Peter Bagge's Hidden Gems of 2011: Videos That Deserve A Second Look


With the new year just days away, is looking back at some of our favorite videos of 2011.

Here is a five-video playlist of a few hidden gems from 2011 that deserve a second look, including a union rally in Los Angeles, making whiskey at Mt. Vernon and a birthday tribute to Milton Friedman.

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  1. How about a list of the best comments posted of 2011?

    1. I nominate myself with this little gem. Or, barring that, something with a Melville twist.

      1. I coined some neologisms. But I’m not looking them up.

        1. The bellirhea post is the clear winner.

  2. RoboCain|12.16.11 @ 7:49PM|#
    As much as I support women carrying guns, I’m reluctant to admit that might have a downside. Men are used to having thoughts of violence and not acting on them.

  3. Warty|12.9.11 @ 4:50PM|# I already gave $20, but I’ll throw in another $5 or $25, depending on how awsomely it’s pulled off.

  4. Kant feel Pietzsche|11.7.11 @ 2:04PM|# Stand by for shocker: I’m backing rather on this one. She has said and done a lot of things here that irritated the fuck out of me, but this ain’t her MO.

  5. tarran|11.13.11 @ 9:15PM|#
    Go back and read the thread where we came up with the game.
    Her frustration, and unhappiness at the strategic surprise of people taking pleasure at her attempts to hurt are quite clear, especially in her futile attempts to mess up the scoring by posting random numbers.

  6. SugarFree|11.7.11 @ 9:06AM|# The Pledge
    I will not respond in any way to rather or any of her other thousand spoof handles in any way (White Indian, et al.) I have never spoofed her handle, and support no one else doing so. Spoofing her gives her cover for her various trolling activities. Let her post her retarded form letters and whining unmolested; she will hoist herself on her own petard as she has always done.
    The Big Ignore begins today. Please do not feed any of the trolls.sf pledge

    1. how can a letter be retarded?

  7. sloopyinca|2.20.11 @ 8:22PM|#
    Are you seriously asking that question? If so, you’re crazier than I thought.
    C’mon, rectal. You come on here, blogwhore, contribute nothing of substance, annoy the piss out of us and infect almost every thread with nonsensical gibberish.
    Hell, we all make the occasional stupid remark or crude comment. It’s part of the fun of unregulated commenting. You, on the other hand, are an insufferable asshole that contributes zero–ZERO–to legitimate topics that most of us on here care about. You would be doing us all a favor if you stuck a loaded gun in your mouth and pulled the trigger. There aren’t many people I can say that about. Even Chony gives us a laugh. You are simply a waste of space.…..nt_2580850
    sloopyinca|12.25.10 @ 3:21PM|# First, bob, I believe there was consent on Mary’s part. Second, those of us believe that God lives all around us and in each of our hearts, challenging us to be better men and women. Yes, we do believe their son gave his life for our sins and did come back to life after three days. I believe there were stories attesting to the resurrection penned by multiple non-believers and skeptics as well as his followers.
    And, yes, we believe that if you accept that Jesus died for your sins, your salvation is guaranteed.
    I guess I fail to understand your need to ridicule Christianity. I can’t find your rants in the archives where you belittle Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Neo-Paganism, Scientology, Unitarianism, and the like.
    Oh, I get it. You just need to be a hater.
    FYI, the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the gifts we have been given and to spend time with those we love. Some of us watch some basketball, some of us try to play with the toys we bought our kids. Some of us play golf. Some of us get drunk. (I usually end up doing all four.) Oh, and I’m able to celebrate it without infringing on your liberty, so fuck off and have a Merry Christmas.
    and fuck your god

  8. heller|2.7.11 @ 6:08AM|# Rectal, first I want to see the “proof” you have that I posted on your dumbass blog.
    I guess I’ll be waiting here for a while.

  9. Jeff P|1.6.11 @ 4:46PM|#
    Who doesn’t fuck sheep?

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