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Tonight on The Independents: Steve Forbes on Ending the Fed, Julian Sanchez on the NSA, Plus Hillary vs. Rand, American Exceptionalism, Immigrant Kids, Cops on Camera, and Online Aftershow


Ron Paul got to him! |||

Tonight's episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later), starts with party panelists Thaddeus McCotter (guitar-playing former GOP congressman) and Gavin McInnes (Canadian-derived multimedia controversialist) talking about whether American Exceptionalism is as dead as Captain America says it is. The McDuo will also weigh in on concerns over some of the illegal immigrant kids near the Mexican border testing positive for swine flu, and also whether interventionist Republicans like Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) would prefer to see Hillary Clinton instead of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) in the White House.

Cato's Julian Sanchez will discuss the latest Edward Snowden/NSA revelations about snooping surreptitiously through the love letters and private communications of tens of thousands of U.S. citizens; publishing icon and former presidential perennial Steve Forbes will talk trash about the Federal Reserve, the co-hosts will assess what lessons for free speech can be gleaned from Opie and Anthony Show co-host Anthony Cumia getting bounced from SiriusXM after Tweeting nasty things about a woman he claims assaulted him near Times Square, and I'll be tying together two Reason blog posts: Ed Krayewski on video of a California Highway Patrolman repeatedly punching a prone woman in the head, and Ronald Bailey's happier tale of cops and cameras in Rialto, California.

Online aftershow begins on just after 10. Follow The Independents on Facebook at, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, tweet during the show & we'll use the cream of the crop. Click on this page for more video of past segments.

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  1. Teve Torbes, eh?

    1. Hello.

  2. “whether interventionist Republicans like Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) would prefer to see Hillary Clinton instead of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) in the White House.”

    I hope not. It would be the nastiest ingratitude.

    Does McCain know how many libertarians and conservatives held their noses and voted for him, and needed to throw up afterwards? But, you know, Party Loyalty! Solidarity! You don’t want the Democrats to win, do you?

    Now this [several expletives deleted] is going to vote Democratic in order to punish his own party if it rejects his foreign-policy fetishes?

    I guess he simply loves Hillary’s passionate commitment to the right to life, too. After begging prolifers to vote for him.

    Hint: Arizona is a popular retirement destination. So retire already.

    1. On the other hand, imagine how hilarious it will be to point out that the neocons are now on the same side as the noble, peacnik progressives.

      Leftist heads will explode.

      1. “Democrat or Republican, at this point what difference does it make?”

        “Hey, McCain, just because you’re going left doesn’t mean you should keep your left blinker on, Grandpa!”

    2. I held my nose and voted for Obama because I could not bear to vote for McCain. I still think I was right, but good thing my vote doesn’t count for shit.

      Judging by the amount Barry O aged in the first four years, McCain surely would have passed away midway through year 2 and left us with Sarah P.

      1. Sarah Palin would have been far better than Obama or McCain. She had issues, but much less so than those a-holes.

      2. McCain surely would have passed away midway through year 2 and left us with Sarah P.

        If I thought that would’ve happened I’d have voted for McCain

    3. All McCain cares about is media attention.

  3. “what lessons for free speech can be gleaned”

    That a private company can fire an employee for his speech unless restricted by contract?

    Absent contractual protections, his guy would only have free-speech rights vis-a-vis his employer if he was a union organizer. Then he could call his boss a [bleep] [bleep] as much as he wanted.

  4. Nawab Dingbat Thom Hartmann exaplains how Reagan destroyed US manufacturing by eliminating tariffs. Meanwhile in the real world, there were heavy tariffs on Japanese imports in the 1980s.

    1. Been awhile derpetologist. Keep em coming.

    2. Given that Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, a far greater free trade agreement than anything implemented under Reagan, it’s telling that these partisans always ignore the heroic leftist heroes who voted for things they hate.

      I also love that progs become slobbering nationalists when the issue of trade comes up. It’s racist to complain about Mexicans coming to America, but it’s not racist to complain about jobs going to Mexico.

      1. I also love that progs become slobbering nationalists when the issue of trade comes up. It’s racist to complain about Mexicans coming to America, but it’s not racist to complain about jobs going to Mexico.

        You’re not kidding. From the fever-swamp of comments from the article Derp linked to below

        Mr. Hedges You are meddling with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Hedges, and I won’t have it! Is that clear?

        The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back! It is ebb and flow, tidal gravity! It is ecological balance!

        You are a man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West.

        There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels.

        It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today!

        We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr.Hedges. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Hedges. It has been since man crawled out of the slime.

        1. Because God forbid free trade and commerce between nations keep us from masturbating to flags, blood, and soil.

        2. I remember seeing a fake picture circulating on Facebook during the elections of an Obama hat that said “Made in the USA” and a Romney hat that said “Made in China.” As I said, it turned out to be photoshopped. Apparently the left believes that giving jobs to the obstreperous Chinaman is an unforgivable sin. Nothing says ‘progressive’ like a deep and unyielding fear in the yellow peril.

    3. Also, here’s an actual graph of American manufacturing jobs.

      Notice that there was minimal change between 1970 and 2000? Apparently Reagan’s tariff cuts had no impact for 20 years and then suddenly killed a shitload of jobs right around the turn of the millennium.

      That’s the slowest developing policy consequence I’ve ever seen.

      1. Interesting chart but it gives total numbers. To really gauge the flow of manufacturing jobs we need a chart of manuf. jobs as a percent of total jobs. My guess is as a percent of total we saw a significant decrease in the ’80s.

