Conspiracy Theories

'School Shootings Are Absolutely Real,' and '9/11 Absolutely Happened,' Says Marjorie Taylor Greene

Under fire for endorsing wacky conspiracy theories, the Georgia representative blames the internet.


"School shootings are absolutely real," Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R–Ga.) declared on the floor of the House today as her colleagues debated whether to take away her committee assignments as punishment for her endorsement of wacky right-wing conspiracy theories. "I also want to tell you 9/11 absolutely happened….It's a tragedy for anyone to say it didn't happen. I definitely want to tell you I do not believe that it's fake."

When a member of Congress feels a need to say things like that, it is clear that something has gone terribly wrong with her critical thinking skills at some point. By Greene's account, it started with her enthusiasm for Donald Trump and her anger at a biased press that falsely and maliciously portrayed him as a Russian stooge. Hungry for alternative sources of information, she "started looking things up on the internet, asking questions, like most people do every day."

In 2017, Greene "stumbled across something…called QAnon," which posited that Trump was battling a secret cabal of Satan worshippers who eat human flesh and run an international operation that sells children for sex. But Greene said she was mostly interested in QAnon's rebuttals of the "Russian collusion" charges against Trump, which is what drew her in. "I got very interested in it," she said, "so I posted about it on Facebook, I read about it, I talked about it, I asked questions about it, and then more information came from it."

During 2018, Greene said, "I was upset about things and didn't trust the government…because the people here were not doing the things I thought they should be doing for us." She added that "a lot of Americans don't trust our government, and that's sad." The problem with such distrust, she said, "is I was allowed to believe things that weren't true, and I would ask questions about them and talk about them. And that is absolutely what I regret, because if it weren't for the Facebook posts and comments that I 'liked' in 2018, I wouldn't be standing here today, and you couldn't point a finger and accuse me of anything wrong, because I've lived a very good life that I'm proud of."

Later that year, Greene said, "I started finding misinformation, lies, things that were not true, in these QAnon posts." At that point, "I stopped believing it" and "walked away from those things." [Update: The New York Times notes that Greene was still peddling QAnon ideas in 2019, when she suggested that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been replaced by a body double, "an element of QAnon's fictional story line."]

Greene warned that "any source of information that is a mix of truth and a mix of lies is dangerous," which is a problem "on the left and on the right." She averred that the mainstream news media are "just as guilty as QAnon of presenting truth and lies to divide us."

As mea culpas go, this one was decidedly mixed. "None of us are perfect," Greene noted while acknowledging "words that I said and I regret." But she said the reason she regrets her flirtation with QAnon is that it provided ammunition to her political opponents. Shouldn't endorsing crazy, defamatory lies against Democrats such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Soros be cause for regret regardless of whether it causes bad publicity for you?

Greene is certainly right that many news outlets are hostile to Trump and promoted allegations about him and Russia that proved to be unfounded. But that hardly means The New York Times—which, after all, eventually reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could not substantiate those charges—is as impervious to evidence as QAnon true believers.

Greene also deflected attention from her alarming credulity by complaining about "cancel culture," repeatedly condemning abortion, and accusing her Democratic colleagues of "condon[ing] riots," referring to the vandalism and violence that marred many of last year's protests against police brutality. Their support of those protests, she suggested, makes her conspiracy mongering pale by comparison.

That is probably not a road Greene wants to head down, since she eagerly promoted Trump's fantasy that the presidential election was stolen through massive cheating on an unprecedented scale—the imaginary grievance that motivated last month's deadly assault on the building where Greene works. She did not say whether she still thinks Trump actually won the election by a landslide, a belief that is about as plausible as the elaborate plot described by QAnon.

Greene also did not retract her charge that the Clintons killed John F. Kennedy Jr., that Obama is a secret Muslim who commissioned the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Green, that Soros is "a piece of crap" who betrayed "his own people" to the Nazis, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) is a traitor who deserves the death penalty, or that the Rothschilds conspired with California Gov. Jerry Brown to ignite a wildfire with space lasers. Nor did she apologize for sharing a video alleging that "Zionist supremacists" are committing "the biggest genocide in human history" by flooding Europe with nonwhite immigrants. All we know for sure is that she now believes 9/11 actually happened and that children were actually murdered in Newtown and Parkland.

Greene emphasized that she did not peddle QAnon fabrications during her campaign or after she was elected in November. "These were words of the past," she said. "These things do not represent me, they do not represent my district, and they do not represent my values." That is all well and good, but her district will have to decide whether it wants to be represented by someone this gullible and this oblivious to the implications of casually charging people with grave crimes based on nothing more than "information" some idiot posted online.

"Past comments from and endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene on school shootings, political violence, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories do not represent the values or beliefs of the House Republican Conference," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R–Calif.) said in a statement he issued yesterday. "I condemn those comments unequivocally. I condemned them in the past. I continue to condemn them today. This House condemned QAnon last Congress and continues to do so today."

McCarthy nevertheless rejected the suggestion that he should remove Greene from the committees to which she had been assigned, a demurral that set the stage for today's vote. He faulted Democrats for "choosing to raise the temperature by taking the unprecedented step to further their partisan power grab regarding the committee assignments of the other party." McCarthy has a point about the risk of that precedent, which Democrats surely would not want to see evenhandedly applied to members of their own party who make controversial comments tinged by bigotry.

