Update: School District Sues County in Case of Autistic Teen Entrapped for Selling Pot


The Temecula Valley School District in California has sued Riverside County and the Sheriff's Department over an incident that occurred two years ago regarding an autistic teen who was arrested for buying marijuana.

Last October, Reason TV reported on an autistic high school student in Temecula who had been arrested and expelled from school after twice buying marijuana for an undercover Riverside County police officer. The visibly handicapped teen had been the target of an undercover drug sting at the high school. 

The student was cleared of any wrongdoing and a judge ordered him to return to school. His parents, Doug and Catherine Snodgrass, filed a lawsuit against the school district after they learned that the district acted in conjunction with the Sheriff's Department to entrap their son even though district officials were aware of his mental and emotional disabilities.

The Temecula Valley School Distric filed a cross-complaint on Wednesday, April 28. District officials deny any wrong-doing and claim that Riverside County and the Sheriff's Department should be held responsible for the district's costs in court if they are found liable.