        1. Sure, but the plunge didn’t occur until after the Clinton years. It seems that Clinton and Bush’s policies would therefore have greater bearing on what Hartman is talking about.

          1. See below; the percentage-wise decline began well before Clinton (actually, see here as well, for a graph that is rougher but stretches back to ’69 — so the decline began well before even Reagan).

            Also, any discussion of manufacturing jobs needs to include discussion of productivity.

        2. http://investing.curiouscatblo…..A_jobs.png

          It is a pretty consistent decline, percentage-wise.

          However, whether jobs were “lost” or “destroyed” or whatever is a matter of absolute numbers, not percentages.

    4. Whatever happened to the old “tariffs are bad because they protect Big Business”?

  5. Guess which lefty trash-humper wrote this:

    “Corporations have intruded into every facet of life. We eat corporate food. We buy corporate clothes. We drive corporate cars. We buy our vehicular fuel and our heating oil from corporations. We borrow from corporate banks. We invest our retirement savings with corporations. We are entertained, informed and branded by corporations. We work for corporations. The creation of a mercenary army, the privatization of public utilities and our disgusting for-profit health care system are all legacies of the corporate state. These corporations have no loyalty to America or the American worker. They are not tied to nation states. They are vampires.”….._socialist

      1. It doesn’t say cocksucker enough for it to be Taibbi.

        1. It also doesn’t have run on sentences. Matt Taibbi is the worst writer to ever have vast numbers of people claim that he’s talented.

          He’s like a post-lobotomy Hunter S. Thompson.

          1. That ‘could’ be entertaining.

    1. I also love the unintended subtext to that article.

      “Corporations feed us, give us vehicles, fill those vehicles with gas, entertain us, protect our investments, and heal us when we’re sick. Those bastards.

      1. It does have a “I fucking hate you, Dad!” feel to it.

      2. Meh, we’d make the same complaint in his socialist paradise.

        1. Meh, we’d make the same complaint in his socialist paradise.

          In his socialist paradise there’d be no food, gas, entertainment, investments, or hospitals.

          So no, I wouldn’t make the same complaint since I would be starving to death.

          1. Yeah yeah, but this is the same thing we say even today. We decry all the things that the state does. And we’re routinely scolded for not showing gratitude for what the government “provides us” or “does for us.” And we have the same kind of underlying assumption: it’s bad that the govt does this because the govt sucks and these things can be done better through private effort.

            Of course our assumption is right and his is wrong, but it’s there that the debate lies.

    2. Dud he write it on a corporation made computer?

      1. No, he used a locally produced artisanal computer from the computer co-op.

        1. He picked it off the computer tree in the rainforest.

          1. Everyone knows shade-grown computers are the best computers.

            1. I disagree. Grass-fed is superior.

              1. Are you not computing vegan!?

                *removes Lady B’s number from phone*

    3. “Corporations have intruded into every facet of life. We eat corporate food. We buy corporate clothes. We drive corporate cars. We buy our vehicular fuel and our heating oil from corporations. We borrow from corporate banks. We invest our retirement savings with corporations. We are entertained, informed and branded by corporations. We work for corporations. The creation of a mercenary army, the privatization of public utilities and our disgusting for-profit health care system are all legacies of the corporate state. These corporations have no loyalty to America or the American worker. They are not tied to nation states. They are vampires.”

      The government should do all of those because…TOP MEN.

      1. “The worker in a capitalist state?and that is his deepest misfortune?is no longer a living human being, a creator, a maker. He has become a machine. A number, a cog in the machine without sense or understanding. He is alienated from what he produces.”

        Who said it, Taibbi, Klein, Yglesias?
        Or another?

    4. There’s always hunting and gathering.

    5. From the comments (4 years ago, anyway):

      Unprincipled individualism has problems

      The hell is unprincipled individualism? I’m guessing that the absent principles concern paying taxes and doing whatever “the community” says must be done.

  6. …I’ll be tying together two Reason blog posts: Ed Krayewski on video of a California Highway Patrolman repeatedly punching a prone woman in the head, and Ronald Bailey’s happier tale of cops and cameras in Rialto, California.

    And yet no Balko. He’s gotten too big for his breeches.

  7. “talking about whether American Exceptionalism is as dead as Captain America says it is.”

    You know, I bet you could get D’Souza on the show to discuss precisely that issue.

    1. Please, no. No D’Souzaphone. Ever. Persona non grata and damnatio memoriae. Period.

      1. What’s the specific objection?

        1. Where to start? I’d say his apologia for colonialism, especially in that it led the heathen Chinee and (his own Hindoo forebearers) to the ‘light’. His, “Well the Islamists have a point when it comes to the ‘moral decay’ of the West…” argument is as equally idiotic.

          1. Based on the movie, I’d guess he’d downplay that other stuff and be more like “rah-rah USA” – in a sophisticated way, of course.

  8. You know, Matt, there are 35 million other Canadians besides Gavin.

    Just saying.


    1. Of all the drunk Canadians in all the sports bars in all the world, you had to have him.

      1. They should have my friend Joe on.

        1. Is he 100% Canadian content? Is he 100% plastered?

          1. Yes and more stoned.

  9. This weekend, I saw Dinesh D’Souza’s movie. I was the youngest person in the theater by a margin of about 30 years. It was amusing to see old fogies texting during the previews.

    The movie was OK. I liked the part where he remarks that throughout history, plunder has been more respectable than trade. Merchants have never been popular.

    1. I took in most of it. Good production values, good arguments.

      Unless it went bad in the last 30 minutes, I would call it worth seeing.

