New York's Liquor Store Lobby Fights Against To-Go Drink Sales by Bars, Restaurants

Making booze to-go rules permanent is the right policy choice, no matter what entrenched interests claim.


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) announced this month that she hopes to make permanent the relaxed to-go alcohol rules her disgraced predecessor Andrew Cuomo adopted in March 2020, during the early days of the pandemic. As the name suggests, the looser rules allow bars and restaurants to sell alcohol beverages to go.

When the governor announced her proposal during her first annual State of the State address earlier this month, it was met mostly with applause. Leaders in the hospitality industry, which has been devastated by a one-two punch of Covid cases and related government restrictions, raised a glass to toast the plan.

"Cheers to Governor Hochul for announcing her support to permanently bring back drinks to go at restaurants and bars," said New York City Hospitality Alliance head Andrew Rigie. "The drinks to go policy provides critically important revenue streams to struggling restaurants and bars and is extraordinarily popular with the public, unsurprisingly."

Covid-era alcohol deregulation has served to provide a rare bit of welcome news during otherwise lousy times, as I explained in a July 2020 column applauding states for legalizing to-go drinks. Those states liked their to-go laws, too. Indeed, many commentators are confident alcohol-to-go sales are here to stay. And with good reason. Dozens of states around the country relaxed rules for to-go alcohol, including cocktails. While some states have reversed those gains, most haven't. Over the summer, various outlets reported that at least a dozen states had made their to-go booze rules permanent.

New York State's situation is a bit of an outlier. As The Hill explained in the wake of Hochul's announcement, Cuomo actually let the state's to-go drinks rules expire in June, months before he was forced to resign. Hochul's move would not only bring back the exemption but also make it permanent.

But Hochul's plans, while they've garnered widespread support, are facing some serious if predictable pushback in the form of powerful liquor store interests in New York State. That's not a big surprise. As CNBC reported in May, liquor store lobbies have comprised the leading opposition against to-go cocktail legislation around the country. In New York State, liquor store interest groups are singing a familiar, sky-is-falling tune.

"This proposal will devastate our liquor stores, create a public health crisis, increase DWI incidents and underage sales, and upset the on- and off-premise system of distribution and sale of alcohol," reads a hyperventilating statement by MetroPSA, a New York liquor-store lobby, that was reported by Wine Spectator last week.

Those claims are largely false, nebulous, and overblown. "Is there a downside to loosening booze rules?" I asked in 2020. "I don't think so. While data suggest Americans have increased our alcohol consumption during the pandemic, harms tied to alcohol have also decreased. For example, data show drunk driving arrests are 'down dramatically' during the same period."

Notably, some critics have rightly suggested that Hochul's proposal doesn't do enough or go far enough, or do much to reform the state's outdated liquor laws. Steve Barnes, the Times Union's restaurant critic, explained in a great column last week that notes Hochul's proposal seems to exclude tasting rooms, which had been part of Cuomo's to-go plan and which are angry over having been excluded by the current governor's remarks. Barnes also explains that making to-go alcohol sales permanent is just one of many necessary steps New York State lawmakers should take to improve the regulatory climate for producers and consumers in the state. Lamenting the fact that "corners of the state's archaic booze laws still remain unaddressed," Barnes explains, for example, that most alcohol producers in the state can't ship directly to consumers in the state. 

As Barnes suggests, the least New York State lawmakers should do is pass a new, permanent law that allows bars, restaurants, tasting rooms, and other alcohol producers and sellers in the state sell drinks to go. Once they've done that, lawmakers should get to work on making other meaningful and lasting alcohol reforms that give sellers and buyers more choices.

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      3. Government attention should be direct toward those who deny the Constitutional rights of others, rather than devise a labyrinth of rules to navigate. Too many rules are made to give one group advantages over others, like licensing laws. Those who would take their lives by OD, should not be interfered with.

        Everyone should be the beneficiary of consequence of action.

  2. If you want to liquor on the go, you should be able to.

    - Andrew “Hands” Cuomo (D)

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    2. As The Hill explained in the wake of Hochul's announcement, Cuomo actually let the state's to-go drinks rules expire in June, months before he was forced to resign.

