Second Amendment

Obama the Gun Salesman

| declares that nothing seems to make Americans want to own a gun more than President Obama, who is reputed to hold, but never really acts on, anti-gun attitudes.

They've produced a gigantic infographic on the topic, visible here.

Some of the high points, as per an email press release from

Starting in 2008 with the primary battle between then-Senators Clinton & Obama for the Democratic Party's nomination, the firearm industry has experienced an unprecedented boom.  Despite the lackluster economy, numbers such as the ones below when visually illustrated like this show an industry which continues to experience record (and under-reported!) growth, thanks primarily to "the Obama effect":

  • Ruger's firearm sales have gone from $117 million to $232 million, an increase of 98%
  • Winchester's sales of ammunition have gone from $431.7 million to $572 million, an increase of 33%
  • Federal excise taxes collected on the sale of new firearms and ammunition has risen 48.3%
  • January 2012 was the 20th straight month of increases in NICS background checks compared to the same month in the previous year
  • December 2011 saw over 1.41 million NICS background checks run, the most ever for a single month
  • The few states which regularly report concealed carry permit numbers have seen increases in active permit holders ranging from 46% to 161%.

Their graphic got play in USA Today and Businessweek.

I predicted a lack of strong anti-gun action from Obama back in January 2009, and wrote a book about the Heller revolution in Second Amendment law, Gun Control on Trial, back in 2008.

Greg Beato will have a column on the unexpected mini-industrial resurgence in gun and gun related manufacturing in the U.S. in the forthcoming May issue of Reason magazine. Subscribe today!

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  1. Guns seems like the only industry that is doing well.

    1. Humans evolved to be egalitarian, and only in an egalitarian Non-State society do humans behave as “autonomous and sovereign” individuals who “bow to no political power.” (Service, 1975)

      The early agricultural city-Statist settlers from Europe greatly admired the egalitarian nature of the Non-State tribes and bands they observed, and this rebellion against hierarchy carried into Jefferson’s “all men are created equal.”

      Much of this egalitarian Non-State band and tribal influence is documented in anthropologist Jack Weatherford’s Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World.

      It’s no wonder that anthropologist Elman Service observed that “Many people living in non-state societies enjoy lifeways that a number of Americans seem intent on reinventing?such as close association with the land, small group size, and emphasis on oral traditions.”

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  2. President Obama, who is reputed to hold, but never really acts on, anti-gun attitudes.

    So Reason is joining the “What Fast And Furious?” media blackout. Cocktail parties must have become 53% more selective during the BO administration too.

    Like in many other areas, BO knows that a full-on visible assault on gun rights is going to do him in. So he’s doing shit in the background — not secretly, mind you, just in the background, which isn’t hard to do when the media is as in the tank for him as it is.

    1. Tulpa is 100% correct on this. I’m stunned. Are you feeling OK?

      1. I was, before your gratuitous insult made me flee to rather’s bosom. And then…things got worse.

        1. Hrubruhbababababa.

      2. Be fair, we agree with Tulpa on a fair amount of issues… until it involves a government camera staring up your ass. Then the mood gets a little more chilly.

        1. If we don’t have you get preventative inspections, then your costs might later be imposed on all of us.

    2. Doing shit in the background, and building the narrative, apparently. It is difficult to imagine any purpose for Fast and Furious, other than to plant the guns targeted for bans in the hands of drug gangs, so that there can be “proof” that we must ban them.

      1. Did you read that on Isn’t that an Alex Jones site?

        1. Visit my site, where I expose the true conspiracies from the bushpigs and christfags.

        2. No. I read the reports about the operation, and that is my own conclusion.

          Perhaps you can supply a credible alternative that doesn’t violate Occam’s Razor 6 ways from Sunday? I’m curious.

          1. Because surely Bush and his buddies wouldn’t have done it to make Obama look bad, and kill some dirty Messicans in the process.

            1. It was all the workings of Cheney, you see when the government changed, there were Bush operatives lurking at all levels, making it impossible to stop Cheneys plan.

              1. lmao – seriously – lmao that you can claim others are delusional.

