Catch Special Stossel Show on the Next Four Years with Nick Gillespie!


If you missed last night's Stossel show on Fox Business—dedicated to figuring out what the next four years under Barack Obama will look like and featuring yours truly talking drug policy—you can catch reruns over the weekend.

The episode will run on Fox News Channel on Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 10pm and 1am. And it will be rebroadcast on Fox Business on Saturday at 9pm and midnight, and again on Sunday at 9pm (all times Eastern). Other guests on the show include Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), economist Russ Roberts, Judge Andrew Napolitano, former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, and Ben Friedman and Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute.

Go here for more details and video clips.

And click here to watch last week's Stossel, which featured Matt Welch and me talking about how independents voted.