Elizabeth Warren

You Won't Believe Just How Godawful This Elizabeth Warren Video Really Is


Robby Soave recently underscored Sen. Elizabeth Warren's rampant hypocrisy when it comes to supporting the Export-Import Bank, a pure crony-capitalism institution.

Here's something else to blame her for: The video above, titled "Run Liz Run," put out by the tone-deaf folks at "Ready for Warren." Here's the writeup:

Our campaign to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016 is gaining huge momentum. Warren came to Netroots Nation in Detroit and #ReadyForWarren was there to greet her in style alongside thousands of grassroots progressives.

Americans of all stripes are calling for a leader who will fight for an America that works for all of us, not only the wealthy and the well-connected. Join us. http://ready4warren.com.

Filmed at Netroots Nation 2014 in Detroit, MI. Song written and performed by Jessie Murphy & friends. Video produced, directed, and edited by The Self Agency.

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  1. Is she becoming the Rand Paul for Democrats?

    1. Is there a similar Rand Paul video?

  2. In Warren’s defense, she’s a cunt.

    1. She has neither the warmth nor the depth of a cunt.

      1. True. How about a rat faced dumb whore?

        1. Just to avoid the charge of sexism, let’s try “totalitarian, demagogic, piece of shit”. After all, cunts are generally desirable. And even dumb whores have their uses.

  3. Sorry Nick, I had to stop it halfway through. And now I hate you.

    1. You got halfway through? You’re braver than I thought.

      1. It’s the alcohol. I would never have clicked on it sober.

      2. There’s a reason I have Flash deactivated by default.

      3. Yeah, I managed about 10 seconds the other day. The song is about the same quality a Lizzie Warren presidency would be.

        1. I made it 40 seconds before I had to bail. Who the fuck listens to that and says, “Yes, I love it!”

          1. “Grassroots progressives”?

  4. From the shores of Massachusetts
    To the wilds of San Francisco
    See the hordes of crazy pinkos
    Whoop it up for Lieawatha.
    Raise your voices, raise the taxes
    As we cheer for Lieawatha
    Businesspeople ought to like her
    Since she built the roads they drove on!

    1. Bravo! *stands and applauds*

  5. “everybody needs bridges and streets to succeed….”

    I.e. ROADZ!!!!!!!!11!!eleven!!

    Fuck you Reason and Nick for bringing this to my attention.

    1. Roads? DRINK!

      1. DRINK!

        On it.

        1. Intern budget: Drinking rolling rock and about to get some $1 oysters. Pretty cheap for DC.

          1. Went to the Old Ebbitt a couple of months ago on John’s recommendation (thanks, John). Wound up eating a late lunch in reverse. Had a cocktail, realized I was hungry and ate a plate of shad roe with a zippy Gruner Veltliner. Just as I’m about to ask for the check, I overhear the barman tell another customer that half price oysters start in four minutes. Dozen local oysters with a glass of Champagne, barman!

            1. …”ate a plate of shad roe”…

              How was it prepared?

            2. I remember one day after classes in grad school, a few of us went to the local pub. I ordered a plate of appetizers (chicken wings, IIRC). About 20 minutes later, right after I’d finished, they announced free appetizers.

              You can imagine the tip I didn’t leave.

            3. I’ll have to check that place out. I usually go to Hank’s near DuPont since it’s walking distance from my apartment.

  6. I never realized that “women” and “Warren” rhyme.

    1. They tried for weeks to rhyme “women” and “Hillary” before they switched allegiances.

  7. They should’ve just used this for their song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2e1515l7Tc

  8. We all need bridges and streets, so hand over 70% of your income. God bless.

    1. Hilarious!

  9. Everyday the mask slips further down their faces. In her heart of hearts, Warren would exile her ideological opponents to camps where they would be hacked to pieces by farming implements. She is not a Hitler, or even a Mao. She is a Pol Pot: a blood-thirsty, petulant faux-academic who subconsciously acknowledges her intellectual limitations and expresses her anger at this knowledge by rounding up people who wear glasses or can speak French.

    1. Precisely. She would need the loyalty of the military to do this, which I doubt she would get, but the only way to prevent the hell on earth she could create is to keep her the hell out of office. As vomit-inducing as a Hillary administration would be, she is a typical scummy pol who understands how the game is played. Warren is the type for whom there are no means to which she wouldn’t stoop to achieve her ends.

      1. I should say, the only way to 100% prevent the hell on earth she would create… There are enough checks in place to hopefully keep her from racking up a body count of more than 100 million. She is a monster.

    2. Pol Pot? Maybe.

      Honestly, when I see or hear Sen. Warren, two words come to my mind – Ivy Starnes.

      1. lol you’re absolutely right there.

      2. Moon Glampers come to mind…

  10. You Won’t Believe Just How Godawful This Elizabeth Warren Video Really Is

    I’ll trust you on that. I’d rather click on a Salon story about Keith Olbermann speaking at an SPLC rally.

  11. Elizabeth Warren’s 11 Commandments of Progressivism =
    “We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we’re willing to fight for it.”
    “We believe in science, and that means that we have a responsibility to protect this Earth.”
    “We believe that the Internet shouldn’t be rigged to benefit big corporations, and that means real net neutrality.”
    “We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means raising the minimum wage.”
    “We believe that fast-food workers deserve a livable wage, and that means that when they take to the picket line, we are proud to fight alongside them.”
    “We believe that students are entitled to get an education without being crushed by debt.”
    “We believe that after a lifetime of work, people are entitled to retire with dignity, and that means protecting Social Security, Medicare, and pensions.”
    “We believe?I can’t believe I have to say this in 2014?we believe in equal pay for equal work.”
    “We believe that equal means equal, and that’s true in marriage, it’s true in the workplace, it’s true in all of America.”
    “We believe that immigration has made this country strong and vibrant, and that means reform.”
    “And we believe that corporations are not people, that women have a right to their bodies. We will overturn Hobby Lobby and we will fight for it. We will fight for it!”
    Stalin couldn’t have said it better.

