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Carmageddon: L.A.'s Biggest Nothing Since Tom Bradley


Carmageddon: Fast moving traffic on Interstate 10 July 16 2011

As was predicted twice by me, the traffic meltdown that politicians and the destination media were predicting would be caused by the closing of a stretch of Interstate 405 in Los Angeles has utterly failed to happen. 

U.S. Highway 101 is wide open: 

Carmageddon: Downtown Los Angeles along U.S. Highway 101 July 16 2011

So is the normally densely packed Interstate 110: 

Carmageddon: Traffic light on Interstate 110 Downtown July 16 2011.

So is Interstate 10, where Los Angeles County did not even do drivers the courtesy of actually covering up its 405-North Exit sign over the weekend: 

Carmageddon: Light traffic on Interstate 10 July 16 2011.

So is Los Angeles International Airport: 

Carmageddon: Light traffic at LAX July 16 2011.

So is Interstate 105: 

Carmageddon: Light traffic on Interstate 105 July 16 2011.

So remains Sepulveda Blvd., where the headquarters of Reason waits with quiet dignity for the return of building-side advertising: 

Carmageddon: Light traffic outside Reason Magazine on Sepulveda Blvd. July 16 2011.

Have I missed any of the Ground Zeros? 

Yes! The northern closing of the 405. Perhaps it's only up in the San Fernando Valley that the mindless hordes of drivers, momentarily deprived of quality government road service, have turned to cannibalism, revolution, and unsightly tatouage. 

Not so much. Here's the grisly scene on Ventura Blvd. just off the 405, Ground Zero North for total societal breakdown: 

Carmageddon: Light traffic on Ventura Blvd. July 16, 2011.

I'd doubt I'm the first joker to point out that Carmageddon turned out instead to be the Rapture, mystically depopulating the city. Here's the closest thing to that joke I've found. In any event, you read it here first and you're reading it here again: Carmageddon was a big nothing. 

I spend a lot of time mocking the pretensions of mainstream journalism, but Carmageddon has reminded me of one point on which reporters really have some authority: You have to work in the news to understand how stupid the news is. 

In this case, the vacating of L.A.'s streets in the middle of summer will be seen as a success, and while everybody's breathing a sigh of relief, nobody will remember what a pain in the ass it was to make way for the addition of a carpool lane that will do little to relieve the actual day-to-day congestion on the 405. 

Or actually, they'll remember it next year, when the second half of this project is slated to be done, and we will all have to go through this charade again. 

In addition to the failures of disclosure I noted in earlier posts, and the exit-sign snafu I noted above, the DOT also missed another chance to keep traffic flowing. At both the south and north closing sites, cops have just put up a dead-end roadblock and diverted stragglers onto either another freeway or surface streets: 

Carmageddon: Interstate 405 closed at Interstate 10 July 16 2011.
Carmageddon: Interstate 405 closed at U.S. Highway 101 July 16 2011.

So the few knuckleheads who remain unaware of the closing don't get to make easy u-turns on a closed freeway, which would be the best way to sort out their traffic problem. Instead, they are forced onto a different route. 

Fortunately there aren't too many such numbskulls because people are not stupid. They adapted to this government-created problem and will do the same next year. And for their efforts they'll be expected to show appreciation for a government that provides road service at a massive cost in taxes, inconvenience and poor road conditions

And that's not even counting the cost to the economy. Los Angeles is effectively closed for business this weekend, and while it has created a pleasant snowstorm feeling, it's not exactly a recession-slayer. The only tourists I spoke with were a nice German family and a nice French family. (Both families were aware of the closing of some major freeway, but seemed puzzled by the hysteria. No doubt they will return to their native lands of clogging and bocce with tales of how car-crazed Americans are.) Local retailers and restaurateurs, not yet schooled in the broken-window fallacy, are doing their best to take advantage of the business they hope this hyperpocalyptic catastrogeddon will generate: 

Carmageddon: Sherman Oaks Galleria offers specials July 16 2011.
Carmageddon: Valley Inn Restaurant offers specials July 16 2011.

These efforts appear to be unavailing: 

Carmageddon: Empty ArcLight dining area July 16 2011.
Carmageddon: Empty Sherman Oaks Galleria July 16 2011.

But don't worry. Large complements of police and meter maids are deployed at both ends of the closed section of the 405. Because you never know when somebody might panic: 

Carmageddon: Los Angeles Police and County Sheriff's Deputies occupy Ventura Blvd. July 16 2011.

