even if the "Reason was pro-apartheid" accusation were true, Reason comes out looking pretty fucking good.

      1. Of course the New Republic, The Nation and New York Times spent most of the '20s and '30s painting fascism and Communism as fucking peachy. The Nation engaged in Stalin apologia until they got their new marching orders from the KGB and continued to be pro-Soviet for years afterward.

        Dude, the Nation is still a pro-Castro propaganda outlet, not to mention their Putin apologia.

        Here's the Nation on Cuban housing:

        More worrisome are the consequences of recently enacted laws allowing Cubans to buy their own houses, which they do for the most part with remittances from relatives in Florida. This is resulting in many of the historical buildings to be purchased by Cuban Americans who will quite likely demolish them, due to their state of disrepair, and will replace them with large glass towers as has been the case in many cities the world over.

        Got that? Cubans are currently living in rotting deathtraps with no indoor plumbing, but the real tragedy is that the Castros are now letting them buy their own homes and modernize them.

        The Nation is actually more Communist than Raul Castro.

        1. Indeed, they never get called for their long history apologizing for mass murderers.

        2. So that answers my question.

          I stopped reading when I was in high school. I have a cunty older cousin who used to send me Chomsky books and subscribed me to several radical left publications.

          1. I stopped reading when I was in high school. I have a cunty older cousin who used to send me Chomsky books and subscribed me to several radical left publications.

            Speaking of totalitarian apologists, Chomsky's the one who wouldn't admit the Cambodian Genocide happened for years.

            1. And then he tried to finesse it.
              Bad move; your stuff is archived on the web whither you like it or not.

            2. Along with Gareth Porter, beloved source for Raimondo and Richman.

        3. I'd really like to see The Nation staff play a game of Tropico and see how horrible it turns out.

          1. Well, considering that Tropico, like SimCity, is predicated on central planning regardless of how you rule, they probably wouldn't have a problem with it.

            The entire game is effectively Soviet.

            1. That still doesn't mean they could do it competently.

              1. Exactly.

                "Why are all my citizens complaining about their tenant buildings with no electricity? Shiny new buildings are a tool of the bourgeois!"

                "Ok, time to use our secret police to murder/imprison all the capitalists! Wait, why are all the prisons suddenly fully and does everyone hate El Presidente all of a sudden?"

        4. Anyone who defends Cuba on any level is morally and intellectually bankrupted.

      2. You should also note that Mark Ames, the person who is making these allegations against Reason, was himself an apologist for Russian fascists when he was writing for The Exile.

  7. V for Vengeance, maybe the worst movie ever.

    1. Maybe, but V for Vendetta was a great movie.

      1. Ummm, yeah. I'm gonna say my account was hacked.

  8. I give the rioting 5 days more max before it fizzles out. Once the first day of the month hits, well, those welfare checks aren't just going to spend themselves at the Walmart.

    1. Good grief that's awful.

      1. The TeaParty receives the most welfare by far as evidenced by SS, Medicare/caid numbers.

        1. You forgot to add "plus, Ayn Rand accepted social security, therefore her entire life's work was hypocrisy."

            1. Whatever, turd.

              1. She hated Reagan. Called him the enemy of freedom. You GOPers must hurt for that one.

                1. "I voted for Reagan in 1984." - shrike

                  1. I did. He was better than Mondale in my opinion. I am a capitalist to the core and Reagan had it going like Obama does now.

                    Amazing that you track my comments.

                    1. Palin's Buttplug|11.25.14 @ 8:53PM|#
                      ..."I am a capitalist to the core"{...

                      You're a lying POS, turd.

                    2. What he means is that he's a crony. He's not free market.

                    3. "Track your comments"? Don't flatter yourself. It's because you say the same exact shit over and over again.

                      Bushpig! Christfag! Aborto-freak! Fake scandal! I scored 94 on the libertarian purity test! All the best capitalists vote Democrat! Food stamp recipients vote Republican! I escaped the GOP plantation!

                      Shit, I haven't even been around that much lately, but since your Democrats didn't do so well in the midterms, at least three times I've seen you post some variation of the following:


                      It's because you desperately need some new material, Dave. Oops, I mean shrike.

        2. Looks like someone didn't take his mess to ought and now is acting out and demanding attention.

          Nothing to see here.

          1. "mess to ought"?

            1. Meds tonight. Damned autocorrect. Can that be turned off?

              1. I hate that too. It's bizarre what it can turn some words into as you press send.

              2. That's one of the coolest autocorrect type-os I've ever seen.

                I was convinced that it was some sort of cryptic idiom that I've never heard before.

                And 'mess to ought' could definitely be something used to describe shreek.

                1. I thought that was a quote.

                  1. Whatever. It should be non a T-shirt.

                    1. Not. Fuck my bilingual education.

                    2. On, on, on.

          2. If I pay the taxes for what other people get I call it welfare.

            1. Now it's pretending it has a job and pays taxes

              1. His mom must be withholding some of his allowance.

      2. Awful, but true.

  9. Pat Robertson Condemns Demonic Forces in Dungeons & Dragons

    "Pat Robertson offered a stern warning today against playing games such as ArcheAge and Dungeons & Dragons, insisting that they may lead to demonic possession.

    Robertson, who has frequently attacked Dungeons & Dragons, even tying the game to suicide, said on "The 700 Club" this morning that the game led people to do "horrible things and it was almost like an invitation to demonic possession," while conceding that he has never heard of ArcheAge."