    1. All those items already exist (although Hobby Lobby won’t be overturned). Some states don’t allow gay marriage but the rest are pretty much reality to some large degree. For instance many of us think the current federal minimum wage is “livable”.

      We must be in a Stalinist hell in the USA.

      1. Palin’s Buttplug|7.19.14 @ 9:34PM|#
        “All those items already exist”…

        8%, turd.

      2. Well, and along with these achievements, we get targeted killings, crushing debt, no fly lists, universal surveillance, crony capitalism, widespread rent seeking, and an ever expanding underclass, the predictable consequences of progressive politics.

  12. Oh, for the love of god, please, please, please nominate her!

    1. Please no. Because there exists a good chance Team Red will nominate somebody so terrible that she could win. And then I’d have to kill myself or figure out a way to claim political asylum in Canada.

    2. I suspect this woman has warehouses of skeletons in her closet, and sooo much dirt in her past. Her loyal believers don’t realize what they are asking for, when asking her to run…

      1. She does. She admits to being a Reagan Republican. Seriously.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug|7.19.14 @ 9:37PM|#
          “She does.”

          Go lick Obo’s ass, turd.

        2. Well.. she’s a long way from there now, sooo.

          1. Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of the left, admitted that she was once a Republican.

            In an interview with The Daily Beast released on Tuesday, Warren, 62, who recently began a bid to unseat Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) admitted that up into her early 40s she was a Republican.

            “I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets. I think that is not true anymore,” Warren said. “I was a Republican at a time when I felt like there was a problem that the markets were under a lot more strain. It worried me whether or not the government played too activist a role.”

            Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-…..z37y8aHOLW
            Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

            1. Palin’s Buttplug|7.19.14 @ 9:45PM|#
              \”Elizabeth Warren,”…

              Where’s the emails, turd?

            2. “In an interview with The Daily Beast released on Tuesday, Warren, 62, who recently began a bid to unseat Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) admitted that up into her early 40s she was a Republican.”

              And yet, at 62.. she still can’t admit that she’s completely full of shit, hmmm…

              “I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets. I think that is not true anymore,”

              “We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means raising the minimum wage.”
              “We believe that fast-food workers deserve a livable wage, and that means that when they take to the picket line, we are proud to fight alongside them.”

              “It worried me whether or not the government played too activist a role.”

              “We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we’re willing to fight for it.”
              “We believe that the Internet shouldn’t be rigged to benefit big corporations, and that means real net neutrality.”

              She’s full of shit…

              1. Clearly.

                Anyone who claims Native heritage like her is full of it.

                1. Wow, a partisan hack claims to have been of the other party in their youth, and now claims to be older wiser, and thus has changed their party affiliation to the party of the grownups?

                  Never seen that one before.

            3. Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of the left, admitted that she was once a Republican.

              People will say anything to badmouth the GOP, including that Elizabeth Warren was once a Republican. Oh, wait, so she’s saying it… those poor Democratic bastards!

        3. And Hillary worked for Goldwater once. It didn’t help anything.

        4. A Republican when she was young and a Democrat when she got old? So she has no heart and no brain.

          1. She’s got a shriveled up cooch that needs taxpayer support.

      2. I dunno – NYC just elected a Communist mayor. Does “dirt” even matter anymore?

        1. Federal elections… different animal.

      3. I suspect this woman has warehouses of skeletons in her closet

        1) The well-known gaming affirmative action thing.

        2) The plagiarized recipes: your traditional Native American family recipe is crab with mayonnaise and just happened to appear in the NY Times a few years earlier?

        3) Her thesis was nearly not accepted, because one advisor was convinced it was academic fraud.

        4) She once flipped a foreclosed house for a quick buck.

        5) She is suspected of using her university office for unapproved purposes.

        6) There’s a scandal brewing about her pet project, the CFPB. The offices are being refurbished at tremendous, palatial-Vegas-resort cost, and all the paperwork regarding who approved this has mysteriously disappeared.

        1. It’s on Lois Lerner’s hard drive.

        2. Whoa whoa whoa. Corruption at the CFPB? No one could have predicted that!

    3. No.

      Hell no.

      No fucking way, no.

      Look, the remaining Team Red partisan in me would be happy to see her as the Democratic nominee because it would significantly elevate the Republicans’ chances. But, the human being that doesn’t want to see catastrophe visited on my country knows perfectly well that the downside of that risk is completely unacceptable.

  13. Can’t tell if this demands a parody video or if this is the parody video.

    1. A parody video would be watchable.

      1. Well, I laughed my ass through this one if that means anything.

  14. Santorum vs. Warren, 2016. Discuss…

    1. Ritual suicide would be the only option. Or hope that Kang and Kodos invade, kill them both and impersonate them. Because alien slavery would be better than either of them as President.

      1. Because alien slavery would be better than either of them as President.

        Yeah, I’d kind of be rooting for that too.

    2. “How quickly can we get to Peak Retard?”

      1. We will never reach Peak Retard.

        I have met people* who still believe that Stalin was a good thing.

        *If you consider college marxists “people”, that is.

