CISPA Passes House With Strong GOP Support


The House of Representatives has approved the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act in a 248-168 vote that broke pretty much along party lines. 

The complete roll call shows 206 Republicans voting for the bill, 28 against. Democrats went 42 to 140 in the opposite direction. The Republican No column includes some fairly libertarian-friendly names, including Amash, McClintock and Rohrabacher (who also this week earned the honor of being banned by vile Afghan kleptocrat Hamid Karzai). Voting for the legislation were great libertarian nopes Ryan, Flake and Duncan. The name Paul shows up in the not-voting lineup. 

I don't know if CISPA deserves its worse-than-SOPA designation, and I hesitate to join any side that has such wide agreement from Democrats. Nevertheless, if you want to register your opposition for the benefit of the Senate, you can send a very easy-to-use spam from a site called Demand Progress. (Warning: In addition to having the word "Progress" in its title, the site features a "funny" cat picture. Really, people, 2005 is over.)