      "If I can't serve 'pump-'n'-dump' drinks, then you can't either! If I'm going, you're going down with me!" --Andrew Cum-mo

      1. I saw a sign in a bar one time that read" liquor in the front, poker in the rear."
        Some sort of code.

        1. On the political front, I distinctly remember seeing “Lick Bush” bumper stickers during the 88, 92, 2000, and 2004 election campaigns. I never did see any “Lick Reagan” “Lick Dole” “Like McCain” “Lick Romney” or “Lick Trump” bumper stickers. (The Dem Party leadership were so clueless/humor impaired that during the 2004 campaign one of the DNC leaders did a CNN interview right in front of a kiosk at their Convention where that bumper sticker was very prominently displayed. )

          1. Did you miss the outer solar system election a few year back when "Lick Uranus" stickers were everywhere?

            1. The group plugging it (so to speak) was the bar scene from Star Wars.

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  4. It isn’t clear from this blog post or the linked article whether she wants to make it permanent by proposing a bill and encouraging the legislature to pass it, by gubernatorial order, or by bureaucratic fiat.

    1. A mighty sealion focuses on minutiae and points of order rather than intent or even the actual topic.

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      1. If it is clear to _you_ how the governor intends to pursue this issue, please explain precisely her plan of action.

        1. "please explain precisely her plan of action."

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  6. In case you're wondering how much national debt our horrible so-called "president" Sleepy Joe Brandon managed to accumulate in his first year in office, the answer is more than $2.1 trillion. It's hard to believe, but he's on pace to easily exceed the fiscal irresponsibility of Trump in his four years.

    This might partially explain why Brandon has a new personal record worst polling average at Real Clear Politics, with both record low approval and record high disapproval. If you want to see what complete and total failure looks like in picture form, here it is right here:

    1. “If you want to see what complete and total failure looks like in picture form, here it is right here:”

      I was looking forward to finding out what sarc looks like.

  7. Liquor boards want a monopoly. Of course they make bad decisions for the consumer.

    1. The consumer can buy liquor at any bar, restaurant, or liquor store in NY.

      All the “drinks to go” did was allow underage and drunk customers to order liquor delivered through restaurant orders, bypassing the liquor stores, which must check age ID.

      This isn’t about taking a drink from a bar and consuming it outdoors. This is about bypassing the rules that are required of liquor stores.

      1. The deliverer could always ask for ID and refuse the drink if the customer doesn't present ID when clearly needed, with the cost of the drink refunded on the order.

        At keast that's how I'd do things. I wouldn't want to get sued or prosecuted under "Dram Shop" laws or "vicarious liability."

  8. 1. Grant favors to people with money.
    2. Other people object at getting skewered by the first group and give you more money.
    3. Profit!

  9. Accidentally showing their hand.

    In this video Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says that the Democrats' federal elections takeover bill is "inspired by Hugo Chavez... Cesar Chavez..."

    1. Did you see that less than half of democrats want their most popular candidate ever to run again?

      1. Strange for the guy who prompted the biggest increase in voter turnout in American history. Single-handedly reversed a 150 year long percentage decline.

        It's almost like things weren't on the up-and-up from the start. Mustn't say that though. It's a bannable thought.

      2. In related news, due to USPS delays, Detroit announced that Biden just received another 400,000 votes. Trump got 0 additional votes.

  10. Ukraine evacuation of Americans is starting. Biden searching out an aid worker with kids to bomb just in case.

    1. So Biden's puppeteers and Putin set a date then?

      What a relief Mr. Meantweets isn't around to fuck it all up with peace deals and stuff.

  11. “My advice to everyone out there who is frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off: Feel those emotions. Go to a kickboxing class. Have a margarita,” Psaki said. “Do whatever you need to do this weekend, and then, wake up on Monday morning.

    No wonder Sarc liked biden.

    1. "Shut up and go to work."

  12. School board forces all students to take a 21 day equity challenge that is nothing but crt and woke bullshit.

    The school board has since removed the 21-Day Equity Challenge curriculum from its website, but school board members said they would continue using the program.