    1. Robertson, who has frequently attacked Dungeons & Dragons, even tying the game to suicide, said on "The 700 Club" this morning that the game led people to do "horrible things and it was almost like an invitation to demonic possession,"

      Well to be fair that's 100% accurate, though I suppose some might consider it an important distinction that all of the demonic possessions and horrible things happen to fictional characters.

      1. It's the devil culture. Worse than the rape culture

        1. Myself, I'm proud to be a blue-eyed, white rapist devil.

    2. It's just the original versions of the rape culture. Evil unseen forces in things like games and jokes and movies cause people to be drawn to the dark side.

      Insert rape for demonic in that statement and it reads like the Elizabeth Nolan Brown post the other day.

    3. Did he run out of material and is now recycling his stuff from the 80s?

      1. Does anyone play Dungeons and Dragons anymore?

        1. FYI, John rapes his opponents

          1. So in Warty's Dungeon, John in the Dragon?

          2. Yeah but its not rape rape. More like Roman Polanski sort of kind of rape.

        2. Yes, I believe that they do.

        3. 5th edition just came out and is quite popular.

          1. I thought it was essentially replaced by "Magic the Gathering"

      2. honestly, I did not know he was still alive

    4. I've always found it funny how demonic possession only seems to occur in the devout. Power of persuasion perhaps?

    5. Poor Robertson. He is getting old and we will soon lose him. He is the Biden of the right. A laugh a minute.
      He will be missed.

    1. I think that if I was Natalie, as soon as I thought my fund raising was peaking out, I'd take the money and use it to move my business somewhere else.

    2. That would buy quite a few ARs...

    3. Don't they have insurance?

    4. At least the good people still outnumber the shitty people.


    1. You know who else was promised balko?

      1. Colonel Hall?

      2. Watchers of RTL?

  11. Rep. Peter King suggests Obama invite Darren Wilson to the White House


    "Mr. Wilson, have you ever given thought to working with drones?"

    1. That strikes me as less likely to happen than me winning the powerball.

    2. We should just send Peter King to Ferguson and offer him as a whitey sacrifice in exchange for the cop.

      1. Why did the ending of The Wicker Man flash in my mind?

      1. reply to this

      2. Commenting is hard!

        1. What are you fuckers drinking?

          1. The question is: What are the squirrels drinking?

          2. Nothing. Sick.

    3. King is an asshole. But that is some first class trolling there. Maybe Obama, Wilson and the Brown family can all have a beer in the White House.

    4. Seriously what a dickhead King is. I laugh at reading that but even I kind of feel guilty finding it so funny.

  12. "I think it would be very helpful if President Obama went and met with the police officer or invited him to the White House and said, 'You've gone through four months of smear and slander and the least we can do is tell you that it's unfortunate that it happened and thank you for doing your job.' And then try to bring the communities together," King said


    1. King is seriously in the running for the most unhinged, psychopathic Representative.

      1. Come on. That is some quality trolling there. He isnt serious. He is just calling Obama the race monger scumbag he is only doing it in a funny less crude way than just calling Obama a name.

      2. He needs to up his game if he is gonna beat Grayson.

  13. Sometimes you do have to roll like le' mofo into the mouth of the universe, brah. Where, when and the howl I have nada dictionary of said vector but you do need to travel into the howl my zesty beasts..

    1. uh, oh...someone been drinking

      1. Guessing more than booze is involved.

  14. Crude fell to about $70 today. This Obama energy policy is fucking amazing. Strong dollar helps.

      1. He can't be real, I just realized that. That statement could only be one of 2 things, sarcasm or sock puppet trolling.

        1. People swear he is Weigel. Apparently his posts mirror Weigels Twitter feed.

          1. No way anybody as stupid as Shreeek could get a job as a journalist.

            1. If that is true, explain one thing; Matthew Yglesias.

      2. The lord is an idiot for not giving us barrels of wine, brosilio.

        1. Don't drink the 42 gallon ones, they be Muslim.

    1. Tell us more about your libertarian cred - if you can talk with your mouth that full of course.

      1. I support his ALL OF THE ABOVE energy policy. It is working. We are building new nuke plants in Georgia. Green is lowering carbon costs.

        1. That's it PB, take it deeper. Oooh baby.

        2. ALL OF THE ABOVE is a dumb energy policy. Why waste money on energy sources that do not and will not EVER be useful or economical? ie wind and solar. They fail everywhere they are tried on any large scale.

          And exactly how do the new nukes in Georgia/SC have anything to do with Obama? The last two Chairmen of the NRC were anti-nukes, who Obama picked. These nukes are being built despite anything Obama has done.

          1. Obama approved the loans to the Southern Company for those Vogtle (sp?) Plants.

            1. And?? Southern Company was already well on their way to building them. They were being built with or without that loan guarantee. Again, Obama has appointed two unqualified anti-nuclear chairmen to the NRC.

        3. Green is lowering carbon costs?? Germany is increasing its coal production and has given up on solar, bio, and other renewables. The US govt has prohibited drilling and the XL pipeline but the private sector is pumping gas and hard oil like no tomorrow. Yeah, GREEN, as in money, is lowering carbon costs!!


          1. The US prohibited drilling? You are as stupid as Sean Hannity! He says that too.

            1. http://energycommerce.house.go.....-areas.pdf

              Oil production has
              fluctuated on federal lands over the past five fiscal years but has increased dramatically on non-
              federal lands. Non-federal crude oil production has been rapidly increasing in the past few years,
              partly due to favorable geology and the ease of leasing, rising by 2.1 million barrels per day
              (mbd) between FY2009 and FY2013, causing the federa
              l share of total U.S. crude oil production
              to fall by nearly 11%.

