Ron Paul Cheers and Jeers; SOPA Protest; Back to the Moon; Death of Film (Continued) and More: PM Links


Far out space nuts: Next month in Reason.

LOVE or EVOL? Five Occupy Wall Street protestors arrested outside Ron Paul's Des Moines headquarters. Occupy spokeswoman says Paul and other Republicans are "disengaged." Meanwhile, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, who's gotta be worth five protestors, gives Paul her endorsement

Internet parties like it's 1999: "This page is black in protest" movement last seen during the Clinton Administration may make a comeback as big sites object to the Stop Online Piracy Act, which Google co-founder Sergey Brin says "would put us on a par with the most oppressive nations in the world."

Space agencies party like it's 1969: NASA plans to send unmanned GRAIL mission to orbit the moon. Chinese space agency issues a document outlining its plan to put Sinonauts Taikonauts Sailing Personnel In Universe up there someday. If you are a Reason subscriber you're already reading about the next phase of space travel, which will come from private companies, not governments. 

Arab spring still cooling. In Egypt, ruling military junta raids offices of political activists and NGOs. In Syria, government troops apparently kill at least seven Duma residents who had been expecting Arab League observers to lift a finger to help them. 

Wonderful old technology replaced by newer, better technology: The countdown to all-digital movie theaters has begun. Post-film era should be here…soon

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          1. This whole thing seems shoddily put together. Be careful, everyone. P.M. Links could collapse at any moment.

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              Who’s with me?!

    2. Wow. Didn’t realize how completely blown my computer speakers were until I listened to this.

  1. This comment empty in protest.

    1. Be honest. It was gonna be empty anyway.

  2. If Slapdick McGee were here, he’d complain about Kelly Clarkson eating five protesters outside the Paul HQ.

    I say “good on her,” even though I think the way she danced around afterward (see the twitter) was pretty chickenshit.

    1. Clarkson is a real woman. A little meat on dem bones. She’d feel so nice if she were close to me. /creeper

  3. Ron Paul is disengage.

  4. The best digital projection is almost as good as film projection.

  5. When did the OWS’ers start getting their statements written by Chinese marketing firms that use Google Translate?

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          Yours certainly stink, so I guess the saying is true.

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                    Further, they have written to Reason making malicious and untrue claims, and sugarfree has invited others to email him for personal information, and outright slanderous lies.

                    Anyone who did not complain about it when it wasn’t them, or who emailed sugarfree and epi to request information is damn lucky I haven’t pursued them; including the dumbass lawyer involved in their little game

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                      Can I prove a negative? Yes, if the comments were registered, and I have already said I don’t care if they are.

                      Certainly, if someone uses your IP, and handle the owner should be able to demand that the spoofers IP be published but ‘BigPussyTim’ (his new email handle) is unwilling or unable.

                    6. Registration can’t come soon enough.

                    7. Some of those requesting registration are notorious spoofers

                      I’d love for the IP’s to show up from past comments…hmm

                    8. he outed the asshole Godesky.

                      Is the Godesky thing fo’ real? Is there definite proof?

                      If he really is, then maybe the p-burgh contingent could protest him outside of his work. Get him fired. I’d go down to Vivisimo and hold up a placard that says “Vivisimo hires genocidalists!” with some choice WI quotes on the back. Or how about, “Vivisimo hires internet vandals!”

                    9. Is the Godesky thing fo’ real? Is there definite proof?

                      Email me.

                    10. I don’t know if the man is real but It wasn’t sugarfree who outed him; I believe tricky vic wrote about it the first time I saw the name ‘Godesky’

                      According to John someone used my email address, and or link to prove it was me, and John naively kept repeating that lie ad infinitum

                    11. “Actually, SF defended you when I e-mailed him and he outed the asshole Godesky” This may be your experience but when I say I can prove otherwise,

                      I meant that sugarfree has engaged in libelous /slanderous conduct and I can prove so

                    12. Oh, Slapdick McGee. Will you ever learn?

                    13. @Warty

                      If that’s really you, then you can contact me through the dummy account under my handle. I just cleared out the 100s of spam emails it contains. I don’t want to send correspondence to a malignant spoofer.

                      Same for anyone else, if you need to contact me use that email, but notify me first as I rarely check it.

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        1. onetime I tried to climb a tree but kept falling down because it was a coat rack instead.

