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Tonight on The Independents: Now What? With a Trash-Talking Ron Paul, Plus Gary Johnson, Alan Colmes, Andrea Tantaros, FAIR's Dan Stein, and More


Sparks will fly. |||

Tonight's special post-election WTF episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three and five hours later) features a can't-miss interview with libertarian fave Ron Paul, who has some, ah, interesting things to say about those dang Senate Republicans, war, and whether a real libertarian could ever win the presidency. You can watch a snippet of his answer at this link.

Also on the show talking about more or less the same subject (including Sen. Rand Paul by name), is once-and-maybe-future Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson. Dan Stein of the restrictionist Federation for American Immigration Reform will talk about hopes and fears for the new GOP Senate majority. Party Panelists Andrea Tantaros (co-host of the Fox News shows Outnumbered and The Five) and Alan Colmes (Alan Colmes!) will bat each other about the face and neck over the meaning of Tuesday's election and the prognosis for the country going forward. And the co-hosts will assess how the new political reality will affect drug de-prohibition and surveillance reform. It's a lively and informative television program.

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  1. Ron Paul: “You’re close to the media, and you know what can happen–”

    He got cut off before he could reveal the secrets of the media, natch.

  2. Now what? Now we see Marcotte handle the midterms with her usual restraint, maturity, and sober analysis.

    Exhibit A:

    Being against minimum wage hikes is the very essence of Republicanism. The whole point of the party, above all other considerations, is suppressing the lower classes to benefit the wealthy[…] A reasonable person might look at this disconnect between the people that the voters support and the policies voters want and wonder if voters really are that stupid.

    Snubbing voters as a group and completely insane misunderstanding of R party politics. I know she can do better.

    Really, who you vote for relies heavily on the simple question of identity. While, in an ideal world, voting would be a simple act of counting up policies and voting for the ones you like the best, in our world, voting is an expression of identity[…] For Republican voters especially, I just don’t think these elections are really about policy but about striking back at the people who you think are “stealing” this country from you: single women, gay people, people of color, immigrants, liberal dudes who will probably wear baby slings when they become fathers.

    Voting as an expression of identity rather than policy… critiqued on a stridently feminist blog. See, this is the derp we can believe in — well done, Mandy.

    1. I sent her a link to the CEE on twitter. Odds she reads it?

      1. Oh, I dunno… the same odds we have of Ken Hamm coming out as an evolutionist come Monday morning?

    2. ..and, in keeping with my theme for the week, if her beloved Democrats cared so much about the lower classes, why didn’t they pass some laws when they had seemingly unstoppable power?

      1. In this legislative session, the Republicans seek and obtain funding for a secret government project which then goes on to create a time machine. Rand Paul then used this time machine to go back in time and teach a young Barack Obama the game of golf while handing him a pack of Marlboros, crippling his productivity and guaranteeing that he would never pass the vital legislation that this country needs. Rand also falls into a vat of radioactive materials, turning him into the evil Gridlock Man and giving him special powers that can only be activated when a Republican Congress is in session.*

        *This explanation brought to you by a special joining of the minds at the DNC and Marvel Comics?. All rights reserved

        1. That’s a pretty accurate summation of what I think the DNC probably believes. Those evil libertarians are out to destroy the country as we know it! Chaos! Chaos everywhere!*

          *this response brought to you by sleep deprivation and Dungeons and Dragons? references.

      2. Whenever people bring up the minimum wage hikes, I remind them that there’s a payroll tax. If the government wants to help people get hired, they should lower the price of labor by getting rid of the payroll tax, instead of making it more expensive by raising the minimum wage.

        But that would hurt government tax revenue, so no one talks about it.

        1. It still makes me laugh that, in the middle of a recession and an employment crisis, the feds temporarily cut the payroll tax on the employees’ side. They could’ve made it less expensive to hire workers for a few years, but nah. “Consumer stimulus” was more important. Workers would go buy things and multiply us into prosperity!

          1. The problem with that is that the employer would know that this was merely temporary. It’s not like they would lay off people when the tax kicked back in.

            1. Well, it was only a 2% cut, right? If it is a long term job, inflation would take care of that. Just don’t give the employee a raise when the cut phases out. And there’s the hope that the economy will have picked up once the cut ended.

              I’m not saying it would be a sure thing, just that if the idea was to stimulate employment, they completely missed the obvious. But the employee payroll tax cut is more politically popular, I’m sure.

          2. +10 multiplier because Keynes

        2. The idea that people on the left (like Amanda Marcotte) are more enlightened because they accept scientific findings is ridiculous. There are thousands of studies that examine the minimum wage and the vast majority find a negative or null employment effect.

          I’d have more respect for people like this if they simply treated their political ideology as a religious belief. The arguments are the same and we could dispense with all the pretense.

      3. They did! They gave health care to all!!

    3. Of course, a major problem with representative democracy is the number of policies you must weigh when choosing a candidate. Maybe people really do want a higher minimum wage, but they also want a much tighter border (perhaps even drawn from the same desire for a min wage hike). So these horrible, stupid voters may not even disagree with you about much policy, Marcotte. They just might judge things somewhat differently or have different priorities.