              Overall, annual U.S. natural gas production rose by
              about four trillion cubic feet (tcf) or 19% since FY2009, while production on federal lands
              (onshore and offshore) fell by about 28%.

              I think you're sucking so hard on Barry's dick you're becoming hypoxic.

            2. Well, turd-the-pedant, you are correct! It was not a "prohibition", merely "restrictions":

              "Obama's War On Drilling: Oil Surplus, Not Scarcity, Is The New Regulatory Excuse"

              Happy now, turd?

          2. The US prohibited drilling? You are as stupid as Sean Hannity! He says that too.

          3. Germany should be the nail in the coffin for wind and solar. A highly industrialized nation went full retard on "green" energy and are now doing everything they can to build coal plants to save their energy grid from complete failure.

            We now have a case study in what happens when you try to force onto the grid a high percentage of your electricity production from unreliable, intermittent sources.. and the results are not pretty.

    2. Yeah, it's amazing how Obama is totally responsible for the drop in oil prices.

      It's also amazing that I just now realized that you really are someone's sock puppet. No one is as stupid as whoever's sock puppet you are, not even Tony.

      1. The more green we produce the lower carbon goes! Idiot! More supply!

        1. Palin's Buttplug|11.25.14 @ 8:43PM|#
          "The more green we produce the lower carbon goes! Idiot! More supply!"

          I think turd bleeves this shit! And he *claims* to be non-religious.

        2. Like turdpolisher, I don't even know what this means.

    3. Palin's Buttplug|11.25.14 @ 8:29PM|#
      ..."This Obama energy policy is fucking amazing."...

      This week's policy, turd? Or last week's? Or the one he tired before that?
      Fuck off, turd.

      1. It was the one where he said that under his energy policy that energy costs would 'necessarily' skyrocket. When he said that he meant that oil prices would plummet. He's just so smart that no one can understand what he's talking about. It's almost like he's lying or just dumber than shit.

        1. Well, Obama did appoint STeven Chu as Energy Secretary...who notably helped bring down gas prices with his policy statements. Like this one:

          Somehow," Chu said, "we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe."

          1. So yeah, ima go with dumber than shite 🙂

        2. You misunderestimate him - he is lying AND dumber than shit.

  15. Thank goodness we have so many caring Hollywood celebs to sort out this Ferguson ordeal for us! On Twitter!

    Seriously, though. I'm tired of people on all sides ignoring the part Brown played in this affair. Regardless of how one feels about this case, painting him as a martyr is disingenuous. And this is coming from somebody who has feared police militarization since before August.

    1. Brown was like an evil Mr. Magoo, constantly doing things which endangered his own life.

      "OK, let me commit a strong-arm robbery...then I'll confront this cop who tries to stop me as I'm escaping...then I'll grab his gun...this is fun!" BANG

  16. 152 comments well before 9pm. My we're busy little bees tonight.

    1. Folks are tired of the "all Fergy all the time" threads.

    2. Good Evening.

    3. I'm stuck in Indiana until Friday and I'm afraid to leave my hotel room in case there's another mini-hurricane like the one yesterday.

  17. The next time someone accuses you of racism for holding non-SJW opinions on the Ferguson affair, show them this picture.

    It's the guy whose store Brown stole from. He was looted again last night.

    1. This isn't about justice. It's about social justice.

      And what about all the black store owners who were robbed last night?

      1. Was that one not black enough for you?

    2. Meh, not an SJW-approved victim. He's been exploiting the people that patronize his store - he had it coming!

    3. That guy might be Indian. Indians are approaching that class status where they don't count as a minority, like Asians.

      It's definitely cool and acceptable to trash the businesses of Whitey and Asians, Indians are a gray area right now, so it's still probably ok.

      1. Asian privilege is just as dangerous as white privilege.

        It all makes sense now. The Japanese internment camps were just FDR's way of checking Asian privilege. That's why progressives love him!

    4. "He deserved it for calling the cops who murdered that poor young man who was turning his life around!"

    5. Show them the burned down ruins of Sam's Meat Market.

      The owner (not actually named Sam) is a Palestinian refugee.


      "Attorney Jay Kanzler represents Sam's Meat Market owner, Mohammed Yaacoup, and three other business owners along West Florissant Avenue.

      "We were told in meetings by the Justice Department and through other people that there was a plan, that we would not be abandoned this time, that people would not be able to destroy property," Kanzler said.

      He said Sam's Meat Market was looted then set on fire from the inside. He said the cinder block building is still standing, but the inside is likely a total loss."

      1. Apparently, Arab privilege is a big problem.

        1. Well, it's funny, whenever the Jews/Israelis do something to Palestinians, it's the most important news in the history of mankind.

          Anyone else (and they are generally treated poorly everywhere) and ho-hum, no one cares.

          1. And yet, when Obama supports Israel's actions in the Middle East, not one lefty bats an eye.

            I mean, I'm in favor of a two-state solution, and I find both Israel and Hamas reprehensible. But when people start talking about how "the Jews" control everything, I run away.

          2. Well, when Obo sends wedding greetings via drone-launched Hellfire missles it kinda sets the tone for where Arabs/Persians rate on the race spectrum.

            1. Interestingly enough, I'm Persian-American.

              And yeah, drone strikes definitely don't help US-Pakistani/Somalian relations.

      2. The government is competent enough to run our health care, spend our money and tell businesses what should be in their insurance plans and who their customers should be, but when it comes to protecting these businesses from violent attack, which could have been readily predicted days in advance...

