Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Lobby Fighting Recreational Legalization Efforts

Want to avoid competition


Pot legalization activists are running into an unexpected and ironic opponent in their efforts to make cannabis legal: Big Marijuana.

Medical marijuana is a billion-dollar industry — legal in 18 states, including California, Nevada, Oregon and Maine — and like any entrenched business, it's fighting to keep what it has and shut competitors out. Dispensary owners, trade associations and groups representing the industry are deeply concerned — and in some cases actively fighting — ballot initiatives and legislation that could wreck their business model.

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  1. Not to mention the illegal farmers currently enjoying quite tidy profits.
    Around Ukiah and Hopland, CA, there is little evident industry, but a whole lot of prosperous people.

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  2. unexpected and ironic opponent

    Rent seekers gonna seek rents.

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    2. “Rent seekers gonna seek rents.”

      Exactly. I deduced this from my interactions with dispensary owners/managers. They love this BS “medical” classification because they would be subject to much more competition if cannabis was treated like alcohol in its distribution/sale.

  3. Unexpected and ironic? Hardly. I don’t think I’m the only one who saw this coming, unfortunately.

  4. But medical marijuana is for the people. Don’t you care?

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