Hitch a Ride on Timothy Leary's Trip Through Time!


RU Sirius, a.k.a. Ken Goffman, has a trippy new book out called Timothy Leary's Trip Thru Time. You can buy it or read it for free at www.timothyleary.org. It's worth the effort.

The blurb:

"Timothy Leary's Trip Thru Time is a witty and informative look at the important events and philosophical developments in the colorful and controversial life of Dr. Timothy Leary. With dashes of Learyesque irreverence, author R.U. Sirius draws connections between Leary's trips through psychology, psychedelia, politics and technology and the ecstatic highs and harrowing lows of his personal life. A must-read for appreciating Timothy Leary."

A snippet:

For thirty bombings, the leaders of the [Weather Underground] basically got probation. Timothy Leary spent four and a half years in prison for a little bit of marijuana, and likely would have spent the rest of his life there if he hadn't played ball, or chess, with the Feds….

And so the crazy, tragicomic action-adventure movie portion of Timothy Leary's trip through time — the years of prison, escape and exile — comes to a close as Leary emerges from prison broke; with his reputation in tatters and, as usual, excited and full of plans for the future….