        1. A doctor friend I know, very cultured ans intelligent, married a Chinese woman. He’s made the ‘Mao did some good things’ for China comment in the past.

          “Yeah, he killed millions and that’s bad but hey. Rice production went up!”

          1. Rice production went up? Possibly by the same percentage that grain production went up in the Ukraine after the Holodomor. (read: a number to the left of zero on the line)

            “What would happen if the Sahara Desert was ruled by communists?

            For five years, nothing. Then there wold be a shortage of sand.”

    3. I can’t help notice that the Santorums, Huckabees, Gary Bauers, etc., never get the Republican nomination. While theoretically anything is possible, so is the discovery of Bigfoot.

      The role of the SoCons in the Republican Party is to hold their noses and vote for whichever establishment candidate the Republicans decide to nominate. And then shut up for the next four years.

      This will be the role of libertarian Republicans, too, if they aren’t careful.

      1. The SoCons Bush twice in a row, that’s not too shabby.

        1. And all the GOP candidates have to pilgrimage to Bob Jones U and bow down to the mullahs there – and Rand Paul has gotten it out of the way early to his credit.

          1. McCain and Romney did not go to Bob Jones, right?

            1. What astonished me was how the media were oh so respectful of the Catholic concern trolls who complained about Bob Jones U during the 2000 primaries, but pilloried the very same concern trolls who disliked an artwork depicting the Virgin Mary surrounded by vaginas.

            2. You are correct. BJU quit hosting candidates after a minor controversy when Bush visited according to NPR.


          2. Palin’s Buttplug|7.19.14 @ 9:49PM|#
            “And all the GO…”

            Fuck you, turd.

        2. And they would have been rewarded with Harriet Miers if they hadn’t been vigilant.

          Good times.

      2. “…so is the discovery of Bigfoot.

        Huckabee has about the same chance of winning the GOP nomination as Warren does of winning the Team Blue nomination.

        A serious economic collapse (on the level of Greece) could bring either one of them to power Both are economic populists.

        TBS, I would give 100 to 1 odds that Bigfoot will be found over Warren’s or Huckabee’s economics producing economic prosperity.

        1. The economic populism load was blown with the Obama administration. If populism comes back it will blow in the other direction.

          1. Economic populism never dies or goes away. Its failures are always blamed on “wreckers” or “corporate lobbyists” or Wall Street, whatever the villain-du-jour is.

            Look no further than Ontario, where they just re-elected Kathleen Wynne with a majority government and her promise to tax-and-spend Ontario into prosperity.

            We’re going to get that empty suit Justin Trudeau as our preppy minister next year on promises that are just as stupid as Elizabeth Warren’s. I am seriously tempted to vote for the Conservatives out of desperation. (My luck is actually worse: I am in Elizabeth May’s riding. She makes Elizabeth Warren look like Milton Friedman.)

            1. You live in Saanich? What is like walking among the retards?

              Okay first: Ontario is retarded, and Wynne isn’t a populist. She’s like the anti-populist. ‘Consensus artist’ as I like to say. Bad comparison.

              Trudeau is bad but not that bad DO NOT I repeat DO NOT vote Conservative. FUCK. THEM. Trudeau will at least legalize MJ and prostitution. He hasn’t made very many promises at all I think you are reading them into him.

              The next economic cycle will put a cap in any delusions of grandeur held by Trudeau. I bet he starts getting friendly with oil.

              1. Are you fucking nuts? Trudeau will jump on every bad progressive lunatic policy idea.

            2. Chrystia Freeland takes her cue from the Warren playbook.

              Aresen is bang on.

              The day I saw Manboy Trudeau give that passionate eulogy to his father I told my wife you’re looking at the next leader of the Liberals and possible PM. Our only hope is that the West (from Manitoba to B.C.) stand strong and don’t vote for him. Quebec and Ontario are retarded enough to vote for him.

              My wife doesn’t follow politics and has noticed this guy is a gaffe machine nowhere near seasoned or even wise enough to be a leader. He’s just an empty suit who talks and looks cute.

              He’s Obama North.

              1. Unless you have a crystal ball you’re making stuff up. Trudeau is in favor of Keystone, so killing it is one Prog idea he won’t indulge. Freeland is scary however.

                Harper has been such a Bush-level disaster that we MUST get rid of him. We are in such a political hole that things may have to get worse before they get better. Harper is a catastrophe.

                1. Really? He’s a catastrophe? How exactly? He may be an disloyal asshole but beyond that, how is he any worse than Chretien (who I voted for twice) and before him Trudeau. Do please pray tell.

                  Trudeau wants a carbon tax. He wants many taxes.

                  Feel free to vote for Trudeau. But I reserve the right to fucking paste you when the shit hits the fan with that pretender.

                  1. While Martin left the office with a 13 billion surplus he’d immediately put into repaying the 300 billion debt, Harper’s gov’t has now more than doubled that debt.

                    Ah well at least he’s spending money on the military and sort of taking notice that we need to defend the arctic north & build docks over there before someone like the Russians steals it from us.

                    He’s also tweaked immigration laws for the better.

                    Will Trudeau reverse these changes? Will he wreck the economy? What will he do to fight the radical islamists’ attempts to bring Sharia to Canada?
                    Who knows? The guy looks like a demagogue, flip-flopper. Other than pot & prostitution I don’t think he strongly believes in anything.

                    1. damn… I just realized I replied to an old post…………… 🙁

    4. I’d vote for Santorum. I’d hate it, but the downside of a Warren administration would be just that bad. At least a Santorum administration would be lame duck from day one.

