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Obama War on Medical Pot Sweeps Washington Yesterday


It's your right to have it, seems to be the logic of the Obama administration toward patients in medical pot states; but we will arrest anyone who tries to supply it to you for cash. 

Reuters reports on how:

Federal agents and police raided state-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries across western Washington on Tuesday, targeting storefronts deemed to be engaged in illegal drug trafficking and money laundering.

The dispensaries singled out by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration were essentially

 operating under the state's medical marijuana law to conceal criminal activity, U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan said in a statement.

Federal officials did not immediately disclose the number of suppliers shut down in the sweep.

But the Cannabis Defense Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy group for marijuana, said on its website that 15 "medical cannabis access points" in at least six western Washington cities—Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup, Lacey and Rochester—were raided on Tuesday. A spokeswoman for Durkan's office, Emily Langlie, said one person was arrested by federal agents, and that additional arrests had been made by sheriff's deputies in separate raids across three counties although she could not say how many.

Washington could have had an even more liberalized system for medical pot, but for the threat of this sort of federal tyranny:

Tuesday's sweep marked the first major federal crackdown on pot shops in western Washington since Governor Christine Gregoire in April vetoed most provisions of a bill that would have established a new regulatory system for medical marijuana.

Gregoire has said she was swayed by a legal opinion from U.S. prosecutors threatening to target not only dispensary owners but state regulators who would enforce the proposed new law.

Federal prosecutors said they were not going after patients who have a legitimate medical need for pot.

"We will not prosecute truly ill people or their doctors who determine that marijuana is an appropriate medical treatment," Durkan said.

Old Reason blogging from Jacob Sullum on Washington state's attempts to liberalize their pot laws earlier this year. Jacob Sullum notes below that "rock you like a" Herman Cain at least for one brief, shining moment seems to think smarter about states and pot than President Obama.

NEXT: Everyone's a Federalist on Medical Pot, Until He's Elected

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  1. No wonder Dunphy wasn’t lurking around these threads yesterday. He was deployed as a “local LEO advisor” to the DEA. Sleep well at night, Dunphy?

    1. lol. slept well

      fwiw, i have told the DEA straight up firsthand that as a WA leo, i enforce WA law NOT federal anti-mj law.

      as i mentioned a couple of weeks ago, at a DEA investigator clas, a DEA SAC solicited our help in mj cases and i (and a few other cops) made it clear we would not turn over cases to DEA that were violative of federal MJ law as long as they were in compliane with WA law.

      i;m not a fed

      1. “”made it clear we would not turn over cases to DEA that were violative of federal MJ law as long as they were in compliane with WA law.

        i;m not a fed””

        Good for you and the others (seriously), but let me know how your next flight turns out. 😉

  2. From the Seattle Times:

    The coordinated raids across Thurston, Pierce and King counties targeted dispensaries that, according to law enforcement, were hiding behind the medical-marijuana law to make illegal sales, in some cases to people who were not patients.

    This medicalization racket is going exactly like I predicted it would.

    What I’m confused about is why, if we’re going to “medicalize” pot instead of legalizing it outright, why is pot not a Schedule II drug only obtainable from a licensed pharmacy?

    1. Because then the feds can’t randomly raid anyone they want to feed their own desire for power or to please cronies.

      Why did I not hear a word about this? Oh, that’s right, I was doing shit last night instead of watching the local shit news.

    2. pot is a federal schedule 1 drug, like heroin, thanks to nixon.

      1. The law’s the law, it must be enforced or changed, but not disobeyed.

    3. What I’m confused about is why, if we’re going to “medicalize” pot instead of legalizing it outright, why is pot not a Schedule II drug only obtainable from a licensed pharmacy?

      Congress determined when they past the CSA that pot has no currently accepted medical uses and is a dangerous drug that cannot be used safely even under close medical supervision. That is why it is schedule I and the law must be inforced.