NEXT: Carmageddon Shaping Up as Big Nothing

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  1. One can only hope that Seattle and WA notice this and change their plans to replace the viaduct with the more sensible alternative…to remove it.

    1. Oh no, dude. They are full retard on making the tunnel; they’ve already bought the tunnel borer, I believe. I would love to see the viaduct go, but 99 makes my life so much easier…

      1. Well if it makes your life easier, then it must be worth the expense to everyone else. (~_^)

  2. Appears to be a lot like the Y2K kerfuffle.

  3. You have summed up exactly what I thought, “eh?” massively overdramatic, especially in a city that actually has a considerable probability of a real disaster happening..

  4. Tshirt design to commemorate the 405 closure july 16th and 17th in Los Angeles California. Get yours TODAY : A T-shirt to remember this horrific day by!! Get yours today!! i survived carmageddon t shirt!!!

    1. I survived Carmageddon and all I got was this lousy t-shirt?

    2. But where can a brother get some love?

  5. Large complements of police and meter maids are deployed at both ends of the closed section of the 405.

    You wouldn’t want some deranged hooligan to sneak onto a not-demolished segment of the 405 and do donuts or DRIVE THE WRONG WAY, would you?

  6. So, like, how bad would traffic be if carmageddon wasn’t hyped up?

    There was a kid who got an “A” on a test. He told his buddy that if he knew he was going to get an “A” he wouldn’t have studied so hard.

    1. Untestable. Therefore null.

      1. Kinda like:

        “Sure unemployment is high, but if we didn’t have the stimulus it would be even higher!”

        1. or “as crime rates have dropped, incarceration rates have increased. why do we have so many people in jail/prison when the crime rate is dropping?”

          1. That’s not the same kind of question at all.

  7. Don’t worry, P Brooks. Our public safety authorities already have standing arrest orders for any and all horseplay. I just hope the rules of engagement can be loosened enough to allow shoot-on-sight orders, before things get out of hand.

    1. Tim, that was really nice of you to respond to P Brooks in a non-threaded way, considerate of his determination to ignore threading. Are you drunk already or something? You’re Irish, right, so the answer is “yes”, I assume.

      1. He doesn’t ignore threading. He responds to my threadings all the time.

      2. Since he’s a Mick – like so many on Reason’s staff, as I’ve noted before – it’s a little trickier to ascertain his condition, Epi. There are three basic states: he’s either “just gettin’ ready to get drunk again”, “drunk” or “just comin’ off a drunk” (also called “waking up in the morning”).

        So which is it, TIMMEH?

        1. Can it be all three at the same time?

          1. That’s how I roll, and I’m perfectly fine.

    2. That’s a badass parrot.

  8. Everyone thought Lincoln and Century Blvd’s would be horribly clogged around LAX.

    Guess not.

  9. No doubt this will be presented as a win for big government/media. They warned us to stay away and we did. Right?

    1. for tat. I like it.

  10. Hey Tim: looks like you spoke too soon about the dangers of people wandering onto the closed freeway. Apparently a 70-year-old jogger was arrested on charges of “public menace“. Good thing the fine folks at the LAPD are around to protect us from these things.

    1. Why didn’t they book him under the minimum speed law?

      1. Are they using this time to also remove all of the gutted cars littering the freeway that they forced motorists to abandon after pulling them over for being Mexican?

        My bad, that’s the 5, not the 405.

        1. We know how to shoot handle the strays

    2. I think Tim’s got it with his earlier comment – “shoot-on-site” needs to be implemented immediately. I never thought LA’s end would come at the hands of 70-year-old joggers.

      Then again, who expected the Spanish Inquisition?

      *looks around expectantly*

      1. because clearly cops should be ageist and if a 70 yr old ignores the ample signage and media alerts that the freeway is closed, they should be given a break because hey they could have alzheimer’s or be a war veteran hero and it would be wrong to enforce the law against THEM

        and god knows if they get hurt they won’t sue for letting them access the closed freeway zone in their first place. nope, that wouldn’t happen

    3. To be fair, the article said he was arrested for an outstanding warrant for public menace. It doesn’t seem that the public menace charge was related to jogging on the freeway; that was just why the cops initiated the stop. Generally, if you have an outstanding arrest warrant, it’s probably a good idea to avoid situations where there is a high probability that you will confront the police.

  11. Look at it this way. We’ve found a way to keep all those police too busy to blast their way into innocent people’s homes, or even write undeserved speeding tickets. Let’s do this more often!