    The 21-Day Challenge was designed by a nonprofit organization called the Privilege Institute, which is dedicated to “disrupting the systemic structure of white supremacy, white privilege and other forms of oppression.”

    For each day of the challenge, students are asked to read an essay such as Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “The Case for Reparations” or Kwame Anthony Appiah’s “I’m Jewish and Don’t Identify as White. Why Must I Check That Box?”

    They can also watch videos such as critical race theory founder Kimberle Crenshaw’s TED Talk on “the urgency of intersectionality” or Blue Seat Studios’s “defund the police” video that explains “the racist origins of U.S. policing, and paints a vision for what shifting resources from police budgets to housing, food, and other basic life needs can look like.”

    1. The number 21 is chosen because that supposedly is the number of days needed for the human brain to turn an action into a habit. “Creating effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of power, privilege, supremacy and leadership is like any lifestyle change. Setting our intentions and adjusting what we spend our time doing is essential,” the Privilege Institute’s explanation of the 21-Day Challenge reads. “It’s all about building new habits.”

      1. Does this include the habits of owning nothing, having no privacy, living in a pod, eating bugs, and being happy with it all?

    2. "The 21-Day Challenge was designed by a nonprofit organization called the Privilege Institute, which is dedicated to “disrupting the systemic structure of white supremacy, white privilege and other forms of oppression.”

      "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin.

    3. Officials who misuse power should be punished by losing limbs. Like sharia. But worse.

  13. Meanwhile
    Congress's 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits
    The Committee plotted with JPMorgan and its lawyer, former Obama AG Loretta Lynch, to obtain a citizen's financial records with no possibility of judicial review.
    What Congress is barred from doing, as two McCarthy-era Supreme Court cases ruled, is exactly what the 1/6 committee is now doing: conducting a separate, parallel criminal investigation in order to uncover political crimes committed by private citizens. Such powers are dangerous precisely because Congress’s investigative powers are not subject to the same safeguards as the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. And just as was true of the 1950s House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) that prompted those Supreme Court rulings, the 1/6 committee is not confining its invasive investigative activities to executive branch officials or even citizens who engaged in violence or other illegality on January 6, but instead is investigating anyone and everyone who exercised their Constitutional rights to express views about and organize protests over their belief that the 2020 presidential election contained fraud. Indeed, the committee's initial targets appear to be taken from the list of those who applied for protest permits in Washington: a perfectly legal, indeed constitutionally protected, act.
    This abuse of power is not merely abstract. The Congressional 1/6 Committee has been secretly obtaining private information about American citizens en masse: telephone records, email logs, internet and browsing history, and banking transactions. And it has done so without any limitations or safeguards: no judicial oversight, no need for warrants, no legal limitations of any kind.

    1. Corporatism exactly as the Nazis practiced it.

      This is why I as a foreigner hate the Democrats and the American gentry class so much. They're destroying Western civilization and spreading their corruption and poison worldwide.

    2. Those who abuse power ought to be treated like cattle.

  14. Speaking of liquor…

    TMZ is reporting that Meat Loaf was a vocal antivaxxer and COVID denialist, and had become quite visible in that camp of jackasses. And now he's dead of COVID.

    Said: If I die from Covid, I die. I’m not going to be controlled

    That’s the spirit, Meatloaf. That’s the spirit. As a gay, Black man in the GOP I’m sure we were all inspired by the conservative values you showed in “ Rocky Horror Picture Show” You are an inspiration!

    1. Lefties can't parody, Shrike.
      Just because you were able to fool the little kids chained in your basement, doesn't mean it will work on adults.

      1. Sorry, I don’t understand. The only kids in basements I know of were the ones locked up in John Podesta and Hillary KKKlinto’s torture basement at the pizza shop. Because when you order a delicious cheese pizza from the pizza shop what you really mean is you want a delicious 8 yo boy with a tight bunghole for you to molest. You have to know the codes being employed by the Demoncrat party to really understand how things work. I bet you 1 zillion Venezuelan Bolivars, which is the currency we’ll all be using considering Biden’s Marxist-Leninist Nazi government, that Meatloaf knew the code.