                That actually made me laugh and momentarily forget about the child put in jail for trying to get laid on the other thread…

                So…. temporarily…. thank you.

                On another day…. you might want to cease throwing delusional stones when in cased in delusional armor.

          2. There is no conclusion to draw. It’s spelled out in clear language in the primary documentation from the feds in the DoJ that, at least in part, F&F was designed specifically to advance gun control legislation.

            Documents obtained by CBS News show that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) discussed using their covert operation “Fast and Furious” to argue for controversial new rules about gun sales.

            ATF officials didn’t intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called “Demand Letter 3?.

    3. Paranoid delusion.

      Like he is secretly working on the Fairness Doctrine too? He is waiting for that second term to spring all this stuff!

      1. You see the real conspiracy is the Christian Taliban, governments taking away gun rights, well that has happened nowhere.

        1. Spoofer

          The Christian Taliban is real. I seen ’em!

          1. I saw them, believe me, the Christian Taliban is simply controlling the media so that they are not exposed. As for those stories about how countries completely remove gun rights, well that is also the work of Christian Taliban lies.

      2. Except there’s plenty of evidence for the F&F scandal.

        And when you have a demonstrated history of usurping Congressional authority like BO does, sorry, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt on Fairness Doctrine concerns either.

        And yes, Bush did it too. So blow me.

    4. This is the sort of thing commanders-in-chief, in a more just world, would be ground to dust for. I hope the dudes at Reason see the link between weapons prohibitionism and F&F, and soon.

    5. Yes, Fast and Furious. it has not been “blacked out” at Reason:…..&sa=Search

      and in how quickly it crawled to absurd and sad scandal, and its DIRECt connection with lessening gun rights (as opposed to a stupid tool in a stupid drug war and ginning up support for stronger enforcement of existing straw buyer laws) doesn’t seem 100 percent proven to me, so far. I don’t quite clock it as any sign of anti-gun success or an expansion into NEW arenas of gun-rights violations. But yes, it is real and should not be forgotten, though it is also not unique to Obama–the Bush admin has its own “gun walking” program, Wide Receiver.

  3. That reminds me that it’s about time for a new gun. I want to get a .22 semi-auto pistol; all I have right now is a .22 revolver.

    1. I really wish I had money to build a target AR. You should do that, and then shoot people from a tall building in style.

      1. ARs are for jerkbags, which is why you want one. I have my SKS and if I got another semi-auto rifle it would be an AK. But I never, ever go rifle shooting. It’s all pistol and shotgun for me.

        1. An SKS is enough rifle for you? What the fuck are you, a Puerto Rican crack dealer or something? You make me sick.

          1. You’re on to me!

            I have a 30-06 bolt action too, jerkbag.

            1. Every gun owner worth his salt knows that in the absence of rule of law/TEOTWAWKI/SHTF/Having to fight bears scenario it is absolutely vital to be able to fire thousands of rounds in a few minutes. The fixed magazine on the SKS really does not lend itself to that operational requirement.

              1. That’s why if I said above that if I bought another rifle it would be an AK.

                And in a SHTF scenario, if you’re firing a few thousand rounds in a few minutes, you are doing something wrong, plus you’ll be out of ammo.

                1. thatsthejoke.jpg

                  I actually like SKS – my brother has one that is ten kinds of fun to shoot with, and way more accurate than a $170 gun should be.

                  1. Yeah, my SKS is a blast, and way more accurate than I expected. And it never jams.

        2. I keep getting the idea that this guy owns not enough utility firearms. Never “go rifle shooting”? Neither do I.

        3. Springfield M1A. 600 yard silhouettes w/iron sights.
          National Match is awesome shit.

          1. You’re a better shot than I am, but I’m old school on ammo (.308 and .45 ACP, FTW*), so I went M1A, tricked out for CQB.

            *For The Wound.

      2. You want at least a 7.62 for that Warty. Here you go. Start saving your money. Don’t scrimp on the optics either.…..p-10-.html

          1. Now those are great.

            1. But really fucking heavy and expensive.

              My custom GAP in 6.5 Creedmoor would shoot circles around a non-customized AI, and at a fraction of the weight and cost.