        1. Creative destruction. Keynes would've given them a shovel, we give them a match and an excuse.

      3. Clue to Sam, er, Mohammed...when the government guarantees you something, you can pretty much bet the house something else will happen.


    1. Let's Burn this Bitch Down! ...and I'm not talking about Kennedy



  19. Holy crap, Schumer has turned on Obamacare.


    1. He found out that the insurance only paid a little of his moobz reduction surgery before the $7000 deductible.

      1. That's not fair. chuck just wants a lift for his moobs. He would never get them reduced.

    2. Only because it meant a bunch of other pols got more microphone time than he did.

  20. On Howie Carr's Chump Line tonight someone asked why these rioters torched their own neighborhood, and not some upscale white neighborhood.

    I thought to myself that that's an easy answer: The cops would have protected the upscale white neighborhood.

    1. Yeah, the authorities had advance notice of the grand jury decision, time to make contingency plans to protect local businesses...what happened? Were they focused on protecting their own headquarters rather than the innocent business owners?

      1. I saw an interview with a guy whose business was across the street from the police station...he basically asked why they didn;t defend his property. I'm thinking they were only concerned with protecting state property (i.e. police HQ)

      2. Not meaning to be a dick, but I have an issue with the word "authorities." That implies that they actually have authority. They don't. They have power, but not authority. Just because someone has the power to do something doesn't mean they have the authority. For example some cop may have the power to enter my home and hurt me in my castle, but he doesn't have the authority. Someone with the power to violate rights doesn't give them the authority to take those rights away. Minor quibble. Carry on.

        1. an important point to emphasize...repeatedly

    2. Well, that's exactly right - the National Guard was deployed in Clayton, which happens to be relatively wealthy. .

    3. Exactly. Where do they think the national guard is. Also upscale whities in places like Missouri tend to be armed. I have well armed relatives all over the Midwest who have been fantasizing for decades about the day the ghetto hoards finally made their move and tried to loot their neighborhood. It would be a bloodbath if they ever tried it They would be lucky if the cops where there to arrest them save the. From the locals.

    4. NOt to mention the homeowners probably all have 12 gauges and ARs.

    1. Whenever I hear the word "privilege," I want to reach for a gun.

      1. I feel the same way about the word 'compliance'

    2. Well there's an argument for homeschooling. Nothing like having a 'teacher' tell a group of impressionable youngsters that you can't succeed due to mysterious 'others' and that complaining about it is the only way to solve it. I'm sure THAT won't have any negative consequences when those children have to interact with the real world.

    3. The kids in the back of the room? They were created by the left. They own it.

  21. Apparently, Ferguson protesters are kind of like Tiananmen Square's Tank Man.

    Let's just keep devaluing things, folks.

  22. Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony on Kennedy's blouse.

  23. Uh, I can think of at least one way of preventing the shooting.

    1. Having a black President and AG?

  24. WATCH OUT THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE IN THE STUDIO! They're right next to Kmele Foster.

  25. How do we sleep while this bitch is burning?

  26. Blaming the victim...just because he was A VIOLENT ROBBER!

  27. If young people actually consider this the populist movement of Their Time, then they are gravely misguided.

    So many examples of indefensible police brutality to choose from, and yet they go with this one. Self-righteousness is bleh.

    1. It's funny, because I'm of Middle Eastern descent, and yet people will almost certainly accuse me of being a typical white man.

      Also, what does being straight have to do with anything? I've heard people mention heterosexuality as if it's a sign of privilege, and I wonder what that has to do with Ferguson.

      1. Apparently unless you are a severely handicapped, gay, trans, cis, black hermaphrodite you are TEH PRIVILEGE

        1. +1 Intersectionalism

    2. Do they really think Trayvon Martin and Micheal Brown are sympathetic? What planet do these people live on?

      1. The 12 year old in Cleveland who was shot dead for playing with an airsoft is sympathetic. The guy shot dead in walmart for checking out an air soft is sympathetic...but we don;t hear about these for some reason.

        1. The rioters and the baiters seem to identify with thugs - "wow, that could have been me!"

          And apparently they don't identify with actual innocent people.

      2. That's the thing. By all accounts - while kids - weren't sympathetic figures.

      3. The planet where most of them know or are related to some punk who is turning his life around, and then they imagine this person they know being killed by the cops. That planet. Oh, I mean this planet.

        It's all emotion. There is no rationality to it at all.

        You keep assuming that people are rational. Most are not. They feel what they feel, and you can't reason them out of it.

  28. How can honkies like me get justice with this majority-black panel?

  29. They should have released it at 3:00 AM.

  30. If you can think of a better way of getting play in prime time for a mover and shaker of a prosecutor...

    1. Wait, what? He's been in that office for ages. If he had any signs of wanting a higher office, he would have done it long ago

  31. I don't care if you're white, black, or Asian. If you loot somebody's store, then you're a thug, and you need to check your privilege.

  32. Just a reminder: it was a straight white male Senator from Kentucky who actually reached out to blacks in Ferguson. But sure. Keep on lumping everyone under the same stereotype.

    I may not be white, but this stereotype of Caucasians as oppressors is frustrating.

    1. You can't be a crusading leftist, fighting stereotypes, without using stereotypes!

  33. So now they've got the party panel parroting police complaints of Michael Brown's neighborhoods.

  34. Gosh, Mr. Democrat advisor, what do you want to do with those failing schools run by Republican Tea Partiers?

    1. MOre funding for education!

    2. "I won't vouch for school vouchers!"

