Drug War

Get a Medical Marijuana Card, Lose Your Second Amendment Rights

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives wants to prohibit patients from protecting themselves.


If you are a medical marijuana patient in one of the 16 states (plus the District of Columbia) that allow for it, you've got reason to believe lately that the government has it in for you.

You've got federal raids on the places where you can conveniently buy your medicine, the governor of Arizona trying to overturn in court her citizens' choice to institute a medical marijuana system, and Michigan's attorney general trying to make life as hard as he can for those using the system his state's voters approved by 63 percent in 2008. And while it isn't directly the government's fault, doctors are taking people off liver transplant waiting lists for using medical pot.

It isn't just that the government on both the federal and state level doesn't want you to be able to legally and conveniently obtain your medicine, if that medicine is pot. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) insists you inherently lose a key constitutional right merely by letting your state know you might want to take pot medicinally.

Merely having a state medical marijuana card, BATFE insists, means that you fall afoul of Sect. 922(g) of the federal criminal code (from the 1968 federal Gun Control Act), which says that anyone "who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance" is basically barred from possessing or receiving guns or ammo (with the bogus assertion that such possession implicates interstate commerce, which courts will pretty much always claim it does).

Nevada licenses medical pot users. Rowan Wilson, a Carson City-area woman who works as a medical technician in residential care homes, believes pot might be useful for her painful menstrual cramps. After going through a seven-month process to obtain a medical marijuana card, she attempted in October to purchase a gun from a gun dealer, Fred Hauseur, who was also a personal acquaintance.

The Form 4473 that the BATFE requires every gun purchaser to fill out asks, "Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana…or any other controlled substance?" Wilson, not considering herself an unlawful user or addict but aware, as she says in a deposition in the case, that BATFE "has set down a policy whereby it is presumed that any person holding a medical marijuana registry card is automatically considered an unlawful user of, or addicted to marijuana " left that line blank.

Hauseur, the dealer from whom Wilson was trying to buy a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum, knew Wilson, and knew she was a card holder. He also knew about the contents of a September 2011 memo sent out by BATFE to federally licensed gun dealers.

The memo says that "there are no exceptions in federal law for marijuana purportedly used for medicinal purposes, even if such use is sanctioned by State law…any person who uses…regardless of whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user…and is prohibited by Federal law from possessing firearms of ammunition…..if you are aware that the potential transferee is in possession of a card authorizing the possession and use of marijuana under State law, then you…may not transfer firearms or ammunition to the person." And indeed, Hauseur did not.

Wilson thinks that this BATFE policy violates her Second Amendment rights. With the help of Nevada lawyer Chaz Rainey of Rainey Devine, she filed suit in October in federal district court in Nevada against Department of Justice chief Eric Holder, the BATFE, and its acting director and assistant director.

As the suit says, "Ms. Wilson has never been charged with or convicted of any drug-related offense, or any criminal offense….Indeed, no evidence exists that Ms. Wilson has ever been 'an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana….' Ms. Wilson maintains that she is not an unlawful user of or addiction to marijuana….Nonetheless, Ms. Wilson was denied her Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms based solely on her possession of a valid State of Nevada medical marijuana registry card." The suit argues the BATFE policy also violated her Fifth Amendment right to due process since it presumes she is a prohibited drug user arbitrarily.

The federal government is expected to file a reply before the end of the year, and Wilson's lawyer Rainey says he hopes the Feds "don't engage in long drawn-out lengthy discovery process, deposing everyone involved." Rainey notes a case intersecting guns and drugs could roll either way—a pro-Second Amendment judge could be uncomfortable with the marijuana part, and a pro-medical marijuana judge uncomfortable with the gun part.