  7. Just got my copy today…I haven’t read much yet, but I was interested to see Robert Zubrin’s byline inside. There are many things on which I disagree with Zubrin, but his technical knowledge is not one of them. I think his single-minded focus on going straight to Mars is foolish; it seems clear to me that adequate LEO and Lunar infrastructure needs to be built (privately!) in order to support such an effort. It almost makes more sense to me to go to the asteroids first, as the delta-v penalty at planetary gravity wells is such a big barrier to economical startup efforts at deep space commercialization.

    1. What does the Moon have that would make its colonization worth it?

      1. What does the Moon have that would make its colonization worth it?

        Well, for starters it doesn’t have any Team Blue or Team Red assholes populating it.

        1. #OccupyMoon

      2. It is a potential source for water as reaction mass and/or deuterium for nuclear propulsion systems and its gravity well is not so deep. It’s way better than hauling your fuel/reaction mass all the way up from Earth’s surface.

        1. Some scientific advantages to working in a vacuum, too.

          1. Yeah. Most chemical unit operations benefit greatly from this. Although, something most people don’t think about is that most density-based operations require much taller equipment in a lower gravitational field. Most engineers don’t think about this because the equations have all been solved for 9.8 m/s^2. Most of the time “g” is already taken care of in the cookie cutter solutions.

            1. Vacuum distillation by exposure to atmosphere seems like it has some definite benefits.

              1. The fact that any shady location offers a cold sink at near absolute zero helps a bit too.

      3. I’m very pleased that the private space push is focused on getting us into orbit cheaply. Once we can do that, people can go colonize, visit, conquer the Moon, Mars, Titan, a nice comet, L5, Bigelow orbital whoretels, whatever the heck they want.

        It’s the one really nice thing happening right now. Even NASA backed down in their attempt to fuck it up.

        1. Bigelow orbital whoretels

          Space brothels / opium dens. Space-steading FTW.

          1. This station is now the ultimate whore in the universe!

        2. There are near-space whoretels in the works too. A Spanish company (PDF) called zero2infinity or bloon or something is offering balloon flights to 118,000 feet.

          It’s a gentle experience, no need to rush.

          Listen to your mp3s, have dinner, sip your favorite drink, or join the mile high club. It’s your choice.

      4. Also, “colonization” is not necessary for the moon to be a source of fuel/reaction mass. Enough people to run the requisite mines/chemical plants and support staff them would not really qualify as a “colony” in my mind.

        1. You voted for Ron Paul? It’s off to the Helium3 mines with you!

        2. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

      5. Okay…what does the moon have that would make colonization PROFITABLE?

        1. Lunar Disney and Lunar Disney Space Cruises.

        2. Thar be Whales!!

        3. Thar be whales!!

  8. Taikonaut, not sinonaut. A sinonaut would be someone who is plying the oceans of china.

    1. Wouldn’t they call him: T?ik?ng r?n

      1. Nah, they just call them cargo.

  9. WtF does “is disengage” mean? Why am I even spending the effort asking?

    1. I am disappoint.

    2. It means Reason doesn’t pay their writers enough to proofread their own work.

      1. free (as in beer and in freedom) market says zero dollar commentariat labor will do it for them.

        1. Is it really free if you have to endure the merciless scorn and teasing of your volunteer editors?

          1. In terms of marginal utility, the harshness of the scorn diminishes with each act of ridicule.

            1. Only racist neo-confederates believe in something so outdated as marginal utility.

  10. …who had been excepting Arab League observers to lift a finger to help them.

    Are these dyslexic Syrians?

  11. Act in the House targets the heart of the whole TSA problem: their uniforms.

    FTA: The bill would “prevent Transportation Security Administration officers from wearing law enforcement uniforms and police-like badges and calling themselves officers unless they receive law enforcement training.” So if this passes you can bet that TSA’s budget proposal will be full of law enforcement training for all TSA stooges.

    1. I think they should wear silver mini skirts with purple wigs.

      1. Brown shirts would be fitting.

          1. There’s a naked pic of Gabrielle Drake on my blog.

            1. Yes, but first’s is better.

              Except for the Deborah Caprioglio pic.

            2. Excellent. Although your search feature failed me 🙁

          2. I do not want to see the typical TSA lady in one of those outfits.

      2. U.F.O.. Another reason we need a moonbase.

        1. God that was a great show. I wanted to be an Interceptor pilot.

          1. Oh, yeah.

            1. ^^[Kool-Aid Man voice]^^

    2. They had some real special people working a SEA late last night. The guy who checked our boarding passes (at the entrance to the line) muttered incoherently for us and the guy ahead of us. The lady who checked our IDs and boarding passes (for real) seemed baffled by the US passport presented to her. Finally, the guy who looked through my wife’s bag after the x-ray seemed very concerned about the drink we inadvertently packed, to the point of making sure several times that we knew it would have to be thrown away.