  35. Far too white and black? Way to put your race first, pal.

  36. Geo Pataki commercial...americans for real change...wtf?

    1. Anyone look into that? Pataki was a pretty good gov - even Howard Stern liked him.

      1. That's really not an endorsement.

        I like Stern, think he can be riotously funny, but his politics suck.

  37. Anyone read this book 'The moral case for fossil fuels?'


    1. I haven't read the book, but there is a huge moral case. Trying to stop third world nations from burning coal is a disgusting immoral act.

      I push nuclear power because I think that it, in its current state, is a great technology, but also with an incredible amount of potential for innovation and price reduction. However, I would take the dirtiest coal plant over windmills and solar in an instant. I highly value dependable, affordable energy.

  38. Take a drink every time Welch reminds us he's from southern California.

    1. Welch's Grape Juice?

    2. His book The Declaration of Independents is quite good. Gillespie must have written it. I'd like Welch if he weren't from SoCal.

    3. Take a drink every time Kennedy interrupts someone, then die of alcohol poisoning.

  39. Considering that this is a post-riot episode, it's pretty flat.

  40. He charged a cop, correct? And people actually think this is a good idea because? And they act surprised at a tragic result because?

    My God, far more sympathetic people get killed everywhere and don't get this kind of attention.

    1. See sarc's remark


    2. As I've said before: For a long time I thought that the racial grievance industry was just running out of good martyrs to promote, and making mistakes by choosing the wrong ones, but now I wonder: maybe the celebration of violent criminals like Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, and Mike Brown is intentional. After all, if your goal is not simply "justice" but to intimidate whites (and Hispanics and Asians), then it makes perfect sense to promote and defend violent criminals, and to object to anything bad that happens to them.

    3. He punched a cop in a car twice, tried to get his gun, the fled, then turned around and charged the cop when the cop got out of his car.

      All the sensitivity training in the world isn't going to stop that from being a shooting.

  41. Who runs the local government there in Ferguson? A bunch of right wing racists, right?

    1. The prosecutor is a former Obama attack dog who repeatedly wins re-election, often unopposed.

      1. You see, this would never have happened if the people had kept voting Democrat, but instead they went back to the Republicans.

  42. Kennedy - the mouth and brain are not in any way connected.

  43. The Independents Attire Review, 25 November 2014

    Open-Minded Liberal-Edition

    - Kennedy: "Ebony AND Ivory, live together in... geometic contrast... like... a Roller Derby outfit... oh, Lord, what the fuuuuuuck?" We think the symbolism here is not just clumsy, heavy-handed, bombastic, and insulting to our intelligence... but pretty hot too! We like the Bauhaus/Sprockets/Kraftwek-ish nihilistic post-modern 80s synthpop-jammies look. We say = Very 'Ah-Ha'

    - Matt: MMmmm. Purple-on-purple... Matt has now twice discovered the magic of 'consonance' as opposed to contrasts. (*the BlueX3 look was broached last week) The purple tie is possibly our favorite overall w Matt's Navy suit, and between the various shirt options we think this wins the hardest. Kudos.

    - Kmele: If there's any symbolism here, its, "I had a day off". Kmele's alternative to Kennedy's "arbitrary racial dichotomy" is a more worldly, "Shit happens; and its cold in here". We think he makes a good call; particularly as his immediate neighbors seem woefully overdressed. In particular...

    - Basil: If he won a nod after the mid-term slaughter for appearing 'unperturbed', tonight he gets a Nelson Muntz "Ha-ha!" for looking like a pretentious party clown. Bow Tie FAIL

    Go raibh maith agaibh

    1. I only have an attention span for 3 ways.

      1. wtf...that was not meant to be a response to the attire review

    2. Perhaps the best 80s video ever.

      1. I dunno. While the girl in the video was very much 80s, the singers really didn't (though that '50s look was something of a mini-fad)

        This is the best 80s video


        1. NO! This is the best 80s video

          Because it makes children laugh and laugh and laugh

          1. No, this is the best the 80s had to offer.

            1. If you couldn't change the channel yourself during the 1980s, your opinion doesn't fucking matter.

              1. Or wasn't alive...

                However, how can you deny the sheer greatness on display in that music video?

                1. Oh, it is epic beyond epic, to be sure.

                  My friends used to have a drinking contest where you have to name each singer in order during one playthough. Most people completely fall apart @ Al Jarreau

          2. I think this video best embodies perpetually being on coke and thinking everything you do is the height of coolness, and is therefore the best AT being 80s

            1. +1 Austrian

    3. *a footnote =

      Matt's 'silver-and-purple circles' tie would probably also look great with the lilac shirt. And *maybe* even his purple-yellow candy-cane stripe tie. (would need to see, but it seems to make sense)

  44. Thank you, Molly Hemingway! Take that, Buttplug.

    1. What is most embarrassing about the Benghazi report, media outlets that incorrectly 'summarized it', and the Obamadrones like PB who parrot falsehoods...

      ...is that the thing is only ~30 pages long, and is freaking *bullet pointed*. it took about 15 minutes to read and if you have any experience reading Government reports, it says very little that 'exonerates' the Obama admin, and 'debunks' nothing, so much as addressing details of 'fact' no one was claiming.

      eg. - with the 'stand down' order - they admit it happened, but then affirm *it was not a CIA order/no CIA officer received that order*. No one said it did.

      - with the weapons smuggling accusations, they simply affirm 'no weapons were stored at the annex'; surprisingly, they actually confirm that the CIA's purpose there was to 'track' on other foreign intelligence agencies movement of weapons.

