Nick Gillespie on CNN's Erin Burnett Outfront, Talking Life Sentence for Hash Brownies


I'm scheduled to appear on CNN's Erin Burnett Outfront tonight, talking about the idiotic case of a Texas teenager who faces a life sentence over a pound of hash brownies.

The show starts at 7 P.M. Eastern Time and I'm scheduled to hit around 7.30.

Yesterday, Jacob Sullum provided a grim primer on how idiotic drug laws get super-idiotic when it comes to cannabis concentrates. The short version? If you reduce pot or hash into a liquid form, resin, or oil you've gone from carrying weed to carrying a controlled substance. If you mix that substance with anything—brownie mix, say—and it weighs over 400 grams and you get convicted of having "manufactured, delivered or possessed with the intent to deliver," you're staring down the barrel of a 10 years to 99 years to life prison sentence.

Good luck, Jacob Lavoro.

I firmly believe this is the sort of case where the drug war goes to die. As medical marijuana spreads to half of the states and recreational pot proceeds apace in Colorado and Washington with no serious problems so far, even the most reactionary jury in America will be asking what John Kerry asked about the Vietnam War: How do you ask someone to be the last man to die for a mistake?

Back in January, I debated Patrick Kennedy about marijuana legalization. Take a watch here:

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  1. Erin Burnett is hot.

    1. So say we all.


    2. She is a fucking babe. I have no idea if her show is any good or if she is anything but a typical nitwit socialist TV personality. But she is absolutely smoking.

      1. It seems like Nick did find a bad picture of her though.

      2. She’s a pro-war, pro-corporate, almost fascist conservative. Recently she was doing some pro-war propaganda trying to make a case for war with Iran.

        1. So she is not a nitwit who thinks the Iranians will just love us if we apologize enough for our existence.

          Got it.

          1. Hmm, didn’t expect something so stupid coming from you.

            1. John is sort of a hawk.

      3. She did a piece on her show mocking the Occupy progtards. She is a hero. A very hot hero.


      1. Yeah, Burnett es mamacita, but if anything she looks even better in that casual shot than she does made-up for the studio cameras. C’mon and spill it, Nick — is she just as pulchritudinous in person?

        1. I think she looks good there. She looks all wholesome and cute.

          1. Since when is wholesome good?!? I don’t want wholesome!

            1. I don’t want wholesome either. I want her to look wholesome and then be anything but. It is all about the contrast between appearances and reality.

              1. Ah, you want the classic Heinlein woman.

                1. Who’s the classic Heinlein woman? Star?

            2. No one said there aren’t libertine women.

    4. She kinda reminds me of the Bones chick.

      1. This^^^I’d love to jump her bones.

        She was ok on CNBC, in an eye candy way. I always thought Becky Quick was hotter, she reminds me of some gals I met at mixers at an all boys prep school in the mid 70’s. (BTW I was on scholarship, I come from a family of 7 kids and the tuition there was probably 25 percent of my old man’s income back then and he worked on the railroad making decent coin).

  2. As a heartless libertarian, I am naturally unmoved by physical attractiveness.

    I will be interested to hear what her take is on this. Not enough to watch, so I will be expecting a written report on the proceedings.

    1. As a human being, I am moved by physical attractiveness.

      As a heartless libertarian, the attraction doesn’t last long because they eventually start talking.

      This is why I only watch TV with the sound off.

  3. She is apparently married to some scumbag trader who used to work for Lehman brothers. That alone should subject her to social approbation. She married to one of the people who helped in the biggest theft in the history of civilization.

    1. She is one of them.

    2. She is and was 100% for TARP and the billionaire bailout. Not that you couldn’t have guessed that.

  4. Way to make the pot “problem” a joke, Nick!

    Go do the Walk of Shame along with Director Comey Dog…Senator Sessions is waiting.

  5. I’m scheduled to appear on CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront


    You should mention Bengazi Nick. CNN would explode in a shit fit but at least more then 3 people will actually watch the channel.

  6. I see what you did there…. Click Bait.

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