Newly-Released Surveillance Video Shows Police Officers Brutally Beating, Suffocating, and Tasing Kelly Thomas to Death


Via Carlos Miller at Photography is Not a Crime comes the news that the Orange County DA finally released security footage of the brutal beating death of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas, a homeless man from Fullerton, California.

Two police officers, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, are now on trial for the killing of Thomas, who suffered from schizophrenia. Cops used their fists and batons to beat Thomas. They Tasered him multiple times. Cause of death was apparently "mechanical suppression of the thorax." 

Besides eventually screaming for his father, a former police officer himself, Thomas also repeatedly yells that he can't breathe in the video below.

Altercation starts at about 15 minutes in. Watch with extreme caution. It's the last conscious minutes of a man's life and it defies description.

Reason has previously covered this case, including Reason.tv on how cameras played a vital role in making sure Thomas' death was not ignored.

[Addendum] Added a few more details, some word changes.

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  1. Of course. A bunch of fat fucks with a badge kicking the shit out of an emaciated homeless man. Hope they get raped in prison, oh wait..

    1. So while Thomas is screaming “I can’t breathe,” Fat fuck #2 says something along the lines of “It’s because you’re resisting. Relax.” No, you lard ass lazy piece of fuck. It’s because a 300 lb. retarded man is on top of him. Jesus..

      1. The first thing I think of doing while being gang beaten is to “relax.” Oh, I’ll just kick back and chill out while you beat the shit out of me. Maybe I’ll even have a beer. Yeah, EVERYONE just relaxes while literally being beaten to death. Clearly, relaxing wasn’t in his best interest since they kept beating when he went limp…

  2. I think I want to sleep tonight, so I’ll wait till tomorrow to watch this and get a big fat rageboner.

    1. Yeah, I’m full of puke and tears just thinking about it. I’m not sure I can stomach actually watching it.

      1. Do yourself a favor & don’t. Your imagination can’t possibly be any worse than what actually happened. I am crying & enraged.

        1. I haven’t watched the video and probably won’t. The idea of my son pleading for me as he is beaten to death is more than I can bear. And I don’t want to watch it happen to someone else’s son.

          1. Watch it on mute – you still get all the rage that comes with the government beating someone to death, but aren’t haunted by his pleas and cries for his father. It is definately something you should watch though. It contradicts everything those fat fucks and the DA were saying while holding onto the tape…including the fact that it “exhonorated them”.

            1. RIP, jesus I am so sorry for his family. I hope the judicial system sorts this out properly.

      2. Warning:
        If you decide to watch watch the video the cries of Thomas for his father will remain with you, and haunt you, always.

        1. Thats why I watched it on mute. I don’t want to hear that. It’s bad enough seeing it, but I do not want to hear it. I will let the jurors do that.

          1. Oh, but you’re also missing Ramos’s initial threats, his sneering about beating Thomas’s face in with the butt of his Taser and the officers’ chuckles.

  3. No one deserves what Kelly Thomas received at the hands of these Cops Thugs murderous douchebags. Except perhaps the douchebags themselves. Where is Dunphy? DUNPHY you pig motherfucker, defend your brothers now.

    1. Why would Dunphy’s predictably glib defenses make a difference? And he does tend to avoid threads where the cops are clearly in the wrong.

      Sure, using him as a proxy pinata is therapeutic, but doesn’t change anything.

  4. Disgusting piles of filth. No punishment is good enough for these fuckers. If I believed in hell I’d hope they’d burn in it.

    Also, excellent minimalist post Lucy. Not snark or explanation needed. The video speaks for itself.

  5. OT but i thin i might of found White Indian’s youtube.


    1. think*

    2. This is not the time for OT man.

  6. Feck these pigs. I hope they get the same treatment they gave Thomas. No Drink! Arse! Girls! for these brutish swine.

    Got bacon?

  7. fucking christ i shouldn’t have watched this before going to bed. absolutely chilling.

  8. IOW they’ve got way too many cops in that area.

    How many were there finally? Eight or 9?

  9. This is absolutely horrifying.

    Abandon all naivety. Don’t, under any circumstances, interact with cops. There are many good ones out there. But corruption and murderous disregard for the rights and dignity of people is too prevalent to risk interacting with the pigs.

    Fuck the police unions.

    1. Feck these filthy swine and their union AND their mothers, who obviously failed to raise their children worth a damn. Drink! Arse! Girls!

      1. …Um, yeah.


        1. “I LOVE MY BRICK.”

          “TIRED OF ‘BRICK’.”

  10. “I ran out of options…so I smashed his face to hell.”

    Oh my fucking christ. Fuck you. I hope someone does this to you, repeatedly.