          2. $2,600!?!

            You could buy a couple of PTR91’s for that – and they wouldn’t be based on the crappy AR design.

            1. I’d buy one off Paige, that hot chick in “American Guns”

          3. A friend has an AR-10 by Rock River Arms- I was skeptical, but it shoots like butter, the buffer tube really drops recoil.

        1. You don’t need .308 (and therefore an AR-10), 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, etc. work fine in an AR-15.

          1. Question is if those calibers will e around for ever. If I was going that route I would go with a piston instead of gas impingement. Those FN Scars are very nice.

            1. Then it’s pretty easy to change the barrel if it ever came to that. Both AR-15’s and shooting paper are wildly popular, that there wouldn’t be a good long-distance round for it seems quite implausible.

              But you are right that few rounds, if any, are more popular that .308.

          2. I don’t take kindly to those dimensions. Your briefs probably say Calvin Klein on them.

            1. Do you spend a lot of time picturing men in their underwear?

          3. ^^THIS^^

            6.5 Grendel actually performs better than 7.62 past about 400 yards. More accurate. More power.

            Shit is the bees knees.

      3. Buy the receiver first then you can add parts when you get the money,the AR family is like the lego of modern battle rifles.

      4. The type, size, cyclic rate, etc, etc, etc of any firepower is determined by the mission or needs.

        Since most people, including ‘trained professionals’ cannot shoot for sh1t, on average more ammo down range wins.

        But in a winner take all scenario, aka Mad Max, firepower should always match capabilities.

        The need the same for all: survive.

    2. You mean that’s all you have in .22 or all you have period?

      I have a S&W 22A which kicks butt as a target pistol but isn’t a plausible CCW firearm (though I’m not sure any .22 is a plausible weapon for two-legged predators). I like the Ruger Mk III too but I’ve heard it’s a headache to disassemble for maintenance.

      1. All I have period? Are you more retarded than usual today?

        The 22A is so ugly that I just cannot buy it, even though it is a great target pistol. I have a 10/22 (of course, I think it’s mandatory or something) as well. I sold my .22 bolt action, as I never used it.

        But my Single Six is just not a fun plinker, even though you can change the cylinder and shoot .22 mag as well, or shorts, or even CBs.

        And I don’t want a Mark II or III. They’re good guns, but I want something different. I kind of want a 1911 platform .22, but there aren’t many.

        1. Look at Ruger’s new SR22; it’s basically a Walther P22 that isn’t shitty. I’d have one by now if it were up to me, but being under 21 puts a damper on handgun purchases…

          1. but being under 21 puts a damper on handgun purchases…


            explain plz

            1. I can’t legally buy one from an FFL until I turn 21, even though I can buy them face-to-face from another Oregon resident. Makes it hard to buy handguns that were only released less than two months ago.

              1. Get an older friend to get one and buy it from him.

                1. Believe me, I’ve thought about it. But I don’t have any friends around here (at least during the school year) who would be willing to do so considering the potential legal penalties, even though the chances of getting caught are nil. I don’t know many gunnies IRL.

          2. I almost bought a Sig (I forget which model) at the last gun show, but decided not to because I didn’t feel the deal was good enough. The Ruger looks cool, but I’d rather have a Sig, to be honest.

            1. The Mosquito? I wouldn’t mind one either based on appearance, but word is that they’re not very reliable. One of the reasons why I want an SR22 so much is that its slide is aluminum, not zinc alloy as with the Mosquito and P22.

              1. Not the Mosquito; the 220, 229, and 226 come in .22 versions.

              2. The Mosquito is very reliable . . .

                If you use a single ammo (CCI Mini Mag) and don’t mid perhaps the worst trigger (in double action mode) the world has ever seen.

                It’s a nice gun, but not a great one.

        2. Apparently I am retarded, since I gave you the benefit of the doubt w.r.t. gun ownership cred. Silly me.

        3. You can put a kit in a CZ75 or 1911 to shoot .22

          1. I have a CZ 97b, but there is no kit, and after looking into kits, I decided they were stupid. Why pay the equivalent to buying two guns (the kits are as much as the guns sometimes) to have one gun that requires assembly to change? I’d rather just have two guns.