Still, it is important for Republican leaders like McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) to repudiate the poisonous views that Greene expressed before she was elected, if only to demarcate the limits of what is acceptable in polite GOP company. That criticism forced Greene, who until recently was dismissing concerns about her outlandish, inflammatory, and divisive statements as much ado about nothing, to offer an accounting of herself, however unsatisfying.

Greene blames her susceptibility to conspiracy theories on her suspicion of government, which is an insult to every rational person who shares that suspicion without falling for baseless, wildly implausible claims like the ones she endorsed. Unlike Greene, I do not think distrust of government is "sad," and I doubt the Framers, who carefully constructed a system designed to obstruct and frustrate politicians who seek to impose their will on the nation, would have shared her (current) view of that impulse.

But skepticism of government is rooted in a recognition of human foibles and limitations, which do not disappear in the private sector. Politicians sometimes tell the truth, gadflies sometimes tell lies, and both offer up mixtures of the two. As Greene's experience shows, telling the difference cannot hinge on the identity of the speaker or the political tribe to which he belongs.

Update: The House on Thursday voted to remove Greene from the education and budget committees. The vote was 230 to 199, with 11 Republicans joining Democrats in approving the punishment.

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    1. The media are liars, so of course things are taken out of context.

      Sullum, it must really be horrible for you that people dismiss the lies you tell.

      You commies got your civil war 2.0 and now you will reap what you sow.

      1. Progressives aren’t even real Americans.

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    2. All she needs is some horns and face paint and it’s all down hill from there.

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  2. The irony in all this is that if she’s removed from all congressional functions, and she effectively has no power, then she just might become the very best legislator in the House.

    1. Silver linings

      1. And JSF is a vehicle designed by Raytheon. Lol.

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    2. Another irony is that her opponent was that rare Democrat who actually knows when to stop throwing good money after bad! Would that we had more of those.

  3. At least people won’t get bullied or fired for “wrongthink”. Wrong think is whatever I currently disagree with at the time and is subject to change without notice

    1. “Wrongthink” used to get a student an ‘F’ when I was in college.

      Nowadays conservatives/Republicans like to present their own set of “facts” and tell their superiors “Hey, that’s just your opinion, man” and “I read it on Facebook since you can’t trust the New York Times”.

      1. Well we disagree on the fundamentals. I think it’s evil to watch child porn and be a pedi file, and you think that’s okay.

        1. Wow, you’re eat up with QAnon like the other Trump Trash here is.

          1. What about pedophilia do you find the most redeeming?

            1. If we’re speaking in direct consequences, feeding kids cake causes more deaths than letting them have sex. Get your head out of your ass and take a look around.

              1. So you’re actually defending pedophil… just f**king wow. You sick f**k.

          2. Didn’t you get banned once for posting kiddie porn links here?

          3. It isnt qanon. You posted CP links.

          4. You actually linked to you human piece of shit.

          5. What does qanon have to do with everyone here seeing the links to kiddie porn sites you posted? Then you were banned, but still keep coming back.

    2. There is a difference between having different opinions and denying basic facts.

      1. That’s just your opinion …

        1. RACIST!

      2. I’ve seen you post “facts” that were outright fucking lies, and you knew that they were lies when you posted them. Not merely differences of opinion either, but deliberately made-up shit with the intent to deceive.

        But I imagine you’re going to want to be one of the arbitrators of “fact”.

      3. Basic facts are relative, maaaaaaaann…..

        1. 2+2=5, traitor/violent extremist/domestic terrorist

      4. You wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped you in the face.

      5. True. Now that you’ve acknowledged that, you can work to correct your behavior.

  4. By Greene’s account, it started with her enthusiasm for Donald Trump and her anger at a biased press that falsely and maliciously portrayed him as a Russian stooge. Hungry for alternative sources of information, she “started looking things up on the internet, asking questions, like most people do every day.”

    So JesseAZ, MothersLament, LovesTrumpsTinyDick1789, Ken Schultz, Ray, Mickey M and all the other Trump cultists – there is also hope for your deprogramming some day.

    1. And there it is. Buttplug wants the Room 101 treatment for everyone who’s disagreed with him.
      But somehow he’s totally not an authoritarian fascist because reasons.

      I’ll tell you this you fat fuck. The day you or you’re pals try to lay hands on me and seize me for your “deprogramming” camps, is the day I hang your fascist corpse from the streetlight.
      We’re not going to sit around while you treat us like Uighur.

      1. See, this is evidently how the right-wing two-step goes nowadays…

        Right-winger: I am in favor of lower taxes and secure borders. Oh, I also believe that Nancy Pelosi is a pedophile.
        Normal person: LOL that is stupid, Nancy Pelosi isn’t a pedophile

        1. Which is a conversation tat has only occurred in Jeffy’s head. Also, you’re projecting. Given your support for pedophile illegal aliens.

    2. Days the guy still denying biden supports the GND and posts child porn. Lol.

  5. “That is probably not a road Greene wants to head down, since she eagerly promoted Trump’s fantasy that the presidential election was stolen through massive cheating on an unprecedented scale—the imaginary grievance underlying last month’s deadly assault on the building where Greene works.”

    Sullum is probably the last person who should be accusing others of being detached from reality.

    1. Then start your own web site and post reality-based articles like “I was told I would be censored online so I didn’t fight for Trump. That’s how I know he won. Prove I said that you liar.”