Rainey doesn't have experience in the gun law field, but he has some civil rights experience and has found other lawyers and activists in the Second Amendment field helpful in thinking the case through (although most of the bigger gun rights organizations don't like touching this pot-related case). Wilson had trouble finding a lawyer excited about the case—"some lawyers didn't want to touch a cannabis case, period." She finds the existence of any state registry of marijuana users troublesome on general medical privacy grounds. One of her reasons for shouldering the burden of plaintiff is that patients she encounters in her elderly care field are afraid to get a medical card and use pot because of the extra problems that arise—like losing gun possession rights.

While the BATFE has not yet announced any concerted program to go after people who may have had legally purchased weapons before getting a marijuana card, Morgan Fox of the Marijuana Policy Project says that it's common practice in medical marijuana-related busts that "if weapons are present, there will be gun charges added on as well."

Rainey expects the results of the initial trial to be appealed whoever wins, and is prepared to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. (Montana's Attorney General Steve Bullock has informed the BATFE that he thinks the policy oversteps federal bounds.)

As Independence Institute gun rights scholar David Kopel explains, some lower courts have decided that while the legal prohibition on felons owning handguns is not inherently unreasonable or unconstitutional, the application of that law to felons of certain types—say, nonviolent ones in the distant past—isn't always reasonable. While the Wilson case as filed is challenging the very constitutionality of classifying drug users as outside the pale of the Second Amendment, Rainey is also prepared, he says, to argue more narrowly that it is unreasonable to apply that category specifically to Wilson merely on the basis of her possessing the marijuana card.

"Taking it to the Supreme Court" isn't just outrageous hubris on Rainey's part. Since the 2008 Heller case and the 2010 McDonald case, the Supreme Court has opened up a new world of Second Amendment jurisprudence. Now we know that handgun possession in the home is a protected right. But the legality of other government gun regulations remains uncharted territory. In his Heller opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia made it explicit: ""The Second Amendment right is not unlimited…. The Court's opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms."

Many, many cases trying to set those new parameters are moving through the courts, slowly. As Alan Gura, the star Second Amendment lawyer who won both Heller and McDonald says, we need to wait to see where the Second Amendment is going. "We're just waiting for decisions in District Courts—in some cases, waiting for a very long time now. These things take a lot longer to get resolved than people would like…. I disagree with those who say that the Court is done for a while with the Second Amendment. I have no idea which case they'll take next, but the issue is not going away."

One very good district court decision came out this summer, also thanks to Gura. In Ezell v. Chicago, he challenged the city's ban on gun ranges. According to Chicago, a legal weapon permit holder needed to have a signed affidavit from a firearms instructor affirming that he or she completed a training course, including at least one hour of gun range training. Yet the city simultaneously banned gun ranges within city limits. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the range ban, and began laying out a complicated set of review standards for the Second Amendment that largely map existing First Amendment doctrine, where "a severe burden on the core Second Amendment right of armed self-defense will require an extremely strong public-interest justification and a close fit between the government's means and its end." That leaves plenty of room for, well, judgment on the part of judges. The fate of any given challenge to gun regulations short of handgun bans can't be predicted precisely until we see more federal district court decisions and eventual Supreme Court rulings.

One case already waiting at the Supreme Court for a decision about certiorari, however, has staked out the same territory as Wilson's suit: the area between the Second Amendment and a state's medical marijuana licensing system.

The case is Winters v. Willis, out of Oregon. It involves two consolidated cases in which Oregon sheriffs tried to deny a state concealed carry permit for weapons to citizens because they had Oregon medical marijuana cards, even though state law would otherwise compel issuance of the permit.

The Oregon Supreme Court agreed with the citizens (as did all the lower courts) that the sheriffs had no good reason to deny the carry permit, even if the possession of the marijuana card might, as the sheriffs insisted, mean that the permitted citizens would fall afoul of federal gun possession law, being (presumptively) drug users.

As the Oregon Supreme Court's May decision read in part:

it appears that the sheriffs also wish to enforce the federal policy of keeping guns out of the hands of marijuana users by using the state licensing mechanism to deny CHLs [concealed handgun licenses] to medical marijuana users. The problem that the sheriffs have encountered is that Congress has not enacted a law requiring license denial as a means of enforcing the policy that underlies the federal law, and the state has adopted a licensing statute that manifests a policy decision not to use its gun licensing mechanism for that purpose: State law requires sheriffs to issue concealed gun licenses without regard to whether the applicants use medical marijuana.

