Reason-Rupe Poll: Obama Leads Romney, 52-45 Percent; Gary Johnson Pulls 6 Percent


President Barack Obama will beat challenger Mitt Romney 52 percent to 45 percent in November's election, and the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson will garner 6 percent of the total while pulling votes from both major-party candidates.

Those are some of the findings of the latest Reason-Rupe Poll, which surveyed 1,006 adults in September 13-17. Full results of the poll are online here.

About 61 percent of respondents said that wealth disparities are an acceptable part of the American economic system and not something the government should try to fix. "One of the reasons they may believe that," explains Reason's director of polling, Emily Ekins, "is that 59 percent think that individuals have an equal opportunity to succeed in this country."

Ekins also notes that while pundits decry legislative gridlock in Congress, 45 percent of Americans want the federal government to pass fewer laws, compared with around one-third who think it should be more active. "However," she notes, "there is one law that voters overwhelmingly would like to see passed—and that's a law to audit the Federal Reserve."

For full results and more analysis, go to the Reason-Rupe Poll homepage.

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