      And one way to alleviate this issue is to strictly limit the powers afforded to the government, that way there are fewer policies voters need to weigh against one another.

      1. Maybe people really do want a higher minimum wage, but they also want a much tighter border

        If only there was some document that told the government what its powers are. And in that document, it never gave the government the power to mandate and direct commerce in any form. *sighs* A man can dream.

    4. “The whole point of the party, above all other considerations, is suppressing the lower classes to benefit the wealthy[…] “

      The largest share of minimum-wage recipients are “part time workers under the age of 20”

      And the businesses that hire them are mostly very low-end, low margin operations that need to minimize costs to survive.

      Marcotte has a projected ideal of what the minimum wage “is supposed to be”, and doesn’t give a shit about what it really is.

      If the reality is that ‘the poor’ don’t benefit from the minimum wage hikes at all… and the most significant impact of the wage-raise is to reduce temporary worker-hirings…

      Reality does not conform to the ideal, and is discarded

      “The Wealthy” in her argument here are probably people who are running restaurants, retailers, small contracting businesses, summer jobs for high-school kids… not exactly ‘the 1%’

      She makes it sound like Halliburton and Monsanto are somehow grumbling about how they can’t Rape the Poor as easily.

      1. I wonder what percentage of minimum wage workers are children of middle class or even affluent parents? Bet it’s pretty high.

    5. single women, gay people, people of color

      You preach it, gurl! Theys no way anybody dat falls into one-a dees groups could possibly be an individual wit individual opinions dat are not relevant to they sex, sexshual orientation, or skin pigment!


    6. Um, okay, all 50-60 million Republicans are wealthy and want to oppress the poor?

      The delusions of the left are truly astounding.

      1. “White men go to Harvard while Black men go to prison”{

      2. You mean that the good people of Kentucky.

        1. Fucking Edit function, please . . .

          You mean that the good people of Kentucky aren’t all rich people?

      1. NO! NO! NO!

        1. *scratches head*

  3. I wonder if Ron Paul thinks of his son as being a real libertarian.

    1. He thinks Rand is being a real whippersnapper.

  4. Exhibit B in Amanda Is Not Taking The Elections All That Well:

    Ernst’s entire argument against Obama is a variation on ugly stereotypes about black people being lazy, except she uses a synonym?”apathetic”?and hopes the rest of us don’t notice. It’s a charge that’s so ridiculous, when applied to a man like Obama, that giving it a moment’s thought makes the racism of it screamingly obvious.

    Alas, we live in a society where it’s considered impolite to notice even blatant racism as long as the racist manages to do a half-assed effort at coding it, by using a synonym for the racist thing she’s saying, in this case.

    Sure, it’s not quite as insanely racist as winning handily against a Democrat, but I think we can all agree that calling a lazy person lazy is up there in the Official Index O’ Structural Racism.

    Bonus bit of Feminist Love For All Womynkind, this time from the comments section. Coming it at 5 thumbs up and no rebuttal:

    So…which sex act do you think should be named JoniErnst?

    Let’s degrade a woman by making her name a synonym for an ostensibly shameful sex act, in order to shame her publicly for having and expressing the Wrong Opinions — is something I would say if I were a feminist, apparently.

    1. “Alas, we live in a society where it’s considered impolite to notice even blatant racism as long as the racist manages to do a half-assed effort at coding it, by using a synonym for the racist thing she’s saying, in this case.”

      Yep, progs never scream “racism” at any hint of disagreement of their agenda. In fact, they restrain themselves from acknowledging blatant, overt racism when it’s shoved in their faces.

  5. More punishment – the gods demand it!

    This time, in the Injured and Coked Up Primate School of Political Analysis, as presented by Ms Marcotte (usually Shriek’s department, but she’s learning to specialize):

    64 percent of white men voted for Republicans. It’s the “widest GOP advantage in this group in data since 1984,” according to ABC News. Revenge of the white guys! There are two ways to interpret this news: that the “war on women” narrative is no longer working for the Democrats, or that the “war on women” isn’t just a Democratic campaign slogan but a brutal fact of our modern political landscape.

    Guess which one she picks.

    As for women, they did give a majority of their votes to Democrats again this year, but by a smaller margin than they did in 2012. Part of that is because, as I wrote above, single women don’t turn out in the same numbers as married women for the midterms, and married women typically lean Republican, but, still, single women only gave 60 percent of their vote to Democrats this time, compared with 67 percent for Obama in 2012. Still, we shouldn’t read too much into all of these demographic results when thinking about 2016: Conservative white men may have been highly motivated to vote this time around

    When Rs pick up white guys: evidence of nefarious intent. When Rs pick up single women: says absolutely nothing about the party. Seems legit.

    1. the “war on women” narrative is no longer working

      Psst. Amanduh. It’s because every damn time something doesn’t work out for you, you finger point at an amorphous “war on women.”

      This culture war shit is really getting tiresome.

      1. Psst. Amanduh. It’s because every damn time something doesn’t work out for you, you finger point at an amorphous “war on women.”