      I can’t say I like everything he says, but he’s one of the few public intellectuals who even attempts (sometimes successfully!) to state his opponents’ positions before refuting them.

  10. Prediction = Thad gets into fistfight on the show.

    Or tries to. He seems to be itching to throw down. Last time he was talking smack.

  11. Prediction =

    Matt has lingering French accent/affectations.

    1. Out of all thing he could have picked up, he could have stepped into a goddamn Frenchie store and buy himself a Hermes tie.

      1. You can get those in Bloomingdales.

        Anyway, Thomas Pink makes nicer ties.

        1. I agree about Pink. But the fact is, the dude was in France, where they do le Look Anglais even better than the Brits themselves (imo). He has no excuse.

          1. Bien sur

            1. I dont think that makes sense, but i say that all the time anyway. Its my french ‘yeah, totally, fer sure’

              1. It’s been a while since I can say I was “good” in French, but from what I remember “bien s?r ” can be used pretty much equivalently to our “of course!” But I will defer to a native speaker’s ruling on it, bien s?r.

  12. Prediction = Kmele brings back The Pimp this week. Chains will be worn. A cigar however, will not be smoked.

  13. Prediction =

    Ed Krayewski will reserve judgement about the Cop beating the woman and will say that it would be wrong for the media to sensationalize this event without full knowledge of the facts and…. oh, who the fuck am i kidding. yeah, not that. Kmele is more likely to wear an ostrich feather in a purple wide-brimmed hat.

  14. Prediction = Elvis will be played between segments

  15. Prediction = No one will mention the World Cup, because most Americans only give a wet fart about the World Cup when we are actually in it.

    1. We’ll need at least one cup, given the police-brutality discussion –…..ybuddy.jpg

  16. Thom Hartmann interviews Chris Hedges- 2 great derps that are even derpier together:

  17. Over/under Matt speaks with a French accent and bites into a croissant on live TV.

    Over/Under Matt rants and raves about how sophisticated the French are and how troglodytish North Americans are by comparison.

    Over/Under Matt hung out in the Quartier Arabe laughing it up with the dude with one arm serving shish-taouk.

    Over/Under Matt roamed the Gallic country side like Francis of Assisi spreading the gospel of libertarianism.

    1. Over/Under Matt screamed, ‘Really? I can see this stuff for free…in Quebec!’

    2. Over/Under Matt roamed the Gallic country side like Francis of Assisi spreading the gospel of libertarianism.

      Are you saying he…gamboled??????

      1. Why not?

  18. Prediction =

    No one will mention that recently a hipster raised $27,000 to make a bowl of potato salad

    1. You can’t win friends with salad.

      1. +1 annoyed vegetarian

    2. She said potato salad, does that count?

      1. It’s still ‘salad.’

    3. “Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet.”

      I don’t think I’ve ever hated hipsters more after reading that.

  19. I can’t stop.

    Over/Under Matt got into drunken fisticuffs with a French patron about how George Washington would kick Napoleon’s ass.

    1. “Wow, your greatest military heroes were a teenage girl and an Italian…and of course they lost!”

      1. lost *anyway*

      2. Teenage girl who was possibly high on mushrooms like the Berserkers, sniffed too much Dijon, or suffered from a mental illness!

        1. As you know, these are not interpretations I can except…except for the part about Berserkers taking mushrooms.

          Is that a thing? I don’t recall reading it in the Monster Manual.

          1. not interpretations I can *accept*

  20. Prediction =

    This video will eventually stabilize with more dislikes than likes (as do all videos in this series), because Vice readers/viewers are all a bunch of cunts now.

    Prediction =

    Gavin will never say out loud, “All Vice readers are cunts now”. However, he will want to.

    1. Kids swearing – always funny.

      1. He’s the funniest of them all so far.

        Q = “How do you know your sister has her period?”

        A = “Your dads dick tastes like blood”

        1. I loved his “Get some shit-face” faux pas.

      2. Q: “What’s the difference between a catholic priest and a pimple”?

        A: “Pimples don’t come on a boys face until he’s thirteen”

      1. Jon did too. It’s weird having evidence that being a fratboy is an innate trait.

  21. Prediction =

    The Chicago Independence Day Weekend Shootout Body Count will be mentioned, but the number will be wrong

    (Because I’ve seen three stories today and the number keeps getting larger. Last i saw (linked article) was 14 dead/82 wounded. This morning it was 9/50-something, and around the afternoon it was 11.)

    They should do a whole episode on how @#$*&@ Chicago is, and see if they can do it without EVER mentioning Deep Dish pizza.

  22. Shouldn’t Matt be discussing is Fauxcahontas is a secret libertarian?

    1. Shouldn’t Matt be discussing *whether or not* Fauxcahontas is a secret libertarian?

      1. Liz Warren is the Rick Santorum of the left. She’s not the most extreme person on her side, but she seems like the one most likely to kill half of the population so that the other half can live in her ideal society. She scares me far more than any other American politician. She’s a fanatic, that sniveling speech of hers which inspired Obama’s “you didn’t build that” schtick reeked of the ignorant earnestness of a college freshman Sociology major. Putting her in charge of the surveillance and murder apparatus would lead to hell on earth.

  23. So is anyone else going to FreedomFest in Las Vegas this week? Or will I alone have to represent the HnR commentariat when doing the cocktail party circuit with Matt, Kmele and Kennedy? (As well as Stossel, PJ ORourke, and many, many others who will be there. Stossel’s show live onsite BTW….)

    Runs from Wednesday to Saturday if you might still consider.

