Parking Regulations Driving Away Business!

How D.C. Bureaucracy Stifles Anacostia


"They've been working on the problem for 28 years," says Duane Gautier, CEO of Arch Development, a nonprofit that tries to help struggling businesses open and flourish.

Gautier is talking about a Washington, D.C. regulation that requires all retail stores to provide on-site parking for customers. In Anacostia, a poor section of Southeast D.C., the parking regulation has driven away much-needed commerical activity from the neighborhood. 

The parking regulation dates back to 1958, a time before the Washington Metro system existed and when automobiles were seen as the primary mode of transportation in the city. That's no longer the case and although Anacostia is well-served by public transportation and accessible to pedestrians, the parking regulation makes it that much harder for the struggling area to add stores.

About 1.30 minutes.

Narrated by Kennedy and produced by Amanda Winkler.

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