        I feel so disrespected. – Racism

    2. Why do married women lean Republican?

      Must have something to do with no longer needing Papa FedGov to take care of them.

    3. war on women

      “The power confided in me will be used to collect the duties and imposts of the places belonging to the government Female Clime but beyond that there will be no use of force against or among the people anywhere men.”

    4. or that the “war on women” isn’t just a Democratic campaign slogan

      Note open admission that none of the people complaining about the war on women really believed it.

  6. The Indies should not be giving Ron Paul a microphone. He is no longer a benefactor of the freedom movement and has not been for some time. He is a loon who we need to fade away the faster the better.

    1. But they give time to a bunch of loons. Equal opportunity for loonies!

    2. I think that’s pretty harsh. He doesn’t have the physical appearance or gravitas of someone like Reagan or loads of other politicians, but that’s kind of the whole point.

      If he was in politics before every household had a TV, then I think he would have been very successful. People would make decisions based on what his principles/policies were, not on his physical impression.

      And he’s what? 82

      1. Ron Paul has seriously stated recently that the Russia-Ukraine war was ‘whipped up by the Jews “banks”‘ because…who knows. He’s a loon. He also seriously believes or believed that NAFTA was a gateway to the North America Union, and that goes back further in time. He seriously thinks that all of America’s foreign policy problems are rooted in ‘intervention’ and ‘blowback’. He’s almost schizo really.

        1. “He seriously thinks that all of America’s foreign policy problems are rooted in ‘intervention’ and ‘blowback’ FedGov mismanagment of foreign policy.”

          1. Nope. Wrong. He really believes that all our problems are because ‘they hate us for being over there’. That’s what he’s said.

            1. Most of the problems that the US has in the middle east are direct and indirect results of past intervention and imperialism. Sorry you can’t see it, but it’s reality.

              1. Nope. That is ahistorical bullshit. It’s not our fault that region of the world is populated by assholes that missed out on The Enlightenment.

                1. Yeah, Iraq was brilliant. We should do it again.

                  1. We should, only this time we should invade Canada.

                    1. +1 war for oil sands

    3. Your…your brain has the shell on it.

      1. That would be my skull.

  7. And finally, a bit of post-election Two Minutes’ Hate towards Republicans and, bafflingly, the Duggars (a “Serious Threat To Gay and Women’s Rights”, the headline breathlessly relates):

    The Duggars are useful as a political tool for the right. They are held up as an ideal by right wingers because they make an excellent cudgel to beat women with. They help instill the idea that it’s normal and okay to demand that women relinquish 100% of their sexual and reproductive autonomy, and therefore the usual conservative demands that we just lose, oh, 50% of our basic autonomy sound more reasonable in comparison. They also encourage right wingers to strive for more. While I doubt we’ll ever be living in Duggar Nation, by holding them out as an ideal, conservatives can push themselves and their followers to dream big, to not be content merely restricting abortion but to think long-term and big picture: Attacks on legal contraception, restrictions on women’s education, remaking marriage ideals so women are cringingly submissive.

    I don’t know about the rest of you misogynists, but I’m a bit less ambitious than that — I’d settle for Marcotte being cringingly submissive to the laws of syntax, grammar, and good taste in editorializing.

    Also, it’s been a while since I attended the Rapist Patriarchal Oppressors meetings, so I guess we went with banning women’s education instead. You’ll get that sometimes, I suppose.

    1. They’re mad because Mrs. Duggar is exercising her choice when it comes to her body.

      I assume they think she should be sleeping around and murdering the offspring.

    2. Boy. For a bunch of people who don’t like to be judged they sure do a lot of it in that thread.

      Why are Reasonoids obsessed with this idiot exactly?

      1. I think obsession is too strong a term, but reasonable people can disagree.

        I think it’s important to point out idiocy like this because if left unchecked, their worldview wins by default.

        It’s the same with Lena Dunham. If National Review hadn’t published their story about her book, she simply would have been praised for her courage/intelligence/whatever without any challenge.

        Emperor, new clothes, etc…

        1. I get that but…damn.

          Sometimes the best thing is to just ignore it. I guess I have too much faith that the majority of people are smart enough to read Marcotte and conclude she’s a psycho with worthless thoughts no one benefits from.

          Alas, I know you have to still call them out on it.

      2. I don’t know if Reasonoids are. I find Marcotte funny because she brings a certain earnestness to the endeavor mixed with a terrible tin ear in saying what she thinks in a very forthright (and very unappealing) way, which is easy to mock. Also, since English is not my first language, I like to mock when I find a native speaker who sucks as much at it as Amanduh does — and I get double the schadenfreude value when it’s an English major. I don’t generally correct others’ grammar or spelling, so I satisfy my inner Strunk & White this way. So I’ll admit that the choice of Marcotte is a personal and idiosyncratic one for me, one which may not appeal to others in the same way.

        In a general sense, effective mockery is a good way to get rid of bad politics, especially when those bad politics are considered high status. Socialism in the USSR wasn’t on its way to the grave until people started mocking it severely, and I think the same is true of many staid systems.