The sheriffs have appealed the case to the Supreme Court, which has not yet decided on whether to hear it, but the very fact the Court asked for reply briefs from both parties means the Court "at least thinks something is worth looking into there," says Kopel. While the Wilson suit in Nevada and this Oregon case both involve medical marijuana and guns, they don't address the same issues. Wilson's is a straight Second Amendment rights case involving how decisions are properly made as to when a citizen falls under one of the prohibited categories in Sect. 922; the Oregon case involves whether federal gun law properly pre-empts a state licensing scheme. The Oregon Supreme Court thought that the federal law's purpose regarding possession of firearms had no direct effect on the state law, which merely involved the concealment of firearms.

Even if the Supreme Court takes up Winters v. Willis and decides that the sheriffs can deny the CHLs, that would not settle whether denying gun possession rights to someone strictly for having a state medical marijuana card stands up to Second Amendment scrutiny. As Rainey sees it, "it's only good for us if Winters goes before the Supreme Court, regardless of the outcome" since a Winters loss for medical marijuana card holders would not necessarily guarantee a Wilson loss. One possible connection from this non-lawyer's perspective: Just as the Oregon CHL does not mean that you are in possession of a gun, a Nevada medical marijuana card does not mean you are using marijuana.

Second Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh of UCLA says regarding Wilson's case that "barring everyone from selling a weapon to her because she has a card denies her her Second Amendment rights without actually showing she is an illegal user. That is a plausible claim, but as to whether the Court will buy it, I'm not at all sure. Courts have been open to some Second Amendment claims but obviously they've been skeptical of most, so it's not clear to me how it will come out. But it is a credible claim. What remedy she might get, I assume, will be [not overturning the prohibition entirely but] a declaratory judgment that she is entitled to get a gun so long as there is no other evidence she is a marijuana user."

Kopel has enough doubts about the way courts react to cases that involve drugs that he isn't confident her case will succeed on Second Amendment merits. He offers instead that "the ideal solution would be, have a president who keeps his campaign promises. If Obama were keeping his campaign promises in the first place, he could have had his BATFE not write this new policy statement, and it is within their discretion to say that we interpret 'unlawful user' to not cover someone regulated and lawful under state law. But the Barack Obama who ran such a good campaign for president was apparently kidnapped and replaced with a body double who is a drug war nut."

Senior Editor Brian Doherty is author of This is Burning Man (BenBella), Radicals for Capitalism (PublicAffairs), and Gun Control on Trial (Cato Institute).

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    FTA: The not-unexpected Justice Department report said investigators documented discriminatory policing practices including unlawful stops, detentions and arrests of Hispanics; unlawful retaliation against people exercising their First Amendment right to criticize the agency’s policies or practices, including its discriminatory treatment of Hispanics; and discriminatory jail practices against inmates with limited English proficiency by punishing them and denying them critical services.

    Mr. Perez said investigators found a number of “long-standing and entrenched systemic deficiencies” that caused or contributed to patterns of unlawful conduct, including a failure to implement policies guiding deputies on lawful policing practices; allowing specialized units to engage in unconstitutional practices; inadequate training and supervision; an ineffective disciplinary, oversight and accountability system; and a lack of sufficient external oversight and accountability.

    In addition, he said, the investigation documented the use of excessive force; police practices that have the effect of significantly compromising the agency’s ability to adequately protect Hispanic residents; and a ,b>failure to adequately investigate sexual-abuse cases involving illegal-immigrant victims and perpetrators.