    5. Why you little @?!&$

  15. I have been hearing that the liberal bloggers have been having their Net Roots camp recently, but it never registered that they had it in Detroit, or all places. That’s hilarious. Could there be a place more emblematic of the failures of everything they stand for than Detroit? What’s next, a neocon confab in Mosul?

    1. That is hilarious. Their next one is in Arizona and apparently the Kos Kids threw a hissy fit and won’t be attending because Arizona is SO RACIST!

      I don’t even understand the point of that. Does Markos Moulitsas think Daily Kos is so important that Jan Brewer and the Arizona Republicans will notice they aren’t attending the 2015 NetRoots Nation and sulkily repeal all of the offending legislation?

      Progs really think they’re more important than they are.

      1. I’m sure there are a lot of racists in Detroit, too.

    2. Very nicely stated, Bo.

  16. “grassroots progressives.”

    Do these folks wear brown shirts by any chance?

    1. Just their noses are brown..

      1. They’re certainly hoping for unicorn farts so no one has to work again!

    2. No, but the armbands are given out at the door.

  17. BTW, I WILL believe just how gawdawful it is and there is no way I will watch one second of that.

    1. summary below

      1. Thank you GILMORE; you have suffered greatly that I may avoid pain!

  18. “la la la gender equity global warming racist republicans wall street lobbyists la la la la corporations arent people and black people freedom fracking bullshit rich people feminism awesomes ROADS & BRIDGES SOMALIA!!! la la la la la did we mention teachers unions? raising taxes banning soda blaming fat cats lalala free stuff!! la lala la la la”

    1. Now imagine that GILMORE knows only two chords and rhymes awkwardly and you have captured 10% of the awfulness.

    2. This is precious. I got to ‘the planet is warming and the power is shifting’, about 20 seconds in, and I had to stop.

      Warren reminds me so much of Dolores Umbridge I get the hebejebes every time I see her creepily smiling face.

      1. Frankly, Dolores Umbridge reminds me of Sugar Free.

        1. Yep.

        2. Does he wear pick and love kittens (and torture too)?

          1. I try not to look at Sugar Free.

      2. I lasted to 27 sec. I am an Iron Man.

    3. The musical “message” is genuinely constructed as though the Pollsters had aggregated the ‘Top 100 words’ that Progs resonate most strongly with, and, lacking the ability to actually pen any kind of coherent sentences or message using said terms, simply said,

      “Fuck, just say them in random order! no one pays that much attention anyway! plus, mix up black people in every 3rd shot! Also, some fatties. Can’t be too body-image-biased.”

      “Green energy, debt relief, cat memes, rape culture! la la la transgender cupcakes and Wall St Evil Doers! la la la Indian Football Teams and common sense gun control, college debt and email privacy, la la la”

  19. This isn’t nearly the worst crazy ass progressive music video in recent memory. This guy turned Justice Ginsburg’s Hobby Lobby dissent into a song.

    It’s just so fucking precious.

    1. I think the polite thing to do is to let that guy know he’s an asshole. If I were in his shoes, I would want to know.

    2. Also, I didn’t read Ginsburg’s dissent, but based on this guy’s reciting of it her dissent is fucking stupid and irrational.

      It contains the quote ‘Religious organizations exist to further the interests of persons subscribing to the same religious faith.’

      Uh…no. Religious organizations often exist to increase the number of adherents to the faith, because the people believe they will go to heaven if they believe a certain way, etc. The idea that they exist purely to further the interests of people in that faith is absurd. If that were true, why do religious hospitals serve non-Christians?

      She then says ‘it bears mentioning that the cost of an IUD costs the same as a month’s full time pay.’ No, it doesn’t bear mentioning since there are other types of birth control so the cost of an expensive type is irrelevant to the conversation. Furthermore, that’s why companies give people money: So that they can choose what they want to buy with it. If you force companies to pay for IUDs, which you admit are expensive, then not only are they going to be able to hire fewer people. That’s not even getting into the fact that these higher labor costs will particularly make it hard to start or run a small business, and will make it impossible for them to compete with larger businesses that have profits capable of supporting high labor costs.

      1. Also, a car can cost as much as a full year’s salary if you buy an expensive one. So logically speaking, which of these is the better solution:

        A) The individual should be responsible and buy a cheaper car that’s within his budget or

        B) Everyone should be given a Porsche by their employer.

        According to the left, only B is acceptable and anyone who objects wants to send us back to the dark and barbarous days of the 1950’s when the American worker was not entitled to a high end sports car at the expense of the perennially unemployed.

        1. Or as I’ve seen proposed by some commenters here, a law to require employers to fund their employees’ gun habits.

          1. I like that.
            I’m not greedy; a nice semi-auto 9mm will do just fine.

          2. Any reasonable reading of the 2nd Amendment would conclude that the right to keep and bear arms means that the government has a responsibility to provide citizens with arms. I suppose an employer mandate would be sufficient.

      2. Blah blah blah – you need to set that to music to get a Millenial’s attention.

      3. “The idea that they exist purely to further the interests of people in that faith is absurd.”

        Well, that’s the age old question, do they serve other’s interests because they see it as in theirs to do so (their religious obligation which will be rewarded)? Also, I think she was talking about churches themselves at that point.

        “No, it doesn’t bear mentioning since there are other types of birth control so the cost of an expensive type is irrelevant to the conversation.”

        The governments alleged compelling interest, which Ginsburg swallowed uncritically, was that women should be able to have whichever of the FDA approved contraceptives their doctor and they thought best with cost serving as no barrier or even factor.