        1. What’s your first language?

          Coulda fooled me.

        2. since English is not my first language

          That’s surprising. $100 says you started learning English before the age of 10.

          I don’t generally correct others’ grammar or spelling, so I satisfy my inner Strunk & White this way.

          Speaking as a former English major (bless my withered libertarian heart, but I didn’t discover economics until years after I received my $100k parchment rectangle), erstwhile editor, and Hayek fan, I take pleasure in asserting that grammar is descriptive, not prescriptive, and one of the best examples of an emergent order that is not dependent on technocratic authorities. Grammar mavens are all collectivists, even (especially) the eats shoots and leaves types who defend the grammar technocrats on contextual grounds.

          Marcotte is just a terrible writer who thinks that being an aggressive, vulgar ass is the same as being a passionate thinker. That she can make money with her shtick is an indication of how closely related sports journalism really is to popular political commentary.

          1. Spanish is my mother tongue — and a true delight to speak and write in IMO. I did learn English in school as it is mandatory to be instructed in the subject in PR, but the instruction was of poor quality. I learned how to speak English with some measure of competence in the military; that was actually my first exposure to libertarian ideas (my first book in English as an adult was Starship Troopers). Being stationed halfway across the world with my only options being Deutsch or English made it an obvious choice. Reading developed my vocabulary and English-language TV ironed out my accent (though my oldest daughter still remembers when I had one).

            I was also a bit of a linguistics nerd; HM has the best job of anyone on this forum as far as I’m concerned.

            RE descriptive vs prescriptive, I tend to agree with you — but man, was that Strunk & White useful for someone learning to write professionally in a foreign language, prescriptivism and all. I’m still glad the Major who supervised me got me a copy; she did me a real favor.

            Glad there are some English majors balancing out the Marcottes of the world.

            1. my first book in English as an adult was Starship Troopers

              I suspect the rest of the English-language oeuvre has been a massive disappointment. Though I can imagine you reading your kids to sleep with Moon is a Harsh Mistress or Stranger in a Strange Land.

              And re: grammar, it’s impossible to work in written English without knowing White or MOS or all the other style guides; you’d never make it past the slush pile otherwise. It’ll be that way until word processing programs have universally accurate autocorrect features. Though the authoritarian remnant in my soul enjoys debating whether logic dictates that punctuation belongs on the inside or outside of the end-quotes.

              1. Though I can imagine you reading your kids to sleep with Moon is a Harsh Mistress or Stranger in a Strange Land.

                My eldest daughter had read all the Heinlein juveniles and most of his other books by the time she was 16. At the time, I considered it an achievement on par with reading the entirety of the Western Canon. Now that she is a stone-cold libertarian harpy not unlike her father with her mother’s good looks (thank God), I can’t say that the philosophy she picked up from her libertarian readings helped inculcate the virtue of humilitas, heh.

                Oh, well. So long as she doesn’t recreate Heinleinian line marriages while she’s in college, I think my heart will go on.

                1. I want to build your oldest daughter a proper 1911.

    3. They help instill the idea that it’s normal and okay to demand that women relinquish 100% of their sexual and reproductive autonomy…

      I’m going to go ahead and assume everything this woman says is a lie.

      I’d settle for Marcotte being cringingly submissive

      Wouldn’t it be terrifically ironic if she is the type that wants a man to “Take Charge” in the bedroom?

      1. I would bet my own flesh on it. Her writings smack of a frustration fueled by a constant stream of mixed messages belted out to all and sundry which no male who has crossed her path had the glimmer of a hope to decifer.

  8. “Tonight on The Independents: Now What?”

    Beats me. You’re the one paid to do this.

  9. Spurred by the weekend thread where Reasonoids fought with a suspiciously chatty, overtly contrarian new handle over the definition of the word socialism, it’s time to play another round of Name That Market Economist

    If there were an Economist’s Creed, it would surely contain the affirmations “I understand the Principle of Comparative Advantage” and “I advocate Free Trade.”

    Who sed it?

    1. Paul Krugman, in the 90s.

      1. Goes to show you how far we’ve come, though we don’t often say so.

        Sixty years ago, our enemies were honest-to-god socialists and Soviets. Now all we have to contend with are half-baked Krugmans and islamists. Good deal if you ask me.

        1. Very hard to disagree with that.

          I’m not really an “End of History” type or someone who thinks that history tends towards constant improvement — but I am very grateful to live in this time. I hope we get better, but in the meantime we are living in quite possibly the greatest era for liberty worldwide.

          Hope nobody screws it up.

          1. Hope nobody screws it up.

            I’m sure that’s something the government can accomplish.

            We can’t deliver your mail to the correct mailbox, but we can sure fuck up a world!

        2. Sixty years ago, our enemies were honest-to-god socialists and Soviets. Now all we have to contend with are half-baked Krugmans and islamists. Good deal if you ask me.

          Yeah, except that Krugman’s bad statist ideas will be used by honest-to-god socialists to enact their wondrous utopia at some point.

          I full expect a murderous tyrant to quote Paul Krugman in the coming years.

