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"Obama the Buzzkill": Nick Gillespie in Daily Beast on the President's Terrible Drug Policy


I've got a piece up at The Daily Beast about how President Barack Obama, whose visit to Mexico included talk about drug policy, has been a hard-hearted and hard-headed drug warrior. Here's the start of the piece:

While a high school student at Honolulu's elite Punahou School, Barack Obama was a high-flying member of a pot-smoking, party-hearty crew that called itself "the Choom Gang." As biographer David Maraniss revealed in last year's Barack Obama: The Story the future president "had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted 'Intercepted!,' and took an extra hit."

In his current trip to meet with Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto, Obama will once again be talking about illegal drugs and interceptions—and he will almost certainly continue his long habit of bogarting other people's joints. As CNN summarizes it, one of the "key issues" of the trip is to strengthen efforts to stop the flow of pot, cocaine, methamphetamines, and other drugs from Mexico into the United States.

Despite thinly sourced stories by Obama boosters that the president in his second term "will pivot to the drug war" that he privately considers a "failure," there's every reason to believe any new initiatives coming out of this Mexico trip will disappoint the liberals, libertarians, and smattering of conservatives who took Barack Obama seriously when he questioned longstanding drug policies.

Read the whole thing at The Daily Beast here.

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  1. Everybody on the Choom-Choom train!

    1. Come on, everyone: Hope and Change! Hope and Change!

      Aw, you can do better than that...sing with me now:

      Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm mmmm mmmm...

      Really, you're not showing much enthusiasm. It won't work unless you *believe!*

      1. "...who took Barack Obama seriously... "

        I'm not going to type out all of the HaHas that I had reading this. Just suffice it to say that it wouldn't have fit in the available comment space.

      2. Needs more kumbaya.

      3. Hops and Choom! Hops and Choom!

        1. Choom. Choom.

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      1. Legalize prostitution so Cynthia can make even moar money!

  2. But man, have you ever tried to end the War on Drugs on weed?

    1. I was in love with a girl on marijuana
      She said, "If I'm that stoned I don't wanna"
      But she got so paranoid, her place I would avoid
      I was in love with a girl on marijuana

  3. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted 'Intercepted!,' and took an extra hit."

    God, he's always been an asshole.

    1. Sounds like every faggot I've always hated smoking with

      1. When I was in high school we had this guy named Jimmy who, if anybody whipped out a joint, would ask if he could light it up. You'd give him the joint, and he would take a hit, kind of pretend it wasn't lit, hit on it again and again and again pretending to get it going, and by the time he passed it on, there was just this little itty bitty roach.

        Of course Jimmy didn't become President.

        But that other bogart did.

        1. Hm... thanks for the tip.

    2. Seriously. Want to know what a polite stoner does after a hit? Pass it around the circle, or, if they are unclear on the direction, ask, "Which way is it going?"

      The first time he did that, I wouldn't say anything, but after the second time, I wouldn't smoke with that asshole ever again.

      1. I don't even smoke. My drug of choice is booze, and I've never gotten the love some people have of pot. Just doesn't do anything for me.

        Despite this, even I would know not to do that. It's not even drug courtesy, it's common decency.

        1. I don't even smoke. My drug of choice is boozeM

          Well, with a name like Irish, we would never have guessed that one (:

          Oh noes! He's collectivizing people again! Witch hunt!

          1. I don't even smoke. My drug of choice is boozeM

            Is Boozem anything like Jenkem?

            1. Good grief, I didn't even notice that. I have no idea where that phantom M came from.

              1. Capital M is next to the less than sign which one uses to start HTML tags.

        2. Did you hear about the queer Irishman? He liked women instead of whiskey!

          1. Women Without Whiskey- Drive-By Truckers


      2. We're talking about Obozo, he probably thinks that they should be thankful that he even let them smoke with him.

      3. Damn. I had no idea there were so many rules.

        1. Wheels within wheels, man.

          1. Do you know who else saw wheels within wheels?

            1. Everyone who buys rims?

              1. And that one dude from the Bible. Ezekiel, he was ahead of his time, or he just had really good drugs.

            2. Alex Jones?

            3. The Stig?

            4. Rory Gallagher?

            5. Steve motherfucking McQueen.


            6. Copernicus?

              1. "Copernicus?"

                (wakes up, rubs eyes),... huh?

              2. "Copernicus?"

                (wakes up, rubs eyes),... huh?

                1. i smell squirrel poontang

          2. Foo fighters?

        2. I mean, if even a genius like Obama can't understand them, how can we expect mere mortals like you to?

    3. Seriously. I bet he never brought so much as a joint to share either. Total weasel.

      1. Of course not, his contribution was letting them be graced with his presence. I wonder if he signed pictures of himself and gave to all his friends.

        1. Ironically, those pictures would be worth quite a lot of money now.

          1. "Ironically, those pictures would be worth quite a lot of money now."

            Already have a dart board...

      2. Reminds me of a fellow, who brought a 12 pack of Strohs (back in the day before beer regs were eased) to our party, but drank only the Mic and Miller.

      3. Of course not, because he didn't have any, and the people with more need to contribute their "fair share".

    4. Oh, you misunderstand! He was just "spreading it around!"

      Also, RACIST!


    1. I've been saying this since I was 16. Thanks for catching up to 16 year old Irish, psychologists.

      1. I thought Irish psychologists were just called "whiskey bottles".

        1. I once saw a cartoon about a Jewish bartender and an Irish psychologist. I can't find it online, which is too bad since it was hilarious.

            1. Yes, thank you!

            2. Shary Flenniken, a true genius.

              1. The queen of "Trots and Bonnie"!

        2. Irish psychologists are called publicans.

    2. Virginia's Portmann feels the effects are even more pernicious; they weaken the whole fabric of society. He sees young people becoming weaker right before his eyes, more responsive to the herd, too eager to fit in?less assertive in the classroom, unwilling to disagree with their peers, afraid to question authority, more willing to conform to the expectations of those on the next rung of power above them.


      1. You see? PUBLIK EDUMACASHUN WERKZ!!!!!!

      2. Alternate answer: 1950's Organization Man?

    3. Yes, I saw it coming.

      If some of these parents could see the things we did when I was a kid, they would drop dead of a heart attack, instantly.

    4. A large part of this trend is due to parents having fewer children and having them later in life. When you are young and starting out you don't have the time, energy, and money to make sure little Billy is completely coddled and safe from the dangers of reality and independent learning, especially if you have 2 to 4 other little Billys to look after.

      My parents were in their late teens/early 20s when they had my brothers and me. My father was notorious for sleeping while "watching" us, which I believe was the only time he had in his day to sleep. One time my brother, who was about 5, slipped a 20 out of my dad's pocket and the three of us (with me being no older than 2) walked far up the road, across a railroad track, and to the local corner store where we went on a toy and candy shopping spree. Forward 27 years to my 10 year old half brother who is incapable of performing even the most basic tasks because my 44 year old step mother won't even let him wipe his ass on his own. I am fairly certain that he is still sleeping in the same bed as her.

      1. my 44 year old step mother won't even let him wipe his ass on his own. I am fairly certain that he is still sleeping in the same bed as her.