      4. Those are features, not bugs.

      5. The reason we should tolerate religious institutions of not because of any nonexistent benefit from them, but because in a free society people have a right to be immoral jerks, and that includes being Catholic, Mormon, or Baptist.

      6. The reason we should tolerate religious institutions of not because of any nonexistent benefit from them, but because in a free society people have a right to be immoral jerks, and that includes being Catholic, Mormon, or Baptist.

    3. These people can’t be salvaged.

  20. I managed to watch about fifteen seconds of this the other day when one of the commenters posted a link. I threw up in my mouth a bit then clicked it off.

    Back in ’85 Peru elected a fucking pinko for president, Garcia Perez. Surprisingly he fucked up everything. Peru threw him out after one term. That term looked very much like Chavez’s Venezuela. Blood in the streets, the usual commie suppression of rights, and of course economic disaster. Inflation went to over 7000%, debt skyrocketed, and believe or not, he had a high speed train boondoggle ( what is it with pinko fuckers and trains?).

    The country swung hard right with Fujimori for 4 terms. He defeated the commies (Shining path) putting a stop to guerrilla violence and Peru began to experience some economic success.

    In 2001 Perez ran again and lost. I laughed.

    1. In 2006 he ran and won. I was stunned. The Peruvians I know, living here, laughed at me. ” None of the people who voted for him remember his first term. They weren’t born yet. ” is what they told me.

      Perez’s second term was bad but mildly better than his first, unexpectedly. During this second term he had Fujimori prosecuted for crimes he committed while fighting the communists. In fairness, Fujimori was a bit of an authoritarian.

      Perez was unable to win a third term. This is how the fuckers get into power. After they shit all over everything they just wait a generation and appeal to young, naive voters who buy vapid bullshit like ‘Hope and Change!’. I am hoping that Obumbles has shit in the nest bad enough that Fauxcahontas or the Hildebeast won’t be able to get anywhere near the Whitehouse. Hopefully they will have to wait for another generation of empty heads.

      1. Now they have Humalla in power. In 2006 or so he was a big scary lefty-nationalist who obviously had the backing of and would have augmented the Bolivarian Axis. He lost. Last election, ran as a moderate against Fujimori’s daughter. He won and has become down-right right of center-so much he’s alienated his family of left-wing d-bags. He is probably the most pro-market leader in the region and the region needs it with Chile having decided in favor of egalitarianism over excellence. Humalla recently had environmental regulations relaxed and taxes both made easier and retroactively cut to the tune of 7 billion dollars. He should invade America.

    2. …”believe or not, he had a high speed train boondoggle ( what is it with pinko fuckers and trains?).”

      So now we know where moonbeam vacationed.

      1. Red fascists, love trains as much as the brown kind did. It’s weird.

    3. High-speed cog trains up the Andes.

      Sounds interesting. 🙂

    4. “( what is it with pinko fuckers and trains?).”

      Mass transit, mass housing, mass starvation, mass graves. Pinkos always do it big, at everyone else’s expense…

      1. This belongs on a shirt.

        1. Agreed.

        2. Does anyone want to invest in my shirt idea?

          Rand Paul 2016: Because Women Deserve Better Than Hillary

          1. I won’t give you any money but I will wear one.

            1. Wet Tshirt contest!

      2. “Mass transit, mass housing, mass starvation, mass graves”

        Mass murder.
        Tony Judt:
        ‘Centralized planning leads to centralized killing’

    5. what is it with pinko fuckers and trains?

      Easier for the state to impose de facto curfews or martial law.

    6. “what is it with pinko fuckers and trains?”

      Trains are the perfect metaphor for what progressivism has become. Everyone has to ride the same vehicle, moving at the same speed, unable to deviate from the laid down tracks and according to the time schedules set by experts.

      1. Bo, you’re making more sense here than you did the other night talking about the Mid-East.

    7. what is it with pinko fuckers and trains?

      You’ll go where they want you to go when they want you to go there. It’s control, pure and simple.

    8. “what is it with pinko fuckers and trains?”

      How else are you going to send the kulaks and wreckers off to the camps?

  21. I like to think the similarity to a BuzzFeed clickbait headline was intended here.

  22. OK, Reason, I can see you’ve played the derp game before. But I see your Lizzy Warren ad and raise you this one from the Hildebeast:


    It features a montage of her pics set to Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

    Get it? As in “I am woman, hear me roar”?

    1. We’ve known each other for so long
      You wanna vote for me, but you’re too shy to say it
      Inside we both know what’s been going on
      We know the game and we’re gonna play it

    2. I couldn’t bear 20 seconds of the wretched Warren video. I was 40 seconds into the Hillary! video before I clicked out.

  23. Netroots Nation panel discusses how to make progressives funnier –

    “Forlano agreed it is important not to tell jokes that reference ugly historical crimes, sexism or racism. “Sure, it might get a laugh ? if that’s what you want.””


    1. The crowd was most pleased with Russia Today’s Lee Camp, whose video mocked America’s regressive attitude on gays and oil drilling without noting he gets his paychecks from Vladimir Putin.

      Yeah, who ever heard of oil drilling or homophobia in Russia?

    2. “Comedy creates oneness and that is what our side wants,” according to Julianna Forlano, host of a news parody without laughter cues called “Absurdity Today.”

      Yes, let us transform this “humor” device into meaningful democratic action. Already we have found success in this initiative, as PBS agrees to air “The People’s Hour of Hilla-rarity” following Saturday evening reruns of something called Louisiana Cookin’.

