Oh, Were We Supposed to be Outraged That Romney Didn't Instantly Tell a Lady in Ohio That Obama Shouldn't be Tried for Treason?


For your entertainment and momentary outrage: the most recent in a long line of some weirdo in a crowd yelled something or said something to a candidate or politician and that candidate or politician didn't respond in the appropriate non-crazy fashion (or, to be fair to John McCain, the candidate responded by noting that no, ma'am, Obama is not an Arab).

Today a woman asking Mitt Romney a question at an Ohio town hall also said "We have a president right now who is operating outside the structure of our Constitution, and I do agree he should be tried for treason."

Romney, it seems, didn't immediately say hang on, that's nuts, lady, but instead talked about the general wonderfulness of the Constitution and then answered her second question which was related to H.R. 347, the "Trespass Bill.") 

(On that question, Romney gave a thrillingly vague answer that protest is important, but so is protecting people under Secret Service protection! Imagine! This once again confirms the somnambulist qualities of him as a candidate. Seriously, slightly-unhinged freedom fighters, Romney is not your guy. Write in Alex Jones for president, anything besides Romney or Obama.)

Here's the scoop and here's a little outrage, according to ABC:

Instead of addressing the "treason" reference by the woman, who went on to ask what the candidate would do to balance the three branches of government and restore the Constitution, Romney responded, "As I'm sure you do, I happen to believe that the Constitution was not just brilliant, but probably inspired. I believe the same thing about the Declaration of Independence."

Later, as he shook hands with supporters, Romney was asked by reporters whether he agreed with the woman, to which he responded "No, of course not."  Asked by CNN about the woman's comment, Romney said, "I don't correct all of the questions that get asked of me. Obviously, I don't agree that he should be tried."

Ben LaBolt, the press secretary for the Obama re-election campaign, immediately seized on the incident, tweeting, "When will Mitt Romney stand up to the extreme voices in his party? Where's the leadership he keeps calling for?"

LaBolt also wrote, "Once again today, Mitt Romney stood by silently as his surrogates and supporters made extreme statements & attacked the President's family."

Uh, sure. I guess that in a way saying the president should be charged with treason is sort of like saying he should be killed. And turns out the Secret Service takes that sort of thing seriously. And killing people is wrong and all. But really, the worst part about this is that the woman ranted to Romney as if he was going to be anything different than Obama. And no, Romney probably actually doesn't believe that Obama should be charged with treason. He was just being the awkward, stammering guy that back in 2008 asked some black kids "who let the dogs out." And for 2012, just pick your favorite of his myriad out-of-touch-rich-guy gaffes. 

Politicians are politicians. It's a stroke of genius on their parts that previous campaign seasons have been so consumed by hand-wringing over the negativity and mud-slinging between candidates. The idea that something as fundamentally uncivilized as a battle for who claims the right to steal, detain, and assassinate should be proper should strike anyone as more laughable the bigger that government grows.

But hell, maybe Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone is right. Maybe the negativity will have to be purely media-created this year because this is going to be a dull, dull race, folks. And whomever wins, individual liberty loses. It's just the the usual.

Reason on negative campaigns. And of course on how muddy the mud-slinging was in days of olde:


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  1. Imagine! This once again confirms the somnambulist qualities of him as a candidate.

    A+ wordsmithery there, Lucy.

    Also, sonovabitchulist would have qualified for Grand Coif Tarkin.

    1. Id he any relation to Grand Moff Tarkin?

      1. Type “Mitt Romney” into the search bar of Google Image Search and meditate on that one, grasshopper.

      2. Ah, you picked up on that one. The Flopster arguably has better hair, but can never, never, even be worthy of being on the same planet as Peter Cushing.

  2. Oh Lucy, you grow more cynical with each article. As we predicted. Our little Lucy is growing up.

    Maybe the negativity will have to be purely media-created this year because this is going to be a dull, dull race, folks.

    The least they could do is get really nasty, vicious, and even stupider than normal and make it mildly entertaining.