        Thank you for that disturbing image. I think there's also been a shift in what is and isn't acceptable in parenting, and it hasn't been a benefit to kids. My parents were annoyed that I didn't get out and exercise enough as a kid so I walked to elementary and middle school while my siblings were driven. Fast forward to now and my little brother was unable to bicycle to high school because it was "unsafe." My family lives in a cushy suburban neighborhood and his high school is directly across from the library I used to kill time in when I was ditching the activities my parents would sign me up for.

        1. Sounds like the wife-unit.

          I'm going tattoo this in her forehead one day, backwards, so she can read it in the mirror every morning: LET THEM FAIL.

      2. Reminds me of a TV commercial a few yrs. back making a joke about birth order. It said that when you have your first baby, everything has to be just right, including the diapers, but after that (shots of chaos of house full of kids) you wise up and buy the cheap diapers they were selling.

  4. "Despite thinly sourced stories by Obama boosters that the president in his second term "will pivot to the drug war" that he privately considers a "failure,"

    'He wants to end it, but the people around him won't let him'
    Ha and ha.

    1. 'He wants to end it, but the people around him won't let him'
      Ha and ha.

      He tried, but Rethuglicans....

  5. Don't fuck with the rotation.

  6. Reader this is killing my high Obama is a jug-eared cocksucker

  7. Reader this is killing my high Obama is a jug-eared cocksucker

    1. *Reading...god dammit

  8. The real question is: What kind of cocaine user was Obama?

    1. What do you mean "was"?

  9. There's money in prohibition. And the banana stand.

    1. 26 days!

    2. Do not mention that series! Epi may be about ready to crush our hopes and dreams.

    3. There's ALWAYS money in the banana stand!

    4. No touching!

    5. There's money in prohibition.

      That's it right here.

      He sees government as a jobs program, and there's no way that he will go against the Law Enforcement Industry Complex and the unions goons who run it, even if he does privately see the drug war as a failure that accomplishes nothing but ruining a million people's lives a year.

    6. How much more explicit could I have been?

  10. OT: This happened at my school last night. LAPD sent 79+ riot cops to break up a party. I know people who went to it and they've all told me the party was not out of control and certainly did not justify such an excessive reaction by the cops. Apparently, there were two parties across the street from one another: one was mostly black students, the other mostly white. The cops herded everyone out of the black party and practically marched them south a few blocks. Some guy (a senior graduating and leader of the Black Student Association) got handcuffed and put in the back of a cop car, but was let go after the crowd had started moving. From what I've heard, he did nothing to justify the cops' actions and it the best explanation seems to be that the cops arrested him to scare the rest of the people into moving. Eventually, they broke up the other party.

    1. Race aside, I think this was a ridiculous overreaction by the LAPD. And while I definitely think too many people shout "RAAACIST!" way too quickly these days, I can definitely say that with the LAPD, it is still often justified (A white friend of mind told me a few weeks ago that when her and a few white friends were walking home from a mostly black party that was being broken up, a white LAPD officer straight up said to them "Be careful ladies, these people can get out of control."). I've noticed that way more cops usually come to shut down the black and Latino parties I've gone to, compared to the "white" ones, even though they weren't any wilder or more out of control.

      1. The LAPD is still fucking straight up racist.

        Fuck them.

        My advice to anyone in SoCal is avoid the city of LA like the plague.

      2. I have seen nothing at all to indicate that the LAPD is any less racist today than they were under F?hrer Daryll Gates.


    2. 79+ riot cops

      You think that was overkill, really?


      1. True, it's not like cops have anything better to be doing in Los Angeles than breaking up college parties


      2. Remember we're always only one cop away from total anarchy. Not one dollar can be cut. Not one.

    3. 79+ cops? I wonder how much that cost.

    4. New professionalism, officer safety, procedures were followed ...

    5. Dead dogs or it didn't happen.

      1. I guess Spuds McKenzie wasn't at one of those parties?

  11. This is unbelievable.

    MSNBC took a video of Joe Biden commemorating the victims at Benghazi and edited it to make it look like he was talking about American gun violence.

    1. But don't you see, it was "a producer error."

      See, it was all perfectly honest, just a little mistake.

      Sort of like how politicians never lie, they just sometimes 'misspeak'.

    2. From the same network that pulled this stunt and so much like it? I'm shocked, shocked.

      (On watching that again I'm amused by all the nodding and "yes of course" to that mendacious horseshit.)

    3. The really stupid part is why? It's not like they don't have megabytes of Biden going off on guns. If you faked someone who wasn't usually anti-gun it might mean something. But Biden? Really?

      1. I, for one, would love ol' "Two Blasts" Biden to talk about guns loudly and often.

  12. If the pre-game show for the Superbowl was the same proportion as the pre-race show to the Kentucky Derby, it would last 90 hours.

    1. Doesn't it kind of?

      But yeah, really good point.

  13. Hussein I is a hypocritical politician's politician, sucks balls, and wouldn't be fit to shine shoes? Really? Wow! If only we'd had some sort of indication, history, that could have tipped us off to his despicable immorality BEFORE he became President!!11!!!11!

  14. How much do you know about religion?

    And how do you compare with the average American? Here's your chance to find out.

    Take our short, 15-question quiz, and see how you do in comparison with 3,412 randomly sampled adults

    When you finish the quiz, you will be able to compare your knowledge of religion with participants in the national telephone poll. You can see how you compare with the overall population as well as with people of various religious traditions, people who attend worship services frequently or less often, men and women, and college graduates as well as those who did not attend college.

    I missed 2. 87% Missed questions on teh joos and catlicks. Interesting what types of folks do the best.

    1. 87%, scoring better than 93% of the population.

      Is it because I didn't rely on public schools for education?

      1. Interesting that people who attend "church" regularly score lower than those who don't.

        I suspect that's because one devoted to a specific religion are likely not to care about knowing about other religions.

        1. Yeah, I tend to see that a great deal with Muslims and pious Christians -- high degrees of ignorance as to the histories and facets of other religions.

    2. 100%. Suck it, bitches.

      I liked the fact that 11% got the 'First Great Awakening' question right. There were only three choices.

      1. I'm a Russian-born atheist. I think I did pretty well, thank you very much.

        Clearly, you haven't read the compelling evidence proving that you should never be better at something, or brag about being better at something, than someone else, since their delicate psyches may be scarred.


        1. Actually, atheists/agnostics were the group that scored second best in the test. Jews were number 1.

          Hispanic Catholics and black protestants apparently know very little about religion.

          1. Hispanic Catholics and black protestants apparently know very little about religion.

            A lot of them are probably C and E Christians: they only go to church on Christmas and Easter.

          2. I would screw up the results. I'm a deist.

            I also was one credit shy of a religion minor, so I would have felt awful if I did anything below perfect.

          3. What? Black Protestants? Now you've done it.

            Welcome to the SPLC's Hate List, Irish!

            1. Dang narrow-minded bigots?!?! A quiz about religions, and they just TOTALLY IGNORE Scienfoology!?!?! To learn about the FOURTH "Great Awakening", called Scienfoology, please see .

      2. 100% as well. Only one I was unsure on was the First Great Awakening. Seriously, who answered the clearly modern preacher?

        1. That's the one I got a little lucky on. I was between two, and only knew the answer due to my moderately protestant upbringing. I just ended up picking the one I heard of in church when I was a kid.

