Attn San Francisco Reasonoids: Meetup with Nick Gillespie, Sunday July 20, 1pm!


Calling all Reason readers in the Bay Area! I'm in town for the Lincoln Labs Reboot conference and some readers have put together a meetup for tomorrow, Sunday, July 20. Here are the details:

Jamber Wine Pub
858 Folsom St. (between 4th and 5th)
1:00 p.m. Sunday (Note: that's when they open, so don't be early)

Come on out for conversation and company!

No RSVPs necessary, hope to see you there.

Thank you, PapayaSF!

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  1. All right! I look forward to meeting everyone who shows up.

    1. It’s like twofer: Nick AND the jacket.

  2. Can Mary come?
    She noted other Reason meet ups here:

    Note the second most recent post.

    1. It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for her. I start thinking she really needs some serious help.

      1. When you see that she has dozens of posts, all about Reason, and combine that with her posting insanity that provoked registration here you realize that this woman is severely disturbed. I only hope that when she finally snaps she doesn’t hurt anyone else.

        1. Wow, just went down that rabbit hole of crazy. That’s not normal.

        2. her posting insanity that provoked registration here



          Can we blame nested comments on her also?

    2. I was thinking we should let Mark Ames know too.

    3. Unless she left for the airport as soon as she saw the post, I don’t think she can make it in time. Thanks heavens.

  3. So far, this post has 38 Facebook shares, 3 on Google+, and 12 tweets. Plus whoever will come from the conference, and all the lurkers here. This could get crowded.

    And I read that Jonah Goldberg is in town on vacation. Maybe he’ll see this and show up.

    1. Good work, Papaya.
      From what originally sounded like 2-3 of us meeting with Nick, it’s now grown into a major event. I won’t be surprised if there’s a line around the block to get in! Hope your friend the owner doesn’t mind a sold-out space.

      1. Thanks, I hope it works out. The place was suggested by Graphite, who knows the owners. I sort of made an executive decision, because it’s near the hotel and sounded good. (Wine and poutine!) I have no idea how big it is, or how many people will show up. It’s a little frightening to see 86 Facebook shares, 11 on Google+, and 13 tweets for this post….

  4. Can you smoke in the place?

    just kidding.

    1. I like this thinking, maybe we could put together a little after-event outing to Occidental.

      “If the aroma of fine tobacco products offends you, this is not an entrance.”

    2. GILMORE|7.19.14 @ 9:40PM|#
      ‘Can you smoke in the place?”

      Dope, if it’s to provide relief from your victimhood.
      But don’t worry; they can’t ask.

  5. Dang. in Missoula on monster bike trip back to SF now. You couldn’t come next week instead? Sorry I’ll miss it. You’re the one started me on looking at recent politics thinking “now how would a Libertarian feel about this?” Keep it up Nick.
    P.S. May as well hit this if you’re in town:…..-francisco

  6. come north to Humboldt. We have no active libertarians, they are too busy growing weed.

    1. The demotivational effects of pot, eh?

  7. I’m in San Leandro. I’ll check the calendar (my wife).

    1. I work in San Leandro and live in Orinda. Hope to see you there. Very easy BART ride for both of us.

  8. So…. PapayaSF is hosting an open bar? I’ll spread the word!

    1. You have a private jet guy, right? You could be there and back in a day.

    2. Since we’re all evil minions of the Koch brothers, I figured they’d be picking up the tab.

  9. Will the libertarians be obvious from the ubiquitous monocles and Somali manservants?

  10. Thats why you jsut roll with the punches.

  11. Thanks to everyone who made it! It was fun meeting you all.

    1. Seconded, it was great meeting everyone, and special thanks to Papaya for suggesting it, and Nick for the booze and poutine (and for showing up).

      Most importantly, for once, I could wear my monocle and not feel out of place.

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