    1. This is the LAPD we’re talking about. I’m sure they’ve still got the innocent-home-blasting covered.

      1. Balkobots…march!

  12. Reason is headquartered on Sepulveda? If that’s not a bad joke I think I just lost about half my respect for the mag (drink!) But, as the sage says, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”

    I will say that I appreciate your posts. They have an immediately recognizable insanity to them. I don’t generally look at the bylines before I start reading, but there is always a point in a Cavanaugh post when I scroll up and go “Yep, vintage.”

    You are not unique in this respect- when I read blog comments there is almost always a point at which I have to scroll up a bit just to be sure that I am in fact reading a Carol Herman comment.

    There is a clear difference though- Herman is annoyingly stark raving mad, and doesn’t get paid for it (except possibly by the CIA- I wouldn’t put it past them.)

    You, on the other hand, are stark raving mad in a fashion that is almost isomorphic to my stark raving madness. And you get paid for it! (though not enough- I think the Reason foundation should turn its entire endowment over to you, and be done with the whole sordid publishing industry.) I suspect that we have a lot in common, culturally, though I must point out that I dress a lot better.

    Also, did California do something boring and stupid involving highways again?

    Your biggest fan

    1. Your attempts to be amusing have rendered you barely comprehensible.

      Or are you a Hercule spoof?

      1. Or are you a Hercule spoof?

        If so, needs more [brackets] and random ALL CAPS

      2. I’m pretty sure that Tim gets my jokes. I do worry that I am barely comprehensible to non-native English speakers, and, I suppose, idiots. Are you Norwegian?

        1. Nope.

          I think when you see Tim laughing at you, it’s not because he’s “getting your jokes”.

          It’s because Tim laughs at retard cunts.

          1. I see- idiot then.

            1. I should also point out that Tim and I are going to be married in the spring. That’ll show you.

              Your biggest fan

        2. You’re barely comprehensible because your writing is reprehensible. You’re not funny, articulate, or clever. Get over yourself.

          1. It’s really “Alzado”, back from the dead, and he can’t spell his name quite right.

            *whispering* remember the brain damage…?

                1. I love opinion 🙂

    2. Wow. That makes a lot of sense when you think about it! LOL!

    3. TELL US MOAR!

  13. ” L.A.’s Biggest Nothing Since Tom Bradley”


    That’s gotta hurt!

    1. Wow. You’ve changed, MNG. You are no longer the statist I fell in love with. I’m leaving. No Homo.

      1. I’m no statist, just a regular guy with a penchant for lexical incoherence.

  14. Everyone who lived in LA during the Northridge Earthquake knows that people would adapt. We spent a couple of months without the 10.

    You learned to take alternative routes (thankfully the 105 had just opened), take surface streets or just stay in your own neighborhood.

    1. They don’t have gridlock during big snow storms back east, unless they happen when everyone is at work and must drive home. If you give people time to plan, they will plan and act accordingly. I think it says a lot aobut the statist mentality that government officials were so convinced this was going to be a disaster. They really think people are too stupid to adapt or act for themselves.

      1. government officials were so convinced this was going to be a disaster

        Radio and TV personalities and reporters and bloggers and comedians and home-owners are government officials?


    The comments on this are disturbing. There are some really sick people out there.

    1. I don’t fret over them. Why do you?

      1. Because you are retarded and I am not.

        1. You fret over the commentary of strangers because you are not retarded. That is perfectly normal. Carry on.

          1. “commentary of strangers”

            I wonder if that’s a “drink” over there.

    2. I’m fond of Michael Bloomberg and William Weld and Lincoln Chafee,

      Fitting that a former “Great Liberaltarian Hope” is sandwiched between an uber-nanny-statist and a semi-functional retard.

    3. Once you get past Dan Savage’s gaydom he really is a hard nosed law and order social conservative.

      In all honesty him wanting to kill republicans is only wishing for his own death.

      There is not one liberal bone in his body.

      1. There is not one liberal bone in his body.

        Buttsex jokes commence!

  16. Why does Reason need 20+ floors for its headquarters? And who knows how deep the basement goes.

    1. Jacket storage.

    2. Floors 7 through 10 enclose Reason‘s sweet, sweet store of Koch funding.

    3. Child laborer dormitories. Monocle manufacturing.

    4. Floor 17 is the prestigious “Center for Destroying the Middle Class” and Floor 18 is the “Center for Dismantling the Civil Rights Act of 1964”.