          1. I knew who all three of them were, but I only got it because remember Finney was a stanch abolitionist during the antebellum period. He also advocated educating women alongside men.

          2. Same here. It was "It's either him, or it's him."

            But I had heard of one and had better associations in my mind, so I went with it.

          3. I knew you got lucky and beat me. That is the only one I didnt know and guessed at. I guessed wrong.

            1. Me too.

            2. Finney was instrumental in the Second Great Awakening. I answered him, as well. I should have remembered that the First Great Awakening presaged the War for Independence. The Second Great Awakening presaged the First War of the Southron Secession.

        2. Same, 100% with the FGA question being the only full guess on my part. I honestly don't know too much about either Great Awakening, but Finney struck me as wrong.

        3. The First Great Awakening question was the only one I guessed on. Picked the first answer FTW!

      3. And, for me at least, one of the 3 choices was Billy Graham. And one of the others was an Irish name. 89% of respondents picked one of those?

        1. That was how I cheated on that question as well. 100%, but I'm an atheist Jew.

    3. 14 out of 15. I missed on the fact that a teacher can read from the Bible as an example of literature.

      1. I got 14 as well. Had Saturday for the Jewish sabbath. I know they have dietary restrictions on Friday so that answer did not surprise me.

        1. Technically the Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday.

          1. Yep. That's why I figure the Jews did the best on average. Everyone forgets that one.

            1. So they could hit the bars on Saturday night?

          2. So that's where there are no Jews in Finland!

            /midnight sun - no sunset for weeks

        2. That's the one I botched too, I knew that the Sabbath was on Saturday but didn't take into account that it's sundown to sundown.

    4. I got 12 or 15 for 80%.

      1. 12 of 15.

        1. But, better than 87% of the public.

          That doesn't console me much, 87% of the public are near retarded.

    5. I got 100%.

    6. Dammit... missed one, and it was an easier one. Forgot that the Sabbath started sun down on Friday. Top 3% not so bad.

      1. That's the one I missed too.

      2. I missed that and the Catlick bread and wine question. Should have guessed though. Pick the most irrational.

        1. Fucking protestants.

          That one was easy for me. I was raised Catholic.

          1. That explains soooooo much about you Goldwater.

    7. 100%, although I admit to guessing the final answer.

      It was also a pretty damn narrow quiz about "religion".

    8. The only one I missed was the one about bread and wine, I reasoned that it was too retarded and creepy to believe that you are literally consuming the body and blood of Christ, guess not. Sounds like a fuckin cult to me.

      1. yeah Luther sorted that out.

      2. Once again:


        1. How did people not know about transubstantiation?

          1. Well, you're Irish, so Catholicism is in your DNA, even if you are a damn dirty Protestant by inclination.

          2. I didn't know about transubstantiation until we covered the Reformation in European History class.

      3. I'm not Catholic, but I understand that it involves a lot of Aristotelian philosophy about "ideal" states of being and whatnot.

        1. But Jesus explained to His disciples that "eating His body and drinking His blood" was symbolic rather than literal. He said things like that to get the Pharisees' goat.

          1. In John, Chapter 6, He scares off many of his audience by the literalness of his teaching on this point. I doubt he'd have scared them off by proclaiming a symbolic doctrine.

    9. Same here. Missed Jewish Sabbath and First Great Awakening. Not subjects I'm familiar with, though after a few semesters of Hebrew I thought I'd have picked up more knowledge of Jewish traditions.

    10. I missed the FGA question (to my shame; I knew the answer, but second-guessed myself), and the nirvana question. For Hindus, apparently, Nirvana is being joined to the Brahama (or something like that), while it's the Buddhists who describe Nirvana as a state of no pain (or desire, or happiness, or anything).

    11. I got 14 out of 15. The last one got me. I knew it wasn't Graham and thought they were talking about the psychic Edwards. I honestly know nothing about the first or fifteenth great awakenings.

    12. The one I missed was the nirvana Q. Tough because as one analyst said, "Buddhism is Hinduism stripped for export."

    13. Hooray. 100% on stuff I mostly don't give a shit about.

    14. We had to take this before we started our religion unit in sociology. I got a 13/15, the highest score.

  15. Well, if there's only one way to liven up a dead party, it must be something about vaginas.

    The organization, Clitoraid

    Clitoraid, it's like pussy in a bottle!

    1. I'm very much aware of the clitoris, thank you very much.

      1. Oh yeah?

        In what religion is the clitoris a central figure?

        1. Mormonism, duh.

          1. They do their libations with Clitoraid.

        2. In what religion is the clitoris a central figure?

          That's easy; Shakti-centric Hinduism.

          NAMO NAMO,

            NUMA NUMA,

            Fixed it for you.

          2. Do I have to do everythingaround here?

    2. "This year, we'll celebrate the sexual pleasure of all women"

      I'm more than happy to assist.

    3. Clitoraid, For that deep down body thirst!

  16. Whoa. Gillespie just totally bummed me out.

    Did you guys see Dunphy & The Get Along Gang?

    I hope he got a good workout beating some pinko commies.

    1. That link doesn't work for me.

    2. Which one is Dunphy?

      1. He's gotta be one of the huge super-jacked guys, right?

      2. My guess is the incredibly short white cop talking into his radio in the middle of the first picture that comes up.

      3. My guess is the incredibly short white cop talking into his radio in the middle of the first picture that comes up.

  17. Oxbow 30-1

    Revolutionary 8-1

    Golden Soul 30-1

    Normandy Invasion 8-1

    Mylute 20-1

    Giant Finish 50-1

    Goldencents 8-1

    Overanalyze 15-1

    Palace Malice 30-1

    Lines of Battle 30-1

    Itsmyluckyday 12-1

    Falling Sky 50-1

    Verrazano 6-1

    Charming Kitten 30-1

    Orb 5-1

    Will Take Charge 20-1

    Frac Daddy 30-1

    Java's War 15-1

    Vyjack 15-1

    Fear the Kitten SCR

    Place your bet, Assholes! (not a horse)

    1. This is what happens when Mom forgets to refill your medication capsules.

    2. You know who else bet against Normandy Invasion?

  18. This just in: Bloggers at Think Progress discover that women attend gun shows.

    Bonus points for white liberal men hardcore collectivizing women and claiming that the only way for the NRA to attract the ladies is to moderate its position on guns. If they did that, I'm pretty sure they'd piss off the Nicoles of the world without attracting any new gun buyers.

    1. For a side concerned about "equality" they sure hate a tool which takes away the male physical advantage over women.

      It seems both major parties are anti-science.

      1. 43% of women have a gun in the house and 23% own a gun personally.

        I'm shocked that 1/4th of all women own a gun when the NRA is so immoderate on its gun control position! Don't they know that women are delicate flowers who weep in fear at the sight of a firearm?

      2. "The firearm is an equalizer. The firearm is civilization."

        1. Is an armed society a more polite society?

          1. Absolutely. I can attest to that personally.

          2. When everyone owns a gun, people tend to avoid confrontation.

                1. That made a fascinating read. Thank you for sharing.

    2. Fuck moderation, there is no fucking moderation. When you believe in a natural unalienable right, there's no damn compromise.