      And, “I didn’t really support Trump but still I know he won, which proves election fraud and justifies violence and insurrection. But the violence at the capitol wasn’t insurrection. Prove I said that you liar.”

      Then sit back and wait for the clicks.

      1. I voted for Biden.

        1. I voted!

  6. “. Politicians sometimes tell the truth”


  7. How awful a person and representative are you when you have to go on the floor of the House and confirm to people you actually believe school shootings are real and that 9/11absolutely happened?

    1. She’s one of two Q anon reps.

      How awful, you ask? Current GOP voters’ beliefs level awful.

      1. Every single Democrat serving in Congress believes Donald Trump has been a KGB agent since the 80’s.

        1. AOC still thinks her life was in danger with no rioters anywhere near her.

          She might need to lose all of her committees in 2 yrs due to openly slandering colleagues.

          1. That deranged cunt is going to be President. Soon.

          2. She was raped with words.
            Can you imagine? Words.

            1. I feel like I got second-hand rape just from reading this comment.

        2. Can you prove that he isn’t?

      2. Lol, DOL pretending to be surprised that Congress has lunatics, when his team is full of them.

        “On a day in which #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett is trending, please never forget the time that @AOC staged a photo shoot dressed in all white at a parking lot to spread lies about immigrant children in cages.

        Faking her own attempted murder at the capitol was the next logical step.”

        1. She was dodging bullets like Hillary.

          1. So was Biden apparently…

        2. The replies are fucking cancer.

          1. It’s Twitter. People bitch about the YouTube comments section, and Twitter is all, “Hold my beer.”

  8. Nardz is a woman?

    1. with a job?

      1. Better than being a fat, unemployed, alcoholic with a huge alimony obligation ….

        1. Don’t forget the estranged kids.

        2. His ex hates him abd keeps his kids from him too.

        3. funny that “fat” is you little queers insult of the month

          I feel like we have been through cuck, alcoholic, emasculated, beta male, traitor to america, and fat is the new hotness with you little bitches.

          almost as if you are painting a perfect picture of your group through projection. really couldnt be more perfect.

          and that fucking trump was your messiah LMAO

          *chefs kiss*

          1. See, sarc, if you just started off with this persona, and stayed in character, we would have a lot more fun. Let the hate flow through you, faggot.

          2. Yeah the spelling errors and drunken rage has “sarcasmic’s new sock” written all over this post.

            1. Absolutely hilarious that he uses a sock to defend himself too.

          3. Their intellectual level is that of a typical child in an elementary school playground. So it’s no wonder all we get from them are crude insults.

  9. Better headline: Seditious Democrats Initiate Coup, Attempt To Overturn The Result Of A Legitimate Election

    1. By the way, is there a Reason article in the pipeline in any way related to Cortez’ evidence-free assertions and debunked conspiracy theories trending on Twitter right now?

      1. No.

        She was only talking about her feelings, and feelings are incontrovertible.

        That’s the trick.

        If you couch all of your factual assertions as expressions of your emotional perspective then — PRESTO!!! — you can say anything you want without ridicule, or ramifications.

        Anyway, Sullum was probably distracted by the outline of Sandy’s huge milkers through her turtle neck to pay much attention to anything she was actually saying.

        I know I was.

        1. She was talking about her feelings about events that literally never happened, asserting without evidence facts that are provably false and referencing conspiracy theories that have long since been debunked seemingly with the goal of inciting the kind of violence that has been done in her name multiple times in the past. I’m not too familiar with what this Greene lady is accused of saying, but I can’t imagine it’s any worse than what Cortez has been provably trying to foment. And yet, we have multiple articles decrying this horrible, horrible woman for apparently retweeting some stupid stuff years in the past and nothing about Cortez’ attempts to stir up acts of terrorism today.

          1. “She was talking about her feelings about events that literally never happened ….”

            Just like Sullum keeps ranting on and on about the Capitol coming under a deadly coordinated assault by Trump’s army of trained minions. To hear him tell it, we’re lucky the government didn’t collapse that day.

            If you haven’t yet figured out why Sullum will never say a word about Sandy and her big fat tits, you should read his bromides a few more times. He publishes at least one a day. Sullum and Sandy have the same objectives. He plays the “erudite” propagandist while she pulls on the heart strings. Everything is true if you believe it.

            At the end of the day, they are on the same team, and everybody knows you do not criticize your team members. It kills morale.

      2. Removing her from committees is not “overturning the results of an election”. And even if they did move to remove her from congress, that’s explicitly constitutional.

        Why do you guys hate on the constitution so frequently?

        1. Being removed from committees by the opposing party. Which will be used against them when the Republicans regain control, just like the judicial filibuster was.

          McCarthy should come out and say he’s going to remove every single Dem from committee if the R’s get back in power. After all, that’s “explicitly constitutional”.

          1. Dream on, the GOP ain’t gonna do shit. They hate Trump and all this trouble he’s stirred up just as much as the Dems. Trump made it damn difficult for them to continue pretending they hated the status quo without doing a damn thing to change things.

            1. Trump made it damn difficult for them to continue pretending they hated the status quo without doing a damn thing to change things.

              That pretty much sums up the Republican Party since 2010.