    3. The STRIP Act is not some adult show. It’s a new House bill that stands for Stop TSA’s Reach In Policy

      For the love of God, why must these clowns give their legislation such silly names?

      1. Like the phone company picking out *69 as callback?

        1. Says the man whose nation uses letters in zip codes. Letters, for crying out load, in a nation that only needs about a couple of dozen zip codes.

          1. POSTAL CODES are not Zip Codes. They are much more discrete.
            What’s with the deal with the extra 4 digits on zip codes? Not enough discreteness with a 5 digit number?

            1. The extra four digits are for drones. You know, just in case.

  12. The five were cited with trespassing and later released after they refused repeated requests to leave Paul’s campaign office in the Des Moines suburb of Ankeny. The action came a day after seven protesters were arrested outside Republican Mitt Romney’s Des Moines headquarters, and Occupy spokeswoman Danielle Ryun said more protests, and probably arrests, will come.

    Proportional, of course, on the various candidates’ standings in the polls. Gingrich, this time around, got three protesters, and one of those just milled around for an hour before wandering off to the Santorum headquarters.

    1. I figured the OWS’ers were used to Santorum by now, and were no longer protesting it him.

  13. Bachmann On The Prowl To Hunt Down The Traitors That Wronged Her, Carries A Poison Apple For The Job

    DES MOINES, Iowa ? As GOP contender Michele Bachmann’s bus pulls into Nevada, Iowa, today, concluding a 99-county tour of the state, the Minnesota Republican is forced to explain why the wheels aren’t actually coming off her campaign given a spate of recent setbacks.

    Bachmann was forced to explain Thursday not only why her Iowa chairman, State Sen. Kent Sorenson, defected from her campaign to endorse Ron Paul at the 11th hour, but also why her senior political advisor issued a statement refuting Bachmann’s explanation.

    Sorenson, Bachmann told reporters Thursday, was “offered a great deal of money” by the Paul campaign to switch teams just five days before the first-in-the-nation caucuses on Jan. 3.

    She characterized Sorenson’s departure as political poaching, calling it an “aggressive action by the Ron Paul” campaign.

    Bachmann’s Iowa political director, Wes Enos, who like Sorenson joined her campaign in its first days, released a statement under Ron Paul’s letterhead refuting Bachmann’s assertion that Sorenson had been paid to go. Sorenson and Enos both say the state senator decided to back Paul because he had many friends on that campaign, and believed Paul has the best chance of winning.

    According to Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart, Enos “is no longer with us,” but she would not confirm whether he’d been fired for insubordination or left on his own accord.

    1. What was the point of Bachmann lying about this? She lost any sympathy she would have gotten for the kind of sketchy way he left (as in leaving 3 hours after doing an event for her).

      1. Because sour grapes are best when shared with friends and strangers.

      2. I thought she really jumped the shark with the “everyone sells out in Iowa, why shouldn’t I” part of her statement. Outside of an Oliver Stone movie, who talks like that?


    CA: ‘I’m a cop, I can do whatever I want ‘ off-duty policeman shouts before ‘executing guy in bar’ over a game of darts

    “An off-duty police officer has been charged with executing a man in a sports bar – after an argument over a game of darts.”

    “Riverside County sheriff’s deputy Dayle Long, 42, allegedly shot Samuel Vanettes, 36, three times, leaving him to die on the floor of the bar in Murrieta, California.” …


    Holy mother fuck

    1. what was the score?

        1. Damn, as a former A-leaguer (5.12 avg), I still get goosebumps watching that.

          1. Isn’t this THE perfect case for 1st-degree murder?

            1. If not, then this is.

              “Like a marble figure in a Reichsmuseum.” Brilliant!

    2. Long ? who has worked for the sheriff’s department for about 10 years ? has been placed on administrative leave, Sgt. Joe Borja said.

      Authorities declined to answer additional questions about the shooting, including whether Long is accused of using his service weapon.

      Of course, authorities would be equally as tight-lipped to the press about details if it was an ordinary scumbag citizen in an armed assault.