      I've said it many times, and am saying it again, there is no fucking compromise with the left. Because fuck them, that's why.
      I know several women who like guns. My wife is still a little scared of them, but she's from a country with very little rights as far as that is concerned, so it's just a little culture shock for her. She's starting to get used to it.

      1. I don't understand why the NRA is not lobbying to have the 1934 National Firearms Act overturned. Automatic weapons deserve the same protection other arms enjoy.

        1. I concur. The NRA's good, but I wish they'd go full-on against statutory hoplophobia.

        2. Banning automatic weapons makes absolutely no sense since they aren't actually more dangerous than semi-automatic weapons. They can fire faster, but they're harder to aim when you're firing full auto, so it isn't like it's more dangerous to anyone.

          1. And even if they are, there's no justification for banning them. I sense Shrike is being facetious here. He's a hoplophobe at heart.

            1. No, I am being truthful. I also recognize that the NRA is mostly a political organization just like the AARP is. Both lobbyists care more about political machinations than they do about their respective planks.

        3. Oh, I dunno, maybe they have more important things to do. Derp.

      2. I'll admit that at first I agreed with some other commenters here: "hey, let's just agree to be reasonable and end the debate, we'll be fine" but now I'm not so sure. Gun control is a valuable issue to progressives.

        Personally, I want a right to own a firearm for defense as long as my body is susceptible to damage from penetrating injuries.

        1. Gun control is a valuable issue to progressives.

          And we care about that, because why?

          1. You misunderstand. I stated that to imply there is no "final compromise", iow they will not care if I agree to Manchin-Toomey, in the near future more concessions will be demanded.

            1. Yes. Progressives legitimately want a gun ban. They just know that they'd be butchered if they actually tried for one, so they try to do it piecemeal.

              This isn't some conspiracy. Most hardcore progressives who aren't in congress will admit that they want guns gone. Feinstein and Obama have both expressed pro-ban sentiments in the past.


              35. Do you support state legislation to:
              a. ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns? Yes.
              b. ban assault weaPons? Yes.
              c. mandatory waiting periods and background checks? Yes.

              1. Yes, but progressives only make up 20% of people who vote (D).

                Obama is no progressive. Go over to a prog board like FireDogLake if you can stand it. They hate Obama. And since he offered up SS cuts in his recent budget they want him impeached.

                1. Good point. I agree with you.

                2. I agree. I have actually heard people say they don't like Obama because he has not been progressive enough..

                3. Obama is no progressive. Go over to a prog board like FireDogLake if you can stand it. They hate Obama.

                  Yet I'm sure that they voted for him in droves. When these so-called principled progressives stop voting for Democrats, I'll believe that they are principled. Until then, they can go fuck themselves.

              2. Remind me of how safe Chicago is again.

            2. Sorry. I agree with you.

              Because you cannot possibly have a progressive utopia without the a strong centralized and oppressive government to force it upon everyone, since most do not want it.

              1. Which is impossible if the citizens are heavily enough armed to be a strong deterrent to the state becoming too tyrannical.

              2. I was only born in '81 but I assumed from my reading that a similar model was tried and failed spectacularly in many areas. I believe it was called the USSR?

                Oh, it will be different this time?

                1. Well, apparently the progs believe that model will indeed work, as soon as the right people are in charge of it, which would be... them.

                2. I kind of wonder how many other self-identified "progressives" think as Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry in regards to children belonging to "all of us" and the level of collectivism that suggests. Even the Soviet Union expected children to be raised by their parents, and it's common knowledge how bad Chinese orphanages are, so that state hasn't attempted any such thing, either. Correct me if I'm wrong, but has any regime even entertained the idea since ancient Sparta?

        2. Gun control is a fucking deadass losing issue to Democrats. That issue alone cost Gore the 2000 election.

          It is like contraception is to the wingnuts. Just shove a microphone in their face and watch them self-destruct.

          1. Gun control:Dems::Contraception:Repubs ?

            Watching C-SPAN sometimes...makes my palm sore. Giggity.

        3. I actually read one of the funniest comments ever on a site last night... don't remember because it was late, about the gun control debate. One self described liberal posted something to the effect of:

          Fellow liberals, just listen to me, just let these crazies have their damn guns already, so they'll calm the fuck down! They're crazy, just leave them alone before they really start this revolution that they are always talking about.

          LOL. I am glad at least one of them got the message.

          1. If and when it ever comes, I'm glad that my side has teh guns.

            1. That honestly might be part of the reason progs are so anti-gun. They realize that their glorious utopia will always be in danger if people who hate the things they want to do are able to fight back. This is especially true since the ones with all the firearms are not progressives.

              1. I think they came up with a solution for that. They want the government to strategically stockpile firearms in secret places, just for them, so that when the revolution breaks out, they can go go the secret hiding places, and get the scary guns, which they have never used before, and quickly defeat the teabagging rednecks.

                Somehow, I think that strategy is not going to work out as planned for them, in reality.

      3. Get her the Hello Kitty AR-15. She'll be saying the Rifleman's Creed before bed every night.

        1. I have this decal on the back of my car.

            1. Ooh me want, me want!

  19. Dumbest fucker in Congress, Louie Gohmert, falls for the Fox News lie about the US military court martialing Christians en' masse.

    1. Dumbest in congress? That a multiple party award.

      1. Gohmert
        Maxine Waters
        Virginia Fox
        Sheila Jackson-Lee
        Michele Bachmann

        That is a bunch of stupid in that pile.

        1. Just list the ones that aren't dumb, it's a quick job.

        2. Here in Denver is the Rep. who made a comment about high capacity magazines going away if they halt manufacturing because they're only good for one use.

          My brother said there was a defense lobbyist on one of the political comedy shows who wasn't aware of military hardware the US sold to Saudi Arabia. How scary is that? The stupid may be endemic. Or epidemic. Whatever.

          1. Jesus, Degette? She is so fucking stupid that she has turned Denver into a black hole, pulling more stupid towards herself.

            1. Yes! How am I supposed to respect an elected official that's so clueless?

              I'm not giving up on this state yet.

    2. I like that you post something from Little Green Footballs. So anything from Beck or Breitbart is untrustworthy regardless of any evidence they provide or sources they site, but Little Green Footballs and Media Matters are fonts of truth and wisdom.

      Obviously this story is bullshit, so LGF is right in this case, but it occurs to me that you have a bit of a double standard in regards to 'trustworthy sources.'

      I'd also like to point out that left-wing atheists are equally stupid over this issue, since Mikey Weinstein claimed atheists are 'spiritually raped' by Christians in the military. This is a case where everyone's a dipshit, yet you only target one side. Interesting, that.

      1. Oh, I would not accept LGF as a legit factual source. Nor would I accept Huffpo.

        In fact, Media Matters sources every lie the Wingnuttery tells against a reliable origin.

        They will say

        1-Fat Rush said "xyz"
        2- here is video of him saying "xyz"
        3- Washington Post says "not xyz"

        They always link to a legit origin.

        1. Please hurry up and tell us how much worse Bush was than Obama. Just get it over with.

        2. And yet they're consistently wrong and the sources they link to are often biased and disreputable left-wing sources. When you're trying to attack a disreputable right wing source and your response is 'nu uh, look at what Ezra Klein said!' all you've done is further muddied the waters by throwing a shithead leftist argument against a shit head right-wing argument.