    6. Imagine, if you will, a large office building with many tenants…

      1. The Kochtopus Reason Foundation has many tentacles…

  17. It’s working a little too well perhaps. Businesses ain’t gonna like losing a lot of money over a summer weekend. Jerry Brown and the Democrats are not going to like the reduced sales tax receipts.

    1. If they are worry about tax receipt, they wouldn’t have pass that stupid Amazon tax. As such, they’re only loosing the income tax of the California Amazon affiliates. I bought over $700 worth of things from Amazon this week, California got nothing. 2 of my favorite bloggers got 4% of that.

    1. How long you gonna keep posting shitty music?

      Here’s something GOOOOD:

      The Gun Club: Jack On Fire

      1. How long you gonna keep posting shitty music?

        ‘Til he gets to a hundred, duh.

        How about some Swingin’ Utters?

      2. The Pixies are, indeed, just Gun Club wanna be’s.

        1. That’s bullshit

          1. fuck you helle; your rather retarded shit bores me as much as your musical taste

          2. It’s okay to want to be The Gun Club. High aspirations are at the root of all accomplishments.

            1. I never could get into The Gun Club for whatever reason. I did see Patricia Morrison with The Damned, if that counts.

            2. So the Pixies were trying to be punk? Don’t be a retard.

              1. So the Pixies were trying to be punk? Don’t be a retard.

                Do you know anything about the pixies or the gun club?

                Pixies bio:

                Advertising in a music paper for a bassist who liked “H?sker D? and Peter, Paul & Mary,” the duo recruited Kim Deal

                When Come On Pilgrim (their best) came out, we all said…pretty good Gun Club kinda thing going on here.

        2. “The Pixies are, indeed, just Gun Club wanna be’s.”

          Both bands should form a cult with all of their fan’s and at at midnight should drink some Guyana punch.

  18. Businesses ain’t gonna like losing a lot of money over a summer weekend.

    If you’re going to implement the green New Urbanist future, you’ve got to break a few eggs.

  19. North Korea blames positive steroids tests at the Women’s World Cup on the use of musk deer gland extract to treat lightning strike victims.

    Roger Clemens, are you listening?

    1. They were all struck by lightning in one incident. Hmmm, sounds slightly suspicious…

    2. I wonder if they had that excuse ready beforehand or if they just came up with it on the fly? Either way that’s pretty awesome:)

  20. we survived carmageddon! i just bought my “I Survived car-mageddon tshirt at

    check out all the cool and funny designs!

    1. There can only be one anon-bot!

  21. Here in South Orange County, I am happy to report that people are staying at home, meeting their neighbors, and barbecuing this weekend. El Toro Road was almost deserted this afternoon. The Stater Brothers parking lot was mostly empty. Even the hipsters stayed away from the local Starbucks.

  22. “So the few knuckleheads who remain unaware of the closing don’t get to make easy u-turns on a closed freeway, which would be the best way to sort out their traffic problem. Instead, they are forced onto a different route.”

    Ah, Cavanaugh, but traffic in the other direction was supposed to be blocked by Carmageddon as far as the eye could see!

    There’s no way cars would want to make a u-turn there–that’s supposed to be a u-turn straight back to Carmageddon.

    …apparently there’s no u-turns for traffic control either–once traffic control made plans for Carmageddon, there’s no going back for them either!

  23. This story is so idiotic that I actually miss the save Cleveland series

  24. Hey, man, you don’t talk to Tim Cavanaugh. You listen to him. The man’s enlarged my mind. He’s a poet-warrior in the classic sense. I mean, sometimes he’ll, uh, well, you’ll say “Hello” to him, right? And he’ll just walk right by you, and he won’t even notice you. And suddenly he’ll grab you, and he’ll throw you in a corner, and he’ll say “Do you know that ‘if’ is the middle word in life? ‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you..’

  25. It’s nice to know that the leading Libertarian website/blog is covering the shit out of….a freeway closing.

    1. There is no irony in wanting something for the taxes you don’t want to pay!

      1. No, no irony here. Move along, Mr. Rather. At least I can buy insurance for my shit that gets stolen by products of the government education monopoly or the war on drugs. Can’t by insurance against the IRS.

        1. -Gobias industries.

        2. I think the WOD is a waste of time and money. Your insurance comment doesn’t tract, and I’m Ms

          1. She’s used to reminding everyone she meets that she’s a girl. The mustache throws people off, and her size leads people to believe that her breasts are just mancans. Luckily, some people are willing to pay to have sex with a fat man with a vag.