  11. I think the most disturbing part of this video is actually the cavalier treatment of the situation after the fact. A man who is clearly unconscious and so badly beaten as to be rendered completely inert is worried about for coming to and picking a fight (disregarding the fact that he picked no fight initially either). That and the way they refer to the events that transpired (“you broke his fucking arm, I heard it snap” and “He shit himself” all said in a joking and insulting manner). These guys are a piece of work. Unlike the others here, I don’t wish them any anal rape in prison (and have considerable issues with the very tacit societal approval that allows such prison abuses to fester), but I do sincerely hope for them to one day feel the shame and guilt for this completely unnecessary action.

    1. Perhaps one day they will get to watch a video of their son being brutally beaten to death. I doubt much less would reach them.

      1. And that would just perpetuate the cycle of violence against innocents.

        The only things they understand is fear and violence. Only when they are subject to the same state-initiated violence will they properly fear. Convictions. Prison sentences. No special treatment while incarcerated.

  12. Prison is too good for them; consumed by wild boars, a kind similar but superior to them, would be more just.

    1. Why do you want to punish the javelinas?

  13. I was just reading about this here.

    1. You SugarFree’d the link, Ted.

      1. Erm, I’m Ted S.; the previous poster is Tim S.

        You SF-ed the name. 🙂

  14. The paramedics testified in court that they treated superficial cuts on the cops as Thomas lay dying on the street. Pics of the scratches were used as exhibits. I got more banged up than that working on my fence the other day. Unbelievable.

    1. There’s too much cross-pollination between police, fire and rescue organizations. EMS is pretty deferential to the cops. They often rely on cops for protection when working in sketchy neighborhoods, or dealing with violent patients. Expecting EMS to rat out the cops is no more realistic than asking cops to report on each other. (Yeah, Dunphy, I know you disagree. Whatever.)

  15. Where is the prosecutorial recognition of premeditation in this case? Because that’s precisely what I saw throughout. Why the fuck aren’t these incomporably detestable fucking swine being tried for capital murder? The electric fucking chair was invented for these degenerates.

    God save you mother-fuckers if you ever come across me without the protection of your badges.

    1. I’d rather they get life in prison. At Pelican Bay. In the general population. And every inmate be told who they are and why they’re there. Then we can have a pool to wager how long they will last. I hate violence but damn, this makes my blood boil.

      1. I hate violence but damn, this makes my blood boil.

        As well it should.

      2. The inmates will know even if they aren’t told. Which is why Dunphy goes so ballistic about this.

      3. VERY well said. and the funny part is you know they would piss them selfs and beg to not get got. they wouldn’t figt. they only tuff in groups when someone is in cuffs.

  16. As a death penalty supporter, I’m saddened to think that this probably can’t be proven as premeditated…

    1. The government will do this to other innocent people, if you support the death penalty….

    2. The government will do this to other innocent people, if you support the death penalty….

      1. Double post, sorry. But the point is to not rely on the government too much if you’re a Libertarian.

  17. From the American Heart Association:

    Methods and Results – Eight cases of TASER X26 ECD-induced loss of consciousness were studied. In each instance, when available, police, medical and emergency response records, ECD dataport interrogation, automated external defibrillator (AED) information, ECG strips, depositions, and autopsy results were analyzed. First recorded rhythms were ventricular tachycardia/fibrillation in six and asystole (after about 30 minutes of non-responsiveness) in one. An external defibrillator reported a “shockable rhythm” in one, but no recording was made. This report offers evidence regarding the mechanism by which an ECD can produce transthoracic stimulation resulting in cardiac electrical capture and ventricular arrhythmias leading to cardiac arrest.

    Conclusions – ECD stimulation can cause cardiac electrical capture and provoke cardiac arrest due to ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation. After prolonged ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation without resuscitation, asystole develops.

    Care to defend this action, Dunphy? Scalia, is this your idea of “The New Professionalism?” I have a pretty strong constitution, but this…

    I need to take a bath in battery acid.

    1. More on the aforementioned subject.

      Explains the concept a bit more with EKG/ECG strips.

    2. Dunphy consistently avoids defending the undefendable. He needs at least a sliver of reasonable doubt to latch onto.

  18. Hey, Ramos and cicinelli, you know what they say the gas chamber smell like? Pine oil. That’s right. You’re going to a pine oil heaven…

    1. Hey Ramos and Cincinelli, you know what they say a prolapsed colon smells like? Shit. That’s right, boys, you’re going to a hell that smells like shit.

  19. Ah, sorry. Here you go:

    1. Dammit, that was in reply to Groovus Maximus at 3:26.

    2. Thanks, Tim. There’s a frequent poster who goes by Ted S. Apologies.

      1. I don’t know if I should be honored or horrified that I post around here enough for people to remember me by name.

        1. I have a good memory, Theodore.

      1. Is that Mr. Ramos? Because if it is, I’m seeing a picture of a man who selflessly and without regard for his own safety engaged a dangerous criminal. Mr. Ramos’ life is one of sacrifice. And unlike you and me, who sit in safety from maniacs like Kelly Thomas, he now has the scars to prove it.

