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Will and Jada Smith Investigated by L.A. Children and Family Services Because Agency Apparently Didn't Like a Photo It Saw of Daughter Willow


If this story from Huffington Post on the bleeding crossroads of celebrity gossip and officious busybodism is to be taken at face value, it's a gross example of government waste and overreach that ought to terrify every parent in this age of all the kids sending their selfies to their reddits and sexting bitcoin to their roku, as SNL's Drunk Uncle might say.

American superpowercouple Will and Jada Smith are allegedly being investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Child & Family Services because a picture circulated online of their 13- year-old daughter Willow in bed with a 20-year-old former Hannah Montana actor Moises Arias.

In bed. That's not a euphemism for naked and having sexual intercourse. It's two humans who happen to be occupying physical space in a bed. Arias is shirtless, Smith fully clothed. Their bodies don't even appear to be touching.

From the HuffPo report:

"The investigation was formally opened last week and is being taken very seriously by the department. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been extremely cooperative with officials. Of course, they aren't happy that their parenting skills are under scrutiny, but they understand," a source told the website [Radar Online], adding that social workers will be speaking to Willow separately, as well as former Disney star Moises Arias, who was pictured with her in the photo.

A government agency will be talking to people. Because two people laid in bed and took a picture. An agency with the power to break up families.

And what possible good outcome is this investigation supposed to have? And who could possibly care? And why should the force and threat of tearing a child from its parents be brought to bear—and that is the agency's ultimate threat?

It might be interesting to contemplate, in this context, this report from a couple of weeks ago from the L.A. Times, mostly focused on a 17-year agency vet fired for accusations of sexual misconduct against foster children under his care:

Two months after the alleged incident, Supervisor Gloria Molina announced publicly that a "crisis" had developed in the child welfare department's holding room inside a high-rise office building near downtown Los Angeles and that it was being used as a "dumping ground" to house difficult-to-place foster children.

Her staff visited and reported finding a chaotic scene, including a 9-month-old infant who had been present at a drug bust, three pregnant teenagers and recently released juvenile offenders — all of whom were getting little sleep while social workers frantically juggled a multitude of after-hours child abuse investigations.

Some of the older children reportedly used drugs openly in the office, Molina said.

[Lincoln] Saul [a retired social worker] said that one of [James] Green's accusers, a 13-year-old girl, was placed in the holding room more than 40 times between March 2012 and January 2013. During those visits, the girl sometimes undressed in front of male staff and walked around the office in her underwear. Staffers eventually covered her with a sheet, Saul said.

This is the agency who seems to think it might be able to take better care of Willow Smith than her parents. Or maybe it just thinks it needs to know more about that scandalous picture. It's hard to imagine what possible purpose is behind this investigation or what good is supposed to come from this use of city money and time. Again, if the story is as reported, it's just plain crazy.

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  1. Wow. I know that the kind of bureaucrat that works at CPS or this DCFS is drunk with power and thinks he can do whatever he wants to any family he wants, but is this really a fight they want to pick? This could spectacularly backfire.

    1. Well, that’s what makes this story that much more crazy. That some bureaucrat thinks they have the juice to pick this fight. Because…maybe they do. Which is scary as hell, because that means they know they can do whatever the fuck they want to whoever they want.

      If they can fuck with Will Smith, they can certainly fuck with you for whatever reason they want.

      1. Look, this is all because ‘CPS received a complaint and we have to investigate’. Once they’ve established their ‘concern’ they’ll slink back into the shadows with the other carrion eaters because they know they don’t have the oomph to fight a battle against a couple that can simply pull up sticks and move out of their jurisdiction faster than CPS can react.

        That’s in addition to the legal power the Smith’s can wield – but fighting with lawyers keeps you on the battlefield.

        1. Yes, but normally that would keep these bureaucrats from frivolously bothering someone with that kind of money and power. But here it didn’t. Why? My guess is because the bureaucrats are feeling their power and testing out its limits.

  2. Looks more like “on” bed than “in” bed.


    2. Don’t start this shit again.

  3. Frankly, raising your kids as scientologists is much more questionable than letting them have age-inappropriate boyfriends.

  4. adding that social workers will be speaking to Willow separately, as well as former Disney star Moises Arias, who was pictured with her in the photo

    So what happens if you’re an adult, unrelated to the child DCS cares about, and DCS wants to talk to you and you tell them to fuck off? Presumably you get charged with rape or something in this guy’s case, right? I mean seriously, what possible incentive could he have for doing anything other than saying “fuck off”…other than a jackboot?

    1. Because, if you won’t speak to us we’ll just have to assume that something nefarious is going on and will take your friend’s children away.

      Because the burden of proof is on the defendant in family court.

      And because we can.


  5. social workers frantically juggled a multitude of after-hours child abuse investigations

    I find this very difficult to believe.

  6. They ought to be investigating Arias’ parents for allowing him anywhere near the a show for the Disney Channel.

    1. Yeah, how stupid of them to let him make millions of dollars before having to shave.

      1. I’m sure that skrilla will pay for all the therapy.

  7. This investigation was likely started by a senior manager at CPS, one who is fucking outraged and going to do something about it!

    In my experience, the lower level people are quite content to look for excuses *not* to open cases, since that means extra work. It’s the nutjobs who seek to manage CPS who are attracted to quixotic crusades.

    And I fucking guarantee that the instigator was outraged at the man’s skin color.

    1. And I fucking guarantee that the instigator was outraged at the man’s skin color.

      Really? I mean…really?

  8. Baseless speculation: it could be a case of a bureaucrat or some bureaucrats wanting to flex their muscle on a high profile couple as reminder of who is really boss.


  9. So I saw the photo and it looks like they got out of a pool or something and happen to be watching the television and the boy has his shirt off.

    I was expecting some lude scene.

    I side with the Libertarians and others that this is GOVERNMENT going too too far.

    We need child protective services. I know you guys don’t believe we need this.

    This is a case where these bureacrats went too far and need to be called out by civilians that they serve.

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