      1. Imagine if the guy had shot a cop while playing darts. They’d have already tried him on Nancy fucking Grace.

      2. A completely clear-cut, slam-dunk capital murder, and he’s on fucking administrative leave?

        Fuck this shit. Fuck it to hell.

        1. No, no. The guy showed up for his hearing in a prison jumpsuit, so I’m assuming he’s behind bars. As far as the “admin leave” thing, keep bringing up how the unions bargain for shit like this. Eventually, enough taxpayers will listen.

          1. Here is a site that has a description from someone apparently working at the bar that night.

    3. Hey!! Back Off!! He hasn’t convicted yet!!

    4. He should be thankful they didn’t have money on the game. Otherwise, deputy Long might have sodomized him with a nightstick, THEN shot him.

    5. And nothing else happened.

  15. Oh, no, Paul will lose votes in the Republican primary because OWS people sat-in at his office!

    1. Excuse me, are you mocking the Power of Protest? I for one am totally convinced by whatever dirty hippies sacrifice their valuable time to argue.

      1. dirty hippies, now you’ve convinced me. Whatever you say.

  16. “According to the white paper, which serves as a blueprint for the next five years, China will develop new satellites, accelerate efforts to build a space station and strengthen its research in space. Laying the foundation for a mission to the moon, the government also plans to launch unmanned lunar probes and make ‘new technological breakthroughs’ in human space flights by 2016.”

    Just what space needs, a half-constructed orbital station and a lunar base with several partially finished and unoccupied structures connected by an underutilized rail system.

    1. Don’t forget cigarette butts on the floor and undrinkable water.

      1. It’s not really going to be a space station. It’ll just have the facade of one.

    2. The Ghost Stations of China.

  17. Don’t study accounting at Franklin & Marshall…..sents.html

  18. Full Ron Paul interview (video) in WHO-AM (Jan Mickelson Show)…..redirect=1

  19. Jon Stewart now beats Fox Fake Fascist News —…..11-ratings

    1. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
      H. L. Mencken

  20. Santorum surges from behind…..=124488469

    1. I would like to see an article titled:

      Santorum seeps into third place.


      Santorum oozing confidence

      1. “Santorum backers trickling in”

        1. “Santorum Struggles With Occupy Movement”

        2. “Santorum explodes out of Iowa, makes lasting impression on mainstream Republican”

        3. “Santorum Seen as Slick Entry in Tight GOP Field”

          1. “Libertarian wing of GOP certain Santorum will be on ticket”

            1. “Ron Paul Wipes the Floor With Santorum in Debate.”

              1. “Santorum Courts Florida Space Vote with Proposed Moon Shot Plan … ‘We Can Build Better Spacedock in U.S,’ Says Presidential Hopeful.”

                1. ….’We Can Build Better Spacedock in U.S,’ nuke Iran from orbit Says Presidential Hopeful. It’s the only way to be sure.”

        4. Santorum continues to run despite sagging polls

      2. “Santorum claims share of number two.”

    2. Shouldn’t that be
      Santorum oozes from behind?

      1. Yes, this meme sure refutes any notion that sodomy is as disgusting as bestiality.

  21. There are plenty of filmmakers and film lovers who are quite unhappy about the impending change, but it’s inevitable at this point, since digital filming costs a tiny fraction of the costs to create movies on actual film, not to mention the huge sums saved by not having to ship film reels to several thousand theaters all around the planet for every single movie.

    Don’t I always hear film buffs on Turner Classic Movies complaining they need money to save all those old movies whose film stock is wasting away? If the Hollyweird had made the switch to filming digital a hundred years ago when they should have instead of dragging their feet for “artistic” reasons, we wouldn’t have lost so many silent films in the first place. Dummies.

    1. Electronic media decays in some ways faster than paper or celluloid. There are even bacteria and fungi that thrive on CDs and magnetic tape. There are also problems with formats and decoding. Decoding celluloid is as easy as shining a light through it. Some digital media can’t be read because there is no surviving hardware to do so or the decoding software has been lost.

      1. Alternatively, millikns of independent digiral copies are a good way of preserving the data, at least.

        1. digital + viral ftw

          1. 10,000 years from now the only record of our present civilization will be youtube videos of nutshots and crazy animals.

            1. Pretty sure it was in “Alpha Beta” (John Man) where the problem of warning people far in the future about the dangers of a radioactive dump was researched.
              No one came up with any idea that stood a chance of success for 1,000 years.

