Nick Gillespie in CY Interview: Nothing Will Change if Your Vote for Smaller Government is Taken For Granted.


I was recently interviewed by Chris Yandek and Jay Bildstein for the podcast CY Interview about libertarianism, Election 2012, The Declaration of Independents, and just what those of us who want to actually cut the size, scope, and spending of government need to do when it comes to voting. Here's a snippet:

"Nothing will change among the plurality or majority of Americans who consistently say they want a government that spends less and does less, nothing will make that happen if your vote is constantly being taken for granted by the Republican Party or by conservatives.

Libertarians and actual small government people are constantly told that, 'You know what? Your ideas are great, we agree with them wholeheartedly.

[But] now is not the time to do this for X, Y or Z reason'…I think what small government [champions have] to do is stand up to the parties they believe in, that they belong to and say, 'You know what? The future starts yesterday and if you do not sign on to a limited government and a limited government spending plan, we're done. You're not getting our vote.' And that's the first and most important thing we can do."

More transcript here and full audio podcast (about 50 minutes).

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And you should be able to listen right here, right now by clicking below: