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Spanish Village Votes "No" on Big Field of Revenue-Raising, Probably Illegal Marijuana


Remember that industrious Spanish mayor who was scheming to rent out village land to grow marijuana, thereby raising much-needed money for the village of Rasquera, population 900? Well, the town council said yes in March, but when the mayor put the plan to a village-wide referendum today, turns out the mostly-older population was not ready to take that probably-illegal step. A 56 percent majority surprisingly said yes to the measure, but it needed 75 percent to pass. The wonkiness of Spanish weed laws probably didn't help convince folks.

Reports The Washington Post:

The result effectively ends the idea to lease a plot of land to an association of marijuana buffs in Barcelona who wanted to pay Rasquera €1.3 million ($1.7 million) over two years. About 40 jobs — growing, harvesting and packaging the pot — were envisioned.

The payment by the pot-smoking group ABCDA would have been about equal to the debt owed by this picturesque pueblo that sits at the foot of a mountain range with a castle dating back to the 12th century.

Rasquera is not alone with its debt problems. Spain's economy crashed after a real estate bubble and many cities and towns are desperately trying to cope by cutting spending for health care, education and jobs. Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the 17-nation eurozone at nearly 23 percent — just shy of 50 percent for young workers — and it's about to enter another recession. […]

Under Spanish law, consumption in private of cannabis in small amounts is allowed. Growing it for sale, or advertising it or selling it are illegal.

Officials with the government's National Drug Plan have said growing marijuana in large amounts as planned in Rasquera would be against the law, and have vowed to block any attempts.

Mayor Bernat Pallisa insisted that the initiative was legal, however, because ABCDA had pledged that the marijuana grown in Rasquera would have been for private consumption by its 5,000 members.

The rest here.

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  1. Officials with the government’s National Drug Plan have said growing marijuana in large amounts as planned in Rasquera would be against the law, and have vowed to block any attempts.

    The mother fucking audacity of these “officials”. Not only in North American, but across the damn globe.

  2. Jezebel incites a riot in the comments with a sensible post:

    1. Feminists, the NAACP, or the gays: Which are crazier?


      1. One of these things is not like the other…

        1. Yeah, homosexuals are definitely the less crazy of the three.

          1. Somehow it’s unsurprising that you missed the point but I’ll spell it out for you, “the gays” are not a group of individuals who have come together by common ideology. Rewrite your orginal comment as women, black people, or the gays: which are crazier and this might become clear.

            1. women, black people, or the gays: which are crazier

              Women, hands down.

            2. You don’t accept the epistemological, ethical, political, theological, and nationalistic strains that tie butt-bangers together?

              1. Wait. I’m confused. Is the CockGobbla saying he’s not gay?

              2. You don’t accept the epistemological, ethical, political, theological, and nationalistic strains that tie butt-bangers together?

                I don’t think it is possible to answer that question. Way too many assumptions to parse.

            3. It is worthwhile to counterpoint here that the NAACP is a subset of black people not ‘black people’ and ditto for women vis-a-vis ‘feminists.’ The whole question has an invalid logic to it to begin with.

              Doesn’t make it less fun though, I say NAACP!

    2. We talked about this the other day in regards to ID theft in one of these damn threads, but that poor commenter who was used as a whipping post had this bit of brilliance which should be posted on the header at Facebook-

      “there are too many inconsistencies with people’s presence online. if you want privacy why are you on every social network site? none of that makes sense. and perhaps this is something which requires more education but i see it as common sense that your information isn’t yet “safe” online and may never be and there are certain things one must consider when participating.”

      The reality of course, which is why I’m drawn to protecting liberty, is that once the government gives you a “number” (your SS#) you already gave up part of your privacy. What happens after that is merely a matter of who keeps a lock on the door that holds all the numbers.


      And yet people are worried about their privacy online after posting pictures to FB showing exactly where they are at such a given moment?

      It is to laugh.

      1. Yeah, it’s a joke. Facebook, etc. are giving you a service, at no direct cost to you, in exchange for you giving them some personal information. That’s the deal. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

    3. You know, I’ve honestly never understood being surprised about other peoples’ online privacy. Ditto for women asserting women are totally equal but need someone holding their hands through special protections.

      I’m pretty sure any regular here with enough time on his hands can track down much of my personal information. But I actually don’t give a shit, because I’m not that desirable a rapetarget/object of veneration. My fianc?e is a bit less laissez-faire, but not much.

      Most women aren’t either. Odds are these apps are being used to check the sausage ratio at clubs and see what kind of women they are, which is pretty innocuous. Seriously, who gets rape-y by checking out Facebook profiles, little of which is public anyway?

  3. Spain’s unemployment rate is pushing 20%. They’re fucking stupid if they don’t allow themselves a way to fix that.

  4. I don’t know if the rest of you are getting the ad along the side column with the gal wearing the “Meh” t-shirt, but she sure has a large, noticeable clitoris showing through her underpants. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me seeing this.

    1. And as soon as I post about that the ad changes to an elderly couple wanting Medicare. Fitting for me these days — something makes me think about sex and immediately something else comes along to remind me how old I am.

    2. wait, this site has ads?

  5. “There is no spending problem, only a revenue problem.”

    “No, we will not cash in on a lucrative new revenue source.”

    1. If ‘the people’ saw cost of Gov total – local, (shift supervisor) State, (middle-management) and the Boardroom (the Man wearing the Suit with Left and Right pockets for his tools) – as % of GDP in taxes they’d get pissed.

      Especially if you then showed them this horrible cheap monster movie number of spending as % of GDP.

  6. If it takes 75% to pass they should have worded the referendum to ban renting the field.

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