              1. I doubt it was an Alpha Beta. Those guys were all jocks. Coulda been a Tri-Lambda though. Those guys were the brains at Adams College.

                1. Don’t tease sevo with a pop culture reference that is less than 40 years old, that’s mean.

                  1. “Don’t tease sevo with a pop culture reference,”

                    Better idea.
                    Unless “pop-culture” is:

      2. db|12.29.11 @ 7:25PM|#
        “Electronic media decays in some ways faster than paper or celluloid.”

        I’ve lost stuff from all of 15 years ago, so this is a pain. Fact is, if I want some document to really last, it’s acid-free paper, good ink and no UV.
        But how many “masterpieces” have been lost from a bad choice of paint pigment or carrier?
        The presumption that a ‘work of art’ shuold be permanently preserved is questionable at best and probably impossible besides.
        If “Citizen Cane” disappeared tomorrow, humanity wouldn’t be measurably harmed. But if those who want to keep it are willing to pay the cost of doing so, more power to them.

    2. They didn’t have digitial 100 years ago.

      Can you imagine William Wellman doing the aerial sequences of Wings on punchcard-based CGI?

      1. Finally, someone zeros in on the relevant part.

        1. Actually, Wellman was going to use stop-motion photography for the aerial scenes, but he discovered it was murder on the pilots. 😉

      2. Metropolis would have certainly looked different.

  22. Did you know that, according to the newsletter sporting my name for which I nonetheless bear no responsibility whatsoever because SQUIRREL!: AIDS was engineered at Fort Detrick? And that moneylending “Bilderbergers” (*wink*wink*) actually run the world’s banks? Yup. Yupyupyup.

    Please elect me to the highest office in the land. Because it’s certainly not as if I’m fucking nuts, or anything like that.

    1. You know, I am not a native English speaker and even *I* find your writing skills appaling. Is this the best Team Red can do?

      1. Please don’t try switching the topic from what’s really important, here: teh scary, scary pink money.

        Please elect me to the highest office in the land. Because, apparently, I’m the best you can do.

        1. Re: Lying coward who names himself Ron Paul,

          Please don’t try switching the topic from what’s really important

          I don’t think you get it – what you have to say is not important. You’re a level below scum. You’re the scum that scum scrapes of its shoes.

          1. what you have to say is not important. You’re a level below scum. You’re the scum that scum scrapes of its shoes.

            That’s it. You’ve just smartassed your way out of a plum position as my campaign manager.

            1. You’re quite the coward, lying scum of scum.

          1. “Because I’m like Michelle Bachmann, only titless.”

            Not even a poor try.

          2. You’ll never hear anything like that come out of my mouth. I believe in the Warren Commission like all good Americans. Straight down the middle, like all good Americans. Nothing radical on my agenda. The Fed is on our side. This nonsense about Goldman Sachs and the Carlyle Group fleecing America is an insult to the good public spirited men and women who run our financial sector. God Bless the Establishment, and God bless the USA!

    2. Now there is nothing wrong with fucking a nut in the privacy of your own home. Bigot!

  23. Cry From Israel: Please Vote For Dr. Ron Paul And Let My People Go!

    first got interested in the whole freedom movement when I heard that Ron Paul wanted to end all foreign aid, including to my country, Israel. This seemed like a spectacular idea to me. I hate the idea of taking American tax payer money I don’t need. The only reason we take it, by the way, is not because we need it. It’s that we don’t want to feel alone, and Jews always feel a deep existential isolation and loneliness. “As I see them from the mountain tops, gaze on them from the heights, this is a people that dwells alone, not counted among the Nations,” says Balaam of the People of Israel in Numbers 23:9. We still feel that loneliness. So we take the money. It’s shameful, it’s theft, it’s destructive, it’s morally wrong, and it makes people hate us for tying them into a conflict they have no business trying to solve. I wanted it to end and didn’t trust any Israeli leader to give it up on his own, so I looked up more about Ron Paul.

    What I found was fascinating. On the forums, I learned of people who, back in ’08, literally gave their lives short of death to this man. Some poured money into his campaign they could not afford to give, and some even lost their marriages because of their single-minded insane dedication. This shocked me. I couldn’t yet understand it, but after a few days of listening to him, it began to click.

    What is it about Ron Paul that inspires such extremes? Such maddening support on the one hand, and such fear and loathing on the other? I can give the answer in one word: Soul.

