Marc Andreessen: What the World Needs Most Is More Elon Musks

The Netscape co-founder and legendary venture capitalist talks about the future, innovation, and your next beach read.


In the 1990s, Marc Andreessen helped make the World Wide Web navigable by co-authoring Mosaic, the first super-popular web browser, and then by co-founding Netscape, one of the first great internet initial public offerings (IPOs). As a founder of the venture capital powerhouse Andreessen Horowitz, he has had a central role in funding Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Lyft, and other companies that define our age.

Unlike many of his peers, Andreessen is also a congenital optimist, who places his hope for the future squarely in the hands of what he once called "the 19-year-olds and the startups that no one's heard of." 

On this episode, Reason's Editor in Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward sat down with Andreessen to talk about what the future will look like and whether it's still going to emerge from Silicon Valley, the role of government in fostering or destroying innovation, and what you should read on your next beach vacation.

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