          1. I full[y] expect a murderous tyrant to quote Paul Krugman in the coming years.

            Surely Obama has quoted Krugabe at some point.

  10. “libertarian fave Ron Paul”

    meh. Paul wons lots of libertoid street-cred for his ‘Audit the Fed’ talk, ‘Dr No’-attitude to pork/policy overreach, anti-intervention views.

    I’ve never exactly thought he was the greatest salesman ever for libertarians. His legacy didn’t help much. I think he only won about 40% of the H&R crowd at any given time during his 2008 presidential run. His most die-hard fans were… well, ‘grating’ would be generous.

    When i think of ‘universally-loved libertoids’, i think of Penn Jillette

    1. What, you don’t think that having his twitter intern spit on Chris Kyle’s corpse on the day of his murder wasn’t a great idea?

      I love Ron Paul as a person and agree with him on political issues more than any politician who has ever lived, but he was a terrible, gaffe-prone politician who was completely unprepared for the DC experience. He was the anti-Clinton, and that’s why he topped out as a completely isolated House rep known as an uncompromising ideologue.

      Which is exactly why we love him, of course. An army of Ron Pauls gives us blessed, blessed gridlock.

      1. “Knarf Yenrab!|11.7.14 @ 5:54PM|#

        What, you don’t think that having his twitter intern spit on Chris Kyle’s corpse on the day of his murder wasn’t a great idea?”

        I didn’t even know about that. and i’m not surprised. as i said – he was never in my mind an ‘idealized’ libertarian representative. The people he tended to attract to him seemed to spring from the more ideologically-orthodox corners of libertarianism, and he always seemed to have huge support of the 9/11-truther & Alex Jones sets, which he didn’t do much to dissuade.

        I recall at the time that I pointed out that for him to appeal to the mainstream, he’d have to disavow some of the more kooky among his cadre. Never happened.

      2. Chris Kyle’s grave should be spat upon.

        1. As much as I’d love to see Carol Paul piss on Woodrow Wilson’s grave, it wouldn’t do much for the libertarian movement. We should learn from the success of the social democrats and the Fabians.

        2. Why don’t you spit on living Iraq-War veterans, if you feel so strongly about it? At least *they’ll* actually notice

        3. The guys Kyle killed were trying to kill him and his friends and civilians.

          It’s not his fault he was ordered into a stupid war. The worst thing you could say was that he was a fool to trust the government.

  11. So a guy travels to Mexico to commit suicide. Along the way, he gets distracted by hookers and coke, and decides life is worth living after all.…..l-himself/

    In other news, here are some hilarious memos of a 70s boss losing his shit:…..geroil.pdf

    1. Where did you find this priceless gem?

      Although one could be tempted to call him a douche (and I think he’s a bit heavy), I kinda get where he’s coming from.

      I’ve had to read the riot act on a couple of occasions.

      1. I borrowed motivation book from a coworker. It had a link to the memos.

        Sometimes a boss has to be a jerk, but that guy definitely abuses the privilege.

        “I want to run this place like the Army.”

        “I can swear, but you can’t.”

        “I am a known son-of-a-bitch and plan to keep it that way.”

        LOLWUT? Go fuck a woodchipper, your majesty.

        1. I love how he keeps reminding everyone he’s the owner.

          Yeah, douche.

          1. I had a boss once who threatened me with “pain beyond tolerance” if I displeased him. English was not his first language and that made his threats and tough talk that much funnier.

    2. Spent a full week snorting coke off tits, popping pain meds, drinking tequila, eating handfuls of Viagra to fight the whiskey/coke dick, and had three FFM threesomes.

      That is a hell of a week.

  12. Just watched the latest South Park.

    I love when they use Canada in their story plots. It’s hysterically hilarious.


    ‘Free’mium’ – Latin (for) – Not Really.’

    1. I recently learned that “data” comes from the Latin word for dice.

      I had a good laugh about that.

  13. Andrea Tantaros

    Ok, I’ll watch.

  14. God on Marcotte and Dunham: “I can’t believe I wasted perfectly good vaginas on those two.”

    1. I’m reminded of this.

  15. Derp in History

    In 1979, a bunch of Islamic extremists seized the main mosque in Mecca. The Saudis were too incompetent to fight them, so they hired French mercenaries to help them. The mercenaries were hastily converted to Islam before they were allowed to enter, as only Muslims are allowed to enter the secret clubhouse Holy of Holies.

    1. Even better =

      The Saudis were so terrified that anyone would realize that there were anti-Saud-family muslim dissidents *in* the Kingdom itself, that they pretty much put the whole event in a total media blackout. Iran took advantage of the situation, and claimed that American and Jewish terrorists had attacked the holiest site in Islam

      Naturally, people all over the world freaked out. Pakistantis attacked and burned down the US Embassy

      1. And then to end the threat of Islamic terrorism once and for all….

        they caved in to most of the demands made by the militants.

  16. prognosis for the country going forward

    As long as you are “leaning” to get there.

    P.S. I still don’t understand why msnbc’s slogan is “Lean Forward”. Why “Lean”? It doesn’t make sense. It should be ‘Look’ or ‘Move’ or something.