    The essential soul of a human being is by definition free. The idea that men are free as determined by God is a concept that is foreign to most men. This is because most men want to control others, to take away their freedom. This is usually referred to as the drive for power. The drive for power is antithetical to freedom because power means the ability to control others. There is only one legitimate thing that power can and should be used for, whether it be military, legislative, or executive power. That is, to legalize freedom.

    Hear that, Kochtopus?

    1. If the US govt stops sending aid to Israel, the American Jewish community will certainly step up. maybe some will learn the value of private vs state charity.

      1. And if the US govt cuts the defense budget, maybe the Euros will spend some of their money to defend themselves.
        ‘Course, some vacations may have to be cut to less than 6 or 8 weeks, so it’ll be a tough choice for them.

        1. Oh, good! A link to a fundy X-ian site! How…………..

  24. onetime i put my finger in my butthole and i thought it was chocolate but it was fudge instead.

  25. EPA to collect carbon tax on coal left in naughty childrens’ stockings this Christmas…..t7961.html

  26. Romney says “Ron Paul will not be our next nominee”

    Oh. Well now that Romney says it, it must be true. Iowa seems to be saying they don’t want Romney to be the next nominee.

    1. Mitt’s got it.

      1. Until he changes his mind.



    1. That’s pretty cool.

      One good thing about living in PA is the liberal gun laws. I can go buy a pistol in the morning and have it in my hands at the time of purchase. Also, all that I need to get a concealed weapon permit is 35$.

      1. $35? My last permit renewal was like $21.

        1. You’re right, brainfart on my part.


    NY: ‘Dirty-cop’ cases gumming up Bronx works

    “The NYPD ticket-fixing scandal has slowed the wheels of justice in The Bronx — as prosecutors move to plead out or even drop cases involving cops caught on wiretap …”

    “Bronx DA Robert Johnson’s office is culling the names of all officers monitored in the investigation and cross-referencing them with open criminal cases …”

    “The fear is that if one of the probed officers is called to testify, his credibility would be called into question …” …

    “Bronx prosecutors have already dropped one criminal case, a source said.”

    “‘They were gearing up for trial, but the assistant DA’s supervisor said, ‘This officer can’t testify,’ the source said …” …

  29. Perry’s First Salvo On His War Against Virginia’s Ballot Rules To Be Postponed Due To Shortage Of Shells.

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Texas Gov. Rick Perry has lost the first round in his bid to get his name on the Virginia Republican primary ballot.

    A federal judge in Richmond on Thursday declined Perry’s request for an emergency court order to require Virginia’s Board of Elections to place his name on the March ballot.

    Instead, U.S. District Judge John A. Gibney Jr. scheduled a Jan. 13 court date to hear arguments in the case.

    Perry failed last week to meet Virginia’s requirements that each candidate receive 10,000 signatures of registered voters, with 400 from each of its 11 congressional districts.


    1. Another victory for Mitt.

      1. Only Ron Paul can stop Mitt. Wait, Obama can too! And likely will unless you TEAM RED girls quit whining and get on board.

  30. Iowa matters, except when it doesn’t.

    A compilation of media coverage and commentary, 4 years ago to today:


    1. Maybe Iowa should be ignored. After all they gave us Obama and Huckster.

      1. Iowans are fat thugs.


    Software giant Microsoft has decided to remove all gun-like items from its marketplace in the coming year.

    It is all part of a restriction on what you can have your avatar do such as swearing, smoking, and violence. Apparently the right to bear arms is right up there amongst them. So that means that buying a Golden Hammerburst or Lancer for your Xbox Live Avatar, is going to be a thing of the past.


    I really hope this is an entirely internal decision and that they weren’t pressured by a governmental entity. Liberal dogs.

    1. I really hope this is an entirely internal decision and that they weren’t pressured by a governmental entity. Liberal dogs.

      It’s Microsoft, dude. Internal decisions and governmental entity mean the exact same thing.

      1. Merry Christmas, Sloopy. A Dallas cop goes to Kentucky, shoots at people, and gets arrested. Then released on $5k bail.

        1. Meh, at least he got charged. If he wanted to get away with a crime, he should have got a fellow cop to go along with gang-raping a woman. Because doing that will only get you fired, apparently.

          1. Rather’s giving herself the vapors upthread accusing me of being a mass-spoofer…even though I’ve been on vacation all this week and so haven’t even been on this website except for a few minutes here and there at night.

            Apparently having an email address in your handle means you couldn’t possibly be a spoofer; only people like me with “anon” handles can be spoofers. What a joke.