        1. It was the web links you posted of child porn he is referring to shrike. I doubt your trailer has a basement.

        2. Okay, then explain this, Shrike:

    2. Here’s the interesting question: did he die of the omicron variant?

      If he did die of omicron, it is an example that omicron can be deadly.

      If he died of another strain, it is an example that although omicron is the dominant strain spreading around, it is not the only strain. I’ve had a few anti-vax commenters here get confused about this point and think that omicron’s being dominant means the other variants have just disappeared.

      1. He wasn't anti vax sea lion. He was anti mandate. The same thing you claim you are. But we know you lie about that.

      2. The fucking cold can be deadly.
        What’s your point?

    3. Shrike, do you ever try reading primary sources? The quote tmz refers to is him saying he won't stop hugging people and he was against mandates. He said nothing of his vaccination status in those statements. He basically said don't live live to hide away from life.

      But you're not intelligent nor a classical liberal. Nor libertarian.

      1. “I hug people in the middle of COVID,” and said: “I understood stopping life for a little while, but they cannot continue to stop life because of politics. And right now they’re stopping because of politics.”

        “We had to go on the airplane with the paper masks and then on the way back, we got a Nazi: ‘Get your mask on now!’ They’re power-mad now,” he told the paper.

        After the interviewer replied, “Oh, God. We’re being controlled by everybody,” the singer responded ominously, “Yeah, I know. But not me. If I die, I die, but I’m not going to be controlled.”

        Nothing anti vax in that statement. But you leftist authoritarians have to lie while dancing on a grave.

      2. He had to have been vaccinated to have interacted with the Fox News talent several months ago, when they visited Nashville.

        Like many other major media outlets, Fox News makes a quiet effort to provide a protected perimeter for their top talent.

    4. His death is really surprising considering his excellent physical condition.

      1. You mean to infer that a 74-year-old man with Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome, a disease that makes all bacterial and viral infections potentially deadly, wasn't at the top of his game physically?

        Interesting thing about Wolff–Parkinson–White, apparently inflammatory responses like the Pfizer vaccine promotes can be just as deadly as the Covid infection.

        Poor Shrike and White Mike. Every narrative they craft slips through their fingers.

      2. However Meat Loaf died and whatever his views, the Universe gave him his refund:

        Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back

        I just posted this the other day, too! I loved the Bat-Our-Of-Hell out of Meat Loaf's work covering the fantastic lyrics of Jim Steinman and I will miss him!

        1. He just got his money back ;_;

          1. Exactly.

        2. Was hoping he would have recorded a new album:

          Bat Out Of Wet Market

          1. Thirty or more years ago it could have been Bat Out of The Dark Knight.

          1. It's like Jam3s Dean and Ma4lon Brando merged with The Kool-Aid Man.

            Here's a Mutant Meat Loaf versus Senator Kelly and his henchmen from The X-Men:

            Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (Official Music Video)

            1. Correction: James Dean and Marlon Brando. We haven't given then a number and taken away their names yet.

  15. The biggest story no one's covering may be that omicron appears to be cresting.

    Nationally, new cases were up only 11% since two weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago, I remember seeing them up more than 100% over the two weeks prior. There's no way to say that it will fall as quickly as it rose, but it looks like the worm has turned, and if does fall as quickly as it rose, we may be out of this completely in four to six weeks.

    1. Next youre going to say the virus asks seasonally and people pointed this out in November.

      1. I'll be glad when this is over.

        1. It will never be over.

          1. I’m thinking Ken dropped some sarcasm.

    2. Probably also because the Chinese government in collusion with Dr. Fauci decided that they’d probably stop making Covid at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. I heard from that there were production problems.