      No clarity if these foreign agencies were actually 'working together' with the CIA, obviously

  45. FAKE.


  46. It's disappointing how so many have let their hatred of cops get in the way of actually understanding this particular case.

    I hate police brutality, police militarization, and racial profiling, but for goodness' sake, there are thousands of other cases where those issues are more applicable.

    Heck, it's still fun confusing progressives by telling them I still oppose violence against peaceful protesters. That shuts them up.

    1. That's sort of why I can't stand this case or the high profile of it. Just in the news this week is a 12 (?) year old being shot to death by police for just having a toy gun that looked like a real gun.

      In my opinion that is FAR more outrages than this case.

    2. No shyte.

      This is the "police brutality" parallel to "the first black CINC" in my mind.

      Of all the truly accomplished, admirable, and capable black men out there we get an unfinished Daley machine product as president (without even a connection to the slave experience as a cherry on top).

  47. "I used to be in the news business, but I moved into something more credible." -Pat Sajak

  48. Pointless interruption.

    Carry on.

  49. Needs moar random text across the bottom half of the screen.

    1. I keep looking there for the name of the guest and think "Their name is 'Monsanto'...?"

  50. Wait, did she just say we contracted with Islamists to provide security?

    Nice Altamont reference, Kennedy.


  52. Listening to Kennedy is like sticking pins in your arm. It hurts but you keep going back for more. She is the Howard Stern of the libertarian fringe - you never know what crazy shit she is going to say next.

  53. Take about someone wanting the camera, look at the Lt. Gov of Missouri who is on regular Fox right now

  54. Well, they still had their teeth in.

  55. He's joining the police academy so he can legally shoot that pitbull.

  56. Someone put some extra-fun-mix in the soymilk tonight.

  57. It's an old stereotype that blacks are afraid of dogs.

  58. I've got ten for you to ride. Heyyyyyy!

  59. What year will us rationalists outnumber the Gawd types in the USA?


    1. Better get your birthrate up vis-a-vis the fundies.

    2. Same difference. You just worship the state daddy instead of the sky daddy.

  60. Bigger IS better. Ladies.

  61. Kennedy probably interrupts her man when he is getting down to business.

  62. OT: Jesse Ventura actually thinks that a MAXIMUM wage is the answer. Seriously?!

    "Yeah, the government's conspiring against you, which is why you should give them more money."

    1. Jesse Ventura's show is still the funniest thing I've ever seen. All the guests insisted on calling him 'governor' for no reason, which was absolutely hilarious when he was in the midst of going off on the Illuminati.

      1. If you want to be called "Governor", then don't strut about in a black leather jacket with a ridiculous haircut.

      2. Well, Sarah Palin still gets called that and she was governor for less time than he was...

        1. Confession: I like Sarah Palin. She was needlessly savaged by liberals just for being a conservative female.

          I don't agree with her on foreign policy or gays, but had she been the Democratic VP pick, no one would've raised a finger.

          1. "I don't agree with her on foreign policy or gays, but had she been the Democratic VP pick, no one would've raised a finger."

            I don't like her, but you are correct. She was savaged because no 'authentic woman' can be other than a Dem.

  63. Ferguson stand off at Lincoln Tunnel.


    1. Whoever dreamed up twitter should be drawn and quarterd. Dumbest thing evah.

  64. Attempt to buy a firearm without permission and the state will send armed goons to take you to a cage or shoot you. Attempt to take a firearm from an armed goon, get shot and killed by the goon and, presto, you're a victim. Brown vs the board of reeducation.

  65. I have a hard time believing these accusations.

  66. Oh, so its Ok to be a rapist as long as you're loyal to your TEAM?

    Got it.

    1. Mike Tyson has his own animated series now.

      1. but what is UVA HIDING??

        1. A tan?

  67. Who's next, Mr. Rogers?

    1. "Oh, yeah, baby, I love you just the way you are!"

      1. "Hi, there, Lady Elaine, it's me and Mr McFeely with a special delivery for you!"

  68. This is what passes for intellectual thought these days:

    America's racist god requires black people's blood to atone for the sins committed by its followers. This time, the blood shed in sacrifice to this god of white supremacy was Michael Brown's. Darren Wilson, an agent of that god, was vindicated. For his reward, he is showered with blood money from other followers of the racist god.

    1. I can't even.

    2. Its USC Annenberg, Jake...

      It makes Chinatown seem logical

    3. Ridiculous. If you want real intellectual thought, you have to go to New Republic or Salon. Or you can just read random comments at HuffPo.

      1. Palin's Buttplug and Tony dispense all the wisdom we need.

  69. What importance does taking an oath have to a liar?

    1. He will have to think twice about contradicting his earlier statements in fear of being charged with perjury. there are other recordings and notes that could be used as well. I think Issa could disembowel him - if his staff is on the ball and give him the right questions to ask.

      1. I think Issa could disembowel him

        I'd like to see that

        1. Big ego guys are often the easiest to trip up because they aren't careful and get very combative.

      2. Really, I mean the guy has been witnessing, along with the rest of us, members of the Obama administration treating congress with complete contempt and absolutely no fear of consequences. I'm sure he's not worried and for good reason.

  70. 'I was taken out of context.'

    Gruber's gonna go full blown Michael Corleone.

    1. Michael Corleone or Joseph Valachi?

  71. Question:
    I have a lot of bullshit on my Facebook feed right now, and everyone else likely does too.
    One of the things I keep seeing repeatedly is the claim that Brown was not the person in the surveillance video robbing the convenience store.

    Even the family lawyer has admitted it was him, right?

