"People are under the impression that the Internet is sort of anonymous by default," says Karen Reilly, development director of the Tor Project. "They don't know how many digital trails they're leaving behind."

As the latest NSA scandal has alerted the public to the threat of widespread government surveillance, Reilly shows us how to restore our privacy in the digital world. Reason TV editor Nick Gillespie spoke with Riley about Tor, a set of software encryption tools that empowers people to use email and surf the web anonymously. 

"There's a lot of everyday reasons why people would use Tor," Reilly says. "You don't necessarily have to be somebody who's under a particular threat to want privacy." Among the half million people who use Tor include victims of violence, people with medical conditions, people who don't trust their Internet service provider, and those who object to government surveillance on principle.

Runs about seven minutes.

Produced by Todd Krainin. Camera by Amanda Winkler and Krainin.

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