    1. Cocktail parties?

      1. Big free one as part of the opening on Wednesday night…

        Based on what people write here I thought they like to drink

    1. Yeah…that’s pretty much Kmele’s signature “look”.

    2. Well if Kennedy doesn’t wear green again that would be a plus.

  24. Oh, here we go. BlameAmericaFirstitus.

  25. You can live stream the show, now?

      1. Most horrible live stream ever. Squirrels are eating the feed.

        1. Oh, well.

  26. So for all the complaints the left have about the corporate state the solution is always bigger government since TOP. MEN. have the Will of the People and Get Things Done. What sort of common ground do libertarians have with those guys? Hedges explicitly supports socialized medicine and public utilities and complains about the lack of loyalty to America and to the nation state.

  27. A DENIM SHIRT? Wardrobe trolling.

    1. Is that denim or chambray?

        1. Chambray is a perfectly acceptable summer fabric.

          1. FOE is a paleo-sartorialist.

  28. Who’s better?


  29. New Zealand is nice this time of year? Yeah, if you like winter, I suppose.

  30. Kmele, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, when you gonna spin that bow tie?

  31. Of course Foster is going to be contrary and say that America is exceptional.

  32. I understand that making epic movies is a big industry in New Zealand

  33. If the rest of the world sucks, then why have a passport?

    1. Prostitutes are cheaper abroad.

    2. [insert sex tourism “suck” joke here]

      I’m too fucking lazy to make it.

  34. Just put the kids in a pound and let people come and adopt them for $50.

  35. Welch is the one to go south of the border?

  36. Sudbury burn. Zing!

  37. That this doesn’t make the administration look bad doesn’t necessarily negate the idea that this is his PR stunt.

  38. I’m on my 2nd G&T, so there’s that…but is Gavin funny today?

    1. The skinhead/lice joke was funny.

    2. I think he’s funny too. But I’ve had 2 beers and a whiskey. Maybe that’s the key.

  39. Last night, I dreamed I was in hell. It was a huge, burning hot cavern. There was an endless lake of fire, a stench of sulfur, and deafening shrieks from the countless damned. A demon came to me and beckoned me to follow. Since this was hell, I had to obey. He took me to an Olympic-sized swimming pool full of shit. He handed me a spoon and said “eat it”. Since this was hell, I had to obey. After I finished, the demon took me to a room filled with thousands of flabby, bald men. The demon said “jerk them.” Since this was hell, I had to obey. When I finished, I was covered in splooge baked crusty by the inferno. At last the demon took me to a little room with a chair, desk, and laptop. The demon said “you’re going to have to spend the next 3 hours listening to Chris Hedges talk about his books. Man, do I feel sorry for you.”

    Some highlights:

    1. 1:52:00- comments on Ron Paul & libertarians

    2. 2:09:00- all porn stars are helpless victims

    3. 2:23:00- a caller wonders whether there should be a Marshall plan for black people

    4. 2:28:00- Hedges boasts of not owning a TV

    1. I imagine listening to a Chris Hedges show would be like this:

      “Then I saw the lurid shimmering of pale light, and heard the insidious lapping of sunless waters. Again I shivered, for I did not like the things that the night had brought, and wished bitterly that no forefather had summoned me to this primal rite. As the steps and the passage grew broader, I heard another sound, the thin, whining mockery of a feeble flute; and suddenly there spread out before me the boundless vista of an inner world- a vast fungous shore litten by a belching column of sick greenish flame and washed by a wide oily river that flowed from abysses frightful and unsuspected to join the blackest gulfs of immemorial ocean.”…..stival.htm

    2. 2. 2:09:00- all porn stars are helpless victims

      Holy fuck this section is hilarious. He diagnoses porn actresses with PTSD because apparently Hedges is a psychiatrist. He also bases his diagnosis of the porn industry only on women who would talk to him about how terrible porn is. He then says ‘porn is like necrophilia’ and compares it to Abu Ghraib.

  40. Kmele Foster: Close the borders!

    1. Be fair to the readers without a feed; he was talking about keeping Canadians out.

      1. Who else would you try to keep out?

        1. Your point is valid. Criticism withdrawn.

  41. I think one of the European bacterial, AB-resistant STIs came into the US through Canada.

  42. Welch was in France?

  43. Boom. Welch just got Kennedied. Long con.

  44. I’m impressed how the panel actually reads the comments.

    The chick has a very appropriate top with sleeves and the guy chastised for his bow tie last week has a tie.

    My only pick this week is the guy wearing a cheap white shirt.

    Dude if you are going to be on TV at least buy a decent , thick cotton, white dress shirt.

    That is all.

  45. Let’s conduct an experiment. First, close the borders entirely and eliminate all immigration for one year. Observe the results. Then open the borders for one year accepting all comers. Observe the results.

    Set immigration policy based on desired results.

    1. First, close the borders entirely and eliminate all immigration for one year

      Fuck that shit. You have no right to tell someone on a marriage visa that they can’t be with their spouse because it’s the “control” year.

      1. If she really loves you, she’ll wait for you.

        1. And, pray tell, who the hell are you to determine the potential composition of someone’s family?

          Don’t be a Liberty, but….

          No one likes that guy.

          1. No one likes that guy.



            1. Don’t cis-agress, bro.

              1. Don’t cis-agress, bro.

                Look, Carl has checked ALL of his privilege and now he’s warmed up and needs to keep at it.

                Also, I’m sure you meant to say “Don’t cis-agress,’sib'” as a more polite, gender-neutral statement.