      3. It’s coming right after the Ashli Babbitt cover story.

        1. He still thinks trump personally killed a cop w a fire extinguisher.

    2. Nothing is being overturned. She still has full privileges to vote, introduce resolutions and bills, and speak on the floor of the House.

      1. But can’t serve on a committee, so not really full privileges.


        1. Amazing how credulous these fifty-centers think we actually are.

  10. Sullum is like the new Shikha Dalmia.

    1. Woops!

      Your overton window moved again.

      1. Does anybody know what this loopy shithead is talking about?

        1. He doesn’t seem to understand what the Overton window means, anyway.

        2. His name is Stolen Valor.

    2. Yea I’ve thought the exact same thing for awhile now. Like Shikha, you can now always guess it’s Sullum from the headline alone and his writing is as one-dimensional and obnoxious as hers was. He, like Shikha, has mastered getting paid to tilt at windmills and rephrase the same idea ad infinitum. Wtf happened to him ? It’s like Trump broke his brain.

      1. I’m just astonished at the skill he displays, typing out these articles with his tongue jammed up the D party’s asshole like that. That is some serious talent.

  11. “a lot of Americans don’t trust our government, and that’s sad.”
    No, it isn’t sad, it is a sign that all is not yet lost.

    1. Why should anyone trust a bunch of elites hiding behind an illegally deployed wall of troops? (posse comitatus)
      What are they up to in there?

    2. FBI tried to persuade MLK to commit suicide.
      FBI CoIntelPro orchestrated the summary execution of Fred Hampton in Chicago.
      FBI targeted Rob Williams and drove out of the country with false kidnap charges.
      Not to mention the heavy hand of FBI against Peltier, the Weavers, the Davidians, Jewell.
      In my opinion without agents provocateur from FBI and ATF the Greensboro Massacre would not have occurred.

      Trust big government???

      1. Are these people insane?

        Authority should always be questioned.

  12. First her, then every democrat and ‘media maven’ who ever once thought Trump was a Russian asset.
    Up against the wall!

  13. Seth Green? Think Sullum meant, “Seth Rich.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this GA Congresscritter was a kook. She’d be in great company then, and I don’t remember any similar cries of shock from the media over the outright lies and garbage coming out of, e.g., Maxine Waters’s gob.

    1. I’ve seen plenty of editorials taking Maxine Waters to task. In fact, Dem leaders took her to task previously over her comments:

      The two (!!) Q-Anon congresswomen are notable in their sharp detachment from reality, and harassment of school shooting survivors. It’s pretty ugly. Also writing a Ken-length post about Jewish Space lasers is far nuttier than anything I’ve heard from any politician since the Kraken and zombie Chavez.

      1. And I’m glad to see them calling for Waters’ removal from committees.

      2. The following is far more egregious than any 4chan Q-stuff, DOL.
        Any idea when these crazies are going to be banned from their elected duties?

        “there will be blood in the streets”Loretta Lynch
        “Who says protests have to be peaceful“Chris Cuomo
        “There needs to be unrest in the streets”Ayanna Pressley
        “Protesters should not give up”Kamala Harris
        “I just don’t know why they aren’t uprising all over this country“Nancy Pelosi
        “You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, tell them they are not welcome“Maxine Waters

        1. And I realize not all are elected but they’ve all been on government committees

      3. Hey DOL,

        Tell me again how nutty the whole “Q” idea of a secret cabal of pedophiles in Washington DC is.

        In the meantime, I’m just gonna leave these names here:
        Joe and Hunter Biden, Bill Richardson, Bill Clinton, George Mitchell, Alan Dershowitz, Glenn Dubin, Dean Westlake, Zach Fansler, Matt Dababneh, Raul Bocanegra, Tony Mendoza, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, Steve Lebsock, Angel Arce, Jeff Clemens, Joseph Souki, Dillon Bates, Stan Rosenberg, Dan Schoen, Mark Manendo, Kevin Ranker, Justin Parish, Cristina Garcia, Bob Hertzberg, Paul Rosenthal, Ira Silverstein, Lou Lang, Nate Boulton, Julian Carroll, Curt Anderson, Carl Trujillo, Duane Hall, Will Fourkiller, Daylin Leach, Cale Keable, Autumn Burke, Michael Padilla, Katie Hill and Anthony Weiner.

        Enjoy this video too:

        1. “Tell me again how nutty the whole “Q” idea of a secret cabal of pedophiles in Washington DC is.”

          It’s nutty because ‘secret cabals of pedophiles’ are fairly easy to expose. The Catholic priesthood, for example. All that has to happen is that the victims come forward. You should really be able to figure this out on your own.

          1. Tell me what those politicians I just listed all have in common.
            I’ll give you a hint, they were all charged or accused of something that rhymes with “medophilia”.
            And that’s just the (D)s. There’s probably twice as many (R)s.

            Now watch that Youtube video I linked to of your new president fondling a dozen little girls at events. Nobody is that handsy by accident.

            Yup, a group of wealthy and politically-connected pedophiles is as far fetched as an island in the Caribbean where billionaires bink underage girls or Epstein not killing himself.

            1. “Tell me what those politicians I just listed all have in common.”

              Let me guess. They are all pedophiles? Didn’t you miss Barack Hussein Obama?

              Am I nitpicking or is there a difference between pedophilia and a taste for partners who are under 18? I thought pedophilia was a taste for pre-pubescents. You seem to have a more inclusive definition.