            1. It’s so you can practice (with less stress on your ears, hand, wallet) with the same exact gun. And yes, many serious competitors do own two of the gun not to have to swap parts.

        4. Get a 1911, maybe a Kimber, then buy a 22 conversion kit for it.

        5. Conversion kits are for sale all over the place – drop in’s to allow your 1911 to shoot .22. I’m sure accuracy suffers though.

      2. not sure any .22 is a plausible weapon for two-legged predators

        Funny on this… I tend to shy away from a .22 as a self defense weapon, but fuck if I would want to be standing in front of one when it went off.

        1. A human can easily bleed to death from a marginally well-placed .22 bullet wound. Or a .17 even.

          The problem is, in a self defense situation, the goal isn’t to kill, it’s to stop… the assailant shuffling off his mortal coil half an hour after he stabs you and your kin to death is not a success.

          1. The problem is, in a self defense situation, the goal isn’t to kill, it’s to stop… the assailant shuffling off his mortal coil half an hour after he stabs you and your kin to death is not a success.

            Meaning the goal in self defense is to kill. I don’t want some fucker living to tell his side of the story when I drop his ass like a bad transmission when I catch him rifling my bedroom (for the second time in four months, thank you very much).

            I want the cops to find me, sobbing over his lifeless body, saying, “I just feel so bad… he lunged at me and I felt like I had no choice… if only I could take it all back…”

            1. With a .22, they’ll be inquiring about what all those extra holes are for, and thus the hole in your narrative. Selecting the proper caliber will help prevent the body from telling more than it needs to.

              1. Of course, if you use a 10mm or .44 or (god forbid) a .50 they’ll be inquiring about that choice too.

                And depending on the jurisdiction you can expect at least 75% of the jury to gasp when the prosecutor notes that your gun was loaded with hollow point bullets, designed to inflict greater injury.

            2. In that case you’re probably better off keeping a poker face when the cops show up and not saying anything beyond obvious facts. You can always attribute your unemotional attitude to shock later, after speaking with your lawyer, if they try to paint you as cold-blooded.

            3. You are living in the wrong state. Here in Texas if you shoot a burglar they throw you a ticker tape parade and you get 50 yard line tickets to a Cowboys game.

          2. Being that a 17 caliber firearm shoots a bullet more powerful than a 22LR, I’d MUCH rather get shot by a 22.

        2. Right about .22 being insufficient for self-defense. My target .22lr rifle, on the other hand, would be the most useful survival rifle.

          Accurate enough for small game without blowing them to pieces. With sub-sonic rounds, it is no louder than a hand-clap.

      3. The Mk III is not difficult to disassemble if you can RTFM. It’s no Glock, but what is? My Mk III only FTF when a round has bad primer in the rim, I have yet to have a FTE with it.

      4. The S&W Model 41 is hard to beat. Much more expensive than a 22A, and a bit picky with ammo, but ungodly accurate.

        1. Not as pretty as a Browning Medalist but much easier to find.

          1. I love my Browning Buckmark w/ 7.5″ bull barrel. Most accurate pistol I’ve ever shot.

    3. The Charger .22 pistol, also by Ruger, is kind of weird-looking but a blast to shoot. The downside of owning that is that everyone at the range with you is going to want to play with it. But, that’s a boon to your rep.

      1. So…ugly…cannot…buy…

        1. Maybe you should just wait for the iPistol to come out.

          1. It’s not my fault your aesthetic taste in guns is terrible.

            1. My aesthetics are more focused on the way the target looks after I’m done with it than how the gun looks.

              Right now I’m working on reproducing some Georges Seurat works with my 22A as the brush.

              1. I figured you for more of a Modrian guy, Neo-Plasticism period, of course.

                1. Mondrian, of course.

                  1. Considering I had to google “dot painting guy” to find Seurat’s name, you probably could have gotten away with the first spelling.

            2. I’m with you Epi.

              Being that my livelihood doesn’t depend on my gun, I can afford to live by a simple rule: life is too short for ugly guns.