                1. Speaking of which, I’m getting bored with my current handle.

                  What should I change it too? I was thinking of “Karl likes poppers”, but I’m not very familiar Popper’s work and I’ve never taken one. So it seems a bit disingenuous.

                  1. I’m not very familiar Popper’s work and I’ve never taken one.

                    One of those deficits is easier to fix than the other. Remember, don’t use Viagra and poppers at the same time!

                2. “Bro” stands for the Border Roads Organization (of India).

                  Don’t culturally appropriate.

          2. Don’t be a Liberty, but….

            No one likes that guy.

            I don’t really know what the above means so I’m going to go ahead and take it as disrespect. So, watch your mouth and help me with the sale.


            1. It took me a second to parse, too.

              He means, don’t say “Yeah, I believe in liberty, but we should ban Crocs because they’re ugly and trashy and that’s different.”

              Or whatever.

              1. Okay. I get it.

                The OP was really just meant as a half-joke.

                No need to get all emotional about it.

            2. We fucked dwarves in the ass!

              HA! I need to find a reason to use that line.

              And apropos to all that: No disrespect.

              1. We cool.

        2. Not sure I ever believed in that saying.

          Did Hepburn and Peck ever hook up after their Roman Holiday?



    1. Sanchez translates from Spanish to “without cheese.”

      As in, “Quiero una hamburgeza san chez”

  46. So much for the sleeves on Kennedy.

    1. She’s exercising her right to bare arms.

      1. Why does she need those assault arms ?

  47. White House Spin: It’s Bush’s fault. Duh!

  48. Julian borrowed what’s his face’s chalk stripe suit. And Foster’s shirt. And the tie Moynihan never wears.

  49. 9:1 target to hit ratio, ah the acceptable cop ratio.

  50. Sexting will be America’s downfall.

    1. I’ve yet to get a letter saying I’ve caused lasting emotional damage to my NSA watcher related to naked pictures sent or received. I’M TRYING HERE.

  51. Better than porn for NSA folks.

  52. The Independents Attire Review, 7 July 2014


    – Kennedy: Blue. We like it. Not as great as the Izods, but strong solid colors always do her well. We’re also getting an extra-helping of Kennedy shoulder-flesh. We’d like some brighter-red lipstick.

    – Matthieu: White Shirt! (golf clap). And a nice, solid tie that presents a very bold and crisp look. This is what we like best on Matt and rarely have we seen him so flawlessly put together with the same standard ingredients. We give him the win tonight out of a newfound belief in Positive Reinforcement.

    – Kmele: Kmele takes our Friday-criticism of his “Here are you tickets, and Enjoy the Movie”-look, and DOUBLES DOWN, throwing it back in our face. And he here succeeds where on Friday he was simply offering us a free-refill. Why? Everything is context. The shirt sets the stage for a style-quirk – and the darker, smaller bowtie blends with the jacket and binds the whole look together. We applaud Kmele’s ability to accept a challenge and persevere towards Success.

    – Bonus: Gavin looks great. (*note – I dont like collar-pins, but he makes it work) Thad doesn’t matter. Julian Sanchez mixes stripes and plaids and is going to cause seizures among Japanese children. He just gives me a headache.

    (*Siberian Eskimo)

    1. There’s but one type of Eskimos.


      And don’t you forget it.

      1. Eskimo.

        1. nice heathers reference

    2. Foster is pimped out. Can’t you tell? It’s awful.

  53. Don’t sext and spy!

  54. Julian knows a wrap-up rant when he barely listens to it.

  55. The air drumming. Returns.

  56. You break the boss’ rules, you can apologize or find another job.

    1. Yep, of course if the company wants to have asinine rules, they might go out of business.

      1. That is their business.

  57. What year did “Phenomenon” come out?

  58. Didn’t they get fired a couple times before?

  59. Didn’t they kind of prove his point?

    1. If “they” (that is the 5 Black dudes) actually existed.

  60. Yeah, that was ugly.

    Just walk away dude. Taking it to Twitter is just plain not cool…and retarded.

  61. “Is it Racist” should be announced with the same cadence as “Wheel of Fortune”.

    1. Prosody.

  62. Matt Welch on a basketball court?

  63. IF he was attacked as he said, I could see calling the perpetrators animals.

  64. I never heard about this guy before, and I suspect I’ll never hear about him again. But by all means keep talking about him.

  65. Twitter = because we needed the ability to broadcast our stupidest thoughts to the entire plant

    1. Again the wisdom of Herm Edwards: Don’t press send.

    2. Who is this omnipotent, mystical, all-knowing plant?

      1. Feed me, GILMORE!

        /Little Shop of Horrors

  66. I think that bow tie is a clip-on. It should spin when Foster is incensed.

    1. Kmele is cold-blooded cool

  67. Is the Secret Service worthless? I ran the numbers:


  68. This just in: Cosmo Makes Fun of Yokel

  69. He should be suing baseball for being so long and boring.

    1. Uh, this making the announcers search for things to talk about.

  70. A poisoner man, is that a thing now?

    1. The charges are still pending, so who knows?

    2. Too bad his mugshot wasn’t hot model like.

  71. Now Kennedy is gonna get sued too.

  72. fuckin internet people and their potato salad.

  73. Prediction =

    every prediction i made earlier will prove incorrect

  74. Those funbags can be used as flotation devices.


    1. A younger Hillary in a bathing suit:…..970c-400wi

      1. Not gonna help.

      2. They look so happy there, like they just successfully offed some political opponent.

        1. Or “friend” (Vince Foster).

  76. Her Australian accent was funny.

    1. you havent noticed she finds an excuse to do it every other night?

