You Won't Believe Just How Godawful This Elizabeth Warren Video Really Is


Robby Soave recently underscored Sen. Elizabeth Warren's rampant hypocrisy when it comes to supporting the Export-Import Bank, a pure crony-capitalism institution.

Here's something else to blame her for: The video above, titled "Run Liz Run," put out by the tone-deaf folks at "Ready for Warren." Here's the writeup:

Our campaign to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016 is gaining huge momentum. Warren came to Netroots Nation in Detroit and #ReadyForWarren was there to greet her in style alongside thousands of grassroots progressives.

Americans of all stripes are calling for a leader who will fight for an America that works for all of us, not only the wealthy and the well-connected. Join us. http://ready4warren.com.

Filmed at Netroots Nation 2014 in Detroit, MI. Song written and performed by Jessie Murphy & friends. Video produced, directed, and edited by The Self Agency.

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