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              that’s your fantasy, baby

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                Is that the sound your tits make when they get slapped?

                No one cares, you cow.

                1. fuck off helle, and btw, my tits are perfect but I’m not sure they are a big as your moobs

                  1. Guess again, Ms. Piggy!

          2. Rather, If you are a Ms then I am the winner of Miss Universe. If you seriously want to imitate a woman, then I suggest you stop using words like: “you sniveling little coward” or using “fuck” and “asshole” as every second, because you are projecting as much feminine character as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

            1. sniveling sniveling sniveling
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              Thank you for your advice, you sniveling asshole, and yes, I am sure you are a coward too

              1. Oh and congrats on your title. I’m big into the rights of men who want to act stupid.

                1. Yes, men (or in your case teenagers) should have the right to act stupid, especially those that are trying to act like women.

                    1. Here is a little tip, insults work best when there is an inkling of truth attached to them. So unless I am the worlds youngest grandpa, the only thing you are insulting is your own intelligence.

                    2. Apparently, that is not the rule here

                    3. I wouldn’t get too worked up over what a gay man thinks a woman should act like. Not sure who NotSure is, but if it is Heller, that would explain the whole Pixie fetish. I have no problem with women using the words “Fuck” and “Asshole”. In fact I often request it:)

                    4. AlmightyJB, I understand your handle now 😉

        3. The audit committee is going to get an eyefull if the purchase of a DSLR is questioned.

    2. I think it’s more meta-coverage, ie, coverage of the coverage. This flerking bridge closure has been cluttering up my AP news feed for the past couple of days, so I applaud Mr Cavanaugh for standing up and saying the emperor has no cloves.

    3. Actually, is the leading libertarian website, Reason’s #2.

      1. It is a much better destination for fretting over fleet-footed black youths.

  26. it up. You’re about 20% as clever as you believe you are.

    1. Hmm, am I 100% clever, or, do I not think myself so at all, and ergo your remark was fruitless?

      1. Math is hard!

        1. Have a fucking orginal thought, asshole

          1. Thinking is hard!

              1. Insults are hard!

  27. for Rather…

  28. squirrels.

    1. squirrels: male poster who can’t admit he doesn’t know how to post a fucking comment

  29. Wow, that was retarded, even for you.

    1. what a comeback you sniveling little coward

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        1. Now your feelings match your dick 🙂

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      I’d call you pathetic but I’m certain you have been desensitized to that word

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          1. You must have been too distracted by pussy on pussy to come up with a good comeback.

            1. wow, you are such a brave little boy hiding behind that handle, helle.

              1. The internet gives us super powers.

              2. I feel sorry for Heller. A deluded bitch thinks he’s the only one who doesn’t particularly care for her.

                1. But guess again, Jabba!

                  1. I feel sorry for you. I’m sure you heard that before too

  31. yawn

  32. I will never understand the appending of “the” in front of the numerical designations of highways. “The” 405? Is this a west coast thing? “I’m gonna take the 405 to the 10, to the 20, to the 285. w00t!”

    Seriously, what the fuck? It’s “Highway 405” or “405.” “The” is superfluous, and it sounds very strange.

    1. Eat the shit.

      1. Feel the humiliation.

        1. Feel the nuts against your chin.

      2. Can I interest you in some defenestration?

    2. Bullshit!

    3. Just wait till I start my umbrella company Tulpa Hegemonic Enterprises. We’ll manufacture THE Cereal, THE Deodorant, THE Toilet Brush, etc.

      1. As long as you manufacture THE Wine and THE Pale Ale.

    4. Typically, 5, 10, 55, and such are numbers and not names of roads. So an indefinite article announces that the number is being used as a name rather than a number. Be happy he doesn’t use the LATV convention of referring to every freeway segment by the name of a town that the road might not even go to.

    5. It’s a California thing, not a west coast thing.

      1. It’s actually limited only to real California, in Silicon Valley the invading barbarian hordes have managed to kill the the.

    6. What makes it more strange is there is actually more than one 405.

      1. There can be only the one.

    7. It’s a southern California thing, though it’s been slowly migrating north. Much to my irritation as a northern Californian.

  33. Isn’t rush-hour traffic always lighter on weekends, when there is no rush hour? Or is every hour in L.A. a rush?

  34. Rather, If you are a Ms then I am the winner of Miss Universe. If you seriously want to imitate a woman, then I suggest you stop using words like: “you sniveling little coward” or using “fuck” and “asshole” as every second, because you are projecting as much feminine character as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    1. Fuck you have alzheimers too. Sorry grandpa. 🙁

    2. You tell her, “NotSure.” It takes a real man to hurl obscenities at strangers in a public forum.

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        4. Women don’t wear underwear?