      1. But *this time* it was funny.

        1. Granted

  77. Maybe you guys can help settle an argument I’m having with my wife.

    She keeps telling me Lou Reed is dead and I keep say no he isn’t or else I would have read it on Reason. I then kicked her out of the house.

    Who’s right?

    1. Send it to dear Abby, or whoever that slate columnist is.

      1. Send to Frisky but make it a bit more exciting by admitting you really want to bang her sister – or even more exciting – your sister.

    2. Is your Google broke ?

      1. Is your sarcasm detector broke?

        1. Is yours ?

  78. Plywood? Please, that was lauan.

  79. I’d vote for the one I’ve heard of!

  80. Quick judgement =

    Faith No More
    Mr Bungle

    1. That’s like the entirety the soundtrack of my high school friends’ boiled down to one sentence.

  81. Jesus. These people are voters.

    1. Yeah, but they’re New York voters. We already knew they were insane.

      1. Ha. I remember that movie. What were the 90’s thinking?

      2. *Shudder*…I’d rather see Hillary in a bathing suit.

  82. America.

    You’re fucked.

    Love, a Canadian who once looked up to you.

  83. God, NYC seems to be full of miserable trolls.

  84. Did you just listen to the people interviewed, sir? Big words don’t matter@

  85. Kennedy found the one person that wants Cheney as President. Wow

    1. In CA, a dead D will out-poll a live R, so…

    2. He shot a lawyer in the face and made him apologize to the nation for getting in Cheney’s way. Putin would go from dick swinging to “don’t judge me right now I just got out of a cold pool” in an instant.

      This is in no way an endorsement of Cheney for President, but I can see why someone would be into it.

      1. He also has a baboon heart and kinda looks like The Penguin.

        1. Apparently when he had an LVAD he likely didn’t have a pulse.

  86. Republicans will have a Zell Miller to send to the Democrat convention if Paul gets the GOP nomination.

  87. Gavin is more right than not. Then again, we knew that.

  88. I thought it was 83%

  89. Allegedly the same genitalia.

  90. The Fonz sells reverse mortgages now.

    America has fallen.

  91. The day Warren gets the nomination is the day I go full on militia survivalist at my Bug-Out location. Because at that point, it’s on like fucking Donkey Kong, my friends.

    1. But wouldn’t you look forward to our first Native American president?

      [plays eagle bone flute whistle]

    2. The fact they keep talking about her suggests to me you may as well commence your plan.

      1. I’m serious. I determined about a year and a half ago that Warren was the point of no return.

    3. Sudden and I have a standing bet on this. I will be VERY upset if Warren gets the nom.

      1. “I will be VERY upset if Warren gets the nom.”

        I have a feeling you won’t have to look far for company.

  92. So is this show boring or an entertaining train wreck? I won’t ask if it’s good because the latter is as good as it gets.

  93. I loved the guy who was going to prefer Hillary over Paul, but who *really* wanted Cheney (assuming he was serious).

    1. imagine you’re a new yorker sick of everyone and everything and someone sticks a mic in your face and asks who you want to be president

      I’d probably say Cheney too

      1. Good point.

  94. MONKEY AROUND. YOU HEARD HIM. Fucking racist.

  95. Forbes looks like he hasn’t aged in 20 years. And not necessarily in a good way.

    1. As in Dick Clark not aging?
      Or Paul McCartney “not aging”?

      1. Dick Clark hasn’t aged since 2012.

        1. I think Lou Reed stopped in 2013!
          It’s contagious.

      2. He looks like the wax museum version of himself.

    2. hint = the transfusions aren’t the quality they used to be.

  96. We’re going onto the gold standard? Is that what he predicted?

  97. Huh, huh, expanding hose, huh huh…

    1. Expanding POCKET hose.

  98. That guy liked watching his wife use the hose. Or possibly mother. I couldn’t tell.

  99. Barefoot walking… that’s a punchin.

  100. Nothing subdues a lady like drilling her in the face.

  101. Ummm…what possibly could have occurred before the recording that would have justified repeated blows to the head?

    1. Calling him a fucking pig that calls for 10 punches to the face easy.

  102. “Welcome to the Police Benevolent Association dinner…try the *punch!*”

    1. polite laughter

  103. What was the cryptic “We miss you already anthony!” about?

    1. Yeah, what’s up with that? I like the music.

      1. Anthony Weiner?

      2. He’s the Independents intra-show DJ, apparently. Missed by all.

        1. I’ll do it! Matt, email me.

  104. *Le* world cup

  105. Of course they watched the World Cup.

    1. France has the lamest soccer fans compared to similar-sized Euro countries like England, Spain, Holland, Germany and Italy.

      More fair weather than anything.

      1. I know Holland is smaller.

          1. Hop!

  106. France wasn’t drunk enough.

  107. Thank you, Gavin for saying what we were all thinking!

  108. Now we know Kmele’s drink. Hendricks.

    Try the Gimlet, kmele

  109. Kmele still hasn’t spun his bow tie.

  110. Aftershow: Gavin unleashed.

  111. It keeps playing for a few seconds and then telling me “error the stream is not found”

  112. There’s a bakery across from my office. I saw a guy drop his cake the other day. I wonder what he told his wife.

    1. That is sad.

      Once a year, i see something like that, and I go over and pay for the person to have a new one.

      The rest of the year I point and go, “HA!”

      1. How clumsy is the town you live in?

        Once a year?

        I’ve never seen anything like that.