    1. Its’ their way of saying, “BEND OVER”

      1. “Bow down to your Progressive Masters.”

        is how I take it.

    2. More fat shaming from the “Let’s Move!” folks.

  17. A nice take down of the “well-regulated militia” myth:

    1. That was pretty good. Basically, you just have to define the words as they would have been at the time they were written and examine the sentence structure. “Grammar”: What is it?

      Also, acknowledge that Rights are not limited by technological advancement.

      And check out this chick:

    2. He had my attention at ‘cry baby progressive whineyness’.

      Is there any other kind?

      1. And keep in mind, proglodytes do not care about facts. Quite the contrary, they hate them, since everything they believe is based on falsehoods and lies.

    3. The message was on point, but even I found his smug self-satisfaction a bit much.

  18. Time for another beer. Southern Tier’s Pumking. I should be pretty well buzzed by the time The Independents starts.

    1. I thought it was pretty good myself.

  19. Where denialism meets critical thinking.

    Can’t figure this professor out.

  20. A prank involving a rickety bridge over a huge chasm:

  21. Pravda on Obama.…..mistake-0/

    Other than that. Russia sucks.

    1. Not sure about Russia, it’s just a piece of terra. But to be sure, Putin sucks.

      1. Putin sucks. Putin is Russian ergo Russia sucks.


    2. Russia sucks? A place that gives the world Anna Semenovich can’t be all bad.

      1. Just work with ME furcrisesakes!

        Liked the Jerk joke.

        1. What Jerk joke? I’ve been drinking.

          1. Oh, do you mean the Far Side cartoon?

  22. Depressing: monuments destroyed by Mid East fighting:…..conflicts/

    1. Remember back during the invasion of Iraq when a lot of the museums got looted and destroyed? This is one of the most ancient cradles of civilization.

      Are existing models of world government good for anything except for destruction and killing? Oh, yeah, stealing, I forgot about that.

  23. I should be pretty well buzzed by the time The Independents starts.

    I’ve been pounding Bud Light Platinum.

    (I know, I know. I’ll see myself out the door.)

    1. I hope that’s free beer, cause that’s the only excuse to drink bud light. All beer is good when someone else is buying.

      1. I’d offer to drink more to make up for Rev-Match’s drinking, but I think this should be my last for the night.

        1. I’m just getting started.

      2. All beer is good when someone else is buying.

        Fixed it.

  24. Fuck. Choppy livestream.

    1. Paisley.

  25. Wow. You Peanuts were right! The GOP has been in power for three days and the stock market is at record highs, gas is only $2.75, UE is below 6%, jobs are plentiful, and the dollar is strong!

    Sign me up for the GOP!

    1. Turd, tell us again about how O-care isn’t going to have any effect on the elections!
      Humor on a Friday evening from the village idiot.

    2. The chief executive of the US does not have control over any of those things.

  26. Wo guys. You can take the costumes off. Halloween has been over for one week now!

  27. What color is matt’s shirt?

  28. Wow, Andrea! Just wow

  29. It’s never Obama’s fault.

  30. I hear shrieking. Must be Alan Colmes cheering section.


  32. Labour. Participation. Rate.

  33. Yeah, I decide to tune in, and we get…what. One good brain between Tantaros and Colmes? Jesus Christ in heaven.

    *tunes out – maybe I’ll be back*

  34. “You’re premiums are up!” That’s all the message the people needed.

    1. Your.

  35. Your.

    1. Keep the jokes to yourselves assholes.

  36. LOOK AT THAT EAR PIECE CHORD. WELCH IS A CHEATER. Who’s feeding him lines?

    1. I think Kmele has one too.

      1. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. Literal sockpuppets on my screen!

  37. Was Colmes in the House of Wax movie?

  38. It’s called “Happiness Research”.

  39. I’ve been drinking too much to care about folks talking over each other.

  40. Matt EAT HIM!

  41. Wow, Andrea! Just wow

    Gilmore, you better be nice to her.


  43. Ha, throwing Clinton in Colmes’ face.

  44. Bitches better stay out of my way when I’m in the left lane.

  45. Bad optics?

    How about bad etiquette and form? How about bad decision making?

  46. Is that a speed suit Colmes is wearing?

  47. I was waiting for the Kool-Aid guy to come crashing through the wall behind Colmes.

    1. +1 oh yeaaaahhhhh

  48. Dear Independents,

    Never, ever, ever have Alan Colmes on the show again.

    Also, don’t spend the first 20mins of a show just jabbering over each other incoherently.

    1. Well at least I know who Tony really is now.

    2. don’t spend the first 20mins of a show just jabbering over each other incoherently.

      You ask too much.

    3. It’s The McLaughlin Group format.

      You no like?

      1. In the mclaughlin group, John would tell them when they were all wrong, and then move the fuck on.

        1. “John McLaughlin: Wrong! There is intelligent life in the 11th galaxy on the planet Neptar, which will conquer Earth in the year 5482, utilizing us for slave labor in their Chellonian salt mines. Issue number 5: what number am I thinking of?”