    Um, there are the charges the DoJ levied against him, yet no charges. Instead, they are gonna ask him to change the way he does business. So again, I ask you, when does the DoJ offer criminals not wearing a badge an opportunity to change their ways to avoid prosecution? Do they do it with kidnappers? bank robbers? counterfeiters? No, No and No. But they do it for serial criminals like Arpaio and his deputies…whose series of crimes are well-documented in the report you mysteriously cannot get to open.

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        Hmm, excessive force is against the law. They say it’s against the law. Then they say they need to fix their illegal behavior or face a lawsuit.

        Anybody know the last time they sent a letter to a counterfeiter when they got all their evidence telling him to stop printing bogus money or they’re gonna sue him? Or bank robbers?

        Please, dunphy, explain to us how this “routine and widespread” criminal behavior deserves to be [gasp] threatened with a lawsuit if not corrected rather than get prosecuted.

      2. Also FTA: The sources confirmed the city will get a chance to work with the Justice Department to address the issues, or it will face a federal lawsuit that could result in fines, penalties and even the appointment of an outside special master to oversee the Police Department.

        I suppose by “the issues,” he means the “routine and widespread use of excessive force by officers.” (Quote from DoJ report)

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    Hoyer is in the House Democratic leadership.

  17. Oregon and Rhode Island has already ruled their patients retain 2nd amendment rights, and I’m pretty sure Alaska, Arizona, and Montana patients are ok with guns made instate, because their state has passed a Firearms Freedom Act.

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    He’s being punished because “some students reported he was making some threatening hand gestures, that he was shooting other kids at the table and they reported it to a teacher,” according to Evans.

    “I realize some might say we are going overboard but the principal is just trying to use an abundance of caution and send the message that we don’t play about guns and it’s not something we joke around about,” he said.


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  21. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

    And people keep saying that government is being cut to the bone. Fuck that, even the names are getting bigger.

    pretty soon it’ll be the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Coiled up Springs in Tin Cans.

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        1. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Coiled up Springs in Tin Cans, Cell Phones, Aiglets, Battery Operated Sex Toys, Lasers, Sousaphones, and Handheld Portal Devices.

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  23. I don’t see how that law can apply as long as you claim that you are not addicted.

    How is “marijuana addition” actually defined?

  24. How is “marijuana addition” actually defined?

    “Willingness to participate in medical fraud to get some weed” seems kinda prima facie. The eight or nine people with legit scripts won’t have a problem, and for the rest?good and hard.

    You demanded the government “regulate” you, potheads. Prepare your anus.

  25. Medical marijuana, and all marijuana should be legal! It is helpful to people for pain reduction and other maladies, plus marijuana can be a much less harmful recreational drug than liquor, heroin, crack, and cocaine.
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  27. This country is so bat shit crazy I need to smoke another bowl after working all day and coming home to this nonsense. Even out here in the country us rednecks are more with it than those damn Washington DC fools.

  28. Any of you in ATX want to sell me some weed? I need to get high after reading this. My blood is boiling.

  29. A friendly reminder from your neighborhood grower — I know many of you don’t have a choice, but a lot of you do. Please buy weed locally grown; there are reputable dealers in your area who work hard to grow a quality product and avoid the messy issues that come from dealing with gangs and cartels. Local farming is pure bullshit in 99% of areas, but not in cannabis cultivation because of all the risks inherent in the business. Thanks!

    1. A friendly reminder to all you neighborhood growers — I know none of you support full legalization of cannabis because it would remove the prohibition premium you receive from sales and would force you to compete in a free market, hence you fully support the messy issues created by the gangs and cartels. By voting against prop 19 in California, you are the cartel.

      1. ^This
        The fact that an easy to grow (Hell, hard to kill) plant, a plant that thrives in almost any climate or can be easily cultivated indoors, is (thanks to the tireless efforts of our government) more expensive than saffron is sickening.