    1. Your awesomeness lets me forgive your condescension, sir.

      But I promise I was always cynical about the political process.

      1. That wasn’t condescension, Lucy. I think it was probably more like 63% misogyny, 30% me being a dick, 6% NutraSweet being a dick, and 1% SUBSTANCE UNKNOWN.

        1. It’s tar, idiot.

          1. I bet you watch that movie every month. Probably twice, knowing you. You sicken me!

            1. Three times actually. I have to keep regular somehow, you haemorrhoid. And the fact you picked up on it makes you just as culpable. You’re worse than ipecac.

              1. Of course I’m culpable, you fool! I’m the one who made the reference in the first place, aren’t I?

                1. Yes, yes, just like that time I gave you that sample of blue pills and you “tripped and fell” into Warty. A stopped cock is right at once in your miserable life. I certainly am not culpable for that little disaster.

                  1. Both Warty and I have agreed that that was a mistake. We’ll just have to try again.

                    1. You originally said it was “a sexy mistake.”

                    2. Sorry, my sexlexia is acting up again.

                    3. “Warty, you’re obviously confused and aroused.”

                    4. And you cunts wonder why people don’t take us seriously.

                      You’re worse than Texans.

                    5. Calm down sloopy, why don’t you have yourself a couple of very sensual salads? With lo-cal sensual dressing.

                    6. Welcome to the Lovenasium, Ken.

                    7. Ken’s built like a steakhouse, but he handles like a bistro.

                    8. As my protege, Hugh, you should know that the only way to deal with a female adversary is to seduce her.

                    9. Here is my personal book of pickup lines. If you get into trouble, say as many as you can as fast as you can. Don’t stop for any reason.

                    10. That young man fills me with hope. Plus some other emotions which are weird and deeply confusing.

                    11. He was just being the awkward, stammering guy that back in 2008 asked some black kids “who let the dogs out.”

                      “How can anyone do a spoken word version of a rap song?”

                    12. “He found a way.”

          2. Well she’s not gonna smoke it.

        2. How did I get dragged into this?

          Oh, and nice ref, GM.

          1. By existing.

            1. 6%? I made you far worse than that. At this point I’m at least 23% of your tired schtick.

              1. 23%?!?

                1. Is that too big a number for you, little buddy? You need a nap? Maybe a juice box?

                  1. I would like a juice box, yes.

          2. I learned from the best, Saccharin Man. Too bad it’s not you, but you are a reasonable facsimile.


          k-y..or carmine.

          1. Santorum?

        4. “I think it was probably more like 63% misogyny, 30% me being a dick, 6% NutraSweet being a dick, and 1% SUBSTANCE UNKNOWN”

          There’s about 15% anarcho-assholism in there. Have you been hanging out in Mutualist circles????

          1. Never!

            (looks around nervously)

            1. You will find the definitive anarcho-assholists in here:

              I thought we (ancaps) had a “truce” with Carson and his?

              Your comment contains a word that is too long (50 characters) WTF?

              1. Don’t use Unicode punctuation or characters; if you do, you’ll get that message. It’s an anti-Mary measure.

                1. I just copied and pasted the link, cause I was too lazy hyperlink it.

    2. They’re trying to, but the truth is Obamney is a very vapid, substanceless amalgamation that has no discernable personality beyond trite catchphrases and simplistic pandering. They can’t find anything to hate about each other because there’s nothing there. Viciousness requires passion; Passion requires substance.

  3. yay! one of the reason writers beat me to the obligatory who let the dogs out post on a romney thread.

    1. slow day in the lab today.

  4. And this is why Romney no doubt wishes he could go back to limiting his public appearances to none. Humans are so predictably erratic.

    1. If someone, say, with the middle name of Tiberius, were to tell ROMNIAC that he has mistaken him for his creator, failed to recognize his mistake, and failed to sterilize to correct that mistake, you think ROMIAC could be sent into a logic loop that would remove him from contention as the GOP candidate?