          That's not even getting into ridiculous articles like this.

          Their argument in that article is that HORRIBLE FOX NEWS bungled the labor force participation rate because offhand he said 'with 63% participation, that means there are 37% that could be working!'

          Media Matters then claims that this is horrible, evil Fox news bias because retirees are included in that 37%! Therefore they couldn't ALL be working!

          It's just week sauce bullshit meant to skewer opponents even when they haven't actually said anything incorrect.

        3. I've got a legit organ.

    3. Snopes

      Read the last paragraph.

      Which part do you take issue with?

      1. How did I luck out and get put with what must be the most pagan, blasphemous, heathen company of Marines on the west coast?

        We laughed at Staff Sgt when he babbled about atheists in foxholes and said we would pray to our dark father Satan. We were more concerned with drinking and whoring than our immortal souls.

        When your chances of involuntarily seeing an alleged afterlife are that high, you may tend to appreciate the present moment a little more.

  20. Since it's the Kentucky Derby and the track is muddy.

      1. I would have too, but not because of the mud, but because one of the horses was born and trained just a few miles from my house. I pass by it everyday.

        That horse's odds were 30:1 BTW.

        1. Frac Daddy was from Montana (Billings). Was all the buzz here today. 23:1 Came in 16th.

          Gotta love the name!

  21. Can anyone, at this point, beat Dr. Steelhammer?

    1. SF'd the link, dude.

        1. Hot damn, those lucky Montrealers.

        2. Nice. What kind of monster doesn't like a natural redheaded girl?

          1. Man, I feel like I am among kindred spirits here. Redheads seem to be very popular on H&R.

            Well played, gentlemen.

                1. Cintia Dicker? That's just asking to be made fun of.

              1. eat more Wendy's.

                dunno man, that's a big ask.

                1. I think Wendy's has the best value menu in the fast food business.

            1. Mmmmmmmmm....Rose Leslie.

              1. Rose Leslie is beautiful, but I'm not so sure the carpet matches the drapes.

                1. Red eyebrows. Dead giveaway. Most chicks won't or cannot keep up with dying eyebrows as they grow so fast.

                  There are pics of her where she's not made up and you can see her freckles.

                  After watching Thrones season 2 finale last night, I informed my wife I have an addition to my celebrity waiver list.

                  1. Red eyebrows. Dead giveaway. Most chicks won't or cannot keep up with dying eyebrows as they grow so fast.

                    Wow, I never thought of that. I swear I learn more useful things on this blog than I do at school.

                    After watching Thrones season 2 finale last night, I informed my wife I have an addition to my celebrity waiver list.

                    You aren't on season 3 yet? She did a nude scene in a recent episode.

                    1. You aren't on season 3 yet?

                      Started late. Trying to catch up. If you google her there is an image of her nude, so I figured she got neked.

                      Don't tell me if this has been revealed as either true or false already, but my wife made a huge prediction yesterday.

                      Jon Snow is the Robert's kid with Ned's sister. Based on Kate's reaction to Jamie's asking her how she felt when Ned brought home a bastard child. She didn't react right. Also, in season 1, Ned told Jon that he would someday tell him of his mother....

                      Rightful heir to the throne?

                    2. *taps nose*

                    3. I'm not a book reader so I'm unspoiled in that regard, but my speculation is that Jon Snow is the son of Rheagar Targaryen (son of the Mad King slain by Robert in the rebellion) and Ned's sister Lyanna.

                      Thus Jon Snow is the titular "Song of Ice and Fire".

                    4. That works too.

                    5. My guess was that Jon Snow was Robert Baratheon's oldest child that is supposedly dead.

                    6. Too skinny.

                      When you can see each vertebrae and could use her ribs as a xylophone, you're too fucking thin.

                      Chick is pretty as all getout, but she needs a few cheeseburgers.

                    7. She's 26. By the time she's 35, she won't need cheeseburgers.

                      I'd be willing to let her grow into my perfect weight.

                    8. " all getout..."

                      How old are you?

                    9. How can you call yourself a serious man when you didnt even know that the eyebrows match the pubes?


                2. You know nothing, Jon Snow.

                3. If the carpet don't match, it's not a real redhead. It really sucks when you think you're gonna do a hot redhead and she has a black carpet. Grrr, I got ripped off, again!

            2. You guys aren't really going to make me tell my story about my first redhead conquest when I was 15, are you?

              I used to be obsessed with those gingers, but I got over it when I became obsessed with all the different flavors of wiminz.

              1. You have had a lot more sex than me, and would even if we did an age by age comparison, Hyperion. Then again, I wasn't hitched at 22, so... I win, I suppose.

                1. Someone needs to make a buddy cop movie involving Hyperion and HM. Their lives don't even sound real.

                  1. It's real dude. I've not led a sheltered life. I don't really need to make up stuff, since I've lived through so much crazy shit. And I'm fucking serious. I've been through some shit that you only think happens on movie scripts, and I don't mean nailing milfs.

                    I wasn't even aware that HM had lived a soap opera disaster flick like me.

                    1. I wasn't even aware that HM had lived a soap opera disaster flick like me.

                      Maybe Irish is referring to my travels hither and yon?

                2. Dude, I was a total man whore, it's not really anything that I'm proud of.

                  I used to be, but I screwed up a couple of really good relationships and suffered because of it. But in the end, I got lucky and am not pressing my luck anymore.

                  I still like to look though, like everyone.

                  Not getting hitched at all, or being able to do it only one time, would definitely make you the winner.

                  1. Oh, you were my roommate Jon from college.

                    All makes sense now.

              2. I think my preference is still towards brunettes, but I don't discriminate. Face, body, and personality are more important.

                I'll tell you about this one girl I know: she's got the body of a swimsuit model but one of the most bizarre looking horse faces I've ever seen on a person (in addition to bad teeth). She's a total sweetheart, but it's just a pity that her face is like that.

                1. I'm with you on dark hair. Definitely my favorite. My wife's hair is jet black. I love that. Not a fan of blondes at all, never have been.

                  1. I'm happy to say that in my travels, I've nailed a natural redhead and a natural blond, who are rarer than an honest politician in these parts.

                    Sadly, though, not at the same time.

                  2. I'm with you on dark hair. Definitely my favorite. My wife's hair is jet black. I love that.

                    Same here. Unfortunately the wife-unit has ruined The Boy on brunettes, which I feared would be the case. He has an eye for the towheads.

                2. body of a swimsuit model but one of the most bizarre looking horse faces I've ever seen


                  ...the invention of pillows.

                  1. Or paper bags. Two of them.

            3. Y'all are killing me. I have an iron will, unless you wave a redhead in front of my nose. Then I melt.

              Cut that shit out.

          2. Take my ex-wife. Please. Collars and cuffs, all-red guaranteed. If she can hook a man who can overlook that she's batshit crazy, I can stop paying alimony. Email me, I'll set you up. Anyone. Please.

  22. "the future president "had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted 'Intercepted!,' and took an extra hit.""

    Certainly explains his economic policies.

  23. I showed some young adults the Key & Peele skit that makes fun of the president smoking marijuana in college. All except two laughed without even commenting on the hypocrisy. It was discouraging.