          1. “What did you have for breakfast this morning? WRONG!”

            Great skit.

    1. You’re dead to me.

  49. RoPaul no longer exists on his own plane of existence?

  50. 3 of the freshman class

    Fresh MEAT!

  51. The doctor almost finished his thought. Almost.

  52. Is Kennedy wearing a track suit?

    “Yea, I just got back from a run and I have to do this show, but whatever.”

  53. 1st 1/4 of show = people yelling at each other
    2nd 2/4 of show = old man babbling incoherently

    It can only get better.


      I’m a big fan of incoherence.

      1. Maybe I should try my French out on you. It’s pretty incoherent.

        1. French is incoherent even when it’s coherent!

          1. Incoherent is my second language!

            1. Je parle seulement un peu de fran?ais

              1. Ich kann besser Deutsch als Franzozisch sprechen.

  54. The Independents Attire Review, 07 November 2014

    I Am The Walrus-Edition

    – Kennedy: I want to give her a Pink Scuba Mask and a Pink Speargun, and then insert 007 wearing a white tuxedo. She’s a Bond-Girl waiting to happen. The half-mast zipper is such a tease. +1 Thunderball

    – Matt: Pink Shirt Disaster. That is all.

    – Kmele: Maroon tie – never gets old! Still winning the season handily. We’ve rarely seen Kmele in windowpane/tattersall shirts and we like the variety. (subtle hint to Matt)

    – Alan Colmes: His clothes are sadly not nearly ‘on fire’ enough. We think a liberal application of jellied gasoline, battery acid, and some road-flares might help spice him up. At least for a few minutes.


    1. Jim McNulty approves.

  55. The government can do whatever it wants with immigration reform as long as Anna Semenovich can come into the country freely.

  56. OT: Britain shows again why we are no longer British

    1. No longer dead to me. I heart Penn & Teller.

  57. I’m with you Peanuts on Team Red now! With all this good news since we won Tuesday?

    Hot damn! Go GOP!


    2. Did someone say something?

      1. Yeah, but it was muffled.

    3. Turd, tell us again about how O-care isn’t going to have any effect on the elections!
      Humor on a Friday evening from the village idiot.

  58. That’s a ridiculous argument.

  59. the ratio of “Kennedy/other people talking” is at least 3X too high

    1. Luckily the remote guest couldn’t see her facial expressions (AKA stealth interruptions).

  60. Man, that Kennedy eye roll was vicious.

  61. Is Andrea the most attractive Party Panelist? I think she may be. (Except for Moynihan, of course.)

    1. Yes.

      Unfortunately she doesn’t have a boobpedia entry. NSFW.

    2. After that hand bite I say yes

    3. Ellison Barber by a mile.

    4. Is Andrea the most attractive Party Panelist?

      I’ll pretend you didn’t ask this.

    5. Andy Levy.

  62. “Taking benefits away isn’t very political.”

    Shades of Romney and his statement about the percentage of Americans that don’t pay taxes.

  63. Okay that biting scene was a turn on.

    1. I missed it. I think I shouldn’t have.

  64. I think this guy is drinking more than just Kool-Aid.

  65. Colmes jumps the shark.

  66. Colmes is fried.

  67. Keybone Pipelinin’ It 2: Burying the Line

  68. can’t be mad at Harry Reid

    What world does Colmes live in?

  69. Colmes is a fucktard. Why would Obama get credit for an fossil fuel surplus he actively tried to sabotage at virtually every opportunity?

    1. Politics.

    2. Same reason turd gives him credit for starting from zero and not quite strangling the economy over the past 6 years.
      Hey, it’s better than it was, regardless of Obo’s efforts!

  70. More rap.

    Ear bleach:

    Also some eye bleach at 2:28.

    1. Sorry, should have mentioned white people dancing.

    2. The irony of your choice is that Stone’s Throw Records was in fact originally an underground rap label

      1. doh’t! I didn’t know that.

          1. Damn. I’ve just been schooled.

    1. Yes. OK. Not Rap.

    2. just like heaven

      1. Well, I wouldn’t go that far.


  72. Over the next two years or two months?

  73. People Who Are Not Helping: Meet the Libertarian candidate who accidentally turned his skin purple.…..njones.jpg

    1. I love American politics.

    2. How about the D president who rammed a ‘health plan’ law through?
      According to some D pundits, he didn’t help.

      1. I should have been more clear. I meant libertarians who are not helping the libertarian cause.

        1. I know. I was joshin’

    3. What the hell kind of chemical did the government put in the LP headquarters’ water cooler? You’d think that Jesse Ventura is as bad as it gets for a Libertarian candidate, but you would be very, very wrong.

      1. He was worried about Y2K causing an anti-biotic shortage, so as a precaution, he drank colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has some antibiotic properties, but much better ones have since been invented.

        When you drink the silver, it migrates to your skin and turns dark when exposed to light. It’s basically the same reactions used to develop film.

        1. Dear sweet mother of Christ. The LP really, really goes out of its way to do the mainstream parties a favor by nominating these whackjobs, doesn’t it?