              “vNow watch that Youtube video I linked to of your new president fondling a dozen little girls at events. ”

              Politicians kissing babies at photo opportunities used to be standard fare. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

              “a group of wealthy and politically-connected pedophiles is as far fetched”

              I’m not saying it’s not far fetched, I just don’t see the evidence for it. Evidence like the victims of abuse by priests coming forward, for example. Your evidence, a video of Biden on the campaign trail, doesn’t do much for me.

          2. This is a very naive view. I think Corey Feldman did a lot of accusing that never got anywhere.

            I think “open secrets” are pretty common. And the Catholic thing went on for decades before it was exposed. And that’s because it needed an honorable man at the top for anything to come to light. Even the Boy Scouts had 30 year old accusations.

            And how long had Epstein been an “open secret” with accusations and everything?

            Here’s the deal – sex crimes are really hard to prove without witnesses and evidence. And evidence gets a helpful hand from the abortion mill.

            It isn’t that people want to disbelieve victims, it’s just that entrenched and powerful people are incentivized to give “benefit of the doubt”, especially if the doubt is found in the public and the benefit is a private tit-for-tat.

            1. You seem to believe that boy scout and Catholic abuse are known to us because they’ve been happening for decades. But evidence of Democrat abuse is thin because it’s only been recently done? Not enough decades have passed?

              1. I think the point was a secret cabal is possible and Catholic abuse proves its possibility as that went on for decades, with many people coming forward but being ignored. Same with Boy Scouts & Epstein. There were accusations going back decades, but yet the abuse continued.

                So it’s not impossible that another group or two or more are doing similar things and have been getting away with it for decades, so long as they have sufficient money and power to do so.

          3. I would think the idea was crazy myself, but then I reflect upon Rotherham in England, and Dennis Hastert being exposed after he left office.

            And I’m forced to conclude that, while secret pedophile rings are as subject to demands for evidence as any allegation, they’re not categorically absurd.

        2. Hunh, so the New Mexico budget surplus we had after Gary Johnson isn’t the only thing Bill Richardson fucked?

    2. False equivalence.

      While Maxine Waters is not all that bright she hasn’t denied the obvious like only a complete fool would.

      I didn’t know much about her so I am basing this on a Daily Caller article on the ten craziest quotes:

      None of them deny the obvious like Trump/Greene do.

      And some of them are kind of humorous like:

      “So Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn’t want to be alone with Trump. Women across the country can relate.”

      *This is not an endorsement of her political views – I’d rather have the liar Trump back.

  14. I am very liberal, and “woke”, and I am appalled by what she has said and done. But I would vote no on this resolution, censure her instead, and make it known that future poor behavior would result in more severe penalties.

    1. “I am very liberal, and ‘woke'”


      1. Shocking stuff.

        But jokes aside, you can’t be liberal (in the real sense) and woke. They’re incompatible states.

    2. Literally nobody here cares.

  15. when are democrats going to have to be publicly shamed like this for their ridiculous belief’s? Like minimum wage? Russian Collusion? more than 2 Genders? The “mostly peaceful protests?” Gun control? Defunding police?

    1. When people like Lady Graham and Bitch McConnell are out of jobs …..

  16. Do we not have wacky Americans? Wacky people are entitled to representation in Congress just like all of the other identity groups like Racial-Americans of every flavor, Gyno-Americans (wimmin), Fake-Gyno Americans (fake wimmin), Shithead-Americans, Dumbass Americans, Idiots, Freaks, Leftists, you name ’em.

    1. Noticed you omitted to mention Jews …..

    2. Lol one of the guys on another forum casting aspersions on MTG for being too nutty is an atheist convinced there’s plenty of evidence of aliens and UFOs…

      And the irony is totally lost on him.

  17. As usual another Sullum article so biased, and like roaches out come the lefty liberal assholes here.

  18. People like plausible lies and despise the truth. That’s why they hate libertarians and deride us as autistic. But unfortunately the truth is the only viable compromise. These reckonings, while painful and embarassing, help us converge on it.

    While MTG may have fallen for conspiracy theories, she’s right that these mass shootings (schools, synagogues, and churches) are ploys to instigate a war on guns. People read the manifestos and think, “They did it because they hate illegals/minorities/Jews/etc.” But the truth is, if you read the manifestos, they are incoherent and inconsistent and they hate everyone. They are hiding their real motivation, which is to attack the 2A to start a civil war. But it seems they have finally realized that no matter what they do, Americans will not give up self defense rights. And that is why such incidents have decreased.

    1. Piss off with your copypasta, Screech.
      You’re not fooling anyone.

    2. “are ploys to instigate a war on guns.”

      Makes no sense. If you do a mass shooting, you’ve already got a gun or two.

      “Americans will not give up self defense rights.”

      So, why all the handwringing over the 2A? If you want a gun, get one, and enough with the whining. Why do you think you need permission from the government? If pot heads, smackies, cokeheads, etc felt they couldn’t indulge their tastes without a constitutional stamp of approval, where would we be then?

      1. “So, why all the handwringing over the 2A?”

        Because not giving something up is usually an invitation for others to come and take it — at least, that is how the totalitarians see it. And when they come to take it, it will be a blood soaked nightmare across the nation. Think Bosnia, but about a thousand times bigger.

        1. “Because not giving something up is usually an invitation for others to come and take it ”

          I’m not asking you to give up anything other than your delusion that you somehow need a government stamp of approval to own a firearm.