        1. I’m seeing a picture of a man who gave me fellatio a number of times. Drink! Arse! Girls!

        2. A real American hero. I can’t imagine the ordeal Ramos went through to wind up with gaping wounds like that.

  20. The other LEO crowding around watching this need to be at least fired. They were the only ones who could have stopped the murder. No person not wearing a badge who witnessed this could have intervened. I don’t know why all six police officers aren’t charged. The bare minimum of accountability, I suppose.

    1. That was my thought. Murder charges for the murderers. The rest should be fired for incompetence, at the very least.

      1. The cops were all from the same gang with the same criminal intentions.

    2. And a most excellent demonstration of the fact that there is no such thing as a “good cop”. If they’re not doing the killing, they’re standing around watching it, literally and figuratively.

    3. Fuck that. The other six are accessories to murder, plain and simple. Let them all hang.

  21. Thank goodness the lowlife, scum-sucking vermin in the media are playing close attention to this and have made this a huge national story, just like Trayvon Martin.

    1. It’s because our racist society doesn’t care about black people, so incidents involving white people like Martin are hyped up while brutality against black people like Thomas are swept under the rug.

      /sarc… obviously?

  22. It says his father was a former police officer.

    Shouldn’t he have known that the penalty for contempt of cop is death?

    1. One especially enraging aspect of this story is that it never would have been reported if his dad wasn’t a cop.

      1. Their mistake was not what they did, but who they did it to.

    2. I believe he had mental issues, otherwise he probably would’ve remembered that.

      On another note, I sure would like to have seen footage leading up to this. If he was going to handcuff him, couldn’t he have asked him to lay on his back? What was the point of having him put his legs out with his hands on his knees…power issue??

  23. geez – I could only watch a few minutes of it. The moment where they taze him – multiple times – while he is restrained, is absolutely sickening.

    I’m an atheist, but still wish for a place of torment for such filth as these “officers”.

    1. Shit like this just might convert me to religion, just so I can have a little peace of mind in the hope that fuckers like this who abuse their power will see some final judgement.

      Because they will see no justice in this world.

      1. Religion makes you soft, Sarc. It allows you to self-delude that somehow justice will be done; which makes you less motivated to see that justice is done.

    2. If anything, this reinforces my certainty that we need to deal with earthly problems in the life we have.

  24. Horrible.

    Naturalists don’t beat and tase an animal to subdue it; they use a tranquilizer dart. Isn’t that more “humane”, more “practical”, less “lethal” than the conventional methods used to subdue humans? Perhaps G.M. or Dunphy would weigh in this.

    1. P.S. I’m not advocating this, and Kelly Thomas did not need “subduing”.

      1. It is a good question though? Wouldn’t a tranq be less stressful on the body and produce the results needed? I know police are not anesthesiologists, but even mild doses are at least going to make someone less resistant ( not saying someone should be, merely taking a position on safety for all).

    2. Naturalists don’t get off on beating the life out of someone else.

  25. Words fail me.

    I’m reminded of an incident in San Diego where a homeless man with a stick was hanging out near a convenience store. Cops were called and they showed up with a K9 unit. The homeless man was terrified of the dog and completely surrounded. Keep in mind he just had a stick. The cops sent the dog after him even though he was obviously freaked out by it. The homeless guy ran. Being surrounded by cops meant no matter which direction he ran he was running at a cop with a stick. Bang. Dead.

    The police officers associations and the unions specialize in using political influence to protect incompetence and malevolence on the part of their members. The response to cases like this should be to disband the entire unit and prosecute those involved. Unfortunately, the standard political response is for the mayors, councilmembers, etc… to protect their endorsements form the unions and POAs first.

    1. http://articles.latimes.com/20…..s/mn-44305

      Found it. Lacking some of the details though.

  26. They give the other 2% a bad name.

  27. Not all the dirt-bag blue-shirted jackboots get away…

  28. Man I never even thought about it like that before. WOw.


  29. It really sucks that this was posted at midnight and only has 67 comments. This story deserves primetime coverage.

  30. At 11 minutes, a bald fella comes up and says something, but I can’t hear what it was…. I’m still watching, fear is building.

  31. Were they just looking for a reason? I still can’t understand why they were confronting him and searching his bag in the first place.

  32. 19:22 fat fuck says, “Choke him out.” But I’m sure his condition upon admittance to the hospital, and ultimate death, was just a tragic accident, huh? Fuckers.