    4. Just picked up a Ruger SR22 pistol. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet, but its a very light polymer pistol that should make it female friendly. All the reviews I’ve read have been positive.

      The Ruger MKII & MKIII series are also nice. Mine go for hundreds of rounds with the cheapest ammo before getting gunked up enough to finally start failing to eject.

      1. Keep building that pedestal higher and higher.

    5. Why do you want a .22 pistol?

      1. +1. A high-capacity .40 S&W 1911 is where it’s at, mother-fuckers.

        1. I have 15 round Glock .40. Its very accurate and reliable.

          1. There’s no doubt that Glocks are high-quality weapons, but I just really, really prefer the 1911 to everything else, especially since they’re avaliable in so many configurations, there’s no era-advantage gap anymore.

            1. I have a Colt Stainless Officers Special. Very nice. Needs a new extractor though. Actually been thinking about trading the .40 in for another .45. Maybe a SIG.

            2. Para-Ordnance .45 – best of both worlds. 15 rounds, and God’s Own Pistol Caliber, all in one 1911 package.

          2. *bang* OW!

            1. That never belonged to you.

      2. Is this a joke question?

        1. No, it isn’t. You already have a .22 revolver (so you already have a .22 handgun for cheap plinking).

          1. I haven’t run into any revolvers with 17 round cylinders.

              1. Well, most people find it less fun to shoot when you’re constantly having to reload.

                Though a friend of mine always shoots with small mags because he thinks it helps him save on ammo. With 22LR that’s not really an issue though…you can get a decent quality (ie, not Remington) 550 round box at Walmart for $15 or so.

          2. As I explained to Tulpa, the Single Six I have is actually not fun for casual target shooting. It’s a SAO revolver, which means you have to cock the hammer every time; you have to reload after six shots and it’s a gate loader and the cylinder doesn’t swing out; those are the main reasons.

            I want a semi-auto that I can get extra mags for and just go to the range and fuck around. No muss no fuss.

            1. Oh, OK. Then perhaps consider one of those Luger-looking Browning .22? Simple blowback design, cheap on the used market.

              1. Highly recommended – best 300 I ever spent.

      3. 22 LR runs $.03 per round vs $.22 per round for 9mm. The savings add up pretty quickly.

        1. If you’re just having fun you gotta go with 22lr for exactly that reason. Also 22LR is probably the best SHTF “survival” round if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

          1. Agree. Readily available anywhere ammo is sold, cheap, enough punch to hunt rabbits and squirrels and penetrate a zombie skull.

          2. .22 is the ultimate zombie round, actually. All you need to do is hit the brain, and as Bobby Kennedy knows, even a .22 short can accomplish that. They’re extremely light so you can carry tons of rounds, they’re incredibly common rounds, they’re accurate, and they’re not super loud. All very useful in a zombie apocalypse.

            1. Just make sure you don’t go after Jan Brewer by accident.

            2. The only issue is reliability, which I don’t think is as big a deal as people on forums like to make it out to be. None of the 22 autoloaders I own has a FTF/FTE more often than 1 in 300-500 or so. I consider than acceptable relative to the downsides of going up to centerfire – weight, less availability, noise, recoil, cost, etc.

              1. Just carry two or three guns on you. One fails, you pull another, and fix the problem when you’re safe.

                1. “Two is one and one is none”

                  And if the second one jams, throw it at him!

              2. Yeah, modern semiautos are generally very reliable. There is more that can go wrong with a semiauto and recovery is harder, but it usually won’t. Of course if you’re shooting cruddy Remington ammo all bets are off.

    6. You mean, that’s the only .22 sidearm you have right now, don’t you?

      1. Yes. My coworker got a 22A and it was about 50 times more fun than my Single Six, and now I want a semi-auto.

        1. Maybe you should write to S&W and tell them to offer lime, strawberry, and grape color schemes.

          One annoying thing about the 22A is the little plastic recoil spacers which wear out after about 800 rounds (assuming you don’t lose them while cleaning, as they like to fly out as soon as you take off the slide). Cheap part but you probably don’t want to shoot until S&W sends you new ones.