  24. Good day for law enforcement.
    An Issaquah homeowner ENFORCES THE LAW (tm)...

    The homeowner, a 56-year-old man, shot the suspect, a 25-year-old Tacoma man, after the man broke into the home in the 18500 block of Northwest Montreux Drive.

    The homeowner was inside the home when he heard somebody ringing the doorbell. He looked outside and, because he did not recognize the man at the door, ignored the doorbell.

    A few moments later, the suspect threw an object through a glass front door to enter the home. The homeowner heard a loud crash and saw that the suspect had come inside.

    The men struggled, and the homeowner fired two shots from his handgun, striking the suspect once in the shoulder.

    He was speaking with Issaquah Police while they conduct their investigation.

  25. um,????




    Seriously? It amazes me (and this is not the first call of this ilk we have had) that people (and it's almost always a female RP) think that the police are going to take enforcement action in the great state of WA against a woman for doing a car wash or serving coffee in gstring bikini getup etc. I had on the other day with just pasties. Totally kosher. These are the freedoms THEY HATE US FOR

    (no, not al qaeda. Middle aged soccer moms with floppy boobs and big fups)



      1. Most awesome goldie.

    2. I'd definitly do a rigorous investigation.

  26. So, how much do I get to judge my now ex for breaking up with me over the phone when we live in the same city? Pretty hard, right?

    1. Sorry man, that sucks. I think if you've been together a while she should have done it in person.

      1. Two months? Not super long, but still sort of shitty. Sorry, today she sent me the whole, "Actually, let's not stay friends. I think we shouldn't be in each other's lives really" email.

        I mean, probably bullet dodged, but it doesn't feel that way at first. And it is the first sort of bad break up I've ever had- all the others were pretty mutual and amicable.

        1. Definite bullet dodged. Sorry to hear that man, I know what it's like, but you're better off.

          I used to get myself too hurt over that crap too many times. Not saying that it was never my fault, probably was more often that not, but that's not any consolation. Ending relationships that you spent time and real effort on, always sucks.

          Just move on, there are too any women out there, so get on your kid in a candy store hat and go fishin.

          1. "... get on your kid in a candy store hat and go fishin."

            Here here.

            Sorry to hear what happened Goldwater. Hyperion is right though, that will take the edge off.

            1. Yep, female company is the only thing that will make you feel better. Having friends around you consoling you will only annoy you and make it worse. Just be careful about rebound relationships.

    2. Call up Shriek and go horse-fucking. He knows all the best places.

    3. So, how much do I get to judge my now ex for breaking up with me over the phone when we live in the same city? Pretty hard, right?

      Don't judge. Just try and let it go. Breaking up is hard, and not everyone can do it face to face. At least she TOLD you, instead of the Not Answering Most Emails And Making You Guess Its Over thing that I once had to get thru.

      Find some breakup pussy, and then find a new GF when you're ready for a relationship. And try not to hate her.

      1. You should listen to prole. He's pre-med.

        1. Thought he was pre-law?

    4. Write a song about her and you can wind up as rich as Taylor Swift.

  27. Orb wins the Ky Derby!

    1. Well that was totally worth three hours of pre-race coverage.

      But seriously I do watch the Triple Crown races every year in memory of my grandpa who introduced me to horse racing and took me to Santa Anita when I was a kid.

      1. Degenerate grandpas are the best.

      2. 3 hours?

        Coverage started early this morning (or really, sometime yesterday).

      3. I had an uncle who liked to go to the Off-Track Betting parlor.

  28. "had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted 'Intercepted!,' and took an extra hit."

    So, kids, when some dipshit steals your fucking drugs and acts like it's a hilarious joke, beat the fucking shit out of him so badly that he never thinks of doing something like that ever again. You just might save your country from another asshole like this.

    1. You ended up saying exactly what I was thinking before I even read your entire post.

      If just one of those smokers who he cut of in traffic, would have knocked the shit out of him, maybe we all would have been spared from his narcissism. Let this be a lesson for all future pot smokers. Anyone cuts in line for a toke gets a beat down.

      1. C'mon man, it takes too much effort. The last thing most people want to do when baked is get involved in a physical altercation.

        So see, his narcissistic asshole ways were enabled by environmental factors near impossible to get rid of.

        Kinda like the lucky viruses and bacteria that have evolved into STIs.

    2. Verily he hath spoken the truth -- for there is no Buddha but Aqua Buddha, and Warty is his messenger.

      1. Warty is Rand Pauls messenger?

        Then... what is the message?

    3. You go to jail for assaulting an officer.

  29. Big GOP lie debunked last night on Bill Maher's Real Time.

    The lie is that no spending cuts are ever "real". But Clinton actually cut spending $500 billion (10 years) in 1993 without a single GOP vote in favor of.

    Good vid - the short one.

    1. You follow the best of Old School Hip-Hop with this shit?

      Fuck you.

    2. Good for Bill Clinton. I guess this also disproves the Democrat lie that we can never cut any spending lest the economy explode.

      It's just lies all the way down, isn't it?

      1. No. We have a history that shows that Reagan and the sensible Bush would raise taxes to avoid huge deficits. Clinton did this too.

        Then the body politic went nuts when Bush the Lesser seized power. He went on a spending rampage and tax cutting binge that will take decades to recover from.

        1. when Bush the Lesser seized power


    3. Re: Palin's Buttwipe,

      The lie is that no spending cuts are ever "real". But Clinton actually cut spending $500 billion (10 years) in 1993 without a single GOP vote in favor of [sic].

      Debunked? Hardly - the complain is not that cuts cannot be, ever, "real", but that Obama's "cuts" are not real by any reasonable reading of the word. What the Republicans did not agree to were the tax hikes contained in Clinton's 1993 budget. Instead, the Democrats were ambivalent about the budget "cuts" because they wanted Clinton to "stimulate" the economy.

      Besides, this is not news by any standards; in an op-ed by Lanny Davies in foxnews (fox-fucking-news!) back in Sept 5 2012, the writer mentions the $500 billion of Clinton's spending cuts as an example to follow, so it is not like Republicans ignored that legacy, rather asking Obama to take that lesson at heart rather than insisting on more deficit spending to "stimulate" the economy and tax hikes for the rich to pay for the new spending.

    4. I stopped watching Real Time (still enjoy VICE though) when Maher explained why he doesn't mind paying taxes - he would rather do that than have to step over lepers in the street or see skeletons shitting in a river - as if these things were a regular occurrence before the advent of the contemporary tax code. Hell, have they ever occurred in the US, period?

  30. If you think Wendy`s story is great,, 4 weeks ago my girlfriend's half brother basically also broght in $7415 just sitting there 10 hours a week from there apartment and there classmate's sister-in-law`s neighbour did this for six months and easily made more than $7415 in there spare time at their pc. applie the instructions from this website... http://WWW.DAZ7.COM

    1. But is she a ginger?

    2. girlfriend's half brother? sister-in-law's neighbor?

      I think this fucking bot is trolling us.

    3. So much for my shout-out to Mike.

      1. WomSom got one in after your shoutout anyway.

  31. Quasi-OT, but still related to the Drug War: Pimp Daddy Karzai Tell U.S. "Go Out There and Suck Dick for My Money, Ho!"