          1. Only one week a month as far as I can tell.

          2. Ahem, don’t you people EVER visit my blog? It’s Sunday so you won’t get fired for looking at it at work like Pip did.

            It’s officially libertarian now because I linked TWO Virginia Postrel posts about actress’s costume sizes in Old Hollywood*

            *(they weren’t fat, all those fat chicks who whine about “in the old days” Marilyn Monroe was considered a sex symbol, well she was skinny as a fucking rail unlike you Elsie)

      2. And here I thought is was Rather hurling the obscenities, I must be my alzheimers and all that.

    3. You must have very limited exposure to women in real life, NS. In my experience the nasty ones make up for their reduced likelihood of starting physical violence (compared to nasty males) by having seriously foul mouths and sharp tongues.

      1. And of course if someone says who they are on the internet, they usually are telling the truth.

        1. Well yes, of course. But swearing and nastiness is not necessarily an indication of maleness.

      2. This COULD almost be an Iron Law.

        Male or female, the less the likelihood that someone is going to be punched right in the fucking mouth, the more likely they are to be a verbally abusive cunt. And many women believe themselves immune from physical retaliation.

        1. I believe it to be universal, but it needs “tightening up” before it could be an Iron Law. 39 words are just too much.

  35. I look at these pictures and only one thought comes to mind:

    “Come out, Neville!”

    1. classic

  36. Is there any hope for Los Angeles? Will the forces of liberty overcome the totalitarianism of today?

    1. There’s always hope.

      Just not much.

  37. Nothing happened? So state and city planners got it right?

  38. Haterz, hatin

    “Enough,” writes Goodwin. “He is the Man Who Won’t Listen to Anybody, so why should anybody listen to him? . . . I will leave that unhappy duty to others. I am tired of Barack Obama. There’s nothing new there. His speeches are like ‘Groundhog Day.’ “

    Goodwin is dead wrong about that last point, and he owes Bill Murray an apology. “Groundhog Day” was a terrific movie. Apart from that quibble, though, we feel Goodwin’s pain, and we suspect most Americans do. The World’s Greatest Orator is almost always uninspiring, condescending, self-aggrandizing, peevish and grim.

    He is also, as Goodwin notes, ideologically inflexible: “There is not a single example on domestic issues where he voluntarily staked out a spot in the American middle. . . . Obama’s default statist position remains unmolested by facts or last year’s landslide that was a rebuke to his first two years. He continues to push bigger and bigger government, higher and higher taxes and more and more welfare programs.”

    1. Americans oppose raising the debt limit because they are ignorant:

      Reid: The latest CBS News poll showed that only 24% of Americans said you should raise the debt limit to avoid an economic catastrophe. There are still 69% who oppose raising the debt limit. So isn’t the problem that you and others have failed to convince the American people that we have a crisis here, and how are you going to change that?

      ObamaWell, let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large. The public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a Treasury option goes. They shouldn’t. They’re worrying about their family; they’re worrying about their jobs; they’re worrying about their neighborhood. They’ve got a lot of other things on their plate. We’re paid to worry about it.
      I think, depending on how you phrase the question, if you said to the American people, is it a good idea for the United States not to pay its bills and potentially create another recession that could throw millions of more people out of work, I feel pretty confident I can get a majority on my side on that one.

      Don’t worry your pretty little heads peons we’ve got Top Men working on this. Top. Men.

      1. Even if all Americans are ignorant as he believes they should be: “They’ve got a lot of other things on their plate”, there are a lot of non American investors out there that sure as hell are nervous and not all are ignorant.

        1. What I don’t get is Moody’s threatening to downgrade the US credit rating even if we keep making debt payments. That would be like downgrading a person’s individual credit rating if they decide not to apply for another credit card.

          1. No, it would be like downgrading someone’s credit after carefully analyzing their debt to income ratio, as well as their need to borrow 40% above that annual income to meet their annual expenditures.

            IOW, it would be responsibly rating their credit-worthiness.

            1. Well yeah, the US govt shouldn’t have a good credit rating regardless of what happens with the debt ceiling. But the point is that Moody’s implies that if the debt ceiling is raised, the US will keep its AAA rating.

      2. Obama’s comment is the equivalent of patting the American people on the head and saying, “isn’t he cute. Him’s thinking’ again. Now run outside and play while mommy and daddy take care of the grown up things.”