  24. Santorum vs. Warren, 2016. Discuss…

    Third party: Cyanide and a .32 2016

  25. So I thought I’d try to find something equivalent on the right. There’s this:


    1. Indeed, it is bad. But not *epic* bad.

      1. Difference being, of course, that it’s actually pretty catchy…

  26. I am always amused how progressives use roads and bridges as examples of why we need government. If that was the only sort of thing the government did, I’d be happy. Too bad they tend to not actually spend money on roads and bridges, and instead spend it on cowboy poetry festivals, encouraging single motherhood, diversity bean-counters, investigating parade floats that mock Obama, and a million other useless, counterproductive, corrupt, or wasteful things.

    And it’s interesting how Netroots events are only slightly more racially diverse than Klan rallies.

    1. The government needs to take 70% of your income because bridges are just really expensive.

      Don’t question it.

      1. Only government is smart enough to put asphalt on the ground.

        1. I heard a dude tried to build a street without the government road recipe once.

          There were 1500 casualties.

          1. Aw, c’mon.
            That was the 1500 bureaucrats who committed suicide at the thought of it.

    2. Yeah, look at some videos on the Sierra Club channel. Notice anything about everyone in the video (besides that they’re all idiots)?


      1. Hippy chicks are doughy?

      2. Uh, someone has no idea of how vid works?

      3. Stuff White People Like Dot Com


    3. AbeFromanEast ?18 days ago

      The Tea Party seems to think the free market will build the roads they use.

      ? ? Reply

      Blaspheme ?18 days ago

      You ever seen a government employee build a road?

      ? ? Reply

      1. The Tea Party seems to think the free market will build the roads they use.

        Obama does too.

        Stymied by Congress in passing a multiyear solution for transportation funding, President Barack Obama is looking to private-sector companies to help fix roads.

    4. PapayaSF|7.19.14 @ 10:22PM|#
      “I am always amused how progressives use roads and bridges as examples of why we need government”

      Since you’re in SF, you don’t even need a reminder of how well the gummint delivered that east end of the Bay Bridge.
      6years late, $12Bn (and counting) on a $4Bn budget! Wonderful.

      1. Oh, yeah. They keep discovering new ways in which they botched the construction.

  27. The Secular Coalition for America – “Representing Secular Americans in our Nation’s Capital” – wants to “harness outrage at the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.”

    They want people to do this by “knitting bricks” – the “bricks” will be used to rebuild the Wall of Separation between Church and State.


    1. Symbolism over substance? FTW!

    2. Look I’m an atheist and I do think there should be a high wall between church and state (if we are stuck with a state) but how in the bloody hell does the Hobby Lobby decision breach the wall between the two? It doesn’t. Not even close. What the fuck are they going on about?

      1. Objecting to the government forcing you to violate your religiously informed conscience obviously violates religious freedom.

        Somehow, to their minds, private organizations have power to be feared, but the government’s power is only benevolent.

  28. Ted S. & Irish, did you get my emails?

    1. I haven’t checked yet. Was it about the HipChat thing?

      1. Yes

        1. I remember how exciting it is to get invited to join a secret conspiracy inner circle. Koch-Masonic-Illuminati in your case, Opus Dei in my case.

          1. I remember how exciting it is to get invited to join a secret conspiracy inner circle. Koch-Masonic-Illuminati in your case, Opus Dei in my case.

            This is pretty funny.

          2. Green is an ugly color on you,

          3. Didn’t we have an inner circle before?

            Centered around Urkobold and some fucked up wiki that long ago got deleted and taken over by Bronies?

            What ever happened to that?

            My guess is everyone got old and gave it up.

  29. More news about religious nuts violating the wall between Church and State

    “Rastafarian fights to make weed legal…

    “Kevin Muchemi, an agriculture and horticultural sciences major from Moi University, wants the court to legalese bhang and thereafter stop all cases in Kenya related to bhang….

    “During the hearing of the case, dreadlocked young men in Rastafarian colors and carrying copies of the constitution and the Bible, jammed the court with some taking notes as Muchemi’s case proceeded.”


  30. Speaking of stupid cultural symbolizm….

    …who the hell decided that “straw boater hats” with candidates names emblazoned on the ribbon were like fucking MANDATORY political-symbols which we all voluntarily, spontaneously and wholeheartedly endorsed!… like beer on St Patricks day, cookouts on the 4th of July and throwing eggs at your asshole neighbors house on Halloween..?

    this is something i always revile at – ‘cultural’ traditions that have no real ‘cultural’ basis, and no real fundamental connection to people’s lives, but which are perpetuated endlessly because… i don’t know= TVs need visual cues?? and they’re cuter than oh…*Flags and stuff*?

    Seriously, that video is in desperate need for a death metal remix.

    The overdub with the Nazi anthem did not work, but this does (wait for it)

    1. …who the hell decided that “straw boater hats” with candidates names emblazoned on the ribbon were like fucking MANDATORY political-symbols which we all voluntarily, spontaneously and wholeheartedly endorsed

      I’m guessing it was the campaign manager who realized they were dirt cheap. Besides, the only alternative are hachimaki

    2. “who the hell decided that “straw boater hats” with candidates names emblazoned on the ribbon were like fucking MANDATORY political-symbols”

      The same folks who decided that R/W/B bunting is hung from the railings.
      Sorry, G, you’re going to have to get over that one; no way is it getting lost.

      1. Makes me want to sing “Let’s Put It Over With Grover”.

  31. Thanks, Twitter, for flagging this for me –

    A top 100 feel-good movies list on IMDB includes some interesting candidates, I’m thinking of #14


    1. Schindler’s List?

      Yeah, its great for pre-teens.