        1. I live in NYC. I see shit like that every day.

    2. Ouch.

  113. Everyone wakes up asking how they can get the Jewish money.

    1. I came *this* close to a tasteless joke about pay-per-view circumcisions, but thankfully I had second thoughts.

      1. Ah, you’ve heard of pidyon haben, I take it?

        1. I have now, thank you.

  114. Americans are waaayyyy too hard on their national soccer team. The program is on a fantastic path.

    1. all the Europeans say that too

      Americans are not as hard on their team as you think. They just don’t care all that much.

      1. Talking more about the fans and those who watch it.

        Which is not an insignificant figure from what I read.

        Europeans say that about USA?

        1. Well, the english and the germans. I don’t know any french who deign to speak to me about soccer (i don’t think the ones i know care either)

          1. Ah.


  116. All I’m gonna say about the Mid-East is you’re dealing with people who kidnap and murder teenagers for political and religious reasons.

    What God would possibly condone this?

    America looking for peace among this madness is bound to be disappointed.

    1. What God would possibly condone this?

      Moloch? Kali? Yog-Sothoth, the Lurker at the Threshold and the Opener of the Way?

      1. Thulsa Doom.

        1. O’Ba’Maaa the Destroyer.

    2. Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

      I certainly can’t think of any.

      1. Ok, but have you ever spent any time with Amalek? He’s a fucking asshole.

  117. I’m glad I got drunk so that I could appreciate Gavin in his natural habitat.

    I understand him now….I’m like the Gavin Whisperer or something.

    1. I would hang out in a bar with him.

  118. That aftershow went nowhere. It had promise but went nowhere.

  119. 500th post!

    1. 500…

      1. …More!

        1. 500 more comments? I’ll see what I can do.

          For the second time in over two hundred years, someone named Robespierre has had a very public failure.

          Gillian Robespierre’s pro-abortion film *Obvious Child* isn’t doing well at the box office.

          “Although it is still early, Obvious Child is obviously not riding any sort of wave and has grossed a paltry $1.9 million. Apples to apples, Juno was an indie film, too, and by this point it had earned $26 million.”


          1. Maybe they need to pull it out and re-cut it.

            1. Juno that’s a good idea

  120. Warren G. Harding’s letters his pro-German mistress will soon be opened to the public by the Library of Congress. The letters make Anthony Weiner look like Anthony Comstock.

    “In 106 letters, many written on official Senate stationery, Harding alternates between Victorian declarations of love and unabashedly carnal descriptions. (While Phillips’s notes and some drafts of her letters have been preserved, her actual replies were not.) The president often wrote in code, in case the letters were discovered, referring to his penis as Jerry and devising nicknames, like Mrs. Pouterson, for Phillips.”…..rrer=&_r=1

    1. It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

      1. And here is how the Times summarized Harding’s administration:

        “He slashed immigration quotas, appointed his cronies ? one of whom, his secretary of the interior, accepted bribes from oil companies in what became known as the Teapot Dome scandal ? and brought an end to the famously reform-minded eras of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.”

        One way he brought an end to Wilson’s reform-minded era was by pardoning Eugene Debs and other Wilson victims.

        1. One of Harding’s pardons – a Catholic Army chaplain said some naughty things and did time – after his release Harding gave a full pardon:

          “Among eighteen specifications considered by a military court, Feinler was said to have justified the sinking of the Lusitania and the execution of a female British spy (Miss Edith Cavell) by the Germans. He was also accused of having uttered “disrespectful and contemptuous language” against Woodrow Wilson – ah, those were the days, eh?”


          1. “As president, Harding unhesitatingly freed Debs and others unfairly persecuted by Wilson; his “normalcy” was, it seems, built on a respect for the Constitution, and while he craved the good opinion of others as much as any politician, he didn’t spend his time dreaming up ways to send his critics to prison.

            “Also differing from Wilson on questions involving race, the new president headed off to Birmingham, Ala., of all places, to tell a crowd in excess of 25,000 that America would never realize her full potential until blacks and whites could count on equal treatment under the law in a society in which men and women would be judged as individuals rather than on the color of their skin. The crowd that day was divided by a chain-link fence with whites on one side and blacks on the other. When Harding uttered these words, the 10,000 men and women on the “black side” of the fence cheered while the whites stood stonily silent staring at them and the president of whom they’d expected “better.””


  121. “Louisiana gave away $1.3 million in food stamps to deceased people…

    “The Department of Children and Family Services said it is going to be difficult to recover the $1.3 million that was spent fraudulently. It’s difficult to investigate the inappropriate spending of a single, dead person’s benefits, since no other people live with them.

    “”[The agency] stated the likelihood of recovering these funds is very low because DCFS does not know who spent the funds and retailers usually only maintain surveillance videos for a very short period,” according to the audit.”…..d_peo.html

  122. Hot Wheels version of “The Homer”.

  123. “No charges for Sonoma County deputy in toy-gun killing”
    “The law provides for a complete defense of anyone who defends himself or others,” Jill Ravitch, the district attorney, said at an afternoon news conference
    The deputy fired eight times.…..604765.php

    Must have been a real scary kid. And now, he’s a real dead kid.

    1. Hmmmm…

      A review by The Chronicle found the filing of criminal charges is extremely rare when an officer fires on someone after mistaking a toy gun for a real one. Of 10 such cases studied in the past 25 years, none resulted in charges, although several resulted in civil payouts of as much as $24 million.

      1. Jesus, why do I read the comments on these things:

        Fat_Tim Rank 2701
        I wonder why the toy gun was modified by the removal of the orange tip? I guess kids take it off to make the gun look real.
        Can’t really fault the police officer here, just like every other person, he wants to go home and have dinner with his wife at the end of the day.