        Fucking paternalistic asshole.

        1. So what do you say to a progressive who notes the overwhelming opposition to cutting entitlement spending?

          1. I say, “Praise Jesus! You are cured! Now go forth and spend to more!”, in my best televangelist voice.

          2. One tells them that the money to their entitlements has run out.

      3. Pretty sure most Americans would oppose, by large margins, pretty much every major libertarian policy proposal. So libertarians who criticize the idea that the average American doesn’t understand what’s best for the country as a whole are living in quite the glass house.

        Obama is correct as far as he goes — most people have neither the need nor the interest to delve into these issues and the merits of possible solutions. In this case, their knee-jerk reaction happens to align with the libertarian viewpoint but we shouldn’t be basing our case on that coincidence.

        1. I would say that there is a difference between calling someone a dumbass because they don’t want to give you more money, and calling them one because you want them to keep their money.

          1. Or just calling them a dumbass because they are.

          2. That’s in the eye of the beholder. Problem is most people consider Medicare and Social Security benefits to be “their money”.

        2. I attribute the public’s reaction regarding the debt ceiling to having an increasingly good bullshit detector when it comes to anything Obama says. He predicts catastrophe anytime he wants to spend more money or raise taxes. People may not know the exact details, but just assume he is full of shit.

    1. I can always rely on you Warty.

      1. I’m just lulling you into a false sense of security. When you least expect it, I’ll clobber the fuck out of you all with the Pixies.

        1. You deliciously sick fuck.

        2. No, no, dude…The Smiths. Nothing is worse than The Smiths.

          1. What about techno music? Or does it get its own special category of awful?

          2. That’s a good point, but there are no Morrissey fans spamming us with his garbage, are there?

            1. Look at Corning’s post just above yours, dude. Ask and you shall receive. By the way, I am officially now more evil than you, for I have summoned…Morrissey.

          3. I was going to try to top you on that one, but I really can’t. The Smiths are like “we wanted to be The Cure, but were such pathetic losers we couldn’t even pull that off.”

      2. Speaking of banjos, I went to Detroit to see William Elliott Whitmore last night. Awesome.

        1. That was damn good, I’m glad I know about this guy now.

          If you like that maybe you’d enjoy Justin Townes Earle.

          He’s Steve Earle’s kid and he does all old timey stuff. And drugs, he does drugs as well.

          1. “And drugs, he does drugs as well.”
            That’s a prerequisite for me. Fucking great choices guys. I now have additions to my Pandora.

            1. Check out Mama’s Eyes by JTE on youtube.

              As the first commenter for the video says: “Freakin’ brutal.”

    2. Let Beverly Hills and Century City get some of that action!

    3. Now THAT is good music.


    But many restaurateurs are sick of seeing competition literally drive up outside their windows.

    “It’s ignorant of people in the community to think that buying from food trucks instead of from local restaurants doesn’t hurt the community,” said Melissa Murphy , who runs two Sweet Melissa Patisseries in Brooklyn. “There’s just not enough to go around right now.”

    “And, of course, when I say ‘community’ I mean ‘me’. You fuckers owe me a living!”

    1. Yes a bit silly to blame the community for hurting the community, but I can sympethise a little bit. Running a restaurant with endless government rules to conform to and the endless costs these incur is not easy.

      1. Those food trucks aren’t operating in Libertopia.

        1. Yes, but they probably have less government involvement for the simple reason that they have not been around as long as the traditional restaurants, so governments have not had the time to legislate the food trucks to death – yet.

          1. they have not been around as long as the traditional restaurants

            Chuck wagons, yeah, a real new innovation /sarcasm.

          2. LOL, obviously you haven’t been keeping up with Reason’s coverage of food truck woes.

        2. That site of yours… you better not let Rather find out, women wearing underwear is not her thing.

        3. Even with no govt regulations, the trucks still have the advantage of not paying rent or property tax for the space they operate in and not having to secure and control temperature in a building overnight. I suppose you could argue that the latter is a valid market adaptation, but the former is simply an abuse of public property.

          I’m OK with food trucks in general, but if they want to operate a business from city property, they have to accept the city govt as their landlord. If they don’t like the landlord’s terms, they’re free to find another landlord, just like every other prospective tenant.

    2. I must be a really funny guy, with the way you guys fixate on my words as if they’re inherently risible.

      In this case it’s pretty clear that someone who runs a business from public property intended for a very different use is in fact a leech.