      2. Some of the theories don’t involve believing a shooting never occurred, but that a mentally ill person in therapy was exploited. (One of the theories of Sandy Hook)

        The Parkland shooting had some amazing testimony pop out in the rush to get all the info out that does not comport with the final narrative. (The teacher seeing a shooter wearing armor and the kid arrested with no armor interviewed early in the aftermath by Joy Behar, i think)

        It isn’t that the conspiracies are true so much as the official narrative is false, misleading, or selective with the facts. What the media and government tell you is almost certainly not going to be the truth. And the more corrupt the government/media becomes, the less they can be trusted to tell you the truth.

        1. “What the media and government tell you is almost certainly not going to be the truth. ”

          You should also add anonymous sources to government and media to the list. Qanon’s accusations are even more dubious, yet you seem willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

          1. But Qanon is truthier.

  19. She believes that the Manhattan Raid happened – I’m sure she doesn’t believe that AQ masterminded it.

  20. What I find interesting about this woman (whom I only heard of yesterday afternoon) is that she’s the d-level politician that seems to be filling the need for the media’s infantile emotional need to fill the hole that Trump has left.

    Oh, and uhh, something something more women in politics something improves the discourse.

    1. “[T]o fill the hole that Trump has left ….”


      Their brains holes aren’t going to fuck themselves.

      1. You could literally sense how lost and feckless the establishment media became after Trump left.

        1. They’re going to start hounding anyone who isn’t a GOPe squish now. In order to boost ratings with gullible lefties they’re going to keep rooting out new Trump-like existential threats in congress and in the senate.

          The American media isn’t imitating Pravda anymore, they’re becoming the investigative wing of the Stasi.

          1. “They’re going to start hounding anyone who isn’t a GOPe squish now. ”

            It’s child’s play humiliating these morons and making them renounce beliefs they pretend to believe.

            “they’re going to keep rooting out new Trump-like existential threats in congress and in the senate”

            Trouble is GOP is too chicken shit to mount a credible threat, even kooks like Greene, who may even believe the idiocy she says, fold at the first opportunity.

            1. You’re absolutely right about the GOP being chickenshit. Too many of those idiots have stuck to Marquess of Queensberry rules while the Democrats showed up with machineguns.

              But that’s still not going to stop CNN and the New York Times from making Hawley, Cruz, etc. into the advent of the Antichrists in order to grab extra eyeballs.

              1. The customer is always right.

              2. Republicans showed up with an angry violent mob and Democrats won an election.

                1. They weren’t angry or violent enough. Over 70 million voted for Trump, yet only a few hundred unarmed drama queens managed to storm the capitol, despite Trump’s many exhortations to ‘stop the steal.’

                2. Was that the same angry violent mob that torched DC and attacked the Whitehouse (twice) last summer, or was that the angry violent mob who tried to attack the senators during the Kavanaugh hearings?

                  1. Don’t be silly, those people vote Democrat so they don’t count.

                  2. So we agree violent angry mobs are bad.

                    Our task is to notice the differences between them.

                  3. “Was that the same angry violent mob”

                    If they are not armed, they are not serious. The mob that stormed the Bastille was armed, so were the people who stormed the winter palace.

              3. The threshold for what makes one an “extremist” will be lowered, and lowered, and lowered, and lowered until anyone expressing even the slightest doubt about the Democrat agenda is deemed to be a “threat” and “dangerous.” And, yes, they will even come for Romney and his gaggle of milquetoast morons. The Democrats will villify, and censure, and remove anyone — within their own ranks as well — that objects to their totalitarian vision for America.

                “Build your own government,” they’ll say. And, people will. They want a war; they will get a war. It cannot be any other way.

                1. Only one part is trying to steal people’s right to vote and impose an agenda on them they don’t want, even at the expense of the constitution.

                  If you didn’t want to be crushed, you shouldn’t have allied yourself with neo-Nazis.

                  Fucking whistling past the graveyard. You should see what we used to do to Nazis.

                  1. I think Democrats blocked ballot drop box placements in red counties. I wonder why that is.

                  2. Is your reality based on watching netflix series?

                  3. Your time will come, motherfucker.

                  4. You wouldn’t do sh*t to Nazis – if you ever actually encountered a real one in real life you’d sh*t our pants while running away.

                    Your weakness shows through, no matter how well you try to hide it.

          2. They’re trying to prep the broader public for when they start mass imprisoning and killing dissidents… and “dissidents”

            1. Do you really believe this or is it a pose? Do you think Greene really believes the things she says about mass shootings, for example? I suspect she doesn’t, and this accounts for her immediate about face when confronted.

              1. Do you really not see where this goes? Because it is going rapidly in the same direction that it has gone every single time throughout history. One you start rolling down this hill, the shit does not stop until you hit bottom. Crawling out is always a prolonged and bloody mess.

                1. Do you think she really believes these things, or just striking a pose for effect? If you want to crawl out of the mess, self-deception is not going to help.

