Police Abuse

Greek Protesters Join Cops to Beat Up on Immigrant


The Greeks may have hit the streets this January to riot against austerity the EU reality. So what if we're broke and out of money, the protesters seemed to say, we'll just break more stuff till we're not broke anymore. And while the demonstrations saw numerous clashes between riot police and rioting protesters, new video has emerged showing that even in its darkest moments, Greece's police officers could join hands with its protestors to beat up on immigrants. The video was apparently recorded on January 3, and the Athens PD is investigating:

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  1. So what if they’re broke and out of money, the protesters seemed to say, we’ll just break more stuff till we’re not broke anymore.

    Break enough windows and you’ll have a nation of fully employed glaziers.

    1. Krugman?

      Paul Krugman?

      Is that you?

  2. And the media still claims Golden Dawn is right-wing. Sure, they’re anti-austerity and want to nationalize more of the economy, but, uh, they’re racist, so…right wing!

    1. not an either/or. behold the RW popo AND the LW anarchists joing forces in a good old-fashioned darkie beat-down. extremists have moar in common w each other than the center.

      1. extremists have moar in common w each other than the center.

        This can’t be an original o3-thought, it’s far too insightful.

      2. It’s the line where Pat Buchannan meets Ralph Nader.

        Think free trade.

        1. And Israel. All nuts hate the Jews.

          1. What is Nader’s stance on immigration? I think that’s another issue where right meets left.

            1. I think he is anti. Most hard core enviros are.

            2. c.f. The Center for Immigration Studies guy. The man who thinks the greatest danger to America’s wilderness is illegal immigration.

  3. The dark night of fascism is forever falling on America and landing on Europe.

  4. It looks like the guy didn’t die. What are you freaking out over?

    1. You’ve got to be kidding.

  5. shitty economy?

    Blame the Jewsimmigrants!

    1. They blame the Jews too. There just weren’t any of them around to beat.

      And it is a bit more than ironic for one of the races considered to be lesser by the Germans are now Nazis.

  6. Title of the video in English for those (like me) not fluent in modern Greek (no jokes Saccharin Man).

    (?grios xylodarm?s metan?sti? ap? ti?n om?da dias?) – savage beating of immigrant group DIAS

    1. for those (like me) not fluent in modern Greek

      fuckin philistine

      1. Poshel na khui! đŸ™‚

    2. Then why didn’t they just title it with that?

      1. Gobbler. I heard you were dead.

  7. They couldn’t form a government, so they’re about to have another election to decide which anti-austerity party is going to run the country…

    The world’s investors won’t finance their government debt at workable rates anymore, so, what, they’re gonna cut up the paper and default?

    Okay, that’s one source of funding gone.

    So, where are you gonna get your funding now? Taxes?!

    Greek GDP fell 6.2% in the first quarter of this year. Raising taxes on that economy is like flogging a dying horse. Their economy is now in its 5th year of recession.


    So, they’re not gonna get enough money from taxes to keep spending at its current level.

    But that’s okay–because the Germans will give it to them! They’ve got plenty of money, right?

    Um, actually, Merkel’s party keeps losing every regional election–because of what’s she’s done for Greece, et. al. already–and that’s with all the austerity measures attached.

    If she wants to make absolutely sure that she loses her next election, then she should make sure to extend further funds to Greece.

    So, where does that leave the next Greek government?

    Right where they are right now.

    In the meantime, yeah, why not blame immigrants for their problems?

    It’s a good thing we here in the U.S. aren’t like that–that we don’t have a bunch of people running around trying to blame immigrants for how much our politicians spend.

    That would be embarrassing.

    1. And we would never have politicians and pundits who claim that spending money we don’t have is the only alternative. Now that would be embarrassing.

    2. Default or hyperinflation are givens aren’t they?

      But even after that don’t one of these two things have to happen:

      1) Parasites kill/drive away/destroy away the rest of the Producers?

      2) Producers completely subjugate/destroy/dominate the Parasites?

      Or am I underestimating the ability of the parasite class to eventually “get it”: There just ain’t no real money left, grandpa. Sorry you believed all that crap about unicorns and 20 hour work weeks for 20 years being good enough to live on forever.

      1. Hyperinflation is the same thing as default. And the parasites die when the host dies. It doesn’t really matter if the parasites get it or not. Eventually there just won’t be any more blood to suck. And frankly, the quicker Greece gets to that point, the better off they will be.

  8. What’s the big deal. That guy was totally resisting!

    1. Is dunphy using a pseudonym now?

  9. So how do you say “dey terk er jerbs” in Greek?

    There’s supposedly a plan in the works for the Germans to pay off the Greeks to get out of the Euro.

    1. Then the Greeks will be free to piss that money away and continue towards their rightful place as a failed state.

      1. Say what you will about the Greeks, but any ethnic group that can produce a Cat Cora has something going for it.

        1. They have a country full of beautiful women, great food, amazing scenery and even more amazing history. And they still managed to completely fuck it up.

          1. More like they decided to relax and enjoy it all full-time – instead of actually working 40 hours or so a week.

          2. I know. They’re practically the California of Europe.

        2. She’s a lesbian. Sorry.

    2. I tried to cut and paste the translation from google but appearantly our xenophobic HR overlords have a problem with non English script.

  10. bank run?

    According to the transcript, Greek depositors recently withdrew 700 million euros from the nation’s local banks, said President Karolos Papoulias, though the exact timing of the transfer was unclear.


  11. The guy must be guilty of something because no one in their right mind would emigrate to Greece to build a better life. Germany, maybe, but Greece?

    1. You obviously have never been to most of the Levant and other places like Moldavia. And the Germans are better at shutting off their boarders.

      1. No, Germany is allowed to send immigrants back to Greece as that is the first point of entry to the EU for many of them.

      2. It was a joke, but it is sad that there are places that make Greece look like an attractive option.

  12. I see the problem. They hired Cylons (original series) for cops. What did they think would happen?

    1. Well, I laughed.

  13. How fitting that the EU is also the cause for much of the illegal immigrants in Greece as well.

  14. They did invent the word “xenophobe” right?

    1. They invented a lot of shit a couple of thousand years ago when they were still a vigorous race.

  15. Were any of those ‘lefty protesters’ undercover cops?

    In 1987, I was at an anarchist rally (takin’ pitchers) and walkin’ with the crowd and when tha shit hit the fan all these ‘anarchists’ whipped off their bandanas, pulled out their pieces and started slappin’ cuffs on everyone!

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