  33. Well, it’s official – it has just gotten a 1000x worse. The officers are claiming the Medical Professionals are at fault for him dying, not the police who beat him: http://latimesblogs.latimes.co…..says-.html

    1. Cops: Look, I don’t see how you can say it’s our fault. We beat the guy within an inch of his life, and then these so called “medics” didn’t save him. And it’s not just the medics. Santa Claus, unicorns, and God all failed to stop us from beating Thomas to death as well.

  34. I think those cops should be forced to watch the video with their own parents and children every day until they die. The cops should be offered lethal injection following each viewing.

    1. You’re assuming that the cops have consciences.

  35. that is exactly the problem. But just not the police officers. No one in police management decides they need to be fired? The DA can’t think of any malfesance/dereliction of duty charges? No city or county members threaten firings of police management?
    Its all a big scam – the gang leaders know they have to stand behind the gang.

  36. Where is that fuck Dunphy to tell us how this is OK because “procedure” was followed? And that the cops will held to a higher standard than regular old “little people”? Fuck you Dunphy, along with every other jackbooted thug in the country. Die in a fire with your progeny. Your parents should kill themselves from the shame of breeding you.

    1. Dunphy hasn’t defended the officers involved in the Kelly Thomas incident. He’s criticized officers for excessive pepper spraying.

      I sympathize with the victim (who wouldn’t), but the self indulgent anti police hysteria displayed here is counterproductive. Cooler heads may reveal that beatings of this exact nature is rare. Juries tend to exonerate officers accused of wrongdoing or find them guilty of lesser crimes. In the court the story is usually revealed to be more complicated than the initial “cop (or a self appointed community watch) mauls someone for no reason” narrative. Not this time of course.

      Yes, some cops have problem with someone legally recording them, or using excessive force. Those are matters of policy or done in developing situations that may result from error in judgment or negligence. Most cops don’t resort to random sadism by beating up a homeless man. I’ve seen the police escort homeless people and panhandlers without incident.

      1. You’re naive dude, the public sector does everything horrible compared to the private sector, except maybe courts.

        Private police would be better than public union police officers, this is a fact.

        1. Maybe courts, because the way our US Constitution is treated these days, who knows.

  37. Watch with extreme caution. ed hardy tee shirt It’s the last conscious minutes of a man’s life and it defies description.

  38. I’ve seen some of the worst shit the internet has to offer. I’ve even seen the beheading videos from Iraq, but I’m afraid to watch this.

  39. The ass media, controlled by the establishment elitists, the banksters, the corporations, intend to shut down the Internet because of the economic and political threats that it represents. At first, they’ll try with copyright enforcement, then control of terrorists, and finally they’ll just admit that it’s putting their propagandistic asses out of business.

    1. The media is a disgrace. This is an extremely important story and I feel for this person’s family.


    Our current top-celebrity politician changes his mind once again regarding the retarded institution of marriage licensing, and the entire world obsesses in one way or another. This happens, and only marginalized, so-called “fringe” groups even give a damn.


  41. FUCKING COWARDS.THIS IS WHY EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A GUN.TO KEEP THEM SELFS SAFE FROM THESE FUCKING COWARDS.3 ON 1 WITH NIGHTSTICKS AND TAZERS? SOOO BRAVE HUH! TO AL THE PPL THAT SUPPORT ”LAW ENFORCEMENT BLINDLY” LETS HEAR WHAT THEY SAY TO THIS .THIS is wtf you get when you let the tattletales ov the third grade with a huge power complex grow up and get guns and ”authority”. ALL these pigs should be troutred to death. and there wifes? women and friends who supprt them? slow death to. make it public so when they cry scream and beg we can hear it. and im not saying it for shock value. this type ov shit has got to stop. only way is to meet violence with violence MURDER THOSE WHO WISH TO MURDER YOU.

  42. And to everyone seeing this.THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU FOR NOTHING.pigs will find any reason even say in a traffic stop to drag you out and do this.If you ”disrespect” them they can justify your murder and try to cover it up. And what makes me even more sick is the public that dare support this. how we need”police” .Even if you need others to feel safe at night..come up with a better type ov way to make sure bully cowards like this do not get in. so fucking disgusting.and you can BET these ”men” are the type that if he had shot one they would scream ”PLEASE NO I HAVE A FAMILY” let them go to a real prison..not a pig prison and let see how tuff they act with inmates..lol that would be fun.

  43. A bullet proff vest might stop a blast to the chest but not the fucknig head. and this is why everyone should have a side arm. Trust me. if ppl did things would not be hal as crazy as they are.ppl would not run around and rob and assault at will IF they knew EVERYONE had a gun.it would keep those in place who did.BUT MOST OV ALL SHIT LIKE THIS WOULD STOP.


  45. When i saw this, i was really tearful, how can such a thing happen when the law enforcer are the ones doing it? i think we should do something about this! why would a Police Officers Brutally Beating, Suffocating, and Tasing Kelly Thomas to Death?

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