      1. Lol. You forgot to switch socks dumbass.

        1. He started drinking at sunup.

        2. Sir, I don’t know who Shrike is or why you keep calling me that. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: I’m a gay Black man who is GOPProud like Average Joes Milo and Caitlyn. You can look me up… I’m currently under indictment for trespassing, public endangerment and sedition— or will be in Biden’s fascist Amerikkka— in a federal court. The only thing I’ll say about the latter is that I’ve been instructed by my lawyers to say that, and I quote: “My plan was hilariously incompetent and no one could really think that I could pose any danger to anyone since I am a silly and desparate attention-seeking moron who did a stupid and childish thing. Thus, I should be exonerated.” It’s an open-and-shut case. Really.

          Would you like to contribute to my legal fees?

          1. You can’t hide your idiocy.

      2. "I heard from that there were production problems."

        This is impossible. Shrike swears he never sockpuppets.

        1. You are correct. I am not Shrike. See above.

          1. Pathetic shrike.

          2. Lol, you dun fucked up, Georgia peach.

    3. If you follow the data at , it looks like it'll be much less time than even that. It's a wave that's moving east to west, and you can see from the shapes of the peaks in the northeast-to-mid-atlantic states, it crashes just as fast on the other side as it did on the rise. That sharp peak has made it as far west as Ohio so far.

      The pattern worldwide is of omicron close to completely displacing delta, and although delta did not give better immunity than the mRNA vaccine to omicron, the cross reactivity in the other direction is very strong. That is, omicron makes you about as immune to delta as things get with once-a-lifetime infections.

    4. Another lucky guess for the seasonality theorists.

  16. Evidence continues to pile up that the Democrats' $1.9 trillion unipartisan American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was just a ploy to bail out California, New York, Illinois, and other deep blue states with outrageous pension problems that predated the pandemic by a long shot.

    "At issue are funds Arizona received as part of the program, established through a $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package Congress passed last year. The Treasury Department last week threatened to claw back some of the $2.1 billion Arizona has received because the state used the funds to establish two programs the federal government said undermine the use of masks in schools."

    "Arizona Sues U.S. to Block Clawback of Funds Over School Mask-Wearing Policies"

    The Supreme Court already ruled that the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn't have the authority to impose vaccine mandates on American workers. I'd expect the Biden administration's claim that the Treasury Department has the authority to impose mask mandates will probably be laughed out of court. Money is fungible, and that bill was never really meant to address the pandemic. It was just a giveaway to deep blue states. Republicans shouldn't stop crowing about 100% of them opposing that bill until November.

    1. Unfortunately arizona is in the ninth and they will ignore the lawsuit of removing finds for forced actions such as aca losing its medicaid expansion mandate. Hate relying on Roberts to make right.

    2. California, New York, Illinois, and other deep blue states with outrageous pension problems that predated the pandemic by a long shot.

      Oh bullshit, California has a massive budget surplus and everyone knows it.

      1. "Moreover, CalPERS’ official estimate that it is 70.8% funded is based on an assumption of future investment earnings averaging 7% a year, which probably is at least one or two percentage points too high. In the 2019-20 fiscal year that ended June 30, CalPERS posted a 4.7% return and over the last 20 years it has averaged 5.5% by its own calculation.

        "Were the earnings assumption dropped to a more realistic level, the system’s “unfunded liability” — essentially a multi-billion-dollar debt — would increase sharply from the current $160 billion to at least $200 billion.


        Taxpaying voters across the country--outside of California, Illinois, and New York--really do need to know that the Democrats in Congress effectively spent their future earnings bailing out California's, Illinois', and New York's pension system.

        Swing voters in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin probably thought it was hilarious to hear about all the taxpayer money progressives states like California spend on illegal aliens, bullet trains to nowhere, and showering its state employees with lavish pension benefits. I bet it won't seem so funny when they realize they're the ones paying for it. The joke's on them if they voted for Biden and the Democrats.

        1. For those who have not followed, California's public pension system is nuts.

          People get the system by taking big raises the last 2 years, often by moving temporarily to high cost of living locations.... Then they get 90% of that number for life, with cost of living raises. So they often make more in retirement than they ever did.

          And because everyone is in the same game, they all play along. Bump the folks bearing retirement, and the next round does you the same favor. Win-win-win.

          Plus they retire really young.... So more years paying pension.

          No wonder they are underfunded.