    He then gave a collective pimp slap to the 300 million + population of the United States.

  32. 'Cum stains on the pillow' - a great C&W song by David Allan Coe.

  33. So, Keynes wasn't wrong because he was a nitwit. It's 'cause he was gay:
    "Harvard Professor apologizes for Keynes comments"
    ..."saying economist John Maynard Keynes didn't care about the future because he was gay and had no children."...
    There's no lack of reasons to despise the twit, but that *ain't* one of them.

    Read more:

    1. Hahaha. Of course it was Niall Ferguson. That guy is incapable of keeping his mouth shut.

      1. Ferguson's obsequious apology sickens. He should have stuck to his guns as Hans-Hermann Hoppe did.

        1. Not gonna go with this.
          You could posit that not having kids might have an effect, but that /= being gay. And then it's nothing other than a guess.
          What's more is that making such a claim is a lightning rod; why in hell would you do so absent any evidence that people without kids and/or gays theorize differently than the others?
          Econ is scant of evidence in most all theories; don't bother inventing a new one that could never be shown.

          1. I'm not saying that Ferguson is necessarily correct, but half of the outrage I'm reading in the pundit-o-sphere is stemming from the fact that anyone who dare blaspheme St. Keynes.

            Besides, as Hoppe argued, he wasn't making a universal claim about all gay men, but that a particular gay man, Lord Keynes, was a selfish prick.

            1. *who=would

            2. I wonder if people think I'm selfish because I don't really care if in a generation the country is wall to wall Mexicans, or how much of that is informed by the fact that I'm 30, and haven't had any relationships that I'd even vaguely consider raising a child in.

              American would plotz if he knew how little I was worried about the preservation of my race.

              1. Even if you planned on raising a kid in the future, what's the big deal if he has some Mexican friends?

                1. what's the big deal if he has some Mexican friends?

                  I don't have a problem with it, but I think everyone should be learning Spanish as a second language in CA anyway, unless you're in Orange County in which case you should throw a dart at a board of Asian languages and learn that. I just know a surprising number of people who are obsessed with the idea that they will be out-bred and some future CA will look like Mexico.

                  Because of my milieu I've come to believe it odd that I don't really give a shit what form the future takes, provided I've done what I can to leave it no worse than the way I found it.

                  1. I don't really give a shit what form the future takes, provided I've done what I can to leave it no worse than the way I found it.

                    Well, you don't want to make it worse, so that's an interest in the future. Indeed, that's all we really can do.

            3. Besides, as Hoppe argued, he wasn't making a universal claim about all gay men, but that a particular gay man, Lord Keynes, was a selfish prick.

              That's not even really true. He wasn't saying that Keynes was a selfish prick, just that Keynes cared less about the future because he had no children due to being a homosexual.

              Regardless, there's no evidence of that argument. You shouldn't make bizarre claims about the reasons a person thought something if you can't prove your point. 'He's gay, therefore he cared less about the future' does not exactly meet the burden of proof.

              1. By "he" whom are you referring to, Ferguson or Hoppe? I was talking about Hoppe, myself.

                1. Both, actually. Hoppe didn't argue Keynes was a selfish prick either. From his article:

                  In March of 2004, during a 75-minute lecture in my Money and Banking class on time preference, interest, and capital, I presented numerous examples designed to illustrate the concept of time preference (or in the terminology of the sociologist Edward Banfield of "present- and future-orientation"). As one brief example, I referred to homosexuals as a group which, because they typically do not have children, tend to have a higher degree of time preference and are more present-oriented.

                  This isn't an issue of selfishness, it's an issue of time preferences. Ferguson's argument was similar. Their claim is that he was gay and had no children, which meant he cared less about the future after his death, and was therefore willing to sacrifice future welfare for present welfare.

                  I don't buy the argument because they offer minimal proof for it. But the argument had nothing to do with selfishness.

                  1. In your quote, you left out the end of the paragraph:

                    I also noted--as have many other scholars--that J.M Keynes, whose economic theories were the subject of some upcoming lectures, had been a homosexual and that this might be useful to know when considering his short-run economic policy recommendation and his famous dictum "in the long run we are all dead."

                    I don't think we have to guess what an Austrian economist thinks about Keynes's economic policies. But what I think is the hidden truth behind Ferguson's and Hoppe's observations is that Keynes didn't come to his conclusions about spending and saving because he was childless, but because he was self-involved. Keynes's personal situation was that of a gay man without children, and thinking from only his point of view, he constructed a certain economic paradigm. If he had 10 children, it is possible that he would have just as easily advocated for a reverse Social Security system or something. Or perhaps he wouldn't have, as there are many parents who only give a shit about themselves.

                    As for Hoppe, he might have given proof but just didn't go over it in his article. We do know that different cultures do have different time-orientations (chronemics); perhaps he is correct in asserting that gay culture is a strongly present-orientated culture. I don't know. I think it would be a fascinating topic to explore.

  34. Praise the Lord and Pass the Bong - We are winning the War on Drugs!

  35. Hit 2 winners, netted $2 exactly, drank a lot of free booze (admittedly, a lot of it provided by myself).

    It was a good day.

    If the Derby didnt exist, what would I do with those 2 minutes every year?

  36. Sounds like some serious smack to me dude. Wow.

  37. This isn't Boxing, Showtime, it's a promo for your shows.

  38. I have an important announcement today: I engaged to Warty, my mom, his mom, Steve Smith, American's fuck cows, Betty White and of course Art Modell's corpse.

    SugarFree will provide the catering which will include Deep Dish Pizza. The location will be in the new tax payer arena for the new SuperSonics. I paid for that shit and I'm going to fucking enjoy it!

    1. always a bridesmaid, never a bride 🙁

      1. You turned me down bitch. At least you gave good head.

    2. Aw thanks my love. Will reason be posting our kiss one of its gay marriage posts? I most hope so. The Wedding will be FABULOUS!

    3. Big Arena means lots of people to RAPE!

      1. you twisted my arm. i'll be ther.

      2. Lots of bleefers to be killed by me for having icky bleefs.

        1. beliebers?

          1. Don't forget the PSYcotics.

            1. oooh.
              Can you do Sloopy and Dunphy next!

              1. Sloopy is a Californian so it's not like there is much of a point. And Dunphy well the donuts will get him.

                PS: CHRISTFAG! BOOOOSH!!

                1. can you mock me?

                  1. I can't because the libertarian KOCH-sucking CITY STATIST cops won't allow me to be free to gambol about on tree and plain.

                    1. the libertarian bigorati think there is a problem with cops not allowing mary stack to gambol about on tree and plain? screw them.

                    2. What would Tulpa do!

                  2. I KEEL YU! I BREAK EVARY BONE IN YUH BODY!

                    1. is no one safe from your rapier wit?

                    2. YUH TEARIN ME APAHT FAKE MARY!

                      Do you understand life? Do you?

                    3. is no one safe from your rapier wit?

                    4. Sarcasm. How Original.

                    5. DAHNT TACH ME MUTHAFUCKER!

                    6. What the fuck is going on down here?

                    7. What the fuck is going on down here?

                      The AgriCULTural City-STATE KOCH-suckers at reason are cops that won't allow me to gambol about on tree and plain.

