Enemies of Freedom, a North Korea Tour, & More: Reason's 45th Anniversary Issue


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Reason TV's Kennedy joined Reason's Matt Welch and Katherine Mangu-Ward to find out what's in the August/September 2013 issuea as they celebrate 45 years of publicizing "Free Minds and Free Markets." The August/September 2013 issue is on newsstands now (go here to subscribe for just $14.97 a year).

The cover story, "45 Enemies of Freedom," tallies up those who have made the world less 'groovy' since Reason was founded in 1968; enemy highlights include anti-vaccination vixen Jenny McCarthy and the nanny-state mayor himself, Michael Bloomberg. Michael Malice's piece, "My Week in North Korea," details his travels through the hermit kingdom and discovers the perpetual paralysis that keeps North Korea's fashion, technology, and mentality decades behind. And in "How Reggae Defeated Mambo," Chris Kjorness charts the move of the Caribbean's culture capital from Cuba to Jamaica as the communist revolution stifled freedom of musicians to create.

A year's subscription to the print edition of Reason costs $14.97 (the discount grows with multi-year subscriptions). Subscribers get the mag weeks before any of the material shows up online.

About 5 minutes long. Filmed by Todd Krainin and Joshua Swain. Edited by Swain.

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