      1. So public roads were never intended to be parked on?

  40. Based on what I have been reading in the NYT “Opinion” section, I can only hope those guys (and Maureen) get an unlimited supply of Depends, because they are shitting all over themselves, this morning.

    Frank Bruni must be on his second box, already.

    1. From the Bruni column:

      Firearms, H?agen-Dazs ? it’s all the same. Her Ruger is pink, like a Barbie convertible. Showing it to Ruelas, she reportedly said, “Oh, it’s so cute.”

      No, Senator Klein, it’s not. It’s a potentially deadly weapon. When are you and the rest of the country going to wake up to that?

      Jeezus Christ, he’s going to need a ShamWow to clean the fear induce diarrhea off of his leg.

  41. ‘ll clobber the fuck out of you all with the Pixies.

    Hit me with your Pixie stick

    Hit me slowly

    Hit me quick

    1. In the dock of Tiger Bay, on the road to Mandalay

      From Bombay to Santa F?, o’er the hills and far away

      1. I bucked one, and Tim bucked two…

  42. Meanwhile, out in deepest, darkest troglodyte-topia:

    A statement from Boswell’s office said the 77-year-old Congressman heard a commotion around 10:45 p.m.

    “The intruder entered the front door of the farm house and physically assaulted Cindy while demanding money at gunpoint,” a statement from Boswell’s office said. “Hearing Cindy’s screams, Congressman Boswell entered the entryway and attempted to disarm the intruder.”

    The statement said Boswell’s grandson, Mitchell Brown, was able to secure a shotgun from another room. He pointed the gun at the intruder, who then retreated into the fields surrounding the house.

    For god’s sake, don’t tell frank Bruni!

  43. David Brooks, You will really like death panels. They are good for you. Better to live a short happy life than a long miserable one.….._blog.html

    These people are fucking sick.

    1. Between Krugman, Friedman and Brooks the NYT can only be described as bizarre.

      1. We live in insane times. Krugman, Brooks and Friedman all have elite educations and no doubt consider themselves and are considered by their collegues to be totally reasonable. Yet, they are all obviously insane and believe absolutely insane things.

        1. Brooks is like the Will Smith character in I Am Legend.

          1. That’s not a character. That’s Will Smith. I think the fact that he changed Neville from being the new boogeyman (spelling!!!) to a sacrificial hero (Jesus!!!) is pretty indicative of that.

            1. Smith is more jiggyman than boogeyman anyway.

            2. And the alternate ending is actually closer to the original in that respect. Don’t blame Smith for Hollywood being stupid and insisting on the hero ending.

    2. For a different take on this…

      The problem is, of course, that we free persons just aren’t satisfied with beings insignificant parts of evolutionary nature. And we also have the same high personal opinion, of course, of the signficance of those we love. Even with that problem in mind, we have to agree that our techno-war against personal death has already been at the expense of the happiness we’re meant to enjoy as social animals. Our self-obsession, in other words, has been hard on families, children, friends, citizens, and creatures.

    3. I’ve actually used the same line to justify not eating 1000 calories of bad-tasting food a day and running 10 miles a day, as my betters insist I should be doing.

      Oddly enough, there’s a strong possibility that Brooks and his statist friends would not approve of that attitude.

  44. Soccer update: After 1 half, it’s Neymar’s Hair 0- Larissa Riquelme wearing only body paint 0

  45. Worst weekend thread ever.

  46. Since moving to California, I have resorted to calling Interstate Highways by their Christian names. Nothing pisses the locals off more than referring to “I-5” or telling them to “Get on the Interstate.

    Oh, except for calling their beloved “Carpool Lanes” by the more appropriate “HOV Lane.”. Or mayhaps

  47. Since moving to California, I have resorted to calling Interstate Highways by their Christian names. Nothing pisses the locals off more than referring to “I-5” or telling them to “Get on the Interstate.

    Oh, except for calling their beloved “Carpool Lanes” by the more appropriate “HOV Lane.”. Or mayhaps one could call their “Parking Structure” a “Parking Deck” or a “Parking Garage.”

    1. At least you don’t have to call them “yinzways”.

      1. ??? never heard that term, and I’ve lived in SW PA all my life with a lot of national travel.

  48. The photos is beautiful.the rode is wide ane the enviroment looks good.

  49. Should be very interesting to see how that all works out. WOw.

  50. Nitpick – Clogging is not of German origin – it’s got a number of roots, but none are German – and in France it is called Petanque. Bocce is Italian.

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