      2. They have a massive pension problem, one that is looming up ahead in the head lights.
        As bad if not worse than Illinois.

        1. Illinois governor J. B. Pritzker (D) recently started producing TV ads that are touting his fiscal restraint and claiming to have balanced the Illinois state budget.

          Normally I'd just shrug it away as posturing political B.S. - But - It's not election season. So it makes me really wonder WTF is actually going on.

  17. What I'm about so say is... fuck it...

    Does anyone else get the sense that articles like these are beginning to feel like we're celebrating a policy to expand mess hall hours in the supermax prison?


    I mean, I get it, yes, to-go drinks, I'm all for it. *holds BLM style fist in the air*

    But it's important to keep perspective on WHY we're even having this discussion.

    1. I think the best analogy I can come up with would have been the black community demanding relaxation of to-go drink rules when they weren't allowed to sit at the lunch counter-- or changes to building codes which would allow more "negroes only" drinking fountains and bathrooms.

      1. But they can still sit on the porch and drink 40s right?

    2. So, I think you’ve indicated you live in Seattle.
      I might be remembering incorrectly.

      If you are so miserable, why not move to one of the many states that are much less restrictive?

      Where I live I have been going to restaurants, often unmasked, for most of the pandemic. My kids have been going to a private school in person, no masks.

      Why not vote with your feet?

      1. Where I live I have been going to restaurants, often unmasked, for most of the pandemic. My kids have been going to a private school in person, no masks.

        I keep hearing this, and I have been to places (red states) where this is the case.

        Masks are 100% required everywhere. We're currently under vaccine passport mandates.

        Why not vote with your feet?

        I will be. My initial dream when I moved here was to retire here. It is no longer. My dream is to move to the uncultured flyover country. Places which I'm sad to say even I derided when I was younger.

        There are things I have to get in order (and I'm a rather terrible procrastinator) before I do. Plus I have a job which... for the moment requires my presence (even though I do 99% of it remotely). My company may be issuing a "work from anywhere" policy within the year and that MIGHT be just the motivation that could allow me to move to clearer, lower crime, freer locale while still keeping my job (and my salary).

          1. Considering the climate in the Pacific NW, probably clearer too.

        1. Good luck with your exit!

          As I’ve mentioned before, my niece who lives in Seattle has been transformed from liberal to more conservative by the ineptitude of the Seattle school board.

          1. Like the school board in Midland, Michigan.

        2. I’m not following what you are taking about with vaccine “passports” required to eat in a restaurant. Not where I live.

        3. You will be unhappy in "uncultured flyover country". I live here. This is the place where Trump flags and Confederate flags flown together is not that uncommon. Near me, the high-school debated changing the Native American themed sports mascot. Was it, Indian? Redskins? A name that might be offensive to some but is still otherwise defensible? Oh no, this one was, Savages. I strain to find any justification in this day and age, I don't care what side of the fence you are on, for a mascot called Savage that explicitly invokes Native American imagery. Those who wanted to change it, they lost. So, Savages it is.

          1. Aww. Poor thing.

      2. Remember. Mike also argued states dont decide these policies, liberal school administration should

    3. You're an insurrectionist.

      1. How is that? I haven’t broken any laws?

        1. On the spectrum are we?

          1. Dee is a good way down the spectrum.

  18. Psaki told the view she loves working for obama....
    Quiet part out loud?

    1. Psaki psays pstupid pshit

      1. Misogyny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gasps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        5 hail faucis now.

        1. Psloshed psarc psays Psaki’s psucculent.

        1. Robert Pshaw was a pstellar actor!

    1. Planned parenthood foundation has never changed from their euthanasia stance

      1. Youth in Asia? They’ll get around to them as well!

    2. Have a heart; the inconvenient babies being killed do.

      - rejected Planned Parenthood slogan

    3. "You can kill your kid because of bodily autonomy! Nobody owns you! Muh body muh choice! Let's celebrate aborting your baby cLuMP oF cELLs!"

      "I don't want to get the mRNA jab. There's been a lot of deaths and risks associated with it. I'll wait for a safer, traditional protein vaccine. My body my choice, right?"