      This is a serious question, and I’d appreciate it if you treated it with the seriousness it deserves.

      1. How dare you sully this fine establishment with references to that unholy abomination. Please resubmit your question with references to VGER.

        1. Kirk didn’t put VGER into a logic loop, you cretin. Way to completely blow an easy Trek reference. You punks are a bunch of amateurs. You could have gone with Landru, but no, you had your mind on Persis Khambatta.

          Actually, I totally understand doing that. Carry on.

          1. STAY OUT OF HEAD!!!!!

          2. Serious question, epi: Are you as disappointed as I that the series finale of that series we don’t talk about didn’t wind up discovering that the v’ger home planet was the borg, and that humans were responsible for creating the borg?

            1. No; I don’t like too much interconnectedness in my entertainment. It starts to get really foolish after a while. Lucas is terrible about that. Oh look, Annakin made C3PO. Fuck you, George.

              Also, report to Warty’s rape palace for your punishment for mentioning things we don’t talk about. Shit, now I have to report as well for doing it too. I’d better get trashed on Listerene first.

              1. well, today I learned that they already did that in a 2006 videogame.

                1. (had the idea in 1999) Looks like I wasn’t alone.

              2. Lucas is terrible about that.

                Lucas is pretty much terrible at anything beyond recycling serial movie concepts of his childhood. Which would be okay as long as he doesn’t pretend that he has Kurosawa’s talent for original material or brilliant adaptations.

          3. Harcourt! Harcourt Fenton Episiarch, what have you been up to? Nothing good, I’m sure. Well, let me tell you, you lazy, good for nothing…

  5. Obama is balls-deep in the Constitution’s tender, pink asshole, but talking about impeachment is a “lady… you soooooo crazee!” moment?

    Impeachment is a great idea, let those fucks chase each other around for a while and maybe the economy can bounce back from all their ham-fisted tinkering.

    1. ’98 was an awesome year for the economy. Thanks, Monica!

      1. Exactly. Someone send Barry a box of gina cigars.

        1. Do the cigar bands double as cock rings?

          1. just like young interns double as humidors.

          2. there are faulty assumptions about obama’s girth implicit here. I refuse to say which way.

            1. I was gonna make a Maduro joke here but with Obama’s SSN what it is, maybe a Connecticut leaf joke is more appropriate?

    2. Obama is balls-deep in the Constitution’s tender, pink asshole, but talking about impeachment is a “lady… you soooooo crazee!” moment?

      Deltoid deep. He’s more of a fist kinda guy. In fact, I’m quite sure he’s fondling tonsils from that end.

    3. Ehhh, I am down with impeachment. I am dubious about the very concept of treason.

      1. The longest journey starts with a single step, Lucy. Or, in the immortal words of Nelson Muntz: “I dunno. Gotta nuke something.”

  6. Lady is just confused about the nature of Obama’s guilt. He is a murderer, not a traitor.

    1. Prosecuting politicians are more of a Cardassian enigma tale.

      1. Is. Is, damnit.


        Prosecuting politicians is more of a Cardassian enigma tale.

        1. Which one? Chloe? Cim? Courtney?

        2. It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.

  7. When will Mitt Romney stand up to the extreme voices in his party?

    when will Mitt Romney call out plants for what they are? That may be the more rational question.

    1. Yeah, that’s what it sounds like to me. Especially the way it was phrased.

    2. Plants?! Lazy, shiftless carbon dioxide eaters!

    3. “Plant? I thought men like you were usually called a fruit.”

      1. “He was always a rather stupidly optimistic man. I mean, I’m afraid it came as a great shock to hime when he died, but, he was found dead at home. His head had been cut off, and so had his, erm… you know.”

        1. “This is war, Peacock! Casualties are inevitable. You can not make an omelet without breaking eggs, every cook will tell you that.”

          1. “Mrs. Peacock was a man?”

            1. Professor Plum in the hall with the revolver

              1. You’re excited? Feel these nipples!

              2. Prof. Plum in the conservatory with Col. Mustard.

                (And Miss Scarlet, if you’re kinky.)