        At least the brave hero made it home safe at the end of his tour of duty!

      2. …”although several resulted in civil payouts of as much as $24 million.”

        For what it’s worth, I wish the family well, but you and I both know we are going to pay for it while that sleazy cop gets his retirement benes.

        1. Yeah the taxpayers pay for it either way. I hope the family gets some money at least. Maybe if the taxpayers don’t like it, they can pressure the city to do something about their police force (yeah right).
          I just thought it was telling that the city has paid out a shitload of money but no charges have ever been filed.

  124. “Dubai to build world’s biggest shopping center”…..602311.php

    SF lefties don’t like ‘carbon footprint’, don’t like Israelis; maybe just those Hamas guys are OK?

    1. I think I saw that proposed shopping center in a 1950s science fiction movie.

      1. 1970’s. Logan’s Run.

    2. Will it have a Leftorium?

  125. “Hillary, Here’s Your Campaign Platform

    “Lots of people are talking about work-family issues these days. And that’s a good thing, particularly when it comes to paid family leave. Every other country in the developed world makes sure that workers can take time off, with pay, to take care of a newborn or sick relative. (See chart below.) As my colleague Rebecca Traister points out, the lack of a similar guarantee here is a disgrace?and proof that we still carry around some retrograde ideas about the proper role of women in society….

    “Such a proposal wouldn’t just make sense as policy, [Michael Tomasky] argues. It would also make for good politics, even given the opposition it’s likely to provoke. “A survey commissioned in 2012 by a pro-leave group found that respondents supported the idea by 63 to 29 percent,” Tomasky notes. “Democrats were of course strongly in favor (85-10), but independents were at a still quite favorable 54-34, and even Republicans weren’t against it?they were evenly split at 47-48.””…..ign=buffer

    1. “As my colleague Rebecca Traister points out, the lack of a similar guarantee here is a disgrace”

      Now, THERE’S a convincing argument! The twit sitting next to me thinks, uh, well…

  126. “Move against illegal circumcision schools [in South Africa]…

    “The number of boys who have died thus far during this year’s circumcision initiation season has risen to 29. Twenty-four from the Eastern Cape, four in Mpumalanga and one from the Western Cape said Ngcobo.

    “The cause of the deaths, [Ministry of Traditional Affairs spokesman Sifiso Ngcobo] said, was due to “illegal schools” who were secretly conducting the circumcisions without permission from the Department of Health.”…..7toW_mwJSU

  127. Climate change threatens redheads with extinction

    REDHEADS could become extinct as Scotland gets sunnier, experts have claimed.

    The gene that causes red hair is thought to be an evolutionary response to the lack of sun in Scotland.

    Redhead colouring allows people to get the maximum vitamin D from what little sun there is.

    Only one to two per cent of the world’s population has red hair but in Scotland the figure is about 13 per cent, or 650,000 people.

    However, the figure could fall dramatically ? and even see redheads die out completely in a few centuries ? if predictions that the country’s climate is set to become much sunnier are true.

    Dr Alistair Moffat, boss of genetic testing company ScotlandsDNA, said: “We think red hair in Scotland, Ireland and the north of England is adaptation to the climate. We do not get enough sun and have to get all the vitamin D we can.

    “If it was to get less cloudy and there was more sun, there would be fewer people carrying the gene.”

    Another scientist, who asked not to be named because of the theoretical nature of the work, said: “I think the gene is slowly dying out. Climate change could see a decline in the number of people with red hair in Scotland.”

    Save Rose Leslie, stop global warming now!

    1. I saw this discussed on Reddit.

    2. So?

      1. First climate change came for the redheads and Carl didn’t speak out because he wasn’t into blonds.

        Then climate change came for the blonds, and Carl didn’t speak out because he wasn’t into blonds.

        Then climate change came for the Asians and Carl bought a Nissan Leaf, started recycling and planted a shit-ton of trees, because Carl is sprung on Asian booty, but it was too late.

        1. Does kibby know that Amy Pond isn’t your go to redhead?

          1. Yow-za. She did make me watch a Doctor Who episode this weekend, but it wasn’t with her as a the companion.

            In any case, she knows I’m partial to Rose Leslie.

              1. She is beautiful. She could, however, use a few cheeseburgers.

    3. Had a dream about Rose Leslie last night. Woke up happy.

  128. For anyone interested, Robert (over in the ‘crony’ thread) thinks that tax money is spent as carefully as the money spent by for-profit outfits:

    …”I see no reason to think that forcible redistribution has enhanced the employment of the managerial class to a significant degree more than it would’ve been enhanced otherwise.”……..o#comments

    Nope. Free money has no effect at all!

    1. What’s that Milton Friedman quote?

      There are four ways in which you can spend money. You can spend your own money on yourself. When you do that, why then you really watch out what you’re doing, and you try to get the most for your money. Then you can spend your own money on somebody else. For example, I buy a birthday present for someone. Well, then I’m not so careful about the content of the present, but I’m very careful about the cost. Then, I can spend somebody else’s money on myself. And if I spend somebody else’s money on myself, then I’m sure going to have a good lunch! Finally, I can spend somebody else’s money on somebody else. And if I spend somebody else’s money on somebody else, I’m not concerned about how much it is, and I’m not concerned about what I get. And that’s government.

  129. Dear God! This show is still on the air? I’d have thought, at the very least, they’d have shit-canned Welch and Kennedy by now.

    Kinda like that Foster guy, though.

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