            1. Because you know Jim, someone with an email in their handle would be totally unable of changing their email for the purpose of malicious spoofing.

            2. Apparently she has never hear of the backslash delete. She is exactly the reason why I don’t post my email address in my handle. Don’t want her type of nutcase buzzing around my home ground.

              1. I love that you are innocent fools
                -it must be a characteristic of ASD

                1. What the fuck are you going on about now, crazy bitch?

              2. he is exactly the reason why I don’t post my email address in my handle.

                But you are going to miss out on all the penis pics! Or am I the only one receiving those?

              3. he is exactly the reason why I don’t post my email address in my handle.

                But you are going to miss out on all the penis pics! Or am I the only one receiving those?

                1. no you’re not Banjo

                2. I don’t send penis pics to just anyone, Banjos. If you think rather would make that list, well then I am disappoint.

                  1. Oh, I would never assume that any of you would send pics to her. My comment was in response to Chris.

                    1. I was trying to pretend I didn’t notice that one. Didn’t see how I could win anything, and penis pics ain’t winning.

                    2. Trust me. You did the right thing. Wieners and emails don’t mix.

            3. “Rather’s giving herself the vapors upthread accusing me of being a mass-spoofer”

              My comment: Why do you think ‘individuals’ like Gojira are anon? They make up shit all day long under different handles, and then fixate on a commenter.

              English translation: Why do you think ‘individuals’ like Gojira are anon? They make up shit all day long under different handles, and then fixate on a commenter.

              I never accused you

              1. You implied I was guilty of something.

                I love that you are innocent fools

                My post is within that group you were describing. Any casual observer would assume you meant me. You shouldn’t be making false allegations against people.

                1. “You implied I was guilty of something”
                  is that an emotional response? It certainly isn’t factual.

                  You strike out on the second part too.

                  I can prove all facts that I have stated

                  1. No, stupid, what I stated is what is called prima facie in court.

                    Sudden|12.29.11 @ 8:23PM|#

                    Because you know Jim, someone with an email in their handle would be totally unable of changing their email for the purpose of malicious spoofing.
                    chris|12.29.11 @ 8:26PM|#

                    Apparently she has never hear of the backslash delete. She is exactly the reason why I don’t post my email address in my handle. Don’t want her type of nutcase buzzing around my home ground.
                    rather|12.29.11 @ 8:32PM|#

                    I love that you are innocent fools
                    -it must be a characteristic of ASD

                    You made a claim about guilty parties right after my post entry thus slandering me.

                    1. “No, stupid, what I stated is what is called prima facie in court.”

                      why do I have a feeling your law school expertise comes from an episode of Law and Order?

                    2. Because you are a narcissistic cunt who believes she is the only one who has done any thing with her life? Yeah, I’m going with that.

                    3. What has me laughing is how difficult it is for you to follow the chain of the argument, and conclude thus that it is the reserve of experts.

                    4. control your emotional behavior Chris, you’ll never have the discipline to succeed otherwise

                    5. lol! Jeezus, is this what you do in between shows in the Catskills?

          2. Because doing that will only get you fired, apparently.

            One of the fired officers went on to assault his girlfriend. It sounds like these guys will eventually be charged.

            1. Paraphrased FTA: Police responded to a call about a possible suicidal individual. Once the two others were out, they sent in SWAT to arrest the man.

              Why dion’t they let suicidal people just do their business? Especially when they’re rapists like this cop is.


    If there’s a crime occurring in your neighborhood, or a drunken driver careening through it, whom do you want to respond?

    Someone from City Hall? A private security guard who can’t make traffic stops, can’t pursue fleeing suspects and can use a weapon only in self-defense?

    In central Minnesota, the Benton County seat of Foley, population 2,600, is moving to replace sheriff’s deputies assigned to patrol its streets with private security guards.



    1. Why couldn’t the private cops be deputized?

    2. That can’t be correct. Towns have always hired city marshals.

  33. In Egypt, ruling military junta raids offices of political activists and NGOs.

    Reminds me of the 7 steps to government power in Latin America.

    1. Country is in shambles.
    2. Dictator in power for years.
    3. Revelion ensues. The military supports the people.
    4. Revolution triumphs.
    5. Dictator leaves the country with all the money.
    6. Country in shambles – every has to be restarted.
    7. New military junta created.
    8. Elections are made, new leader is chosen from the military.
    9. The new government is accepted by the US
    10. New leader becomes dictator. Rules for years.
    11. Country is in shambles.
    12. Revelion ensues. The military supports the people.
    Revolution triumphs.
    13. Dictator leaves the country with all the money.
    14. Country in shambles – every has to be restarted.
    15. New military junta created.
    16. Elections are made, new leader is chosen from the military.
    17. The new government is accepted by the US.