  8. Ben LaBolt, the press secretary for the Obama re-election campaign, immediately seized on the incident, tweeting, “When will Mitt Romney stand up to the extreme voices in his party? Where’s the leadership he keeps calling for?”

    How far back in LaBolt’s twarchive do you think we need to go to find the tweet asking when moderate muslims are going to stand up to the fundamentalist jihadis?

    1. My favorite moment so far in the campaign has received scant coverage. The democratic governor of Montana mentioned on one of those asspundit shows that he believed women would find the history of polygamy in Romney’s family to be revolting. An attempt to go after Romney’s Mormonism most likely, but do they ever run these thoughts through their brains first? Obama is the only monogamist on the paternal side of his family! His dad was already married when he married Obama’s mother. They went there anyway.

      1. Islam > LDS

        1. Thor > Allah

          1. Hulk > Thor

  9. Sometimes you just gotta throw your hands in the air and cry, whos your daddy!! LOL

    1. (Directed at the doorknob fuckers who care about the OutrageousOutrage?, not Lucy.)

  10. Was Romney’s speech organized with the help of the RNC again? Totally against their rules, btw. Paul should call the entire party apparatus into disrepute over this bullshit.

    And he would have had the balls to agree with the woman, though not necessarily on the grounds she is pissed about.

  11. Its funny how its always Team Red regular people making these outbursts at rallies, probably because Team Blue never lets anyone else but Obama talk.

    1. Team Blue is too busy mooning at Obama to speak.

      1. I was gonna say they’re all too busy blogging to speak.

      2. Team Blue doesn’t speak because they are too busy fellating Obama.

    2. Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason?

      For when it doth prosper, none dare call it Treason.

    3. If you keep Obama from speaking, what hope do you have of him healing your sick child?

  12. Pentagon Quit The Avengers Because of Its Unreality…..-military/

    1. Which is totally unfair because that didn’t cause them to quit Afghanistan.

  13. OK wow, now why didnt I think of that?

    1. TangoFingo|5.7.12 @ 8:59PM|#
      “OK wow, now why didnt I think of that?”
      ‘Cause bots never pass the Turing test.

  14. I think it’s perfectly legitimate to expect Romney to correct that woman.

    I mean, just Obama? Why is she letting off the rest of the executive branch and 99% of Congress?

  15. There’s a very specific definition of treason in the constitution, and since we’re not at war (only congress can declare war), Obama doesn’t qualify.

    A murder charge, on the other hand….


  16. No one ever talked about 2008 being nasty and negative. It is only nasty and negative when it looks like the Democrat is going to lose.

  17. Well, Obama did sign into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is basically a declaration of war by the Federal Government against the American people. I’ll go as far as calling Obama and every Representative and Senator who voted for the NDAA a traitor.

    1. P.S.

      If Romney is elected President and uses NDAA, he’s a traitor as well.

      1. +1.

  18. I have a vision of the future of North America. Two warlords will fight for absolute control of the Continent, wrestling together in a passionate orgy of authority and state control.

    From the West, Sheriff Joe will ride from his desert stronghold, erecting walls and barriers to trade around ever widening swathes of the American Countryside.

    From the East Mayor Bloomberg will brood in his high tower, imagining the millions of people still not under his sway and all they ways they might be living unauthorizedly satisfying lives. His NYPD will penetrate continually deeper into the West.

    When the Posse and the PD collide, the world will finally know Armageddon as the authoritarian juggernauts collide, crushing everyone and everything good in their path.

  19. the world will finally know Armageddon as the…..mlcrushing everyone and everything good in their path.

  20. Please. Given half a chance, Obama would do the very same thing as Romney did today.

  21. Dose o’ stoopid:…..98195.html

    Democrats are so fucking retarded.

    1. Don’t be such a racist.

      1. Workin’ on it.

  22. Sounds like a plan to me dude. Wow.

  23. A very good article.

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