                2. That’s right, there are only two choices:
                  – Line up behind MTG and crazy nutbar theories
                  – Demand anyone who deviates from an official narrative be sent to a camp

                  There are only two choices, comrade! MWAHAHAHA

        2. What makes you think Trump left? His name infests the comments here more than anyone else.

          1. Did you miss whose name was mentioned a half dozen times in the article we’re discussing?

            1. I skip straight to the comments because the articles are kinda boring. So, yes, to answer your question.

    2. What I find interesting about this woman (whom I only heard of yesterday afternoon) is that she’s the d-level politician that seems to be filling the need for the media’s infantile emotional need to fill the hole that Trump has left.

      Pretty much–they tried to do it with Boebert, but that fell flat on its face, so they’re making Greene the new meme target. The media needs its Emmanuel Goldstein to whip up their slack-jawed, neurotic, pedophile customers, and they’ve decided Greene’s going to be the one who gets their full attention for now.

      1. “and they’ve decided Greene’s going to be the one who gets their full attention for now.”

        Relax, it didn’t hurt Trump.

        1. I realize that, I’m just commenting on the tards’ motivations.

  21. And now for another episode of “our crazies are embarrassing but safely ignored, while *your* crazies are threats to the Republic.”

  22. You are an enemy of the state no matter your actions.
    You will be waged war upon no matter your actions.
    What then restrains you?

    Grenier, also a former CIA station chief in Pakistan and Afghanistan, grouped together “the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, the Oath Keepers, ‘Christian’ national chauvinists, white supremacists and QAnon fantasists” and claimed they are all “committed to violent extremism.”

    Grenier labeled dissenters an “insurgency” and called for them to be “defeated” like an enemy army.

    In further comments to NPR, Grenier stated that “as in any insurgency situation, you have committed insurgents who are typically a relatively small proportion of the affected population. But what enables them to carry forward their program is a large number of people from whom they can draw tacit support.”

    Grenier also stated that insurgents may emerge from groups who “believe that the election was stolen,” or those “who don’t trust NPR or The New York Times.”

    1. “What then restrains you?”

      What restrains the professional wrestler from trying to win at all costs? The knowledge that bluster and a half assed, insincere effort is all we need.

      1. How do you “win” a match that’s already been pre-determined?

        1. You put on a good show and collect your pay when the show is over.

  23. Wow, she sure did an about face, didn’t she.

    1. Her first mistake. If the mob is going to come for you anyway, don’t bow down to them. Either don’t because you genuinely believe what you believe and it’s a matter of principle or because you don’t believe it, but letting them martyr you keeps the grift going.

  24. You know what else is a “wacky idea”?



  25. So all of Greene grief came from a CNN article.

    Where she “liked” other peoples comments…..

    Who’s the VICTIM here?? The Democratic nutjobs of course…. NOT!

    The witch-hunt mob is in FULL EFFECT this Administration… And you thought the 3-year Russian Hoax was over? It just morphed into Insurrection, Domestic Terrorism and Impeachable Non-Presidents.

    Hell hath no fury like a Democratic Politician on a path to destroy the USA for Democratic National Socialism and getting lip about it.

    Censoring the sitting President, Impeaching the Non-President, Calls to put Ted Cruz on trial of “questioning” the election, turning a unarmed protest where a few forcefully trespassed as a “deadly domestic terrorism”, making any dissent a CRIME!

    There just isn’t any question on where “crazy” lies.

    1. Democrats have a gift for making their OWN PERSONAL problems everyone else’s problem.

  26. Most members of Congress have a bunch of wacky beliefs. Greene just failed to filter herself.

    1. Only Republicans who see Democrats for who they are have to “filter” themselves. Greene’s biggest threat came with a Biden Impeachment for the Hunter scandal.

      Pelosi publicly bans the words Father, Mother, Daughter and Son and receives no attention for being “off her rocker” but Greene “thumbs up” other peoples comments and gets a trial.

  27. What any elected official said prior to being elected should not be the the primary reason to remove them from committee positions. In this case she was elected by her district fully aware of her previous comments as her opponents campaigned against her using this as dirt to try and disqualify her.

    However, what an elected official does after being elected is warranted. There are numerous examples of politicians switching parties. Should they be disqualified because the expressed opinions that are not supported by their new party?

    If one party has enough power, could they remove all opposition party members from all committees because they disagree with majority party positions?

    If a party wants to punish or expel a member from membership in their party that is their right to do so. The expelled member would still retain their elected position, but could lose a committee assignment because they probably would not receive enough votes to hold the committee position.

    This is all dangerous territory that the current crop of authoritarians in power. They run the risk of overreach setting precedent that will come back affect them negatively. Of course they will all be hypocrites arguing opposite positions.

    1. “What any elected official said prior to being elected should not be the the primary reason to remove them from committee positions. ”

      The democrats are using Greene to drive a wedge through the republicans. That’s the point of the exercise. Whether or not she serves on any particular committee is a secondary consideration. Divide and conquer.

    2. There’s definitely a few Democrats who should be on expulsion trials. Those who called “crony socialism” to have our sitting President de-platformed by Big Tech and are probably running a censorship coup about the election still to this day.

      Greene “thumbs up” a few comments made by others before being elected. Democratic politicians CALLED (numerous times) Big Tech to have Trump removed.

  28. Q-Anon and Flat Earth are part and parcel the same. There’s some true believers in both camps, but the primary impetus for both is how we get our information and knowledge pushed up against how much trust we have in the sources of that information.