      "You murderous creep! How dare you almost practically kill Grandma! We're going to make it illegal for you to hold a job and go out in public!"

      I absolutely hate the American aristocracy.

      1. The death rate of unvaccinated fetuses at declumper clinics is about 100%.

        1. If the uterus-having person is vaccinated, the clump of cells if vaccinated.

    1. Interesting statistical quick hits.

      (From the UK)

      The average age of death from COVID in 2021: 82.5 yrs of age.
      Life expectance in the UK: 79 (males) 82.9 (females)

      1. End the gender life gap!

        1. Come see the sexism in the system!

          1. (Inherent in the system)

          1. Karma? I never worry about that ole chameleon….it comes and goes…

      2. My GOP-derived family values say that granny should just fuck off and die. What a moocher!

        1. You should have visited the link before posting your L's, Shrike.

          The Freedom of Information info dump showed deaths attributable solely to Covid were miniscule. Even for the elderly. Less than the Flu at just seventeen and a half thousand.
          In fact the average age of solely Covid deaths was 82.9. That's older than UK life expectancy.

          All your narratives are collapsing like sandcastles.

        2. No no no. It is: grandma should die for the sake of the economy.

          1. Ahh jeff. Ever change from being the ignorant leftist you are. Appeals to emotion based on bad data to justify authoritarianism. Good work buddy.

    2. Professor Karol Sikora, one of the world's leading oncologists at the WHO estimates 50,000 excess cancer deaths during the pandemic. Listed reasons:

      Failure to report early
      Difficulty getting to see GP
      Fear of hospital admissions
      Missed chemo/radio therapy
      Delayed diagnosis

      We really screwed the pooch on this one.

      1. Fat jeff will be by shortly to talk about how those folks should have worn masks.

        1. Sure Chumby. Right after you condemn them for being so irresponsible for getting cancer in the first place. How dare they make such poor choices with their genetics. If they only had some of those right-wing bootstraps they would have been just fine.

          1. You can’t control getting cancer. You can control your weight and other comorbidities.

            1. Actually, several cancers are caused by viruses. And several are caused by poor lifestyle choices. So yes to a degree they are under your control.

              And whatever comorbidities a person has, they only matter if that person catches covid from someone else in the first place. So yes whether someone dies of covid is not that person's fault.

              I guess all those people who died of covid just had it coming because they were just immoral.

              1. And the cool medical science miracle is that the same mRNA technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines will be used to fight those cancers. The bright lining in this pandemic are the long-term medical advances.

                Well, the other bright lining is the loss of faith in public schools.

            2. Fat jeff can’t control his weight. The progressive victim mindset.

    3. Conspiracy theories have all turned out to be spoilers in the last 3 years.

      I'm starting to wonder if David Icke's reptilians, the Hollow Earth, and and the Illuminati will all turn out to be real for 2022.

  19. Times of Israel:

    Israeli trial, world’s first, finds 4th dose ‘not good enough’ against Omicron
    Expert at Sheba Medical Center says jab raises COVID antibody levels, but there are ‘still a lot of infections’ among those who received it

    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has pushed ahead with expanding Israel’s fourth dose program, despite the lack of data.

    As of Sunday night, over 500,000 Israelis have been inoculated with a fourth dose. The Health Ministry began offering fourth vaccine shots to Israelis 60 and older, the immunocompromised, and medical workers last month.

      1. If you took a treatment to prevent syphilis four times, and you still caught syphilis, you might be forgiven for wondering if they're peddling snake oil.

    1. Yup, as I observed below your hobby is seeking out news to get worked up over.

      1. This is the most disingenuous response I've read all day.

        You're such a dishonest piece-of-shit, Mike.

      2. Yep, nobody should get worked up over them pushing medicine that doesn’t work very well and whipping people into such a frenzy they say stupid shit like “Actually, going out in public when you’re not sick or symptomatic is a violation of the NAP.”

        1. OK so suppose you are sick and you go out in public and you make someone else sick. Is that a violation of the NAP? Yes or no?