    1. What’s a Revelion?

  34. Isn’t today “Ignore a Troll Thursday”?

    Why are you laughing?

      1. Sexual harassment! Hostile blogging environment!

        1. I’d sexually harass people too, if I were an ugly cunt like Rectal.

          1. go away little boy, you bore me

          2. Xtra hot nachos burn!

  35. After Canada gives up 2 goals to Danes, the nation wonders if our hockey superiority is in question.

  36. Rick Steves lecture on Iran.…..r_embedded

    Watching the video makes you think “Yeah, let’s bomb them!”…

    … If you were Santorum, that is.

    1. Can we just bomb Rick Steeves?

      1. Re: PantsFan,

        Can we just bomb Rick Steeves?

        It’s Steves, not Steeves.

    2. TLDW more than a bit but just another reason to keep using his books along with him not sanitizing the travel experience.

    3. Spoofer, go live there.

      1. “Spoofer”? What, are you jesting?

        I am not going go live anywhere else. The point is that this call to bomb Iran is nothing more than jingoism based on ignorance about the people and mindless recklessness.

  37. 1 year old McDonald’s cheeseburger ‘unchanged


    Radley Balko disses Ron Paul on Facebook:

    One of Ron Paul’s biggest attributes is his sincerity. He doesn’t bullshit. Which is why this is so disappointing. He’s either lying, completely removed from reality, or really still believes (or at least doesn’t find offensive) everything in the vile newsletters that bear his name, save for “eight to ten sentences.” In which case he’s a bigot. These are the only three options. All of them are ugly.

    Radley is talking about this:


    Ron Paul on Thursday downplayed the fringe aspects of his old newsletters, saying on an Iowa radio program that the most offensive passages were probably only a small portion of the overall content.

    “There were many times I did not edit the entire letter and other things were put in,” he told a caller on the Jan Mickelson radio show. “I was not aware of the details until many years later. These were sentences that were put in, eight or 10 sentences. It wasn’t a reflection of my views at all. It got in the letter and I thought it was terrible.”

    So there you have it – Balko seems to agree with Talkingpoints Memo that Paul is “downplaying” the newsletters.

    1. This is just pure bullshit from Balko. Like I posted before, the Reason guys just opened the dragnet and now call the whole content of the newsletters (punctuation marks and all) “racist” or “vile” so as not to deal with the counterargument that the sentences are taken out of context.

      Paul can see the same commentary on the internet as anybody else, and can see also the emphasis being made on just a few sentences, by either the leftist media or the right. It would thus be normal for Paul to point out and talk about those few sentences that made everybody else rip their clothes and pull their hair in a show of false and phony outrage.

      What’s outrageous is the exaggeration and downright lying that Paul’s detractors are resorting to. So now ALL the newsletters are vile – ALL of them. Even the paper they were printed on was made out of human skin, it would seem.

      The worst are these false choices that Balko posits: Either Ron is lying, deluded or is a racist. Never mind the context, never mind the historical background surrounding those comments, never mind how the media AND Reason have replayed these few sentences over, and over, and over again ad nauseam. No, Paul is guilty of not accepting he’s some sort of sinner who must repent before the altar of Libertarianism as created in Balko’s mind.

      1. I’m very disappointed in Balko then, since it should be pretty obvious that Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate that believes police brutality and racism exists and is directed specifically at minorities.

        But hey, the poll numbers and large crowds at RP events show that media has been so throughly discredited that people are not taking the insinuations they make about him seriously and are instead looking at Ron Paul closely and seeing that he is obviously not a racist.

  39. Why Keynes was right

    1. “By Paul Krugman”

      Says it all.

    2. “Heads I win, tails you lose.” If government spending doesn’t work, then it clearly didn’t go far enough becase I’m Paul Fucking Krugman and I can prove a negative!

    3. You mean the guy who just a month ago was forecasting deflation?


      Hell saying: under depression conditions ? which is what we have now

      Must be a new meaning to the word ‘right’ that is closer to its opposite.

      1. Double dippa! Double dippa!
        No double dippa? Why no double dippa? Bernanke did what? How come I no thing about it?

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