                    8. START YER OWN BLOG

    1. The entities he singled out for careful examination in search of budgetary economies were Canada Post, Via Rail and the CBC.

      I haven't ridden a Canadian train yet...Wait that sounds dirtier than intended.

      Seriously though. Y'all can't kill your rail service before I take a ridiculous cross-country train trip through the great white north.

      1. What does mb stand for? I keep thinking that it stands for Manitoba.

        1. I did too at first!
          did you know there was a Gladstone, Manitoba?

          1. Yes I did.

        2. What does mb stand for?

          It stands for "Muslim Brotherhood".

          Be wary.

          1. Can't Tell if Serious.

            1. Yeah, Jesse's the first gay member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

              They're trying to become a bit more cosmopolitan.

              1. What makes you so sure they are all straight?

              2. No, I'm guessing their first gay member would have been the first member overall, Sayyid Qutb, who never married as he claimed he couldn't find a woman who was pious enough for his standards.

                Actually, the more you read about Sayyid Qutb and his views, the more he sounds like the brown version of "American".

                1. The American is primitive in his artistic taste, both in what he enjoys as art and in his own artistic works. "Jazz" music is his music of choice. This is that music that the Negroes invented to satisfy their primitive inclinations, as well as their desire to be noisy on the one hand and to excite bestial tendencies on the other. The American's intoxication in "jazz" music does not reach its full completion until the music is accompanied by singing that is just as coarse and obnoxious as the music itself. Meanwhile, the noise of the instruments and the voices mounts, and it rings in the ears to an unbearable degree? The agitation of the multitude increases, and the voices of approval mount, and their palms ring out in vehement, continuous applause that all but deafens the ears.

                  My God, you're right. He's Muslimerican!

                  1. So will Qutb be writing for

                    1. So will Qutb be writing for


                  2. You missed this part:

                    the American girl is well acquainted with her body's seductive capacity. She knows it lies in the face, and in expressive eyes, and thirsty lips. She knows seductiveness lies in the round breasts, the full buttocks, and in the shapely thighs, sleek legs?and she shows all this and does not hide it.


                    1. If a man can't control himself around a woman, IT'S THE WHORE'S FAULT!

                      Yup, it's our resident racist scumbag.

                    2. Not gay.

                      The only thing that's more embarrassing than a gay guy ashamed of his sexuality is a straight guy ashamed of his sexuality.

                    3. Clearly not gay. That whole paragraph just oozes religious sexual repression, but the straight kind.

                      If he were gay, he would have been talking about those goddamn American men, always flaunting their abs and getting sweaty while lifting weights in service to their vanity.

                    4. If he were gay, he would have been talking about those goddamn American men, always flaunting their abs and getting sweaty while lifting weights in service to their vanity.

                      He does spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the "brutality" of wrestling and boxing.

                    5. I did like me some UFC when I was a lad.

                    6. Did you like "boys with "wide, strapping chest[s]" and "ox muscles""?

                      The phrase "ox muscles" is hilariously awesome, by the way.

                    7. I'm not opposed to strapping chests. I'd need examples of what he means by "ox muscles"

                      This would be a no.

                      This would be a maybe.

                    8. Why do people do horrible things to themselves?

                    9. You're posting on H&R. Shouldn't you already have the answer to that question?

                    10. Could have been bi.

                      Jus' sayin'

        3. Manhattan Beach, it's a suburb of Los Angeles.

          1. My friends cousin lives in La Mirada (we met at his wedding). She's smokin', but the age difference is a bit of a challenge.

            1. My sister went to Biola (bible institute of LA) out in La Mirada. I know the town well.

              I actually went to school fairly near there too, but I went post-Quaker instead of generic evangelical

              1. what year? I bet they know each other.

                1. I guess she would've been there 2002-2006.

                  1. There may be some overlap. Crazy!

                    1. It's a small world!

                      I've been surprised by the loose connections I have with people here. Hugh and I were at the same school at about the same time. 'a better weapon' and I overlapped by a year. Playa Manhattan lives extremely close to me if not in the same neighborhood.

                    2. Everyone on the planet is 6 degrees of separation apart.

                    3. I don't know how I feel about the 6 degrees of separation theory.

      2. Y'all can't kill your rail service before I take a ridiculous cross-country train trip through the great white north.

        One day, I want to ride the Trans-Siberian Railway for that exact reason. You can ride that fucker from Moscow to Mongolia and then catch a connecting train to Beijing.

        That sounds awesome to me. It costs like $800 and takes over a week, but I feel like it would be a hell of an experience. I could get some reading done.

        1. I want to fly fish for Taiman in Mongolia. 50 lb fish on a dry fly.

          Big Salminid!

          1. *salmonid

          2. FUCK!


      3. I want to take the trip to Jasper.

        1. TX?

          1. Alberta.

            1. Wow! I thought wanting to go to Texas was fucked up.

              1. Dunno, Jasper is pretty sweet.

                1. Beautiful.

                  Looks like Montana. Why don't you come down to Montana where it's warm?

                  1. I'm not opposed to either.

                    1. Also, the Rockies in Alberta/BC are higher than the mountains in Montana.

  39. So Floyd "Money" Mayweather plays it safe and wins on decision. Glad I didn't waste 70 CANADIAN DOLLARS on this.

    1. Haven't you guys been at parity for quite a while?

      1. over, actually.

        1. Are your books still more expensive?

          If yes: haha, suckers!

          If no: oh good, I'm glad they fixed it. It was incredibly dumb the way they were managing that.

          1. tough to say. most books are listed with 2 prices, but sold at discount.

            1. So they've taken a dumb system and laid another layer of confusion over it instead of just selling them all at the US price?

              1. YUP!

      2. It's almost exactly parity. The ratio is 1 Canadian:0.99 American

    2. Could be worse. Your TV could be tuned to Foxy Knoxy's hagiobiopic.

  40. Anyone here play chess?
    How do you respond to insane moves?

    1. e4 e5
    2. a4 Nf6
    3. Ra3

    1. You check whether there is some trap, and then you accept the gift.

      3 ... Bxa3
      4. bxa3 a5

  41. While covering a May Day rally in Manhattan's Union Square on Wednesday, NBC New York reporter Ida Siegal was cornered and asked if her network planned to show the communist imagery the protesters were displaying. Hilarity ensued when Siegal immediately became defensive, denying she had seen any communist imagery and asking of the "Hammer-and-Sickle" flags: "What do they represent?"

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  43. Parochial school teacher fired for living with a same-sex partner files criminal complaint against Catholic diocese:

    "Tom Tootle, Hale's attorney, said he hand-delivered the complaint to the commission, and that the executive director of that commission said the next step is an investigation.

    ""If appropriate, they will charge the party responsible for terminating Ms. Hale with a first-degree misdemeanor," said Tootle."

    1. "The diocese has not responded to questions about the complaint filed, but has said all along that Hale was fired for a spousal relationship, which they believe is a distinction that could make the complaint a moot point. It means the church believes Hale was living out of wedlock regardless of whether her spouse is a man or woman."

      1. The Ohio Constitution has a clause which might protect the diocese:

        "? 15.11 Marriage Amendment

        "Only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this state and its political subdivisions. This state and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance or effect of marriage."


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