    2. Also = spartacus!, OK, yeah he gets crucified in the end… but for a minute there you’re *totally like* WHOO HOO!FREEDOM!!

      1. Who isn’t uplifted when our two heroes die at the end of Glory?

        1. Fisher King is also on there – seriously that’s the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen.

    3. Hahaha, that is the weirdest list I have ever seen.

    4. Not on that list? But possibly one of the most heartwarming and fun movies ever made –

      Le Roi de Coeur

      recommended SUPER highly

      Its watchable in french sans subtitles too…. very little dialogue, all of it simple and self-explanatory, and just a perfectly made movie.

    5. That list is terrible. Where is “faces of death”?

  32. And if fauxcahontas isn’t your cup of tea

    1. What planet do these folks live on???

      1. One with both unicorns, and.. globull warming..

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I actually just saw that.


      I saw this comment on Hot Air today:

      Warren always looks like she can’t quite figure out what someone is asking her, as if she’s just not quite sure of what to say; it’s that weird half-grin.

      Bishop on July 18, 2014 at 4:38 PM

      It takes her a moment to translate the question to Cherokee.

      slickwillie2001 on July 18, 2014 at 5:09 PM

      Warren is the gift that keeps on giving.

    3. Al verses Hilary in a dem primary would be TV worth watching.

  33. I believe the election of president Warren would get the ball rolling on secession in states.

    1. I actually think the United States would not survive a Warren presidency. The South would secede halfway through her term – right around the time inflation hits 80%.

      1. This time they’d be the good guys. And they’d win because they have all the remaining industrial capacity while the North has many Detroits and what remains of NY and Chicago.

      2. I imagine CA would also side with the New North (trademark pending), so I hope I can scrounge up some friends that live in Texas.

        1. The Enclave.

        2. We will welcome all who value liberty. And good beer.

        3. Just get in a car and fucking drive. If you can’t make new friends in Texas, you ain’t trying.

  34. Jeezus, why is this woman so popular? I work with a nice, Latina lesbian lady, and she seems to believe that Elizabeth Warren will solve every problem in the world because…well, she can’t explain why. I’m old enough to realize our salvation doesn’t lie with some rich (not that there’s anything wrong with that), old white lady who lied about her heritage to get ahead. Just imagine if an old, white guy did what she did to succeed. They’d be rightfully vilified. But white women get a pass…in everything!

    1. Warren is polling an order of magnitude behind Hillary. She is even lower with Liberals than moderates.

    2. She’s not white, she’s trans-Cherokee, you cisnormative bigot!

    3. She’s only popular with a particular kind of progressive. The kind that at least talks about voting Green Party. With Kucinich out of the game / too cozy with Ron Paul, Warren is the new Democrat to slobber over.

    4. Richard Blumenthal was an old white guy who lied multiple times to veterans groups about serving in Vietnam, and he was still elected Senator. Of course he shares one key affiliation with Warren.

  35. Are you depressed? 4 out of 5 doctors recommend this video to cheer you up.

    (start 50 seconds in)


    1. Either it’s a tough crowd, or it’s time to go to bed.

    2. Shakin’ that ass
      Shaking that ass

      cluck cluck

    3. How’d you get a video of Heroic Mulatto?

  36. Woman loses family in both Malaysia Airlines tragedies.

    1. Apologies for gawker link.

    2. Did you steal that from Graphite on HipChat?

      1. I pretty sure it was my link. Mine.

        I also had a good link about a donkey suicide bomber.

  37. Seen at BleedingHeartLibertarians: “Philosophers” wrestle over whether Weird Al’s new song, “Word Crimes,” is hate speech.

    Update: In the comments below philosopher Shelley Tremain takes issue with me posting this song and philosopher Christy Mag Uidur argues that the song’s casual use of a derogatory term for disabled people is offensive. When I initially posted it I hadn’t realized that it had the word “spastic” in it, nor even that it was historically a derogatory term for people with cerebral palsy.

    This being said, given the satirical context, I don’t have good intuitions about whether the usage is morally objectionable.

    All that being said, I do think that consequentialist concerns weigh very strong with respect to these kinds of issues. If the popularity of the song on facebook is causing a lot of harm, then it should not be popular.

    I can’t believe I have to ask this… could “Fat” be made today?

    1. ugh

      Do they not see the irony saying this stuff about a song called “Word Crimes”?

    2. Libertarianism demands a logical, intellectual base ie NOT bleeding hearts. Bleeding hearts are in all contexts a cancer. BHL is part of the failed ‘liberaltarianism’ fad of yesteryear and I just wish it would die with it. I shit upon BHL.

      1. Lighten up, Francis.

      2. BHL aren’t even the ones who published this article.

        They just pointed it out.

        1. Oh. Well I still shit upon them.

    3. when EVERYTHING is hate speech, NOTHING is hate speech. This is the world we should all aspire to…

    4. Holy fuck, check out the ‘categories’ on that website.

      “Austerity”? You mean class war, don’t you?

      Gender trouble

      The grotesque nature of the NCAA

      MOOTs and other pedagogical innovations



      What the shit is neurofeminism?

      1. Mindfucked bitches.

      2. “What the shit is neurofeminism?”

        neuro?(neurotic?crazy) feminism?(feminist?bitch).. Crazy bitches.