          Now let us suppose you are sick but you don't know it, and you make someone else sick. You could have taken simple preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of getting sick but you choose not to. Is that an act of negligence? Yes or no?

          1. No.

            Next idiotic question?

            Your assumption is life is risk free and any risk of ones life violates the nap.

            Youre saying a 1 year old can violate the nap by being in public and merely breathing.

            Youre a disgusting authoritarian.

          2. Fat people fart a lot, so you people shouldn’t be allowed in public.

    2. “NEVER trust the results of an Israeli Trial!” —Adolf Eichmann

      1. Ah, but you can trust an Israeli gas mask, so I'll go with anything they got to help me breathe. So far, Pfizer's done me good.

  20. Beijing just locked down. Getting back to normalz!

    1. Regarding covid, they are pushing to have no chink in their armor.

      1. Stop slanting the news reports!

    2. Yellow journalism.

  21. You can't make this up.

    Stanley and photographer Beth Garrabrant do an incredible job illustrating the issue’s feature article, journalist and author Kelsey Miller’s The Relentless Reality of Anti-Fatness in Fitness. It’s an excellently researched backstory on just how deeply our fitness ideals are rooted in anti-fatness. You can also catch Stanley as one of our inaugural 2022 SELF Future of Fitness Advisory Board members; for this year’s class, we chose 10 trainers and experts who are working hard to end anti-fat stigma in the fitness world in order to make gyms, clubs, and the overall world of wellness much more welcoming to all. And Stanley, one of our regular SELF columnists, has also written some great advice on the practical ways trainers, gym owners, and other fitness professionals can practice meaningful fat allyship in her piece 6 Ways Fitness Instructors Can Check Their Anti-Fat Bias.

    1. The one model’s favorite machine at the gym is the vending machine.

    2. Sooo….doing fitness half assed?

      1. 'If you were HALF the woman I am!"

        "I AM half the woman you are!"

      2. She’s so fat that sarc would fuck the valley between two of her fat rolls.

  22. <a href="Trying again, my new favorite poster.

    1. They'll be posting that unironically in 2023.

    2. The troof is out there.

  23. *sigh*

    Unsurprisingly, being outdoors, masked and surrounded by silence is the best way to avoid coronavirus, researchers found.

    You literally can't make this shit up.

    Oh and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tests positive for COVID

    Must have been all those unmasked $10,000 a plate superspreader events.

    1. You didn’t make it clear whom you are quoting, but I googled it and found it is just some article form the Atlanta Journal.

      Do you actively seek out articles to be incensed over? Guess everyone needs a hobby.

      1. Looks like you severely pissed off a sealion, Paul.

        Mike seems to be surprised that people read the news. Also, following his argument Mike doesn't want people discussing the news whatsoever. Especially if it reflects poorly on a Democrat.

      2. I think Diane and s lot of people around here, they get their news from Joe Rogan, Brett Weinstein, Glenn Greenwald, and the Intellectual Dark Web crowd. And like most media outlets nowadays, they don't really report the straight news, they are selling a product. And in this case the product of they are selling is, Rebellion. Resistance. Fight against the Powers That Be. So every story must be framed in that manner. Even if the establishment is correct, they can't possibly admit that. They must always frame their stories as opposition to the establishment. I think it is also the same impulse which causes some people to want to claim Glenn Greenwald or Matt Taibbi as libertarians. They're not libertarians, they are just contrarians. The two are not the same.

        1. I like how straight news from mainstream news sources gets the most predictable reactions.

        2. Yeah, there are most definitely a bunch of commenters here who obviously get their talking points from the same sources.

        3. Lol. Not a leftist.

        4. “Intellectual Dark Web crowd.”

          Wow. Lefty Jeffy really loves the cocks of Top Men.

  24. If Michigan follows suit, this means that Attorney General Dana"Bloody Mary" Nessel will be able to get her drinks to go.
    Nor will she render any sollution to the kitty litter box in a Midland, Michigan middle school.
    She will however be able to continue her delusion that white supremacists were responsible for the hostage taking at a Texas Synagogue.

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