          1. I don’t give a shit about color, dumbass. It’s a fucking ugly gun. It has terrible lines. It does shoot really nicely, but I like my guns to appeal to me both aesthetically and functionally.

            1. I could see rejecting a woman for having bad lines, but a gun? That’s crazy.

        2. What do you have against the Ruger Mk IIIs? Personally I really like the aesthetics of the stainless steel wood grip models.

          1. My dad has one, I’ve shot them a lot, and I’m bored with them. I want to try something new.

    7. I want an old Browning Medalist but in this economy I’ll have to settle for a new Buck Mark.

  4. Ruger’s firearm sales have gone from $117 million to $232 million, an increase of 98%

    That may have more to do with the fact they’ve released some seriously kickass handgun models in the past few years. The SRx series debuted in Oct 2007, LCP in 2008, LCR in 2009.

    1. A Ruger man, eh? I’m gattin’ up with my P90 very soon.

      1. SR9c, Blackhawk 357, LCR, 10/22

        I thought about the MkIII but heard about too many cleaning nightmares so wound up getting the SW22A for my fun pistol.

        1. Tulpa… all pistols are fun.

          1. My LCR is absolutely not fun to practice with. 100 rounds 38 Spc + 13 oz + 2″ barrel = very sore hands

            1. You have to suffer to be beautiful.

    2. Spend the money and get a Sig P238. It’s a great weapon and has an easy slide if a woman is going to use it.

      1. I’m not letting any women touch my slide.

    1. ?

    2. If the Green party of America is anything like they are in Germany, then protecting gun rights are pretty much nonexistent.

  5. “Glock’s US sales increased 71%”

    Accidental discharge rates increased 9,000%


    1. You mean negligent discharge.

      Though any opportunity to tweak Glock worshippers, the iFans of the gun world, is well-taken.

      1. Though any opportunity to tweak Glock worshippers, the iFans of the gun world, is well-taken.

        High five! We all have our quirks and preferences.

        I have a good friend who reads here, and sometimes comments is absolutely a head-over-heels man for Colt Walkers. It’s Colt Walkers all the way down with him.

        “Heavy…heavy is good… heavy is a sign of reliability… if it does not work, you can always hit him with it.”

  6. Any other AR owners around these parts? I just put slapped a BCM upper on a Spike’s lower receiver a few weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten a chance to shoot it yet.

    1. All libertarians are AR owners. It says so in the Bible.

      1. Some libertarians live in countries where governments consider knife bans.

        1. I have an Irish pal who lives in York (Limetree Island), and he’s a libertarian. If you carry anything that can be used as an offensive weapon (knives, hammers, or anything else of the sort), and you’re not an obvious construction worker, for example, mandatory sentencing for possessing “deadly weapons” is a distinct possibility.

    2. I’m probably going to buy one from Bushmaster soon.

      1. Ehhhhh. For the price, what you get from Bushmaster isn’t that great. I’d take a look at Palmetto State Armory; you can even get some rifle kits from them for $500 on sale plus the cost of the stripped lower.

        1. DoubleStar.

          Any AR that isn’t a custom uses generic parts that are built by only 2 or 3 manufacturers. In other words, they’re all the same.

      2. Also, PSA has a rather close relationship with Congressman Joe Wilson. Go on, make a liberal cry.

        1. I was thinking of Bushmaster because several shooters I know say their guns are extremely reliable, that their build quality is always top-notch, and that it’s easy to deal with them, but it was only an initial recommendation. I’ll look into Palmetto, too. Danke.

    3. I own an AR. A Colt A2 with the carry handle. I would like to get a 16″ upper for it with rails. Also, a collaspable Stock. Maybe a MOD Stock. May trade it in for something with piston impingement. The gas ones get so freakin dirty. The dry lube stuff helps though.

    4. Still waiting for my Spike’s lower to show up. Ordered 12/30/2011 🙁 How long did you wait?

      1. I actually bought the lower stripped from AIM Surplus last summer. Two months? Ouch.

        1. Yeah. I told myself I was OK with waiting when I ordered from them since their policy is “we don’t know when we can get it to you”. Approaching 60 days and I’m starting to feel antsy though. If I knew more about ARs I would have bought parts and assembled one, but this is my first one.

