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Colorado School Goes into Lockdown Because… Gravity Bong!


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Adams City High School in Commerce City, Colorado, went into lockdown Friday morning because—wait for it—some kid's gravity bong released a bunch of marijuana smoke into a classroom.

The bong was hidden in a backpack, and started inadvertently releasing smoke, according to The Denver Post:

Adams City High School was put on modified lockdown Friday morning after a student's gravity bong — a device that uses the force of gravity to pull large amounts of cannabis into a chamber — released smoke in a classroom, officials said.

"As a precautionary measure our students were placed on a modified lockdown to limit movement throughout the school," the school said in a release. "School resource officers and nurses are on site as a precautionary measure to address the needs of students if necessary."

The smoke was released about 9:45 a.m. in the Commerce City school, said Breanna Deidel, a spokeswoman for the school district.

"Everybody is safe," Deidel said. "The kid who did it is in the office meeting with the disciplinary team right now."

Marijuana is of course legal in Colorado, although I would still expect a kid who brought it into school to get in some serious trouble. Hopefully, not too serious. Maybe the administrators will be in a mellow mood.

Was a lockdown really necessary, though? Increasingly, schools jump into panic mode over relatively trivial incidents.

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  1. Well, they had to go into lockdown for something, Robby. Jeez.

  2. This is exactly how the zombie apocalypse is going to start.

    1. Indeed…

  3. He could break the bong and use the glass to slice someones throat – reefer madness!!!!!

    1. Dead On Your Feet
      You Won’t Last Long
      If You Keep On Sticking Your Head
      In The Gravity Bong

    2. Glass? Usually it’s a plastic bag taped to the inside of a plastic 2 liter bottle.

      Not that I would know anything about that.

  4. I think I saw this in Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

    1. That was a smokeless bong.

  5. “gravity bong”… in a backpack? releases smoke… by itself?

    Does anyone else think this sounds… highly implausible?

    Because normally a ‘gravity bong’ involves 1/2 of a plastic soda bottle, and a *bucket of water*

    Like so

    Robby, for the love of God = you’re going to ruin our Libertarian Stoner-Credibility by repeating stories like this without instantly noting that the people are probably confusing their Weed-Technology terminology

    1. Yeah, a gravity bong is not a delayed-release device. Maybe a volcano or something along those lines?

    2. I only just learned to make them in the last couple months, so I figured I was just unfamiliar with some finer, stonery-er points.

      But it’s good to know that my initial reaction of, “WTF… shouldn’t it only be releasing smoke when you’re using it?” wasn’t off-base.

      1. In fairness, it’s the Denver Post saying that, mostly.

        And while “gravity bong” is the name of the thing, it’d be more accurate to describe it as operating via air pressure and abhorrence of vacuum than just “gravity”, as the description does.

    3. Take one plastic bottle, put a hole in the lid, and cut off the bottom. Submerge the bottle down to the lid with a loaded bowl in the hole, then slowly lift. As air is drawn through the bowl, light it. Continue lifting until the bottle is full of smoke, but not so high that it comes out of the water. Remove lid, put mouth on spout, then push the bottle down into the water, forcing smoke into your lungs. Enjoy.

      Could be he took a hit from a water bucket, sink, or whatever, but left smoke in the bottle. He stashed the bottle in his backpack. Somehow the smoke leaked out of the bag and became visible, and then the panic started. Or perhaps the bowl wasn’t totally out.

      I could see it.

      1. You seem to know an awful lot about this.

        1. I for one am shocked — SHOCKED — that people who post on HNR are likely to be experienced at esoteric ways of smoking weed.

      2. He could have closed up the bottle to save the smoke for later. And smoke could be leaking out of the plastic bag or where the tape is. Also, you don’t need water, just a friend to help pull the hit.

        I mean, theoretically.

  6. That said = thank god it wasn’t an *anti-gravity bong*

    Because that could have gotten ugly

    1. Sounds like something out of Futurama, like some kind of horrible doomsday device.

  7. Certainly this will be tied to Tea Party favorite Rand ‘Aqua Buddha’ Paul?

  8. There is no reason for someone to posses a bong with greater than 1 liter capacity.

  9. “disciplinary team”

    You gotta’ be shitting me.

  10. “The bong was hidden in a backpack, and started inadvertently releasing smoke,..”

    Is this like a cop’s gun that fires without any human agency? See, all this time I thought inanimate objects were, well, inanimate.

    1. guns,bongs,drugs,high capacity mags,sugar,tobacco,video games and Reason Hit and Run are all the works of Iblis.

  11. Get a vaporizer, dude.

  12. Was a lockdown really necessary, though?

    Yes, it’s absolutely necessary that we freak the fuck out during every little incident that is questionable, because turrurists and for the childins.

    They’re just lucky that the cops didn’t roll up in tanks and start shooting puppies and maybe even people.

  13. “School resource officers and nurses are on site as a precautionary measure to address the needs of students if necessary.”

    “Got a spliff, Officer?”

  14. Where is Spicoli???

  15. sounds cool. does it have the shoulder thing that goes up?

  16. Strictly speaking, Gravity Bongs use differential air pressure to create a large volume of smoke, not gravity. Also agreed that I doubt anyone would carry a gravity bong in a backpack given the amount of water you need. However I’ve done dumber stuff when I’m high.

  17. “Bongkers.” Trust me, they HAVE truly all gone BONGKERS. Now, I am admittedly very, very old. But even after the Kennedy assassination in Dallas in November of 63 (you don’t think all the teachers were “on edge?) all that would’ve happened is that my Civics teacher, Granny Gurlack, would’ve said, “Put that thing away and lets get back to our important study of how bad Barry Goldwater is.”

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