    1. And yet the Brown family wants body cams on all cops. Good idea, but what's the point if you don't even believe the video?

    2. Never heard that claim. The description of the robber matched Brown, including unusual details like yellow socks.

      Shortly after the event some Brown apologists were claiming that there was no robbery at all, that the cigars were paid for, and that Brown was just good-naturedly joshing around with the clerk. Yeah, right.

    3. everyone else likely does too

      Not those of us smart enough not to Facetwat.

    4. I thought his accomplice had also admitted it.

  72. Note on chalk-stripe suits =

    We've said it before - the rule states "Judges, Bankers, and ex-professional football player TV commentators"

    The only exception we've acknowledged is, "Las Vegas magicians" Everyone else... it makes look 'cheap and low-class, trying to look fancy'

    We stick with that.

  73. Willy Wonka couldn't create something more purple than that tie.

    1. Ha... i was going to note that as well; it was *desperately* purple. Like, a special line of colors for people with damaged retinas.

  74. The DA did not participate directly in the Grand Jury process - at least that is what he said last night. This guy is way off base. Nevertheless, the GJ and the cops are often too close.

    1. He left it to two assistants, one of which was black.

      And yeah, the real criticism of the GJ is that all of them aren't conducted like this.

      Instead of just producing enough material to make a case, all the evidence should be produced.

      1. Yes, and it need not be this time-consuming if they get access to the written statements, because they can use hearsay.

  75. Aah, foreign replacement for Lou Dobbs!

  76. WHEEE... not Dobbs?

    1. Gilmoratio squared will end this shit into le' black vacuuum.

  77. So this dust ball we live on is really a fuckin wasteland of braindeads...
    let it be known that le' story here is a vaunted enterprise into the the quadrant sliver...
    Fukin lame ass bitch you fukin dork

    1. I totally don't know what that means.

      1. Hype flies into le ions... streakin like a hype r ion dronpon into twisting streams of effulgentz...

        1. Detergent is evil, the Ions are homeless, swept away, fish will die a most horrible DEATH, DEATH, DEATH. Pikachu!

          1. AC is what I'd hoped my acid trips would have been.

    1. The axe sink into le' head of big bangaroo

      1. You're not supposed to eat the entire tray of brownies.

        1. And especially not whack your head with the tray, repeatedly.

      2. He's confessing he's Lizzie Borden. Either that or we should expect a run on Australian banks. Readjust portfolios accordingly.

  78. Agile Cyborg seems to have found Boris Yeltsin's private vodka stash.

    You're not supposed to drink the whole bottle!

    1. Dude that is hilarious. Read my post above, I posted right before I read your post.

      Maybe he drank that whole bottle of vodka AND ate the whole tray of brownies?

      1. Great minds think alike.

        1. Get a room, you two!

  79. This aftershow seems somehow familiar.

  80. 400 posts on Tuesday night?

    1. Today isn't a Wednesday?


      1. I guess it depends on where you're at. EST it's still Tuesday.

        1. CST was invented by Communists. Agile Cyborg told me so. He will be here shortly to tell me it was invented by filthy Lutherans. I will carefully weigh my decision, but I know I am going to hell.

      2. No, it was Tuesday where I was. I was just surprised at how quickly the week was passing by.

    2. There were 150 already here before showtime, so to be fair it has a comment-prosthesis

  81. Solution: don't attack cops. Don't rob convenience storms. Don't strong-arm store owners. Don't loot. Don't attack people who are demonstrating peacefully. Don't arrest people just for filming you. Don't think that you're a tough guy just because you have a badge. Don't try to grab an officer's gun. Don't antagonize people when you're in a position of authority. Don't use excessive force. Don't rile up protesters. And above all, don't resort to race-based fear-mongering. Quit grouping all black people as one, and quit grouping all white people as one.

    1. Your puny common sense has no power against the overwhelming might of...

    2. ...an' ya don't mess around with Jim...

      1. Is that like pulling on Superman's cape?

  82. Not only have they relegated the black host's commentary to the aftershow, my stream won't work. Have we learned nothing from Ferguson?

  83. Yeah, i havent had a working live-stream for a week. Has the link changed?

    1. The Fox stream which is supposed to have the aftershow? That's not working.

      1. For me anyway.

        1. I thought it was just me.

          1. It pleases me to think they do the whole aftershow, and no one anywhere actually sees it.

            or, that they lie about it and just go get drunk. Either way works.

  84. So, the rocketship shows up here and I do have the lever to fly into a paradox... I wait for le instructions and I hate that dudes voice with the fuckin scar... The atmo is spherin and I do love the pinprickles shining deep into my goddam head... fukin mushrooms ar pretty decent and tons of beer is a sweet path into the twisting fossil of mars.

    so be it, brahs.I bid thee best lovin hugs from le

    1. Ah, shrooms, now I get it. Well', I still don't get it, but I get it.

    2. Undead PKD telling us the President is a communist. Wait, we don't need an interchangeable Pop song for that news to activate. Alanis Morrisette is actually a pretty good actress.

    3. God bless, Agile Cyborg!

  85. Read the first post on this page: http://nevermindtheb0ll0cks.tu.....147216855.

    That's right: feminists are now ageists.

  86. At least she's honest:

    I've had to spend L20 over the space of TWO fucking days on PHONE CREDIT because I'm a twat

  87. Look, I came here totally NOT expecting there to be over 400 posts tonight.

    So I'm in my hotel room only because my wife doesn't feel well AND it's fucking cold outside and yesterday there was a mini hurricane which has made me afraid to go outside in this fucking tundra. Because I was going to walk to the Mexican place down the street and get some salsa and drink Mexican beer.

