Tonight on The Independents: The Lawyer for Shaneen Allen, the Writer of That NYT Mag Piece, the Mom Who Claims Cannabis Saved Her Kid, Plus Iraq War, St. Louis Riots, Tony Stewart, Robin Williams, and After-Show


You can't unsee. ||| Gawker, just killin' it
Gawker, just killin' it

Sometimes there's just too much news, like tonight, when Robin Williams is dead of an apparent suicide, Iraq is disintegrating (and the U.S. is escalating) by the minute, St. Louis stands at a knife's edge, and racing fans grapple with the possibility that an angry driver's deliberate actions took another angry driver's life. You'll be thankful by the time Topical Storm rolls around, is all I'm gonna say.

Tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later) begins with an in-depth examination of the horror-show in Iraq, with Party Panelists  K.T. McFarland (former Reagan-administration deputy defense secretary) and Richard Grenell (former Mitt Romney foreign policy advisor). Robert Draper, author of that recent New York Times Magazine feature on libertarianism, will come on to talk about the interesting reaction that piece has generated. Then Evan Nappen, lawyer of the single mom facing 11+ years in prison for carrying a legally registered gun into a state where such activity is profoundly illegal, comes on next.

After the Topical Storm reprieve is some discussion about Tony Stewart and Robin Williams, and then Rachael Garner, mother of a toddler who she says had his life saved by cannabis, will describe her experiences. The show will end with Kmele Foster breaking down the mess in St. Louis.

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