          I’d easily take 5 Todd Akins over this nut.

        2. He was worried about Y2K causing an anti-biotic shortage, so as a precaution, he drank colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has some antibiotic properties, but much better ones have since been invented.

          When you drink the silver, it migrates to your skin and turns dark when exposed to light. It’s basically the same reactions used to develop film.

          Holy fucking shit, this is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

      2. All the competent and rational libertarians just run as Republicans. That leaves the crazy dregs to run in the actual LP.

  74. “Young whipersnappers”? Get off my lawn!

  75. Ooo, GaJo’s gonna get another almost three whole minutes to fight Kennedy for air.

  76. Gary Johnson showed some Crazy Eyes there.

  77. Paragliding? Is that when you throw a cripple off a cliff?


  79. Rand Paul is libertarian

    He’s close enough.

  80. Your marriage negatively affects my delicate sensibilities!

    1. Yea, that really should have been worded differently.

  81. Still not big on GayJay. Nice guy, but….derp.

    1. Good, not perfect.
      Imagine him instead of Obo or Romney.

      1. I might take Putin ILO Obo or Romneyac 2000

        /jusssssst kidding

        1. So not-so-good vs perfect?

    2. I hear him talk and i wonder…

      …this guy was ‘the boss’ somewhere?

      He’s flakier than Pillsbury biscuits

  82. Wait, how many states did Kennedy say Mary Jane won in? Three?

    1. I was told there would be no math!

      *takes HUGE rip on bong*

  83. I wish the Prince of Canada and Beelzeboot would take over the US government.

    Canadough for all!

    1. Nap on the Nat, natch.

  84. “A permit to be this awesome”? Fuck that, we don’t need no stinkin’ permits!


  85. Oh, startup NY!

    “He’s really changed, he’s not going to beat me anymore!”

  86. OT: What the fuck is wrong with this woman?…..elections/

    So, gloat as much as needed, but the same GOP establishment that bought this election, will buy 2016 without Rand Paul as the nominee.

    1. wait…wut?

  87. What else is there to do in Alaska? Get blazed.

    1. Move next door to the Palins and be a creeper?

      1. Wrestle a polar bear and have anal sex with Eskimos.

        Or is it wrestle Eskimos and….

  88. Drug war, what is it good for?

  89. I don’t know who this person following The Independents is. I just killed the livestream. Time to put some music on.

      1. That wasn’t bad, and I don’t think it’s the booze talking either.

        I sign up for the lotto for this concert. I haven’t won it yet.

  90. So, the theme of tonight’s show was “make it up as we go along”

    And Andreas tits


    1. Andreas tits. Yes.

        1. To be honest, I didn’t recognize the name, so I did the search, including images.
          And is seems from those Andrea’s ass, too!

          1. Ass? I missed those pictures.

            1. Well, I tried Bing and Google images; both gave me loooooong links that Reason doesn’t like.
              Any side image with her seated shows a well-upholstered woman.

              1. Ahh, I will spend more time searching.

            2. Fruitless search. Looks like she’s too sharp to let hot pics get thrown arond on the internet. Admirable.

    2. And Andreas tits

      This could have been the whole show.


    3. Andrea’s tits are no small matter.

  91. BONER! “When you play with matches, you run the risk of BURNING yourself!”

    Ooooo – BURN! LITERALLY!

  92. Did LOU just say “Cyber America”? He did.

    *turns channel*

  93. The inveterate liars at Vox are already preparing the next batch of Obamacare propaganda.

    It sure will be great to watch this law crash and burn. The progs will tear their hair out and scream for murder.…..-disagrees

    1. From the link:
      “It is now a vexing question in front of the Supreme Court: did Congress intend for Obamacare’s federal-run exchanges to distribute tax credits to millions of enrollees?”

      Uh, no. The question is: How did Congress WRITE the law?

  94. Alternet takes prog crazy to a whole new level:

    “Since the economy has rebounded and healthcare reform has worked, all that remained for the GOP was to lie. And since the base of the GOP is white aging southern evangelicals, the GOP was in luck. These are easy folks to lie to. That’s because they already accept an alternative version of reality. Also, of course, since the lies are about a black man, that doesn’t hurt. Yes, race is still an issue.”…..e-gop-lies

    1. “Since the economy has rebounded”
      Irrelevance; Obo has done his best to make sure it hasn’t.

      “and healthcare reform has worked,”

    2. These are easy folks to lie to.

      Projection. Sweet, sweet projection.

      Yes, race is still an issue.

      Only in your mind my young padawan progressive hack.

    3. All that is true. Fucking Creationists believe any bullshit. Like a Jew dead for 2000 years returning. They are nuts.

      1. It must be horrible for you how the creationists dominate the media

      2. Turd, tell us again about how O-care isn’t going to have any effect on the elections! Still waiting turd. You made that ‘prediction’ several times, turd.

        1. I believe the proper description was: DOOM!

    4. It’s amazing how many white aging Southern evangelicals there are in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

  95. Prediction: tommorow morning is a foodie article.

    ‘Night y’all!

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