          1. I have put several together over the last few years,the lower has a few springs and detents that can be tricky the first time around.I imagine youtube could cut the learning curve considerably these days.Since you will be most likely fixing it yourself it’s always a good idea to know how all the parts and pieces fit together,which building one from a box of parts will give you a crash course in.

    5. I’d love to get one, but unfortunately as an untenured wanderer I have to be careful not to collect things I can’t take with me to large swaths of the country. I’ve already got too much gun for going back home to IL, for instance.

      1. Fuck Illinois. I’m originally from Ekatirinburg, and I sure as fuck ain’t goin’ back to no pinko hole.

      2. I’ve already got too much gun for going back home to IL, for instance.

        No, there’s just not enough IL for your guns.

      3. Who’s going to find out? Just don’t take the “bad” ones to the range.

        1. The range? Just how metro are you?

          1. Where do you shoot in Seattle, Paul? Because there aren’t a lot of choices.

            1. Forest Road 9030. And various roads up that way. Just east of North Bend.

            2. You can also take the fire-training academy road (same stretch of 90) and go right. We have a whole series of favorite spots.

              Oh, 4wd not absolutely required, but damned good to have– as long as you don’t go too high on the mountain.

              After a certain point, 4wd is a must have.

            3. There are places out on East 410 as well, but some of those areas have been shut down to shooting. Some have not been shut down to shooting but people have put up their own signs saying it’s so. Apparently, mountain bikers with tasteful blonde highlights don’t like to hear firearms– so they’ve been putting up signs.

              There is a no-shoot corridor in those areas along i90 which I mentioned, which freaked us out, but when we went up there, it’s actually not that bad. You don’t have to go that far off the highway before you get into a legal-shoot area.

              1. Yeah, I just go to Wade’s. Or if I want to do shotguns I’ll go to one of the gun clubs southeast of the city.

                1. We used to go to a range up on 200th (edmonds area, I think) but the restrictions were just ruining the mojo. No shotguns, no talking, no smoking, no drinking, no looking askance at attractive women, no ‘rapid fire’, no man-shaped targets…

                  Pretty soon we were like, “Fuuuck, we gotta find a place in the woods to shoot.”

                  I’m actually not against a range, I think they’re really good places to practice your technique. But sometimes we go skeet shooting or just want to blast away with too large a variety of firearms.

                2. Plus, someone got killed at that range out in Bellevue… so I’m not convinced it’s “safer”.

        2. And wind up like Tank Johnson? No thanks.

          Though apparently the Illinois Supreme Court ruled recently that out-of-staters don’t need a FOID to carry a gun in their vehicles. Still not planning on bringing the guns to Christmas dinner at mom’s.

          1. Still not planning on bringing the guns to Christmas dinner at mom’s.

            If there was ever an occasion to bring guns…

          2. I’m very confident that every law enforcement officer in Illinois will abide by this ruling……..

      4. I’m originally from Massachusetts and I’m never going home. Fuck them.

    6. I’ve got an Armalite and have been very happy with it.

  7. “ declares that nothing seems to make Americans want to own a gun more than President Obama, who is reputed to hold, but never really acts on, anti-gun attitudes.”

    Obama has, in fact, acted on his anti-gun attitudes: Kagan and Sotomayor. Remember, if conservatives can clamor for the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, liberals can likewise clamor for the overturn of Heller and McDonald.

    1. You’re right, of course, but it seems that, at least for the short term, they have their sights set on Citizens United.

  8. I’m a certifiied NRA Instructor and active member at my local gun range. We saw a huge wave of demand in citizens taking our Basic Pistol course after Obama took office in 2008. The demand slowed in 2010 some but was still well above the pre-2008 levels. Our demand is greater in 2012, with the course now fully booked through July. We’re getting many more women taking the course, following the overall local trend for the past few years. This is anecdotal but I believe is representative of the macro trend, as your article highlights.

  9. Thats kinda funny when you think about it man.

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