        1. it is NOT more expensive (ounce per ounce) than saffron

          not even CLOSE

          either your saffron dealer is giving you REALLLY good prices, your mj if dealer is ripping you the fuck off.

          i understand your point, but saffron at retail is more expensive than MJ at retail

          saffron is pretty substantially discounted at wholesale (as is bud, but moreso with saffron probably)

          of course there are better and cheaper grades of saffron, just like mj

  30. Ok so you can purchase alcohol and own firearms, but you can’t legal have a control substance. The fact the law should be made if you are under the influence while using a firearm then a person should face the consequences. Really how complicated is this? Come on people. Have some reason.

  31. there are no exceptions in federal law for marijuana purportedly used for medicinal purposes

    There doesn’t need to be, since there is no constitutional authority for the federal government to prohibit a drug in the first place.


    1. Great point, JCR. However, per the Hooven Decision, Congress has “Exclusive jurisdiction, in all cases whatsoever, over D.C. (10 mile square) and the citizens thereof. (U.S. Citizens)

  32. Wilson reported that she was not an unlawful drug user when she knew of the BATFE policy on medicinal marijuana users. She is lucky that she was not also charged with what is now the crime of creating records that mislead federal officials.

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    1. had to spend a good amount of time pursuing Orsi

      Impossible. Hungarian “models” aren’t even quoted in dozens at commodity markets, only in grosses.

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  37. So, the BATFE revokes the gun rights of anyone violating a federal law banning marijuana? That violates the 2nd and 10th Amendments, as well as the Commerce Clause.

    Translation: It’s unconstitutional on 3 different levels.

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  39. The problem with this policy of the feds is that it IS correct on the law…. The problem IS the law. Based on the absurdity of RAICH and the absurdity of a congress that passed a law saying using illegal drugs eliminates one’s second amendment rights, the feds are correct. Of course the SCOTUS should find the law unconstitutional, but lets remember this is the SCOTUS that passed Raich. My state is med mj legal and we certainly wont assist the feds in enforcing this, Just the other day i arrested a guy who had med mj for felony assault, he he had a gun on him, and it was perfectly legal, but under fed law, it was a federal felony. Wnderful…i dont enforce that shit.

    Magine the outcry if there was a law saying you gave up your right to VOTE if a user of illegal drugs. There would be an outcry from civil libertarians, but this law gets only silence

  40. I’d much rather have medical marijuana card holders with guns than people who misuse alcohol or stimulants.

  41. speaking of people with guns, i responded to a robbery at a package store today where the guy didn’t have his gun because he went to church before work, and didn’t like to leave his gun in the car


    he said “now, i’m carrying it every day… even sunday”

    good call

    note… i have no idea if he smoked pot nor do i care

  42. In her physical prime Melissa likes to keep in shape and views her body as a temple.

  43. Premise: the intent of Sect. 922 is to keep firearms from the hands of criminals in a lawful retail sale environment; the definition of a criminal is one who is in violation of the law and hence not law-abiding. If, by applying for, being approved for, and carrying a med mj card enables a person to LEGALLY utilize medical mj, then that person would be deemed “law- abiding”.

    I’m quite certain that the process of obtaining a med mj card is similar to obtaining a CWP: one must submit prints, a mug shot and a valid letter from a licensed medical professional stating why you need to use the medicine. Then wait 6 – 12 months for the “authorities” to issue the “permit”.

    Therefore, I and most reasonable persons, would deem the permit holder to be law-abiding and therefore not a criminal or threat to our “civilized” society. The Second Ammendment is a fundamental right that applies to ALL citizens of the US who do not pose a threat to the existence of others.

  44. I don’t need a card to smoke weed.

    Neither do any of you.

  45. If you insist on using marijuana for whatever purpose you shouldn’t be carrying a firearm period. Marijuana stays in your system for a long time thus affecting your judgement for that period of time. If you want to carry a firearm don’t smoke/use the psychotic producing drug. There are other legal medications out there that produce the same benefits without the psychosis. Would you ok the carrying of a firearm be an acid (LSD) user??

  46. so based on this, someone holding a prescription to adderall or oxycontin should not be able to purchase either!

  47. I dont know, arent there any other options to treat illness than medical M?

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