    5. Also, this comment is the greatest thing I’ve ever read in my life.

      My two cents: yes, he is over-committed to the authorial voice here, but it is also his, and it is the voice of most people sharing the post, none of whom ever pull back from the idea that grammatical and usage mistakes are unquestionably emblems of supposedly lesser intelligence. He never makes fun of the people making fun of grammar mistakes, he develops authority through prescriptivist mansplaining. Please let me know if you see people sharing this video in the belief that it actually makes fun of the grammar police. Of course, I will be teaching with the video in my writing AND disability studies classes. The video is a perfect way to get into not just all the “crime” that words like “moron” have empowered (including the eugenics that still encourages people to say “get out of the gene pool”) but it also perfectly shows how we have ALWAYS used arbitrary grammar and usage rules to segregate, stigmatize, and harm non-normative minds and bodies. When the precursors to our modern literacy tests were being developed at Ellis Island, it was Henry Goddard using them to reinforce his invention of the term “moron” as a way to dial back the humanity of specific racial and ethnic groups. “Literacy” has always used disability in these ways.

      Yeah, fuck grammar. It’s harming ‘non-normative minds.’

      Also, the biggest grammar Nazis I know are women, so I’m not sure about ‘mansplaining.’

      1. Holy shit.

        “Having bad grammar does not mean someone’s stupid” is correct and something everyone can understand.

        There’s not a whole lot more to it. Keep it simple and calm the hell down.

      2. Yep, I saw that after posting the link and was floored. So great.

      3. Perhaps not unrelatedly, there are other issues he’s wading into here (maybe awarely, or maybe not) that relate to race, class, and whose English is “proper”. Those aren’t issues I’d approach in the flippant way this song does, without making at all clear what is at issue and for whom.

        Yeah, this site isn’t libertarian. Only progressives can push ideas this moronic.

        1. That’s because this site isn’t libertarian.

          It was linked to by a libertarian site.

  38. We do need President Warrren and you’re gonna get him good and hard.

  39. OMG i really hope she gets the Dem nomination.

  40. I’ve pretty much always viewed birth control as an infrastructure issue, what with our nation’s crumbling, decaying vaginas.

    1. You need to bring that one back on Monday morning at 9:30 am… I nearly fell out of bed laughing.

  41. You know what…I don’t give a shit.

    I’m voting for Elizabeth Warren.

    I want someone as liberal as all hell to be president. And Liz is completely over the top!!!

    I would had voted for Gary Johnson (who’s far the left of Obama in many issues) but now that Liz is running, sorry Gary.

    1. Unlike Hilary, Liz probably won’t start WW3.

    2. You didn’t read my post about Perez did you? If you did you missed the point.

      How old are you Alice?

    3. Yeah! It’s time to turn up the Full Retard to 11!

  42. “You Won’t Believe Just How Godawful This Elizabeth Warren Video Really Is”

    Wanna bet?

  43. Couldn’t watch past the Joni Mitchell-style progressive muzack.

  44. Dude seems to know what he is talking about.


  45. “We believe that no one should work…and that means raising the minimum wage.”

  46. She’d be the Windtalker president.

  47. not only the wealthy and the well-connected.

    This coming from someone who got paid $200,000 for what she acknowledged was a part-time government job?

    A Warren administration would be the absolute triumph of the well-connected. If you have the right ties to the party leadership, you’d have cart blanche to do whatever you felt like to those without the ties.

  48. “You won’t believe…” Oh yes, I will. The Left is built around cults of personality. And those cults are usually very sickening. I remember 6 years ago with Obama’s cult rising. It was godawful. Why should I expect Warren’s to be any worse?

  49. Re: Peter Caca,

    Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of the left, admitted that she was once a Republican.

    She’s also known for being part Cherokee, part pekinese, part pointer, with just a hint of spitz.

  50. Really? You guys don’t want the ‘first nursing mother to take the bar exam” to be your leader? Racists!


  51. In fairness to the folks who made this video, did anybody stop to think that maybe they had lobodomies? Compassion, people. Seriously, people like this put my libertarian principles to the test. Live and let live, but some people are SO stupid, that puts the rest of us at risk. Exhibit A, anybody?

  52. Jim Rockford is dead.

    1. So is Henry Tyroon.

  53. Please, please, please nominate her. Pretty please.

    1. No don’t we have too much stupid. Nominate Cory Brooker.

  54. [Trudeau]’s Obama North.

    I recall making several comments here in 08 when BO was campaigning on the similarity between the rise of Obama and the rise of Trudeau (pe?re) in 1967.

    1. HTML fail; pe?re should be p?re

    2. Frankly, though, the comparison ended up being less than entirely valid since PET never descended to the levels of incompetence that BHO has.

      In fact as Justice Minister Trudeau was not all that bad (though he certainly offended monarchists with several perceived offenses to Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor).

      His reforms to the justice system (reforming divorce, legalizing homosexuality, liberalizing – though not outright legalizing – abortion) both as Justice Minister and as PM were very much along lines that libertarians would be OK, IMO.

      1. I was going to make that point you just made about competence.

        However, the NEP was pretty bad – from the Western perspective especially.

  55. I only made it half way through the video.

    Seasteading is looking more and more attractive these days.

  56. Can’t we do a better slogan than “Run Liz Run”? Now that I think of it, the only thing I can think of that rhymes with Liz is jizz.

  57. Whor’in with Warren?

  58. Put Warren the whore in.

  59. *Insert obligatory joke about sticker on the front bumper*
    This reminds me of this thing that I actually paid a couple bucks for in 2000, for sheer lulz and toe-tapping man-love (I voted Browne that year):

  60. Mr. Gillespie:

    I will take your word for it.

    Thanks for taking the hit so we don’t have to.

  61. OMG, the enthusiasm…..

  62. She’s got a helluva lot of stone fox supporters, I’ll give her that. Some damn fine looking women in that video and I’m not even a lesbian.

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