  3. The co-owner of Seattle Cross, according to an affidavit, posted a photo on his Facebook page showing three duffel bags of cash and a caption, “This gonna take all night to count … lol.”

    Also, if this is true, I have no further comment on the ability of our fated dispensary operators to garner unwanted attention.

    Facebook? Really?

    1. Exactly. These fuckers need to stay off the feds’ Sheriff of Nottingham’s radar.

  4. Assume for a minute that opposition to medical marijuana comes mostly from concerned parents. The retail operations terrify the parents, while adults growing their own medicine privately are not a threat.

    1. In which case the “concerned parents” might become “effective parents” and not rely on the government to do their job.

  5. Gregoire has said she was swayed by a legal opinion from U.S. prosecutors threatening to target…

    When one is cowed by threats, is it usually called “being swayed”?

    1. Gregoire is a loathsome pos with visions of higher nobility. She’s not going to protest the feds collecting rent. She thinks it will be her commanding the tanks some day.

      1. exactly. SHE has shirked her duty

  6. Hope, Change

  7. The Liberal defense of this:

    But, but, but, FREE Healthcare!

  8. fwiw, the DEA claims (in one of these raids) that an undercover bought bulk mj (way in excess of personal use) from a clinic and the person told him that he should buy the cheaper grade stuff since he was reselling it in the midwest nobody would appreciate the good stuff

    i would hope if the DEA did conduct such an undercover buy that they of course have audiotape of the buy. unlike cops in WA state, they are not restrained by our wiretap laws when it comes to recording undercover buy ops.

    1. It’s true. Folks in the midwest don’t appreciate the skunk weed.

      1. and fwiw, that’s the kind of little detail that makes the story sound credible. i could totally see some hipster seattle slacker slob waxing lyrical about how those dumb midwesterners don’t appreciate good pot, or good coffee either!

        1. Seattle is ground zero of shit coffee. I mean, look what happened.

  9. I don’t understand why feds are involved in anything like this at all. Shouldn’t they only be involved if the state requests support? I tend to look at this almost like an invasion. Almost like if Canadian’s came down and busted some people without our permission.

    1. are you honestly asking this question or is this one of those “in a perfect world i wish it were this way post?”

      the feds regulate MJ as schedule I. they have said that they will not enforce that law against patients/dr’s in states that have passed medical MJ even though they will not concede a medical use for MJ or formally recognize the authoritah of states to pass medical MJ laws (and according to US v Raich they are within their authoritah to do that, setting aside that raich was the dumbest scotus case evuh)…

      SUPPOSEDLY, the feds conducted these raids because they had intel they followed up on and confirmed that these particular clinics/individuals were thwarting BOTh state and federal law by making sham sales and purchases of MJ under the ‘cover’ of a medical MJ clinic

      as a proponent of legalized MJ myself and also medical MJ , personally i think that *if* some clinics/clinic personnel are thwarting the state law and using these clinics as cover to do deals in MJ that are in no way valid, that the FULL force of the law should come down on them. they are doing a massive disservice to the cause of medical MJ and the eventual cause of legalized MJ (which is on the ballot next year in WA)

  10. the denizens of DU are claiming this is atrocious “police brutality”



    1. I haven’t seen anyone take a dive like that since the World Cup.

  11. “”said on its website that 15 “medical cannabis access points” in at least six western Washington cities — Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup, Lacey and Rochester — were raided on Tuesday”‘

    Hey, learn to pay the tribute and you’ll stay open!

  12. Federal Bullies. It says it right here and I have seen it for so long. You can say it is radical behavior, but it is time that we stop paying our federal bullies and shut down the departments that are eating up our tax dollars and keeping something so pure in dark alley ways. Obama will not be re elected and the DEA is getting what they can while OBAMA THE LIAR remains.

  13. I think that cannabis can be helpful for people who are legitimately sick. I don’t really care what people do with their lives, as long as they aren’t hurting others while doing it. If someone wants to do drugs that’s their choice.

    Tara | http://www.wwmklaw.com/

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