    As information gathering moves further and further beyond the basic limits of the average human’s power of observation, we rely on “experts”, specialists, journalists and other authorities to present to us accurate information that we can not personally test ourselves. I can’t see what happens in Portland from Orlando. That is beyond my basic powers of observation. I rely on news reporting and eyewitness to tell me. So when the news reporting and eyewitness accounts deviate, I build less trust in the media’s authority to accurately convey information.

    We are in a period of immense distrust in information gatekeepers because peer review scandals, outright fabrications and lies, and a grand new world that connects someone in China to a first hand account from a nobody in Minneapolis. When the information gatekeepers have been shown to lie repeatedly, holding loosely contradictory testimony from unproven people is not as ridiculous as believing known liars.

    Going around claiming Trump told people to literally drink bleach doesn’t make one a reliable purveyor of accurate truth.

    Qanon isn’t, in its main body, believing everything q anon puts out there. But it is about knowing the official narrative and that q anon COULD be true. Why not? It’s not like journalists, scientists, and government officials have covered themselves in glory here. They repeatedly lie and then call us but cases for no longer believing what they tell us.

    1. “Knowing the official narrative is NOT TO BE TRUSTED”

      “Call us NUT cases for no longer believing”

      Teach me not to read my wall of text first.

    2. “A journalist once said something false. Therefore it’s ALL LIES and indulge your inner biases and believe whatever you want!”

      1. “A journalist once said something false. Therefore it’s ALL LIES and indulge your inner biases and believe whatever you want!”

        Said no one anywhere, ever, except the voices in your head.

    3. This ridiculous narrative now, that “the media made me join QAnon because the media can’t be trusted”, is just a rationalization and a cop-out.

      1. Did Greene ever claim to have joined QAnon? Let’s see if we cannot find yet another BIG FAT LIE in lefty-rags and their “smear” campaigns.

    4. Stars in the northern hemisphere rotate counter clockwise. Clockwise in the south. You don’t need experts to tell you this. It’s actually the earth that rotates. Maybe experts can help there.

      “When the information gatekeepers have been shown to lie repeatedly, holding loosely contradictory testimony from unproven people is not as ridiculous as believing known liars.”

      Qanon is not an ‘unproven person,’ but an anonymous source with a political axe to grind. Given the distrust of media and government, how can anyone in their right mind put any credence in qanon’s claims? You’d think a healthy skepticism would be the reaction of anyone who’s not a natural born sucker.

    5. QAnon is mired in politics, but Flat Earthers have very clear and objective sources of truth. It’s called “science”. It’s a process. A process that can narrow in on the actual shape of the Earth.

      The problem with Flat Earthers is that they use a different process. Their process starts with a conclusion, then they proceed to find data that supports that conclusion, and ignore or twist data that does not. So you end up with Flat Earther performing bizarre and irrelevant experiments to “prove” their flat earth conclusion, while ignoring their experiments that don’t. I saw a video of one trying to use a laser to measure the flatness of a lake. The laser readings kept saying the lake was not flat but had a curvature. So what did he do? Claimed the laser was broken and that he needed more donations to afford a better laser.

      That’s not science. Science is a process that says you toss out your conclusions if they don’t match the facts. Revise your conclusions so they fit all the facts. Scientific theories are not speculations, but a suggested conclusion that fits the entire body of evidence. This is why theories change. Not because “science made a mistake” but because science is a process to approach the truth.

      1. ….But the science is settled! We are in the mist of a climate change nightmare with dust-bowls everywhere; EXACTLY as the settled science told us would happen 10-years to 20-years after 1990 and 30-years later……………………………… Hmmmmmmm.

      2. Good grief. Do people not realize that the Flat Earth society is a deliberate running joke? Sure, like any joke, some people take it seriously, but what keeps it going is the lutz.

  29. Haven’t read the comments yet, but let me guess…


    1. Quick; Sweep the well known NUT-JOB Democrats under the rug.

      1. At least the Democrats believe the things they say. If a Democrat tells you that 9/11 happened, it’s because they actual believe it happened. With Republicans, maybe they believe it, maybe it’s political expediency. Dems really lucked out when Greene got elected. Gifts like that don’t come often.

        1. Narcissistic “belief” use to be termed a bad thing.

  30. > When a member of Congress feels a need to say things like that, it is clear that something has gone terribly wrong with her critical thinking skills at some point.

    She said school shooting actually happen. She is factual on that point. She said 9/11 actually happened. She is factual on that point. She may be an utter loon about everything else, but on those two statements she is correct. So why say she has something terribly wrong with her critical thinking skills on those two points. When a stopped clock is right two times a day, one should praise it when it’s right. Even if it’s only two times a day.

    Jacob, did an editor rearrange your sentences or something? School shooting do happen and 9/11 was a real event.

  31. “She said school shooting actually happen. She is factual on that point. She said 9/11 actually happened. ”

    There is no question she said those things. The question is whether or not she believed what she said.

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  33. “Shouldn’t endorsing crazy, defamatory lies against Democrats such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Soros be cause for regret regardless of whether it causes bad publicity for you?”

    How many Democrats have been expressing regret for endorsing crazy, defamatory lies against Republicans like Trump? Not many, as far as I can see.

    You’ve still got Democrats in high places who think the Steele dossier isn’t a work of fiction, that the pee tape exists, that Trump colluded with Russia, that he said various stupid things at meetings where everybody present is on the record saying it didn’t happen.

    Nobody requires them to publicly repudiate these beliefs, let alone penalizes them for them.

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