    So now, I'm stuck here posting and you fucking pussies aren't even helping me try to get this shit over 1000 posts! Ok, not you guys who are still here posting, but those pussies who gave up already!

    Hey Agile Cyborg, can you email me some of those shrooms? All I have is some Heineken.

    1. VALIS is not going to fuck up your dreams with that kind of attitude.

    2. "So now, I'm stuck here posting and you fucking pussies aren't even helping me try to get this shit over 1000 posts!"

      Summer in Indiana? Lawrenceberg Speedway.
      Winter? Well, you don't need ice for your booze.

    3. All right, what do you wanna talk about? I'm kind of excited about the way Obama is set to kill two Hillary presidencies.

  88. I love the tendency for left-wing hitpieces to have headlines which have nothing to do with the actual content of the story.

    Salon wrote an article called 'Right-wing's sick Twitter celebration' with totally 'sick' tweets like the following:

    Everyday Americans serve justice in grand juries while elite media only serves up mob justice based on lies.

    Oh my God! How does that man sleep at night with such vile thoughts in his head?

    Laura Ingraham

    Hardcore leftists' don't really give a rip abt facts. Goal is and has always been to undermine civil society, stoke unrest, chaos.

    RACIST HATE SPEECH! How is she not in jail?

    John Nolte

    SCUMBAG; Hey my butt hurts. Let's light some working class guy's small business on fire.

    MEDIA; Where should we put the camera?

    Is there anything more 'sickening' than mocking rioters as they destroy someone's livelihood?

    Rich Lowry
    Liberals pride themselves on their supposed adherence to facts, but they can't accept them in Ferguson

    Terrifying right-wing Nazi extremism!

    My favorite though:

    Jonah Goldberg

    All of the witnesses who testified that Brown charged Wilson were African American.


  89. All of the witnesses who testified that Brown charged Wilson were African American.

    Was Brown Ionian?

    1. "Was Brown Ionian?"
      Not sure, I thought he was Corinthian.
      What did his capital look like?

      1. Not sure, I thought he was Corinthian.


  90. Sure, right after calling us pussies for not trying to push this to 1000, Hyperion disappears.


  91. Got another police car, though it looks only half-burnt.

    Ironically the news helicopter footage is sponsored by a local car dealer.

    1. Broken windows still pay the glazier!

      1. Sevo, that could make a good rioter's chant:

        Broken windows still pay the glazier!
        Burn down Dairy Queen and the brazier!

        1. Just 'cause I've finished dinner and a couple of glasses of a nice Cab:

          "Cosine, secant, tangent, sine/
          3 point 14159!/
          Integral, radical, mu, DV/
          Slip stick, slide rule, M-I-T!"
          "How Players at MIT Engineered a Football Team"

        2. Blacks watch Fresh Prince, whites watch Frasier!

  92. Moar rioting? I am disappoint. And shocked. SHOCKED!

  93. I work in Oakland and protesters blocked a freeway up there yesterday. Can anyone explain how that is possibly legal or constitutional?

    Seems to me that your freedom to protest does not trump my freedom of movement

    1. A freeway? You didn't build that.

    2. Apparently when that happened in Minnesota someplace yesterday, the driver just ran people over.

  94. What happened to the tradition of posting drink recipes in response to Weigel's posts?

  95. my friend's half-sister makes $74 /hr on the laptop . She has been fired for 8 months but last month her payment was $15926 just working on the laptop for a few hours. browse this site....

    ?????? http://www.payinsider.com

  96. Dear Ferguson rioters,

    We deeply appreciate your support for our membership drives and fundraising.

    First, we've gotta admit we'd been a little pass? of late. It's not "cool" to be racist in a multicultural era with an African-American president and all. One of our chapters even got so desperate, they started letting in minorities!

    Now with your support, our future is looking brighter than an Autozone on fire. All the racist screeds in the world couldn't have proven our stereotypes of violent, uncontrollable African-American youth better than the images on such vivid photographic display on every news channel and website in the world.

    Thanks to your efforts, recruiting paranoid rednecks to our cause will be easier than ever with all the marketing material your remarkable hard work generated. We can probably stretch another 20 years of relevance out of just a few nights of proud, strong and passionate African-Americans with masks and saggy pants throwing Molotov cocktails and assaulting white business owners.

    We especially respect the fact that you guys probably burned and vandalized more minority-owned businesses in one night than we have in the past 30 odd years. Clearly, we've been slacking, but you know ? it just doesn't look right when we do it. We are so proud of your initiative and your dedication to our cause in doing what we can't.

    1. Thanks to your foresight and careful planning, predominantly African-American communities can remain permanently impoverished, disenfranchised and jobless because clearly they are not safe environments for business investment and the cost of business insurance will rise if these communities always immolate themselves every time an African-American is killed by a white cop or citizen.

      The more we thought about it, the more we realized letting in some African-Americans is actually a brilliant and visionary approach towards a more modern, accepting movement. We now heartily welcome all violent minorities into our fold under our new separate-but-equal community outreach and marketing initiative, Outraged Blacks Against Minority Advancement (OBAMA). We show up in our hoods and robes, you show up in your face masks and we'll work together for a shared, modern cause. Maybe someday, people of all races and creeds can stand side by side, arm in arm and burn predominantly African-American communities together. Call today for more information!

      Volunteerism is often the greatest donation one can give. Remember: we can't survive without your help and support. We are always looking forward to next time we can break down barriers and work together for a common cause!


      The KKK

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